The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1935
Page 3
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4, 1035 (ARfe,)' (JOtJRTER, New Ford V-8 Four Door Sedan Commercial Models Built for More Power and Belter braking DETROIT, illftli. — Improved roin/nefcifll car models iiwlni; morn povwr, higher torque- or plill- iiiR nhlllty, treatly Increased braking . (••ittdlr-ni'.y, nml numerous 1m- jiroremdiL-; In engine nnd chassis. have- been announced by Hie ttluivrotol Motor Company. In nd- dtttori to tlie 1-2-ton trucks of 112- inch wheel Ime ami HIP Hi-ton trucks ot either Kil-incli or 107- inc)i v.'Jifelb.i.w, Chevrolet, tills yenr features a new unit, the Standard sedan delivery. Intended for II 10 fast dlsoaleli of llglil merchandise. A ' wide variety of Inclory-ljull', Ijodles, designed lo mcel, the special rei)iilFci)i«nls of different industries and trades, Li available. Prices wmmln at the low levels established last, year, wlien Chevrolet led the industry In truck registrations. The chassis prices/ according to the Chevrolet announcement, arc the Imvesl. in Hie world. The Chevrolet, . models for 1935 retain the, uencral characteristics of tlio previous lino in layout and design; mechanically, however, they incorporate numy refinements and added features. | Changes ui the engines include Improved spark advance control, heavier crank-shaft with, improved cpunterweightiug and harmonic: balancer, selective balancing of rotating parts, hiah pressure' oil stream lubrication to connecting rod bearings. Increased oil pump capacity, electro -pi a ted pistons. greater water pump capacity, and improved cylinder-head temperature distribution. v Brakes and braking have been 'greatly. Increased in efficiency and ease of operation, now possessing such. features as lighter pedal pressure, higher coefficient of friction In lh<: lining, limited av- tlculiitlon of brake shoes, and increased life of linings. As a result. the new trucks ism be stopped In half tiic distance formerly required. ' •.' • •"•' • • ' Improvctnents in miinlfoldmir, carburetioii, Umlne and valves, tlirough the adoiidon of the Chevrolet Blue Plamo design of (he Master engine for this year's truck' engine Mas resulted in a horsepovveT capacity' of 10 in thc.">" :935 trucks, a sjain of 10 !«»*-' power over lost year. Maximum pulling power Is developed, with .150-roof.]»unils--.tqrq»ci;. r at,.-low sneak, ' coffespondliie in -17 to 24 in. p. h. 'speed' range. -"- Ford dealers are Introducing (lit! Mgges (and roomiest Ford ever built.. Senf.s lire- wider, comfortably sealinic three persons Tlio new car Is- engineered for comfort. The engine i.s placed over the front axle, • pemiitline the, sents to lie moved forward so Hint. idl pus- senKf'Vs rldfi In the "comfort zone." Tlie new full nnatlng sprlnc base smoolho.s onl miigli roads. Niw IHKHIW roiniwi-tjiinii behind ' new re-n liter New Liiif of Sl.'iiiflai-fl Six Models Hi'Iny ,Sho\\'n for I'ifst Ti'int 1 I'OMTIAC, Mli>li.-I>nnilAt: Motor Company lluoui'.li Its inUionwliln| dealer ori:iini?.atlm], Is iiiinnnnclnfl 1 .1 new line or low cost slnntlnnl sis uiodcti which nre Ijelnu shown imbllcly for Ihe first. Hint; In addition lo Hie do to; nix and improved striilfihl, i>l t :ht, iinnrjiinced In .liilliiiiiy. . . the rear scat, new alr-wheeh with larficr. balloon Urea. new .stream-lining, new smart upholstery, new «|iml1?od bi'akf.s, ami touch clutch are Introduced. Sedan Deli very h New Chevrolet Truck Model Ciievi«!et'.'> .innoi'incpincnl of Us new commercial ears lists delivery with Pishfrr body. <leslgned capc-elally to provide economical, fast delivery aini businexse.s haudlina lijjht mcrchandLsc. additional model, the Standard sedan service for merchants Today^s Markets New York Cotton *» YOUK, Let,. 4 (UP)-CoL- !h low close 12^2 1^25 11 dead center, jThese dippers receive ;ofl . during '{'.the'.' pro- • A new system ol lubrication serves tlie crniik-pln bW'rlngs of the connecting rods. The oil pump forces high-pressure jets of oil to flow, constantly from six nozzles, one in each oil trough, directed upward so tlut the streams are in the paths of the ccnneclliis ro<l dippers as tlicy-apprpach..aiKl:pass biiUon thus loiificd period ofj, each revolution? The high velocity' of :'• the: dip'per aaainst the stream'of Oil, added 'to the .velocity of the oil jets, builds up a tremendous pressure that Insures a copious supply of oil lo Hie' bearing. Oil dilution is prevented by a patented crankcasc ventilator which discharges gasoline fumes and vdpors into the. air stream' underneath the oil pan. The feature of the ventilator is tlral heavy oil vapors are trapped and condensed, to return 'to* the'.crhnkca'sc, as .'a measure of economy. . .<; An important, contribution to Dec Jan ' 1321 122G 122D' 1228' V228 1231 121B '. 1222 1225 122.0 1225 rabb Spots closed at, 1250, np 5. Chicago Corn May July. open high 83 M 83 3-4 .79 1-8 10 S-B laiv K> 78 1-8 closo .62 1-U 78 1-4 Closing Stock Prices A. T. anil T. Anaconda Copper Bethlehem atcc! | Chrysler : j'Cilies Service New Orleans Cotton}?, 0 ™ cto (Gen. Am. Tnnk General .Electric NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 4 (UP) — Cotton rlosed steady. •;" •- open hisli low Clare Mar ;;.:. 12iJ3 1225 1222 1222 May.. •>... 12M 1234 122B 1231 July ,.;.. 1232 1234 123D 1232 Oipt: •'.'"'.'.-. 1220 1224 122d 7 =122'l Dec '".':... 1227 1227 1225 ''122B Jan 12251) SpoLs closed at 1243, unchanged. 'Chicago Wheat May July open ' high 93 5-8 00 1-8 88 1-8 83 3-1 lo\v close 94 3-8 <)4 1-2 m a-3 87 i-: 1 . toii truck, permit this unit to be operated with a greatly increased pay load. The 1-2-ton panel mode! smooth f-iiRine iwrformnnce. Ls the 'springs arc lighter limn fonnerly. use of etcctroplatcd pistons, which [o provide easy ridiiii? for the s-.ife , United States govemmcni" arc n'o : considerably -sliorlcns '.the period transportation of lighs, or fragile; hi operation la New York '"• — • - - "• General Motors • Int. Harvester' MeKe.sson-nobbite Montgomery- Ward New York "cenlral Packard :• Phillips Pel... Hadio Corp. St. Lpuis-S, P. Simmons Beds Standard, of N. .1. Texas Co. U. S. Smell infr U. s. Steel Konlte 10-1 3-1 10 3-8 20 3-i 3(i 3-1 1 1-4 171 35 7-8 23 1-8 31 40 1-2 25 5-11 Hi '.i-4 •I 1-2 IS 5 1-8 1 3-8 0 •10 151 1-2 100 3-4 :«i. 4 . Standard Oil Opens New Type of Service Station Two new rolni-v service stations, of a type uranled a palent by Ihe for the proper .breakliiff-in of the engine. > In the 1-2-ton operation i model, smoother mcrchnndlse. |Uic Stamford Oil Company of Lou- Thc new scunn delivery mi thcjlsiana announced todav. New standard cha,ssls. .cars are serviced on procured ihroush the j fisher body of the same size nml i table which revolves around a sln- or a, new waved driven [appearance as the Standard sedan, Itionnry Island containm* di.spcns- enminatcs chatter even, V ;ith no-draft ventilation, is an- ing equipment. The advantages oil plate tin al light driving load n X «"«'"B '«TO applications i nmmccd by Chevrolet as the (AS when (he clutch is only part- ' os t priced enclosed comracrclnl t«, ly released in parking maneuvers), on the market. H was designed cs- Revlsipns^of springing have bccn.pecially lo provide economical fast made in the various models to delivery service for merchants and provide for a wide variation of tl greater strength. load, and for Heavier 'auxiliary springs of greater capacity, available for (ho i it- business es handling light merchandise. Courier Nsnvs Want Ads Pays Similar units will lie erected In congested niclropalliniv' areas If the New York experiment' works out 111; .successfully "us • it is ex- IK'cted (o, company ofllchih: said. This 'country sllll conlflliK 1000,000 head of cattle In excess of those needed for meat nnd milk. PHILLIPS' uwor priced lluiii tlio do IIIXP six Plytnoulh Sales Triple Lasl Yeai DKTI1O1T, Mich.— Ketull «I!CK ol new I'lyinomli curs for the week eiiriini; Jiiniinry 19 iverc more llisn three limes those of the .saint week IUSL ye:ir. D. 3. Kdrtlns presltlt'iit of !)>:• Plymouth Molor corpuratlon. iinnouneed today. Plymouth dealers delivered r>,C5f new cure nt retail clurliig ilir week. Mr. KUdlnx «iid. Tills wn.' an iiirrcnsi- of IU.7 per cent ovel Hie ptevioiLs week and wns mon than tripls the l,M5 curs sold In Ilic third week of January. 19:11.- "Slilpuiwils /or the weak came wilhin a few hundred ears of l.lio new all-time shlpiueni record estid))i.5hed diirint; Die .week nid- Ing January 12." he said. "Tin: l.'lymnuili. plants shlpiK'd ll.OM can; last week, compari'i! wltli 3,- VBO oais shlpjied i during tile corresponding week, a ycnr ag(j." j\Ir. Kdilins i-cvcHlcd Dull Plymouth iilnnuly has reeelved over 100.000 oiders from! (Icalms fur the new earn. Tic .snld this 1.'.the largest number of orders ever received ijy tin., eorporiiilnn ililq Standard six models ha ,,„„,„ ,. wn p| f [ rty the higher priced i Hie llty ronslnietlon which keeyn all water dust nid ; Is found In Ihc grit from every wo king pa f spne,, s prartdrd in the of nil cednn and edime raofl. and rapable of speeds well over nn limn-, six ivlnliis •iiuno hlRh quality thrniiii' .nt, that, Mm i,i, .,,>)• (uiertl lines. ,'illver-nllfjy healings dfnvlopcd niul plnncereil hy f'ontlac niijln- w.-i nml foiiinl in no othM' pn'i-1 Mi nt Die well known wiiBoi- i'nr« In' Amcrlcn loilnjr, nws '"ft lealiire.i of Ponlte motors standard ei)iil|imi<iii,. Kxi't-jit for s "' : li an Uln eroasflow rodlfilor In' tiiiKt ttiuler Indlt'iitor Inmp.s, etishcr ty;m ooollin; iiiut'melered- In> standard r,|>: pr^enlr. tlin How lubrication ore. found in idt-ri- donilfal exterior npiwnninco ot Heal fashion In llie r.lamlnrd r.lx lii> d<' liixi- six. Hint fxftjn ( ar (|,i> jaatMr,, u-vi syiii'lironlwd mui sinljillwd roul ,>nd npiinnliiR, in,, rluucis of n ; ,,,i, vault Klllen'% IlaniG (tn. Idcniloal. | Nromr.D, Ala. .(Ui')-An alley 1)01 h rnis , . . Tlie new tyi>e. of t|>rlni> r.iupen- 'rat. who itemed lo object to the Ion allows fnr n -Vflrtet" rule, In laek of pilvaey allorded her new hut sliri'iiess lius |jp|.,l nvliieed kittens In a fruit fltand, Irnmfcr- ruin M(\ immiils to only iOO red her brood aeros'i a busy down- ramiils, .Ll'hls minallKes tprlnu si iff- town Kireel, ihiounh four doors, !<v« |j.)t|i in dm front and renr, 'lluililali'.s Hie- loiward pitch of Ihe :onvcnlI6nal type of suspension, h (.'Inlincd, vllh the eoii|K.' tlslln^ at $lll!j r. '. I), the factory. O'lhci 1 moilelK are hi« X-doot' si'ilnn nl SOUS; -l-door ".fdnn at Sim; ii-iliior iruirlnn te- Inn :n $fi!)5 and (hi- -l-door tmu- iiK wdrtii at S7^5. With tlie same distinctive front end treatment wlilch has made lilnlioi 1 priced I'onllar.s amoim most |M)|iular of ihc Industry's 19M offprints, the standard six l;o:i.s(.s- llit^ charnctcrlslfc lines of ll.s ln-others and provides economy ol' operation coinpurablc. to Die Joivesl jirlcwl t'/ira on (he market. ^ Such typical dcvclopmenls of tlie 1935 season n.s the .solid-sled m,.. ret, top b.xly by Fisiier. synclnon- l/etl mid Kiablllml front end spiingins. triplc-.senlol hy<lrmi]lc makes and many other achievements of the enijlnewlnu lutavn- lory and the'Umlfo are to no found on the latest newcomer o the I'outlac line. H Is powered l>y the same six-cylinder I.IIJJ!IM> its down it illijlu, in' i,|e)B iiml into 1110 linsl, vault In UK- Mfrchanfe Niitlniial Ihiife. Ads. early in tin; flir rajild ' at which dealers ' an: delivering Plymouth care is tlio reason why Ihcsc iltidiir oi'diirs lire riuiiini' ill so heavily. Chrysanthemums are vised for soup in China; it Ls one, of the delicacies of Chinese .cooking. IJ Every Hollur .I'nu fjjitnd for One of Our Used Cai-s Uuys a. I'll!! Dollars Worth-<if •Arolorlnc Pleasure a«t? Satisfaction. Tlie Values Are Always Unusual. .Here' is the !tca- s-on—Wlien .We Accept .1 Car In Trade, We Allow (lie O»iier Only Wliat Is Is Worth.- Al llie Time W« Are OlYerin? Ihiiisual • Uar- t&liii In rise a Cars. '3(1 CltHYSI.ER SEDAN ... Slid '30 I'pKD ''CARUIOljKT .... 'S15S '31 F6iib -roHnon. SKDAN s-wu •33 ClIEVnOLKT 'TOWN SDIIAN '31 SM5 TRTICKS ami TltAlMJHS FOltn Tlt'UCK ? w '32 CIIKVItOI.ET THIIC'K, 1.17 Inch WhcelbAsc, License S295 '31 CIIRVROI.KT I'ICK-l'l'. Closed Cab, New Uulilifr J385 ':« NAttOK'S T»A!l.(<:it, nnal PHILLf S' USED CAR LOT are tliat, it enables more service, requires less land Nils type of station, the first of its kind, rapid ^ and iKimlls the ' motorist to "be served in a covered building away from the weather. One of the -new stations is on Lafayette street near Canal Street; the other on Sixth Avenue near Sullivan Street Cnmer Walnut ft I 1'lione SKI 'Irst Sts. For Our BEG USED GAR SALE • Sa«,e Money • S house-liitie Chevrolet Co. FIRE CHIEF GAS 'Sinn's 47% > Faster than tin- tl. a. Ciovernmenl ien.nires for It.s emercency cqiiipinent. Texneo odern cars deserve modern service Approved cnuipmcnt.nnd trained workmen mean that every part ol your new car will receive the proper care when serviced by us. \Vc pay special atlen- ilon to lubrication renulremcnls of var- i'»H imiinifac-liirers. Phone 711 Bill Wunderlich 'MAIN SERVICE STATION Performance in the New Value DODGE Puts it at the top of the list of cars in its price class. W. T. BARNETT AUTO SALES CO. Glad (o ho of service, ma'am! COURTESY Our ;itlf>J)rlnnt.<* ;ire al- uvtys /is c'oiirtemiK ;is Ihoy arc olTjcitinl, MH- i-iiivinir you of Cast. frii'iHlly s o v vice. Ito- nionil)or we give Free K'i:ul Survico Lo :iny pninl \villiiii :i livo mile Standard Gasoline IVr fJ.'il. Goodyear and Mansfield Tires TERR! SERVICE STATION Nor.Ui Highway (51, At the Slalo Lino PHILLIPS USED CARS Conic In nml let us show you how lltUe It costs to own an Automobile now. A Oom! Automobile ivllh good tires and upholstery. Llltle cii.ih Is required, monthly payments aic suiall and ultfi- you have ROIIU thousands of miles, the car you buy will be worth a tidy sum should you want to trade It In on a new cur. All Our Ciur, Are Priced at a Fraction of Thoh Real WoilU. -4? Tins 11)33 Ford v-B Plek-up. Uloscd Cab, Motor Perfect, driven only 12.000 miles. Look. 1 ; like new. real rubber. Marram :i( ..... This 1033 Ford V-8 Coupe, New Motor. Paint, Looks Like New, Upiiolsteiy clean. A Real iiuy al .. '?S<)5 ' USED CAR LOT CurniT Wulnul .ft Klist .Sireels . Vlinno, HU ilcs of Smiles^ with HUB BAUD TIRE k, BATTERY CO.- - ]Io:-"Uiil.:wc brinj; every Lhiii(;?" . . ^ ' ' Slic: "I foci ns it' we've nm.'-.ed spiiiethinpf." You're rnissiiiR soniclhing if you're not clrivinir a car C(jiil|)|)L'i) willi SKIHEKLlNC'riRKS. TheSc 'finer (liitilily tiros enntain Ihu moal mailern conslructlon fcuturcs which ri'suU- in sniflotlier, snt'cr i-idhwr • iinii T.ONOKR SKRVICE. '-'•'. HIIBBARD TIRE &BATTERYCO. {lUUUni AUTOMOTIVE DEP't - 7IB-W.A5H REAR HUBBAnb HOWE. CO, 1 See the New PONTIAC 615 ND ur- Priced as low as and offering the following fine-car features 1. Solid- Steel "Turret-. Top" i! o il i c K by Kiplicr 2. Hydraulic U rakes Trii>lc-Sraled :i. SpccdliiiDtl Slylinjj •I. Silver-A Hoy' Iteir- inij.s ii. 10 Second Start ins ill Zero li. Completely Seal e d Chassis 7. Kiielos-e-il Kuce-Ac- (ion I'lns Hnlnnccd Wetgln S. Fislicr No J)ru ft "-••'fi-lion !). l.iijjKiii,o and •Spnre Tfre ('onion rlmcnt 10. Double K'-V Frame 11. Smoothest of Six and Kijiht-Cylinder Motors 12i Cross- l''low \Kii<li:ilnr a n il fltisher I. 1 !. I'ull- j'rcssurc Mel- crert Lubricntinn l-l. I'rnduct of 'General Motor.) LEE-COPPEDGE MOTOR CO. Blylheville, Ark.

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