The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1956 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1956
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MARCH 18, MM Cyprus Is Britain's Last Stronghold in Mid-East By JAMES MARLOW Astooiated Press Newi Ana!y«< WASHINGTON (AP) — This is an ABC on the British colony of Cyprus, where violence and demands for union with Greece are straining relations between three Western allies: Britain, Greece, Turkey. This island, at the eastern end of the Mediterranean, is Britain's last stronghold in the Middle East, a base for air and ground troops. She has had to withdraw from all other strategic posts in the area. Of Cyprus' 500,000 people, 400,-*— • • 000 are of Greek descent, 100,000 Turkish. The Greek Cypriots, led by their spiritual and political head, Archbishop Makarios of the Geek Orthodox Chuch, want self- government and eventual union with Greece. The island, which is about 40 miles from Turkey and over 60 from Greece, has not been he! Happy Workers not Always I Best Producers, Expert Says by Greece since very ancien tunes. The British have run since 1878. The Greek governmen supports the Greek Cypriote' cam pagin. Refuse to Get Out The British refuse to get GUI They have offered the Cypriot some measure of self-governmen but insist on handling its defens and foreign relations. Turke backs Britain, knowing the Turk Ish Cypriots would be outnum bered four to one by the Gree] Cypriots if the British withdew. Fifteen British soldiers have been killed on Cyprus since las September when the Greek Cyp riots began to back the demands with terrorism. There have been riots in" Greece against the British, ni will has developed between Greeks and Turks. The Greek gov ernment has asked the Unitec States to intervene. In 1878 the British, by treaty with Turkey, took over the occu pation and administration of Cy prus. Britain annexed it when she got into World War I agains Turkey in 1914. Turkey recognized this annexation in the Treaty o Lausanne in 1923. And in 1925 Britain made Cyprus a colony, un der a British governor. Have Grown Bitter The demands of the Greek. Cypriots have grown increasingly bitter and violent. A terrorisi oganization, called the National Oganization of Cypriot Fighters, is charged with the killing of the 15 British soldiers The British have made arrests and house-to-house searches. They have offered rewards of as much as $14,000 for information leading to the arrest of terrorists or the discovery of arms. A week ago the British made their offer—some self-government for the Cypriots while Britain controlled defense and foreign affairs •—to Archbishop Makarios, the toughest foe they had on Cyprus. He held out for other concessions and refused to call off the violence. For example, he wanted pardons for political prisoners. Last Friday he announced he was going to Greece to talk to the government there. The British seized him and several others as he was hoarding a plane and said they were exiling him. They shipped him and his companions off to the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean. This brought more violence in By BENEE J. CAPPON MANHATTAN, Kan. (if)— You think a factory full of happy work ers would outproduce one Wher employee morale wasn't so high. Not necessarily, say two Kansa State psycholoists. They insis there's no sinificant relationship be tween employe satisfaction and productivity. The psycholoists are Professor: Arthur Brayfield and Walte: Crockett. Brayfield is chairman o: Kansas State's psychokiy department. Attitude Surrey Ther conclusion emeved from survey of attitude studies in business and industry. Brayfield noted that employe attitude surveys began to reach their vogue as a personnel tool in the early days of World War II. "Unfortunately," he commentec "they don't prove anything at al with respect to employe performance." In their analysis of the field, Brayfield and Crockett cite numerous instances exemplified by this study conducted by Brayfield himself: Agreed A job satisfaction survey was conducted among 231 women office em- ployes in the same firm. The findings were matched against the women's production records. The index of job satisfaction agreed with the index of high productivity in only 5 per cent. "If you do an attitude survey in U. A. Building Program Okayed LITTLE ROCK W — A building program which would cost 15 mil ion dollars and require nine years a complete has been approved by University of Arkansas trustees. The Board of Trustees approved he plan Saturday, when it was iresented by the university presi- lent, Dr. John Tyler Caldwell. A deficit budget of $4,905,167 for le 1956-57 school year also was pproVed by the board. The budget ompares with the university's annual appropriation of $3,180,000. 3r. Caldwell said the difference would be supplied from athletic iepartment profits and reserve unds. Cyprus: shutdowns of business, a general strike, shootings. And on he mainland, Greeks responded with riots against the British. a certain plant," Brayfield said, "and return some tlm« later—in this I speak from personal experience—you'll find that many of the workers who got promotions came from the group of those least satisfied. "I. don't mean to advocate that management should neglect to keep its employes contented. But it shouldn't conclude that high production is the necessary result of favorable results in an attitude survey." A more fruitful approach for research, he suggested, would be to investigate what "gets people produce—without being sidetrack by this intervening, and not ve significant, angle of job satisfac tion." 'Chiller' Falls Through Roof LOS ANGELES WV-Ramon Le Angulo was watching television b the chiller that came through t air didn't show on the screen, crashed through the roof. Angulo told sheriff's deputi that he heard a rending noise in adjacent room. Investigating, found a hole in the ceiling about inches in diameter. The floor w littered with chunks of smash' ice. Angulo thought pranksters we at work. But the officers said- tt home was beneath an airline rou and they deduced that ice ha slipped from a plane in flight. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that Brb Ledbetter has filed application wi the City Engineer of the City Blytheville, Arkansas, for a Pe mit to construct and establish House-Trailer Court on the prope ty described as follows: A tract y, of the NEJ4 of Sec. 9, TWP 15 N, Range 11 E. 'Described : : ollows: Beginning 514.6 feet we: of NE corner of said NEi/ 4 of NE> fo said Sec. 9. Run south 412.5 fee ;hence west 115 feet, thence nort 112.5 feet, thence east 115 feet joint of beginning, containing l.( icres more or less subject to 3 'eet right-of-way on north end run ning east and west. Any objectio u the establishment of this sal louse-Trailer Court should b nade in writing and filed with th City Clerk within thirty (30) days March 3, 1956. DAN BLODGETT, City Engineer, City of Biythevllle 3/6-1 3 8 Servants! O to help you LIVE BETTER The average home employs thirty-eight servants — and all of them are "Reddy," Reddy Kilowatt, Your Electric Servant, that is. He is at your beck and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long- — fair weather or foul. He'll run any of those 38 appliances — or ALL of them — whenever you say! The beauty of it is, that Reddy does all these jobs for just a few cents a day. Next time your electric service bill arrives, take a good look at Reddy's wages — you'll find that Electric Service is still today's biggest bargain. Ark-Mo Power Co. CHIMP ON ICE-r-"Jinx," 214-year-old chimpanzee, tries to cut a figure-eight on ice skates, but. his ankles just won't support him'. So pretty Margie Lee cf an ice revue playing in Chicago, 111,, lends a hand. Jinx recently lost his job on a TV circus program when the program moved from Chicago to New York Taking Pot Shot at Judge Gets Not Good Publicity BAY CITY, Mich. UK— A bespectacled, little rnan of 66 was held today on a charge of assault upon a federal officer with a deadly weapon. .And behind and slightly above U. S. District Judge Frank Plcard's bench was a pattern of shotgun pellets imbedded in the wall. Stanley Wloch, a former state mental hospital inmate, waived examination at his arraignment. He was ordered held in $25,000 bond, which he failed to furnish. Picard .was sitting on his bench, holding court when a terrific explosion occurred. The 66-year-old jur- is!, a football player at Michigan under the late Fielding H. Yost In 1910 and 1911, quipped to a lawyer, "your speech really is going over with a bang." Bounding off the bench Picard found FBI agents with Wloch in tow. Wloch, agents said, had Tickets Bring Mayor's Praise ENNIS, Tex. lfl — When O. L. Hindman assumed the mayor's job a week ago, he issued an "ultimatum" to the six-man police department, intimating that if they didn't get busy some would lose their Jobs. Yesterday after learning that the officers last week had issued 53 traffic tickets each representing a ninimum of $10 in fines, Hindmnn said if they continued'to issue traf- ic tickets at the stepped-up pace, le would, recommend all of them for a salary raise. shoved a sawed-off shotgun through the main door of the judge's courtroom door and taken a shot up a 45-foot, aisle at him. Upon his return, Picard found an 18-inch shot pattern in the wall back of his bench. He whammed his gavel and got on with the case at bar, commenting that the courtroom is scheduled to be redecorated soon, anyway. The FBI said Wloch had held a grudge against Picard since 1947 wh»n the jurist dismissed for lack of jurisdiction Wloch's suit seeking to recover a farm from his divorced wife. That is the year, incidentally, in which Picard outlawed, in'effect, so-called portal-to-portal pay in factories. If convicted of the charge, Wloch could be fined $10,000 and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Picard went up to FBI Bay City headquarters to ask why Wloch had taken his pot-shot. "I thought," Wloch~said, "trTat if I shot at you and missed, you'd sue me and I'd get some publicity for my case." Education Bill For the Aged BOSTON (IP}— Massachusetts has recognized officially that it is never too late to learn. Gov. Herter signed into law a bill under which persons 65 or older may obtain university extension courses from the State Department of Education without charge. Forbidden Lov« Brings Death ATLANTA M) — A lT T ye»r-oM youth shot and killed himself IB the presence of a girl friend he had been forbidden to ««. Police Lt. R. A. Boone at suburban Decatur identified the youth ai Jon Hutchison Phillips and Itatod his death as suicide. He withheld the name of the 15-year old girl. Bone said the girl's father had forbidden her to see Phillips after she and another girl met him while out driving a week ago. He said when they met last night Phillips pulled out a .38 caliber revolver and told the girl: "This 1* going to be real easy — I won't feel It." Barbara Pay ton Loses Her Son LOS ANGELES M—Actress Bar. bara Payton has given up custody of her son,, 9. Capt. John Payton, 3», the actress' first husband and father of the boy, was granted custody By superior court with the agreement of Miss Payton. Payton had moved for custody, charging his former wife had failed to provide the boy with an adequate home, and had exposed him to "profane language, Immoral conduct, notoriety, unwholesome activities and no moral education." Payton has remarried. Remove ashes from furnace and fireplace grates regularly. Tney hold moisture, causing rust. Amazing New Additive Discovery! Now in Lion's Great New Gasolines ... Actually SUPERCHARCiS Your Motor! Car owners report Lionite: KNOCK-FREE POWER AND PEP! ^BOOSTS GAS MILEAGE AS MUCH AS 16%! Research tests prove Lionite! Reduces harmful intake veive deposits ep to 15% Reduces combustion ckamber deposits ep to 50% Improves compression ep to 50% New H/GHfff OCT-ANf Lion Premium guaranteed to deliver all the power any motor can develop New HIGHER OCTANE Lion Re 9 nl ar guaranteed to deliver aH Hie power moit motors can develop LIONITE IS IN BOTH OF LION'S GREAT HE* GASOLINES AT NO INCREASE IN PRICE DON GASOLINES CAN SAVE VOU MONEY. SO, STOP AT THE SIGN Of THE LION. Wort* "Hhjhway f ****~ •* TV, itarrim] IrodwM Crtwforrf.

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