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Butte, Montana
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2 THE HUTTE INTER MOUNTAIN. MONDAY, MARCH .16, 1908. SHIP FULL CF LARGE, FEROCIOUS AND TERRIFYING ANIMALS ARRIVES IN NEW YORK. puepsy: 9 5F CARTER'S IVER lllpi I Pick Headacho and relieve all tho trouble Incident to a bilioui Btutoof tho Kj-stem, such aa Dizziness, Nau-MV, Drowetuesa, Distress aftop eating, Pain in tlio Side, io. While their most remarkable success has been shown iu curing Convulsions, or Spasms and St.

Vitus' Banco arc Nervous Diseases. Most cases can bo cured by strengthening and building up the nervous system. To do this a nerve medicine is needed. Dr. Miles' Nervine will be found efficacious and satisfactory.

It has cured many cases of these diseases and we believe it will cure you. We can give you names of many who have been cured through its use. Write for advice. "My Ron John had epilfipsy for yeara, and after having: him treated by specialists for over 2 years ho still continued to have spells. 1 had almost given up in despair, but knowing- the virtue of Dr.

Miles' Anti-Pain Pills for sick headache. I concluded to try tho Nervine. During- June, 1908, I pave him a teaspoonful three times a day, then in July I frave It as direeted, and I could sea tiiat he was improving-, and he has not liad a spell since August 28, 1908, and has taken no medicine since Jan. -07. 1 am writing the case Just as it Is hoping St will induce others to try it." W.

R. ALLISON, Mooresville, N. C. Your druggist sells Dr. Miles' Nervine, and we authorize him to return price of first bottle (only) if It fails to benefit you.

Miles Medical Elkhart, Ind ty "i Ti a in OAS cT A J1. IB IIS New York, March 13. It was truly a wonder ship that arrived when the British steel freight steamship Schuylkill docked at the Bush stores, South Brooklyn. The huge orang outangs, one of them a most ferocious animal, a tiger, a leopard, a small deer, many monkeys, birds, snakes ar.d a crate of ycllow-back bugs that are expected to feast on American -caterpillars this summer, formed the principal animal cargo of the vessel. A toy elephant, which the ship's officers said was sent to Bridgeport from Boston, where the Schuylkill touched, is supposed to be the little animal which the truthful press agent declared was the one born in Bridgeport winter quarters of the Barnum Bailey circus.

Besides the animals there was a cargo valued at $2,000,000 in the capacious hold of the Schuylkill. Captain Anderson, Chief Officer McMul-lin, Second Officer Nickerson arid Third Officer Barron had all they could do to keep the larger of the orang outangs within peaceful bounds during the voyage from Chinese and Japanese ports. The big fellow has an ugly temper, and on several occasions caught some of the Chinese crew by the legs on stormy nights, nearly causing a catastrophe. Forty-one Chinese formed the Schuylkill's crew, and no native of the Orient ever came here of more importance on shipboard than Clung Pie Shim, the Schuylill's chief steward. In his uniform and brass buttons the Chinese supervisor of the Schuylkill's larder is considered to be the best educated and best informed man among all the Chinese seafarers.

He has been on the Schuylkill for nearly five years, and holds a post on that vessel comparable to that of the chief steward on a big transatlantic liner. Although the freighter of the Anglo-American Oil company's fleet carries no passengers, she has many of the features characteristic of the large passenger vessels. There is a barber shop on board, which the officers as well as the crew say is unsurpassed, for Mat Lon San, the ship's "tonsorial artist," is an adept at his calling, whether working on a white man's GRATiON LAWS SECRETARY STRAUS SAYS SERVICE IS NOW MOST EFFICIENT. THOUSANDS TURN HOMEWARD Many Undesirable Aliens Have Been Kept Out of the United States. BY ASSOCIATED PRESS.

Philadelphia, March 16. Secretary of Labor and Commerce Straus, who was in this city yesterday, in an interview upon the immigration question, said that, more than 65,000 applications for passage to the United States were rejected at the agencies of the several steamship lines in European cities during the last fiscal year, for fear that the character of the applicants was such that the steamship companies would be compelled by the immigration authorities of the country to take them back to the port from whence they would sail to this country. The secretary spoke freely upon the immigration laws and contended that as they now exist they are so nearly perfect that but few if any amendments are necessary and the people need have no apprehension as to the result of their enforcement, which so far as lay in his power, would be energetic and prompt. ADVERTISED -LETTERS List of letters advertised at Rutte, for week ending March 13, 190S: A. Carrie Allen, J.

II. Andreas, Miss Lucie Aime, Mrs. Marie Ask, Miss Pearl Anderson, Adams Picture Co. IS. O.

S. r.rowne, A. Brilliant (2), Angelo Biriano, Miss IS. JSoyle, Beatrice Belmont, Angelo Bertot, 15. M.

ISarrickman, Mrs. Cora ytshnell, Mrs. C. IS. Harriett, Mrs.

Hva Broughy, George Bonnieastle, Mrs. H. E. Brown, Hiram Boone, 'J. C.

Ball, Mrs. James Bateman (2), J. Baulelte. J. Betchia, J.

Benet, John E. Berg," John Buck, Leonia Barrctte, Miss Margaret Blake, John Buckley, Miss Mable Booth, Mrs. Mary Baker, Ole ISuch (2), Mrs. Olive Brodeck, (). W.

Brown, K. M. Bardscn, Butte Employment Office (2), Mrs. Ecrenbaum, Millis Belden. C.

Chance Costadionoff, Miss Marv Ca'y, J. W. Coughlin (2), Angus E. Clark, A. V.

Corrc, A. A. Campbell, Clarence Crane (2), Fred Christie, F. Clark, Ered Carlson. Mrs.

C. Crane, George Crabtree, George Cercglino, II. C. Cammack, II. C.

Cotter, J. II. Crane, E. C. Cox, J.

Colombo, Mrs. Laurie Cook, Miss Ma'hle Christinam (2), Millard Cassell, Miss Minnie Carlson, Mike Cullen, Mary Carp, O. B. Crane, Mrs. S.

E. Crawford, Sam Cotlas, West Cordens-bra, W. E. Collier, Monsicr Cireux, Will Cameron. D.

Miss Myra Davis, J. T. Dearborn, Mrs. II. S.

Davis, Geo. W. Dye, Fred DieboM, Dave Davis, Dan Dugan. E. C.

II. Elexander. Dave Edwards, II. Elm-haug, Katherine Eggcrin, Mrs. James Everin.

F. Miss Florence, Frank Fischer, Miss Annie E. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Alfred Finch, Mrs. A.

Forsell, Wm. II. Ferguson, Miss Mollie Fin-, ley, John B. Farmer, Envoy J. II.

Freeman, John T. French. Miss Jewel Flrmignn, Joe Finnegan, Jack Fisher, Henry Fletcher. G. Mr.

Gardon, Charles Gasto, Frank Gallagher, Tomnz- L. Gonzales, Frank Green, Henry Gray, Herb Gilks, Miss Julia Gilbert, R. A. Grisson, Thomas Griffiths, Thomas L. Gurrin.

II. Andreas Iluovincn, Miss Ililma Keikkala, Mrs. Hocking, Steve Hughes (2), Mrs. I. Hunt, Lisle Henderson, Mrs.

Lawrence raec Jlea3ache, yt Carter's Little Liver Pills ara equally valuable in Constipation, curing and preventing tUlsannoyiiiRComplalnt, while they also correct all diaordors of liver and rogulate the bowels. Even iX they Ouiy curea -m Achs they would bo almostprtceloss to those who Buffer from tUiBdistresaiiigcomplalnt; butfortu-uatoly their goodnessdoosnotandhere.andthosa who once try them will And these little pills valuable in somany ways that they will not ba willing to do without them. But after all sick head. 2s the bane of bo many Uvea that here Is whera we make our great boast. Ourpillscureitwhila others do not.

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Emperor Francis Joseph, who has been confined to his rooms in Schoenbrunn castle for several days suffering from a cold in the head, passed a satisfactory night. There was no fever. A lunatic attempted to enter the imperial gardens last night, but was arrested by the guards and removed to an asylum. For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature of LINCOLN'S TELEGRAPHER KILLED.

BY ASSOCIATED PRESS. Binghamton, N. March 16. wight Fuller, of Hancock, who is said to have been private telegraph operator for President Lincoln during the Civil war, was killed on the Erie tracks at Narrowsburg, Friday afternoon. Mr.

Fuller was about 70 years old and was employed by the Erie as a telegroph repair man. FIRE THROWS OUT 500 MEN. BY ASSOCIATED PRESS. Trinidad, March 16. Fire, supposed to have been caused by crossed electric wires," destroyed the coke washer, tipple, engine house and chemical laboratory of the Colorado Fuel Iron company's mine at Sopris, five miles west of here, entailing a loss estimated at $150,000 and throwing 560 men out of employment.

FEDERAL BENCH VACANT. BY ASSOCIATED PRESS. Chattanooga, March 16. Judge Charles D. Clark, of the United States district court, is dead, aged 6t years.

He was appointed to the federal bench in 1805 by President Grover Cleveland. This Advertisement Of Hood's Sarsaparilla Is to remind you of its great merit as a blood purifier, appetite-giver, and aa a nerve, stomach and digestive tonic. Nothing else like it, no other has so good a record, no other will do you so much good. It cures. Scrofula 16 Years "Hood's Sarsaparilla has cured me serofula, with which I have been troubled for 10 years.

My little daughter had a scrofula swelling on her neck and Hood's also cured her." Mrs. G. Morris, Annandalo, Minnesota. Dyspepsia 1 was troubled for months with dyspepsia and could not eat anything without distress. I began taking Hood's harsaparilla and was soon improving.

I took it steadily until I was cured." Lydia McWheelkr, Athol, Mass. Rheumatism "I was severely afflicted with rheumatism, my knees badly swollen. Hood's Sarsaparilla helped me after other medicine failed and it has lonethtned my life." Jessie Killmer, Middle Grove, N. x. 1 Hood's Sarsaparilla is sold everywhere.

In the usual liquid, or in tablet form called Sarsatabs. 100 Doses One Dollar. Prepared only by I. Hood Lowell, Mass, around the deck room for hours before one of the Chinese crew accidentally found him out. There was a hard time getting the monster cat back into its crate again, and while this was being done there came near being a wholesale delivery of the other jungle beasts.

According to the Schuylkill's officers, the baby elephant which came on their ship, and which went to the Barnum Bailey winter quarters, was 38 inches high, with a trunk scarcely 12 inches long. It was nourished on bottled condensed milk during the voyage and could not feed itself. The officers say that if a baby elephant was born at Bridgeport there should be two small pachyderms in the circus menagerie. The small elephant sent via Boston arrived at Bridgeport on the night that the alleged birth took place there, the officers declare. The circus press agent stated in his denials that there had been a misrepresentation of facts, that his baby elephant was being fed on the bottle and'that so young an elephant could not eat hay.

In this he agrees with the Schuylkill's officers, who declare that the elephant sold to the Barnum Bailey circus could not eat hay, was very tiny, helpless, and had to be fed artificially. the Alpha club and made speeches there in its palmy days were President Abraham Lincoln, President Chester A. Arthur, President Garfield and James G. Blainer Among the various relics belonging' to the club is a portrait of Henry Clay, done id 1S40 for the old whig party, and a clock which has ticked' away oil the walls' since first day it came into existence. SALCCN MAN IS HELD UP Masked Men Relieve Ed Loftus of Money; and a Gun.

Ed Loftus, proprietor of the Empire saloon at the of Empire and Excelsior avenue, was held up at about I o'clock this morning and $72 "and his revolver taken away from Loftus closed1 up 'his. place! 'of business about 12 o'clock and started. Jp. assist a man, who was considerably under the influence of liquor. He" had gone but a short distance when he encountered two men who wore white masks and each presenting guns ordered that he throw up his hands.

Although Mr. 'Loftus had a gun in his pocket -he was handicapped by having to care for the drunken man, and was therefore powerless to resist the demand of the highwaymen. One of the men went through his pockets and took his money and gun while the other covered him with a Loftus went to- police headquarters and reported the robbery and soon several plain clothes men were out in search of the robbers. The men wore, detby hats and were dressed in dark clothes, one. of them weighing about 180 pounds and the other about 140.

Loftus was formerly a miner and recently bought the Empire saloon -which, -was conducted by Men-hennett Decker, who are in jail charged with two hold-ups. WHITEHALL HAS FIRE SCARE Sends to Butte for Help Blaze Causes Little Loss. Whitehall had a scare yesterday that the residents will not recover from in some time, and it did look for a few hours as if the Big Timber catastrophe would be repeated in the little Jefferson county city. As it was, about seventy cords of wood belonging to the railroad company were burned, the loss falling on the company, as well as the cause of the fire in the first place being laid at the door of some of their employes, lagging having been thrown on hot cinders near the frame round house. The inevitable high wind which seems to be always on hand in such cases, got in its work and fanned the blaze into a sheet of roaring flame.

This extended to the cord wood piled near and the cinders and sparks began to fill the air and fall among the residences and stores of the town. The entire population turned out to fight the fire with every means at hand. There are no fire fighting facilities in Whitehall and a telegram was sent to Bulte asking for a steamer and help. It was replied that as yet Butte did not posess a steamer and the reply came back to send 300 feet of hose. This was done, the run being made on a specitl train in a little less than an hour and forty minutes.

The fire was practically out when the special reached there. The telegram sent to Butte was the foundation for a story to the effect that Whitehall was being destroyed, when in fact the loss is only about $300, confined to the railroad company's property. RIOT IN PARIS. BV ASSOCIATED PRESS. Paris, March 16.

The spectators at the cycle races at the Gallerie des Machines last night, enraged over the decision of the umpires, wrecked and set fire to the grand stand. Police reserves to the number of ,300 had to be called out before order was restored. HIS FARE Pi FROM SMI HE fJOW MEN ARE BEING SHIPPED HERE ASSEMBLY TAKES ACTION ON SUBJECT. The report published first in The Inter Mountain last week that men without resources were being shipped into Butte from surrounding cities, was referred to when a man on the floor of the hall told the Silver Bow Trades and Labor assembly that he had been given free transportation from Salt Lake to Butte and been told that he would have no trouble in securing work. The matter of putting a stop to the inflow of humanity was warmly discussed at last night's meeting and finally Secretary Cronin was instructed to telegraph to the central bodies at Seattle, Spokane, Salt Lake, Chicago and Minneapolis warning (them that there is "nothing doing" -here and instructing them to discourage the emigration to Butte.

Another matter of importance was the assembly going on record as against the Penrose bill now in congress which pro--ides for the exclusion of certain periodicals from the mails at the discretion of the postmaster general. TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY Tax LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets, Druggists refund money if it fails to cure. E. Y. GROVE'S signature is on each box.

25c FEDERAL JUDGE TO RESIGN. BY ASSOCIATED PRESS. Minneapolis, March 16. Judge William Lochren, of the United States district court, announces that he will resign his position on the federal bench, the resignation to become effective March 31. Judge Lochren is 76 years old and has been on the federal bench twelve years.

MONTENEGRIN PRINCE DIES. BY ASSOCIATED PRESS. Cannes, March 16. Prince Stephan, the 15-year-old son of Prince Mirko, of Montenegro, is dead. Did You Ever Stop to Think Why You Feel Lazy, Moody and Tired? We'll Tell You Why, and Cure the Feeling.

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By the action of these digestive ferments the dissolved food substances pass into the blood vessels and lymphatics, and so enter the general circulation. Deprive the stomach of their assistance and your gastric juice becomes weak, you cannot enjoy your food, you have trouble in your stomach after eating, you become moody, indolent, dispirited. Remedy these defects by using Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets, which' assist nature by curing these ills. You need them to restore you to that active condition of body, mind and spirit which is the key to success, the road to wealth and the doorway of fame. Sold at every drug store; price 50 cents.

We are so convinced that once used you will never be without them, that we will send you by mail, free, on receipt of your name and address, a sample package. Address F. A. Stuart 150 Stuart Bld.g," Marshell, Mich. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets at every and monkeys aboard worked heavily against him.

Monkeys are hoodoos in the eyes of the Chinese, and every storm that was encountered during the voyage was charged up to the simian occupants of the room on the port side, amidships. During a gale that raged ocean shortly after the Schuylkill left Singapore the tiger got loose and roamed OLD MAN KIDNAPED BY DAUGHTERS TWO DIVORCED WOMEN FIGHT FOR r. HIS LARGE CONFINED IN CHICAGO HOTEL While 'TWerejvJt. Is -Said He Was Forced to Sign Important Papers. V.

ASSOCIATED PRESS. Chicago, jfiCharges he. 'was confined in the Palmer house as a prisoner-for two weeks last January have been made by Edward II. Jack, a millionaire of Peoria, whose children are fighting for his estate. It is also claimed by Mr.

Jack that after he was released from the hotel lie discovered that he was ssid to have signed a declaration of trust conveying all his property," personal and real, to a Chicago trust company. This company is now asked for the appointment 'of a trustee with powers of a conservator. Mrs. Anna Bowyer, 3837 Grand boulevard, is one of the daughters who are aggressive in the fight. She was said last night to be in Peoria.

She is a divorcee, as is her sister, Mrs. Minnie II. Young, of St. Louis. A bill for a receiver was filed in the superior court on Jan.

22 by Mrs. Young, Lile A. Howe, Mrs. Rose J. MacGonigle, J.

Roy Jack and Noel II. Jack. At that time the petitioners stated that their father had been mentally deranged for several years. It was agreed by the children that he should be taken, to California for his health. Upon this agreement, it is said, that "William" Jack surreptitiously and by threats of violence, and with the aid of Edward Humphrey, "who obtained a power of attorney over the old man," took the father to California and there secreted him.

Judge McEwen heard the suit and appointed the trust company receiver. This action is now being fought by the elder Jack, who says he was made to sign a declaration which took his property rights away. At the Palmer house there is no record that Mr. Jack or any members of his family have been guests there this year. Mr.

Jack at one time owned the land where the Chicago Board of Trade building now stands. He has been an extensive holder of real estate in Peoria. FAMOUS OLD CLUB IS TO GO Alie'ns Drive Americans Out of Section of New York. BY ASSOCIATED TRESS. New York, March 16.

After an existence of nearly half a century, during which time it entertained some of the greatest republican politicians in the country, the Alpha club is about to pass away and soon will be only a memory to the few members who have remained faithful to the last. When the club was started in 1S61, at 738 Fifth street, the neighborhood was inhabited by Americans who were engaged in the ship-building yards at the foot of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth streets on the East river. The "United States ironclad Ram, that was sold after the Civil war to England, was built at the foot of Sixth street by William II. Webb and a picture of the ship hangs on the walls of the old club in company with one of the schooner yacht America that won the famous cup. As the foreign element moved into the district the old members moved away or died, so that gradually the membership has dwindled until only ten are left.

Among the famous men who had visited head or on the cranium of the Chinese sailor. Mo Ho Wun, Chinese physician on! the Schuylkill, kept all the crew well and hearty throughout the voyage. This he did by keeping the devils and evil spirits at a safe distance from the ship, although the physician declared today that the presence of the orang outangs Hogan, Harry Hammontree, Fred Hefferon, F. C. Hall, E.

II. Hearwood. Mrs. E. Ham, Mrs.

Ella Hauser, Denis Ilcgarty, Arthur Hamilton, Barbara Ilasson, Buck1 Hop1' lingsworth, Adelord Herard, Hatanjika, Agnes Harrington. I. Iliji S. Ivanovich. J- August Jarvi, Axel Johnsson, Chapen Joyek, Jules Jusseaume, Thomas Joseph, Mrs.

William Jones, Wm. II. Johnson, E. Johnsonr' i P. 'Kissork (2), John James P.

EranK a tKilberer," Kramer, Mrs, Kelly, Lilie, Kelly dahl, C. J. Mrs. Ralph Lewis, Robert Lang, Pckka Lasonen, O. Lalonde, Miss Xora Lairy, Jere-! miah Lambert, H.

J. Lakso, Mrs. Henry Lappin, Harry W. Earned, Mrs. T.

II. LeSagc Edward Loughncy, Miss Bessie Lucey, Mrs. A. C. Lyles, Alplionso Allcsondro Lencioni.

Me. Alex McBeath, Bert McCharty, John A. McDonald, J. C. McDougall f3), Mat Me-Dermott, E.

J. McGivern, Patrick McKevitt, James McLeod, Mrs. Ed McManus, Mrs. J. P.

McXulty, Pat McNally. M. 1 Miss Mamie Murphy, Conrad Mpvell.i, Daniel Murphv, Mrs. E. A.

Morrison, Ernestj Martin, II. IX May, J. W. Mrs. Jennie J.

Mallon, James Mee, Mrs. 'J. C. Morgan, John Morgan, Joe Muzzali, Mike Mutlin, Mrs. Stella Maguire, Tom Mihalell, W.

R. Miller, Mrs. Morris, Mitchell Smith, Dr. C. D.

Martin. N. .1, Albert Nykvite, Mrs. Nichols, F. C.

Northey, Mrs. Gus L. Nelson, Miss Leonor Nixon, Miss Lillian Nichols, Mrs. Peter: Norris. O.

Miss Julia Olson. Miss Josephine Olson, Miss Kittie Oswald, Timothy t)Hls Grocery. p. Michael Paddcn, Amy M. A.

Pripjoo, Hen Pryse, Mfy Christine -Peterson, Ernest Pelletier, E. IS. Peers, Pierce, G. C. Phillips, Paul, Jack luma, Marie Peratle, W.

Packer. 'i Ed L. Quinn. R. Rhcim Croivthers, A.

Rae, I. Rose, Jaakko Rodlin, James- A. Robinson, Miss Mamie Reynolds t2, S. Robinson, M. S.

Richards, Miss Myrtle Riley, Miss Nellie Ross, Miss Phyllis Rutherford, X. Ryerson, W. A. Ross. S.

Miss Mary Scaly, l.ako StojanofI, Engine Strubbe, John Sullivan, Dan M. Sullivan, Kugcne. Sulivan. Joe James B. F.

Smith, F. II. Smith, Dennis Shea, Ouincy Sanders, Mrs. Alfred Swanson, Miss. Amabel Sharpies, Claude E.

Scott, Mrs. C. B. Stevens, Edw. If.

Schluter, Frank Storer, Gilbert Slater (21, John W. Smyth (2), J. S. Sparrow. Mrs.

Joe Sinz, Jacob Schellenberg, John R. Stanton, Martin Shindlc, Mrs. Mag-daleno Miss Mary Stephenson, Peter Slatcndale, Miss Ruby Simpson, Tom Shepard. t. Leo P.

Tannry," Mis Nell Toole, Joseph M. Turk, John Turk. Harold Ttinneclif. Hcr-; hert R. fnnnell, Harry Tretheway, Henry Tiggerman, George Trevaskis, Geo.

Townsend Emma Thompson, Mrs. Tucker, Oliver G. Taylor. V. Karle I'otila.

V. 1 Zain Vasileff. 1 Raoul Von Sanpon. rl W. Mrs.

Catherine White, Miss Amanda Wil'isf, Frank Woodsworth. Frank Wallace. Ililma Wilmula, J. W. Wheeler, Mrs.

Jack Woods, Tames Wcyman, Miss Lulu WVstfaV Paul W'o'lcott, R. T. ylie, Mrs. Sarah Wallace. Tom Williams, T.

G. Werne, Mrs. T.izzifi-Willigan, Western Pub. Trgd. Co.

C. Wild. -r York Kestlc. THIRD AND FOt'RTIT CLASS ATTKK. John Foster.

Mrs. J. P. Hong. Mrs.

Etna Johnson (2), Mrs, M. Fiur, Mrs. M. L.t 'I- MALCOLM GILLI5, Taylor Laundry 110-114 E. Broad--way.

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