The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois on September 28, 1877 · Page 8
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The Inter Ocean from Chicago, Illinois · Page 8

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1877
Page 8
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0 j- -7. TO-DAY'S AMUSEMENTS. XHTEB-STATB EXPOSITION -Stlehi-an n.tetVMi Nobis aad Adams eta. Exhibition of fWrntt indeetry. . - . , . :;- BOOLEI1 THEATER Randolph at, bttVM Clark and La&elle. , -Ottot or.AOamaof Chanc.- ;, ADELFRI THEATER Ooruer Dearborn and moaroa rca. -IUKlocuoi;or. ThaTrappetandhlaDon.' ' .., Mc TCCKEB'S THEATER Mart laoa at, list ana Dearborn and State eta. . "Hamlet. .. t Bf CHICAGO THEATXB dark at. oppoalta Snermea Honae. HaveTly's atJaatreU. XHSOOUBECX-Oark rt,bM Baadolva and Wash- . . znstoa. -Variety pertannanoe. WOOOri MudECM A2D OPEHA. HOUSE Monroe at, between Dearborn and State. -Jack Harkaway. CHICAGO. FBIDAY. SEPT. 28. 1877. CITY BREVITIES. . . . - Boland, the well-known dra-aridst at No. 53 Clark at root, has made a irreat btt in ths Aromatic ' Hitter Wine of Iron. We advise those auffnrinK from nervous debility. Impoverished blood, and Impaired digostiori. to try it. Owner wanted at the Armory for about a eouple of dozen ducks, which walked In and gave themselves up on bunday last. . Fred L. Fltts and Joseph Dayman. light-flnvered irunts found practicing on Slate street, were ran into the Central Station yesterday. The First Resriment paraded by moonlight last nucht. They presented a soldierly appearance, and a diabolical drum was pounded at their van. The Coroner's work: L. Peronl, 7 years old, died at 21 Hope street, of croup. -Mary bwiersy. Pole. 40 years old. died at 17 iiitn atreet of quick consumption. At the Armory yesterday James Craijr was remanded until Oct. in $2,000 for an assault with Intent to do bodily injury on Michael Kas-key. The latter is dangerously hurt, bavins been kicked in a vital part. Captain Seavey wishes It stated that the report in the Aewt of yesterday that one of his lieutenants had been an i ornate of a baenio. at the time it was pulled on the previous night, is a false and malicious statement. It Is reported that a Mr. M. A. Wilcox was robbed on Wednesday evenine at the Pan Handle depot, of money, and three notes of $3oo aach. made by M. Creco to 3. A. Wilcox. He wants the notes sent to Ualena. Del. From the Armory court: F. L." Fort. $300 to Oct. 7. for. obtaining money under false pretenses from L. Haolon. Jonpli Kvin,iOO to Oefc-7 for larcHny from Pat Flaherty. Vagrants were plentiful, sentences rutin thirty days aoieve. At 10:30 yesterday morning Mrs. Carl Kuhl. living at titis Wert Chicago avenue, was run over by her horse aod wagon, and was badly hurt in her left arm and loot. The team was 'riuntened by a coal-wagon runaway, and Airs. Kuui endeavored to hold it. Yesterday morn Luff a small boy and a large horse got tanRled up together on the corner of ifih avenue and Kandolph street. So one huru The kid evidently thought he might oe hauled up lor damaging the horse, judging from the way he made off when he got out of the menu. The alarm from box 81 at 9 o'clock last evening was cau.ted by the discovery of fire in the summer-kitchen at o3 Wabash avenue. House owned and occupied by Commissioner Fitzgerald. Cause of lire unknown, all tne occupants of tne house being aoseut at the time. JDaniage estimated at $1.0oo. The congregation of the Eighth Presby terian Church gave a reception last evening to their new pastor, thoilev. lie. Worrell. It was designed to give him a welcome to his new charge. x aud an opportunity to become acquainted with liia nock. The attendance was targe, and the evening was passed very pleasantly. The following imports were yesterday re-- eeived a: the Chicago customs: f ield. Leuer A Co.. 10 cases dry goods; Kautzler St Hargis. ft tases cigars: E. Or. Keith. 1 case bronzes: J. Jaucr & Co.. 2 cases musical instruments; Fritz Franzen. 1 ease snails; A. W. King. 1 case paintings. The duties collected netted a-5.4t40.72. Testerday afternoon an unknown boy engaged in fishing apples out of the river at the foot of Harrison street lost his balance, and. falling Into the water, was drowned before assistance could reach, him. The be dy was recovered and taken to the Morgue to await identification. It is f;nat of a boy about 12 years old, with blue eyes, -brown nair, and attired in black clothes and button boots. From Morrison's Court: John Spiral, t he- man charged with mistaking Thomas ftodleslinhi or a mro. ana penoraung tne rear portion oi nis anat my with duck-shot, was leiuandml until the 5th of October. Maurice Fitzgerald was caught holding up Mrs. Carsland: $Joo to the Criminal t leurt. i i tu Dayton stole lead pipe irom 43 Union street, and went north in 320u. West Side prisoners; Margaret Weise, aged . 17. got tired of home life, stole loo from her - father, bought a sewing machine and a new pull- - back,, hired a room, and started in on her own book. His Honor, the awful man with the - casses, wili discuss the situation with Margaret to-day. E. 8. Curtis, a Senegambian of tne ton-sorial-artist persuasion, is booked for being disorderly and carrying concealed weapons. Drew a razor on his gal and wanted to dissect. At 7 o'clock last evening' Dr. Morton, of 122 West Twelfth street, reported at the District elation that nis horse and buggy had just been (tolen. At 7:30 o'nloek Officer lid. Loughlin saw couple of ron driving the rig on the corner of Jefferson and oebor streets, lie ordered them to bill i. and. getting for an answer a couple oi vistoi shots, which, fortunately, missed him. he Cava chase and jumped on the buggy. One of the follows sprung off on the other side and escaoed. out juougniia arove tne oiner to tne station. r n ere no was laenunea as tne notorious ioijr V halen. A sad accident happened on the North Side yesterday, which is likely to result in loss of life, it 5 o'clock in the evening three men working in the lumber yard on the corner of Halsted and Division streets were knocked down by the fall big of a pile of timber. The names of the in lured men are Prank Krantz. aeed 53. 153 For street: Kasper Keehan. aged 30.x 284 LarraOte nreet. and Christian ttmith. aged 49. of 14 Free-faont street. All the Darties are injured most tertoosly about the head. Tbey were removed to ineir respective Homes and furnished medical attendance. Christian Bund and Mary Gustaksen were nited in the holy bondp of wedlock by Justice Morrison in the Police Court yesterday. It was no-of those old-time cases. There had been tittle differences between the- parties which aecessitated Christian's being run iu on a war rant. But that's all over now. The little stranger a-nose aavent is expected win Do called xlund. The usual aoene ensued. The court wept copl-ualy, the court's clerk dislocated a jaw in pro-: touueing the bride's name, and in the end the . lappy couple departed pursued by a shower of aid boots, clnbs. beer bottles, and other idiotic at emblematio symbols of good luck. . r . About 8 o'clock last evening Mr. Bradford Burdick. of Jdgerton. wis., a boarder at the Bui'dick House, was attacked by two footpads on Monroe street, near Wabash avenue. The thieves Knocked him down and had secured his gold : watch, when he managed to get a hand of one of ih assailants frre troni his month and cry - 'murder." OAcer Walters heard the word. and. running to the spot, be eautured one of the hievea. who at the station gave the name of Robert Bomaine, and said he was a waiter at the Burdick House.- On his person was tound the heath of a dagger, and a further search revealed ihe weapon itself, an ugly weapon with a nve-nch biadew bearing the inscription "O. K. . Irnericanns. ask for nothing but what 1 right." sblch he baa 'concealed up bis coat-aleeve, hold-ng the hUt in his right hand. . " The reunion of the old cadets and graduates f the Mount Vernon Military Academy., accord-tig to previous announcements, was the occasion -.; :ast evening of uioch genuine enjoyment. Invl-tations had been extended to different points, and where old members could not be personally f the number, they made-their spiritual presence lelt by kind and grateful notes of- regret., which were read amid the warmest enthusiasm. ' The - hountif ui luxuries of the table were thoroughly enjoyed. Many brief and spirited speeches were aiade. Old reminiscences and school-boy jokes and experiences were culled up and related. Colonel Norton, is honor and ont of respeet to whom this complimentary tribute was offered. was sailed upon to address bis old cadets. He cheer- fully and feelingly responded, expressing his thanks and gratitude for the flattering demonstration of the evening. His review of the past, cov- , erina more than twenty-five years, was full of interest, and brought op manv pleasant memories . of by-gone days. Wit. anecdote, repartee, and quiet, good-natured hilarity were freely indulged in. After a reasonable evening's interchange of the most unrestrained feelings, the maglo circle was formed. "Home. Sweet Home," and 'The Light of Other Days" were sung, and the clasping of hands and affectionate farewells closed this delightful meeting of old pupils and master, She was a trood-lookinjj woman with fire In ber eye. a big family Bible under her arm. and a boundless wealth of bitter tongue. He was a worned-looking man with a band-box in his Ost. a bidd bead, and a big eoldsore on his lip. They wore both yanked into the Chicago Avenue Station about 8 o'clock last night by a kind of semi-policeman. a fellow with a slouch hat. one brass ' button and a lantern. Semi-policeman said they hao been raising circus on Clark street: he- was examining door-knobs when heheard a war- :: whoop and saw good-looking female with family Bible chasing worried man with band-box: he gathered em in. tne was tne ooas: sue aaia tne worried man was her bonband. and he had stolen her diamonds. He said his name was Nye. O. W. I . Are, thai aM vasa t his wus, eu baa r him of 7.5o. Then says he. "wllliam. bow can you say that, when Mr. Trude. the lawyer man. knows as bow we are married. Then be made some verr uncomplimentary remarks, coupling with the same the names of Mr. Trude and ths good-looking female. Bight here tha station-keep auggexted that he'd better put Vm both Into tne cooler: but as semi-policeman dldn t want to get up in the morning and attend to tne ease, the pair were given one more chance. They took it, and when last seen -were making good time in the direction of Lincoln Park. Worried man a little way ahead, but family-Bible-bearing female gaining on bim. ... ,; AirirotnrcxJixjrTS. - - A. Brasher will lead a gospel temperance meeting-in lower Farwell Hall at 7;43 o'clook this evening. The Scotch Church, corner of Sangamon and Adams streets, will hold a sociable this evening. - O. A. WUlard will lead the noonday prayer-meeting in lower Farwell Hall to-day. Bubject: "Gospel Temperance." Balph E. Hoyt. of this city, is to address the Independent Greenback Convention of MeHenrr County, which meets at Woodstock on Saturday, the 29tn Inst. The Worklngmens' Industrial Club of the Tenth Ward will meet at 113 Milwaukee avenue this evening., Business of importance will be transacted. The Republican Club of the Fifteenth Ward will bold their regular meeting at Fols Hall oa Friday evening at 8 o'clock. All Republicans are cordially invited to attend. Company D, First Eeglment Illinois Cavalry, will meet this (Friday) evening at 7:30 at Martlne's West Bide hall, tor muster. Every member Is expected to be present. The initial soiree of the Pastime Social Club will tie held on Friday evening next. Oct. 5. at 8:30 o'clock, at Cake Bide HalL corner of Indiana avenue and Thirty-first street. Merchants requiring business young men for positions of trust, can confidently rely upon tnose who are unqualifiedly recommended by the Superintendent of the Y. M. O. A. Employment Bureau. 143 Fifth avenue. A meeting of the First Ward Republican CIuO will be held on Saturday evening. Sent. 29. at 8 o'clock, at the Grand Pacific Hotel. A cordial invitation is extended to alt BepuDlieans in the ward to be present and become members. At Hershey Music Hall, this evening, at 8 'clock: a concert will be given by Master Lewis V inary. soprano, assisted by Miss Urace A. Hiltz. soprano; Miaa Mary P. Hendrick. mezzo eonrano; Mr. G.W. Tibbett. baritone. Mr. 11. Clarence Eddy, director. There will be a reunion of the members of the "Heading Club" of the Union Catholic Litrary Association, in the Library Hall, southwest corner Monroe and State streets, this evening at 7:dosnaro. All members and mends ol tne as soclatlon are requested to attend. The First Baptist Church choir give a oon cert at the church on Tuexrtay Evening. Oct. 9. assisted by Miss Mary A. Wishard. pianist: Miss Lizzie Forseman. contralto, and Mr. F. P. Bowen . basso. The choir is a select organization of twenty-four singers, who have been for some time past under thorough training. The programme will include glees and four-part songs of popular composers. CITr PEBSOXALS. Mrs. D. P. Bowers, the actress, accom panied by Mr. J. C. McCoIlomen route for Call fnmia. is stopping for a few days at the Sherman UoiiHe. Palmer IIoue.C. H. Long. Bo6ton: W D. Bolct. Iowa: D. Sprtngston. Albany: J. F, J-arnsworth. St. Louis; D.J. Wetherbee. Mnline F. R. Blount. Grand Rapids: G. Corning. Sagi naw; J. It. Darker. Aurora: M. Li. Hullivant. III. It. P. Babcock. Cayuga; E. J. Force. Louisville u. n. acunue, uanvme. Sherman Houhc The Hon. J. BelL Texas the Hon. S. O. Catuobell. Poio: W. L. Taylor. New York: A. J. Snrague. Toledo: J. H. Brown. New Yorx: P. H. Duke. Richmond: James I). Robin- poo. Alftlon: Ueorge B. Mwirt. wheeling; Captain w . j. noogson. Aew urieans. Orand Pacific B. H. Murdoch. Boston Percy J. Weflich. V. S. navy; Samuel Clay, Jr. Lexington, ay.: r. JJ. Kenner. St. faul: lorce Manly. .Philadelphia; W. U. Andrews. Sew York E. S. Ford. St. Louis: George O. Sterna. Boston P. H. Warley. New York: W. B. Leaf. London; U A. HasbrooKe. New York: A. W. Grant. C. 8. tiavy: G. W. Parker. Detroit: George B. Ferris, jew tort; W. JU Abbott, jlttsburg. Tremont Howie. J. E. Cass. Ean Claire; N, Goodwin. New York: C. E. Moody. Keoauk: B. H Moonev. New Orleans: N. Bhum. BnTalo: T. J. I'ermas, Montana: G. W. Chandler. Linsin: J. It. Doe. Janeflvitle: A. BHttany. Kalamazoo; Charles Richards. Kansas City: George T. Allary. uoston; j. w. Bootn. umaua. Commercial Hotel. Warren Hlgbev, Boston. Mass: James Pilgrim. Philadelphia; the Hon. O. Kirknatriclt. Anna: W. H. Wood. New York: L. L. Peters. Boston: C. Nugent. Jr.. New York; J. tt. Ford. Toronto: J. W. Dean. Buffalo: William Weston. Milwaukee: William H. Rhone. Philadelphia: d. B. Bmbom. Boiton: J. Wlnrieht. Cin- cinnatt; J. Maruru. Laf ay et to : C Lti Aba L Buffa lo CHICAGO'S BEST PRIMA DONNA. America has produced a great many young ladles who have had aspirations to the operatic or lyrical stage. In our own city of Chicago we have had a representation of this element, who have impressed their friends witn an extravagant idea of their musical attainments. It Is a great satisfaction to note that among ourselves we have a. young lady, born and raised here, ean cated and accomplished, who has recently returned from Italy, where she barachieved dis tinguished honors as a student under the cele brated maestro. LamDerti. whose r.n turtnn i world-wide. a the most distinguished musical instructor ot ttaiy. Miss Hannah Corcoran has been absent from Chicago for the past six years. She made her ccdui in Atnens. ureece. In the character of Marguerite, in "Faust." where she achieved a distin- fotshed success. Domestie relations required er presence in Chicago. This, however, does not aetermine wnetner sne ana:i remain here or return to Europe, where negotiations are now pending for her itppe&rnuce on some of the prin- cipni stages oi toe continent. Miss Corcoran is Detite in form. DoaseaainK voice of remarkable power, very similar in tone aou expression to f lint or Kose Heraee. It is grnuiyioB vt anow mat wnicago can boast of a young laov. norn ana bred here, who bas achieved such distinguished success, and whose ruture is so lull or promise as that or Miss Corcoran. She wm a friend and orotege of Mdlla. Chi- Dionl. and is highly esteemed by her. both as an ai-usie ana as a lauy. THE HESSIAN MILITARY BAND. A benefit concert will be given to-night at Mc- Cormlck's Hall by the Hessian Military Band, an organization which arrived In America from Germany last May. Since then they have given series of concerts in New York, .Boston. Philadelphia. Baltimore. Cincinnati, and other large Eastern cities. The band numbers twenty musicians,under the leadership of Mr. A. Schauh. Mme. Halvotti. the vocalist with the Hesalan band, bas sung in New York with Gilmore at his concerts, and also at the Centennial last year. The programme Includes ten popular selections for the band, and two solos for Mme. Salvotti. The concert is given nnder the auspices of the Chicago Frauen Veretn. for the&eneiltot the Ger- maa-amencan seminary. ALLEGED FORGERY. Lurana P. W. Barnum waS before Commis sioner Home yesterday, charged wjth forging the name of C. L. Blood to a money-orler tor $5. The complainant was Dr. Charles E. Barney. It appears that-C L. Blood Is the inventor of a certain patent medicine, which Dr. Barney holds the right to sell in this section. In his ousiness it sometimes becomes necea ary for him to sign the name of Blood, which - he claims to have tne right to do. Mrs. Barnum formerly acted as Dr. Barney's assistant, but they appear to have disagreed and parted company.- She also claims to have the right to use B loon's name, which Barney denies. She was held in 9ZOQ bail. - Blood is expected here in a week or two. and if he admits Mr. Barnum's right the case will be reheard for her benefit. . . .' m ' S " ' . THE HETZLERS. ' ;?' ffTbe Detroit Post says: "As predicted in yester day's Pott, a compromise was patched up yesterday between the alleged Chicago forgers and their accusers, all further proceedings for their extradition were discontinued: and the prisoners Hiacriarirerf The terra a of settlement were not mad uuhlie. nut from tea beaminar countenances. ot tne complainant ana lawyers it is inierreo nat josenb Metsier. from wnose boot via.auw were taken, "whncked no" handsomely, and had con siderably more room for his foot when released than when first arrested.. The prisoners' counsel subsequently visited this side, presumably to atnootb the way for their return to Chicago, but thsy did not come over themselves.". "THE MEXICAN VETS.'. X The Chicago club of the Mexican war veterans met last evening in the club-rooms of the Grand pacific HoteL -. The President of the organization. Mr. C. It. Otis, called the meeting to order. ' hmlimu nf imnortanea was transacted. The Treasurer. D. L. Guergens. read the following re- Part: Contributions. l3.ou: expenses, urana ncifioHoteLti2.50t music. StiO: printing.CltUO; cuts for bills of fare. d: miscellaneous expenses. tw.35; leaving a balance of $33.1i.- . Soma flnnaiilitpiihlM tlrrm vu devoted to Q18- -coaauurthe advisability of forming a benevolent tana. o action was taken, and tne meeting, was acueuraed uatii oae moata frea to-day . 4 A DAY' OF H0TE.; Especially for the Ladies of Chleare, for It v JKarked the Fall Drj Goods Openlnr. v Some Chancres In . Styles A Fewof the Mora Notable Costumes.: Ifyesterlay had been heaven's washing-dan. and the suds had descended in the shape df a pouring rain. State street would ; have bee crowded jast the same with fair figures of f sab ionable females as they hastened to the grans' fall opening at Field. Letter & Go's. . But the ana shone good-naturedly after a showery night, knd Instead of clumsy waterproofs, rubbers, and u brellas, only gay costumes : and dainty boots tripped Into the dry-goods show. ' By noon every floor was crowded;, the clerks were besieged with questions, and stunned with the adjeotives that glide so easily from the feminine tongue. Bat the most generally attract lve place seemed to be the cloak and eostumaj department, which was a whole fashion book in lt self. Perhaps It would be as well to note soma changes In the styles which Dame Fashion 'has brought us for fall. It Is well known that new fashions, like new empires, are built on the rohos of the old. aud ao the prevailing idea in the toilets to-day must be carried out at the expense of the dearly-beloved, but now PORIVER DEPABTXD BTTBTLB. Now will a woman's shadow be less, and no one court.. For a long time this torment, like blonde hair, has been declared "out of fashion," but uesplte the proveroial fioEleness of the feminine, she has bravely clung to both, and not until yesterday, when she saw the mandates of the remorseless Worth carried out. did she realize that her bustle was fated, so to apeak. All the models and lay ligurea had been shorn of their goodly dimensions and reduced to the ordinary aise of the human figure, minus nair-oloUi and steel trans. THS DKKSSE8 were for the most part made in the prineesse style; next in favor being Ihe siuglo-trtmined skirt of yore, with its basuue waist, and, lastly, the polonaise, which positively refuse to go out of fashion. As a general thing, the corsage is cut low in trout, in car riage or dinner dresses, with revors. Tne coat sleeve is still the favorite, though frequently slashed at the wrist. Aside from the popular mixed 'goods, greeu or mvrtle. bottle, sago, and olive is tne color. Trimmings are varied and handsome. In these, as in whole toilet, the main idea is to have tne dress molded to the form, the waist long, shoulders short, and sleeves tight. I'ne most attractive, because the most novel, oostuuie was inteuded for full dress, and sent over by Worth as a raodei at tne cost of eoOO. A priucesse combination of white satin and grenadine; the heurt-shaped corsage and elegantly-cut train ot the former, ana the draperies oi the latter. Aroumi the bottom of uie skirt ran a slashed trimuiiug. faced with satin and edged with plaiting of tne favorite crepe base: across the front breach ran diagonal scarf draperies, finished with a feather xiuge of aiik. and edging them on tne left side and running down the cascade of grenadine tuat composed the tournure was. the chef d'tuure of the whole a broad lace, worked with silk floss iu delicate vines aud tendrils, aud bordered by a garland of olive green leaves in embossed velvet, veined witn seed pearls. The same lace, though not as wide, ilnisued tne corsage, and clusters of ferns on velvet took tno place of bowers or bows. No sleeves. ANOTHER IMPORTED DBX8S was of seagreeu embossed velvet and satin. The train was trimmed with a knife-plaiting, shirred at intervals: over it a nounue of the velvet, cut in pointe. '1 no scarf draperies were of ihe ground satin, edged with an exquisite silk fringe tipped with auioer beads. The right side of tne dres was ornamented with a basket work of tne two shades in grosgrain ribbon, the ends finished with peudauts ol the beads. On the left side ran two deep-looued rows of the two riobons. forming a fringe also edged with the same Deads; and over the vest-front of satin the velvet corsage closed on points caught together witi spark hug ambers. This was from Piugat's: erica. $37 S AH IHPOKTIOJ DBEDg attracted much attention from its having no drapery. Princess in style, it waa drawn ugktiy back into a fan-sbaoed train, and kept in uinctt byacubiecord and tassel, a favorite ornament. The material used waa olive green ana iluaiv cens velvet. The plain princess bek was of the latter, while the train and sash fronts were of tne plain cloth edged with a graceful chenille fringe oendant from a border of embroidered velvet oak leaves, that were also made to annulate a jaokeu witn revere, nnisnea wiut noniion taoe; , prlca.-4oo. A black velvet of Worth's was made with a trained underskirt trimmed witn deep box-plaits. Over this is worn a long princes polonaise, with front of embossed velvet ornamented with three rows of large crochet buttons; at the side a cable oordand tassels. The back, of plain velvet, is trimmed with a deep fringe headed with silver-tipped beaver; sleeves plain; coat of embossed velvet covered with fringe, cord, tassels, buttons, and fur. A PJUKCKsS STREET DRXSS is made of olive green auk. with numerous full kc if e plaiting. The body is of bronze canje'l s hair edged with bands of embossed velvet A-' long, half-fitting jacket goes with the auit 4U73.J A TEUX STRIKING COSTCMK ia of nobby cloth, a sort of Oriental goods, very 1 knotty, with touches of scarlet. The underskirt-ia trimmed with a deep flounce of leaf-broarn silk faced with the cloth; over this is draped the long polonaise, trimmed with broad irinced ruchings of cardinal aiik. through the center of which runs a brown feather trimming. Enormous buttons of smoked pearl give the finishing toucn. But charming as sll there costumes are. thev are never intended for a Chicago winter without tne iriendiy sueiter ot OUTBIDS WBAPPINOS. which were displayed yesterday in every shape and form. Like the dreasea. tuey are designed to bo worn without a bustle, and are mostly sacquv-snnpea. not so lopg as tnose oi last winter, better fittedto the form, and many of them made with a cape, that forms the sleeve also. A long. French sacque of black velvet or piped witn a silk cord, and trimmed alternately with caveader of French lace twenty-two inohea deep, beaded by passementerie ornaments and long silk -corded loop of velvet. Large coat sleeves to match. An ermine oloak, long and ample, is lined with black aiik. finished with a hood and eable cord and tassels. A French sacque. long, of course, is made of diagonal cloth, half flowing sleeves, and a tin v cape tnat lust escapes the elbow, and fastens on ui uaca wim uuitona. a lnnge oi jettea steel trims the whole. A camel" s-hair sacque. soft grey In color with a half-fitting bacs and loose front, trimmed with a long, narrow-uointed hood of brown velvet, tipned with a tasel, large eoat sleevea trimmed to match, pocketa and collar also of velvet. A long mantle ot heavy black silk is bordered with broad bands of unnlucked beaver. Th fronts ot a eat-away jacket, with the same, and forms a unique garment. A very stylUh double-breasted sacque ot brown camel's hair, is trimmed with silk braid, martin, and large buttons. An elegant mantel of black bonnet silk, heavily lined, is made with large hanging sleeves, and trimmed with a fringe ten inches deep of silk snd cut-steel beads. Ornaments ot tne same beads run up front and back, and with the f rina form a deep aauaro hood. The sleeves have two deep pieces of the same across them. IX CIKAKINO MaTEBIAIiH are found as novelties imitation of seal, and aa excellent substitute camel's hair, ia all shades, and Buckly beaver, delightfully Warm. The trimmings used are fur. fringes of all kinds, especially mixed with cut steel beads. which will rage in ail feminine garments. A verr godd imitation in worsted of fnarhnr trim mini,. bands of embossed velvet and passementerie. FASHIONABLE DRESS OOODS are corduroy, chenille cloth, aamasse. matlasse. carpet, but mot particularly Oriental cloths, which Include Persian. Turkish, Smyrna, etc und are desirable according to their extreme roughness- and bizarre mingling of colors. Among other dress - tiimminea ar ehnniiin fringes, bunoh of emboxsed plush, ail sorts iot galloons, and whalebone fringe, a, novel tine TOUUUU. ,. .. . - - - - , . . .. . - FAKCT JXWJtLBT --' , abounds in all Imaginable materials and forms. A pretty bagatelle is a tiny memorandum bookot red silc. covered with gilt filagree work, and sas eended by a fancy chain and elaap from she waiat. ana tne same ioea carried out la ateety pearl, oxydized ailver, etc ' -- t , - In these aame materials are found aar-rlngs of quaint and even eomical osigns. i f from ' the simple squirrel to the rich mink and velvety seal, are shown in skins, trimmings, sets.' and sscques. and at prices, more reasonable thaw ever. The win tar seal and mink will take ah lead. ':- i , THE CITY HALL; License receipts yesterday about S100. The West Side rjumnintr work will umn have a new dock built. - - - . - The Committee on ' Gaa will . maet at a o'clock to-morrow. afternoon. ,. ., . . . ... . .... F. Ammon and L.111 A WecVler hava aud been awarded a contract for SOoo.oOO worth of aewer briek. . -;i - - - ' iThe Comptroller yesterday Issued $850 revenue warrants and redeemed $0500 popular loan certificates. ' . : Permission has been granted to C. Krick to curb. pave, and grade Bush street, from ChUsago avenue to Cedar etreec - ' - Treaeurer'a receipts yesterday: $331 from the City Collector; 92.19 from the Water Department: 358 Irom the Comptroller. A conference of the building committees of the city and county will be bold to-morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at the county building. -' It baa been ascertained that the crack in the masonry of the crib are In the concrete between the woodwork, and the stonework. Fourteen hundred oubio yards of tha dirt to be removed from the Court House square will be placed on the ends of the streets leading to the lake shore drive. A permit was yesterday issued to Mendel urotnera to erect a tnree-story story store anu dwelling, ftoxloo. at the corner of State and Harrison streets, to cost i6,ooo. , . Corporation Counsel Bon field has returned from Ottawa. He reports that Hiidreth a eaae v M dlamiaaeii on tht Annhlm vrnund that the bonds were filed at the wrong time, and that the case should have been taken to the Appellate court. There are s gTeat many low bids for aewer work, out tne bidders seem dlatneunea to come forward and -accent the eon tracts. Tbey bsve. therefore, been officially notified that unless they make their appearance forthwith their bonds will be forfeited. City Attorney Tothill has been engaged for two wee as preparing a oriet to oe euomiuea wi Supreme Court. He completed it the other day. bat nulortuoately ioat half or It out of nia pocket. The document ia of no possible value to anybody save the owner, but if it is not returned it will cause him a great deal of unnecessary labor. THE "PROTECTIONISTS." How Mm Officers of tlw roteetla Ufa laaor. lutea Company Kagarded Their Indletmaata UiTlatg Uail. The Grand Jury yesterday returned more In dictments against the offloers of the Protection Li e Insurance Company. L. P. Hilliard, L. M. Sawyer, and A. W. Edwards were Indicted for conspiracy to embezzle. 'and new indictments were returned against the five men for embezzlement an elaboration of the Indictment returned the day before. Mr. Hilliard. the Preside nu was arrested resterdsy morning at bis residence, on the oorner of Michigan avenue and Twenty-ninth street. He was at once conveyed to the Criminal Court, wnere the bail was fixed at S20.O0O. In discussing the subject of bail, the court said, that the JOly legitimate consideration was bow much bail was required to secure the attendance of the accused at the court whon the trial should take place. The defendant was Dresumed to be innocent until he was convicted. and be was not committed to prison previous to trial as punishment for his crime. It was only to be done when he could not. or did not, furnish surety tor his future attendance in court. The court was not inclined in these cases to fix the bail at so large a sum that it would keep the defendants in Drison until thev are tried. If a person bas em bezzled inoner an indictment will not get it back. If he has embezzled money and has it, there is a remedy in the civil courts. Mr. Hilliard then offeied as sureties Mr. C. M. Weston snd William B. Snowhook. who were accented as being good for the W20.O00. Major A. W. ("Fatly") Edwards. Secretary, was alo arrested veaterdav morning and brought before Judge FarwelL His bail was fixed at WJO.OOO. which he obtained after some difncnltv not coming into court with his bondsmen. John B. Lyon and Famuli Munson. until nearly 5 o'clock. L. M. Sawver. the Assistant Secretary, was ar rested in the afternoon, and his bail was fixed at He asked that an oXfior be sent with bun to Washington Heights to get a bondsman, but as it was rather late the Sheriff did not accede to the request. Therefore he went to jail. Martin Hvan the actuarv. also Indicted, is In Colorado, and Mr. Heed. Vice President, indicted. nas not been in the city for a month. FAMILY RECIPES. There are women in the little suburban off shoots of Chicago whose brains, wearied with the solid intellectuality of butter-making and pork-salting, find a happy relaxation In an ex change of recipes for corn-plasters and card-re ceivers; untidy tidies, that refuae to stick to anything but a man's hair: "air castles." that are perpetually falling; indigestion, in the shspe of original pies and puddings; the best method of putting a neat patch on an old pair of pants; the number of times necessary to -apply the slipper to spank, the natural depravity out of a child how to raise bread and babies: and the most painless method of extracting a tooth and a pocket-book ia husbands). After the first excitement eonaeouent to the exchange of this brilliant bead-cheese, the correspondents, soon satiated, began to milk their brains by devising a plan whereby the interest might be revived. The plan culminated in a garnering of "Fern Leaves." '"Peppermint," -Ju-ju Paste." "Cod Fish." "Kitten." and numerous other feJr(T) beings who send clipped receipts to .the Home Department of the Tribune. Tbey met at Hershey Music Hall yesterday morning, laden with edibles and the fruits ot industry. The former were soon disposed of. most of the donors bringing with their contributions good appetites. The latter were gazed at by the euri-oaity-seekere who lounged in. and smiled with tat interest at impossible dogs and cats done in worsted flowers worked in tints that nature would blush for: brains soattered on oasteboard; splints made into shapes to fracture tha eye of the beholder: wax flowers to put under a glass shade, and pils of other things: the use of whicn would have to be guessed at aud the beaity nun eat. Tnese were sold well at the most they would bring the more cumbersome pieces ol Wasted application and eyesight. being gambled away in a wild manner on shares. In the afternson aome attemnt was mads at a formal meeting, and the ladies, who. by the way. indulged in a sort of aappy sentimentality, using their noma de plume, were requested to speak. But. alas, when one fair specimen of her sex mounted the platform and piped away with that imitative faculty early developed in our race, did all the rest nipe too. until, impatient and annoyed, the aoeaicer was obliged to aummon one of the "offscourings of humanity" an'l beg him to announce "that unless the ladies did not stoo talking the meeting must eomefto an end." After this a temporary lull ensued, and several nice IftriA flnmnialtiiinft WAM. r.a.i The audience consisted almost entirely of ladles irom tne country, as tneir complexions and rather antiquated style of dress attested. A few men (out of emptor) were present, and served as a nucleus for groups oi shy spinsters elustor about, while they meditated the exoe- dienoy of " putting bim down." making jam or mince-meat ot mm. out wnen last neara irom the . leaders had decided to preserve him in a family jar. THE CHICAGO SOCIETY OF DECORATIVE ART. This society has earnestly begun its work for the tall and winter, and the curriculum it has laid down Is one which would be accepted as thorough by the technical art educators of any institution, either at home or abroad. Members of this society, who, after the manner of women, hare already painted without that Knowledge ot linear drawing, which is absolutely necessary to secure suooess. have determined to go back to first principles, and take up a course ot progressive study from the "mind." Once the correct conclusion arrived at. that all the color la the world will not apologize for defective outline, laca of 'proportion, and - ignorance ot the 'laws which govern perspective truth, the student is on the road - to perfection, and. by patient study, must become a proficient in art. Two distinct classes have already been formed. One. meeting in the afternoon, will be known s the "Twenty-five Cent Class." and wilL under the superintendence of Mr. Frank L Jervis. begin at the beginning, and study from models similar to those used by the South Kensington Art School, and more recently by the Art Association ot Boston, ao admirably conducted by professor Walter Smith. The second class, for the instruction of such young ladies aa may desire to make some branch of art work or design their future profession, by whioh they mar earn their living, Will be known as the . "Dime Class." and wilt go through a carefully arranged course of study ia copying and harmoniously combining geometric forms, solids, and lines, the arrangement of plants for ornamental purposes, and the princloles which govern their union for useful purposes in beautifying articles ia com- juoause. This clasa will have the advantages arising from simple lectures and black-board exercises.-. Tickets for both these classes will be Issued, and may be obtained from the Secretary of the society. Every lover of art. and especially those who earnestly desire an extension of the sohere or womaa'a usefulness and her means ot honorable independence, wiil be rejoiced to see so worthy an object undertaken by energetic, ladies, who "know no such word as tad." HYMENEAL. Last evening at 8:30 o'clock the University Place Baptist Church was crowded, aa Dr Harlan P. Cole. Professor in Hahnemann Medical College, waa united in marriage to Miss Nettle G. Davis. The little edifice- waa ornamented richly with Sowers about the chancel and organ the latter ol which gave out the strains of the wedding march. ' There were no bridesmaids or groomsmen, or reception subsequent to the ceremony. The affair waa made very quiet, on account of a, recent death in the bride's family. The newly wedded pair will receive their friends every Thursday during October at their real-denoe. No. 43 University place. On Wednesday evening Mr. H. H. Anderson, of the firm of Jussen & Anderson, was married u Miss Anna Jussen. at the family residence of the latter. No. eVJ.Konh Clark street, the Bev. Bobert Collyer flioiating. Only relative- and intimate friends were bade to the marrlaga aud snbseeuent banquet. The presents were rich and numerous. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson have takes apartments at the Tremont. BPsncEss kotices. iv,. ' PHTSICIAJlaV OV KIQH STAKDIXO TOHZSTTAa Mngly give their indorsement to tha use of the Graefen berg-Marshall's Catholioon for all female complaints. The weak and debilitated find wonderful relief from a constant use of this valuable remedy. Sold by ail druggists. $L50 per bottle. --: - - MARRIED. AwDxasoy Jossew Sent. 26. by. Bev. Bobert Collyer, at the residence of Colonel Jussen, the bride's father. Miss Anna J usee a and H. H. Anderson. - EXPOSITION. Complete la all Eeperrmrats. and the flnaatrapr anta-Uvs axblbliloa of Sniariran Induwrr sad Artvr Seld equal lnqaaliiy lo the Centennial o: '7l . . Artm iBBioa Adalta. 26 eta.; chUdrea Bads IS rears, IS rts. , Kxeoraloa rates on all transportation bnes. PAINTINCS. FOR SALE. Tlia Art ConimliUe of the Exposition has the pleasure ot Ua Co collection of pictures in. w on lbibitioD m the Lcaitloa Ueiieriea la lor aale at moderate prices. 1 lie coli lion la folly renal in quality to the Kew Tors exhibition of i be 1 a Ut.aU Academy and tfce Water Color aociriy lor Ule year. InCer no cireuuttnres will there be anaocUoaeale this year, Uie artlta bating forbidden it. Miaalairfee haa caarrr of sale in the aallenee. ON 8PECIAL EXHIBITION. Wagser'a irreat picture of the "BOM AM CHAUICT BACK;" alao laga'a "feOiakeapaara," and Jacgnaudr William, lrinca of Crsture." AMUSEMENTS. MCCORMICK'S HALL. THIS FKIDAT EVKXUiiJ, A 8 P. M. OltJiJri UEJTEFMT COJTCEMIT BT THE Hessian Military Band AXO MME. MAKIE aA,VTTI. nnder the euspicea of tne Chlcaao Fraaea Vereia. Bar the beoeat ot toe (MnniihAwtrlcu semiuery. hi..ih. x&c. Iteeerved beaf . 6Qc McVICKEK'S THEATER. Thursday. Friday, and Saturday iehta. EDWIRI BOOTH! la his maabwiy Impaionm.. uf, Saturday Maaneo Kdwin Booth as DooCrear da Bazan. Th- perioral aace to conclude vita a farce. Monday Only night ot fcowln Bootn aa Othello. --r anrt ffitnnia Say mcherd 1X1. Taartday mcheilea. NEW CHICAGO THEATER, Clark at. oppoalta naermaa Ho oae. Every evenine and Wednptay ana IBnrday Mstlneea. The UKSfl BliXof tae aKaaoji. HHIl.tjAVT bUOLMJSii of HA VERITY'S MINSTRELS. Fourth week, soil irreater Novelties. Entirely new. bril- bant, and ezriung rrocram) price: TSc Sue. aid 26c. zwz office open daily. Modefle and popular ADELPH1 THEATER. j. h. HA VtltLr.. .,... ..lfaaarer and Proprloter Ths very let nurhts of Mr. and Mrs . FHAXK 1. FBATXE and the Lret Kentucky Hide leant. Mr. and Mra. Irayne auwtar rrayua. Jaiae. M. Butler. Chu. 'xaytor. Trained log Jack, and Troupe in famoua drama. 1 SLO CM; or. Tk Tr.uprr mhi f i I im. Kobberv of Welle, lervo a Co.'a Overland Mail Cox. Terrible Bowie-knife Combat. FiKht between Jerk and Bear, bhooonraa apple oS Bnth'a head. All ladiea' lhta. Mitincioe Weanea day and Saturday at i uui. COLISEUM NOVELTY THEATER S7 Clark at. Evenrtnlr.c New this Week. Flnrt time in tha dry of tha Urt-at lTOUpe of FLATUO DANCER. Vol. J. K. Warner's New Vera awenrtt Keclmenl Combination. Tbe two r-remierea. Mua Ida and Frankie. the creat Star Variety. Novelty, and Dramatic nipacy la tunny Farces. 5 Tew Acta, and f.i ting speeialtlaa. M it in ana Tuesday and 'noay. WOOD'S MUSEUM A OPERA HOUSE. TOUT DE-SEEK Proprietor aad Manager. icil ereninv ana weuueauay ana uiui uir biiiiimi. HKBMXim OsTliK will eapear In the aoyaitr drama of I JACK JET A KTCAWAY. Grind olio by the specialty artlata. Monday. Oct. 1, HOOLEY'S THEATER. . Georpe 8. Knirht and tbe Worrell 8iatarr. evary evenine and Vi edneeday and Saturday M aunera. In Utelr sreat auceeea. otto : or A tiaroe of Chance." Friday nigbt. ornebt of Ueorga 8. Knight. Monday. Oct. 1, the ureal LI ngard Combm itioa. SCAIaES. OF ALi. kLMJti. FAIRBAXKSp MUU.sE A CO., Ill A IIS Lmkm mU. Cfaicatgo. Be carefnl to bny only tbe reauiDO. FOR SAI.E-rOiaERS. 2 FORSAITH FOLDERS Wbiam have one tat ae la aha Inter Oataa OfBea (mr a abort ttwm. Taoso Fotdeaw are ml moat aa good aa aow. anu v-IU be aold rlwaa. Addreoa IlLASHEB ISTK OCEAK, 119 Lata St.. Cfcleattto. 111. STTSXX&BAN REAX. 'ESTATE. FOR SALE. SI 00 WIU.BCTABEA17rDTuLLOT.ONK block from depot, at Lacramte. only 7 miles from city ; SIS down and So monthly ; cheapest property la market, and ahowa tree : aieo aoatract tree : laoorera' tram already on I tare lo cents. IRA WiO S. 14 J LaaHe at- Room 4. WANTED -SALESMAN. WASTED MES TO STXLTHE EUREKA SELF-LIGHTING GAS BUKSbK. Send for etrcnlar. L. V. THRALL A Co , 1S1 Clark atreet. Kootn 4. WANTED AGENCY. WASTED A PERMAXEKT AGENCY, TO PLACE OB-il dera. handle, or introduce auythine at.raneas given. J. E. r KKD, Kan-aa City. MEDICAL. DR. KEAK, 179 SOUTH CLABK STREET. CHICAGO, warrants enrea, or ao pay, in all eases. Madicatad Batha admimatered when neccaeary. Advice tree. FINANCIAL. GUARANTEED SPECULATION. aiSO Invested by aa la SO-dava ftavaddtoa have mada au.7u. aauo have In wain. We Guarantee all So-day PMraMtwlewt Money relnnded It no pront 14 niaoe. jiatarenoaa sivrn. Lorreaponuenoe eouciioa. W. 1". lit a.ltel.1. Ac tA slembers Kew York Miain .-toil Ezchanpra. P.O.BOX a.613. 4 BrMHlak, . T. PROPOSAIaS.. Notice to Contractors. ' Tba Commlaalanen of tbe Southern Illinois Penltea Uary, te be miL.t at Cheater, llllnoia. w ill receive proposal, lor material to be uetd la th eonatructioa ot a oeater baildiuc and cell horn e with one hundred and fttty or two nunateo ceiia. xne mimm i iu. u,wr ininuii.n .iu be. approximately, one hundred teet aqu are. ana theaiza ot tne rella will be Ave feat by seven teokby aavaa feet and alxlncbea. . , ; - . . . Tbe propoaala arlll be - . , J , ex. or nndreesed stone eellverea on tno ffronna. ' so. Tor atone la the uaarry auincieat for aaid build- rorthasUtoieoflne.v; ' ;. 1 4th: tur the aeceeearr tocka. swHchea. awltea-bara, Taansa,ooniiilete: atmira and piailerica. 6th7 or the enure material and labor for tne couatruo-tion of aaiit biuldinaa, with the provla.on of aa act entitled "An act to locate, construct, and carry un tne ooata-ern IlliaoU Penitenuary," approved Wav Z4. 18,7. - . Ibe piana and apecidcatione may be eeen. and printed peolSceUoOa will oe turnlaued. on applicsiioa at the omce of the Commissioaera or arcbitecta. ia tbe aew otata Honia nDrinKSeJd. illinola, on and alter the . . 00 ,I51H DAK OK OClOBEtL 1S77. All propoaala nanat be soeonipanied by a (rood sod antn-cient bond, ia acoordaaco with Article 7 of the aoove act. The Oommiaeioners reearve the rlsht to reject any and ail ancS propoeala. and to ehooae between tha (liferent clataeeof bide, if It ahail be aeemed by theui for thala-tereeu of tbe Mtate. , . . - Alt pro)OTU, mim. w mi.iimj, euu NUI., i w. w. Foada. Preaident ot the Hoard, of bonthera llllnoM Oozo-miaa onera. hprintrneld, Uiinoia. aad niuxt be delivered on er before Die -'.'-ta day ot October, 177. at la o'clock, nooa : at which time and place the eaoie wilt be on on oil in preeence of aU.bldilara dealnnr to be prewnt. ' . " .77 . v. x . --, H D. LAWKKNCK. - fwin 'i(EaihiiiT, - (tu BicrviTi Arcbitecta. BaILWAT TIMS TABLE. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF .TRAINS ' CHICAGO, KraUVOTOV AID QUIJrCT. I)2sS"s2.o-J "WAimuMt ad . J"" "ft.'0? Canal aad Hixiemta steeeta. Xicke m UiOMe-flO. So Clerk atreet, end at the uepota. ' 7sii am" 10:00 SBi' 1030 am' "Sleeto?.. Xj?7 tt"r snd E-k lord."i)a brj uel aud"lku'i Arnva. 7:tSa eOS pas'. rt:0pm -74 ia PaeiBe rpiraa for Omaaa AaoMa tltr ... Anrura raet-r..M and Idlja 4 OS p aa uteadota. wtt am 11 jOO a ma Downer. ' -r fnrn m'a'il at'l n"a ! ' i art (-10 em 4 r5 a oa 10OS am rvw V o. '.Divf,j p. que... , . .......... . SMI b m', Aurora Faaeenirer. Handay 9-JMi w aaltocS.ord. iMtboooak aad ioax I lit. lOrfWpnHpartaa! tills -M a m Wi5S am tta, MM saa 1:1V. M'lIlMnMi.Amn A .m m iA r i-.L" lOiUOpaitlAtehlaoa, as, joe. sad Ium ii- CHICASO LTD HOBTfllTESTEaJI , Xleka officeses dark etreet. Uhermaa Eoaas. aad at Sepote. council. BLcrm aad omtajta lthk. . liepot corner of Walla and aonaie atreeia. - - - ' Irave. Arrlva."" 10 m' Paclflc Ezpreaa ):) lUdioa m'moazOty and Yanktoa Ezpraas.l MOeat 0 :1 p ml omaha and Sight Azpresa Hi-Jb) a m , s.' P m'.telouzOity and ankt4i EzpraasZTj 8 u0 a m l-.'y m' Uuboque uprasa via Clinton S:40 p m VAAi "iiJba.ine txpreae nt Ulatoa .. fH:30 a m 3f.p 1'ae-Bnner ... aj a m Pullman Hotel Can ere run throo h. betwem Cbieaa-a aad Omaha, oa the train lesTtna ChicaKO at 10-3O aTnv. So other road ranatn a, eceieoralaa eara wast of Ctalcssa. rAKEPORT AtSK. 7 -JO a m Maywood i' 7:t5 a m iaywood I'aea.rer. .. .? Alb m safe mreetrt. acuport. end lnluquej rttlopm 2 i.-5. .""1 jXh tff.k..tord- loeiua3 11:15.1.' 1W m fimbaretl'aaeraaer l:4ftpm 4 AX) p m- Kodttord aad Kx lTer. "!. o-ij I 4 p m (ieneva lake Expree ..VTll(:45 s m 6:19 p m bt. Char lee ud lia riaiwlj -i Is S ftOpm'Juactiou i-aaeeae-er. STIZZ.. - isi m 5 UO P ' Lombextl laeeaiucee 1 ti-4i a m : MlLWAUKXK Dirt BIO A. ' Depot oorner Canal aad Klaxle auaeu. ' V. tOOt mt'Mllwankea FaatMaU viy) 1 .U(Ma ...I 7 :M p m juw a nil j niiwmit. cxpr (WOp nitjMxlwaukee Eipr L jw p ml VMnnetka Paaamiirerf daily L I t.i MIL. WAUKKE DirW-LKAYKS WELLS AT. DEPOT. 11 t a m'lLake Forest vmngmr, "j.i p M 4 .10 p m; Kenoeha laeaenyer .1 9 o am aw V m . .ioww rtMVffr..MM S :'M p m-f a aukeyan rmacgff S -Vl n m'lLeke 'oreet tuwiimF 11 .tli.n,:U..hllul lvfr Depot ewnar Canal ana g'. al iftS 9 SO a m-jreen liar Expivea J 7 30 p m 10M1 amISt.eaala34Minneepoua Expireaa.i job i IMpa tta 9 -il a m ois" P m- noooetoca 4 :45 p mftieneva Lake Expreaa... 4:45 p mtKond da Lee l aa.nn ;ir 6:0pai;peeiUinee Paaewaeer-.........M 6 :-5 p m'ihamort" a t'aaaenser S 4X1 pmtjbt. Paul and ainona Express..... rf' p mf XaCroMa Express 9 AW p mtloreaa Bay aad Marqoette Expreaa rlD-.-tS am 1-JSO am 8:15 am M-Jbi am frtto am rS:4 nam Jfora. n tha Galena Dlviaioa a Sonday paaaensar train will leave Uffin at 7 :50 a. m.. arrivina ia Chieaco aC 10:10 am. Keturulns. will leave Cbicaco at 1 :1 p. m. CHICAGO. 8T. FAUX AMD 1OXITAF0LX3 LU2 Ticket offlcea. 62 Clark at. and at Einxie at. Depot. Ijeare. I 10 a mlw. Psnl and Minneapnlia Xxvraaa. S son pal (St. Paul and alinneapolia Kxpnea. Arrive. 4 Ol p 1S JW a n CHICAGO. KOCX ISLAID AID PACIFia ' Depot corner Van Bnren and Bberman street. Ticket and fresyht omca, M Clark atreet. bberman Honaa. T.IT. I Arrlva, 4iO0 p m am 10 :XS a m Omaha. Lea van worth and Atchi-I i eon axprai a... S :0V p m Peru Aroommodatoa.. lo-vupmfiAiciu fouw am HLOM ISLASD ASD 0ASIBSGTOM BKIQBTB. 6 :oo a m :ArommoaaUoa ... A. ...... 8:40p m" lAcoommodauoa. H:10p n",AcconimoiMion.. . 4:15 p lAeromiDodstioa. ........... . 6:15 p to Accommodation ...... 7 : 10 p m tacoommodation .... n ...... 1 :10p ffia,AcconiiiiodU'jliHHH. .... 8 AO a m 7 -45 am 9:10 am Iddpa . 4 :40 p m Idopa 10:15 am i aw p xnfri Accommodation 1 1 9 m nmim h ,IiiiiiIiiit nrnn IU n in f. T, h. TTTTTT. IElmbalLOen.8npt.:A. M. Smith. Gen, kgi. J eneral omoea la TairTTiyrr Pefot, foot of loimile ac ILLLY0I8 CE1TKA. t ' Ticket ofBee. 121 Randolph atreet, near dark. Depot, toot of Lake ati aet and foot of Tweaty-eeooad streeta. Leave, j .Arrive. " 8 :4Q a m !8C Louie Finn. X :30 nmf. Loaia I a.t line ...... 17 :M a m 8 :4() a m'airo and Sew Orleans Krpreee.... 4tupm SKipmt Cairo. -VeOrleaoe and Texas Ex.. 1750 a m 8:40am;bvruucfield Ezpreaa 4 :M p m 8 JOpm' bpnugfleld Muht Exoreaa ITjuta Peoria. UariiiutM and Keoknk m 8iOp m"ileona. Borumrcoa and Keokuk.. 7duta 10.outa'iDiibagnaM Honour Ezpreee . IdSta Sipm'flmonoueand tfloaxCzty I Tin oae.. S:3am trZ& pa' Gilmaa fumnirar ... :!;. am fMtm' Oakwoooa and Grand Croaalna'-. 7 :45 am :10 a mOakwoo-ia aad (raod CroaainK. m.-SOam 9 :10 a mi.Oalwood. and Graid Croainx..... tloilta 13:iepmtiOakwoodaandGrandCroeains'. ilSpm S p m-iOakwmia and Grand Croma.. S ?M P m 4 35 p mlOakmrooda aad Grand 1 naliu'. 7:llpa S:JOp m luleooat and Grand Omening..... 7 :. p m 9 :!Oe mv rird.lfara and Grand aani'Mt.... 10pm 6SSp m GrandCroaaiaeand Kenmc-loa.M trSia 11 :lopm Grand Ooeain and Kenauctoa.... aSdaaa W. P. JoaaaoK. Gaa. Pass. Aceau CHICAGO. DAITTLLE AID TDfCESFES. . Depot corner Cuntoa and CarroU'atitela. Preixht aad ticket omce. S7 In ai bora atteet. - Arrive. . 9 AK) a Evanavilla and Terra Haute Ft...., rr-J sa rfi a a t mi p m JLVanaTl tie ana ierraiiaateu.. PITTSBtrBUJ, FpST WAITB AVS CBICAQa . Depot corner Canal and Madison aft acta. Ticket oSoea, pa vnri iu c.i. l-iimer nuiut, anquranq ryotnenoaai. - Leave. 8 a a m: Mall aad Express. 5 :15 p mt;Pacine Expreaa.... aOpmtlFaatLlne piTTSBcitQ, crscnnrATi ass 8T. Loins. Dapet corner of Chntoa aad Carroll streets. West Side. Ticket offices. 1 si Kaauolpa aueet, and at depot. - Leave. I S:4U a m'DaT : Arrive. :10n m S MO p ini!Mcht Expreaa (aaily).... . BALTDC02J2 AID OHia Trains leava from Erpoaitioa Bnlldlns.' foot of Sresaea atreet. Ticket omcea. 83 Clark atreet. Palmer Jwxiaa, Orand Paciflc. and depot. Exuoaiuon Building. - Leave. 8 Jo am 9 :40 p m I Arrleo.- . rS :4 a m KiiWpa Morniac Ezpraas.. t eat axpreas Pulnaa tileanina aad Parlor Can oa all traiaa. trains daily. All CHICAGO, IdLWAUrEE BT. PATH. Dnion Depot, corner Mauiaon aad Canal ata. Ticket uftliae. ti3 Clark au. oppoaite bberman House, and at depot. Leave 7 -.60 aw 10 ami am' Arrive. pm 'impa Milwaukee Expreaa KiMuaun and atinneaota. Green ay aud unroaira oay tiOS p m-1 ii '-. ... .- ... Wlecoaua. Iowa, ext. waa 11 KW a m 9M p mi a'laconam aad atinneaota. Greea Bav. tttevena Point, ana Aahlaad tarouya niKhtaxpi t7Kam AU trail. a ran via Milwaukee, rickets for St. Panl anf Muneapoila are rood eiUier via Madiaon or Praiaa de Chioa. or via Watertown. I aOiieaa. and Winona. CHICAGO, ALTO 8T. LOUIS AID CHICAQO KASSAS at DE5TEX BHOST LIT 3. ' , Onloa Depot, West Side, near Madiaon street bridra, sad ' Twenty-third at. Ticket ofhoa at 134 Baadolph at. Leave. Udupa'I Arrlva, CStw and Deavwe Pant Ez-I lomaia via JaceaoavxUa. AU. audi S:0m RKipza' S:0m ; f7-3lam 7 zHO am SstMpaa 3:40 pm N:Wta 0 ai Spruuraeiil and St. Couia Et p r eaa viaaaata uoe.. ........ 9KMPB aW p sat Perkin aud PeoriaFaat ExDresa. bpnnffbeid. bt. Louia and Tazan ran I nine. Df aiain un,.. ... 84)0 P m Peoria, Eeokuk. aad BuriiDrtoa... 9 KJO a m I'hi cairo and Padecah kailroad Ez. IS p m'itStreator. Wenona. loroa. . aod I Waehiamoa Ezoreaa... . 6:00 p m.Ioliet and Daritrht Accommodation J.C.HclatJU.Ra, General SuperintendenC J AMra Chiu.tu, General Paaaemrer agent... 7 , : '- inCHIGA CEHTXAL. '' X' V Depots foot of Lata atreet, and foot of Twtmeseond atreet. Ticket omcea. ol dark atreet. aoatheaet cpraar aandolph at. Grand 1 acino ootei. and at Palmer Moaoe Leave. ' T jw am' die am 3:44 pm- :16pm4 Mlpaii Arnvea , :55 p m 7:40 0 na Vail, via Mala and Air Une. Oav Expreaa a alaiu acoo Aocom modaaoa... Atinntic Expreaa i daily ) .sirlit ajpreee no jw am 18 ami am . t:30 am 7- LAX BEOEB AID XICEIGAlr SOUIJLtWr. 77 Depot. Tan Bnraa street, head of LeSeUe etreet. Ticket omcea. neetaweat oorner ot Uaoaoiph and ClarS atreataa and aoatnweatourne- of Canal aud Aladiaon etreeta. Leave. Arrive. 7:o p m 7 :0 n m 8 .00 a m 5:4oa m 83o a m 1 :6p m 6 -si p m 7:5p Da 7 ulo a m xv.ll via Vain TJna. ... ... si-jal a. Y. avtoreaa. via Air Line.. imii m a :15 pm ilieilUG atpi umiij. vie jut uai. IV rjtt p m 12 All pu I.I :40 p a ltilipn ! 1 :.ti p a. .ui i.pri.i via aiain 1 " Ooteuour Aceumiuodatioa.M....M. oieuour icciuiunaiu,.,. oiehour AfooibiuoaiiioB.-.MMW, . X1 hour Accuuimodutloa. . ........ Kxn.AXATTOjr of Brrrvvjicra. "HellT eseept Snndaye ' IttMMiiitiMiTi. 1 1 ai 1 T . 4xeerie UhiiIul kiMnl featuraays and bundaya. H Except boadays aud Hondaya. bundaya only. Slharadaya aad oaaaroaya only, rwatar . days otilV; GOODRICH STEAMERS." GOODRICH'S STEAMERS. -V v7 - .: ' 7" '' .. aB - v' Tot Milwaukee and all Wast anore Ports, daily ' eunuay excepteu...... ......... ............ . a. ra Baruroay'a boat don't go aaul . . iTu. m. 1 nday monunv'a boat soea toroash to Ahnepea . . for Grand Haven, Grauo hapioa, aud MaaaaKoav daily, buiiaay excepted 7p.m. For ataniaiee. Xuainjrtoo, and Pen tw-atar daily - I ISaturday and buuuay excepted ) at S a to. Sot hi. 4oeepb daily (euuaaja exceptedi at... ..10 a. m tHiturday'a boat 6ota not leave udu1 litao o. m Sat Oreea Bar, Eaoauaba. etc. r riftty atTT.7.... 7 p7 ta . Cilina ana: aiwka. foot Ali.-nlaae .mi - Has am I n ... . rioaX) a m '

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