The Anaconda Standard from Anaconda, Montana on July 1, 1923 · 13
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The Anaconda Standard from Anaconda, Montana · 13

Anaconda, Montana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 1, 1923
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10 ( . r LADY. MARY CAMBRIDGE A BRIDE. WW I" BUM if'1 " '"'III MP HI' -7 I I I'PI " ' " O O Make the Beaverhead Your Stop in ' ' Butte ' " THE ANACONDA STANDAED, SUNDAY, JULY 1, 1923. faaeawaagaawasea IPJi W WU i N. JiWwwjj(ii'l'Pl! ,W .i iiiiiiwiit mi pi n ii mi in i i ui mi hi i hi mi 1 im . j mmvi stasia i hi wn... n..i. i i mi i iwiiTim niini i nmwi h wi i Miiawinn twMtv - 'I''' v J JS j j I I I $ ' i 1 r-Xnodai. PLANTS AT SOUTH , P Vi ,5 4 ? 1 1 I tSvic. Parti ir. mad., are not shown ia tbia Ularfntion) notable m dgn, sixe and p i I f K fv 4 y I ' equipment for effid ent and K 1 f ' lf'l"" 1 -it il - , - , economical manufacture. IV'tu.'V llTV'-T ! . VastReswrcesMakePoble - Wt -f 'ff':T M ' '-j ' H High Vake at Low .Price m yM , f .' ft .J I J : I Studefcafe LigteSix: c$3M!0.MOt . H ' fT5 ylf ,rf 11 II RthflWawatresouiwsarsjitiliirtiiomflnu- The South Bend Poree Free Distilled Water-rnid Service-forYourrr Battery Rest Room- " V cool water at our 'flfave a drink of Butte's Fountain Universal Storage Batteries Don't fail to see our new rim tool Beaverhead Battery and Supply Company 72-HarWfoirveniier v Phone 899 - i s m$j i . Bill 1 iKwi Lady Mary Cambridge, niece of the Queen of England, whose marriage to the Marquis of Worcester took place at St. Margaret's, Westminster, London. The. Marquis Is the only son and heir of the Duke of Beaufort. Photo shows the bride and groom leaving the -church.-: : ... l - .... ..... .. M ai-llll- PABK-E HfiBAGTEfl Demurrers, Motions to Strike iiadJudgmHitszBolanElzy Against-Graft Separate demurrer of the defendant, liary Kelly, in the suit' "of the Trners"'ngiTanTrTagaTnsruna WharPrcsidcnt Harding Said About Coal Conditions " : Speech, at Cheyenne, Wyo., June 25th T3epHshold"Duy tEeir.wfnter supply now, would keep our miners working. "EUREKA BEAR CREEK" is a good storing coal, one of the best and hardest coals onthe market. Buy now before the prices "advancer Get the large fancy lump made over 6-inch shaker screens or the fancy 6-inch Egg-Nut. Storage orders are now selling fast. It. is a coal that gives perfect satisfaction for ALL purposes. v FOR SALE BY ALL LEADING DEALERS Mined by Montana Miners for Montana People. , PIONEER COAL 0., Sales Agents R. J. Johannes, Gen. Mgr. " General Offices, Helena, Mont. ANNOUNCEMENT AMBERT' L VARIETY STORE Will Open in Its New Location ' - Monday July 2y 1923 . 130 WEST PARK STREET SI Aluminum Sale Butte 's Only Variety Store LOOK FOR THE NEW RED FRONT Harrington was overruled bv -Judea Jackson and defendant given to July 12 to answer a't;the hearing of the law and motion calendar Saturday. SIsyono,strikea!.d. J emurreri9. complaint in tne suit of M, .N, Good sill against R. O. Jeannot and others "went over "for one week. Demurrer to amended complaint was overruled : nr heseftVarrenja gains liuna rarit Amusement company. The motion to strike from" the complaint in the case of the state, on the relation of Patrick Boland, againet Edward Graff, aldermanic contest, was submitted on briefs, each side being given fie days to file. Orders to show cause in the divorce cases of ' Carolina Schuster against John Schuster and of Katheryn Adams against Jamey Adams were continued.. Judgment was signed in the 6uit of Bridget Handley against Nora McCarthy. v Before Judge Carroll. Demurrer to complaint in the suit of Lee McCauley against David -Jones a slrtfcSjen Tf8m'"the ,it;lleftaSi?,'beiffife" Judge Carroll. Demurrer to complaint was overruled iii- Pauline Mu-zevic against F. W. Woolworth & Co. and others. Motion to strike from defendant's answer was taken under advisement in the suit of Dillman Commercial company against Charles Steele, 'fwo cases of H. W. Gaines against Albert O'Brien were consolidated and the denyirrer to the amended answer was overruled. ' DeniurreTjto the amended -answer was submitted in the suit of the Basin Hardware company against John Se-gen and others. .Motion to strike from the complaint was continued in the case of Livonia F. Knight against A. G. Ray. Diso-lina Martina was given judgment against Mrs. D. D. McGregor for $200 worth of personal property and for $53 damages arid costs. TENNIS PLAY FEATUHE AT BOULDER IT SPRINGS Captalft H. -M.- Stewarl of' Boulder Hot Springs has been in Butte in connection with arrangements for the famous hostelry. Mr. Stewart says that the resort is now in position to take care of visitors to an unlimited degree. Extensive repairs and improvements have been made on the property and new tennis courts are now being installed. Kenneth R. Simmons of Butte, the state tennis champion, has taken charge of this feature of the recreation provided at the springs. It is intended to make th-nis courts as nearly- perfect as possible and tennis tournaments will be held there during the present season, Mr. Simmons will also be prepared to give private lessons. - , "We are . featuring the health and recreation facilities' of this property," Captain Stewart said," "Guests at Boulder "Springs may enjoy-horseback riding, swimming, tennis, hiking, fishing and other-out-door, health-giving sports. The baths and message parlors are! equipped in themost up-to-date, modern style and we have had remarkable results in the treatment of rheumatism, stomach . disorders and other ailments. , "A first-class9 cafe is conducted ih connection with the hotel, and. dancing with special music for week-ends and holidays may also be enjoyed.- These improvements at Boulder- Springs make it a real health resort, where one may. enjoy and country ftfa without surrendering the luxuries of the city." ' ' QUI NX GOES TO PARK. ."13. B. Ouinn of the -Yellow Bonnet Cub coiiT-iiny .left Saturday for a two weeks' t -r- througa iellowBloaj park n buinss. ' i "Yankee Jim" George Meh--tioned by Kipling in One '-of His Works;. HELENA, June When James George, known to every old-timer in Montartaandto-hundreds-of - tourists li as "Yankee Jim," died recently in Los Angeles there passed into history one of the West's picturesque characters. Ho was one of the first residents .of 3ozemaa an d ,;,a, . .frifiniLjQ t-JGfl-1 BftfeL Roosevelt, "Calamity Jane" and "Liv eir-Eating" Johnson. When Rudyard Kipling toured the Yellowstone National park and Mon-Janaior Thanr?yearoJieTOBt Yankee Jim and it was a case of Greek meet Greek, but Kipling In his "From Sea to Sea" modestly admitted that as a romancer, to use a polite expression, he was no match for the Montana frontiersman. "Yankee Jim was a picturesque old man," Kipling wrote In chapter 28 of his book, "with a talent for yarns that Ananias might have envied. It seemed to me, presumptuous in my ignorance, that I might hold my own with the old-timer if I judiciously painted up a few lies gathered lh the course of my wanderings.- Yankee ' Jim saw every one Of my tales and went 5.0 better on -Ulfiaafit,. tlfi-.g-galLiabgara. andJn dians never less than . 20 of each; had known the Yellowstone country for years, and bore upon his body marks of Indian arrbws; and his eyes Had seen a squaw of the Crow Inlians burned alive at the stake. He' said she screamed considerable. In one point did lfe speak the truth as regarded the merits of. that particular reach of the Tellowstone. He said it was alive with trout. It was.'.' . ... The author then tell of how Yankee Jim introduced him to "a young woman of 5 and 20, with eyes like deep-fringed eyes of the gazelle, and on the neck the small head puoyant, "like a bellflower in its bed. I 6aid nothing! - It was all in the day's events. . I Know that she wore list slippers and did not wear stays; but I know also that she was beautiful by any standard of beauty, and that the trout she cooked were fit for a king's supper. And after supper Strang men loafed up in the dim, delicious twilight, with the little news of ths day. Then did Yankee Jim uncurl his choicest lies on Indian warfare aforetime." , It is stated that -Kipling met the young lady from New Hampshire who later became his wife on the trip. In which he cultivated the friendship of Yankee Jim. With her parents she was touring the park. Yankee Jim built one of the first stretches of road Into the park and for years ran a toll, gate at its -entrance. It was Said that every woman who went through the gate had to kiss him, but friends said he had declared this' to be a mistake, he had simply asked each one for a kiss. During the time-Judge McCleary, one tf the last territorial judges, was holding court at Bozeman, Yankee Jim was summoned as a juror but, it il said, failed to make an appearance on time. He offered no excuse and was fined $100. "How much is it, judge?" Yankee Jim was said to have asked. "One hundred dollars,"., thundered llw Judge. - "AJlJigfir juap.'-- Yankee "Jim "was credited 'wifh having remarked, "I'd !ay1t-Just as quick if it were $1,000." Railway freight weighing 1,430,-000 tons is hauled over United States highways .each year. TIRES WITH 500 NAIL HOLES LEAK NO AIR Mrs. C W. Milburn of Chicago has Invented a new puncture-proof inner t-jhe. which, in actual test, was punctured 500 times without the losi! of any air. Increase your mileage from 10,000 to 12.000 miles without -removing this wonderful tube from the wheel, and the beauty of it all is that this new puncture-proof tube costs no more than the ordinary tube and makes ridinpr a real pleasure. You can write Mr. C. W. Milburn at 850 West Forty-seventh street, Chicago, as he wants them introduced everywhere. Wonderful opportunity for -agents. - If interested, write him today. AdvU Studebaker's vast resources are utilized to manu facture (not assemble) the Light-Six complete in the newest and most modern large automobile plants irf the world.. , ' The Corporation's resources, consisting of $85,000,000 of actual net assets, including $45,000,-000 of plants, make it possible" for Studebaker to offer a six-cylinder car, at less than $1,000, that is emphatically superior in design, construction, performance, comfort and dependability, to any car within hundreds of dollars of its price.' By complete manufacture, Studebaker hot only guards the quality of each part, but saves the middlemen's profits, with the result that no other make of car ever built, by anyone, at any price, represents so great a dollar-for-dollar value as the Light-Six. , Evidence of its mechanical superiority is found ia 4 ts practical freedom from vibration. -This-iai . plished by the perfect balance of the motor. Perfect balance is obtained largely through the complete machining of 11 surfaces -of the ankshaft and-connecting rods. This requires 61 precision oper-atdons. 1 - ' ' - - " This method is followed exclusively by Studebaker" on cars at this price. In fact, very few other cars have this feature, and their prices are from three totentime8 as greaFas that Of the Light-Six.: -It'itiign1fieM1''tisoi-that'tht sale of more than 80,000 Studebaker cars during the first six months of this year broke all records. -Buyers are justified in expecting more for jhdr c money inStudebTthanirranyTnsuv Power to Satisfy the Most Exacting Owner . MODELS AND PRICES, o. b. factory LIQHT-SIX I SPECIAISIX I BIQ-8IX 3-Pm..ll2,W.B. -Pass.. I It' W.B. T-Pa-..126'W.B. 40 H. P. ' SO H. P. 60 H. P. Toorint- ;.$ 975 Tourin $1875 Touring $1730 gogtf-P"- Roadtar3.Par-IJ56 Speedter($.Pat.JlUI jffilw) ; ConpiCS-PM.) 1873 Coupe (3-Paa.) 2330 Sedan 1330 Sedan ; 030 Sdan ; , 1730 They cort $33,830,000. The South Bend Forge Plant cot . $4,000,000, which alone is more than the total tuueta of many automobile companies, ,. ... .--.. ...;: And then Aire axtt ! The machine hops which cost $7,000,000. ' The stamping plant which cort $4,000,000. . Thenewfotmdrlet which wd cost over $2,000,000, The power plant which cost $2,500,000. The assembly and stock plants which cost $5,000,-000, as well as closed and open body plants, spring shops, etc Studebaker plants; in -cost and.sizfiare.tbi5C ond largest of the world's "SutOfnobUe plants. Studebaker is the second strongest financially of the automobile manufacturers of the world. These farts show why It . Is possible for Studebaker to produce the light-Six a truly remarkable car zaad sell it tor 1m than sv thousand dollars. ' . J In aoruaoar veltte per dollar of price the light. Six is ia dsss by Itself. No prospectivebuyer of aa automobile shook! decide on anything until he has seen and driven this car. It ia backed by a corpo ration with $85,000,000 of -actualnetasaetsanda71-- year reputation for honest product and fair dealing. Terms to Moot Your Com- v BERKIN MOTOR CO. 108 E. Broadway, Butte Phone 1837. T H IS IS A STUDEBAKE R YEAR ,. IftpeaaiBnwMBjwi '"',r ' FEATURES EACH DAY COMPLETE AND ACCURATE NEW YORK STOCK QUOTATIONS . v , New York Bonds : New York Money Oil Stocks Boston Stocks New York Curb Foreign Excliange Spokane Stocks Boston ."Wool Butte Fruit and Produce Butter and Eggs Metal Market London Metals . . "Wheat and Grain" - News Letters v x V. Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, St. Paul, Portland and Spokane Live Stock Quotations., i - REPORTS FURNISHED BY ASSOCL4TED PRESS LAUZIER, WOLCOTT CO. AND C. H. ROBINSON CO. THOROUGH-ACCURATE RELIABLE

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