The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 21, 1948
Page 2
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_ FRIDAY, MAY 2'1. 1948 Oleo PriceHike Question Asked Andresen Wonders ^ If Manufacturers Are Delaying Hike WASHINGTON'. May •>! i UP1 — Rep. Aug'ist H. Andresen, R Miiui yesterday demanded to know whelli'.' er olpo manufacturer;; arc delaying a price hike until, Congress repents federal oleo (axes. Andresen is a leader j n ||,e House dairy .bloc thai, opposed repeal of the oleo tax. He put (he ((m-spon lo Benjamin P. Nelson, vice-president of Be.?', Poods. Inc. The com- l>any manufactures oleo Kelson .said he couldn't say what will happen lo oleo prices because he docsiil know what will happen to cottonseed oil prices. But he suhl ' price increases are not, being delayed deliberately. The witness was called be-fore Andrc.sen's special House Speculation Commitlce in connection with iis investigation of what Andrcseii called an unusually sharp jump i>i (lie price of May cottonseed oil futures. According (o his calculations based on tlie present price of cotton- yttj! oil. Andresen said, oleo should i "retailing in Washington at about 55 cents a pound instead o[ the prevailing 43 cents. He said housewives "are entitled to know" whether oleo manufacturers are considering any increase in retail prices. "Are you anil the other' manufacturers of margarine keeping your pricedown until the oleo bill over in (he Senate is passed." he asked Nelson, "and yon then increase the price of oleo?" Says Reports False Nelson said he Iiad seen such reports and there is nothing to them. 1 Although the cottonseed oil market ! BLYTHEVILLB (AUK,) 1 COURIER NEWS — • • y " • m ^» • •• «^^« mm ^^ *j ^f^*^&, New Start on Paraguay Plains Nmu?" 1 ' f' 1 ^ MS ,', 2!l <UI>) --*">« l"M<M»-«iirt. who obtained an or>- f.imllies of CimncHim Mennontles lion on (lie tract of rich so i two ew Southward yesterday (o estab-, y.-nrs a R o wild Hsh on (he fertile plains (if 1'arii- . I ... Ninri h » Eh ~i W , heel me> "*""<*'«! for the Newport, R. have bee°n h V'' 0 "' 4 Pr ° bably what ma « e th « 90s «»• » ™' na^e been hilarious lo watch people falling off. Mr. and Mrs _ Gerry KIIIR try out Ihe infernal machine. ' guay a new colony, free from the turmoil of civilization. Soon (he vanguard of "Plain People" will be followed by 1,500 other menibors of (lie religious seel, who are milking a bid for pence/ill living as tUelr forefathers did two centuries llgo, There were 51 men. women and children In the advance group Ihnt took oft at dawn, bound for a 100,- 000-ncre tract In Southeastern Piira- (jnay. This vast area of undeveloped cattle and fiumliiml will he their home until the spread of the machine age neiitn forces them onward. The Mcnnonites nre leaving Ihelr colony in Arrien, Manitoba, founded In 1874 by (he "Old Dutch" who lied to (ha new world from Holland, and wrVe joined by others from Germany and Russia. They found freedom in the Canadian province but now their North American homeland has grown loo "crowded." The first settlers arrived here after a 130-hour bus trip, others will sail directly from Cniuulii next mouth. Jacob Hlldcbrand. spokesman for the group, explained iimt in Miml- tobn "there Is no place for our young men to get their living from the earth, us our custom demands. The 'We lire tin- ones who want « new place (o begin from the bottom nuiiln," Nomination Chances for Truman Slim WASHINGTON. May 21. <UT>> - l.con Henderson, chiilniiRii of Americans for IDemocratlc Action Mid ycslordny llmt President Truman LS a IO.IK way from having tJie Jtoiiooriitlc Jiumliuition In (he I) a i;. After a survey of convention del- OBiUc voles, (he one-lime OPA administrator snid Mr . Trimmn would not have enough Instructed delegates lo assure his nomination. Of the 8H rielenales already selected, only nfi ) U UT tec,, instructed to rasl Ihelr mil's for Mr. Tni- inan, llcndc'i^on said In a report lo AIM ClKlptCIS. K\-?n if all of Ilio 420 rtelenates ."itlll to hn named are instruclcil to support the president, he would be n fow votes short of (lie CIS required for nomination, according to Henderson. lion from whool offlclnU todny The property 1« u«(i for .elitni piirpow* *lntt Ihe »c|ioo! pjmi» in oi>en it, new c»mp RoWnson slt« In SejJlcinber. Love «»ld he will confer wllh I'rosecullng Attorney c. H, Georite of uaiivllle before tuklnu definite Kctlon. He said he believed the properly !» taxable since it no longer Jc used for whool purposes. WAKNING ORDKB No, 10.«7 Maael 1C. Walker In warned to »p- iMsar in tht Cti»nc«ry Court for ' "^C (jlflS bad business to change retail oleo prices every time the futures mar- Irt to Be Wed i --. „,,. »,. Jl ^jn viviiuilllin, J.11U1 II, k [J . [ land is (oo ! "' :>llld Americans for Dcmo- "We have always moved when tlie! f" AcUl)!1 «'«iu.s Hie noiiujia- plnce• where we nre crowds us Our i n?,'!,,, , ,?° !° so " lco " (! ""e Oi-ii, young men were leaving us for tlie 1 , Elsenhower or Supremo cities and (he factories because Ihcv I "' S ', C ° " 1 """ O. Douglas, who could not buy land " coiuu provide Ihe leadership needed Hlldebrand said his people who '"..""H" " lts IIlUio "are opposed to bcnrhig nims were ,!' cl>rtl ' L ' i0 ! 1 s 1(1 l lolt l<) his nrgnnlz. not influenced by the talk of nn- othcr wnr. They liave an aiTiinec- mnnl with the governmenls of both make FOLLOWS TIP ' fUPI-Threp Tonri .- May 21.-,have the moncv (o 1 for vear, Ht , V g v, 8 ' ' conira<lM dreams come true, lor jears at an orphanage, will be T.,..,. .. married in a triple ceremony here i ,1, s ' Jan " >s u s]n *- wife of tonighl-and thanks lo a pastor* pRstor who wl " re: "l »>c «wr- wife and a lot of other people they I ohnrrtT"? ^ ^ N ° rth clcvc "" 1(l will have everything a bride could > „' 1, of,. God, had an idea and desire for n \fnH<*in<* n . I S°t busy. em lor a wedding, except na r- , a an . Shc wrole tlle sixmsors of a radio network program (known Cnnndn and Parnemiy (lint, consci- eiilions objectors will not be forced to serve in (he Army. The inierntinB Mcnnonites arc die | leaving some 60.000 of their ncigh- I bors. who prefer to remain in Crm: nda. •tnoir new coicny will be sci>- iirate from the one established in Northwestern Pnrnguny '21 years HBO by nnother band of settlers. ation WILS interpreted by some political observers as a bid lo unitu Northern liberals ami rebellious Southern Democrats In support of ;t candidate other than Mr. Truman. Move to Tax College Property Is Opposed CONWAY. Ark. May al.—(UP) — An allcmpt by Knulkncr Count: to plnci garet Smith" ie/TlJey grew^up't^ ^"te'lroL^'ni 10 girlS '""' " C< """ ^X^na^Cll-r'S 5n 1™«!F ««'« ™-n to be love about the same time, be"am" fer"d S buv^h"/ n^ ehurch ° f engaged about the same time, and ' land florist Jw . f '°'' vcrs -, A olev<1 - nP«>inf>H irt nnt .,,., ^^ir. j i ii " nui I.IL Siiiu lie WOU In tlO I lin "Our land is better than theirs " I ~ , , , „ ,, • _ 1 j uciurai College's Conway projxnt on the tax books ran into Underwood, of Bristol, Term., for Margaret. decided Lo get married uodir i Betty's mother. Mrs Wade r«N tad of concord. N. a arrived fast ! ~ — — v * 111 t ' n M "H the C " Urcl1 sald " 1Cy ™ ultl d( ? ding, and dreams they __ about Margaret their H I beautiful their --./ u ---.i I.M.II. nu'iii tin; Rrm of tlle Rev - R - R - Walker. I of the_church o, ! You Are Cordially i otiieril Invited to Visit lo other [ • nl c l« '~« ! ! • I I W THIS JAR CAP WORTH 25^ God; Betty the Rev. J. A. I ket changes. Many requests for the famous free | "When we advanced the price of pool;. Finer Canned antl Frozen • oleo luo cents a pound in April, the Fruit,'!, come from women who first I advance came just, beiore certain Q,^ beard of It from enthusiastic friends, hearings on oleo tax legislation in And there nre thousands and thou- " le House." he said. "That ccr- •ands — experts and beginners alike taln'y wasn't trying to • influence —who've tried and proved the amaz- legislation." 1 " ' Meanwhile Rep. L. Iifendel Rivers, D., S. C.. warned that any Senate amendment might kill the House- approved bill to repeal federal oleo taxes. JJe said House rules permit a single dissenting vote to keep the — a prove e amazing secret this book imparts. It's just » simple change in your preparation of the canning and freezing syrups, yet it makes a world of improvement In the color, flavor and texture of the fruit you put up. Tlie bis. Ijcalitiful— free— IB-IS cdi- PLUS recipes for use. For a copy, free, send a postcard, giving your name and address to HELEN HOLMES. Dept. 11B. P O J^x 4o2I, Plaza Sto., St. Louisa, Mo ing action before adjournment, Rivers said in a letter to Chairman Eugen; D. Millikin, R., Colo., of the Senate Finance Committee, which is considering the bill. efaaw'twm A Selection of © Products — Leading Lint of Record Keeping Essential Special Attention to Mail Orders SAMUEL F. NORRIS Printers - Office Ourfirrcrs - Stotioneri. Across From City Hall garel with ihe Rev. J.'A. ffmicy" superMtcurie'nt df'the orphanage.' Awaiting them to become their husbands will be the Rev. Orady Hawkins for Gladys,, the Rev. Cecil """"• for Eetly. and Joseph j Accessory Shop j Feminine Apparel '• Mnbel Hotjan Jessie Srlte ! Hotel Noble Bltlg. I lil.vlheville, Ark. ,' '-J^!^^-^-- • —- v-. «,^ mm ID oiair Horn hii uliol(Mf«r. Cream NIX DEODORANT At DREIFUS' TAKE A TIP FRp/rt THE GRADS m $42 -50' *7 IL fJ^"''" M " .:•' • "" rt pink, or y.hil« gold. SI 00 A JiiJt a>k your favorite grod about f h« gif, that DavT"'li r C j^'" mark °" C<>m "«"«ment' Day. You I find it's a gif, o f j ewefo , e t!mf Choose today from our value elections to show your prid« in their achfe/emenl Choose Their Gifts For As Little As $100 A W££ K *14 50 •infrtont rinj lor Kin . , , Moiuy. goH »llln«,,. birth lion. ,| hit MANY OTHFR G/FTS TO PLEASE THE GRADUATE EASY TERMS D R F. I F L S Open An Account I 0f Credit •.win MM M\l\ M th« Ofilckwawb* District of Mto- stofippl County, Arkaiuuu wJUiin thirty days from thl» d»U to am- wcr« » complaint Jfl«d *g«lnit. her l)y Charlw B. Walker. Diittd this Will day c* May, IMS. HARVEY 14CKUUS, cltrk By Botty Peterson. Deputy Mara* Bmtrd, ally, for Plaintiff. WARNING OBDFK Jn Hie Chancery Court, Ohfclw- s*wl>a District, MIsslsKlppl County, T. . , Th« d.J«du,t, Deri, C . I* her»by warned to thirty day* In Ua oourt : f •"—*— **• firm wun HflUtMB ^K th« caption hereof trut taoHt^ complaint of th* plaint* T. Stewart. Dated thU JOth d» y of By ABM O. A. Ooopw, «ttsr. lor rU. Ed B. Cook, atty. ad litan. ————— ^-^-^^^^^^WBH| At Kirby's Three Stores It's Graduation Tim« For The Girls KUeirlc Hair D Powdcri — ColoKH*s — Perfumes — Toilet Stwps. In Twe«d — Ardcn nnd Water* — Sachet. Tabu — Yaidley others. Sun Glas««s — Sun Tim 1'vrtparations — ladies Hill Folds — Fminliiin I'cn and Pencil Sels. For The Boys SKcaffar p«n and P«n«fl Amity BiH Ko)«k, Cnurdey Mavkng Itte, Old Spice Sels, Men's Slalionwy, Smokers Supplieu, Picnic Jugs, Electric KaM. Ther- mos Kils. HALLMARK GRADUATION CARDS 1 rcscnptions fire <»ur siwcinlly. \Ve fill all prescriptions from all doctor* at jcuaranjcert hes( pricts, wi(h (he freshest drujrs. See your doctor at the first SIKU of (rouble—then see u.s. Siive with safety ICE CREAM Pints Vonilo 25c Flavor* 30* Our Kitchen Planning Dept. Will Go Anywhere in Arkansas TO DESIGN YOUR CUSTOM BUILT Our Kitchen Planning Department is composed of (o p notch designers who will'go anywhere in Arkansas lo serve you! Our kitchen experts have assisted many prominent Arkansas citizens with the planning of (liclr St. Charles Kitchens . . . often making sugcestlons that were not believed possible. Your kitchen, too, can surpass your [ontlcsl dreams ... if ft's a St. Charles. Get In touch with us now ... be the first In your neighborhood to own n St. Charles Custom Built steel Kitchen! St. Charles Kitchens are Quality Constructed . . . made lo measurt (o fit your room, by Master Kitchen Craftsmen! St. Charles kitchens are made of steel, with welded construction throughout. Doors and drawers are sound-deadened . . . hinges and drawer slides are sturdy and work smoothly. After final Inspection and shipping, your St. Charles Kitchen Is installed according to your approved plan. Phone Us Today (No Obligation to Buy) or Clip and Mail Coupon ... ARMSTRONG'S VKOS WALL TILE Smooth, gHstcping walls «nd Mlllngs for Wtchcns and bathrooms. Cleans easily as a china dish. Installed over any type oX wall surface! Eagle Home and Building Insulators, 404 East Mnrkham, Little Rock, Arkansas. Gentlemen: Please cnll on mo at rny home to make a FREE ESTIMATE of ( ) a St. Charles Kitchen; ( J Armstrong'. Veos Wall Tile; at no obligation to me. Name City .. .Address Telephone. HOME UILDING INSUT.ATOftS 4*4 EMt Mirkham, LKtte Rock, Ark. nione *-«&»

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