The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 27, 1953
Page 9
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MONDAY, APRIL 27, 1!)!?3 LE fAHK.V C(WtTRH PAGE NINE Arkansas News- Briefs— Murder Trial for Mrs. Head Is Scheduled to Begin May 4 Hy The Associated I'rrss DBS ARC — Mrs. Linda Hind will BO on trial here a week from today on a charge of killing hoi' 5-yi v av-oW foster daughter. Her trial was to hnve been held today ,but it was posiponed Saturday. Mrs. Head and her husband, James W. Head, are clMrged with first degree murder in the death of Mary Wolff. The child's bruised ami burned body was found stuffed into a rain barrel on the Head farm nere last December. James Head has been commit led Indefinitely to the State Hospital in Little Rock. No dale has been set on his trial. 'Revenue Collector to Be Chosen Today LITTLE ROCK — Candidates for a $i2,000-a-ycar internal revenue collecior's position and 12 other jobs were to be chosen at a meeting of lhe Republican State Committee here today. The committee also will review !0 oilier posi.> to be filled. The revenue collector's job now is held by olin S. Godwin under Civil Service appointment. Reserve Officers' Promotions Expected LITTLE ROCK (APi — Col. C. M. Boyer of Washington, executive director of the Reserve Otfk'ers Association, says qualified officers can expect to go before promotion board.? by July 1. He said that a new Army policy \v;)',ikl permit promotions up to the rank of colonel without regard for vacancies. Boyer made the statements at a sesison of the Arkansas Reserve Officers Association's 22nd'animal convention here Saturday. HIGH ROYALTY—Four miles above Bournemouth, England, the 1,-iike of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, takes the CPII- ti-'ils of a Vickcrs Viscount 700. The Duke piloted the foui- engined turbo-prop airliner for 30 minutes before landing it at London airport. 1957 1958 1358 18«0 1961 1962 19M 1964 1965 1988 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1975 1977 1978 1979 1980 15 to IS 19 to 33 24 to 28 28 lo 32 33 to 36 37 to 41 42 to 4« 47 to 51 , 52 to 58 57 lo 61 62 to 66 67 to 71 72 lo 77 76 to 83 84 to 89 90 to 95 96 lo 101 102 lo 107 108 to 113 114 to 119 120 to 125 126 to 131 132 to 138 139 to 145 1 4000 the paying »g«nt «t that Urns. 4000 This bond ihkll Opt tx valid until 4000 authenticated by tht certificate 4000 hereon of The Commercial National 4000 Bank of Little Rock. Arkansas. 4500 IN WITNESS WHEREOF 1 , tho 4SOO City of Blytheville, Arkansas, has 5000 | executed this bond by the hands of 5000 its Mayor and City Clerk, and at- 5000 | tested it with Its corporate seal, and i 5000 | has caused the coupons hereto al- i 5000 ' tached to be authenticated by the ; 5500 j facsimile signature of its Mayor, as 5500 5500 5500 5500 6000 6000 of the first day of August. 1952. CITY OP BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS By— —_ (Seal- Mayor 6000 ; Attest: 60001 6000 6500 6500 City Clerk To each of said bonds shall be attached coupons for ths semi' All the bonds shall be in the de- j annual' interest in the following ' nomination of siooo each except No. 13. which shall be in the denomination of 5150. and Nos. 12, 20, 23. 27, 28. 37. 46. 77, 83, 89, 95, 101. 138, and 145, which shall be in the denomination of $500 each. Bonds form: COUPON No. On the first day of February. August. . . • -- -— ,19-—, unless the bond to which Nos. 1 to 9, inclusive, U. 21, 22, 23, | this coupon ls auac hed is paid prior 2S to 36, Inclusive, and 38 to 41, in- | thereto, the City of Blytheville. Ar- cusive, shall bear 4Vr interest and j kansas. promises to pay to bearer all the oiher bonds of the Issue' shall bear 2',"5. interest per annum. YKAR 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1983 1964 1965 1966 1987 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1075 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 PRINCIPAL Aug. 1 of each year $3000.00 3000.00 3000,00 3650.00 4000.00 4000.00 4000.00 4000.00 4000.00 4500.00 450000 5000.00 5000.00 SOW) 00 5000.00 5000.00 5500.00 INTEREST February 1 and August 1 of each year $1995.62 1924.II8 1853.12 1781.83 1725.00 1675.00 151MJ.88 1541.25 1440.25 1351.25 12,')0.00 11:13.75 1131.25 1068.15 lOOii 25 943.75 The 2'-% bonds shall be callable as hereinafter set out. SECTION pay DOLLARS In lawful money of the United States of America, at the office of The Coin- I mereial National Bank of Little! ECTION 4. Said bonds shall be Roc k, Arkansas, being six months' X,'^™""""'' the follovri "K form: interest then due on its refunding NITED STATES OP AMERICA and improvement bond dated All Association of University Women Picks Officers PINE, BLUFF ['APi — A Little Rock woman, Mrs. William Nash, is the new president of the Arknnsns As-'cci?.tian of University Women. She succeeds Mrs. Dwight l:-ely nf Fnyetleville. . Other officers elected include Dr. Eleanor Cnwrhcn of Russpllville. P.first vice president; Mrs. G. C. Bates of Cros.-ett. s--cond vjce presidenl: Mrs. Louise Phillips of Magnolia, secretary, and Miss Rita Prestor of Paragould, treasurer. Some 100 women attended ihe 2-dsy convention which ended here yesterday. re \WhitesKilled \8y Mau Mau 1952. two questions were submitted to the qualified electors of the City of Blytheviile, Arkansas: m the question of whether the City should issue bonds to the amount of S25.000 j to r?fund a like amount of 4 UNITED STATE OF ARKANSAS COUNTY OF MISSISSIPPI CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE <" c Refunding and Improvement Bond No. KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: gust 1, 1952. and numbered CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE ARKANSAS By — , _ 550000 81-.50 5500.00 7.13.75 5MO.OO 1)75.0(1 5500.00 (106.25 6000.00 537.50 6000.00 46250 6000.00 387.50 6000.00 312.50 6000.00 237.50 6500.00 162.50 0500.00 81.25 SECTION 8. Tlie Treasurer of the i ment prior to maturity according to City is hereby ordered and directed i the terms set. out in ihe face thereof, to remit to the paying agent, not j SECTION 13. The Commercial less than live days wfore tho date i National Bank of Litlle Rock, Arof each interest, payment, the > kansas, is designated as Trustee, amount of interest or principal and | authorized to act for and on behalf interest due on said date, together j of the bouohoklers, but H shall be with the paying charges, which i responsible only for wilful wrong in $1995.62 1924.38 1853.12 1781.88 ! 725.00 1075.00 1530.38 1541.25 144C.25 1351.25 1250.00 1193.75 1131.25 106,1.75 1006.25 04375 881.25 812.50 743.75 675.00 606.25 537.50 462.50 387.50 312.50 237.50 162.50 B1.25 TOTAL (6991.24 6848.76 6706.24 7213.76 7450.00 7350.00 7193.76 7082.50 6892.50 1202.50 7000.00 7387.50 7262.50 7137.50 7012.50 688750 7262.50 7125.00 6987.50 6850.00 6712.50 7075.00 6925.00 6775.00 6625.00 6475.00 6825.00 6662.50 shall be ', of 1'". of 1": on principal and on interest, with the pro- Mayor (All coupons shall be for six months' interest. The signature of the Mayor on the coupons may of Blytneville, in be lithographed or engraved. Omit That the Citv the County ol Mississippi, State of from lhe coupons on the 4 j city hospital bonds issued under all- j Arkansas, acknowledges itself to tends the words: "unless the bond i Thority of Amendment No. 13 lo ihe \ owe and. for value received, prom- j to which this coupon is at- ! ises to pay to bearer the sum of f tached is paid prior thereto.") I DOLLARS : Each bond shall be authenticated i In lawful money of the United • by The Commercial National Bank i States of America, on the first day j of Little Rock. Arkansas, as follows: August. 19 . with interest!.. TRUSTEE'S CERTIFICATE .. from rinte hereof at the j This is to certify that this is one per centum of the series of 145 refunding and bonds aggregating vision that the minimum paying charge shall be one dollar. This in- slruclion to the Treasurer is irrevocable and may be enforced by mandamus. SECTION 9. The 4-'it bonds shall be exchanged for lhe out[ standing 4 ; \i t ~;> cily hospital bonds lhe execution of its trust, and the recitals of fact contained herein and in the bond? Ihemselves (except the recitals in lhe Trustee's Certi- ncale> are statements made by the City and not, by the Trustee. The Trustee shall not be required to take nolice of any default or to take any action hereunder unlil it shall have been notified in writing of like maturities dated August 1, j of said default and Indemnified to I Constitution of the state of Arkan- I ,,,,.,„„, „ m „ ''fits and dated August 1. 1927. and | NAIROBI. K-nya ,/Pi - Kenya ,_,, mle51ion of whelh er the jcoinm's anv-While Mau Man l8-]. clt ,,, nu , d jsslle bonds , 0 the i np.iics added three more while set- : i tiers - an Italian woman and her; of"acquirinE^^"ndTe'lther'within"or i thereon I iwo ehildrpr—*n : t~ •"*" ~ f " ; over the week end. : of amounl of $100,000 for lhe purpose ritiU 111'! roll of viclims, wilhoul tih ~ e covpova te limits, for i rate of 1 lhe enlargement of the municipal I ' fri per annum until paid, in- ; improvement Oceans May Get Deeper, Expert S Chinese Reds To $er»d Envpy The new dead were Mrs. Nevena | a j rpor t_ sa id bonds to bear interest | terest payable semi-annually on the $137,500 described within. Meloncell 1 . 35. h?r daughter Maria, j at " not to excecc | 31,'; pc r annum i first da.v of February nnd August of 15. and her son Mario, 10. The c'nil- j _t, ot h issues lo be dated as of Au- I each year, commencing February 1, WASHINGTON OP.— The oceans have become a man'; shallower since ihe pa -su"t' o: rhe pyefll, "laciers ar^- riEro. but thcj \vr!l may nse asain. a government ^cien- ti*' 5" id today. Evidence recently accumulated in- rtrr'rs a six-foot net foil of sea- level throur.horf the phinei chirnn. rrany centuries fol! : ; th? ->:- : a"°. TV. proton E. Cloud Jr. of t-N> U. S. Srrvey , c ;nri in a r_i- ycr pr,rr;.r^cl fnr ihe Xutiojial Ac;icl- eir»v of Sciences. lint in rrcrnt tirnr-. ^nid Cloud. t'"o world's over-all t?!n()i'v;>,;i:n' has I - " ! , i m to ris ? ii 7^ in , open i ; ' n up a rrr-.'ibilily of much infilling of ihe i'"? cups— and hence more wait?: for drrn hud arrived in Kenya 10 days' before. The family's African cook- also was killed in the attack. gust 1, 1952, and to mature as hereinafter set. out; and WHEREAS .notice of the election 1953, on presentation and surrender of the annexed coupons as they sey- erally mature. Both the principal „ ............... They were butchered at tneir for- j wa ' s "gK.'eii"as 'required by'law'and ' and Interest of this bond are hereby est-ringed home, near a lonely saw- | sa j d election was duly held on De- | made pa.vable at the office of The mill on the lower slones of Mt. Ken- j ce mber 15. 1952, at which election | Commercial National Bank of Litva. A pang armed with pangas short gng votes were cast for the issue of " T1 ? e . T 0 "; Mvords and three rifles and wearing ; S25.000 in refunding bonds and 382 ma^:s of ;:rass. rushed lhe house votes were cast against the issue of j aggregating One Hundred Thirty- while the woman's husbcnd, Pietro , sa id refunding bonds, and 885 votes ; seven Thousand Five Hundred Dol- Meloncelli, was at the milL ! were cast for the issue of $100.000 in hen'-d shots and ran i new bonds and 406 votes were cast tie Rock, Arkansas. This is one-of a series of bonds OFficiP.l NMioni-.list sources said the so\'frnment had received an inte'Heerce i-"nort of such a plan and b^'lv.'d it. T;ie China News said Ihe ambns- sa'ior ivc'.'ld be charg Han-fu. Co'^-p.M'ni-i \-ice minister for for- to his house but was turned hack * r,Kainst the issue of said new bonds, by a hail of bullets. He was not in- ! and the result was proclaimed by jtireri. the Mayor and his proclamation British Guiana r -1 Voted Today Peipins. B""iin ri'cosnizcd the Red regime in J;'n<i-,—. "i-n. charge d'affaires to lam ($137.500), all of like tenor and effect except as to number, denom- ty-five '1451, inclusive, of which was published on December 18, 1952, in the Blytheville Courier News, a | newspaper published in lhe City of j bonds to the amount of $25,000 an Blytheville, Arkansas, and more [ issued for the purpose of refunding than thirty days have elapsed since the proclamation was issued and ination. interest rate, malurily, purpose, and provision for call for payment prior lo maturity, numbered for no purpose except the purpose from One ill to One Hundred For- THE COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK OF LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, Trustee By Vice President & Secretary Little Rock. Arkansas SECTION 5. The Mayor and City j Clerk are hereby authorized and di- I reeled, when they have executed | said bonds and have had them duly certified, to deliver them to the purchaser upon receipt of the full purchase price and surrender of! the bonds being refunded, and the j proceeds of said bonds shall be used I 1927. The City agrees to deposit the proceeds of the sale of the balance of the bonds as follows: The accrued interest shall be paid into the Bond and Interest Fund, as herein- above defined, and the balance received from the sale of the bonds shall be deposited in a separate fund to be known as the "Construction Fund," to be used solely for the payment of the cost of acquiring land for the enlargement of the municipal airport plus the expenses of the bond issue, except that the City agrees to set aside sufficient ordi i nnce 5hl ,, COIlst |t u te GEORGETOWN British Guiana i/P—This small British colony on South America's north coast voted j lodav in its first parliamentary I elections under a new constitution. Twentv.four members are to bi? picked from 131 canriidales for four-year terms in the lower House of Ass?niblv. Abolition of literacy and property owncrshin votin? requirements and the granting of voti')? rights published and therefore the result as so declared is now conclusive; and WHEREAS, having been duly ati- Ihorized to do so. the Mayor and for Which voted. SECTION 6. In order to pay the said bonds as they mature, with interest thereon, there is hereby like amount of valid outstanding levied upon all taxable real and personal property with the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, a tax of j 1.8 mills on each dollar of assessed bonded indebtedness Issued under the provisions of Amendment No. 13 ' to the Constitution of the stole of. valuation, beginning with the taxes ! law, said publication being made in the Blytheville Courier News, setting the date of the sale for December 23, 1952, and on that date, being after more than twenly days' ad- women were expected to bring" out! vertisemcnt of said sale, lhe Cily some snoiOO voters, a vasl increase offered its bonds for sale at a public over the 25.000 or so who have vot- '. sal e. a' which T. ,1. Raney & Sons ed in previous elections. ' of Little Rock. Arkansas, bid lOOc Arkansas and the balance of the bonds are issued for fie purpose collected in the year 1954 and con- of acquiring Innd for the enlarge- , tinning through the year 1980 and City Clerk published a nolice of the | went of the municipal ai:.x>rl: and i as ] ong thereafter as may be neces- of said bonds as required by I * he cit J hereby warrants and cove- I sarv | n or( ) nr t n poy the bonds and nants that in the issuing of this : interest authorized by this ordi- bond It has proceeded In accord- I nanc[ >, being a sum sufficient to ance with the provisions ol said , nlcet sa j d hoHds and inierest as Amendment No. 13 and In accord-i ; ne y mature, with five per cent ance with the laws of said State,' , dt i c( j for unforeseen contingen- under ordinances of the City Coun- ,. (e , : and the City Clerk is directed . cil of said City and in pursuance, of ( to transmit a copy of this ordinance i an election duly held at which the i t 0 (he County Clerk of Mississippi ! majority of the legal voters of said ! county. Arkansas, to the end that i its satisfaction against any loss, expense or cost that it may incur by taking action. The holders of a majority in value of the outstanding bonds at any time may, by an instrument duly executed and recorded in the office of the City Clerk, appoint a new Trustee, who shall hnve all of the powers of the Trustee originally named, and the Trustee herein named may resign at any lime upon ten days' notice in writing mailed to the City Clerk. SECTION M. The terms of this , ordinance. sha* constitute a 'con- funds from the Construction Fund |ract Mmen , he cifcv of Blvthe . to meet. Interest requirements until v ,, |c an( , |he hold( , rs 0 , the bond3 tax revenues become available, but. \ lmeln B1 , tnorlzc(1 . and no variation as soon as possible this money shall , 01 . cn ln , hc underlak i ngs here be repaid to the Construction Fund. in s ,, t m{ stal , be made whi , e any The City agrees to require from „, tn bonds are outstandmg e x- the depository bank in which the t wjth the writlen consenfc of Construction Fund is placed, secur- | thc noldws of a ,, ^^ then out . Ity for all of Ihe deposit over thcj 5|am|1 and the ho , der of ar , y $10.000 insured by Ihe Federal De- ; bnnr , mcl} , nt any tlm(!| tor and on posit Insurance Corporation, and | hls own bnhalf, 0 "r the Trustee may, such security shall IK either in the I for nlld on bchilU ot al , the ^nA- form of a corporate surety bond , lloWcrs . pn f orce the obligations of or in the form of government tends the cu b a proper 5llit {or that escrowed with some other bank, with the right in the depository to withdraw bonds from the escrow as u ,is ordinance are separable, and the Construction Fund is withdrawn | ln lhe ev( , nt thnl a _ y sectlon or b - v tlie C "'V- I part, of section shall be held to be. SECTION 10. Both the Bond nnd ! invalid, such Invalidity shall not Interest Fund and the Construction \ affect the remainder of the ordl- Flind shall be deposited in n bank ! nance. purpose. SECTION 15. The provisions of ar banks Violdiug membership in the. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Vouchers upon either fund must be signed by two duly authorized persons. SECTION IS. It is hereby ascertained and declared that there is an Immediate need for the acquisition of additional land for the municipal airport in order that modern large- T e nine members of the upper ' on the dollar of face value of the I Cty voting on the question voted ; sald , ax may ^ extended on the house the Sl'te Coimci! wiT' be bonds plus accrued inierest. and " avor of the Issue of said bonds: tax books of said county and col- innointed bv the British governor • since this was the best bid and at 'hat all conditions, acts and things lecied annually along with the other .." _ . ' a price allowed by law, the bonds i required to exist, to be performed. ! | ax es until said bonds and interest were, sold to said 'bidder at a price ; and lo happen precedent t/i and in I thereon are paid in full. The City of par for the 4\ r ; refunding bonds ! lhe issuance of this bond have ex- i agrees that all of the revenues [ro.'n land par for the new Improvement i isl * d . have bw " performed and , the 1.8 mill lax shall be put in * -' Portugal Celebrates SECTTON 11. If default Is made i sized planes may use the airport and continues for thirty days in the | with safety, tint! that therefore an payment of any Interest coupon, the. ! emergency exisU and this ordl- holder of the bond k) which it is | nance is necessary for the preserva- attached may declare the same ! tion of the public peace, health and immediately due and payable, and j safety, and shall be in force and the failure of the holder to exercise i take eileet immediately upon and this option upon any default -shall : not. be a waiver of his Tight to exercise the option upon any subsequent default. SECTION 12. The 2'iT, bonds of this issue shall be callable for pay- ' after its passage. Passed: April 23, 1953. Approved: Dan Blodgett Mayor, Attest: W. T. Malta City Clerk. LISBON, Portugal i.-Ti — Portugal • bonds upon a basis of 3 launched a two-clay gala celebration , est: and today in honor of thc 25th annivers- : WHEREAS, the ary of the peasant-born Premier bonds has elected Antonio de Oiiveira Satazar's acccs' ion to power. -- . paying agent, and has convert the S100.030 in 3 maturinc as lollows: S1500 in 1956 2500 in 1957 500 in 1953 . Inter- ! hav " happened in due time, form ; separate fund known as the "Bond and manner BS required by law and i an d Interest Fund" and shall be buyer of said '• particularly by said Amendment No. i llat . d sn iely for the payment ot the : to name The ; 13: nlld that » *•»=< suffinient to pay : bonds and Interest of this issue, as Commercial National Bank of Lil- ; the bonds aforesaid ha.* been levied ; set out . j,, tins ordinance.. Any s'ur- • tie Rock, Arkansas, as trustee and m accordance with said conslitu- I P | us f rom year to year shall be kept i The size of olives is not thc standard of excellence for this relish. Firmness nnd flavor determine their standard o.uality. -cted bonds LAND HEAVE-HO—This bird's-eye view shows some of tho 125 1 Iko^ei us^d to clc u md r "- C IJLII C ihf 16-i-re f L-tory site in a two-day whirlwind operation. Highly companies u.-ed S3 million worth of equipment lo do the job thai normally would lake three to four weeks. Eight Held supiTinlendents bos J the opcriiiion, using walkie-lalkic radios. OJIDINA.NCE NO. 5.1S AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE ISSUANCE OF BONDS FOR THE PURPOSE OF REFUNDING OUTSTANDING CITY HOSPITAL BONDS AND FOR THE PURPOSE OP ACQUIRING ADDITIONAL, LAND FOR THE .MUNICIPAL AIRPORT: LEVYING A TAX SUFFICIENT TO PAY THE PRINCIPAL AND IN- tional .amendment and made pay-| and accumulated until the City has able annually until all of said bonds , on hand a surplus of $7000 over and j and interest thereon have been fully i a |) 0 ve the annual principal and in- paid and discharged: and that thc ie rcs t requirements of this Issue, by 2500 in 1959 3500 in 1963 and 1964 indebtedness represented, by this Any revenues over and above this bond and the issue of which it. $7000 surplus must be used to call forms a part does not exceed any j the bonds of this issue for payment „ „„„ constitutional or slatntory limila-| prior to maturity in Inverse mimerl- 4000 in 1365 lo 1S68. inclusive i ucn - Por the Prompt payment of : cal order, except that the City wil' this bond and the interest thereon, | not be required to call bonds for the said City of Blylheville hereby partial payment t'axing 5 power' I "nol'u i di' Cred " "M ' SECTION 7. In order to pay said tax of t R ''ll ih ri t K bonds, with interest thereon, as they levied bv s id Am U ri 0 ™ 7 ^ N° n ma '- llre ' there are hereby appropri- fnr ih. '„„,.,„„.,. _, .,,11 "__-,"'-.... : ated out of the proceeds of the tax hereby levied, and if such proceeds Ready-Mix Concrete Concrete Culverts & Blocks JOHNSON BLOCK CO. S. HiRhwav (!1 Phone 23SO 4500 in I9fi9 and 1370 5000 in 1971 and 1972 5500 in 1973 and 1974 6000 in 1375 and 1976 6500 in 1977 7000 in 1978 and 1979 7500 in 1980 to $112.150 in bonds bearing 2^^ inierest and maluring as hereinaft- lhe other bonds of this series. The City has aureed that out of T15REST OF SAID BONDS: AND i er set out, and has presented com- . the revenue derived from the spe- | DECLARING AN EMERGENCY, j putations showing the cost of ma- : clal tax wnlch " has levieti and WHEREAS, by Ordinance No. 535, i tilling the bonds alter conversion '-' mch ls authorized by said Amend- 1 passed and approved Novcml^r 12, ! to be"$30 less than the cost, of ma- j rr ' ( ' n ''• Nc ' • • (t wl11 flrsl - SEt up a bft not sufficient, then out of the general revenues of the City, the following sums, to-wit: Mellowas Moonlight MELLOWED BY NATURE TO THE PEAK OF OLD-FASH'N GOODNESS CASCADE... and only CASCADE, gives you lhe light, smooth riclincis of the George A. Dickcl 1870 formula! KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON SEO. i, OltXU OIS1IUIHG (MrUM, lOUIS/lllt, MNIbttr • £6 ?*OOF • IMIS ftttliKY l$-4 rURi 010 i luring the bonds according to (he j f f m o! $700 ° and lhat »»y s"''- ! original schedule, thus complying! P' us after that reserve has been with the terms of the sale notice; j f 1 "1' mmt "e used to call the now therefore, i Bon ds "' this Issue for payment BE IT ORDAINED by the City ! pnor to maturity in inverse nu- Couucil ot the City of Blytheville, j merlcal order al par and accrued in- ) "From the lift and vigor of the grain" ; Arkansas: SECTION 1. That the City hereby determines and declares that it i is to the, besl interests of the City j to combine ihe two issues into one refunding and improvement issue payable tatahly nut of the tax levied by this ordinance for their payment, and that the refunding bonds be issued in t the same de- nominanons. th? same interest rate, 'and the sume maturities that the bonds of the December 1, 1927 issue bear, find that the 4'* tf ", bonds are refunding bonds and the remainder of the issue is the new improvement bonds. SECTION 1. That the sale of the bonds to T. J. Raney A Sons of Little Rock. Arkansas, and the conversion of the new Improvement bonds to a lower interest rate, are hereby approved and confirmed. SECTION 3. The Mayor and City Clerk are hereby authorized and lerest on any interest paying date. 'PRINTER: Bonds Nos. 1 to S, inclusive. H, 21, 22, 23, 28 lo 36, ! inclusive, and 3B to 41, inclusive, i are. not callable for payment prior to maturity and should not con- j tain the (ollou-ing paragraph. The ' other bonds are callable and shall j contain the following paragraph.) j This bond is callable for payment prior to maturity in Inverse numerical order at par and accrued Interest, as follows: from surplus revenues derived from the 1.8 mill lax, from surplus funds derived from the bond sale, or from any funds derived frorn operation of the Blyihe- [ villi* airport, on any interest pay- j ing date: from funds from any ! source, on any Interest paying date i on and after February 1. 1958. In ! ihe event the City shall call bonds i for payment prior to maturity, it shall publish notice of such call ! once a week for two weeks in r,ome i SYLVANIA Radio-TV Sales & Service CBS-COLUMBIA Electronic Lab 110 \\. Walnut Ph. 2'M1 — Nile 6076 directed to execute the refunding | newspaper of general circulation and improvement bonds o( this City dated a.s of August 1, 1952, and j maturing nn August 1 of each year < as follow^: YEAR BOND NOS. AMOUNT i both inclusive) • 1.053 1, 2 and 3 $3000 in.M 4, S and 6 3000 1955 7, fl and B 1(156 10 to M throuiihout thi State of Arkansas, the first, publication to be not less than fifteen days prior lo the date fixed (or redemption, and the notice shall give the number and maturity nf each bond being called. All bonds so called shall cease to bear Interest, after the dale fixed for Ihelr 3000 redemption, provided the funds for 36:jO i their payment are oil depo.sit with GAS Installation Hi" Black Plp« Ft. Me 1" Black I'ipe Ft. 19c •11" Black Pipe Ft. He >.-'," Black Title Ft. lie '.'/' Galvanized Pipe ... .Ft. I3c •5i" Galvanized ripe Ft. 17c GALV. & BLACK FITTINGS I,ist Less 507i> 1!', Gas Slop S2.0S 1" Gas Stop SI.68 V Gas Stop 51.27 '.i" Gas Stop J1.16 ORSBURN SUPPLY 1r)H> W. Main I'll. 3208 Lots of Time to Play NOW! Youngsters need the companionship and attention of a loving mother . . . someone to have fun and play with through these important formative years. That's why many young mothers prefer to send their laundry-to us, to have more hours of fun and relaxation with the children . , . trusting our reputation for beautiful, sanitary wash. LAUNDRY - CLEANERS

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