The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1948
Page 11
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. MAT 20, I Scientists Rap Loyalty Checks AEC Investigations £ Bring Charges of 'Trivial' Accusations OAK RIDGE, Tcnn,. May 20 iUP> — Scientists »t ihe atomic laboratories here said yesterday that Lechmcil personnel at Oak Ridge is •vertously demoralized" by recent accusations against the loyalty n! five coIleRfiifs and the possibility of additional cases against 30 others. Th* Association of Oak Ridge Scientist* and Engineers issued :\ Matement in which ii said that the charge* were "mostly (rival," chiefly based on "unsnbstamimrd m- mor.s," and .some "tompletrty falsp." Dr. M. M. -Snapiro. man-man of the awMoiatioJi. released (lie stale- meni soon altor it was disclosed bv an official of the Atomic Energy Commission that, investigations ui:-re being carried on here "in addition to the requirements nf the law." at the request of the AEC in Washington. Two Susprndrd Mpanu-hilt, 13: . Henry Levy, a sp^-e.sman for the association, Von- '•'.fteti Dial two .scientists here had been -suspended. The suspension notices. Levy .sa*d. were contained in letters received by the scientists from ihe Atomic Energy Commission. Levy said thnt suspension meant they were denied access to atomic lanoraiories. ami to atomic information, but thai ihev confirmed to fJi-.-iu- pay liom the coiT- traciing Company for which they work. "Scientists and engineers reali/.- ed the necessity for loyalty checks. 1 ' the association statement said. "However, they tec-] thnl they should liot he required to defend themselves at formal healings unless nii> charges are serious and well- founded. nnrt unless they hove an opportunity to confront their accusers. "These present procedures u-ill make it increasingly difficult to enlist the services of .scientists on government projects." The association statement began; Charges Trlvul 1 "The technical personnel of O;ik Ridge is seriously demoralized oy the recent accusations, mostly ni- val, against the loyally of five scientists and the news that 30 aci- djtional ca-ses may be expected to Fit Townsend Favors Ohio Senator for GOP Nomination UTT1.K HOCK. May 20, <UP>-Ohio's Senator Robert A. Tafl lo- dny held the personal blessing of Kr-piibllnin Kittinnnl CommitU'emnn Wullnrc Ttnviisenri of Little nock n.s ihr GO! 1 nominee for president. l In a speech here. Townsend said j he lavored Taft bul Hint (lie noinl- i nnlion might co to Sen. Artlnir Van- j ilenbiu-R of Michigan In case o[ • j iteudlork. 'rownsenri said n ''IxHnn" for ex- Minnesntn Guv. HuroUl E. Rlnssen "was said to exist in Philadelphia similar to tlie Wlllkie Ixmin In 1940." Townsend ruled out boili Gen. ; Dwiybl j), Kisenhower and <:en. reciilnr Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. The bill would limit the number nf women In each of the services to uvo per cent of the officer and enlisted strencth. That is Ihr approximate numerical .strength of women now tn service. '- ^I'^EVrc.Lg (ARK.) COURIER Trunum Talc., Hands-Off ; W a /, ace R . B . W 7«^ 5fa«rf on Party K.ynoter |jc or y.S.-SovJet Ta/fci WASHINGTON, M»V 20 —<up>l -•• Preside ill •rruillilll ilH* taken n [ 3 ^N h'KANUlSCO Muv 30 (UP) Imnds-off altitude toward Hit «.j -Tlilrit jimiy iiiesiileinim 'ciinA'- li-i'tioii of * keynoter lor the Dem- I dale Henry A. W»lliu-e hnx renewed wnulc convention, » Ixnuu'iHtlc llils pi™ fin• bilateral tnlks between .-.eiuKor said torinj-. (ill* Unlte.l SlulM and Urns!* t o Sen, Hill-ley M. Kll«o,e. I).. W. >ml HIK "ml,! »,„.•• Vn., called n( (hi- Wlilte House to! N. ..),„, ,, H ,,' rocoiiiiiicnd Sen. Frauds Myers, r>.,'.., . , ". K " '"" ""' s <'«ti"t>'V l>a, AS keynoter. Bin atte, n^ <™' 1 " ' ' ] ''" Wm * visit KilRore said Hie ('resident i ... ' told him Iliai while he though w »'">ee enllnl the cold wur "(lie highly of Myers, he wiis leaving ! o "' 1 '> !i 'v« »[ imenintloiinl MS bus- Group niniters of this naluic ( o I>eiii(x:i» tfe ohalmi,111 J. lloxvBid McOvalli Rild Ills Oeni<x:i ullc K\m'iillve CVHJIIIllttl'C, Onugliis MrtcArlllili. "Certahi eleiiiriu.s In the Norlli mid KHSI, more llbornl ihwa Tru- Ilinn," Towilfjend .snld, "WHtiled Kls- enhower and some o( Hie Soulh. Jiljeiiil, did too." Towtispud de- clurcd. "Hut lie Ims more sense Uiitn lo )*U hiin.self b<^ used (o cHrty (lie bnnner of a losl cutise." Thr rommUirritillii tnM llml Mnii- Arlblii-'s defeats tn Wisconsin nnri NebrnskR i>rimitrlFs iiiolwbl.v ellm- iiiBled him. lues* IIKHMU,! Ihe iiioveini'ins ol ,.„ lirnple everywheic (o ennlral lh» inivute stiiie.s-llie cmlels \vlikli I'ouirlbiin'd .-o s'Tiillj- to the rise o; KHSCISIU In Kuiope." W«lin«> p * leniHiks HIT (In mid WRI were miide in A nui,s.s mt'etliix ine.sidod over by Harry Brlditw lender of llu- West Coast'ciO 1/on/- slioieiiii.n's Unlmi. The thiid |nii'. ,• A I rue panled by lemperHinrrs, snrl drlflfii);, dery snow. d inusf he ac unle of wlutl, lleie's an angora strapless halter, which Chirngo radio ac- Ircss Kay Wcslloll Unitted lo lop otf her l'J-18 be;,ch oullit. Wlictliei- it's wuter-'.vurlhy, Kay ^ailrj not. of the charges agaiJJst llw scientists. Ihe association said, "consist principally of insignifcatu si airmen is that could be made abou; almast anj'nne who has Uie vai'pfi contracts normal in college anil "work." "Some of the accusations ate completely None is supported bj' sworn .Statements, and there i.s no opportunity for the accused people to learn their sources," the a.s- Hoeiatiim added. B. W. Menke, chief of security for the AEC here, said, however, that, the investigalions bciru: carried on here were of an "informa! nature" and were being conducte-I U. S. Collects Tax From Woman Who Refused fo Pay NEW YORK. May 20, 'UPI 'Vivien K'--I|(-IILS. comic; i i:.-m jntins- trialist. aitnoiin'.'ed her" u:u;u- ilin:. a bank in Westpon. Conn', has turned over to the [edorul sovcrn- meiit S1.6S5.40 from her aecouiu (o .satisfy a lien against her. The Internal Revenue Dep^tl- uiolll obtained the lien «hcli Mi.'-.s Kellciris rc'ln.'iod 10 roHeci withholding IRXC.S Iroul hfj- employes. She s:iid ihe West port Bank anil .Trust Company had informed her :' "most rclnrtalltly" h.Ki Ijiken the :u-!ion. She .suit; iho hank had explained to her thai unless it surrendered the Mini thru the government, timler ihe l:".v, could Hike the bank's uione.v." Miss Kelieins. here on businp.--,. salt! in \Ve;,lport a few days a;o .she \v;>iild flyhL ihe go\-ei'niiieiH's uttcmpr to fr-i/e a.iy (ii her funds. She did nut say tunny what h.'r Inline course \voiiki be in view cu the batik's iictuin. House-Senote Conference Commiifee Agrees on Bill WASHINGTON. May 20. 'UP' — A House-.Senaie conference cnmniit- tee yeslerciay a»rceri on legislation ( to let women become part nf tlie i by a three-man "Personnel Secm- I iry Boaro"' in "pnriicular cases.' He dethned (o name The nature o' i the cases or the number of .si-ir/nr- isls \vho hart been brought under Ihe board's sur.nillance. MEN! Here's Real Opportunity "<':ilcrjiillar" In Trnrix, Illlnnl*, h«s rrxumeil open. I i,,,)., a,,,l thr f,,l,, r , |,,,, k , hri . ht .,,. llnhle, loiif term employment. There are openings NOW for: Sfo^e Labor Seeks End of NLRB U<JT KI'KINti.S. Ark , M,,y M UII'- The Aikuma.s fc'ileru'llon o f Ij«l«)r ycjilci'diiy im.wtt sti-onn resolutions H^^ ! ltl K Presldi-in. T.iiiiiut, I" leniiiiiult- ihe .snvlrr, ,,f ||, ( . NiilloiiHl Ijiboi- ItcliUions lio-ud and ]>ui|u>M'd to oruiml;.,. Hie i.uhllr' M'tiiKil icai'lieis o( Arkunsiis. In 10 oilier stioiiulv-ivoi-dc'd re.v>. i lullotis. ttn> lriter»ll<in; I I. I'Vvijii'd ifif <'liniliiiii|i m ,,f j l>"ll luxes. '! Aili'iK'iiti'd Ilio I'lertliin uf tl». liresiilvnt or tile Unileil Slates liv ,ntl olii!iuli> volhiK liilinnry of Hti- ; z.'lls. iiiid «l«,|||f(«l <if (lie Klectonil :t. r,-, en! mU.ill of . Hie Amei-lenu New^miu'r Tj-],,),.,,,' plunil union I I -I Thi('\\ n.s ,sii|i])ort to 11 liiljni- ' 'eiiDlie lor ]iolltiiiil echii-iulon. S. (>|l]n>se(l slnvi- liilmi- H, j,;,,. <i. O|i|iiwi| Ihe |iro|i,>sed lepeul 'f Ihi' sluli" ml vuloretn lux 1 Votnl 10 Sl .| „„ i( M..,,,,;,,,,,. •lIlll-lUlolllll |ll (>t; ii| m (,„ fl,| m )„. PAGB bor. ». Voted lo pfllllon UK. govern-1 I lu.'lil lo \t'fk out (lie |il-osoi:lite IICT-' jsiniM adviiealllig iivelthnnv ol Hie Ko\ei limellt, 10. ruvurud >i mlnJniutii wa«<: I week ol W houi.s, «-||)i ilnic' BIIC! l.s..:il» of 'If, mils „,! h,, u ^ , ^^ [Mtllc Rrjck wa.i chairman. V«ry Gullly SCHANTON, Pa. (UP) •M. J. Kagcn nnked Ed Herder, 4H. o( Brooklyn wlicthnr lie was pleading .M.; •N, Y-, Innocent WED IH THE WO00 o ! It moaiu llml nnu Clenmoio « r i.'!',ki. choicuil (jiciir. in-ulral 5 |)ii !>ul iiiilccui of licituj balllt iiiimodiutely, "lliom|>ion" pul bticli inlo hands lo nuiku it snioolller, luslicr. n» Till- <lral|ilu i in nut ginj. n- I Jt-.iis ur Mill Operators Lathe Operators Welders Welder Helpers Hand Truckers Drill Operators Punch Press Helpers Chip Wheelers Burrers Assemblers And many others Advancemeiil <ipporlunili« ar« nxcellftil for both sklllrrl and unskilled .nrt (hr p»v U Cnoii. Reciiiiiiiip; larlnry rates for julis rrquiritu no r\pr i \rnrt '*l>ft Irnnt $103 I,, jl II) Iier hour plus an xlilUiniial nine rents prr for wnrklnj rtthtr sfen.irt m Ihlnl »l,irc Sktlleil johs pay proportionately mtirr. As a "Caterpillar" employee you will enjoy: Gnrtd I'ny Oppnrllinily to l.far and Advailre rmployees' Retiremonl Plan Volui.iary Oraiip Ii.suri.11,^ (,'nmplfU Medirjl Pr..«r»m and Surttii^l ar\d VanaUonR wilh I'a.v ...... Hot I.unchrn at t.ow Cost ""*''"" " Iatl " n In Clean, .Modern B«i«fUs fur Self an<t Famll.T t'HfetrrUs Iliui'l wait: Cel rompletf rtelnlls today from your local SUIr Kniplfiviiifinl SeoiirlU llf- flee or rail nl Ihi- "(^trriiillar" Koipl.iymeiil Offiri. In Kn«t rei.ri» am wfrk riav'fnira 8LOO a.m. In 4:00 p.m. CATERPILLAR TRACTOR CO. Peorio, Illinois "^^ikT. ^ NEWJIRE «'?$$<$* Its actions speak as hud as its curves •'TOOK," this fellow said lo us. JL/ "Anyone with Imlf an eye knows your car's good looking. "Anyone who ever slniuls nn a street corner for half a moment knows it's hig and slick looking «nJ the easiest job of llicni all to spot. "V\ hat I want to know is what will if fin for me? What will I get nrrf "/ it belter than T gel elsewhere?" Well, mister! You left yourself wide open. Because any liuick owner will tell you — /( was Rtiick, no one hut Tiuick, who put Fireball combustion under your bonnet to give you the liveliest, goiti'est bundle of horse- power you ever pul yimr IrcaJle fool to. // u-u.1 fitiirh, no one bul Buick, who first floated each of nil [our uliccls on a sofl coil spring that's like a sola cushion between you anil the bumps. // icns Unit-!;, nn one bul Buick, who first stepped oul wilh Satcty- Kide rims — rims made wider lo lower air pressures am! In give ynu better car control to hoot — the widest rims in the industry, in (act. It H'IIS Knich. no one hut Ruick, who spent the hrnin-sweat to develop I li-l'oiscd moiinlin£ — a completely new system of engine mounting to take engine sensation and vihrtition huild-up out of your And you say you want thrill* driving Ken. you want fun — you want action. // icax Ritick. no one hut Ruick, Well, mister — just show some of \vho wrapped your ride in velvet, '^ e ' llllcr ' paved tlie roads \\illi plush, and fired tills whole gallant traveler U'itli silken power ample enough and lively eunuch to make you monarch of any highway. Wie/r better automobiles are bui/t BUICK Kor if gcl-up-and-go is j'our di*h — you'll get up right now and go see your liuick dealer about getting an order in, wilh or without • or lo trade ! will build them * DTNAF10W MtlYt .n,, ..... .«™r.. ..„,„.. * T*fH-TMKU SmiNtt ,<.,.. ,-. „,.,_,„„, * VIHA-SNI(10(D DIM * m rcMSjD n»F«Aa rowin * KOtO-Ult (AlANCf * Kl * OlMDftUFIEK COIL iUHNGIHO * SOUND.SCHHf* TOP UNINO f.i..r.r..<»..<...<., - OUOMATIC Sf*fK ADVANcr * HIX-HT OH * TIM SMA*r MOMIS * lODr If riSHEK RIM! FO«OLIf-IU«f HILP AMERICA PRODUCE FOR PIACI - TURN IN YOUR SCRAP IRON AND STfIL . LAN6STON-WROTEN (0. Walnut and Broadway — - ~ Telephone 555 PAY ONLY PER I WEEK For Safer Driving PUT A NEW e TUBE IN EVERY NEW TIRE 3 -'6 JHl HEW tone PER CHAMPION TiRE We'll Buy Ail the Unused Mileage in Your Present Tires HERE'S BIG NEWS-MONEY-SAVING NEWS for every coi- owner. 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