The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1935
Page 5
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I SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2, '1935 JLYTHEVILLB, (Aftk.) COURIER NEWS n ^, PA6E FIVE ' ' Keai Estate FARMS FOR SALE With immediate possession .80 acres, 5',£ miles weel plSikcs- lon, Scott'"County. Mo. Price $30 acre 120 acres, 15 miles northwest' of S|kcsU)n, |n Stoddard County, Mo. Price $20 acre A. T. Earls & W. 0. Alexander Slecle, Mo, Farms For Sale With Immediate Possession 40 A. near Burctette, M % iss. county, Ark. Price $60 acre." 40 A. near Burdette, Miss, county, Ark. Price 460 acre. 80 A. near Burdctte, Miss, county, Ark. Price $60 acre. 45 A. near Warden, Femigrot county, Mo. Price S50 acre. 65 A. near Gideon, New Madrid county, Mo. Price $10 acre. 108 A. near Gideon, New Madrid county, Mo. Price $45 acre. 121 A. "near Gideon, New Madrid county, Mo. Price 550 acre. 107 A. near Canalou, New Madrid county, Mo. Price ?4.0 acre. J. W. Bader Blythcville, Ark. Business Directory WELD:WQ MACHINE WORK TRACTOR REPAIRING We Guarantee Every Job Cull 808 Day or Night Blytheville Machine Works Second & Ash Sts. DON'T FORGET CAUDILL'5 AGENCY GENERAL INSUKANCK YOU HAVE TRIED THE REST, NOW BUV THE BEST FAMOUS MA11NB I!El) ASH COA1. Once You Try It, You Will Always Buy It BU\ FURNITURE MOW PAY. THIS FALL Gel Our Terms HUmiAlU) FUUNITLJRE CO. FIRE & TORNADO INSURANCE, LIFE INSURANCE AND INSURANCE SERVICE Money to Loan Wo are in position to make you a loan lo refinance your present loan. Terms lor repayment, can be made to your satisfaction, very low interest rates, tills applies 10 city, as well n.~ farm loans. W. M. Burns, Phones 243 - 212 FARMS FOR SALE! Terms Reasonaole ETHEL B. THOMPSON oviile, MO. Auiomotive Special prices on Auto Accessories, Tires and ' Tubes. Guaranteed Batteries $3.95. Auto Tops &• Side- curtains 51.50 up. Alcohol 75c gal. Car heaters S1.50 up, Cylinder Heads, Floor Mats. Scrap jrpn metal in deniind WOLF ARIAN - - 128 E. Main "WNTE11 AOTO SPECIALS' ftcstonc. Alcohol, Healers, Dt- (rbstcrs, VViJln>S Batteries. LET 03 PRKf'AHE YOU FOR WINTER Hubbard Hdw. Co. AUTOMOTIVE OEPT. Pnone -J7B Phone ' Cash Feed, Store \Vc I'ay Highest Cash I'rices lor I'ouliry and Eggs. Complete Lineol I'urina Feed Kerry's liuik Garrten Seed Field Seed 112 IS. Main Phone 154 Across From Old I'ostoffice BA1TERIES RECHARUtD 75c GUARANTEED Starrer <5i Generator Service Used Auto Parts Cheap Phone 308—Road Service Harper Auto Electric Service '/i Mile from Gateway Store on Highway 18. This ad is worth 25c on batter. GARAGE Garland M. iVibrgan vFonneily with Phillips Motor Co.. General Auto Repairing "V-3" Service REASONABLE PRICES Yarbro Road Remodel Your Home With a geunine KUBBEHOID ROOF 5% interest, 3 years to pay East Arkansas Builders ;•.}.. Supply Co. ' FOR:BATTERY SERVICE Ben Clune : 209 vv. Ash^—Phone U.: For Sale FOE SALE-5 biirner Quick Meal Oil Stove., coot) condition. Very Cheap. call evenings at ; 800 Chickasawba. i FOR SALE—Otrnian Police. Puppies. See Monroe Ahernathy, Ark-Mo Power Company, Oscebla. 29p YOUTH'S. BED, slightly larger Ihan baby bed. New. mattress. Will sell CHEAP. Mrs. Sieve H. Brooks, 510 W. Main. , dh tf BUY FURNITURE NOW PAY THIS FALL ; vGct Our Terms > 1HJBBAHD FURMTIIKE CO. Taken Wliile and black spotted HOC weight 165 Lbs. Ed Calvin, Clear Lake, Houte 2. jp K-l Shoe Repairing W. J. KNOX Having made nil kinds of shoes for ABNORMAL feet, can repair shoes to correct ABNORMAL fees. SPECIAL PRICES oiTTcpTiiring o! all kinds. Best matcriats used. Progressive Shoe Shop __ 10:1 a. aid st 32 years in ti le shoe Repairing buslncw; when others fail, try Si. Simon P. Lee. Ill South Railroad sl WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY HARNESS Our Stock Is Complete IMPLEMENTS And Repairs For AVERY, MOLINE VULCAN &BLOUNT Puy Us A Visit And Be Convinced PAUL BYRUM 120 Bast Wain FOB BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER . ARKMO LUMBER CO. HARNESS: HARNESS! Full Line High Grade Harness. Best Prices lif BlythoviUc. All makes turning plows'111111 middle busier poinl«, (race chains, collar pails, back tamls, etc. FEED! SEED! Everyllnng you will need for Spring Planting' Oberst Store Co. Largest it Most Complete Stock of HARNESS ill Northeast Arkansas. ' PRICES RIGHT. Hubbard Hdw. Co. Why Buy Coal Frojn Us? 1—30 .years 'in niujness. 2—Quality of'coal .handled. 3—Prompt, service. : • 4—Courteous treatment. 5—Von Bel all you pay for. 'Quality Group' 1 distributed uy , Gay & Billings Hionc 70 LIGHT • vo'i \v; Ash. 2 room FUHNISHED o|).iVUiie'nl. ulil'.'ies free. 019 W. Mjilh. Coll •S32-J. '31-c-k-U Buy Ciirnu High Quality IVvds It Fays To Feed tliu Best \Vc 13 uy Corn & Soy Beans I'lIONE 127 Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. PACKER, Prop. Exclusive Agents lor (lie original genuine Montavallo Coal We also sell Brilliant, Ark. Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals. Plionc 477 WONDER CITY COAL CO.. .5 ROOM HOUSE. 511 Part. HCCi- sonab'.e renl. Call :!80. Ic'kll :4T r ;| Cottonwood Point Fen;) 1 riooMs, i-cK-tl Modern S room FURNISHED House, yaiiigo, 130U Chk'kaEaVta. Call 261). m lur room, steam licnl, hot l>honc 560. 30-ck-tf FRONT _J>atl>. Unfurnished npiulincnl, 4~~rooms _ wilh talli, Cull 327, Night. 55. Partly furnished APARTMENT with Eooil heating system. Phone 10V or 571. Ili-c-tf MCmERNLY FURNISHED "iiijnH- uioiit, 3 rooms, uatlt; over Klr- uy UniB Co. p. Simon, phone 7li4. 28-c-li -.Two Furnl,Iie7l Bed Rooms, lOW Walnut Phono 102. Sl-c-tf Sly cual Is Black But I Treat You STEAMHBATED bedroom In modern home lo permanent buslnes< couple or men. I'hooe 084 or 24. Help Wanted V • i» Again 'operating' After Itavluj Dispensed With Services Uiivlnf Uujh Wntcr Service tp lo p. • M.- Except Stitu'rdiiy & Suilday, 13 p. M. BE|5 UOOK DAVIS, WD HAND , E. MAIN. WE I3UV AND BBUi ANYTIilNO. Personal SALESMEN: Sell iidvcrttsiue novelties, calendars, fans, llicrmo- 5 ARKS BROS. COAL CO. PHONE 077 FOR "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Energy Illinois" "Black Royal: Kentucky" CLEAN COAkr-LOW PRICED We Can'", Sell All trie Coal, So We Just Sell the Best. it, Benard, 1,000 Lfcs $3.50 Hack Diamond, 1,000 Lbs. .. $3.75 Sahara, 1,000 ,Lbs $1.00 icton Red Ash, 1,000 Lbs. .. $5.00 Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. BOOTS wobrt Hillson Corp., 50 "lilgli SI,, Urooklinc, Muss. I - _ _ Ladies. Copy mimes, addresses, for mail order linns. Good pay. Experience unnecessary,' no canvassing. Write; Stamped envelope, United advertising, ]14 DcKalb Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Wanted To Buy COTTON PLANTrNG~SEiir CORN and SOY BEANS See 'us for 13est Prices. Harold Stcrnberg at ,, STERNDERC. COTTON CO. .. Jo llie Properly Owners In Paving Districts No. 2 mid 3. The out.-.uiiuliin; bonds agiilnsl tlicse ' (llslrlot.s iimounls to $JO»,000.00. Tills Is n lirsl Hen on your properly anil sooner or later must uc paid. The Commissioners are now being offer- i'd sonic of ihrso bonds, (not nil of llicm, neither arc imy olfered by Lesser aohlmitil Co.) ui 50c on the doliiir. T'lils Is a wonderful opjioi 1 - dmlty to gel rid of a burden that every one is tired of carryinc, but, the amount of bonds that iimy bo retired nt tiiis low llgure will cor- icspond exiiclly !o Ilic amount of cooperation Ihc commissioners receive from the (ax payers. This is your obligation, there Is no way to avoid payment, except by the lost of your property. So Ilic lime lo uc.t Is HOW, if (HXC.S can be collected now, mill bonds retired, it, will be entirely possible to reduce Hie yearly payments besides winding up tlm whole, debt by 1943 sis was orlglirnlly planned. The commissioners sincerely hope to liavc your cooperation in this mailer, so vital to you. C, J. Evrard. litbh.'phprJip Smith] n09 Heiirn Robinson addition. Furnilure BUV FURNITURK NOW PAY THIS FALL Gel Our Terms UUIUlAltl) rilRNIlllltK CO, Al.l-KY 001»" • Eggs, Poultry Wo ]>»)' (tlglipst, cdsh jirlcc for nil kinds of poultry. End of' puvc- mcnl, 316 K, Mnln, B. T. WORTHY > HIGHEST MARKET PRICES paid for nil kinds of poultry at Mahun's Qln, KlCli & HEN 1 Bit •:'BABY CHICKS ALL, VARIETIES llnlclilne Done for llio MAihlAN IUTCHE11Y niytlicvDic, Ark. Tintdierj Cotlo No'.' 8(i DETROIT. (Ui'J _ nauk Sc«<j" pnnUiuk will piobably be the w« of HID viullo announcer 1 ! next fool- L'all si'iisou lie is gem? to play tackle for Michigan State WE OUGHTA 85 SOMBVHURe NEAR TIV NEIGHBORHOOD Of- THIS DINOSAUR RIO2R WE'BG UOOKiM'FOR- s~~^ U5T WHERE WAO IT .--/KEEP ON COIN; IHDK 'KM, COWliOY! NKQRO family wants to sliarctrop next year. Two. men und woman In family. Excellent rccommenda- WELL, T GUESS WE .MIGHT K WELL CAU IT A' DAY, BOOTS WASH TUBBS / TELL ME 7HE WORST, DOCTORTl \ HE'S SO PALE AM 1 STILI.-IS HE IK| DAWGER? WATCHFUL WAITING! J DOM'T KMOW ; gdT"VE > ARE f MIT MJU VEAf?IWG DOT BUL6RAFIAW (JM1FORM.VE MIGHT BE worAwyMtwure. (<) 1935 BY MEA BtMICE. IHC. T. M. RCC, U. S, PAT. OFF, SURGICAL .ROOM /HERE. Ppy. you'LL HAF V"TO VAIT OUTSIDE. J '-^J~^^~^ SALESMAN SAM i AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE V> COPPER WEATHER STRIP Saves fuel at small cost Avkino Lumber Co. ' Swbstanlial BRVARD for return ol .., 2d 'f ' . c , ol f , wisl W »M> marked 'jM. i\I. T," lost near Wsslcru Union cajce. rrank Harvey, Hotel ' ' _ .___ pointer pup I) io and wlilte, heavily collar on. REWAHD. Dr phone 21B. 30-fk-:. tuni of dark brown brliiHi ci™. with, while face, bnmrted s 0 » nahl hip. Clark P!i|Uino, Sudlinrv Wanted SALESMAN WITH CAR readv to go to work for large inanufactiircr. Salary, bonus, expenses, Phone A. J. D. Black, Hotel OorT, Saturday and-sundav. 830 to 12 A. M. Cobb Undertaking Co.. Inr SERVICE & . QUALITY AMBULANCE I'Viiuie 2fi alnlinf an& PaperhangiiiK Auto Painting - I'lirnlture Refinishing All Work Guaranlecd. Freeman & Wheat Phone 749 for Esllmclej LarRe-st ft Most Complete stock of CHINAWARH ill Northeast Arkansas. PRICES RIGHT. Hubbard Hdw. Co. Coal & Wood Ser-Ds About Your Coal Blytheville Gin .Co. "Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALX, 214 ftH, fusteR. PHILCUE.K ue\Je[ Uftve P> CKS-AR! i I?EAO OF SOUR. GkKJpsGEcieMT TO PEORLRIM IM Be-.") SEAM? THAT'I) HJOLI- 80M.K! /".\. SoR YEARS, IT SEEMS, WASH S'TS f THE DOOR WAITIMG— HOP1N6. osoy AM i Tu'. : LUCKY BUfA I : ' ' SHE SW<JS,'SHE KtiJ OAMCE. UK£ P>i-u ' JuJoT & soJee'r 6-IT-OUJ. 3He.'s A CHAMP SWIMMER. ) CI^P.R^D PftlMTs OftMOY PIcTuRes]/L.\«?t= AHEAD F6R FRECKLES AND HIS FRJENDS. LOOK 1 THERE'S A FLAWS, PRSCM.E5 .' p/.; , THIWK IT HAS AfJ-rTJIIMG TO 00 WITH THAT TELEGRAM HER SOT '? 'M HULt)' YUUH ftREATlI! : SEEMS 10 BE: OUT OF THE: COCKPIT,., AMD.... GOSH: I IXSNT KkWv^ijyrrY' Bur V/HA.T I'M VWWpERJslQ; is . V.W THs SVIRE INSTRUCTS U3 TO MAKE A TWENTY- RJOT CiRCLG I'l 6'Jt? .''. • YARD '* WE FLHK SEEM TU Be CI'BCUMS OVER ^txjs VI>JSE! oo yyj THIHK rrs C9U5IH

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