The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1935 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1935
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHEV1LLB COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO.,' PUBLISHERS 0. .R, BABCOCK, Editor •••-•• H W, HAINE8, Advertising Manager Sole National Adverlliiiig Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, pic,. New York, Chicago, Dslroit. St. Louts, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second, class nmllc'r 'at Ihc post ofrico ill Blyllicvllle, Arkansas, linricr act of Congress, 'October- 9, 1817. , 'j'-f4'>li Served-by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By 'carrier In Hie Clly of Blythevlllc, 15o |«r week, or $0.50 i>cr year, In sdrance. By mail, wlUiinn iaciu£ of 50 miles, $2.00 jicr ycnr, $1.50 lor six months, 85c for three monllis; by miill In postal mncs two (o six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year; ill zones seven and cl"M, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. The Duty (o Assess Under thu luw of Arkansas all persons living in cities or incorporated towns tux- rc'inim! Liu's yciir to appeiu' Ijofot'e the county assessor before April 10 and ;issoss tliuir |)ersoiml property. The penalty fur failure lo make such assessment is a JO per cent boost in lilXUK. R. L. G'aiiits, county iissiwsor, and C. L. Wiidddl, his (Iquily. al Osccola, have called the attention of property owners of tliu county to Ihis rci|uii-o- nient of the law through notices in newspapers of the county. We refer to it here becmisc it i s a matter in Which many properly owners have ljueii negligent. The condition of our city, county and school district treasuries is such tlial more thorough assessment of personal properly laxe.s is essential. Owners of Mich properly will (hid it to (heir iidvanUigu to malcu Ihoir assessments as required by law rather than to subject, themselves lo the penalties , provided for failure. -• Toddy's'Holy Grail' livery age has itj wonders, its legends, and ils uliiiUiiinaUlo ideals; and this particular era in history .seems to have set up Hollywood and ils people for service in those roles. \V"e read, for instance, of a imiun- slruck Brooklyn lad, the son of.a har- '^r'v\ vvh " i'...! icwim; c: hopelessly jimilleii \\-ilti;•.longlUg ror'a: certain lady of the •Minis, and brooded about it BO much thai he (uutily bummctl his wny to Los Angeles to talk to lier. Unfortunately, however, he couldn't get her telephone number. Jin tried valiantly; he spent, j n fact, his last few, dollars in ; pay-station telephone booths, trying vainly to ic cl Hie lady on the phone. At last Hit: police round him, bruise and hungry, still dreaming of gulling just one word from the lips of his adored one.' Somehow they persuaded him llial it was a hopeless ijucsl and sent him back home. ^ Youths of other ages sought Iheir Urails, I heir fountains u f youth, Ihdi' hinds of Kl Uorado; ours try lo lele- phone movie stars. Tim action may be gi-otosciiidy. dill'ereiil, but Uic underlying urge is much the same—the tpicst 1'or an iniiiltaitiable ideal. OUT OUR WAY Pbr Safety'.al Sta Dep.'trtineiil of Commerce officials arc qiioleil in cuiTcht \Viishliigloii dis- IKilciics as siiylng thai il would be a good thing if Cdh&rfess slionld order an investigation into recent steamship dibiistcr.i; and wjlh. this comment Ihe ordinary cilixen probably will be in complete weeineni. H is ultci'ly impossible for the innocent bystantJcr even to hazard n Ifiiess «S to what miiy be \vroiv{r—if, iiulecd, Uicre he any one cansu for our fcecnt tragedies nl scit; but there i* n general belief Unit somolhiiiB is out of line sontcvvliere, nnd thai il needs lookiiijf into. Genei'dtions of experience huv« ])ro\'- cd Unit American designers, bnilder.s a nil .seiifnc'ii ore us good (is any on earlh. \Vc slioukt not Ij'e havhij; acei- dt-iits at the rale wn have been having- them. A congressional invusligiition might bo an excellent remedy. In the Cause 0} Politics \Vc arfcio usett lo polilics and polilic- imis lliat we genenilly fail lo realize the uiilrageoiis Ihings which are done in Iheir name. Here's a .sample: Martin I,, Davey recently bccanio governor of Ohio. At the head of the tilulu's niiniuinm \viijfc division W ;is a woina'n named Louise Slitl. She Jiad made an enviable record in administering lh c law which prole-els Ohio's women and children from economic injustice. l!ul one of Ihe Davey admininlnilioii's lirst official acl.s wasijo remove bur from office " she wasn't a vole gcller." Now Ihis sort of thing is as common as grass; and because il is so common we don't recognize it for what it. is—an outrage, pure and simple. To lire a capable public servant because he or she didn't get, out the vole for this or lliat ert'ice-sceker is to strike a blo\y at the very existence of the democratic, principle. And we're so used lo. il lliat we don't greet it with Mie indignation il richly merits. If n man worked linrd at n. Ire couldnT work up n bigger list of enemies than 1 have mndc. — Sccrctury ol Interior Ilnrold L. Ickcs. 999 Make an-end o! war. Mow? Educate, educate, educiuc! —Mrs. Carrie Chapman Cult, famous feminist, * » . Olve an lioni- a day io your uiain. Thiiik— and Ihink rc«u)ai'ly—cvt-iy day. — Fay wi'ny, 111 in actress. * * » My only supposition j, s |i ln t Hollywood resents a lady. —Aim Iliirding, famous actress. ^t * * The most, flagrant wuste Hint is uoing on in the country loilay is in our oil fields. —Secretary of Interior Harold I,. lekcs. * t « Go back lo Hiisslii? Ncvrv! It t wcnl tack there, some commissar would throw me into prison and let me sing my l-eaullliil songs lo tlie rats. —vtortov Chuitopin, tiMiwus I(us- sian basso. By Williams LET ME TRY THAT, A PEW 1 USED 70 B& PRCTTY GOOD wffi-1 A SLEPGB — | T ' S BEEN! V6ARS—8UT- LYTHEVJLLE. (ABK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, /ffBRUAUY 2. 1935 '" Eyes Are Most Important lo Child Otherwise Handicapped Si • . I J. : Im Sunday. I.V 1)H. MOKIIIS FlSllttl' Kdll«r, Journal of (he Am l •Mcitlcal Astwlallon. anil uf /fy- ueia, Ihc Healll, Majadnc About HO i>tr cent of impre-sloiw h, com, to ' " Nowadays eye hy plementcd - mvolvcs [• Mr. and Mrs. Rouen cry and son, ol >od here Sunday hs guests of on Mrs, A. V. Kennctt. v <.!,»,! i , n . 01 ' J f' ilmi ' il " 05sibl0 ' a flexible death of Mrs. Hiyalifs sliter 'ml lor tl,™. ! !n I V "!'" ?« ,'!' E( ilna "^ 1 '' cl " i" classrooms George Pierce. The funon I olhi'i' senses. Thus, the child who is tiard c[ liojirine must Icani lo liilcrju'cl movements of lips ami facial nuiiicio.s. crippled child, being u,,. lii niiivi', lias lo use his eyes Milwlllute for agile legs Other children run about; the eye's »f tlie crippled cliihl musi, brim the world to liijii. " . "ami :. cousclousnca of Us -*; wcll-ormled books; cvo ri-s fs; «" «,o , m ,n y 'mcWrs li<!l ; S« to ""'ke up « program of e " rallh '» " le classroom nic ™,,,"° 1 J"! illI i ,',' ll!C5 ' do 1!U " b e- col " l: " a "' of ll 'c child's own life." --- . S.PAT; err:.. 'Maybe yuti'd be mil ste if yotii- ti'llihg .vtini- family Ihc (riifh. Chei-lt mi foiisuii's.s in in titiy sluipe lo leave ijyhl nttw." To brwik the cloud ivhicli obstructs HID intellect ol he mental dereelivc, tin- sense of lisioii is exceedingly Imnortnnl. Since most children conic first .0 iniljlii: atlenUon in Hie chiss- ITOJII. tfficlicivs in schools boar a O' I'CKDonslbility for delecting eyivilniiii and visual defect. Tlie Hioinenl liie.v observe any in Ham - Jnalion of the eyes ot the child, occurrence of fretiuent styeiy spasms of the eyelids, or lwilth-1 JiiK of tlie facial, muscles, they i slimild tall it lo die intention of tlie school iiliysieian, provided one is available. In many eases, children whu .seem lo lie unable lo learn to rend ur wiilc, or who seem to luck in coiiL-ciitralion, fail because of inadequate sight. Homersvillc Society — Personal Manila Society — Personal W. w. t'owlcr wns' 1 In Urooklyu, Vrk., last Sinidny, visiting his sick mother. JIG .'was nccoiiipanied by ils <laughlcr, Jcaho and his sons, ihaiics nnd James. Ills moliicr's oiiditlon is not serious. Miss /,orn Miller, who lias been ich with pncumoniiv (or ten days, iiiiproving. Mrs. Rtilli Isaac.'; Is visILlng Mrs. .lyrtlc Pearson for a few days. Mrs. O. W. Siillars is confined o licr lionic with illness. Her condition Is not serious. Miss Ada Do'wcn, .tcaclicr in Miuiiln lilgh school, visited her' Mimtls hi JonesUoro. over the week ml. ; Tlic>Rev. M. F. GallirlKlit is ex- icctcil to reltirn tills weekend from he Baptist hospital,' Little Kock, vlierc lie underwent. ;i. nuyov (jp- ratton. . i ym Edwin llmisoii nnd Eillie I''ax vcru business visltore In Dlythevllh: Monday night. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Adams UK! son, Nelson,' rctuiticd Tucs- lay siflei 1 spending several motiths Mission. Tex. ' ^ Arnold liulton, Claude Lancus- cr, Floyd Hccman anil I>ele Rice etumcd home from'Detroit, Mich, '-si -SaUirrtny, Mi». Orn Allen. Mrs/ Marie )iivldfon, Mi-s. Mario Chlldrcss, Mrs. Joe Newton ii'nd Mrs. Elmorc 'Isilcd tn Marked Tree Sunday. Mrs. Esther Pierce is ill. Mr. and Mrs. A. Ffiullcr were inslncs-s visitors in Memphis Men- lay. Mr. and Mm. - R. c. Jones of Ulylltcville visited Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Kdwinds Tuesday. ' Eiltlic UiHid of Memphis was I lie t,ucst ot Mrs dale Davidson Smi- 'V- < •• ••• T».!.lj'i; Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Snider were Icinpliis visitora Thiirscluy. James \dains lU'cflnipiinicd llicm lo Mcm- ihis. envonic- lo his hrimc in Lake View. Miss. Mr. and Mrs. Hmmrt J;mBers i! Blyllievllle visited Mr. and'MIS. -'• H. Snider Weilmviliiy afli'i 1 10(111. Vhiiil Milli-r iiuidr ; , l.u.vincK rip lo Memphis Tuesday. The choir of Die Biiplki duntrh o! iN5iiiula will pnwnl n pm-Tnm >vcr KUTM nl ,/onc:.lK)i<. (•vi,ni. uy IV. Mrs. Clicstrr Uluih. Mis. I'cnrl Clinton and Mrs. Nmniic Clsrfc, «r Occuliir, in,, wcro called li"rr'r)ii iccouui. of Hie tlcalli nl c. u. Colfnian. Mrs. Hill Drown »n<l Mrs. Ciock- elt Wrijjbl. Mra. rrniik KOTIKT were in Hlylhcvillo uti l rak jui-ss Wednesday. It. S. Hudson nmtlij ;i iju : .i 11 e.s.s Hip lo Memphis • TtmiMlay •mil ••Vhliiy. • ; , Aiuoiii; Ihosc in Blylh«vii|r- v/t-d- nwdiiy shopping wcic Mr. , 1W \ ^Irs. lilchitrd Fox. Mrs. v. it i-vjx, ^tr. and Mrs. Jalnct. Mwrr, Mrs' iiisou Lay. SU;Ua MalUu'v- -ind Mrs. E. H. Jolii;eon. IJl'. \S, O. C'0|H! tt'Clll. (o G'!i|tt' Glnmlcau Sunday nflernoon where he w-iis Ilio Burst of Ills mother, Mrs. Matllc Cope, who was ill, lie relumed home Monday. Mrs. Lester Short and sou, of Senalh, and Mrs. J.'H. Pray and yoimij son, of ICennelt.. were litre Sunday as guests ul Mr. am! Mrs F. C. Parks. Mrs. 1). A. Huffin, Mrs. Rowland Jucksbii, and Mis. c. 13. Walsou were hi Purngould Tuesday shopping. Mr. and Mrs. Mllford Sanders, Donald Ocne, nnd Helen Murhi fide of Battle Wiih Thief •••'- •• ' (UO-.Ol,- ;,,>,!„ ni:<;i,v, unn GAI.I: MI;M)I;H.SU.\. i 21. (intlfH In i, «illi ,,,i||, JUT,.lil lirni Ri,[,[,nrr tl u ,|r Inrnllil f . llorki in tli,, mill „,!;» (;. lk . ,„ liii.rry him. Sl,e !„, ...... c , ,„ B t,Q hint in\ niMiri-r tu n Vc«- Urtjs. IJidT Iliul t-vriilin; <.'nlo KCH-S - K-t- tiii'il U '' rlv r, «i> IIT lllll.l.v WKS'l'JlOllE. whiiHu Hili,cr. niMr <lfi«l, 7Miilf trie mill, iinkM Blllc (o W(in irhlli; l,c ui-ta 1,1^ var Inn wlicn lie rcliirns B|,O |« UUJIV. .H r l:ill lirtn cuiiLU IIIMIIC nttr.r IHII ,J(-nr> In I'nrlv. ri)nviiu-ril In- v;in never l,e ( u, nrllil innl crwr In (.-<> «| ii-i,rh In It,,, ,,,ill %'IC'KY , TIIA'I'UIIHH, :dniiKlil<-> nl ll()ll- Kll'l 1 TIIA'rOjII-:!!. Brrivnil ninn- HKIT ut Ilic 'mill, srlicnn.3 lo i-:in. tll.-ilc llrlun. llrlan KL-IV^ <!:|U- In ll,c mill ninl n-ci»i;nl^i-x lil-r. f. r «.\t tvvdlnj? liu »AT*N JllT I/ lie C:ui \Mtlti Ilimit! ivllli her. (i:ilc rcrmi-s l>n[ SU-T« NetN licr Inlklnt: lu llriiiii. A'lfti; Is jrnlniM mill be mill (^If i|iinrrt-l. llrhi r nii]i( « .iiul llimc tha'ii ;i i-Uclht |I.,H, t^.. ^'\ Mrs. titorsc ((-.Mini j,-r ov . cred two msn iicahm: .iin. M ";>i» In 'her sister's ni>;!itv'ut 'a..^ iratllled the Janitor. UICH'iticphoi,. [ ed iwllcc. When *hc returned ml ! Ihlei was wrestling with th' e i an ! lor while Ihe ofer stood o „ Cu His back turned to her, Mr! al 1 Ion • struck the Mceiiri mm ov ,r '.lie head \\Hii her lunhrll, i,,,,,; i? lilin to Ihe flour, s I'ullce arrived V..u:iij .,n 4 - ii.-n lini»hi[: I . ivow <;« «.v WITH TIII; STDIIY CHAPTUll XV T.TAXD iu liand, Gale and Brian Wesltnoro sknlcd up (he rivor. The click of steel IIIIIIICCR oa Ice was like silvery music. Ahead the mirror smooth snrlacc ol tho rivor glistened— a star-lit pathway against ebony shadows. Wind brushed acainst them, colil. ini-ig- ovalinK. f;alc. niutchlng long slrokcs lo llioso ot Hie young man beside her, was caught by tho spell ot tlio vhylhni. She felt cxcilcd ami warm anil very much alive. She turned her head ;^ul caw llial Driaii was looking down nt her. "Wliy did yon do il?" ho asked. "Do what?" "Why dill yon run away [ho oilier uighl when you said you'd wait?" "I— changed ray mind," Galo told him. "And yon'vo run away from 1110 twice since— at Hie mill. I UioitslH 1 "as never golus lo sco you." lie could not sco. lu the darkness, how her checks had crimsoned, "i couldn't lalk lo yon at iho mill," sho said. "I couldn't walk homo with you." "Why nol?" "BccaitsG yoii'ro Brinn Wcslinore. mm ot tlio owners, and I'm— just ouo ot your employes." "What diifetenc!) does that make?" "It nialiK ,i)| (ho ilift'crouca In tho world." "Thal'a noiiafiise," ho said abruptly, '\\ollilng but nonsense." "Oh, no, II Isn't. It'n— tho way Uilng3 arc, dial's all. You saved my llto the other night and I'll never forget it. Vii us»er Im abts to lliauk you—" "Oca way might do not to tuu every time you see me cunitag." She laughed. Slie hadn't meant to. but there was something In the y»y lie said a Hut mado It very luiiuy, "I waut to talk to you," Brlau went on. "1 waul to knov lots or tfaliiga about you— your name, Tor Instance," "Gale Heudersnn." "N'lcs name.- nr , nn5Wcr .,|. "c,nle —yes. it sniia yuii. And you'to about 13 years old—" "Twenty. tines," she told him. "\Vhat?" lie aupearei) startled. "As oW as thai; My. my, how time does so on! So you're US years old. Antf >on worv In ilw SHI, min and yon ilcm'i nt,,. ,, iei , , v|]0 ,. (11 ,, e ( , csl . eniiK arotnul. askfng io u4lli home n(tb yr:H— • I IK diet o/ ilccf runners inns' Wje silver;; music. Cole /ell tclti'J, icaim mid very much ttlirc. TIE nas teasing nnd sue knew It. •*- J ' Somehow he didn't EECHI lo be Brian Wcstmore, owner o[ the. mill, any longer, llo was just a youus man with a pair ol dark eyes lhat laughed nt yon, demanding lo bs lavgkcd at In return. "Yon'rs an awliilly eoocl skalor," ho told her. "Nol a^ gontl aa'yoti arc. I'll bel yon can cut stiiinla anil lancy lig- urcs." "I used lo bo abie lo wliou I was "!f=i no iilcuic." Ualo assured him. "Xo, I cnripose nol. l!ut I'd liko lo try il jusl the same." Gnlo looked tip Quickly to sco It ho was joking no'.v. Ho wasn't, apparently, Kho sai'l. ".Maybe wo ought to turn bade nov/." "It you want lo." lie agreed. T J - n cnunj; aionua lu .,, „ . ,. ,,., , ,. , are. Tho wlud was behluil them, a.fcid, 1 ho said. I va r robably tor- E0 lhat thw , novea alm t ^ c t . SOllea how now Every winter 1 | ess i y . Ollly lllo sound ol \ h ^ ruu . th nit ot Ihis river aud the , 1W5l Uw c u ck . clkli oE sUe , oll lce , fuu I user] to have here," "Yoa'ro really soiug io slay at bomo uow?" "Yes. Didn't I tell yo^i llial the other ulght?" "You said you wanted lo get a job," "I'va sot ous—in tlw mill. Oh. It, Isn't much of a job. I guess they're atralJ to mist me because tbere's 4o much I've got to Isarn yet. You know I envy you!" "You envy me!" He uodded. "Yes. because you know what It's ail attain. 1 \vanteil to jbroka tha stiUuesE. Overhead Ihe sky was a spauslcd tapestry, bko- the kiille-like (lames werp leaping and twisting, scnilliig uji a waver- Ing sray ribbon or siiioke. Tliero was .1 log far Onie lo sit on. She said, smiling, ''This if Just jlike. tlio other iilglil—- only lots 'nicer. For one ililiig. i'ni not soaking wot and I haven't just - been lishcd oui or ail ico telh." "Nit-wit that I miii" Brian exclaimed. "1 haveu'L even asked U Von caiiBiit cold." . "1 iliilii't." Elio lold him. "I eo t Into dry (lilugs hiui ,wciit lo Ued ami woke uj) ile.vt morning tecllns lii'sl- ritte." ' , .'.'_ V.V "You certainly look"il right now,"' ho said admiringly. "Kirst rale!"' ; Bbo ' cou'liin't - lielj) untieing tlio w'arhilli of Ilia toiic. And being 23 and under Hie spell of the night, u, 8 Wdom on her cheeks brightened aod •her, eyes, 'when she raised them, held a starry l| flu t. Her voice UipiiBh: was casual. Sbe said. "Look—Hut branch lias buniod ,!zj tiyo—" Uriah husicd p hiiiiEelt with tho lire. "You're a nueer i;irl," lie sold, 'but IIike-you. Aliryhc llial's why I like:yr,,,.' Vou're 'dllftireut trorii anyone 1 kiior/—" gUDDENLY.-iho words lirohc otf. Ho was .stariiig at her. I've n you ueturc," lie said willi conviction; "Mayhc.'.' Hlio smiled at him a provocative lurce-corncred liltlo smile.' • ,.,*.; , '- • 1 •don't; ihlnk it • was bere " lirian wenl'oii'slowly,:•.•'Anil' 1 can't repieltlljer.Uie lilaccrkn't I're certainly, see,, you: It''couldn't have been—no—" || C sat hack, study. IB her. .-"jYVheio.was ifi" he de- "Professor Felsmler—V"' "Vcs. Hisi 0 ,. y vi. 1 ten,,,.,, u was. Tuesday and Thursday morn- mss nl 10:30. You sat In U,e sec- oud row'OMi ,ii 1( j j „..,„ bra seals back, across t| lo aisle." i on VVOTO at Slate?" "Yes." 13iian was staring at her. "LI;, -en, I don't get this," ho saltl. "Yc i were, at Slato when I was there and now you're, hero, working ID th» silk mill—" Tho girl nodded, "I had i 0 null " f'° Glid - "I'™ nu. ngo. My father worked in tt,o mill rnn) 1,9 was taken sick. Ila hasn't been all! lo do anything sirico. I tl, oug |,i ( was Eotos to bo a teacher wi.«- i "t _away to tcliodl. but « UIU(OI u;en , wcre 5ll$ut a jjjo _ u ent. rue,, Brian sa iil, "Wa'ra In iue cams boat—tor dilforeut rei- ^ons. 1 thought 1 could ha an artist. °Ut 1 WaEtl I r-nnA Etait the way any beginner would, but Thalciier dUlu't seem tr, like the lilea. lie salil I should black Woven with stars. It was liriau who broke Hie spell. "Cold?", he asVtea, tooltbs iF.irn Die hiulncss enrl »rs«. riglit, I sui.niifii-liul I liiim dowti at. her anxiously. 'No, I'm not cold." i "Souielhiug hot would ba goc'rl for you, though. There's a v>ls«e i> couple, of blocks Irom here where we can get coffee and sandwiche?.'/ "1 cau't go with you," Uals said) "but I'll tell you what you might do. It you'll build a lira we could stt and talk tor a Mills while." ' "Good! Over there by lhat bend looks like a goorl place, don't you Ibluk'!" lie swuug her inward (he Tlie twenty seven leathers, of i the Konimvillv Consolidated I School District, were in Kcnneli Thursday where lliey attended a County Teachers' meeting. | The di-alh of Georgia Lce Mar- 'Shall, wliich occurred curly Tncs- Iday morniiiij nt, Ihc home of her jlinrcnls, Mr. and Mrs. Will Mur- |sliall, was the first case of encephalitis lhat, has been reported jlit'ie. Tlie twelve year old girl wfls i taken ill before Chrislinas with jwhat was Ilioushl to be lyp]iuid I fever, but developed inlo the foc- mer iii?;ease. Funeral services wen; •held Wednesday mornini; at lO'OI) o'clock at the Buplisl. cliiirch with Ihc Rev. w. D. Edwards iu cltai-fii The ineniljcrs ol Georuin's ulfiM \\. school were pall hearers and flower Bhts. The liiildwin Undciiakiue Coinjjaiiy, of Kcmiclt, »'as in charge. The incmta's ot Georgia's clans in school were pall bearcis — ' floivcr 'gills, Silent Kur X< Ycurs MANtTOWOO, Wis. (UP)—William Kane Oviiinns ciuiins tin: world's record for inaintaiiiin,- ; ;i. lentc in liis wife's presence. He lias not favored hb suoiisc with a sin- 1 a' c 'void for 25 years, ho £ avs M like Hie ntlier a lot lifllci I'd like to lis nui aiuouj Hi^ uucl<!ii»j—" He'sjsliore. ''Careliil. Geller lei ' I'd 'aheml —" alu Liriiiii :.illiered leaves Oraii"!i« autl puseutK -~ — -* fc*."^,,ci. It's lou^li. - .. up Something you've set 5'our heart ou, but you get over It" »es." Gale said. "You do, tlieir eyes met and held. Drlau •'estmjrs said slowly, "I ii,| Blt ware swell, Gale, l ,|,|,, k y ou 'r 3 16 awettest girl I've met In a long lino!" Ebo said, "I cau't slay nay ingtr,'^ and got to her teet, 'Father's alone." film explained, 'and l promised I wouldn't ba' away long. 1 shouldn't have stayed as long as I hare." Brian began (tamping out the- lire. "All rlghl," lie said, "we'll go. But 1 want you Iii. urrMiitsn ma winetlilng. Promise you'll meet nis here lonuurmv nig III." • It? l'mi 11 n in-;! I

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