Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 28, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1891
Page 5
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If you have a cold Call and get a sample bottle of Pineapple pough Syrup, at •A .Chance Tor Workmen 19e 19e , A colored braided straw basket for 1 9 c t s. •••• Sale, ends Saturday Night the Grand Bazaar, P. S. Regular- price 35 cents. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT. FREE READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street, Welcome to All. Ladies $500 Reward, Dr. -Anderson's English Female Regulating Pills are the safest and most reliable. Give them ;i trial and be convii.ced. At Drug Store or by mall, post-paw per box S1.00, 3 boxes for $2.50. .lloka ;iTltdIciiio Co., Toledo, O. Mention paper, febl9d£«3m MONEY TO LOAN, B any mm at the LOWEST rates. Irlvate ftm(J> only. Honey always In bend. No red taps or delay. Inwreet and principal payable In Logons- port, Spools! arrangements as to payment at principal and Interest, made to unit the wishes ol Ocrrower. For further partlonlaro apply to Fred W. Munson, On Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth street, opposite Conrt Hoose. M O JN £ Y, aen«r»l Inturano* and Louse. All kinds o: In turanee plscmt in flrBt clius companies. inflow ment -poliolea pnrohBBed^ Bonds of euretyBL. written tor parties holding positions of tn-ni •hare s bond it required. 819 PEARL ST. S. M. Gloss on Frank Beii<Hii<: Sentenced (o Tu'O Year* In the "Pen"—Otlier State rasen ill Court. Yesterday morning- the jury in the case of Frank Bending, charged with obtaining money under false pretenses, brought in a verdict of guilty and sentenced him to imprisonment in the penitentiary for two years and a fine of $100. His attornies immediately made a motion for a new trial, and pending the same Bonding was released on bond of $1,200, an increase of $700 over his former bond. Me.lvin D. Roach, of Walton, was tried before a jury yesterday for the larceny of a buffalo robe from George Murphy, of Deer Creek township. The jury retired at 4 o'clock, and at midnight was still deliberating. Evidence was being heajd by the court last evening in the case of Chas. Lanharn charged with assault with intent to kill on Lewis Stanley. Both parties are from Adarnsboro. The evidence will be continued this morning:- Tlic Snv Gu* Company. Mr. Jacob S. Smith, of the American Gas Company, was in the city yesterday looking over the contracts signed by the citizens. Mr. Smith stated to a Journal reporter that it rested solely with the citizens of Logansport whether they would get cheaper g'as. Said he: "If enough contracts are signed to satisfy the expenditure on our part we will pipe the city, provided your City Council lets us in. You can say to the public that for various reasons these contracts must be signed before we go to the expense of piping. Without oar contracts should tbe other company reduce prices to compete with us no one would change to us and our plant would be worthless. You can also say that those contracts mean just what they say and that every man who signs one will receive gas for five years at twenty-five per cent less than he is paying now. 1 ' Park On being interviewed yesterday as to the progress of the park project, Mr. Weldon Webster said: "I was never-more^ happy over the prosperity of any event in my life. From the first day, over live months ago, ,up to the .present, although the undertaking has at times , suffered temporary abatement, the general results have been an uninterrupted chain of successes. None know the strategy and perseverance,the money, talk and writing that this affair has really cost, and yet to know as I know and to see as clearly as do I that nothing has been in vain; to see the ideal slowly but certainly assuming the real: this in itself is sufficient recompense for all past anxiety and labor." '•What are the present important features?' 1 "Briefly these: Two associations in the city have communicated with me, officially, and say that they will take special action in the line of raising private donations of money. It is more than likely that a certain financial association, one member of which has already donated liberally, will sign the subscription list." "Just at this moment Grain and Koutsch are engaged in drafting plans and specifications after the original plans. They are spending much time upon the work and are completing the plans to an exquisite nicety." "Charges? No, I am happy to say their, work, when done, would cost not less than $100 to $200, will be kindly donated to our city. This park project has turned up many noble citizens. I believe the proper material is present in Logansport to make of our city the most nourishing commercial center in northern Indiana." "The plat prepared by Messrs.Grain & Krutsch will show exact level?, grades, excavations, widths, etc. Mr. Osmer will carefully scrutinize the calculations and kindly lend his assistance." "To-day, Mr. George Cheeney took the levels along Eel river and Fifteenth street. We will be in shape to receive bids oa the contract by next Wednesday, I think, but no work will be begun till sufficient money is raised." A SOUTHERN OPINION. Henri Watterson'H EHtlmate of General William TccnrtiHch Sherman. The death of General, Sherman, says, the Lomsvi]ie ;j; C(5urier-Jo-drnal, takes' from the scenes of this 'life the last of • the great Union Generals, whose names during the sectional war in America reverberated: throughout .the. world.-*Ob the Confcdcii-ate .side, General Johnston: and Genernl Ueauregard are all that are left from amoiirr the Southern Generals of equal rank. Both are old men and must, in the course of nature, soon follow General Sherman to the grave. General Sherman's place, as a military man, will grow in history. He was not only a warrior of commanding force, CLOTH TOP SHOES. CLOTH tops are again being accorded a considerable degree of popularity m both men's and women's goods. Cloth is Superior to leather in every wa^ except durability, and ever, in that it holds its own in some case* as aeons' some of the leather used for tops. Cloth i s the best material for »boe tops ii the case of persons whose feet have a tendency to perspire freely, as the surplui heat of the foot as well as its moisture is allowed to radiate and transpir, thruugh the meshes of the textile fabric much .more readily than though thj leather. Good cloth is not materially affected by moisture, and excels leathei used for toppings in resisting its attacks, or grow stiff and chafe the wearer. Cloth does nof crack, scale, turn re< It is more comfortable and smooth fitting THE LATE 0ENEBAL SHEKMAN. MONEY TO LOAN! And Notes Bought In any sum over$25atlowe«l rates. Large amounts e percent GEO. B. FORGY. Daily Journal. .SATURDAY MORNING, FEB. 28. C. Li. S. C. Chautauqua Circle will meet, at the home'of Mrs. Sarah Michaels, 316 West Market street on Tuesday evening March ~10,'at 7:30. I'KOGHAM. Roll-Call. Responded to by facts from the life of Robert Browning. .Regular lesson. First two weeks of outline in March Chautauqua. Mrs. C. P. Wright will conduct the lesson in church history. Question Table—Con ducted bv Mrs. I. N". Crawford. i 1. World of to-day. 2. Queen's English. 3. English Phrase and table. Indiana'* A rlzona Kicker Macy Monitor:—There is a certain class without influence, morally, socially, .financially or othewise, in this vicinity who seem to delight in loafing around stores, etc., and "blow ing ofT.about "that MONITOR office.' To all such we emphatically say, that we make our own living, and if that ••.MONITOR office" had published the one hundreth part that has been handed . in for publication against these same parties by parties ; in and out of town, they would have to leave it in less-than twenty-four hours after -its publication. •Purify you blood, , Build up your nerves, • Restore your strength, . -Renew your appetite, ' ,-Cure scrofula, salt rheum, ; •'Dyspepsia, sick headache, . [; Catarrh, rheumatism or malaria— froTake Hoods Sarsaparilla, I doses one dollar. 7 Longfellow'* Birthday. The 10th Year Rhetoric Class celebrated Longfellow's birthday by a very pleasing and instructive entertainment. It was given as a surprise on their teacher, Miss Goodwin, and proved to be a success.. The entertainment was under the management of Mr. Harry Uhl. Following is the programme. Piano Sclo Miss Flora Sbulte Sketch uf Lorn-fellow Miss Loretta O'Connell Extract Irurn Mortlturl Salutarrus \ „ .^ „ , • ' Miss Mollle Wise Guitar Solo Miss Booth Reading-Victor Gait-rath Chiis. Castle Essay what Is a Poet Alexander Boyer. • Guitar Solo _ Miss Booth Extract Irom Hiawatha The Famine Miss Lulu Kunse. The Children The Children's Hour Miss Cora W nters. Reading My Arm Chnir George Hadley. P ano Solo.. Hj ss Ethel Pryor A BUSINESS CHANGE. George A. Henke In Location. HI* ^en- A. Henke, the job pi-inter and book binder, is now well settled in his new location, 410 Broadway. Se has a new Cotterell cylinder press of the latest style, and several Gordon ob presses. His power is now furnished by a three horse power steam engine. His bindery department is well equiped and he is turning out some good work. .Merit IV'Siis. We desire to say to our citizens, that for years we have been selling Dr King's New Discovery for Consumption, Dr. King's New Life Pills, Buck Ion's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters and have never handled remedies^that sell as well, or that have given such universal satisfaction. We do not hesitate in guarantee them every time, and we stand ready to refund the pur chase price, .if satisfactory results do not not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity purely on their merits. B. F. Keesling Druggist. .' 1 Gratifying 10 All. The high position attained and the universal acceptance and approval of he pleasant liquid fruit remedy Syrup of Figs, as the most excellent laxative mown, illustrate the value of the qualities on which its success is based. and are abundantly gratifjing to .the lalifornia Fig Syjjssp Company. Tlicfr Narrow Fsonpe. The Richmond Palladium contains an excellent and exhaustive account of the .late disastrous railway wreck near that place Wednesday. Speaking of the narrow escape of Mrs. Englebrecht and, children, of this city, the Palladium says:—Mrs. Englebrecht was on her way to this city, with her three children—Emma, Paul and the baby—and how she and her three little ones were saved cannot be explained, unless providence intervened and g'uarded the safety.of'the children. She says: "I was seated in the ladies car with my children, the baby being in my aims. When the car went over I fell underneath the seats. The seat in front turned back and closed over me. A lady who was seated in front of me was lying on top of the seats that were over me. I gathered all my strength and held the seats up to protect my baby. The baby then commenced crying, and this brought me to my senses. I realized that I was not hurt badly. I called to my childrenT~aod to my joy they answered. They had been thrown to the end of the car near the stove. The stove was crushed in- and the fire came out of it. My little boy, Paul, got his head against it, and another little boy with him was also against the fire, and the saving of their lives belongs to my little girl Emma. She pulled them away from the fire, got some water and extinguished the fire on their clothing, which had already been ignited. The two litlc boys wore both bruised and burned about the head and face, but not seriously." Such presence of mind and heroism is rarely exhibited by adults under such excitement, and that this little girl should be the Savior of these two little lives makes her name worthy to go on record as the heroine of the ill-fated train. Mrs. Englobrecht was.bruised, but is able to be about. The baby has not a scratch, on it, and the little girl, Emma, sustained slight bruises." but a soldier of original genius and rare accomplishments. He thought out his movements with the same precision that he executed them. His study of the art of war was on a large scale. His nature was intense; and he carried with him into the field the resistless engineries of a tremendous martial spirit, vigor and enthusiasm, built upon a belief in his cause and in himself, which never flagged or' faltered. The notion, founded'on General Sherman's aggressive methods and unsparing' activity, that he was an inconsiderate or cruel man, did injustice to his real character. He was a man overflowing with g-enerous sympathies. But, impulsive, pugnacious, affectionate, choleric, as open as the day, he often got into trouble and put himself at a great disadvantage by his unguarded freedom of speech. Those who knew him we'll will always bear testimony to his lovable qualities; the soul of honor; a born democrat in his unostentatious fellowship with his fellow-men; andone of the most delightful of companions in all affairs,either-of work or play. He was a close observer, possessed a canny understanding- of hum-in nature, rfjid had acquired much of the lore of books. The relations between him and his friends were cordial to the last degree, and with his family and kindred, charming*. 'In a word, General Sherman was a soldier of whom any nation migtit be proud, and we record the tidings of his death with regret, tempered by the thought that, after a long and brilliant career, he leaves to his coun- •try a renown in the glory of which all who survive him, Southerners alike with Northerners, mag- share. We were often opposed to him in life. But in death there is nothing* to mar the respectful homage which we lay upon tie coffin that encases a true American, a valiant and successful General, and a patriot of many exalted virtues, public and private. ' ' than leather. It makes a handsome effect by contrast when used with- leather vamp. It is more "dressy," and, in fact, as we said at the outset, better 1m toppings than the leather generally used in every way, providing a first-class quality of cloth is employed. There are cloth fabrics sold for shoe tops are not desi.able, just as there are^kinds of leather used' for slice boles that are not desirable; some being cheap and poor quality, for use in cheap shoes,' and some being fine quality and intended more for appearance than wea*d There is a grade of cloth for every grade of shoe, and the best grades are more expensive than fine leather. The patterns vary from plain black to fa-,^ fi = ured - ' OTTO KRAUS "' ] SMOKED MEAT * Of this Brand will be found Select Goods; Slaughtered and Cured by W. C. ROUTH, Logansport ' • For Sale cbv Leading. Dealers. ........ AN ARMY OF ALIENS. Over TQ.UOO liiimif-raiits Arrived at New York Lust Year— Italy Heads the Xist. NEW YORK, Feb. 27.—The annual report of the commissioners of immigration for the year ended December 31, 1890, has been transmitted to the legislature. The report shows that between January 1, 1S90, and April 18, 1S90, when the contract between the secretary of the treasury and the commissioners of immigration was revoke*!, there arrived at 'the port of New York • a total of 70.SCO alien immigrants as steerage passengers and 8,920 cabin passengers of foreign birth. Of this number Germany furnished 14,435; England, 8,751; Ireland, 5.304; Russia, 7,119; Italy, 10.171; Austria, 7,170; Hungary, 5,405; Sweden, 3,995; Bohemia, 2,047; Denmark', 2.233; Scotland, 2,161; Switzerland, 2,131; Norway, 1.974: Poland, 1,683; France, 1,310; Holland, 1,284; Belgium, 02!); Portugal, 303; Spain, 140; Turkey. 129: Greece, 30; Australia, 11, and other countries 724. TRY FREEMAN'S " HIAWATHA," < The Latest Thing out in.Perfume. 1 Freeman's Pink, Wliite ana Brunette Face powder,*! FOR SALE BY ' j H. C PUR CELL, Druggist,! 418 Market Street. 1 Tlic Spring ft III ".tlinn Victim*. SPRING Hn.r, JlixES, JJ.'S., Feb. 2T.— At 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon tlic bxly of Manager Swift was taken out by the searching 1 party. His body was found face downwards under about 4 feet of stone about 10 feet from the face of the level. This is the last body to come out, making in all 133, including 3 wlso have died from-injuries. There are 50 widows, l(i:j fatherless children and T mothers who lose the support of their relatives.' War oil Dead Beatm. The Merchant Tailors Exchange of Short breath, palpitation, pain in jhest, weak or faint spells, etc., cured iy Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure.-Sold at B. F. Keesling's ' (5) Logansport held another meeting last night'and adopted plans for their protection against dead beats similar to' those now used by the Grocers Protective Association. All the dead beats will be reported to tbe exchange and each Merchant -will be suplied with a list of all of them. This is a good move and it will be policy for those not desiring their names on the list "to make a satisfactory settlement with their tailors at once. For Snle and Delivery. Pure timothy hay. for horses-, and .clover and timothy, mixed, for cow?, orders at', my office. novlSdtawtf D. D: DTKEMAN Chopped to Death by His Daughter. ST. Louis, Feb. 27.—At Pine BJuft', Ark., Thursday evening*, Frank Rafus, a negro, came home drunk and at once raised a row in his family, He made several ineffectual attempts to fire a pistol at his wife and daughter, when the latter picked up an ax and chopped off one of his arms and dealt him a terrible .blow in the breast. Rafus left the house, and his dead body was found in the woods a short distance from the bouse. TVHEJTcream is kept too long* it undergoes a chemical change which may develop a cheesy taste, which may be putrefaction; or it may develop'another form of putrefaction, as indicated by a bitter flavor. This is the case when cream is kept too Ions', even though it may be kept so cold that the ferment which develops the sour principle or lactic acid will not be apparent, or even exist at all. Menu. The ladies of Wheatland street M. E. church will serve dinner and supper to-day at Giffe's old stand on Pearl street. DINNKH. Oyster Scup. MEATS. Eoasi Clilcken. KoasCBaet. Resist Poik. VEGETABLES. Potatoes Masked. Potatoes Fricasseed. Turnips. Corn. Tomatoes. Boston Baked Beans. Bread, Brown. White Busts. 1'ICKLES. Cucumbers. Mangoes. Beet, 1 * EgKS. Cold slim-. UE5KRTS. English PudilltiR. I'jes Tea. Coffee. 3UPPEH. COLD JIEAT3. ToiiRufi. Ham. 'Bei-l'. 7EGBTAJ3LES. Potato Salad. Saratoga Chips. Bread, Brown. .White Hulls. MCKLES. ' ] Cucumber. Ma: goes. Beets. Eggs, j FJIUITS. Cranberries. Cherries, Peaches Cake. Tea. Coffee. Ice cream and cake will be served at side table. A General Favorite. Richmond Palladium: Mr. Ohai les B. Case, the conductor in charge of the train, is spoken of by his many friends in railroad circles as a gentleman of Max Fisher has gone east to join his wife oh a visit with relatives and will combine pleasure with business by laying in a fresh supply of for trade. goods * **- *• -* 1 " Both the method and results Syrup of Figs is taken; Pennsylvania company for several years, and was one of ' their most -Maj. J. u. Micks, an old settlor and one of the Mexican \v;,r veterans, was found fit-art in his bed at his home near *llf,. til. and refreshing to the taste, and acii gently yet'promptly on tbe Kidneys/ Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds,* head-\ kindly manner and disposition and a i aches and. fevers aud.cures habitual general favorte with all who knew constipation. Syrup of Figa is 4h|. ^ him. His home was at Logansport. ° nl y remedy of its kind ever gjp^ * He has been in the employ of the -^ed, pleasing to the taste asd r ac- n ceptabie to the stomach, prompt in its 'action'and truly_ beneficial 'in its 1 "effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its' many excellent qualities commend itj to all and have made'it the most^ popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c and $1 bottles by all leacKng druggists. Any reliable druggist *who- / , ti may not have it on hand wiU pro-f "$ cure:it promptly for any wishes to try it. ^ ' substitute.. -. : . trusted employes, and two child*-en. He leaves a widow Have Tried It. A number of my lady customers have tried "Mother's Friend," and would not be without for.many times its cost. They recommend it to all who are to become mothers. R, A. Payne, Drug-, gist, Greenville Ala. Write Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta Ga., for particulars: Sold by Ben Fisher. tol Best on earth, the Dunlap hats sold only by Dewentcr, the Hatter. Opening of spring styles to-day. D<y not accept any , CALIFORNIA FIG SIWP C& " SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. , , - ioutsvrue, KY. NKW YORK, w.i '•• " * * For sale tyB; P. Keesling und all Oxagglg&l'-" .

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