Natrona County Tribune from Casper, Wyoming on November 21, 1912 · 2
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Natrona County Tribune from Casper, Wyoming · 2

Casper, Wyoming
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1912
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NATRONA COUNTY TRIBUNE WYOMING News of the Week ARMS TAKEN FROM MINERS AND' OPERATORS PAS PER .... WYOMING COMFORT AND INSPIRATION. There are very, very few persons In all this wide world who do not need "comfort and Inspiration" at different periods of their lives. Just as tb young organist, alone In his blindness, groped in bis uncertain way for en couragcment which no one thought of giving him, so, too, we who la bor In our temporal blindness not only hope for, but really need the kindly word of cheer to help ui through the burdens of our days, sayi the Charleston News and Courier The men who administer large af fairs, the men who are vitally con cerned with the shaping of public Issues and the men who bold posl tlons of high trust need encourage ment throughout all their lives, and It Is the word of encouragement spok en at Just the right time, when per haps a weighty decision bangs In the balance, or a new responsibility Is tc be undertaken, which helps more than anything else could If the men who control In large affairs require pralsf and encouragement how much more do the men who work under them long for tbe word of approbation. The earnest man, the man who takes an active Interest In his task and can see beyond the dollars and cents for which be works, cannot be expected to la bor ' Indefinitely without knowing whether his labors are appreciated or not It Is argued, of course, that the man who does not give satisfaction does not, naturally, retain his posl' tlon, but to many finely tempered na tures tbe fact of giving satisfaction Is ' not everything. Appreciation means much to them and when rightly ex pressed goes a long way toward en couraging their best efforts! r According to the Scientific American of recent Issue, a method of economizing electrical energy employed for domestic heating or cooking Is to receive the energy continuously at a low rate In a resistance apparatus which transforms It Into heat and then stores tbe beat for use as needed. In a new electric cooking apparatus operating In this way the heating unit, consuming 600 watts total or 12,000 watt hours per day of twenty-four hours, serves to keep a mass of cast Iron hot enough to cook food ' In or dlnary utensils placed In contact with It The cast Iron block Is thermally Insulated by being Inclosed In a surrounding wall of lampblack or powdered silica, and a movable block Is arranged to be raised above the main mass, so as to expose Its upper surface when cooking Is to be done. Tbe small current consumption, less than that of an electric flatlron, enables the device to be operated on tho ordinary electric light wiring of the ouse. , The dangers of submarine navigation, In the present stage of Its development, are greater than those of the aeroplane. In an aeroplane accident the deaths are limited to one or two, but when a submarine boat goes down and falls to come up, the calamity usually carries off a dozen or more human beings at a time. There were 15 men on the British submarine B I, which was struck by tbe Hamburg' American liner Amerlka In a fog off Dover, and only one of them came up. This Is the sixth disaster to British submarines, and In each of the previous disasters the death roll ranged from 11 to 15 A western railroad will order that discharges may be the result of domestic troubles among the employes, arguing that such troubles cause a worry strain and often loss of neces aary sleep. From now on eery employe who wants to keep his Job must bave a happy home. Even the mil lennlum seems possible In view of this mandatory domestic happiness , The employes, however, may delicately suggest that a perceptible Increase In pay may go far toward promoting this desirable happy peace of mind. An Italian Judge has been called upon to decide whether poker Is scientific or a game of chance. If be has t family to support we hope he will sot play for the purpose of gaining the Information he will need In de-siding. A Los Angeles woman says the secret of managing a husband Is not to bombard him with questions when he comes home late. No. Stick to rolling pins, or dishes. - It Is true that the theater today In Its more serious manifestations Is nearer to every-day life than ever, for realism has developed in It, says Judge. But too much of It effort Is frothy, and thus of little ethical force, and too much is also sheer vulgarity. A San Francisco woman was granted a divorce because her husband tore op ber valuable hats. , Why didn't she apply for a separation 'on allegations that be was insane T Government scientist are perplexed to decide whether a decomposed egg la a rotten one. Why not get the opinion of an amateur Hamlet? Oysters are now to be electrocuted to stop danger of typhoid. The hu mane part of the public will be shocked to death at tbe suggestion. It ocean liners keep up the habit of crippling warships It might be well to enlist them in the navies. VuHl.rn NuwKpuper I'nt'-in Ntnvi tj-ivk'A, DAT1CS holt ONl(i EVI5SITS. November AluvtliiK ot Nutlunai VViml (ll'ilwei'H' AMHmllllluil ClioyBiini- JuiniHiy U-ll Kiii'ly-nliilli annual niiveiuloii of the Nullmiul Wool Urow- et Aunoclullon Cliuyunliv, SENATOR F. E. WARREN WINS. Vtondell Elected Congressman About 1,000 Majority. By Cheyenne, Tho Republicans have arrled the legislature by a safe ma- orlty, Insuring tho re-election of Jnlted States Senator Francis E, tVarren. The Republican leaders. FRANCIS E. WARREN. claim Warren will have a majority of Ifn on Joint ballot and his party will control both bouses. The returns In dicate the following legislative- vote over the entire state. ' Reps. Demi. Holdovers 7 6 Counties- Albany . , . , , 0 4 liiir Horn & u Carbon 4 0 Converse 3 1 Crook 0 2 Fremont 1 b Uranila 13 0 Natrona 3 0 Park 1 2 Johnson .... 0 8 Sheridan 0 9 Sweetwater 2 - 3 I'lnta 8 0 Weston 0 1 Totals 47 37 Ttep. Dem. Total. Peaate 15 12 27 House 32 25 67 Totals.. 47 87 84 The Republicans claim the election of Mondell to CongresB by a plurality of over 1,000, while Hopkins of the Democratic committee, concedes his election over Fahey, Democrat. The Democrats also concede the election of Cyrus Beard, Republican, to the supreme bench. ' , The ice between Taft and Wilson In Wyoming is so close it may be necessary for the official count be- FRANK W. MONDELL. "", Congressman J-om Wyoming.' ' fore the final result is determined, unless the unreported precincts should show material gains for one or the other, .: The county ticket here is consider ably split, Republicans winning la some of tbe contests and Democrats In others." On the face of the returns, Gill, Democrat, is elected mayor of Cheyenne over Hinkle, Republican, by nineteen majority. Swtet, the Independent candidate, ran a poor third. The maverick vote, which is known to be favorable to Hinkle, may change the result and possibly defeat Gill. Two Convicts Shot to Death. Rawlins. Limping and staggering through ten inches of snow, their food supply exhausted and their prison uniforms In rags, Convicts Richardson and Baxtrum, who escaped from , the state penitentiary in the recent out breaks, were shot to death in a bloody battle which . occurred at Powder Wash. A companion of the two convicts named Burke is said to have been killed by them. The battle was fought between tbe convicts and a posse of guards who had trailed them through tbe snow for three days. Stokoe Killed by Accident. Laramie. The coroner's Jury inves tigating the killing of David Stokoe by his wife at Spring Hill, in the extreme northern part of this county, found thht the killing was entirely ac cidental und Mrs. Stokoe was exonerated from all blame. . - , - Woman Kills Husband While Hunting. Laramie. A woman named Mrs. C. Stucko, while hunting in tbe northern part of Albany county, accidentally shot and killed her husband. Wife Slayer Denied New Trial. Cheyenne. Warren Jenkins, convicted of killing his wife and now under sentence of death, was denied a new trial by Judge Carpenter. Jenkins is granted a stay until December 2. His attorneys will appeal to the supreme court. Rawlins Bjy Missing. Rawlins. George Lynch, the slx-teen-yearcld son of Mrs. J. At Lynch, has been absent from home since October 7 and the family are heartbroken over the failure to locate him. , -k Mil f mwiiM-1 DURING the progress of the coal miners' strike In West Virginia the militia captured enough war material to equip a small army. Six machine guns were taken from the coal operators. 2,000 shotguns and rifles, Including Mausers, Sprlngflelds, Winchesters and mountain rifles, and nearly 250,000 rounds of ammunition. Revolvers and rifles were taken from both operators and miners. ' - . ' BROKE SHIP RECORD Captain of Liner Censured for Setting New Time. Commander of Steamer Illinois Tells How He Arrived Day Ahead of , Schedule, and Is Shanghaied to Land Job. New York.-JIt Is perfectly possible to "shanghai" a seaman and make htm work on the land, although the possibilities appear never to have occurred to writers of sea stories. Anyway, it not only could happen, but It did happen, and Capt. Harry Harriman, postmaster, and most prominent business man in Massapequa, Long Island, is the man to whom It happened. Captain Harriman followed the sea for over 40 years, rising from apprentice to the position of captain of one of the Red Star Line steamers. One day be came to Massapequa to visit bl3 brother-in-law, who was employed by a real eststte company here. While on his visit he got into conversation with the owner of the little store and poetofflce, near the railroad station. The storekeeper and post master expressed himself as being dissatisfied with the place, au,d yearned for the coming of some one who would purchase the store. In a spirit of fun the captain offered him an ab surdly low price for the store and the offer was accepted. - Not willing to back out of his bar gain, the captain closed the deal then and there and decided to Install his wife as storekeeper and postmistress. Ho found that Massaperjua's rapid growth provided more work than his wife could attend to, so. with a leave of absence from the steamboat line, he Is still at his little Massapequa store, selling postage stamps and potatoes, and occasionally , bustling a bag of mail upon a train. The captain Is going back to his first love, the sea, but he says, when be brings to mind some of bis amusing experiences as postmaster, be decides that work as postmaster in a Long Island village is almost as exciting as anyone could wish for. But, for all that, when Captain Har riman tells how be came to take up bis work in Massapequa, he solemnlj insists that he was shanghaied Into the Job of being postmaster. Captain Harriman, whose last com mand was on the Illinois, the Red Star Line steamer which piles between Philadelphia and Antwerp, was a personal friend of Captain Smith of 'be Ill-fated Titanic. On the day the Titanic sank, Captain Harriman and Captain Rogers, late of the steamship Frelssman, were planning a vacation in Maine on which Captain Smith was expected to accompany them. The Illinois, anyone, can see, Is the ship of ships in the eyes of the post master-captain. That's the ship that beat tbe Phila- delphia-Antwerp record," he said, with a grin and a chuckle, "but tbe company never seemed to approve of the way we beat It It was the eighty-fourth trip of the boat, and the weather- was glorious you wouldn't find more favorable conditions for a trip in a lifetime. When I took my observations the second or third day, I found that we were about 18 hours ahead of the schedule. I called up the engineer and he said that no ex tra amount of coal had been burned. and we decided If we didn't have to use any extra coal, to beat the recordIf we could. Anyway, we were due In Philadel phia on Monday and we steamed In on Sunday, 24 hours ahead of sched ule, I bad a thousand emigrants on board and no arrangements had been made to receive them before Monday oh, we threw things Into a merry mess. At I came Into the dock, I called ont to Captain Fuller, our ma rine superintendent: Where shall I go with this boatf 'You can go to hades with ber,' he yelled back. 'What business bave you got In here today T When I reported at the 'offices of the company, they called me down for bringing the boat In so far ahead of time, but I showed them my orders to i i.i. .11 j . , pruceeu wuu an uubbiuib aiapatca, although they didn't seem to want orders carried out so literally.' ELEVEN CHILDREN TOO MANY Foreigner Wanted a Mother for His Five She Had Six, So He Returns License. Pittsburg. A sad tale was related jo tbe marriage license clerks by An- tonl Rosenski, forty-three years old, who took out a license August 2 to wed Kazmeria Paterskl. thirty-five years old. Rosenski returned his II-enBe. It had not been used. "tvto many kids," wa the explan- TWINS REGISTER AT POLLS Have No Trouble In Proving They Are Old Enough to Vote Are 93 s Years of Age. New York. "William Muncy, 93 years old, born in Babylon, and have lived hereabouts all my life." , This was the substance of answers given by a voter at Babylon, L. I. Ab he stepped aside, another man, his duplicate in form and features, stood before the registry board. He said his name was James Muncy, and gave the same information regarding himself. ' . The two men are the Muncy twins, said to be the oldest twins in the world. They walked from t,helr farms at West . Babylon to register, and afterward walked back, a distance of four miles. - The remarkable pair were the center of attraction at the registering place. They appeared to be in rugged health and mentally alert. When handed the blanks for enrollment they smiled at each other and placed a cross beneath the fountain emblem of the Prohibition party. Then, with a cheery good afternoon to the assemblage, they -walked briskly away. For seventy yearB the twins have registered and voted together, seldom missing a year. Both bave been farmers all yielr lives. EX-THIEF TURNS PREACHER Becomes a Mission Worker After 22 Years In Jails Says It Is Never Too Late. , Washington. Frank Carr, formerly a notorious burglar, known to the police of New York and a score of other cities, has turned mission worker, after having served 22 years ot bis life behind prison bars. ',. "There is good in every roan's heart, and he only. has to have, the opportunity to show It, or the force of circumstances to bury It," declared the ex-con vtct, ....... ,,. ,- "Too many good men go wrong, and they stay wrong because the churches do not reach the dregs pf this life. It is never too late to turn back." .. , ARE WOMEN Le Matin of Paris Gathers Answers from All Quarters Woman Hits at Coquettes. ' Paris. Le Matin Is at present engaged in gathering together one of its periodical symposiums on burning questions of the day. The question that everybody is Just now trying to answer Is "Are Women Understood?" Every day two or more columns of the papers are filled with the answers, from which the following selections have been made: According to you a man who, seeing women aa they are, lets them believe he sees them as they would like to be. According to us simply - a man who loves them. "A man who understands a woman is he wbo considers ber not as an Inferior, but aB his equal, at the. same time recognizing in her certain superiorities of tact, delicacy, devotion and courage, without proudly showing his consciousness of his own personal superiority in physical and intellectual power." "The man who understands women Is one who thinks It charming that we should be coquettish, fond of dainties, money and flirting, and who thinks and tells ns that all our caprices are adorable." "Young men have gifts to fascinate women, but they do not understand them. The man who does is he who no longer tells them untruths, having nothing more to hope or expect from them." "Such a phenomenon as a man who understands women does not exist It would be preferable to be set to square the circle than to understand a woman." A woman signing herself "One Who Is Not Proud of Being a Woman" writes: "Tbe man wbo fancies he under- atlon Rosenski gave when telling the marriage license clerks why be did not use the license: Rosenski was once married, but his wife died in 1910, leaving five children to care for. While at work one day a friend told blm of a widow who was about to b deported by the United States immigration officers on account of not being able to support herself. Rosenski decided to marry ber to keep her from being deported and also to bave a mother tor his five children. PHOTO W UNOUWXID 0. UNOtBWXa INDIAN RIDES FAR TO PAY Aged Red Man Had to Wait for Seven Years Before He Got Enough ; to Settle. Ellensburg, Wash. Making a 50-ml.c trip on horseback to pay a debt of $5 contracted seven years ago, "Old John" Hamult, with his grandson, Indian Louis Sam, arrived from Wapato to settle his account with T. W. Far-rell. Although nearly eighty years of age, "Old John" remembered every detail of the transaction seven years ago, and when he came Into Fan-ell's store he drew a leather pouch from his pocket, took out the $5 and said in Indian language: . "I came to pay you your money, $5; that all I owe you, my old friend." Mr. Farrell. who had quite forgotten that the Indian was Indebted to him, recalled the Incident and, taking down bis books, found the entry of tbe loan. It developed that "Old John" had not come to Ellensburg for seven years because he did not bave the $5 to pay his debt. SAVES FATHER FROM BULL Tennessee Lad Throws Rocks at Animal That Was Goring His i Parent. ' Nashville, Tenn. Prompt response of his twelve-year-old son to his cries for help saved the life of Dr. 'B: J. Shelton, a prominent physician of An-tloch, near here, when the physician was gored by a vicious bull. Dr. Shelton was thrown to the ground, three ribs being brqken and a deep gash cut In his chest by the horns of the Infuriated animal. Young Shelton threw rocks at the bull and attracted his attention after his father was down. - Birds Carry Pellagra. Louisville, Ky. Blackbirds carrying Infection from the south are responsible for the death of many Kentucky horses from pellagra, according to State Veterinarian Purdy. Company . Quits Theater. Cleveland, O. Because the Colonial theater management refused to divide the receipts for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Marie Cahill and her company quit UNDERSTOOD ? stands women is he who flatters their foolish whims. For a woman who wishes to be a serious and faithful friend the position is not so complicated, and she does not need to reflect whether she Is understood or not The only true women are thoso who are good mothers and good wives all the reBt are superfluous. They are odious ' talking figures,' everything with them false physique and morals alike they interfere with life. - Ah, if I were a man I would not spare the coquettes. They should see whether I understood them!" ' A woman signing herself "Incom-prise," relates how only once she met a man on board a Mediterranean steamer who was able to please each and all of the ladles. "He joined In our . conversations without leading them. With him one felt perfect safety, a charm infinitely rare, which allows a woman openly to express the sentiments of her heart without tbe perpetual fear that a man will take advantage of their innocent sincerity to attack them. Believe . me, every woman appreciates this pleasure of confidence. We are sometimes weary of attacking and defending. The man who is not watching ua always gives us a feeling of rest" Says Spouse Loved Lady Barber. Chicago. Alleging that her husband, a wealthy manufacturer, fell In love with a lady barber while be was being lathered, and set her up In business with an $800 tip, Mrs. Alvan II. Arnold has sued for divorce. No Homicide In Gotham.' New York. For the first time In the memory of court attaches there Is not a single homicide case on the court calendars of New York county. Only three indictments are pending. "Have you got children?" asked RosenskL "Only six," was her reply. Eleven was too many for Rosenski, according to bis statement, and be jilted the widow. Graduates Wear "Gym" Clothes. New York. The 28 girls who graduated In the commercial class from Washington Irving high school wore their regulation gymnasium costumes, upending only 49 cents extra for red S'mrfa for their graduation finery. 1! "Real Fisherman's for Duke's Mixture Smokers" Good tobacco and a good reel ! That's surely a lucky combination for the angler and here's the way you can nave mem Doth. I All smokers should know Duke's Mixture made by Liggett Mytrt at Durham, N. C. Pay what you will, you cannot get better granulated tobacco for ic than the big ounce and a half sack of Duke's Mixture. . And with each of these big sacks you get a book of cigarette papers FREE. Get a Good Fishing: Reel Free by saving the Coupons now packed in Liggrtt j- Mytrt Duke's Mixture. Or, if you don't want a reelget any one of the hundreds ot other articles. In the list you will find something for every member of tbe family. Pipes, cigarette cases, catcher's gloves. . Probably Prize Grouch. - A grouchy butcher, who had watched the price of porterhouse steak climb the ladder of fame, was deep in the throes of an unusually bad grouch when a would-be customer, 8 years old, approached him and handed him a penny. "Please, mister, I , want a cent's worth of sausage." Turning on the youngster with a growl, he let forth this burst of good salesmanship: , : "Go smell o' the hook." New Orleans l5ally States. So Many Like Trlbble. "Tribbles is a discontented fellow. I don't believe he ever knows what he wants." "Oh, yes. He knows what he wants. What makes him discontented Is the fact that be also knows he can't get IV . " Doing His Part. "What part are you taking In the war on flies?" "I do sentry duty at the breakfast table over the milk pitcher . every morning." , , Some folks calculate to get on In tbe world upon the shoulders of other people. Christian Herald. ' . Makes the laundress happy-that's Red Crow Baa Blue Make, beautiful, clear white clothes. All good grocer. Adr. Success cannot turn a man's head if he has a stiff neck. . - (l The Stomach Is the Target - Am to make that strontr will keep well I No'chain ia stronger than its weakest link. No man la stronger than his stomach. With stomach disordered a train of diseases follow. Ir. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery Biakea4h itomacfc healthy, ilia liver active anil tha blood tmra. Mad from iorait roota, and axtractad without tha uia of alcohol. Sold by druiriita. ia liqatd lorn at 11.00 par botila for evar 40 yaara, (ft ins Pwil aatuTactioa. ' If m prafar tablet aa modified ay R- V. Here. M- D.. thcae can he had of aoediclB dealers or trUl box fcy nail oa racalpl ot SOc In aUaopa. W.LDOUCLAS SHOES '3.00 3.50 M.00 4.50 AND 5.00 FOR MEN AND WOMEN Baym wmmr W. L. Dmmglmu $9.00, $I.BO 3.00 foW t Shemm, oaeawu m mm If wUI poanrvely ewtwmme fay 0mlre of mrammry mom. mmmo mm thm maw 'a mhomm, W-LDoagUs aukee and aull mora $3.0043.50 A $4.00 akoea I than any otaar manufacturer in tha THE STANDARD OF QUALITY FOR OVER 30 YEARS. The workmanahip which baa made W. L Douglas shoes famous tha world Over ia maintained in every pair. Aak your dealer to show you W.L Douf laa lateit faahlona for fall and winter wear, notiea the aAorf vampa which make tha foot look smaller, pointa fa a hoe particularly deaired by young man. Alao tha contervatlve ttylet which f tare made W. L. Douglaa shoe a household word everywhere. If you could W.U DougUa laraa factoriee at Brockka, KW, jna aa for yourself how carefully W. L. Doagla hoa are made, you would iT jn-daratand why they are warranted to tit better, look better, hold 'hair ihepe and wear longer than any other make for tha price. q(t Ooof sMu CAUTION. Te protect yee arainet inferior ihoaa, W. L Deeila kk tk. wjl atom aed thee dealeia everywhere. No .matter where r W they are wtlhia yew each Jfyod..Uwoe.eet.Mphryoe, write d,-et j. tor, for c.t.U., U.w,n, hew e rd.f . tarauul, sheesaeatevaryWtere. deliver areata. W X.Ln,xW UrarJr t-w. M ua. Luck cameras, watches, toilet articles, etc. These handsome presents cost yon nothing not one cent. They limply ; express our appreciation of your patronage. Ji n k Remember you still get the same big one and a half ounce sack for 4c enough to roll many cigarettes. During Nootmber and Decern ' ber only, we will tend our new tiluttrated catalogue of pretent FREE. Simply send us your name and address. Coupons from Duke'i Mixturt may it assorted wtl tars trem HUKSE SHOE, J. T..T!NSLEY,S NATURAL LEAF, GRANGER TWIST, coupons Irom FOUR ROSES f lOc-ttn doublt coupon), PICK PLUG CUT, PIEDMONT CIGARETTES, CUX CI GARETTE3, and other lots or am font usueaer us. Premium Dept. v kvj StLoul,Mo. ... FA 1 Newspcpers antf Literature. All this over emphasis of the unmeaning surface is due to a confusion of newspaper and literary standards, ends, aims. The word literary has come to suggest an absence of red-blood; spinners and knitters in the sun; the 35 cent magazine crowd; this is nonsensical, of' course. In its elemental meaning literature is at least as stern a jab be journalism, albeit the Intention and function of the latter is merely to present things that happen, of the former to volatilize such material Into hovering and potent meanings, to strike the rock and raise a spirit that is life. Important to Motners Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for infants and children, and see that it ' Bears the snf? m Signature of CVT In Use For Over 30 Years. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria Its Kind. "What Is a voice from the tombs like?" ' "It must be a skeleton's articulation." A Change. She Mr. Scrappington and his wife were riding in their auto yesterday when it skidded and they fell out He Well, that was a little variety for .. them. Usually their falling out takes place at home. and dictation srood and von world. ftJSBHk

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