The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1948
Page 15
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THURSDAY. MAY 20, 19<i OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams! Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BM'THEVTU.E (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Ye AH, OMCL6 8LJLGY— X MF.AO AMOS ~~ T CAM ' TH6 CORKW PA^ 1 OF IT ALREADY' WITH THAT BROOM VOL** HANDS, YOU EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE A LITTLE MOUSE GOtW THRU MA? I MftME IT, L6AUT3ER ' TM !€, COWIMG TO MS HOBSES.' K6AOS UPOsS A FIELD OP TASSELCO CORN) UR ATMOSPMECe SORELY VOILL \.v!ii^ THE MEACT OF ~~ ,F IT PLEASES THe FAtAOOS CRrt IT WILL P&TCH A K1KJGS :i / * I WHAT is THE T6MPT6C. To 1&AWD££ TflE WCRRV WART decidedly uneasy. "Fire ahead." "1 was an Paris last week-end, "Good lor you." Bapt n lists Seek to Curb of Intoxicants by of Abstinence MEMPHIS, Tenn.. May 20. (UP) —Dr. i/mie D. Newton of Atlanta, Oa.. miring president. of UK; I " 5== Southern Baptist Convention said yesterday that B.OJO.CW BaptisU . ,._ will be asked to abstain from alco- I A holic beverages on "Commitment Day" on Sunday. May 30. By Renee Shann COPYRIGHT BY RENEC JHANN; DISTRIBUTED BY NEA SCRVICF.. IMC. Newton, prior to convening of the j™''di:il. , 91st Southern Baptist Convention will their entire memberships to sign t!ic pledge. "Pledges will be In readiness at all the churches," Newton said. Newton said that "the most alarming social issue in the United States today is the increase hi drinking among all classes. I re- XXXVlfl now there were other voices. Ann! Alice's and then Autit Helen's, . both exceedingly ; "Come in, woti'1 yoitV How very "nice to see you! We (bought we'd 'have lea in Ihe garden. Alice dear, see if you can lind Patience." Patience (lew downstairs. She •slopped stiort on (lie threshold iof the- .sitting room. "Ah, here yon are, dear child," gard the liquoi evil us our No. l|,s a jd Miss Helen. "Mr. Taylor, social cancer. "On May 30 we hope to secure voluntary commitments from our people to whip this evil in the. only effective manner—b.v individual abstinence." NOTICE Noiioe is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixer! by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State ol [ this is our niece Patience." Political Announcement's The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject lo the Democratic primaries. July 27 and August 10. COUNTS TREASURER Frank Whitworth COUNTY COURT CLERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOB COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen STATE REPRESENTATIVE Jimmie Edwards L. H. Alltry H. E. "flud" Fisher Leslie N. "Dukie" Succk For County Judge Poland Green Fielder Pecry For Circuit court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (Chiskasawaba Township) J. Robert Crosskno Gravely they shook hands. Gravely Paul, unnoticed by the two ladies,- winked at Patience. "How do yon do?" "How do you do?" "Let's go into the garden," said •Miss Helen. Tea was served on the best Slaflorcisliire tea service. Certainly, thought I'atiencc, her aunts were out to impress Paul favorably. But where on earth had they met him? Still, it was enough that he-was here. And that when he looked at her his eyes told her that de- spile all that had passed lie vas still in love with her. Just as hers were most likely telling him that she too was in love with him. Only how was he going to [eel towards her when she told him about Roger—about Paris? After lea. Aunt Helen suggested that Paul and she might care to take a stroll around the gardei togelhcr. "Or perhaps you'd like to show Mr. Taylor lhat very pleasant walk through the woods?" Patience looked at Paul. "Shall 1?" "Why, yes, I'd love it." Patience smiled at her aunts. "\Ve won't be very long." "That's all right, dear child." Paul said as '.hey sol off: "Jus the moment were out o( sigh 'm going to kiss you." Patience's heart leaped. "Oh, Paul!" "I am, darling. We've a lot ot eeway to make up, you ami I." le looked back over his shoulder. 'I'm afraid it's just a bit too -=oon I'd." "It certainly is. Don't forucl 00 that we've only just met." "Yes, that's a point." * » • •'J1AUL, how did you gel here? I simply couldn'i believe it. 1 nought I must be dreaming when 1 heard your voice in the hall." Paul grinned. "History, my sweet, repeated itself." Patience slopped short. "How do you mean?" "Your estimable aunts picked me up on the train!" "Paul, they didn't!" "Indeed they did. And they were much quicker about it than ever you were." Patience swallowed hard: "That must have been Ihen last Monday evening." "That's right. Last Monday as ever.was. 1 came upon them both hurrying (or the 6:3(1 and helped them with their suitcases. We all three went down together." They were almost out of sigh' of the ga:den now. Paul helper her over a stile. A tree hid them completely from Miss Helen ant Miss Alice, who were still sitting pha-itliy where they had left them Paul put his arms around Pa tience, but she struggled- [ree o them. "Paul, I've got lo talk to you. 1 Paul looked down at her. "Must you? Couldn't I kiss yoi firsl, and then we'll talk after 1 ,' "No. You see, after I've loll you what I'm going to tell you you may not want lo k'iss me." Paul said it sounded ominous And privately decided that h. was glad he'd gone to see Roge Dickson. Otherwise he might b *AGE FIFTEWt stared at him. "Hut you don't umlcra'luiid. 1 was Ihore ilh Uoser Dickson. Oh. Charlotte 'as with us as well. CharlDtle by he way is my twin sislor. 1 was oing lo tell you about her lhat lay on tne tiain, but afler what •on said I couldn't possibly, And —well—" She hesitated, tan/til as o hosv he .was going lo take it— 'Roger and 1 losl (he 'plane back." Paul look her hands. "Darling, what does ilogcr Diekon mean lo yon?" "Nothing—at least—well, 1 stip- )ose I did sort of find him allrnc- ivc. 1 was so lonely, and so vrelched without you. We—we lad <niile a lot of fun together over there." "Fun?" His eyes searched her ace. "No, It's all right. Don't tell ne," he said quickly. But she knew that she'd got to. She'd not be happy in her mind "lie kissed me," she faltered. She waited. Her heart shook. And then miraculously his arms were tight about her, and it seemed he had forgiven her, because he was kissing her and telling her he loved her. That indeed, as she must surely know, right from the very first moment he'd seen her he loved her. And lhat this time, he wns going to make very sure that she married him. Back in the garden. Miss Helen and Miss Alice were chatting happily together. "I think he's a very delightful young man," said Miss Alice. "He's got such charming manners." "I know. I must confess I like him very much indeed, lie seems loo so' entirely suitable." ' IMiss Alice drew a little wistful sigh. "I wonder what Patience and he are doing now." Miss Helen looked at her. "Doing, Alice? Whatever do you mean?" _ "Well, dear—a young man and a young girl—he might—well, he might possibly be holding her hand." THfi END f-20 "Yes, that raise you got helps a lot. but how can we impress our friends when nil the oh«ap things are so expensive?" FRKCKLBS A HIg FRIBNDS Wait Up! By MERRILL BLO68U VIC FLINT Say Thai Arjiiin By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANB S? HfY. YOU T NOT THIS TIME, SILK urns root/t COME INSIDE.WEIL COMt 6*XMERlY TALK THISOVEK. WITH THftT WALtET.' NOW TOU LISTEN TO ff,l, SIIK llfT/ DO TOU KNOW WHAT THAT STOMP IN VIRGIL iPlNMB'5 WAI1H 15? IT'5 A O*/ Pf**V UlACKf OKftY. SO IT'S A ONE PENNY BLACK." 50 WHAT? -MO II S WOBTH SOMEWHERE BETWEEN TttlRTV AND FORTY THOUSAND OOUAR5/ NOTHING, EKtPT THAT II*AIHUS PIKHV SM.MP THAT QWfN VICTORIA HRAWUD HER INITIALS ON-WASH TLBJ5S Easy ditches On By LESLIE TURNEB j Radio Service * at its Best! ! All New KM J Test Equipment J All Service Guaranteed i Blytheville Sales Co. • Felix Carney •138E. Main Phone Arkansas for n permit to sell beor I character, that he has never been | at retail at 119 \V. Main St., Bly- convicted of a felony or other crime thcville, Mississippi County. J involving moral turpitude; that nn \ TJie unoersigned states that lie io • license to .sell beer by tlie under- a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral ' uglie^ nas been revoked within five ~ • : years Msi. past; and that the un- Roofing Contracting Patching, Coating, Re-roofing No .lob (oo Large or Too Small I'honc 253G Kor Prompt Service Eddie Saliba Display and Storage Cases Reach-In Refrigerators Freey.ers • Self Service Display Cases • Beverage Coolers • Market Coolers Williams Refrigeration Co. JIB I^»y SI. I'hon* ,1307 BIytheviile, Ark. GET YOUR NEW CAR NOW! Drive a KAISER or a FRAZER Today "61" Motor Company (Home of "fil" Implement Company) North 6th Street Ph one 2 142 liv yar dersifjned lins never been convict,-?.! of violating the laws of this Ktn'e, or any olhcr slate, relating to Ihe ^Ur- of alcoholic loquors. LONNIE BOYDSTON Siibscribert and sivorn to bcfor-j me this 19tli day of May, 1948. ELIZABETH MASON '* NoUuy Public Commission expires 4-23-5O. Read Courier News Want Ads. Kemember Kothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 UPHOLSTERING - PHONE 4297 AUTO AND FURNITURE Seat Covers - Seat Covers $20 Front and rear seals lailorcd to fit. Covers made from pleasing, durable straws and fabrics and installed at no extra cost. Our Scat Covers will never rip. When in need of seal covers, come in and assure yourself of these super values. Our convertible tops are unexcelled and our bead linings will be your deliKht. We arc most pleased Lo offer you a furniture upholstering service that will bring a lasting pride to your home. Come In and see ^ our wide selection or beautiful, modestly priced materials. Larger Cars Slightly Higher THOMAS J. LILLY & SON 112 S. Lilly St. Phone -1297 LET WE EXPLWIi! Y ... MIKWMfS ' WE ARE OK THE I MANKIHIP MI3HT USE THRESHOLD OF A VlS QOIWLIH8 OUEK THEORIES f OR. NEW f,6E...*N MO»IC~1 Mis IMPROUEMNT! i AGE OF GADGETS »NO WVCHIMES TOOCOWlEXy FOR. THE <*\ARTfR PEOPLf! ^ TW SOUND* BEFOK6 MAN IS TRUSTED 7 r«1KTRSTIC, SUM! *I1H THESE MIRACIES Of / BUT IF VOL) HAVE, SCIEflCf WE HUM SPEED / MOW SOON CftU W HIS MENTM GROWTH MR. BcKEE STMCT TREMEMPOU5W! WODl'UEl PROpUCIW& THE FOUND> WRY TO DO IT 1 GAE>5f Is TO) HAD DSCIOtp TO HOtD V E(\STi> SURPRISE SIDES WAV TO A DAWMIB& LIGHT. AND ?. MEW RESf>ecT,..FOR. !*t<a2t'K! UED KYUEK Sympathy? WAKE-1 By FRED HARMAN ? / RtD AND LITTiE. B£A«R SHOULD] 11 HAVE. COrtE BACK fitrocF J ': IM SONNA LEAME THAI COWBOY'S flSTpL HERE-' WITH TWO WtlETS IK) nr ONE foR THE AND ONE FOR HlrASElF ALLEY OOP Keaiiy for 'Km? HERE'S SAFE STORAGE • ForWookns Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 u ~^ -.- —- ..-1. / I RECKON THEY \V0ULD )^~~ ^v, 1 t^T^iJrT?, w '* E - wa f A WHCW..,ONU we VHOW *BOUT\ ^LI^S»2f-£« *"«* W \ MN'T SONNA BC -X-T. 9$ii? CO \ v. ~ ... " P*sr<JKT* OJC. ;\ AS WEAK A* /"^/ \sE Hi>uP Ou% '. LOOK; ^ I BEACH HEAP / ^ ON THIS / ^. rt:W\ V -14^*t.l*^.~fs3* I ^. *<VEe? _/ -%- r,i\! O KAY/ well. TO THE \ FIT WITH LfSST ) TRICKS I SO ' WA By V. T. UAMLIN J; ~1 - UOO'i'S AND HKH BUODIIvS Very Simple By EDGAR MARTIN

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