The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 28, 1953
Page 2
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PAffE TWO PI YTirKVTT.T.K (AHK.) NEWH TUESDAY, APRIL M, 19S3 Electric Wires Planted in Human Brains Kill Pain Tulane Professor Successfully Used Method in Tests By ALTON L. BLAKESLEE AP Science Reporter NEW ORLEANS >.T> — Human brains are beinl wired Inside to produce tiny shocks to banish terrible pain or to treat mental Illness. Two to eight eiecmc. wires are planted as deep as three inches inside the brain. Any pair of wires can be hooked to a machine to carry n slight electric current through chosen parts of the brain. The currents seem to dynamite hormones into action. The. wires have brought one bedridden woman freedom from the incessant pnin of hopeless cancer. Dr. Robert G. Heath, professor of psychiatry and neu'rosursery at j Tulane University Meaical School, j • — said today. i/^-.. III/A n I • • i> i \Lis\t She has not needed morphine for | SfOOCj Up Army ROOKICS tO CC AWOL slx weeks, is up and about, eager! ill/ f*- •• ' r> to see a movie. i gyf /$P S Say ff V/OS ClVlildn Sfiafu Thirty mental patients have had i / the brain wiring in the last three j DALLAS Tr>: /!?l _ A 5ro ,,,, O f ; riirht hours yesterday for a plane years, but Dr. Heath declined to : ,. OI)[ . i( . Al . m} . engineers. 4!i strong. ! they thought' thev had chartered discuss those results now. | spr(] lrmar ,i p, Lewis. Wash., today He described this significant i afll , r ., disappointing wait here for new attack upon pain to science j .,„ n | r p| anc ih;,t never shower! up. writers ending a tour sponsored by I Th P c;is. all Irom Central Texas the American Cancer Society. He I points, waited at Love Field stressed that the work is still very i NOW MAYBE THEY'LL LISTEN—Jost-ph Martin. Speaker ot the Ifousr of Rearescmativcs. hefts a huge g;ivel presented to h'tn b.v a croup ol California Republican; in W.-jshinRton. The snivel i* miidp from a C^fifornin redwood tree, believed to have hrrn a saplinc at the beginning of the Christian era. preliminary. The tiny currents apparently profoundly affect the chemistry of the human body, presumably affecting body glands and hormones. The wires are implanted through two little holes made in the front, top part of the skull. A fluoroscope machine guides the surgeon in putting each wire at selected spots, The brain end of each wire has a tiny bulb or electrode. ' ''" from a San Antonio booking agent a month ago at Pt. Hood. Tex. They had planned a few extra : da.vs at home after completing here | trj e j r basic training and before going to Pt. Lewis. But the plane didn't show up and the ticket agent phoned he couldn't get one. Things looked pretty bleak, even after the agent refunded nearly half their money. It looked as if they might he AWOL. But military police said the be- WASHINGTON M>>—Relief is in wildered GIs would not be held re- slght for Washington's confused i sl'onsiljie for the civilian snafu even television watchers and travelers. ! if they were late getting to Pt. Dcyiight Time For Capita! Gets Congress Okay Tile House and Senate yesterday pas'-erl a bill allowing the District Lewis. That's when tiley chartered a bus and got on their way. arltoeto soc wWch re i of ColumM ° commissioners to dc- The agent, who ottered no reason are soweiefl to RockMs \\mcn ait, crK , a r ,,, hi Siu ., tin)( , for the for the plane's nonappcarance, pro- - incorporated into a big head band- «gc. There is no discomfort: the wires can be withdrawn anytime c . ll)i(al gj|KT Sun[lav „,„,,„ raos ,, |R EaslOT) C|UM lU , nt OI , fast dmc pr( ,. pri , nK i TV .radio and transpor er - tation schedules have cau.scd un- Any pair of wires can be used i co mited mixup; either to record brain waves electrically, or to send the currents from one electrode to another through part of the gray matter. Dr. Heath showed a dramatic No one knows quite when Washington will get in line. The Senate acted hist night, the House earlier ; But (he formalities of engrossing j FliTiUn^ by the presiding officers of movie of pain relief won by the i each , chamber and the Presiden woman whose cancer had spread j are expected to take several days. through her pelvis. Shots of mor- ' . phine brought relief for only two hours. But as soon as the current—two mllllamperes'or two l.oooths of an ampere—wns turned on, her pain was gone. She snid she felt good lvas ll ' ird because hnrmone IreaU enough to go to work. When the i menis often help relieve pain current wns increased to four i Brain wiring is behm studied in A little vinegar or ammonia or a damp cloth is better for cleaning mirrors than is soap. inilliamperes, she felt dizzy. At slightly higher current, her blood pressure rose. The treatments kill her pain for » week or 10 days, then she as another electric stimulation. She has gained six pounds, eats well, now needs only aspirin occasionally to relieve sciatic pain. The current is passed through her hypothalamus, a region of the brain which, by some evidence, may be the real master gland area of the body. The treatments bring noticeable chemical changes. Dr. Heath said. The number of different kinds of white blood cells changes, nnd there is an increase in certain hormone products In the body. The hormonal changes are similar to » large dose of ACTH, the hormone produced by the pituitary gland In the brain. Exactly what hapens is not yet i clear, he said. The brain wiring] isental patient because of evidence of physical and chemlca changes In people who suffer mental illnesses. All 30 mental patients are victims of schizophrenia, or so-culled ;;piit personality. No till-tale signs on her fac.9 because cramps, litters, tiotlier her no mc-ie- Whr look ,,1,1,.r. worn nut. jittery for or :i .InyN ru:-!i m.mtli? Why li't cvi'rrl.o know y.nir "tlin,-" i« ln-r..? TlimiKnnib ,!•:•>. litlleUun rli hu $ 2305 buys this'53 IKs a great buy that's hard io beat-trm bigger- powered, better-riding 1953 Buick SPECIAL Come in and try it—for everything you want in a car— and see for yourself that this is Buick's greatest value in 50 great years! oa. Wojcl 4SD, l *D«(rvafBd prlea-J-dcor, 6-poiienger I Oclcon^l tquipmtiil, occciiori.01, ilnln ond locol low, ii any"a'i'Hl' (io.iol. Me,, moy m , y , Kgkllf ia nd|< , inir9 £„„„„,,,/, dm |0 ^ fliti ctiaigti. Mi piic.i , U I,IKI Io c(vo»oo w/ldoul nol/ce. ' Longston-McWoters Buick Co. Walnut & Broadway I'honc -155") miseci Dallas police he would make full refund of the GIs' money later. Here's List Of Homeward Bound POWs TOKYO i/B—The official list of .'(5 American prisoners freed by the Communists last week who left for home today; 1. M. Sgt. Ned M. Kelley; wife, Mrs. nuth L. Kelley, 19 E. Eighth St., Ashland, O. 2. Sgt. Walter H. Mitchell; sister, Miss Cora Lee Mitchell, Hotel Brumley, Greenville, Tenn. 3. Pvt. Robert F. Phllpot; father, I'homas P. Phllpot, Eoute 3, Hoganville. Ga. 4. Cpl. Theodore Jackson: mother. Mrs. Maggie Davison, RF'D nox 212, Palestine, Tex. 5. Pfc. Raymond H. Medina; lext of kin, Esperanza Medina, 950 E. 163 St., Bronx, N. Y. (i. Pfc. Donald K. LeG a y: nolher, Mrs. Hazel E. LcOay, 177 (all St., Lc\:ninster, Mass. 7. Pvt. Louis A. Pumphrey; atlier. J. R. Pumphrey, Route 1, Cottomlale, Ala. 8. Pvt. William R. Brock Jr.; lother, Mrs. Effie Brock, 55A lanche Ave.. Rome, Ga. 9. Alberto Baez Pizarro; next of in, Dito Pizarro, Box 79, Rio ere. P. R. 10. Pvt. Herman Smith; mother, Irs. Settle Smith, Mousie, Ky. 11. Pvt. Epifanio Cordero-Ramos; next of kin. Flora Ramos-Riveria, San Agustin, Fla., and Barcelon- nta, P. R. 12. Sfc. Robert A., Lee; wife, Mrs. Mary L. Lee, Route 1, Palco, Ala. 13. Sgt. Odie Lawley; wife, Mrs. May Belle Lawley, Box 24, Medicine Park, Okla. 14. Pfc. Wilbur M. Warring; next of kin. Etta Warring, 1910 Titan St., Philadelhia. 15. Pvt. Louis Kerkstra; father, Ralph Kerkstra, 2089 100th St., Byron Center, Mich. 16. Cpl. Willie J. Patrick; next of kin. Edith Mae Patrick. Hillman, Ark. 17. Cpl. Harry E. Purvis; brother, James W. Purvis, Box 206, Yorktown, S. C. 18. Sgt. Edward G. Anderson; wife. Mrs. Sue Anderson, Alabama City, Ala. 19. Pfc. John M. Jankovlts; mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Jankovlta 003 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia. 20. Sgt. William H. White; wife Edith White, Route 8,-Greenville, Tenn. 21. Pfc. Earl W. Wiseman; mother, Kalhcrlnc Wiseman, Box 483, Ronceverte, W. Va. 22. Pfc. Lionel E. Peterson, USMC; mother, Mrs. Edward M Peterson, 402 Roosevelt Rd.j Black River Palls, Wis. 23. Pvt. Juan Osorio-Melendez; mother, Maria Melendez, Cabarra St., 73, Catano, P. R. 24. Pfc. Eddie P. Vidal, USMC wife, Roraona Gomez-Vidal, 857 Brighton Ave., San Antonio, Tex 25. Pvt. Joseph Pieerno; father Nicholas Pieerno, 175-05 Liberty Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. 26. Pfc. Arthur G. Gregory USMC; mother, Mrs. A. P. Rolling, 233 Casey Ave., Mt. Vernon, III. 27. Pvt. Robert W. Fleming; next of kin. Mrs. W. A. Fleming Jr., 3327 Tutweller Ave., Memphis, Tenn.. 28. Pvt. Robert L. Dunn Jr., USMC; mother, Mrs. Quele Dunn, 1003 S. Eighth St., Muskogee, Okla 29. Pvt. Jose M. Garcia; mother, Gartola Garcia, 33'/ 2 Wetten Blvd., Los Angeles. 30. Pvt. Juan Rivera-Ortiz; wife, Dolores Ramos Boquebraadas, Guaayanilla, P. R. 31. Pvt. Lester R. Todd; father, Wesley I. Todd. Alliance, Neb. 32. Hospital Corpsman Billie R. Penn, USMC; father, Roger E. Penn, 800 Caston St., McComb, Miss. 33. Pvt. Benjamin P. McGhee; mother, Mrs. Constance McGhee, 1837 Adams St., Phoenix, Ariz. 34. A. 2C Robert L. Weinbrandt'; next of kin, Fred Weinbrandt, Box 301, El Cajon. Calif. 35. Cpl. Vincent d'Andreo;' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dan d'Andreo, 48 Jesse St., Swampscott, Mass. WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Anna Margret Toliver, Ptr. vs. No. 12,381 Ike Toliver, Dft. The defendant. Ike Toliver, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Anna Margret Toliver. Dated this 13th day of April, 1953 Geralalne Liston, Clerk CEDAR This is the gift that will help your graduate plan for a happy "someday" home of her own I DOWN DELIVERS Your Choice! AS ADVERTISED Jt Her eyes will sparkle when she sees this smart addition to her room. All her most personal treasures will find safe-keeping in a Lane and someday it will become a. beautiful, useful part of her own home furnishings. Come in now and pick out tne model for your graduate. Diuinctive 18th Cenrurr then In Ki oV=™.«cr n ff£"«ffl i 7095 S£Sb?~ M * ra ' ho " a " H " ' while C»WB miboixny or cordovtn « m>hc """' OUt 0>»A((Nr SAVtB ftOM MOTHS I A lANfl CM. SMART FURNITURE Inc. By Laverne Ball, D. O. Elbert 8. Johnson, atty. for ptf. Totjd Harrison, atty-ad lltem. 4|li-21-28-5;5 Rising 440 feet above the riverbed, the Pine Plat dnm across California's Kings river, will be the the world. It Is planned chiefly for flood control, but also will be used for Irrigation and as a source of eighth highest concrete dam In hydroelectric power. FftBWSWHira BLEACH IF YOU LIKE! BUT WHETHER YOU DO OR DONT-FftB WASHES CLOTHES WHITER THAN ANY OTHER PRODUCT WITH A BLEACH! Exclusive whitening power! Yes, Fab washes most of your clothes whiter — whiter without a bleach than any other product with a bleach in the wash water. If you add bleach to Fab, for your few extra- soiled clothes, they'll come far whiter than with any other product and a bleach! Also.Fab outcleans any soap! Washes out dirt; Leaves no dulling soap scum! Washable colon look brighter, too! NEW... and stunning! -Sanisonite in Natural Alligator Finish! Destined Io odd drcma )o all your comings and goings —this luggage with the groin, (he gleam of expensive hand-picked alligator skins! You'll travel with it proudly for years to come. For Samsonlte Luggage is built to last— strong enough to stand on, easy la clean with a damp cloth. You'll like sis balanced, tapered shape, ils easy-to-carry handles. You'll be grateful for the tongue-in-groove closing that keeps cut dust and moisture And the interiors, planned for wrinkle-free packing, make any trip more fun. Yet a set of TWO pieces costi less than what ycu'd expect to pay for just ONE piece of such fine quality luggage. SHOWN: A. Train Coje ."...$17.50 8. Lodioi'O'NIlt (Regular} 19.50 C. ladfei' Wordrob« 35.00 D. lodiei" Wardrob* 25.00* (S/iown opin and patked) CM. SMART FURNITURE Inc.

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