The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1935
Page 6
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• Yankees Combs Reel Sox Need Grove nn< Braves, MaiTinvillc ny NEA Swvlw Srwiris VVi'IIfi NEW -YOHK, Pel). 4—The Shrine if UrtR(-l).'il) h;ts bK-n tin; fifi-tic of 'miracles since old Afoiier Dmibie- , (lay instituted the Brent American rniiin. Bui, none of fliem H as tf-nsiulonal us thai ••xprdrd to ^happen tlil.-i season, .wlion about :\ iilczcn of ISM's cripples will ills- *l'.ivd their ciiudir-;; nnd jatcrrml comebac);.',-. , Outstanding among these pby- ,cn arc. Lefty Otovh or Hie Ueil *fios, Earl Comlis of Die Yankee:;, Oharlib IMbsit of Hie OarAi and Kiibbil Maranvllle (if the Braves. On tlic successful return to form or this quartet rests In some incas- iirc the fate of (heir clubii. Grove nnd Mjiraiivllla give llix- lou two questions. Hot Slove l-eaguc conver.satlon in Ueanlau'ii all vein- lists been centered on whether Mosc's ailing left flipper ni>nln will round Into ' tlic . shape flint mode him the talk of the American League while heaving fiom 20 to 31 victories a yenr for the Athletics from l!)27 to IM2, nnd whether Maranvllle.. spiirkphiK or the Draves's Infield, still con cavort with his old-tiine aban- tlon nfter that leg break lie suf- foi-ecl during .sprins triiliilng- hsl reason. Red Sox fails arc dubious tiboul their (cam's chances, citing n ctar- ing weakness oiv Ilic right side of the infield. But if drove can whin that smoke ball of lib a craw with half of Ills oW-timc skill—and he antes his arm is In shape for nt Kist 20 vlctorics-^-lhe. lied - Sox 'vou't even need a rl[>hi side In their Infield. Can't Keep itabbll Down Even with nn ailing arm, Lofty didn't rto MI terribly last, season splitting even In 10 e «mcs. There's evoiy reason to suppose Hint, with the centle cure he. has been giving his whip this winter, ho can' cause Jce Cronui's: Irish pan-'to spilt hi n wide grin of satisfaction before the season Is over. It's going lo be lough for the Rabbit to negotiate..'hi* • return Bones ns aged as Ills repair slowly nntt, more often-' Ihnir not ImpM-- 'eetly. nut (lie little fellow Is confident tlmt he'll lie lher<< nt second 8t Ihe' best' "rnlddlFTsiiek "romhlhatlo In (tin . rnaJoM o rriufli- of f f i .Tlif Vaiptiee'f mlavA Anrl Corn liwl .Vftfcoh. \Vhen j'lie grayihalri cehtrr fleldfi- rmi Inlo ,IJifil.,ftnll Bl, lip'ttlA' ehfu'.liKJ n 'ffy, lie j>. lillllnt; .M lit 'Cl gi8ntb,m'atp liin flhy of Ihe oUjfleldrrr, |>l&yin'^, 1" Mn'tRf Mec.irlhv ill ji'l tne rm'l i |-)in yenr. Tho rracliirfd' skiill' Jie. rjot c)f the 4f ralllslon i:cpt lilrii.oiil, r the gurne for the , rciiuilmleV ' Two roiigli nel<jra will »| Jn (> j n ( 0 he nriiiorjp rh|p; ton'lBhl in • n •imiU'h tlmt Is 'eiiilccted to' nttrnyl lie best ttirnout (.f.rnns in some Ihnc. Lou Chailey, one of the wilder of thu wild i inch ftnd • the rougher of the rough, will be one of Ihe principals. Hoy Welch, veteran miUmnn who can play the filmic rough or stick to slips, will be his opponent. Mnny fniw lioix; to see Welch tiikc tlio !oiighhe.« (>tit of Clinney, On tlie other hnnd there arc r|nltc n few who hope lo *ce Ulraney taw \Velch «ronii(! thru the mfters. when the first ball Is thrown. 1 He has teen Vltmdng nnd In other .exercise, lo ijfaln strength his \ce, and suites that he's rotuly to bust' Ihe younger Bprouts • who ilwl In for hini. T The cuse of Chnrlte Oelbcrt Is ft lesson lii heroics. :Tlie 'former Cardinal siiortslop accidentally shot hitmnlf hi" the fool t\vo years' 1 ago and lias bceil oi! Hie sldelliiM ever since. Hepc^lcd operation/! en his injured hoof, Clmrllc stnle.s, On- ally liiive lie'.itel II. His lins bccii working out, in u fiyniniisiiiin, ; . pfncttcln'g sprlntliiir, and it Ls said Ihat he has recovered to' a point where lie can do the 100 in n seconds. If he nfialn cnh : : wln .back his shortstop'jiost nloiifelde '<• Frankle Frlsch nt sccoiiH iM'se : ;_ Ilio Cardinals' 'atlncli uiid ' defense " will be even better J : haiV. lost .year, for Churlle aiid Pcniikie made one of .,,v. {,1^,11: ,ul . I,If, t J l-IIIHIIIIll I *H, null no ,/nntW, .who, M^C/irt) full In tilr.,, Uon or Bynlr-.Uie nttiicl: / nnd Oefc'ni nf llji> Yfl/il:s suffeidl ns h resu pninhs. 'tins stnW;d thai, lie hn recovered fully 'from lilr, areldei ami is vMdy for .rrirulnr (In iiKoln. If he is, sjcnliU Joe wl revive from the attack of JIttr> In whleli he r,ucriimlH'd v.'lir-n Ea WIIB Itijiirc'it.. : Ainong .(lu; others who will I coiiiini; • i/a'ok" from (lie ranks; o the Ineniracjjaied nre l.ukn Rev;e: one of llib' Keunlon;' rnsniiltle. 1 ; la 1 year, .now ; rf!iily lo catch for tl Wlill« ,Sox; Johnny Stone, wl suffered n broken nrikle wJille o duty with the RfimWtr, in IK!Jot! Kuliel, Rcnntors' fltsl saeke v,;lio broke ft ley nti<l put Wasl Inglon in n'bnrt way; lllil Dlt'ke^ Ynnks' cnlehfr, v.iio lirokf- iii 'land; and Dixie' Walker, nnothe Ynnkee crip'rilc who sat on Ih icncli with tin fn'jured shonlde most of, the. season.', Lcnti, Jlubbard, Follai-^.Candill Ace Golf. Winners J. P. 'Lcntl, Bill Pollard, Ci. O Hubbard and a. 0. Caudlll were winners yesterday In a tlire.c-foiir- flve event at the lilythevllle country club. The unique event was sta under; the dlreolioii of Dick Helns- mn, coimlry .cliib j)ro. 'Eacli (jolf- er coui|>ellng was njlowed to select, a .three, four or five as (lie goal for'Ills'efforts on every hofo over (lie ,18-holc route. .Lentl'decided to shoot for .hrees, along wllli two others, a. uruer group tried for fours nnd a still larger number for fives. ; Lentl won in Ihe thrce-strokt iroup by making two holes in bree strokes. Pollard and Hurf nird tlcii: In l.hc .-econd group, each pluyliij; nine holes in fonV sliokes, CaiHim led the thlr^ group, playing )l holes in fives. •'• Next Sundaj; a ladts mixed two; nil foursome' event will • be stag- d. Ilejasiim has announced. ; Courier News Want' Adi GUSTOM1R ' ' •'' ' doesn't of ten-gusli ab^iit lt[ .:;./. Only rarely do we receive an^enibo8Steilresol- uiion of thanks , .^Very rarely. ' But tncn, we don't expect it. ' ,, . > We ai'.e not selling-"gallons" iso of course'yo.\i-can-t- complain- about the color, or the'fact that we c-o u 1 ci. not fill your last oi'rter and you were kept waiting a ',, long- tirne. . . • "« • : -'l.i - 'V .' ' ' ; ! : : '-'•'?''' •We-are selling watei- sefvice—the mere turnihg of a faucet and it is at your service—no matter atwhat hour of day or night. Whether it is the family .wasli^ or the washing of the car ... the filling .of a ".s'teaitf - ; bo)Jer..ov other home or industrial need . water is -' J-eady to do its part. •• : '' '.;v..; v -; We hope we are furnishing the best, the most^dV • .pendablc service it is humanly possible to rendeiv-at the lowest cost consistent with good business-?p'olicV"- but we are human and liable to make mistakes. ""' Do--if yon are not one of our pleased customers, tell us about it. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Phone 80 ,,, « » : , •••• it* oo, Broadway "Courteous, Personal Attention to Every Customer• s;Herc Tnesday Highl J1IGGING IN! LOOK Attev -.ruERe's 7 A was LOOKM& CAVE-/ NOW-TH'AT ( -AN 1 II- HIGU;MliM'3 "*-"• OUGHT,! FIX\ SKOUl.P DISCOVER J' YOU UP -AM' \MYHIDlNG PLACE YOU CAN HMiLA I CAM EASILY UP TH' IADPER ( IIOLO IT , ALONE Ponzi , i ri'tcIS",, 0 Cl ,' D *"*! Vl " ' nU '" 0 W ort '»"tV lo sec , chmipinn n notion nicsdny, nl(.|,t : when Andrew i-on,!. worlds clmmplon n..'.Westi'MBln''iiircct.' •in 'XCi-lii/ ''^r:?' 125 -'' 01 "^'"^* 1 '. l«BinnliiK at tt-.m o'clock'nnrt" .111 cUilblt many fancy.'shot.s after the' umne Tlie.-title-holder- Is the H,SL of seven world famous purer, who will appear in Blylhevlllo this winter. poter Wildcats Take Two From Braggadocio COOTBn, MO.—The Cooter Wlld- al» Avon a double.header ovc rthe. raggadoclo team. 1 ; in tv.-o fast ames., • 1'6. Cooler girls, only uiidcfcae- tenin In county, had .clr first clriic race or the year. :ie score was « tie at (lie end .•the first /<jiiarlci>-nl the-lialf, id. at. the; 1 third ifinartei-. • Tlic lal • result .'.was n score of 30-1! • favor 6C ll\c local girls. The. girls who played for Cooler ere IV Barnett,- Wntson. C. Bar- •tl. Brooks, \Vctelor and McKay. ie. BraggadoclD yiris- were Bry- it,' Pnrrls, Oallnher, Hlckabn. Cl 3rowe, -nnvts;.Crowe, llntley, Bnice id Deiitoh. . ." : . In (he toys'gtiin'e the loeal team MI. wilh n score -of "20-32. Thcj )0ler line consisted of Bllllnglonj ions. • Blessing,. Barber, acstriiiu' nnrt Chandler. toy Tho nraRnadocio Cardweil Cage Teams | Beat Campbell Squads CAnpWELL,. Mo.—The Cardweil The cooter uirh :in' the E .,,-.,-, were Young, Rushing, HIddici- V Young, Miciile and Asher." The Holland airln were Sanford, llook- ••* ^ «>ni. inu (jj^^i^nnicjf) V^ILIJvvnijii, iviu.— inc uardwcll *- uiiji &, *«,niii: ,;jiu Asner. rne iys who played .were Holmes,|l>lt!li school Indians won n double liolla » ( l Birln'were-Sanrord,. IJook- rowc, Webb, Pfrcifer. Ellis and header from the .Campbell boysr'' 1 Klf01 '' lli>!)r(i . Kohncf nnd Sau- rc-cn. and "iris i'Mday ntgi'it ; - nfo >'d. L .... f Til « «»'"«• i»"nc! 'wns. a n s hi to , J'iL^'' ] '\ n ^j^ ^ boys p.M, „ 'be flJiteh. (lie Cnmiihell Mr), ™ IL<!iil ^ol Allard,. Brown, Burns. K. A. Nelson Captains ,. • ..... ?'• •i-'itr ituiiinilS DC- them to be draft-oxcn. while lie -Arabs .saw -the stars as three Arkansas State Squad Fi. A. Nelson, ,lr., son of R. A. .Nelson, Sr., former stale senator, of this city, lias been elected captain of (lie 103.5 track squad of. Arkansas State coliece at Jnncsbovo'. Yotins Nelson v:ns winner of the. mile niu at the state meet for . • , - . ilLS;.^ ^ r tJ!f .^!. £ 1-Cooieif Alumni .'..teams Split^With Holland . COOTER,-,' Mo. -- The Cooler tvart: pi-acticc alumni learn divided honors wilh Ihe fhiish. II (trawirii! nrsi, bladfd'wh'en tliey "tallied seven points before the locals n, liiutenray. 'j'iie iraiiio enited ith C.irdv/eli IcadiiiK, 35 to 3-1. Tile CardweU Ijoys won hy a one-sided score of ;!fi to 18 Tne Indians gnt. iiff to a ix»r start hut finished well but, in front. It was the Indians' 13th victory: of the season. . „ foi- hl.. ; fourth yenr In} college competition and Is known I over the «idle us an otitstiindlriul distance' runner. First caifcj for c been Issued at HIP ,lones- lioro whcol aiul the first workouts will lie held this afternoon. lie,. Holland nltininl team on jure- Holland j:ehrx)l cotirt Friday night. The slrls\scorc wns 10-1:1 In fnvor ;.-i; : 't.;' , 4' :A -^*J^' < i< &£$* tefti^f^.^- ^: SCORES AGAIN with QUIET WASHERS The Hotpoint's Amazing Features include: ACTIVATOR. Quiet Gears. G-E Motor, never requires oiling. Special Heavy- Duty Wringer with Instant Safe- ty.Release. Gravity Drain Hose. Porcelain-enameled Tub. Simplified Mechanism — only four moving parts, A PRODUCT OF QENERA1 ELECTHIC Small Down Payment Convenient Terms ing, Tony, Barber and. Alloy! Innd boyii were Little. 'Mcd. Bob Lee Smilii, r. and "' ' ' .Buy from Yaw Dealer or ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. Your Service" • •Willinm 1>JU,'.ihc.English states. innn,--<lcmamle<l tlihl-his meals'be placed ou the table instantly llic moment Jie desfrctl to cat, but tltcre was no, certainty'as. to'what hoill- of the day or. niglit 1m would call or food. Tliureforc,. 6liickeiis were TOPI lidlllns; and rnaslliW'at everv horn-. .. • . " . R0XY LAST TIME TODAY MAT. & NITE—10c - 25e .IRVN MUIR and niCAHDO CORTI57 in 'THE WHITE COCKATOO' El Brenrlel Last Time Today MAT— 2:00 - 10e & 25c CLAIJDKTrE COT-BRRT in LADY' Reel Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. ll In ihf* grand and glorious musical comedy.dramai MiM)cn!-_"n»/y and Dnff.vV, Wilh [)U7^ anil BaiTj rifi TONIGHT >>Paramount Ne«s presents A FlIIX PICTORIAL OK HAUPTMANN ON TRIAL!! Actual Coiirlioom Scenes! ! ! Riimo uross examined hv' Wilcnt?! ! ! 0»aphj{ Diamalic Piclures of Iho centmy before very t-^'es. .-•Weds. Thf NEW ADVENTURES of Bulldog D?ummond WAKE UP omdDREAM ;~. WiOi C«lhtrine Doucct, Htnry Ar- mctti, Andy Dtyint, Wlnl Shaw.' Sto;» by John M««h«n. It. Dirtclcd by Kurt Njumjfin. AB. F.Ztldmsn Production. Prtuntcd byC«rl lit«!«!«.. A UNIVERSAL HCTURE. Kox News Three Stooges Comedy BULLDOG DRUMMOND STOKE; RACK- ^witbLORETTA YOUNG 'W ^mjCRprod^i^ \ Parnmnunl Novclly— "I'nramonnl Souvenirs No. D" Musical— "Where's That r- ,, Tiger" V

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