The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1948
Page 13
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THURSDAY. .MAY 20. 1!M8 Swedish Cooks Whef Appetites A Viking Foods Uphold Tradition for Thrift With Sturdy Dishes •rue Swedes are famed for wurdv things _ massive pieces of silver strong textiles woven in 00 id peasant patterns glassware heavy but graceful—these are the products of a people who live with lunged coastlines bordered by northern spruce, pine , ln d mountain nsh The Vikings wore the ancestors of tlu- Swedes and their cookery as well as their customs lives up lo tlie sturdy Viking tradition. Bui you needn't be « Viking, or even the descendant o[ a Viki»t> to enjoy one of tlie finest of all Scandinavian dishes _ Swedish Meat Bulls. It's just lil :c (he substantial Swedes to take a liule ground msal and make of it a dish so sturdy it suits their mused northern appetite. Al|houi!h this dish is best known as a substantial main dish, you may have encountered it at a restaurant that serves Smorgasbord, that feast of assorted /cods for tt'hlch tlie Scandinavians at famous. Swedish Meat Halls fire ' •IJp-ii featured ns one of Hie hot foods in H Smorgasbord. These meat balls are tiny—not more than one inch in diameter— but lliey arc very compact in texture, and they are always served with their own rich gravy. The -Swedish name for them is Kott- bullnr. which by the way sounds as substantial as Ihe dish itself, 'llie meat for this di-sh is a mixture of beef and lean pork, making a delicious combination. These meat. balls feature a surprise ingredient which you may never have met outside a cake. You'll agree that It's apropos with meat, however, when you tr.v it in Swedish Meat Balls. This surprise ingredient is all-spice It emphasizes the beef flavor In a delightful way that you'll find new but pleasant. Thrifty Meals Make Swedish flish As Is so often ihe case with n famous di.5li. Swedish Meat Balls are made with thrifty cuts of beef and pork. Any cut suitable for hamburger will tl o well for the ground licef, and pork shoulder will answer adequately for the pork required in the recipe. The secret of the compact, substantial texture of these meat balls is in the way « -.v're made. Bread crumbs fire iked in milk and this is added the meat along with egg to give the close-textured meal ball characteristic of Swedish cookery. The meat balls are shaped with the hands or with two teaspoons Into tiny rounds about the size of large marbles and then they ure browned richly In a skillet. A final steaming for 30 minutes follows and then a rich, thick gravy l s made to serve with the dish. The practice of Swedish cooks In shaping the tiny meat balls carles. Some dust, their hands with flour to facilitate rolling the balls into a tiny shape; some rinse the hands in cold water before shaping the meat balls and BI.YT1IKVH.1.R (AHK.l COlWIKlt Fish Treats Fill Protein Needs Friday salmon pie—a lisli main rtlsh wilh lots of protein. The now tree booklet, "Money- and iioilr Into well-greased lical-rc- feas ing Main Dishes,"' containing I .sislanl "lass baking rtisli two-nuau [:,0 le.teu recipes prepared by th,t :f in. Melt f>a in lop of double boil- Uiircau of Human Nutrition ana | «,,-; st ir in 4 tablespoons flour Stir Home E.otiojnic.s. i., part of (lie , in milk fi-aduallj'. Cook for about Ijovermnerirs drive lo keep Ainerica 120 minuies until thick anrt ".o .strong bv shoivjns limv lo put «<!«- | starchy taste remains Remove • male protein into the family mean from i,.,,i n',,,i „ ,„ destine lii-i, urici-s , luat ami lultl a ' K '''-^ixwn Here is one fish rcciuc from 'iu i , ' '"'I' 1 "' 1 ' c ' cln > s »". "Winn;. booklet: | lemon Juice and Rraiod rliecse. SI iv butler dork ulnnt. lU'iicndlnR unon'l DIP cool ol the leaves to, help keep iliu bulter fiesli - mid mil doubt to protect ll from dust and genus, loo. ( A quaint "packnue" Indeed \va.s t butter dock leavesl And quaint, I loo. the country custom of slorliiK' hutter In the well or In a shallow 1 spring. Mneli less bother, however, mid so much more dependable are jlhe lefiijjeralors of today ami the ' larafdned rnrinji.* Hint keo]i lmtler| ', clean and .shapely on Its way from Ihe creutnery lo voiir kitclicu. Carious J'rotcct I'n-sli I lavnr What the Scots were slrilBRllilK o ncblcvc wilh gieon leaves, paraf- fined cartons ticctimiillsli easily 1'liey iii.siil.Tte tli« natural >f the butter uualiixt eviiporalton, vel keep outer jilolsUit'.s.s from |iell- | clrallim ihe buller ami snoUtus Us' lextuic. The heavy iiaperbannl nude from virgin pulp and Ihe pure Minfftn Hint comprise the modern liter pat-knee combine to offer Jiiller the perfect prolcctlun Hie lelirncy of (he product demands. 1 The Imtter Is ke]il safe from soil I during Ilic nece.wnry litmdliiiK l»' transportation from creamery to store to out. The ruinous <innt;er of penetration by odors from other; foods Is avoided when the sturdy I paraffined carious Is the package tluit [irolecLs biillr-r iiRnlnst despoilers of delicate butter flavor Heart Courier News Want Ads. PAGK THIRTEEN It and Nimdh's Throe tablespoons chopped onion. 1-:) cup diced celerv, I table- intil diM'SR Is mcllfrt. Arid .salmon to sauce. Pour over rice baging dish. Once Packaged In Leaves in Scotland Kxcoss bone and wii.ste fill, off before you buy. In bonny Seoll.itul Iherc is » plan!, with larae. round leaves that i.s called Butter Dock. This qiminl plant took its name from Us use because it was what the Scots used to protect their butler when they Use fisii protein maia Pie .sas Kiee (Irowers Co-tip. Assn Slutttarl. Arkansas tender, f/avdr-r/ch You get rh« fines! when you buy Ever-Sooti hickory - smoked ham. Ever-Good Ham hat real tender-smoked flavor, real ham goodness that mattes it < joy to serve, a treat fo eat. Serve steaming Ever- Good Ham for dinner, and make thrifty left-over dishes later. Ask your dealer for Ever-Good Ham. MEMPHIS PACKING CO. Memphis, Tenn. Iocs, l 2-3 cujxs cooked noodles. 2 cups flaked cooked fish, crumbs mixed with melted fnt. Cook onion and celery in fat n lew minute;. Add salt, pepper and tomatoes ar.d heat lo boiling. (Two cups raw lomatoe.s, cm in pieces, may be used instead of 1 2-3 cups cooked.) ,p u t alternate layers or i stored "ft""They'd "w'rap" their"bu!ter noodles, fi.,1, al ,d hot tomato m ix- [in thc bi K . round leaver of the lure into a greased baking dish, j Top wiih crnnias. Bake in a mod- ernte oven c350 degrees F.) 20 minutes or nmil Ihe mixture is healeil through and the bread crumbs are browned. Prom Lucy M, Maltby. noted American home economis'i. comes this exclusive dish: Friday Salttun (Sci-M-s li) Thrce-qunneis cup rice. 1 quavt boiling water, 1 teaspoons salt. 2 tablespoons chopped, parsley. 4 tablespoons fat. 4 lablo.spoons Hour. 2 cups milk. 1 teaspoon salt, 1-3 lea.spoon pepper, 1-2 teaspoon celery salt. 1-4 teaspoon nutmeg, 'i l lablcspoons lemon juice. 1 cup srat- , Ed American cneese, 1 can salmon, flaked. Cook rice umil soft in one quart Ixiilini! water to which 2 teaspoon* salt have been added. After draining rico. mix with chopped paisley repeat the process -as more meat balls are made. Make It Entirely A Swedish .Menu It's fun to serve typical Swedish accompaniments with your Scandinavian meat dish. Certainly red cabbage cooked with vinegar and I sliced apple is most appropriale. Anolher favorite Swedish vegetable is mashed rutabaga, or mashed rutabaga and potato combined. If you'd go for a preen vcgeiable, go Swedish with minced spinach lopped with sieved hard-cooked egg yolk. Very pretty. Hashed browned polatoc.s are typical with this Swedish dinner. Siveilish Jlral Balls Ib. ground beef Ib, ground pork shoulder cup soft bread crumps cup milk egg well beaten tbsps lard tbsp,s. finely chopped onion. ^ tcasp. pepper 'i tcasp. allspice or nutmeg I 1 , tea-spoons salt 3 Ibsps. flour. 1'? cups water ^ cup light cream Combine beef mid pork. Add crumbs to milk; add beaten egg. Mix well Kith ground nient, until thoroughly blended. Put lard in skillet: add onion and cook until tender; remove from skillet add lo meat with pepper, allspice or nutmeg, and sail. Blend in thoroushlv with meat. Form into small balls with two teaspoons and drop into heated Fat remaining in skillet. Brou-ji and remove to platter. Blend in flour; add water and cream; stir constantly imlil Ihick- eni-d. Return meatballs to gravy; co\rr and simmer 30 mimitc.s. Yield: fi servings. l Mlmte Flmr for \iqhtefl Sprmq hovsccle9ni n gt "omicrfullimv !',„,, ,.,,,„„ ,, Kitl f, t .,, , ^"'".r-'Mon-., color , 1 ,,c!fr,sl,,,,,«, 0 , r) ; iuiiv r r nil.irr, linolo,,,,, ,,| r , ,,,, ,,„;„,„,.„,, ..o,Kv,, r k.,, ( ,,,,|, mv<lir ,, (|i , >i , smi]i(|[llcr(|; tins big help lo.S|).iii S !,, m , MV | r ., ni ,,„! LIKE VEAL ROAST? from MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN MAYROSE VHAL ROLL I VEAL CROQUETTES Ro.isc the veal roll on a rack in a shallow, open pan in a slow oven, (325* ]•",) to an internal tcmpcr.iiMrcof 18n' F. if a meal tlicrniomctcr is used. Or, since (he time varies according lo the weight of the roast, prepare the *cal roll in ,tccordant€ with the pi following table: (YieMi B croqucrtet) 2 cups grouml conked roll 2 ins. butler or margarine \ tbs. flour i cup milk 2 tbs. niinccd nntom Siflcd tracker crumbs I isp. salt Mayrosel.aril Mnkc a \\hitc sauce of butter, flour ami milk. Add ihe veal, salt anil onion. Cool. Shape imo 8 croquettes. Roll in sifced rr.icker cr.imln. Heal lard in i deep heavy p»n. i"ry croquettes in hoi lard until well browned. Drain on soft paper. Serve with hot spicy becis and oihcr tan relish. Mujrtit Hint F.totemitt • EMINOER: Ths nom« MA.YROSF iiioi. f'fifli highnti o.jilir, naot p. . . Mayron Rrond lorr.H E-.Fond ^ Y i«,«(>«,. Po.V S, uwa .. A.V lor ih em by no™* .,. ST. LOUIS INDEPtNDENT PACKING COMPANY Kroger Citrus Juices ORANGE & GRAPEFRUIT BLENDED JUICE 46 oz. ean Orange Juice Grapefruit Juke r. Krom 44.01. finest fruit. CHEESE ™ Wisconsin \Vintlsoi Club MARGARINE ;;'„ 37 Kit liu ore PEANUT BUTTER 33 Kroner Millie Mix—1 ()-()/.. (iliixs APPLE JELLY 2 ££ 29 Motl's SALAD DRESS. '!ir 39 C Knijjcr GELATIN 3 ,,, s 19 Kroger A.ssorlcd K)n\«rs Rib Roast - - - lb.65c U.S. Graded good or choice. Chuck Roasl - - lb.59c U.S. Graded good or choice. Smoked Picnics - - Ib. 45c Armour's Star, 4 to 8 Ib. Avg. Lunch Meats - - lb.55c STAR or PREMIUM. Variety sliced. Hamburger - - Ib. 55c The meat that is all meat. Freih. ,N H,B R , G HT TEA Whiting - - - Ib. 19c Dressed. Mighty good eating. Get Kroger Special BlenL Sftve-i rcfllla. Colorful. floral dc.-lgii EVAP MSLK ; I'el or Cnrnnlum CORNFLAKES 2 X.29 MARSHMALLOWS "Z 19' Kroger Pears N - 35c Fancy Bartlett in heavy syrup. CATSUP <" 2 FRAZIER'S. Made from choice tomatoes. KROGER BEVERAGES Taste-Thrilling—Plus Bottle Deposit. CONDENSED MILK Dime Brand. CHOCOLATE SYRUP Hershcy's. Kroner TOMATOES Slandai (I fiianil 2 N<). 2 Cans MIRACLE WHIP J t° 41' PEACHES Avoiulule Iliilvos Jnr 1 No. 2 FRUST COCKTAIL 2 19C WHITE MEAL 10-lb Fancy 1C , FLOOR Z3C * vm " |fiic » mf JiH III t* IIII U 1% HUMKO •l-lb Cln. •!-!h Cln. Hot Roll Mix DUFF'S, For better rolls. 14-oz. Pkg. 29c ])«infy Cnoliinjuf I'al BAKING POWDER CIGARETTES I'dimlur Hrands DOG FOOD Str»ii(rhciirt IT •199 •103 r * 25' C(n. 4 1 99 Cans Kroger Bread Finer \vhife bread 2 IK* Ivs. KROGER CRACKERS 45 \Viin 2 to 1 In Test Knr Oipness. —2-lt> Spotlight Coffee Kroner. Hof-Dalcd. Save lac n Ib. J.I) FRENCH BRAKD tl) 4S Kroger. Hol-l)ntcd. ijich CUT YOUR FOOD BILLS Buy KROGER Fresh Fruits and Vegetables PRICED BY THE POUND! The Kroger Pound Price Assures you of Better Value. Red Ripe Slicing Quality. TOMATOES GREENCORN Fresh Tender Tcaxs GREENBEANS New Crop Fancy Miss. Slringless tube 23C 2 IA 2T WATERMELONS Sweet Red Ripe 30 round Average I.b. NEW POTATOES U.S. No. I Washed Beds 10

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