The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1935
Page 1
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Served by United Presa BErraEvnn COURIER TI1K DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AmrAMQ.o .„,., _».™'." ™ - •' ^ OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS VOL XXXI—N T 0. 274 '• 'r MISSOURI. Tilythevllln Courier niylhevlllo Dally News ' ,,, „, ',• " Mississippi vrfiley Loader HIATHRVILI.K. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, PRRRUAHY -I, IMA HOM& EDITION DELIVER SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS S». ; ' Townsnul Dofoiuk Plan ,\* Sum Smoke From S.violdfuiid; Mattress Costs Life of Francos iVl.inn' 16 ' l-'Jiner.-il rll<\-i \\rit }\fUl tfldlj for I'rnncfcs MJD v lu j vr\i cV waitress, who -vptnicmlv. met death by asphyxiation in i some, what. strange, inannei somi llmi dnrlni; the early honr> 01 Sundv mprnliiff. .' The girl's body was'found about 11;30 yesterday morning, lyiri^ across a window shade on '(lie floor .of a second story bcdrooii) over Shlbley's Cafe, A-ilrn'wl Railroad streets, wlicvc she, was employed. Her death occurred about 0 hours earlier, it was believed. The Birl was burned, her Ijo'dy almost completely blistered, bill the burns appeared to be super- ilclal and not sufficient to have caused death. Coroner w. H Stovall snld liiere was no evidence • of • loul piny. No limiiesi ' was held. Cigarette is lilamcd A mattress and bedclothes 'on an iron frame bed hat', b»cn burned and the gin-.s nightclothes liad also been burned, it was believed, that the girl, ; wha retired shortly before midnight liad fallen asleep with a burning cigarette in her hand and, that the cigarette had ignited Ijcd clothe.-;. Officers believe that smoke from tlie smouldering 'ami slowly burn- ins? mattress partially overcame Ihe gbl bcioie 'he awoke ihey believe she sptmg , r om bed nnd -tailed tovvnid T window onl> to tall ourcome bj the MiioVe as she ilpped n s ) 11!< ] ( , flom t)lc Willdon, 'ami,,, acroiv It rheio.,(va^ no evidence tint Ihe - sliade JiaiJ-1 eerf uwVd or-UiSl the loom, had been damaged lo any cvtenf the fire ippuentlj o>l»g out aflei (he malties hill been consumed % Iqund lin irs later < Uncle Jack Shlblcv, piopllctoi ? le U1 . re , 1)ral ^ "Pen tne, loor 10 uic KIN4 loom bhoitty jbtfoi" noon qflei h- and n v nlHris had i»ado repeated efforts (o^ mouse her he told li estigntof? - The clooi had leen secured on the In side bv a II umb lalch Shlblrv said he jmmetllnlelj called •nillioiide- vsilhoul moving me bodj or rtis(uibln° Uie room packages 01 ciiriruu"; lain wcie found -it rd ilmwl lo q,h«s in the ashes of the mitlic.= nmeial )W i vices KCIC held Cluir Lako churcli \Uih Ll,e R^v r< f BiiUemoith imtoi of jho nnt Oliitrtlnn cliuieh offlclifinS Into meat .was made at \r a nn'<: cemeterj fhc Cobb Undcitilint, School Tuilioii Reduced to $1 a Week i in llu> lulilou Hl.vllu'vllle lil e h s niuioiiniiil In- MifimUln upir II Jl ING fill 'If you believe that my old age pension pl M (s tbck-eycd you must also believe that millions of'.people who we behind It are cock-eyed " ore ared Dr. Frank K. Tovvnsend. appearing before the House Ways and Means Committee to "set it right." Towmend. is shown, rl B ht alter .ho rose from a hospital bed lo .make his plea. With-him is Representative John s. McGroarty of California, who Introduced ..... Die bill for the Townsend plan In (he House Mrs Wright Gets 1 Wrong Evidence Goveu)oi Fixes Day o( Cv ecution foi Slayei C A Mnvlm - d 0 die In ^ l e n he eleUile clnli tjt Tuckci Tris n fainijOn \iauh I foi the mm IT or C A Mai tin \ontbful uh- hesllle la\l dnvei The -dale for : BnnVes' electrocution was set in mi ofTiciil pioc •umilion \n Ginirnor I \r lu rell after Barnes plei to (he tntc supieme couit to nvicn his om teflon ind '.cnleiice- hart been lenied Birnes ins sentenced lo ' , charge of tuneml company tyas In arrangements.. 'Hie Blrl is survived by her u lo ; iher, Mrs. Pe arl Mann.'three sis- lers. MIS, Victoria Thompson, an MISS Rvn T.„..., •-, r, <;-.'>i. ~... ' MiSS vill and .;.- - .-wiiijjjylr UUII I,ynn ( .J,fannror Blythe-,"": -I M - rs ; '-J'entflco 'fietton, pL'1 ' £"' .T e - n »^anaia-. brother, fe.iie.eiie Mann.-.'or.Blyilievllle. ' George JAorehnd,. Hurt In Accidentals Bette die in December -after 'a' jury had fixed his punishment at death but he was subi-emi'iilly granted stars bernuse of- efforts to have his trial reviewed. ^n Hill Biines •>! r \\o\ ^ttlltlnl' rvcutlou foi hlb piit m Ihe 'slicing or Maitm ha\ing Letn j convicted and senteiiccH here In January after a jury that tried him with his father last fall failed to agree on his punishment .^Should 13111 L-c executed 'on the date already set. Feb. 15. he svonld precede his fattier to the electric (hair.- However attorneys are jirt- ng pleadings ror an appeal in his ease and a stay or e'xccu'.i n is certain If an appeal h lod, d with ibe supreme coiirl. S. LITTLE ROCIC. Feb. 4 <UP>- neorgc Morelaml. Memphis 'commercial Appeal writer, injured when he jumped from his flam- in« air»on,oblle Saturday night, "' ' n 0t ' osc Ilis "'angled right <»m. Or, A. W. straws said today Moreland showed; marked ^ Prove,™,, his ph. vs i cl;ln sa ,i B l fool , r UlmW(lrt 'down 'a'as- mbankme "t nfter- Jmmmi if n i " : Pedestrian Saves Store from , c™ ro in f '' in rouio io oiiesboi-o D<vvj >"'s "'"IT. from Possible Fire Loss . A pedestrian'. 1 ; inleresl in i window-displayed radio probably saved Burke Hardware -company from a ',serious fire - loss Sumlaj The pa.sscr-b.v, lingering lo view tlie radio, noticed smoke In th" ftore . bulldins. ~I West Main Mreol., -and had•n-'h'iv alafin dir ed -In Trom'a nearby cafe. Fii-emen found 'a small box n blase-on a.shelf-in 1(1,1 store A Hue stop in a line serviiiK Ivvo separate business rooms '-' of.. the building had been removed .and It n|ip?nred that, a spark hod fallen through the opening from a fire todiy pending of ton ) oik ini/i'rsJjfiJVii fin ieMnl fa ''"''" '" <Med lii ic hti> oii,.,,,-,,;^ on tfhaiti s or disiiif'b'iniit The tfoni tiieh^'Lucteyj"' piesldcnt J ol Coinn&jmvrtfali IPRA In tniftor. Loud following corjvlcLicn on i tlni-ge of anarchy al-MnVked Tree, • Robert Baker, of Aleifei .Ti-ec. and Alley Dclaney . wore ar- i-csted by Oily Olllcers ,). Ivlny Mid Jim StnUoi- follouliisj u ihn.v mc-ling jn front of Ihe Vily lire cppailmenb. lic-re. May and Rqd- gei, «is speakitij; and- "ll.ic other ciovva spreiilnij a* lot of nosslp." AtiiiKl ,,i:irt.s for (lie jail vyere provlilcd by Sheriff ,|. B. bu- Bard :is Ihe. result of aiiejied threats 10 storm the Jail and release' (lie prisoners. The four prisoners were to'be arraigned nt :! o'clock llils afternoon before Mayor >l. ii. sinltji. Hand bills have been • distributed advertising a tenants U n( an n ,ai, meeting at Hsi-rlsburg ''flinrathy. Sheriff DuBarcl .said ], n would lake lEtlE at Marie stinck tbe result of a . irt.' I prccnutloir ui pieserve order iiir-c '' , '" rr r .O of tlifin i'lisundcrs!aiic!in(t ' 0 v e r Wage Scale Blamed for Walk Out This Moiniiig Holier workers employed In land clearing work at Ihe rariA Imbllltiitlon farm "lornlni; nr, inlMrndersland'hiB. ,.„,„ ulcll rate of pay. Ii. M. Wilson, county I'KIA administrator, told the Conner News by telephone from oseeola timi [\ v tnnible had been flcnrcil up nntl that he expected 1 he men would Mm;, ( 0 W0 rk In .he morning. Mr. Wilson said (hat a:; a result of a misunderstanding on-the 'art of a. foreman Jhc men had > Informed that, hereafter they lo receive J, n day. About Denies I'Fixing'' on Navy Jobs Wanl '3(J (Viils An TYRON/.A Ark Tel) ^ (UP1- The Southem Tenanl Tamiers union which at piosent K until more than an embryo ted by imall group of youths hacked bv SoehtlrN W1 i,tc; to unlonti" southern fs^ni lenniils is nidus trial \iorkeis ime been organl/cd > \inUn icadeis, nov\ center "E theii effoils on • In Ihlr rlih delta formed |,j evenluallv hope to hnve an orgin Uitlon strong enough to be lero "I'ert t>\ of = tlu Aincilian Tedenllon Ibcv and tlie\ nllli —. i minimum wage sea k of 20 cents per horn for n U holn da\ and lima a 11 a half foi oiewme foi dm laborer want bettct Ihlnij qimrteis sehoollni! foi ilieh faiiulie-; •Hirt denude ngiMiuenls land ovvne^ legndlng mnking ciop, ii,<l inl-oi thpv v\anl lair treatment in inilou, (.oveinmnil Pirns lo contiol colton pioductton This ||,e Unltid Pr=s.s | tml , P f'om c, A Nnnnnll, one of three i comnulleeinui of the union mrt other pinln) ni,tl Im- partial'residents of Poinsclt Cro.K.s and Critieiiden counlies I Nnl Stroiij- in N uu ,ii eK The union |, ns „„,, saiw ., „ large followln.; and many O r-:erv- nre doubtful o'f lls success in 'own of approximately 701) • n Is (he lieadqiiai-toiK and er of tinfon activity, not more "ion Ja per cent, of slinrecrun- lefuwd lo go to woik at IhLs nay nnd gathered nrar il'e "oiirtnonse-. at O3ceola. Undet the luvv vvoiV'iellef vva(>e snle no« |n ifiecl. the men are entitled to; a minimum-- of IS per both or $1.20 for an el»ht lioni ilnj M r wiisaii e^* planned He 'aid, lhat IIP had In ; formed (he siilken lhat they vtete fntlllfil lo fl •>!> n ttav and had notified Ilit-in to ijepoit on tho Job tomr,irovv morning The misunderstanding appntetil li wa r the usiilt of u Jo cenL a dnv differential between ITRA wages for day labor-and (lie'wage Eenle Ihe Rural 'Rehabilitation cor- "anllon ha Inanguroled foi farm loom on the Maile farm proj,et The-corporation Li hiring farm Into! In (lip open mm kef «( ^i a da> nntl (be icllef \\oilei<; ap- pn'renlly carne lo the conclusion Ihnl tills scnle iioitld '.tnscttnh. (lint lit; wija Involved In to ulimlir uaval cou- .. awards. Asel U. Uravein, ^slilngtop nttorney. li eliowii liero an ho opueiirea lio- (oro tho Senate iniinltiona nroW commlliee. Ab-sertlon hurt; been mad B dial Uruvein hart said' he : coulrt "swing" conlracts iworib' mllllora Tor n J26«.iiuu tee 1 , 1 10 bo ''» • ' paid »v "tlmr. ' Class Promises CliaHges I in.Huge Relief Measure WAaillNOTON, lin *f.88fl,ClW.OC« ill l)» • "modined Wr.ipi-liilio n .s (.'iii-ii-ifClliita ilVm. len c'lmlrinan, Hans 1>"lK „ Com pining Ransom 1 ! PI MNO I ON, N J. Feb informed lhat fie Iii8 In' ciiler into du.ibnml!e .... based on Die Jlijlhh- Prench a$ro,ciuent 101 consolldal- >IIB Ejiropenn. peace. It was said on rejlablc nniborlly io,| nj . : wnsaindersloixl. that Uie nm- tluto Hie Ilniiptnmtrii home mdn ro> ...... Ilif. defense contcntloli the paclage contained what left of th,> $r, 0 ooo ransom money, linked o\ci the feme of S>t fiajmomU cemetery and Into the hands of the Hi out extortion- M', '' < ; «" |.Wiulclc«nllnii.mlBlil soon Bcdln to slnrl nel have Formnr Gin Operator Enters Building Material Business Merc u i Thf* . . . J_ "• I'^lvtlH^ mil him! in n f^u. nt s" "< a icvv .-otnL-i shinier |eclions but for- the most, par only - from unionist!-.. Planlatlon union with harccroppers lo 10 |icr cent owncis look on dismay. They (he been sallsned eneralls- nnd have nothing (o gain, nicy say the union threatens to owneis and 'crop-"' Imrl both seriously' i pou "-- - n'lilch They Testimony Conflicts , . .. . . ° Jui the other ai munitions Inouirv bcx ' r "° <iepaitincni . n ' lieved. WASHINOTONT, Fcb 4 (np)_ IIUI "- Sennlor Arthur H. Vandenberg mep.. iMtch.) disclosed today thnt testimony In the senate munitions Inquiry may be certified to the United Slates dlslricl attorney here to determine If one or more witnesses commuted perjury. lsnitl" officials amouulett : ...- wear pajaniaa on the Btreet, on the beacb and In the house. Pajamas are not evidence ot misconduct." Jiisilcs Cobaian land- will Hie yoniijf union leaders as soiinble. hlgli-stiinii; radicals. Ccunly Medical Society Will Hear Memphis Men Tide Changed Address, Washington Judge Told p er f ec( , the advised Mrs. Coblna Wrlsht te- (above) Naw York society leader, In refusing Ler a divorce. Her husband, witnesses testltleci, was fully dressed when raiders round wltli pnjaniaed Myrtlo Oardr,'^. Three Memphis specialisi.s will four years in. Memphis and • Alk - wi " °^ H " le J e*se V\PBO Lumber company here Tuesday of next week. The new firm, lo be located In Hie former Craflon building across from the Ark-Mo ..Lumber company, will handle u complete slock of lumber and other materials used in building. Mr. Webb win; be m charge of the bnpjness, assiRJed by Mrs. Webb, who will be in liie Office. Tn commenting upon re-entering business here Mr. Webb said: "Since I firs! came here 12 yeai?; 80 I have never found .1 belter town for business nnd so have returned here to conduct a home- owned business along lines ivhlch 1 believe will be beneficial lo Bly- thoville people." c dir. e »S o •«• -'Ihn ni ^" nly ModlMl KOCicl >' I" ' WASHINGTON. (UP) -Anthony K. Hudson nnneaivd in Traffic testimony Woming rE'ST, 1 IX "? 1ro ,,, JMl P Isr "" » ut . M •con, conference In 103:1 a[\K "" aMrCfA Han( , Disappointment to Him t. (UP)—Pelcr John bridge hand of IMIJ IS- I Mr. Webb lias been in Ihe mule Mm "ni, 7i"""!!f "-- > - 1 ".«" .-vuticij- in mid gin business here before and eveninr. '^ 'ipspltal Tuesday more recently was engaged In the ?n«it °' c?latlf y *'' !l sa «' mill business and farming in Priell<J>" r. ey '" Oetler:l1 L °"lslana nnd at. Earle. J'M k : -TI i, s S ' Wnrr ' s - sub ' Olll >' wlnor Improvements will BMiiw M , Mll " s 8 fI " fn l ° r Co »- ^ made to Ihe large building i Chirr, ir ,, Ftlillm " "' lci Dr. | which will house tlie new firni. I "Hwlgkln's Dl^T" W "' S|> ™ k °" SC Wil1 te titnrt( '" ''"'"fltttely. Pliyslclnns of thUolty aiv mak- 'ng n concentrated effort 10 have Son 1 ' 8 ' , n((e 'idance. The hoiii- U 7:3(1 o'clock. Pomt to Loss of Foieign IVlaikels lo Jnfianese Competiloi-, f WAgiHNQTON icb 4 (UP)_ Setmloi lolin II vwnUiead (Dpm *la) niithoi of the Bankliead tot ton oct revealed lodaj limt hi s consttteilns (he posslbllltv or legislation to aid U,e American textile business now suffering from Japanese Imoid- Into it forinei mail els ' Bqnkheid revealed it Ihe sen nle agrlenltui-c committee cotton clinic lint lie had been dls cmslng such i pioblem with some frlentU lo see ibont'the po.Mlbll- «; of i bill lo lake rue of this situation Bulkheads slfltemeiit canv after A.-'C.,.l,!\innort.. textile ' manufacturer, had urged- a ft lo 1 , a pound )»unty. on eolioii Amerlciii textile mills cenls used bv "One .thought, in my mind Is "ml n subsidy lo help (he. textile mamiroetiu'ers vroiild IK n.. v loln- llon of the anil-dumping ] aw .» h'-> Umpoit snld Japan Is taking the tit from Ainer- markets away Hitler, won understood" lo "HI. Wilpus Hint, Oeriuany .,, lilm accent In principle j], p ij,.iiisl, Fi-ent-h.propmnl for mutual i"rlai dcfemfl. . . """""i a-nai The proposals were welcome here, • Vr'afi.' s.alcl, Jjecnuse Ihev rhiiindv n |ognlt/o,, of .ciovmniiy's air pernuiny ts denied a military tiSi''. - f lllulcv lhe Vci-saines treaty. ,but u.e Brlll s h : French Oprmaiiy'< a Irenty , lm ie, « cl , Britain n ante biire'T .,toi y rrom ihc cw -innd, vim, deigned fo i Ilail|)(i,,aiin of elimgci (hat collintnl the ransom money lhc n | E it t Negio Gets $300 Tine and 30 Days on Taim Alleged fiaud OIK Dixon negro was fined ^... n,,^,., IIUIII ftl lean ; n,nimracturers: not only •», h«i ta ^ ''.'^".""'L "« Philippines, A tile government subsidy f o tex- manufacturers would old the rtrt ., : -'.^ ,'wiuu HKI me colon plainer, p ickcr . g | nlldl , spinner, weaver,- finisher, merchandiser and dislrlbulor ns well, torn- port sain. "We urge lhat, out of the tremendous snnis nou- sought for relief and re-cmpioyment a sum approximating 10 p, r cent of h ""[lie iiiamifBctiirors have paid In &n£T*? ^^Stvw Municipal Jnrl^c c 1 dm nine ham Siturdaj The negro vva* comic ed of oblalnlng money un'•" r alfe prelease bj taklnff r ws olhct negroes- on piomlsi <• W.BP dee land fo, them Trom he feilemi goierninelit ."was Dixon's second trial in miillelpal court for the same of- m.w • Dlxon was Irled, convicted »d fined $300 by n snec | nl j,,"™ -nter, on appeal to circuit court ils attorney. Claude, r. Cooper •abed the issue that he was not T . ™. '«' • a Properly constituted curt because, the special judge not properly elected. The circuit court sustained his demurrer. . "VW. was promptly re-arrested At his jeeond munlclptil court trial his attorney's motion for n continuance and his plea of fonn- Jeopardy were overruled Archie..Craig was fined {so on Jack Cooper was fined $50 on a 2SSL° f carry "' B " cmcmlfa .if""".? 00 ' 1 -^ nned *lo and Berkshire Ho- Weighed 747 PoundsJVhen Killed DUBOIS, Pa. (UP)—When John "Cans Just thai. His latest contribution to Clyde Snydcr's butcher shop ' ' He swoie llral on (he when ||,e ,ta( c contend, maiin coltnctcd tho Vansoni horn J r Condon he \us at, Haunt- manna home nnd that the de- feiictunl was there all evening , ill" leI40(1 tlmL '" ^f™- 1013, TVcli attended anclhei at, the Hiuiptmnnn Home, ng with him n. package about five incheb by ijlx Inches bj 14 nches He Immediately walked UD lo Ifauptmann, Kloppenluirg svsoro and then thej went into the eo Wl,en they emerged, lie snw rifcl1 <IUI not ha\e the iiack- l Hloppenbtirg di^ not see Flseh sailed soon for Clerrmmv ivbrrc he mer t Sled y The defense contends that Fisch ca\a, Haiintmarih r,' packope ' f > >l<*» fm luihi tHot Haiiptmamj pul 1 In a kitchen cloaet, and' that It. wa." months Inter^Vhen the de- /endant discovered thai (he package contained, morjay, ._ Vibrations from 'train' " Loosens Shower of Brick , caused by m- passing c n nuco (,-aln about 1 o'clock Sunday morning, loosened a to5i of brick from the second story front W al| O f, Joe Isaacs' store, Main and Railroad streets lend-Ing (lie maw tumbling | 0 [i lc sl(ie ., «alk belou > Workmen Here bu-rj repairiLe the wall today nllci rcmoyinf more [| ln ii „ | on of additional ,,rt , T U '° have wolke " i^ nnd lo be in dinger of falllna . Appirenllv the condlllon of the i .. Bits imknonn File chief Roy- He, <! said thr brio could not we fallen at n moie opportune "me, pointing out that such an o«rm rente wienl hours earl'er feuliinlny ni.hl) would l mc been cciluln to !ia\e ic^lted tragically topllgatlon slm«eri Ffend Stated hat the oiilei wall of the build-- ug had never been tied to |he ««» m Ihe, m.jliy The brick left «rick struc- B apln» holcMa "f Wn " 34 feot w '1e "I places nUhough the Jraln . r bont 5 feet b> U fctu Abe Bradford, negio portei at Mali, sticet bubei shop wit-' rfsed the occmreice '" A charge of reckle.« driving was docketed-against M. L . Barnes nnd a charge of disposing of lo a "* " ' Bcrfohlro pntinte. New Tuberculin Aids I/. S. To Save Cattle WASHINGTON (UPI—A new tn- •—illn believed to be more rell- than broth tuberculin in re. Minettl revc.tlcii he had. put Ihe |liog on n dally diet of five gallons M , „ . ' ! or ml1 ^ «"d a bushel of sweet corn, Massachusetts Says Note ; lle l '°" ' vas ""'« .vcurs oi<i. 50 Pounds Worthless op was 'anl i nn bro "' tubcr oulln in rc- type, welshing'}*, F " le P rc scnce of tubercu- * ' Mls In cattle now Is being used - ----- •<«>•, -j uvuig useti the Agrlculure Department in K« caltle-henlth campaign The new tuberculin Is made from a pure chemical which lakes the pace of meat broth. DUBOIS, I son's iicrfoct . . . of the Bureau of Animal Character Dances Seen other tuberculin in •10.000 uomparatlVE Laurciico R. Wilder, former rre- ident of lo seven opponents, however, wei «u«>Jy system and the proporni was made by Axel Gray- cm, former RFC lawyer, Qriivein ttonicrt making the promUe. ' • live further.'away." Hltt.ordered 'that!.-.but - •'-•-' for , well handed lu spades overcalled hia bid, The only satisfaction Johnson on oun WIlltnM got from, 5,1s 13 diamonds w.,3 tlnUiln detail on a huge he and ls t - a-- -. -•.. -.u *v MlUMJVJkU^ rtMJ UlrtV I III UCUUI QH Q. llllCm Tl he and Jtis partner, set tlieir op- soon to l>e placed in the poneHts* 6lj$"l?lcJt, ' Mu£ewn/''-. -.~ - vada-regron-Vrom 11 Lake^Tah^to SS ^ 1 ? e « r ,, loW llim that «}?°*' " re f dmt of the Shlo D ni »*««* WHltne, are ^ ^n^^S^n^ BE? i'"K! W»°L,,.annu. let man ln B n le commonwealth of any lk-'nl convention tliat "we are work on outstanding unpaid notes Ing tcnvard.a revival of national prior to 1753,..- I and cjiaracter duneln^, 1 ' nauo ^ 1 cam Plumber Exhibits as Whittling Expert MAHITOWOC. WLs (UP)-cW Nelv,,, VO uhlltler of extTaordln- ' kMsltlng his son Here ^fclson formerly a local plumb• , d| d '»t 4 Alsco\er his shlttltog ""'!' two 5eara ngo ^ h "« ning In the north woods of -sln since then he baa whittled thousands of Intricate articles as he touted the country as a ( representative for n large cutlery company Ho has demonstrated In department stores and hag conducted whittling contests During the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago last iear be signed with tli<> £lDl<sv AddUorl- um. sheie he exhibited his sUU and wittons of his art WEATHER ARKANSAS —rair tdm x l,l and Tiiesdav, Memphis and Vicinity—Fair lp- night and Tuesday, not Inucli change in The ran polnte,-! out (hat a few lalled to react to the Koch . oo!t more;, thar, 40 years ago, and clear, according to Ssrfiuel F. Nor- jslteved to be «u excellent test. ;rU, ofdcial nesther obwmr. temperalure here

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