The Courier News from ,  on February 2, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from , · Page 6

Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1935
Page 6
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AGE sr?: French, Lindstroni Couh Help; Cliango SRCIH ResI for Rush, jMiloric BY 1IATIUV (iHAVSON S|ieil-: Editor, N'1-M Scrvlif CIHCAGO—Clmrley Orlinin pro)) nlily wits .short-ehiinet-d when h (rave Hie Phillies $125.000 and ihiVi players for Charles Jlr-rberl Klein of Hie 'ClilCiiKQ Cubs, inn; liavi Ix-tn Inken another time or Iwo Why not? The Wrlgk-y oulfii \vell equipped with nil thai count* at banks. 1 cnn'l yos those who contcm that., ihe Bruins have l;een ,sw jxxl out of Die National ^:ice .this winter, however. Let's lake a look at the deals: Pilchr-re Ony Hush -niul Jlu Weaver nnd Omrielrier'nabe Herman lo 1'itlsbureh for Soulhpa'.i lauy Pi-rnch and .Third Baseman I-YeiMIe Lhi(!;,troi(i. ' Pitchers iind Tiniililj; and Waul 'Ip','the Ht. Louis CardlnaLs for Pllelier Tex Carlc'ton.. Pitcher pat Malone :md cash :to .the cardinals for Catcher The only future ijrralK, If any, are •- Wnrd iinil o'tei. ami ll ' i were hiterrslcil hi Ilio Cute. I'd fed n omit (leal .IfclUr if HIQ club had Inlkctl nreulon, Rickey .& . Co. out or Ward, imlcrid of .patting Hie youngster on In an exchange that broiiRlii no out 111010 llllportimt lllHH CillletOll The ncd BlVds haven't purled with •n player of ren) woilli sltice they traded Kogm llomsby lo the Giants, and ihcn they got ovcry- :thlng Dint .was coinlii" lo them '.In the person of Fmiikta Prlscli. l'-'£e Cy Young C.irlcton won 10 gnmra In 40 attempts m 1834, but old Cy Doling- could liiivn tome back and (lone IK, «ell with Pepper iuafiln. Joe Mcdntck.- Ripper Collins and the crowd thai run t lie Glnnts into Ihc ground nn ,| trimmed Hie Detroit -Tigers in the world scries And 1 doubt' that, old Cyrus would have dropped ij decisions, ns did Caileton or yoitltl have yielded 4'.'(i rariKd runs for every nine Innings of toll Ward bagged 25 or 30 games (California count) for LOS A»»elM after llic Cub; quit on Him last spring. O'Drn, up f,- om Columbus, is jomclnlng of n prospect, but his liming is questionable. • ' The slim Bush copped 18 con- Icsls In, 1931 Denver- 11. Bush KiW reputed to have been a Honisby man, aim conEenuenl'ly i ruatwied The supposition is iwtt ailmui ;iv. 1s cleaning; House hi tiie cases -.of ..(he... Mississippi Mudeat and Malonc. • The "latter finished m front in 14 elToris. If I.hidj -Hushes .Wemei, who is 30. sinnds « ,, „ ,i, ,""" wc ' Blls ~ ;to POiimls «"n eight gnmes last season aflev Jsqnig taken over from (lie si Wilts I)i <m us. 'rtmiliij. lias IK-™ nothing more wn jus) .mother bloke Wound for .Q' gimfs"lii "ito repeated the performenco • the following H.iEon. He won only 12 ' eonteEtsTsst year, wliile losing 18 but only a D«an vouhl have re tu-wd to siiirendcr when the Pirates gave lip In IBM. Oddly enough, French luifm'i Efilnc-il n dwHlnjj'Dt WrlglL-y, Reid since ApiII 27, 1930, . despite the fsel Hist, ihr pjrl; l!, mppmti tn'l),- n luvrj) ''iai ]r-ll-lmnt\ nil- fliers, •Pfedeilel: rharlr-s I,lml.Hlrnm AtvlK'Iml lael: \n ililnl dnsi', wfieir he Marled, Is Hi,- blBU''St ques- lion nun): of nil. Mndy, appar- rritiy fed up ftlUi ll all, fell |[l:e playlnn oiily, in ^uiurr, In the nuirield last. year, and lilt only -23!). flu.slltnu, MndsUom. u'llh 11 years of innjor IcuRite exper- lenco nl m, might m,ij;o Crimin look like :i David IJniniu. Cnrlolon will have lo lie of much 'ivlce as hr- \vns to ihe Cnid- Innls, nnd then some, and French will Imvc- lo do n good Job of nsjihic, his Wrlgley Fit-Id jh>x linwi-ver. 'I'lin Cubs' hnve racii- llced in ynme.s on pai»'r in their Tiilclihig limit. 'I'luil'ti il! K diner•me Iwlwcen ihe winning lotal of Bnsli, Mnlone, Weaver, nnd Tin- tins, NIK) 'lluit of Cnileton niui •ench. On The Outside- Looking In By "DtJKE" , of Hie game, almost »|' ivBys keep In fnlrid that their performance Is OM Jor the cusromers and not with' the oiuiomers. Ol course, occasionally, they'll land In your )npo or stage o foot raw up and clown the aisles but they'll lake oil kinds of verbal abuse from Ihc tioj'.i who pdy kvailsn Ihey nrc smalt enoucli lo knuw thai ll.e privilege ol hill line remarks ° average fan bujs (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Bo long nr your p/imged fan eonliuer, hi:- nelivltlrn lo infilling he i-on'l gel under thlek hide nf the usual gri Of eour.«- v.hfri Ihe i iislpmer de . Ihc- LUM3 Sflroml. Defeal (or Missouri Team on Avihory Coin I . cides Hint ho n sod: al the i;raj>|j|rr who dtspieasr-. 1 ; him .'-- WMlly Hie v:iw pro'wbly tulk;ii3 In Ihri ollir-i- jpiinw's ear when i!:" er ihnuK.'il lie was nill'i';/ then the mntmrm nnturally Is ready lo prolec-t liimwlt-and prob- I'jly flic/* VT-nt la wiua .feellnj' .jii his own part. On Way lo Tup. AK»(II il'.'.SH Die unexiiet'ted, happMis :hc University of Art:nnsa.'i i js no This Season P. FRIEND Harry Grayson - •• NEW YORK.-Usimlly enmc-lhlnB IMS to lit* ilonf- about most, sports, wit imp's a. h'rniid-nev/ one in of reform, basketball, nncr was rough, -DIP n | g )|L j l( , EHinekrd Klri E Uvlnsky? Or lhal. .Ipp Ravnldl | s tndrtlt-ntc in jilr-b Inn iiji ll)<> fihngRv Mnn Moimlr,t;i , tumbtn bnskoibrin •Want. Tourney l>al<; ciiaiiKcii Aimouhccmcin of the scene ol -lie (llsir/ci basketball tournament as ..Ml) as (he i] nto wi ,| projj.,^. ttc'i forthcoming on February o. ' Jone.'soro \ls making a strong ell'orl- to have the dale changed from March 1-2 |p March •• I hi Jone.sboro be e stnlc; junior.high tonnniineiil '' Heiman LS „ crnjyimiif littler who reaclllv. would be ntd - . defeme. -me^nlw ' has been m | s . ^Lfr 1>0 ^ft Brooklyn ' ? 1 ' '""' Mnrtsiorni are esinb- ed:b|g ic - TOMORROW EXTRA! Paramount'News presents A KUI.L'PICTORIAL OK HAUPTMANN ' ON TRIAL!! Actual Courlroom Scenes! ! ! Uriino cipss examined liv WilcnUs! ! ! Graphic Dramatic Pictures' nf Ihc century before your very eyes. , U'milil AIHI!Mi IVrcsdin'K. 'Press dispatches from Mlctilyun re .lo the. effect thnl ."'_".'.;'.".'.' f Dial stale, has' proposed 'h" law o atwILsh wrestling In it Is n "nuisance." "These \vrr.stlors and „., „ iromolcrs tire In effect defrauding lie public," declared the leg tula- or In .speakliur for lils pet hill They organise a troupe and l!f rom pine eto place pulUnir'-.oji hows, which aiu supposed to ; lie onlesfs but. which arc in the bag oiijj before they Iwgln." Hen Epstein, sports editor of the rkansas Gazelle, -commenllni; on ic Michigan legislator's oiltlnirat cribulos as follows, probably wllh is lingers classed: "Accept this for what, yon think A's .worth, but'm; hiipp?n to know Hint Hie inniiglcivs lore noUiiiu; better limn mulching 'wits' nnd skill Ivith nn 'obnoxious' rlngslder (referring lo n lhrc(it by Ihc legislator to step In Ihc ring nnd throw Hie bums out). \y c once ^aw nn 'Intrepfii' rlngslilcr. ' pull this very stunt only to rue Hie night nnd several \moro. "Pake or'othenvke (lie boys .who nightly earn their three square meals by ihe wny ol maul, pack fair physlflttcs. Some olf night try diving Into, the seats of- your' fu- vorltc movie houses, It'll astonish 5 ', 0 !!' '',!!,,'5h°''. time grappling clams .are made up of loilgliles aim, uomile Whe much suppiloi- physically lo (He Hires. Cjweiul'b!y:i -] average layman by many a bleep Idle Hawkswere'snwtmiu I -the inpocl ever slilkci you .to Dell teai i '»•«'., CQiiSd of attack, : please lememhsr to hlg Igleliearl ~ • -<^ c " °< »i«,,*. ..-,,„ ..... ~- MMm EUn - - • nif to return to it-. olil r habit of winning Soul Invest conference, 1 lins- keltall titles this'season. The Porker* apjwar de'nnltoly lo )e Hie class ol the circuit Ilils 'ear nml a mighty KOOI! team, too With n third of their schedule Jchlnd diem the Hnjiortiackx arc just nlioiit home wife, unless- : n- jnrles upset them. There are souu- .oiigh ijame.s ahead hut Hiey have- n'l lest one yet uni | ,, W! .y oOiVi-,,,, jenni hi die circuit has dropped m irt in a round unilic al, the Nallonnl Ouard ai- niory, Tho.'Kcora was 27-rj j; lr . I'M v"! f'"r 1enl "" n| S» SlWion i Mo.), had-, fallen boforp u, c „„. sltiusht 'of., Idc ' tribe by „ a|., N - ,-- VJI Ulilt [jtl- lip 111 football Is something to U, .tee,, .Mo^LS^'nS 1 ^ef^t * l ^ «2?X seven fouls were called Saliba an«l "Wimpy. D, )md nt ' ndversai^'s out of ihr lioekey .stick ovei ..., rranlnin ^ nnytlilOjr wny? '- • . . . h Jf-so, yon haven't sop,, anything until you lake 'a peek at, a girls' lutei'chib niid Interacholastic liashet- liall coinpetltfon in nnd around Manhattan and especially bn'Loiv Island. Those Lohir': Island'- ' ' OUR BOARDING HOUSji I ALWAYS LOVe THIS-, MAKES THE HOUSE LOOK' LIKE ITS "BEEN LiVEB IN/ CLOTHES CLOSETS ARE . M-L, WiHT TOP. TJHDES.T3UT ^ I I.IKE A LIVING -ROOJA TO ' By Ahen/|, OH-AH-l SET THE-rATHERfr-- ~—THWS HERHMTV, M~R5, HOpFLfc, YEH-^- IAV ANCFiftTCRS WEPT: ) nw ,0 '\ GYPSIFB, • 'AlWAYS ABUT i- THAT UHftKRWE-VlktlUCr J "P^ATOY 'TO Uir-AVE. QN / IT WAS I \OBOTOL1CI-1 I I MUST X "^"T-UY! WAP.WpftF-S PUT A TEW CLOTHta-plNS < > — " TWP KAA.Vv.lTi f } \ ' WANT TO 'DRV OUT { v s 10 r.s en _. .„„..., t -, tn ,i \j JJK"' '•> til securlns ti, fi MsMcl S0|lfol . hi [( event as well and advances as it's iuggesllon for changing »,<> .,«,. lor tout-no? 'date thai, it would enable sciiior leanl's nnd coaches-ol ',,cV" sWc S. to ' ntch - IJlc • Jl "" or _ II. A. I, of Tyronza, prsel- ieiil of the district, is. rciiorted o IK askliiir for opinions on the ehange in ntiies. 'A definite decision -.vlll tc.mndc at Marked Tree ooay week. - . . -, High School Girls Use to DeJl team The girls' high school basketbnll earn was defeated by the Dell ilgh school girls', team, -H-u at he i Armory Friday afternoon. TJiclma Kobhler. was high point ^corer of the Blytlicvllle team, vlilcli was composed of Bejidonn I^y.-Tcte \vikon, Lucille " Words,. lint No niii«s, '•The average me.illci, cvc.n Ihc Waltrip,. „ . <j . i ,, n , WJ))sU« u Kn[herJne Qi'l),-will """ s *~"'"ty, ; Tjl'il)st!<h'ti!.-- '•' Friday & Saturday MAT. & NITE-^l,Oc - 25c John Wayne in 'BLUE STEEL' CARTOON -,- SERIAL Sunday - Monday IT Saturday Only "T. & N1TE—tOc - 25c' JAMES acncY THE ST. LOUIS KID Cartoon - - Serial First of the Famous Mignon G. Eberhart Mysteries to Reach the Screen! M « I C A I . „ CORTEZ El Brenriel Comedy Novelty Reel . O 1 nrlcn's dodge paratively soft, however (Iropncd, despite several pauses In lh« • visitors eleven. Not until tlie Jasl minute M-oie uiiL^.eoiild not : coax tin sphere through tho hoop-'Of UK lllMOlrinn ti-f,'r. ~ 1 1.. ...^ •/<••*_ , . The iniidc seven' out of twelve good. •Hi.well Moslcy, dlzniriiiHve rcr ward, subbing -for -Uer-ihel, ' _ . r "-" in ijin; \\, JL" 8 "'! 1 ^-!' 00 - v» r «l«rt<:k'.i.nd B ink Alexander played well lo tne visitors; The• Chicks were out in from 12-.I, at (he half. The. lineups- ' ; '' '• Stcele H. Burn..; (c).'f fuiiderbiirk, r Broderlch, c; ,i. P. Alexander', K Pattci-son, - g Prank-AlVdcr,' FCl ..- o" •- Q . d .. o. - ,o f 1 . 0 PT PF Tf i - 3 0 C •Tolnls . Moslcy, f Piirlle. f (c) Koehler, e Blackwell, g Sahba, .p .... Baxlcr, K '... Burns.- f '.-. ;.- i n n 13 FO .. 4 . 3 . 0 ••' 3 .. 0 . 0 • ''": .10 pr V 1 I 1 a i pp a 2 3 4 0 4 1G ... . . .... .„ ., pfTiclnLs: T. H. Ivy ' (Arkansas) referee;- Gnurd • (Blylhevllle timer., ' :'-:.-•;••;...^^'.F;',;,' /''bN'K^DAY'ONm' i liniious siiowlnjr'Mat. ,t VilcriVaiiilevllle.afler'enehT-iclmv;PrrT-r: ON1'«B : STAGE ,'I'N. PERSON- \Vilh Twenty-Two—22—PEOPLE 22 ATTRACTIVE GIRLS—SPECIALTIES—NOVELTIES ORHWIM G cS phis on Feb. 7(h. • —FEATURING— MORT SILVER, iMaslpr of Ceremonies "The litUe.'feilow w ith the hig voice" THE SIX SILVERETTES "Darlings of Grace and Rythm" THE FOUR COTTENETTES '. "Damsels of Harmony" LOUISE KAY 'The latest of Ihe Torch-Bearers" BILLY JORDAN & GIRLS "Marima Musical Moments" ROY & JOY "Just tumbling thrills" HAL MALVEY & REBA "Just Nonsense" LARRY PHILLIPS and-His'Melody Males With the Picfure Program—"THE GILDED I It V" With CUudette Colbert SHORTS—PARAMOUNT. NEWS Miu.lcal-.-Dim and DAFPY" with Diny and DalTv ])cin •i^ffllON^MaMnee; Until.6:00 P. M.-20c a - J ADMrsSION-Nlght, After S.OO P. M.-lOc To E?crvSilv Pictures Start 1:45 - 4:30 - 7:15 - 10:0(1 ' ' .Vaudeville SUrt8--3;45 . 6:30 sob sisters who follows th hoop skirts llierc. were . IOU B M by Team A and Tcau B wins, you're finished as far ns /earn A-is concerned, hnt yon win immediately be sought by Team 1] 'or lis next game." Talk about football coaches w | 10 i at any cost! 'The same hysterical attitude that drives coaches, to engage only refeiecs under whom their teams , and 'drives audience s lo turn f • ~ m — - • >-«j HiiKitj-ii^^a to I Urn 'lotent under an imagined favoritism, drives girl players lo a Hysterical degree of physical sacrifice on the altar, of ivimiin*" as<=c r f s the sports-writing sob sister ,I t .'l. ! ! r . c * !>tolo ? c »mnce.hnt mterclub an'd p!ay - = :crtain Interschol; «1 they drop in a dead faint. In year a ;enter play called by the referee ( 0 save her, and did not come to for an hour. • .. "Many times players, recently out f firippc sickbeds, and in other eondilions iintill for even mild competition, are used to their exhausted limit in matches became they ire the best players tor their posts, and the games must l>e won. "Heart, defects result from such overstrain jiml mar Ihc i-irts' later years." I's, Anyway, If Nnf a VifK Dream In the old days much stress was aid on the unfavorable conditions mdcr which athietos competed and n-epared. Women's basketball is a hrowback, it appears. "Within recent years I hove seen girls' teams m -the metropolitan area play m smoke-darkened cellar yinnnsinms, surrounded by jeering. iMtinjj crowds, which pressed over he sidelines, thrusting- the player.s back oji the floor when they p —_.,. „.. ni 0 Jivrui wilCIi incv PA^ matches im-.;hauslcdly fell 'Into Uy- pack '• rc- 1,1 r»,,,» .,,.h (M lhc ccjnjjionj.,^; p!lcK ' rc Kneeling and otl:er : tricks are.not m women's •basketball cither. ' "f have seen e irh P h y imtu 0 »- ponenfs gave them a knee in tin- off', lint laid them on sinded LK niciil noois, to be enrrletl oul lo lie lor long half hours under drlimin» rusted pipes with no medically qualified soul .to help them get over their convulsive', cramped - muscles nnd, .sometimes, tinconsciotwne.w continues the report. "Lists, of tuberculosis patients in hospnak, or graduate girls 'ill in many equally serious respects all provenly as a result of injurious basketball activities, are available " If lhc siwrLs-writing sob sister :snt more hysterical than some of the players, we'll simply have to nake a round of those metropolitan courts. That is, if U le |K) ]i C( , don , t Dell Cagers Split Two Games With Osceola Featuring one of the most starting passing attacks of the years, Dell' .High,. basketcers owghed -by Marvin "Soak". Sanderson swamp- cd the Osecota Indians by a score oi M-8 this week.'.: Captain "Trigger" Wnhl was oiilsiaiiding lor Dell, icnctlhg (he scoring with twelve points followed close by Stacy, with nine points. Crawford, Borcn and Boughlman also shared in Ihe vic- tOl-J'. ; The Dell girls lost, a close- game I o Osceola girls by a score of. ID- The line-ups were ns follows: Well girls—V. Mooncy, M. Iglc- hearl, J, K, Oill, S, P. Mooncv, 2, W. Igleheart, D, Thornton, R. hill; Osceola girls—Wright. 2. Kukpat- ucal, 7. .Vfacka), 2, lielloue, 2 Cromer,, Jncks, Adflison. / 'Dell boys—Stacy, 8; Bowen 4 ,Wah|, 12, Crawford, 4, •BBughmnn' «, ;Brownlee, Delbridge; Osceola l>6ys—Segrave.?, 1, ante, ?., Wright 2, YChisenhall. 4, \fcDonald, Old- :iniTi, Ramsey. •Old Walnut Tree Sold to Italy TURNER, Ore. (UP) — An old a lrcc ncar herc - Plnulcd, in and 1845, has been . sold' for $50 a shipped to-ltalyV-.^..^'.-. '•£.," FIRE SALE At Our Old Location 107 West Walnut St. STARTING TODAY and continuing foil one week ^"^ . : - • - . •.. •;"*•_•,';•• . - . l~ ' ''•'.•'.'," A complete line of John Deere farm implements, tools, trailers, etc., and a complete line of harness and farm hardware. A ll Sates Final and Strictly Cash HIGHFILL IMPLEMENT CO 1 £ J

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