The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1931
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRIL Ui, ,1931 RI.VTITEVJU.K. (ARK.) COUNTER NEWS PAGE THRKl. Heads Rabigh Junior League Dr. I visited hi'i-j Cadi SV::-e!i a:riu\l Priiijy Iron;. Texas, fur :i vif.t v/lt'.' ' his parents. Mr. ami Mrs. M. \V.b->:i. '• Mlfs E;li? HjIiJli 0» vhiud i:!v.:vcs hove Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Davis ; T,:j'.-m cl Hlyth?v!l aii-1 at'on:!;;! n b:i>: Kkron News Notes Ray Hart entertnined a numbe] of fils friends at Ills lionse Tuesday wllh n parly. .\fr. and Mrs. 1). K. Stone re- turr.?d Saturday niySit from pohii! In Mi«ls3l|]j>i where they havf jbrcn visitlni! relatives nnd lr!;n:l! the pist weak. iifns Norton Iwd p.s his giies'.' I for Uio week-end E-iwnrd Hy:\n o' , List Can", ami Ilol:on Cnn;?r. I Roy Horl anJ family vlsliet' 1 friends at rial Lak" lust w»°k-»i^ ; Mr. ami Mrs. Porie-r Smith. r.v tlielr guests for the mr'K-cii-' Thu:i!.i play nt Gosncll Monday night. nov. Williams of here lllli'd his appointment at Driver Grove Sunday night. Mrs. E. H. Walker spent Sunday wllh Mrs. Ora Brooks M Driver Grove. Waller Maxwell was tbe dline Kiii'H of liulord nnd Clyde Jarret'. Run Jay. Miss Tlielma Richardson .spin 1 . Snlnrdny nlijhl v.llli Miss Aim- Nefdham. Mrs. E. 11. Walker has b:en il 1 his week. nt S'.ockbrldge, named for the old home setts. of trlbt! In Mnvnchu- Arizona Apricot Tree Said lo Be Record Breaker Mr. were {Mir-sls of rrlitlv^ ovnr 1'; wr?k-s:id nt Cap.' Olvsrdcv.i. Mr. and Mrs. II. T. Dr'V:? .«>'•> TiiiiiFday and IViJiy i-.i tittciiciing fo bi:s::i;. 1 -; L!:rl vi.-.:t'a friends. G. Dmvey Mil-'s '.vns in SI. l.m:: J n;i:n:lln'; i:, Iw.ln-s? Ivo.'ii Tb.irs-1 day '.'} ^rvturdav c.t v. ;.. ¥ V J Miss Lois I10!,t:iv;5 cf Pn :h Bluff \va.s th? ^ucst cf I: 7.acl: Hasting, for the Mr. mid Mrs. Kills U.iv-s of S" i Louis art- sipn^inj a wrc-k with Mr .and .Mrs. O. A. D.ivh of ihi* ! •In. R. W. VOK-el! rDiurnr.! !:r.sday from a vis'! with Mr. ai 1 .: 1 Mis. Lester ' Jo'.:ns"n at Wee.' Prantfort, III. Dudley Smolliermnn. nevcy W'n- ver-'nnd Winifred Chipman ivo.-f Ha^ti visitors Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hamri and son. Al'j'.-rt, were pilots of rel atives in LW]cnr:i Sunday. Jifrs. .Inlin Fmvler shouneJ Ii" Kenn»!t W-jdnosrlsy. .iltle Miss Bj'.:ye Fay? D.iilvvp- itej .ivilh M: r -s r.Inriyn John;in a; Maiden Saturday nnd Sunday. Mrs. J. Stewart nnd daiiHh'er o' Maiden visited Mr. ni:d M-?. .1. W Karnes (he firs!, part of Inst w?ek Mrs. Minnie I'res'lv. M's> Mar Johuso'n and T. E. jDhm.on sosni Sunday with Air. nnd Mrs. Jam?' Marl in nt Lake City. Mr'.'and Mrs. Huj'i L?:mn h ?y daughters of Ker.nett wt--> SUIV'T- lU'.'Slr, of Mr. nmi M's. f,\c'~ A!l?r Mr. and Mrs. W. O. L^iis-:- aiy : Mrs.'Eula Lanic;- attinled I 1 -" fu ncrol rf Mrs. J. \V. Warren ot Cardwell Sunday. Mrs. J. Henry Wo;d r.nct cii'l- dich Anne and Jack, aii:i :.[r s . .j B. Mehartr were visitors at K?n- nett Tuesday. Earl Lanier left WMn?s:l'.v !o- Munphis nfter n visit here witli his 'Mother. Mr;. W. O. Lanier. I Mj.-.James A. T. Dciujlas. Ori::' "W11U5I3S, T. R. Le'.'.is rt'!d Hiih-vt Wise were in Pirii^o'iM Mo:rJa- shtuioiiig nnd visiting friends. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. J. Gravis a:t rtauehlers. Misses Mirianna nnd De:ot!iy were in . Konn-ul .PmvJ'" visiting Mr. and Mrs. P.ilby Slniioh- ier.' Mr. and Mrs. nc^cce Bradley anp" children of St. Loi-is sp:nt SunJav here wit:i Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Davenport. bdltoiiin Turner spciu Tuesday in.3i. L'ouis en burin?c^ Mirs?5 Sun nnd Marcin Oliv arcomjnnled by their brother. Robert, visited friends in Campbell Saturday and Sunday. Dr. -and Mr.,. Gesrce Bridges c? Paragcnld attc-nde:! the funeral of Mrs. Cnrncn here SunJnv. Miss Cl?vie HarJiev and Gmc Allen save their frk-mk a bv look plac^ in Pnra^ould en Satur- tby. Anril 4!h. They were nU;:id=^ by Miss Pcnrl French and Eirl T/i nier. Dot, hthe trid? snd ?rno-i ar r well. ; kno^n -Iiert 1 . the bride bsiii" the yonnessi daughter of M-. an-" Mrs". Weils iiarkev cf '.he Ncsbit' community, and the nrocm l-.v(lie 5111 of Mr. and Mrs. Arch Alien nf Senuh. llalr.M Piv;c!!s of E^ci K"r, nt!! >i- cnt°rt'"n n d n ii-imb^ 1 - "f h ; - f;- : ->-,-. £atij 1 'd' 1 v rvenin'' r>[ h:^ iio:" 0 -'-it'- n C5rH narf.". Th-;e -.i-ln itu-ri—• from' ""err w* 1 -": ^vrn^ R->e^, 1 - 0 T,.., Nfqiir— ,\i'-t'n «'. F. r'D-,v>r. Bu=i- hn*-)!) n^d P^nl Dtvis. an,1 Mrs. O'jorsc rlli of nrfir D?H. Mr. and Mrs. Onlev S'mi" a- vHtiiig Mrs. Stone's parents n?} - Di'll. ! Mrs. I .ula Franks nnd clil':V- snunl Sunday will: Mrr>. Ray!in;i Jordan. 1 Mr. Simpson and dai|-?>M?r. J-" | sic Jewel], have recovered f"i'ii li- 'juries received lu nn aii'.-ni^V' j ivvccfe on Highway fil T!iun:];r i::o:-nlr.g. lilchrifit Farm New \rmsrel Negro School 4th in Stale Contest WASHINGTON. tUI'l—Ari/on:! 1 ;. onliy in the Ij^^i'fi-lii'.li-lii'e cc:i- tesl is an aprieoi tree plimled b" fc'co'.i-li Ki'illris on lop of Nnturol Billies' nraf the vi!!at;e of i'nyson. The irt'p was plunuxl 6'2 years UKO, ClmrU's E. Uosscr. curator ot «lrn- Hijinpiilc palcnloiogy at Ihe Ka- llonal Mu.seiim here. cnco'.mterKl the tree in a search for life forms' nnder Wctmoie Just published by the Instltiillon, "by putting rum In rook hollows where llitr l<;minas would drink It, iiinkliix it nn ivisy miiller lo entch and InuuMe llivin." Wcunorp collected govern 1 llvltv.- sifcTtmi'tis by less crafty m^M: and he remarks that Hie diintcr.Mi! nltrlgnteK ot the horrid iipiM'srln. aulinal.s iue wholly Imaginary. In Aroo:n rocks mid he says of it: Is now °. Eltulenls of the Armorol negro j t'lU'i' icet in dlnmoler. with n ;chwl, who iinrllclpnled In the 1 spreail of branches exceeding 100 •PC in Rcseimald day program, won!feet and this summer the tree bore Hlai-kMiilth KtsUts UWiifi Tlile UOHTON. IUI')—T:le rlsllli| lldl ! of motor vehicle iwpulai Ity h ;o ' fiitiocl lo ii'movc the cenliiry-old hluj[) of Uoston's only blacksmitli. Coriifllus Croulu Mil: wields Ills flve-poiinil hummer nt i his forge In his Crrek Squavr hor.s?- Hi -n ! itloe ' 11 gi'slabllslimenl. Morenvci |buslni'Fs i.< Boort, ncrcrcllne In Cru. nl». 'cr ti:e school fcurlh honois In he state. 'flvr? were 8S schools who enlcr- •d til? contest, lor the program on tcs Kivulil day. The fourth |ir!/.c .vui an elementary dictionary. '•anp«".(lP of Old Indian ^ apjuoxlmately 100 bushels of dull." Islanders .Capture Lizards With Haitian Rum r:<. .li)!-v|>liiis l).ink'K Jr.. aliuve, ! iin^liu-r i!i;la'A' of Josei-lms Dan-N.. fiiyiiifr ^oi'retary u( Uie navy, ; :\ i bi-i'ii el.-< if il In rMiecced liersclt 1 s pi .'M'li'ilt ni Hie Jiinlnr League ot I'.uleisb, X. C. i NORWICH. Conn. (UP)—3' h c ' beautiful, rhythmic tongue of n once powerful Indian nation Is virtually extinct anions the last of the Just a Memory Mr. and Mrs. 0. S., Webb shop- r,---i in Hly'iicvHle Tursdny. Mrs. K. C. .lilies, visited Mrs. C n. Webb, Thursday. Vs:* Iris AV: 1 "^ and Vinn Davis Mohicans vl'itec! in the Wilder home Thurs- j N O 01!u nlnong the 10 remolning day. Ion the reservation nt Mohegiui. Cr-cll steel" ind I3oyd Orr were n;ar here, can spenk more Ihnn n BMluvllle visitors. Friday. ! f ev ; words of greeting, nccordin-j n A large crowd nttended lh» dance | chief l^cegee Uncas, descendant oi nt the Esles home. Wednesday „ i ong [|ne of rulers who held sway WASHINGTON. (UP) — Native flsliernien oi 1'etite Gonave Islnnd, N , r . oif the coast ot llnill, luivc a unique early tXlmct method of catching the great Ik- "vd» which Infest the region. The llstiermcn profess fenr of the ;uaim, but to members of n Smithsonian Institution party who nipht. Miss Gertrude I.owr was Ihe gur-st of Ills Akins. Frida 1 '.- ^!r. Tom Cnuno was a biisin r s5 i visitor at MyUieville, Fridtiv. Mis« Jnln Coleman of Burdctte and Miss Idelle Webb, accomunn- icd bv Rov Lowe and E'!"nr Davis, n'.ti'nded lh« dance at the home of Gladvs Estes. Wednesday ni?ht. Mrs. Ma^sie Hcathcock was (he "rest of Mrs. Vina Davis. Mo:i- day. in Western Mass:it:hii5ett.s ft n c Connecticut. Chief Uncas believes tlie only Mo- liican who cnn converse freely in the tribal language is Willinm Dick of Wisconsin, descendant of another Muhican who migrated to iliat state nfter the Mohicans withdrew trom (he Five Nations. Dick lives visited the Islnnd was disclosed ttie menus of snaring the llznrds alive. "Tlicy sold Ihey coukl Ix.- cap- Renew Your Healtd By Purification Any v>-i1l (ell you Hint "Perfect rimdcii'.iun of (he Sya. tcm is Mamie's l-'ountldlion of I'crfci-l lli-nllh." Why not rlcl /our.-.df of cbnjiik- nilinctit» Hint an- uiiiU-imiiiiiij; your vitality 1 ; Purify yc.uv i-nliv,-; invtom by luk- iny r. thoiousli coui'M, 1 of. C.'alo'.aljH, —once or tv.'icc n wcok for several \yci-l;s—and see !;o\v Nature, ro- w;inl.s you willi 1ie;Ulh. C«_'uinli3 purify tin; blood by nc- tivatin]^ t!:e livei 1 , kidneys, r.lonmch and L-uwcls. In 10 eta. i-.iul 3. r i ets. lured," says the report of Alex- 1'ncknccn. All denials. (Adv.) the Street YV>f<'ril;iY \vc noticed a sign rather, urni-ual. il ['cadsliko lliis — toys Under 18 Not Admitted Boys Over 80 Musi h; 1 iuromp.mird by Parciils Clear Lake , Mi^cs Paulirc .Stull'^n 1 :. VirM : i '-ivn->s airl Uiiplla Childers sp : Wcdue'dav nl«hl with Mr. and M-v Travis Ellis. I i Mr. aud Mrs. James White have returned frnni M^sissiopi wtars Ihei' scent th' 1 week-end with Mrs. While's namits. Mrs. Mattic Uvniiin find dau^b- tcr. Giodys. si>ent Tucsdnv with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ralph. Mr. iFOin Richardson snent Fri- dav i'i Memnhis o;i business. Miss rauline Neal sp'nt the wrek-end with Mr. and Mrs. Travis isfimel Year Id.' lt:ay be Rone, but folks in Xew- riori. Ky.. have not forgotten old K'niK Colloii, wmbliiiK clinractcr, w!io drifted into town iu 10UD anil clicil llierc tiirce years later. Victims of Ms'"shell jiainc" keep Ids >'.t-fiiory ^r.^i'ii liy [IfrnratinK bis «ra,"e with his symbol, three shells, Ellis. , Misses Stella Powers and Goldie ___ ^^ c ^| c ^ i;)rf i son spent Fvidnv night i with Mr. an:l Mrs. Tsom Richard- Mr. W. A. Scott and family were cucsts of Mr. and Mrs. John Mauley. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Garner spent P'nnSnv nfternron wilh Mr. and i\Ir?. Spence Ellis. Mr. and ^^s. C. M. Lewis sp->nt S'-r.da" afternoon wilh Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Tayior. Everyone is invited to attend Sunday school Sunday morning at th? clear I«ake F. J .rm schcol house at 9:39. Lone Oak Items Mondav Bcmdcim Ivcy sp^nt nif^ht \v:'h Toala TvTooro. Mr. and Mrs. Freddie I!od»e wer- Kuests of Mr. and Mrs.. Kimurd Waiters Friday evening. Mr .nnd Mrs. Eruy Hodsje spent Wednesday in Blytheville wifi ii'iends. Frank Seay of Blytheville was th? gupst of Floyd Davis Saturday night. Miss Jewell Maxwell spent Sunday night with Misws Eunics and Bernice Jarrett. Mr. and Mrs. Clarcncs Davis. ^fiss Mavorlcnc Davis, Eddie William and Floyd Davis attended the ' : SEE THE NEW E D \/ C K V t I m w mm H E R M E T Of Coursi: 11 Was Af JIE^PIjYHOUSE simplest electric refrigerator ever produced Go Places by Greyhound Spring's ncie" Get out and meet it in a Grey- huutid bus. Anv season of the yeai, ihistravel way is more convenient, rr.oic enjoyable. . , cosi3 less. Just now it is doubly pleasant fur businew trips, week-end visits oj cross-country tours. Samples o/ Savings 185 00 ,nJ St. Louis Cape Girardeau . Chicago Birmingham Tupelo Cl:rksr:llc Jackson Xe\v OrL-aris ... 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Kverv l> ! ch schtxil in Dmikl'n ccunt-v wil b" vpiwsenlod l-i Ihe malchcs in li^th I'.ovs on'' cirh events, with awards tn inrlivid'^l sind crcun winnnrs to bn made fol- lo-.vtim co::ipld:ou of the contests. Krnnrtt ni:d fonnlh arc picked to win the hurels and BO lo the District meet. folds Checked By nwdcm vaporizing ointment—Just rub on Wisconsin Woman fer fat reditctiou am on my sic- ond bottL-—I lost 11 pounds in r.i:-: wc:ks and feel fine—Krusrhrn sure gives yon a lot of vinx and pep." KniEehen Salts sre used daiiy by niir.inns all over tho \vo:kl not only io InV.c cf! fat frou: overwcisht people but to rejuvenHic the entire system. One botilc of Kriischcii Sails dnsl.s 4 wreks) cosls but E5c and one tollle will prove ol v.v,t benefit to people who have cons'.ipa- ticn. headaches, indigestion, ner- voiiiiitss. r'.ieiunati.nn. depression, aridity and nuto-intoxication. ! 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Startlinglylowpriccsand generous terms. All models covered by sweeping Servel factory guarantee for your protection. Thh phantom W lliowl |A» highly t tin^ unrf cf Hie Hermetically tealed j«Eng era ling unit No V[!ch«n repoin or inlricato odjutlrrrenti Fewer moving porls lhan clhef • Coitt coniidtrabty l«si Qvietttt evir pfoduced, tcientific let) QUICK FACTS Hand/ Tecipcralure Coniroi far fait M&t, uwbfe ihelf ipote Ihcn jlhe» Flcl, uuibla lop ( imide the hoi«] Beu-jTiful, graceful, compact cobin«Tt Siorlllngly low prices— generou* terms Ccv»r«d by iw*«pTnj fcctwy gwaran!* niylheville, Ark. FONES BROS. HARDWARE CO., LITTLE ROCK, Distributors COME IN AND SEE THf^NBW SERVfel HE^MtTIC-

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