The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1935
Page 5
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1035 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per Mnc for consecutive Insertions: (Five average words to n line) One time per line 10c Two times per line per clay .. OSc Three times per line per day .. 06c Si:s times per line per day .. OSc Month rate per line Me. Minimum charge 50 Ads ordered lor three or six limes and stopped before expiration will be fnargcd lor the number 01 times me aft appeared ana udjUMmem of Dill mane. All Classified Advertising copj suDiniLWd oy persons residing oui- Mac 01 the city inusi be iic'jom- panieu by casn. Rates may easily computed from ucove laDle. No rcsponslbllliy will be Wkei/ lor more tnan one incorrect insertion ot any classified ad. Advertising ordered for irregnlai iriicmt/ua «« me one time ra«. Business Directory BATTERIES RECHARGED 76c GUARANTEED Starter & Generator Service Used Auto Parts Cheap Phone 308—Road Service Harper Auto Electric Service % Mile from Gateway Store on Highway 18. ; This ad is worth 25e on tottery service. WELDING MACHINE WORK TRACTOR REPAIRING We Guarantee Every Job Call 808 Day or Night dlylheviile Machine Works Second & Ash Sts. FARMS FOR SALE With immediate possession 80 acres, 5J,t miles west of Sikeston, Scott "County. Mo. • Price $30 acvc 120 acres, 15 miles northwest, ol Slkeslon, in Stoddard County, Mo. Price $20 acre A. T. Earls & W. 0. Alexander Stcele, Mo. DON'T FORGET CAUDILL'S AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE BO"* FURNITURE NOW PAY THIS PALL Get Our Terms HUB15ARD FURNITURE CO. Farms For Sale With Immediate Possession 40 A, near Biirdctte, Miss, county, Ark. Trice S60 acre. 40 A. near Burdette, Miss, county, Ark. Prica J60 acre. 80 A. near Burdette, Mlgs. county, Ark. Price $60 acre. | 45 A. near Warden, Perm'scot county, 'Mo. Price $50 ncre. 65 A. near Gideon; -Ne,w Madrid county, Mo. Price 540 acre. JOB A. netir Gfdeon, Ne;v Madrid county, Mo. Price 545 acre. 127 A. nenr Gideon, New Madrid county, Mo. Price ?50 acre. 107 A. near Canalou, New Madrid county, Mo. Price £40 acre. J.AV. Bacler Blytheville, Ark. Cash Feed Store We Pay Highest Cash Prices for Poultry and Eggs. Complete Line of Purina Feed Ferry's Bulk Garden Seed Field Seed Exclusive Agents lor the original genuine Montavallo Coal We also sell-Brilliant, Ark. Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals, Phone 477 WONDER crry .COAL co. i'or Kent LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS, 101 W. Ash. i-ck-tt Why Buy Coai From Us? 1—30 years in business. 2— Quality of coal handled. 3—Prompt service. 4—Courteous treatment. 5—You get all you pay for. •Quality Group" distributed by Gay & Billings I'lione II! 5 ROOM HOUSE, 511 Park. Rett- tenable rcnl, Call 2SO. 1C kit' i room FUKNisilED apartment, utilities tree. C19 W. Main. Call ^-Jj 31-c-k-tI Modern '& room 1'URNISHED House, garage, noo chlckasnwba. Cull 280. • 200 klf YOU HAVE TRIED THE REST, NOW UUV THE 1JEST FAMOUS MAKNE KED ASH COAL Once Voil Try It, You Always Buy II Will Buy Cnrnu High Quality Feeds It Pays To Feed the Best We Buy Corn & Soy Beans PHONE 127 Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W, PARKER, I'rop. FRONT, steam licat, hot bath, ifaragc. phone 560. M-rii-tf Unfurnished apartment, 4 rooms with bath, Call 327, Night. 55. Partly furnished APARTMENT with good heatins system. Phone 1ST or 571 IG-c-ll MORERNLY FURNISHED apartment. 3 rooms, ijiilh; ovov Ktr- by Drug Co. p. Simon, phone 164. 28-c-tf Two Fuvn!.,li'cd Bed Rooms, 1017 Wiilniit. Phone 102. 31-c-tf STKAMHEATED bedroom in modern home to permanent buslncs' couple or men. Phone 084 or 24. I My Cual Is Black But I Treat You White, Fill Up Now JOHN BUCHANAN - PHONE 107 112 B. iMain Phone 154 Across From Old Postoiliec PARKS BROS. COAL CO. PHONE 917 FOR"Hi-Lo Alabama" "Energy Illinois" "Black Royal Kentucky" CLEAN COAL-LOW PRICED Wanted To buy COTTON PLANTING SKED COItN and SOY I1EANS See ns tor Best Prlc«. llarolil Sternljcig at STUIlNliEKG COTTON CO. Personal Cottonwood Point Ferry Is Again Operating Alter Having DlsiKiiscrt Wltli Services During High Wjilcr Service lo 10 1', M., Except Saturday & Sumlrty, 12 P. M, F or Sale We Ctan Sell All llic So We Just, Sell tlie Coal, Best. Largest & Most Complete Slock ot FIRE & .TORNADO .INSURANCE, .LU-'E INSURANCE- AND • INSURANCES SERVICE Money to.Loan We are ill position to make yon a loan to refinance ; , your ; present Joan. Terms for repayment, can be made to your satisfaction, very low Interest rates,..this applies to city, as well in farm loans. W. M. Burns, Phones 243 - ,212 FARMS tfOR SALE! Terms Reasonable ETHEl,.,B. THOMPSON CaruthsuBvlile, Mo. in Northeast Arkansas. PRICES RIGHT. Hubbard Hdw.' Co. St. Bennrrt, 1,000 Los 53.50 i Black Diamond, 1,000 Lbs. .. 53.75 I Sahara, 1,000 Lhs 54.00 Acton Red Ash, 1,000 Lire. .. $5.00 Phono 100 E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. GARAGE Gaiiancl M. Morgan Formerly with Phillips'Motor Co.) General Auto Repairing "V-3" Service REASONABLE PRICES Yarbro Ifoad FOR SALE— German Police Puppies. See Monroe Ahcnmthy, Ark-Mo I'owcr Company, Osccolii. aBp k5 YOUTrf'S BED, sliglilly larger than baby bed. New mattress. Will CHEAP. Mrs. Steve H. clh ti Brooks, 519 W. Wain. UUY FURNITURE NOW PAY THIS FALL Get Our Terms I!UI!BAKI> FURNITllllE CO. fo llic Properly Owners In Paving Dislrids No. 2 mid 3. . Tlic oiilslnmUiiK boud.s against these d I sir lets amounts to $308,000.00. Tills is a llrsl Hen on your prop- crty and sooner or lulcr must be paid. Tlic Commissioner* nre now being offered some of these bonds, (not i\ll of them, neither lire liny offered by Lesser Qoklimiii Co.) nt CiOc- on the dollar. Tills Is a wonderful opl»r- tunily to set. rid ot n burden thHt crcry one is tired of carrying, but the amount of bonds that inny be retired nl this low figure will correspond exactly to tlic iimounl of cooperation tlic commissioners receive from the tnx payers. This Is your obligation, there Is no way to tivoy paymejil, except by tlic loss ol your property. So llic ttine la net. Is now, If ta.\cs can be collected uo\v, and bonds retired, It. will bo entirely possible lo reduce the ycaily payments besides winding up Ilio whole debt by Ifltt as was originally planned. The commissioners .sinm'c- ly hope to have your cooperation in this matter, so vital to you. C. J. Evravcl. lion. acorg« fitniUi, J70U llctuii 61. addition. BUY TO SELL DOCTOR: Thnnks tor the five ml- vice. , Never realized my itigcs- lloii nmtal Double Mtnl so much. Mr:, li. . 8TOAJACH nnd Indigestion victims, why snll'er? For quick relief gel. a Ireo sample of Udgii TiiWets, u doctor's prescription, at Klrby liros. Eggs, Poultry We puy highest eusli price for nil kinds ol poultry, lind of pavement, 315 K. Main. Stations Buvtoi Service Slalion ,UtK, MO. BTATK LINK Super Shell Gas at Missouri nccs .SANDWICH SIJOI' in cumii'cllun HIGHEST MARKET 1'KJCJEs" piilit for all kinds of poultry at. Mahun's Oin. lifCli' & FISHER , "lABTciiicks" ALL VAlUbTlIiS ilng Uone lor the I'liblic MAlttLVN HATt;ili;nV biyillvvlllc, ArK. llixiciierj L'oilu Ko. itG Help \Vaiited MAN—For Collec Route, paying ,:p lo 500,00 n week. Automobile «tv- cn producer. Write Albeit Mills, 70S7 Momnoiitli, Olnclnnatl, O. Furniture SEE DOCK DAVIS. 2ND HAND .FURNITURE, 400 E. MAfN. \VL ,uuv AND SKLL ANYTHING. BUY I-'UHNl'ruinj 'NOW PAY THIS FALL Get Our Terms HUlllWltl) rUHMTUHU Ct). HOOTS ANP HFIi »1H)I)1BS Ue Tniclt Stolen BOSTON (UP)—There war. Dion ly or snow and it was cold tiuU- ._ Mnrslmll McLeod left his ice truck NEGRO family ivtinis 10 slinreerop standlnj; on the street. rccenll> next year. TAVO men nud woman with COO pounds of Ico. Somebody in family. Excellent rccommenda- 6tolc the truck mid leu load. A SALE "IN TIME! ~~ ~ N Tllli C1IANCKUV COURT OIlICKABAWliA DISTRICT, MISSISSII'I'I COUNTY. All- KANSAS. Chester L. Terry, I'lalnllir, No. 59D3 vs. Kulliiirini' Terry. Tile defciulaiu, Knllmrlnu Terry, is warned lo appear within thirty Jnys In the court mimed in the caption hereof nnd nnsiver Die •• comphtnl of tho plalntltl, Chester L. • Terry/ ' • • •• . Dutcd tills 20th day of Jan, 1035. Jr. H. CRAIG, Clerk, By ISIIiiabctli Roddy, D. 0, Oliitidc '!•'. Cooper, ' • • Ally. Ad utcm. 28-4-11-13 Falls !!«0 Feet In Klcvwlor CINCINNATI. (UP)-Uarl McCoy, 25, fell 200 feet with a concrete-laden construction elevator and escaped death, but was injured seriously. 1 GO-ACRE FARM FOR SALE All iii cultivation—'.; mile from, city limits anil highway. Land has Rood cotton contract, for 1935 and buyer tun have possession Immediately. $<io per acre. G. G. CAUDILL ' Phone 707 Notice to Taxpayers All iici'.sons residing within nny cily'or incorporated town mul the iicktitions thereto and nil persons owning iicvsonul properly m-e rc- (|tiii'od by 1nw (.0 nppcur bwfore the assessor before Aj)ril lOLIi at Ims olVice in Uie Courl House iuul iissess their property. A pwmlty of leu per cunt ol' nil IJIXOH dtiu with it miniuuini of one dollar is provided for those who fail lo appear inul assess. Please attend to this important matter at once and iwoid the penalty. R. L. Gaines Assessor. Remodel Your Home Witu a EEUnine, RUBBEROID ROOF 5% interest, 3 years to pay East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. Phone 29 ftOOTS,WILL '•toU PUT THIS JEWEL BOX IW THE VAULT FOR SAFE KEEPING? ITS BEEN ON DISPLAY FOR MONTHS AND NO ONE SEEM9 INTERESTED IN IT.. WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY LISTEH.CIO TIMER, BE APAL, WILLXOU?-THIG IS MY ! FIFTH WEDDIN6 ANNIVERSARY AMD I'VE FORGOTTEN! ! TO GET MV WIPE A GIFV....WHKT WOULD VOU SU&&EST? PICK OUT SOMETHING NICE RIGHT - By Rlariir WELL...AF I WA6 CELEBRATING A WEPDlNl? ^NKHVER6ARV I COULDM'T THINK OF A.W "tmM6 VO RATHER HAVE THAN A NICE ORIENTAL JEWEL BOX...6V THE WAY, I THINK WE HAVE A SWELL ONS OM HAMO, NOW! 60LD THAT JEWEL BOX???. &R6AT!P| j I OOM'T 5E6 HOW you PO IT I I HONE&TLN BELIEVE You COULD SELL SNOWSHOES IN CUBA .„. Auioiiiotive Special prices on Auto Accessories, Tires and Tubes. Guaranteed Batteries J3.95. Auto Tops & Side- curtains $1.50 up. Alcohol 7oo gal. Car heaters $1.50..up. Cylinder Heads, Floor Mats. ' ', Scrap iron melal iii demind WOW AHIAN -.'. 128 E.' Alain HARNESS Our Stock Is Complete IMPLEMENTS And Repairs For AVERY, MOL1NE VULCAN & BLOUNT Pay Us A Visit And Be Convinced PAULBYRUM 120 East Main ADTO SPECIAL'S' I'restonc, Alcohol, Healers, Dc- Ircsters, Willitl Batteries. LET US PREPARE YOU FOR WINTER Hubbard Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE DEPr. Phone 476 Phone FOB BATTERY SERVICE Ben Clune 200 W. Ash Phone 8. Lost Substantial REWARD for return of ladles' gold urisl watch' market! "M. M. T." last iir-iii- Wo, ion ollicc. Frank Uarvry, Holrl Noble- z-pk-5 Salesmen Wanted FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORfr XENT OUR FLOOi; SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. HARNESS: HARNESS! Full Line High Grade Harness. Best Prices in Blytheville All makes turning plows and middle buster poinU. trace cliaius, collar pads, buck tends, etc. FEED! SEED! Everything you will need (or Spring Planting Oberst Store Co. Largest & Most Complete Stock of i UH-I HARNESS in Northeast Arkansas. IUUCES RIGHT. Hubbard Hdw. Co. FEMALE pointer pup black and white, heavily ticked. JIart collar ou. REWAUU Ur I'uul Jj. Tipfon,' Phono 'J7G. \ c ^ WANTED SALESMATTwiTH~CAn ready to KO to work for lavgc qialiufaulurer. Salary, boniis. e«- penses, Phone A. J. p. Black, Hotel Oal(, after-.' G p. HI. Shoe Kepairing Having made Hll kinds of thucs for ABNORMAL feet, can repair. «Wa lo rorreck ABNORMAL feet. SPECIAL PRICES on repairing of all kinds. Best materials used, Progressive Sboe Shop • 103 'S. iWst, 32 years ill the Shoo Repairing buslne«: when nthers fall, try si. Simon P. Lee. Ill Bonlli Railroad St. AUTO GLASS AKK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 Pamtinj and' £'aperlia Auto Painting Furniture Refliilshlnj All Work Guaranteed. Freeman &t \VheaL Phone 74D for. Estimate? "COTPER WEATHER~STR1P Saves fuel al small cost Arlunn Lumber Co. Cobb Undertaking Co.. Inc SERVICE & QUALITY' AMBULANCE Phone 26 Coal & W<>od St'*> Us Aliout Yuur Coal Blvtheville Gin Co. "Radiant Akbania" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 2U OUST A MOMENT; ^AR.l-EE, HERE COMES A CUSTOMER. WASH TUBBS GOOD NKWSJ_ WAR" WELL, Lt's.i.SEE — GUESS I'LL BUT MEESASLEEP y NOW. > BETTER YOU VAir TILL TOMORROW TO SEE HIM. EXTRA! WDMAPEp PRIMCB RETURNED To BULSRARA. SURE E^JOUQH,TH'WAR'J^ OFF. BULGRAVIA BlDKI'T HAVE ANY EXCUSE TO FIQHT. AW LOOW! Ot?OV EASV I ARE HEROES. VEIL; MY POY, DOT FRICWD Uf VOCJRS MASS PER COMSTlTUTlOM UF AKJ OX. HE'LL PULL -THHU BEftUTIFULLV. TMAMKS A HEAP. -I-KUEW HE WOULD. 193S BY IKK. SERVICt, INC. T. M. BEO. U. S. TAT. Off. SALESMAN SAM SAM'S NOT TO '," NOW ") on, \ WHftT HAp- /SH0011M' TH' lil.AMK! DID C\ v / OERMDesT To MoT tn r TOMGU& Tviis HEEL. CAME. OFFA P£M£D? / UftDY S SHOES, AMD . WENT WR.OWG-I S ft SUP OF FRECKLES AND HIS FUIBNDS IN THE FLESH! I CAN'T BEAR Tt> LOOK, NUTTY! HE'S GONNA BE KILLED SURE I' J & 1WJTE, THAI PARACWTS HAO A n UNTIL

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