The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1937 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1937
Page 10
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PAGE EIGHT ~- &LYTHEVILLE (ARE.)' COURIER NEWS Himcliccjs B i a v c Cold Wind to Watch Exhibition Game Sunday lly J. P. FliiENl) T'l l -"\th I PIT!" Hit ID'-C f"r frc'bnli: iV nlvlhcvill? Giants (iK'iicd tiiflr local exhibition sea- E> 0 M"tory over ')K') ' Hi rh c i" t« « " i tlis, in the f Id * n' <1H hi ! ' "'Hi;,' re- n*!S!:is a fi'iL^'l-'m nm- Pin- v.'vi' 1 ' nil 1 I "i|™t b'' ' i s if'•ties of lid' i ill R'-\-' ' I i'-(l Harold In>pe" W'l 11 to il «"nil-l"K 1 "i l ' r'l hill ' "n td'i s re-jiiH- rd f'ji l \ il 11 ' • iK .its Ir [ho 1 i""-n«-"i» ' •» d "-.I" WiiH hid llvjm fi:'-t'i; at th-dr'p-lsrs all ult:niO"v an' but few balh were hi', sa'Mly Cefen-ively they !'>:>!< "11 sal They erred twlf. on:'i» by ,Str>v:ir' en a ground ball and ap.aln wild Miller mi-si'd Wall's poi> (Iv bac 1 ' of first, but in sjcncra! Ihc inlield. vartiLiil.ivIv ipavlch ai>'l Mllljr. leaked great. Three dmibb phy? were: executed Tlionii>s IVilir. tMl ri-jlillnndc" f'-in M:'l il Ai 1 \ -i.t I for the Boboiiien, nnd n i . t p-ii'ir^ 1', wUdii' *s—excusable lr Ues o f Ih' 1 elements pitched effectively. He cave uo but two hits and no s?mi-pvo advam'ed beyond second base. He walked three, hit one and fanned four. The Giants' first run en me in the first and mis ii «ift Stewart was safe on l/>cke's error. He advanced 1 on U\o pDi'eJ bills md after Davidson had drawn a walk, cam? hi ns I uric wis to =1114 out Miller Uiui No, 2. in ihe second, \vns also a donntion. Pratt singled oir •Lcdtt's glove and went lo third on I.minek's drlvi lo left. Fast fielding by Bro°;lo<i keiit lilin from ncor- Jii" M'nicu^o rolled out lo'Ruge- nn'd ant! Pratt-was trnrmed oil third: in ths chnsc Thornton threw vil:t!y and Pratt scored. I/innek moved up. too, Blackard tightened, striking out PL'llig ami forcing Pavich to hit to Wanliiglon. Piackvd weakened tn the next inning ami Ihs Glnnts sroreil l.rnlr If^t four runs. Stewart opened tftc iram: with a base on halls. nn;l Drvrison smc'ed rri=l se-snd. Miller moved., uo li^th with a m>:i> racriflcp n\r 'tt hit to Warrinj- toh nnd Stewart was raii''ht •>* 'h" plate. Trait am! Pannek walked, fonin* in n-ivi;!^!!. Mmicnsi <•'=-, <"1 i •> ln-e- llli n long double' to c"iit i Kit • -5 lilt trviu io str?Ii:h it into a triple. AVn.l 'made a vnllnnt' Iry for the n'y 'but barely sot his hands on it. Wall-relieved Btackar-J and tinned the Giants bick without,n nil 1 Zimnisr, who drew a walk, was the only Oiint to s?l 0:1 base during the two tnnhiss. Th^ Independents hail .several chniico to >-core Li' lacked tlir .punch. Regnal:! and 'Br'ngdon yalkcd in order ill the first, but a foice out an I a. Ii-t twin killing. F-aveh ti fal°v-vl <a Mill"- .sonIK' it. PnUIsj plunked Pallor in thc ri^s in the sccfirul but Sbwart took Wail's short fly tnrt; of the plfjh- cr and cauchl Dick with a snap throw. "Poss" Thornton singled in tlie third for the first hit oil Pulli" but was erased when lil.ickard hit lo Byrkclt. the ]>lny t?in>; third lo second lo first. With two away in •ti-e fourlh Sanderson war, safe when Slswarl. threw wildly to Pullig covering first, after Miller had mi ed ie irlcr ' S-n\ stole roc- end.-but was cm-silt off the b« ai'rt rn 'dc«-n nt third. Monacal- Hershcll nobo p'octed to !<•< his v-imf t"r<i |i'i, TOJ did not pet in the gim- 1 ire - Ihird biED. Herman "Hank" De- Eerrv. former major Isasue catcher, now minor ieaRuc mnnngcr and chi?f scout of the New York Gi- anlls. umpired. The box score Independents !— Sky Really Is Limit of 14.6',-j. But Lady Luck deserted him elylit tlnyi latoi- In the Olympic tryouls. Delermlncd lo, show the oast Hint he was more than a flash in the pan, Vnroff went cast again In February ,where in the Millrose Games he met defeat at the ' hands of Sueo' Ohc.-the slim Japa-1 nese. Varoff placed fourth. Varoff Is no hand to alibi, but j after the meet it was revealed Ihat tlie .world record holder had MONDAY, APRIL 26, 1937 IT'S GETTING TO BE A HABIT~ ~" •---.—•—.-. - ~ - entered the event wl'th a torn thigh muscle which was iifuravat- ed by his competing. Thc test Varoff could do In New York was l'3,9, but on two ijood legs hi lioston a few nights Inter he topped the bar at 14.4 7-8 for a new world Indoor record. With Sefton, Varoff, and Meadows Ehoolini! at 11, It would seem ..'.at the sky really is thc limit. Cicorge VnrolT, Oregon's stcel-nniscled Hcrialist, .foot goal. shoots nt that ' 15- Walks Away Wilh Class B Honors; H o r nevsville 'Tins fov First in Class'C CAPE GIRAEDEAU, f,To.—Eight -•rcoids were toppled In Ihe thlrly- -v,cl annual Soulheiist -Missouri high school (rack and field meet Saturday ns Kennett walked away with first place in Class B, wllh. 551-j iiolnLs. Ilorncrsville and Smilhmi I.earuc Little Rock Chattanooga Nashville Atlanta . New; Orleiins Knoxvllle ... Birmingham W. I,. . 7 2 G 3 5 3 5 3 4 4 3 G .333 2 G .250 2 .7 : .222 Pel,.778 .GQ7 .825 .625 .500 National Sefion, Varoff, Meadows To Shoot a! Mark This Summer . IIV IIA1IKY GHAYSOX S|>ur!s KJIlor, NK\ Sfrvlt'n A IS-foot celling In, the' pole vitiilt now sceins very close,- with I3II1 Scfton clearing 14,7 3-8 | n April, clmllcnglne CicbrKe Varoff Hid Earlc Meadows lo go higher before the boys are forced In- Scflon's world-record viuilt In the SoiKlicin Ciillfornla-Callfornln •iiciit was achieved with a stun- iifii? clearance of six Indies.'A. C. Gilbert, father of Yale's vaulting school, believes that lie cenld product! o 15-foot vnnlter I'ltli an nlhlcle like Scfton. 'Dean B. Cromwell, who coaches the sly ™™T^- PmiHl bl ° nd -> i . »<* We hl , the Canadian Wild- U »^ra^' t oM C T IOWS -'"'"-^ a K = y >!!!£ mate of'sef , "v° c ear tl« ! f f ±' l ™ test falls ollt of «"« , viu ciear the deciding the winner. In the build Lope/, And' Brown'' Meci In OpcniiVg Wrestling iMalch Headed by Htythcvillc's No, 1 mat villlan. the American Legion presents, it's weekly wrestling program tonlglit at the indoor arena ' : on North Second Street. record height In his next attempt At the University" of Oregon Varoff. whose record of H G 1 -'- Sefion broke, Is pel feeling'' a cloi-er timing on all movements of lump, nnd developing a nreal- " "lift-up" nt the end of the upward pump. Grizzled old Bill Hay ward, who has tutored Web- fcot tracK and field men for more tlmn 3U years, concurs with Vnr- off in Hie belief that the blond Ku.islan is capable of 14 feet ' "For the first time Ih liis -- reer. Sefion foima down the runway, so his up attraction, Raul Lopez, menacing Mexican, and Had Hoy Brown, New Orleans, tangle in another hour and a half limit match. Welch and Kenney are heavyweights, tlie semi-finalists and weight were" in the shoot c In his mil welsh in Ihc neighborhood 'of. no pounds. Center of interest evolves around (he appearance of Welch, who turned tough guy last week, slamming Dago Baker, Racine, Wis., eleven times in a row and nearly „,, ' —, l nllll "B him In the hospital. The i his Zf ^ ! ? CiU "" S n J™» bec » - nble to "is power ;], 0 id his own fn almost any given over the bar," ex- 'but it ! circumstances, and 1ms been given nnd.a rating in the rough row guys, was the first til write history. to w h h,Trolan -.... " c tfl " Tl »J«" to 14 10 14 Handicaps Meadows mil feet. boy, too. and showing ijn ---- - H.7 3-8. Scfton mark his first appearance. Lopez is a crack wrestler but seldom adheres lo the scientific n-<iuuw:> went up end of the game. Rather he goes •*'/.!, and then | in for the modern style and is missed his step an adept disciple, too. Brown is '£- /IAD 7J Sil' Our FiKSr 6>\A|GS.'MSr>£/V? WHEN "f?£P FOOT JW5 I-~ft!ED UNDER A OMCE H/MSB'-F av THE BENCH ATTf:'£ STAP,r OF 7tiE SEASON.... Bl'T WU'S WELL TtJAT ENDS WELL ANC _ _ „.,. ABOUT iAJE ~8E6INN/r\ ~~- LA^-T MAT LtMP, BUSKKED AND;lfiFECTEO.. S SEASON -JOE ivASfj'T '£CAV& HE HAD BAD concerned. Frank hopes lo follow in the footsteps of brother Gus now first string catcher Texas League. Giant his signature at the Bill Terry. Have a sneaking suspi Eddie Ashabrmmer, shortstop. Sub- j Has ^a'.oher; Woodrc.. , „„., I Held; Bryce Grant, right field. . sci) on his first attempt at ,14.7 3-8 Cn his second he touched off the crosspiece after he B ot his body •»'er. He then cleared 14 7 3-fj bv six inches. • "Mendows had tougli luck, a stranger to these parts. Mike Mcroney will handle the I grappling, while Willis Ford will! Inlroclueing - Bobo's G be the third man for the boxin -_,. A „ .— Pittsburgh diildon tird lor ilrst in Class C. St., Louis 'Ulv ?4 points ench. I New- York Riuin^riu) to Ihe Kennelt team Philadelphia vns Charleston, defending chain- , Brooklyn 'nil, with n total of :)3','j. Mat-i Boston ..., finished second to Homers- Chicago .,, lie and Maiden. nma.s.slng IB Cincinnati iims. Class B. records suffered most, i-e of them falling. Elzo Dinks' of Holcomb heaved' IhB shot feet. :i>i inches, breaking the :I mark of 4li feet 11 inches : set st year by Hay of Charleston'. 0 1,000 W. I,. Pet. 4 V 4 3 3 i uc, nil along. All his three trials at the record trial were lieartbreakers Ie was over each time-Only' his lands or chest crushed off Hlie matches all: Hm s. that compose the pre- .800 .760 .600 2 2 ..500 RezenoH. 2b Ero^don. If Wilton. If P'ndfrson. Ib Glover, ib Potter, rf • Wall, cf-p lockc, ss Thornton, c I irdE°y. c Ft'.".:kar-d. p Moore. If Totals Gienls PlVich. E5 Ftewart. 2b r.avidson. rf Zimmor. rf M IT Ib Byrkstt. 3b Pratt. If •I annek, cf ( Mancuso, c' rah?; p Totals AB R H PO A 20022 10030 0000 001,2 00-40 0000 .0000 0010 "0" 0 0 1 0130 0110 0001 0000 18 0 2 15 G AD R H PO A 30003 2 1 0-S 3 1 1 1 000 200 3 1 0 2 2 1 1 1 1 2 » 1 too 0 0 1 0 4 1 1 1 0 100 200 Clunk of Kennelt smashed Ihe Cleveland . 0-yiird low hurdle mnrk of :24.C , st ' Louls • t by Lauer of Perryvllle in 193B Boston lien he run'the .barriers .in :23.9. Washington Mehsirg of Kennett continued is Class B assault with :22/Uin « 220, toppling the mark of 12.0 held by Scott of De Sqto :i<;e 1933. Jones of Charleston ;immed the 120-yard high hur- !es in lo seconds lo break the 'd mnrk of :ic.l, owned by Erl- ucher.of caps Glrnrdeau Central incc 1S31. The filth Class B -ark to fall was-In the mile run, fnM'iail Reeves of Charleston leaking a mark of 4:52.8 he held mi in.i tcuiiuna'ie Dau Gillespie. • runnlnq Ihe distance In 4:43.8. In Class C, Cochran or Maiden roke the first record by running .« Au-yard low hurdles in 24.G eco:ids In the preliminaries. The !d mark was 25 -seconds, made by Slclnmct-/. Clarkton, in 1936. 'icrce of Jlorncrsville, Ihrowing lie discus 125 feet' 3 inches, broke lie old markjif US feet 5 inches lade by Hubbard of Senalh in S31. Fnli-less of Deering set the inal mark by clearing the pole aulftar nt U feel 3 inches, top- Jliiifc' thc old standard of 11 feet i 1-B inches, set in 1934 by Neal ' Arbyrd. Other meet scores were: class' l—Scmth. u; Holcomb. 13; Fcs- lus. 12; Sikcston. 7; Bonne Tcne, <; Ue Soto. S; Farminglon, 5- Perryville. 3; Potosi, 2. Class C_Kc- wancn. 12; Lcadwood. 10; card- 'L'll, il; Lilbourn. 9; Deering, 7; ^inrkton. 5; Braggadocio 4; Cool- r. 3; llerciilanemn. 2; Cape College High. l'. : Hayti, 1'i Canalon, Botme Tcrre swept Ihe tennis tournament. Homer Lodholz won the singles crown, defeating David Marshall of Illmo in the final , 10-8. and then teaming with Fall-field Robinson to win the doubles tuie. They trounced 0 Charles Baird and George Walker 0 of CaruthcrsviHc in tlie final. 6-2. '•3. American League W. Philadelphia- 3 New York 2 Detroit • -2 Chicago 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 1 2 1 3 .200 .200' .000 1'ct. .750 .667 .667 .500 .500 ,400 .333 .250 He . • *, to wait ' 10 minutes or more while the record ns being checked with a steel ipe. He cooled off, therefore ije- 3"" h|s third trial." ' K .Physically,, the handsome ' ; £et- the finest specimen'among He world's vaiiitgis. He carries lost of his weight 'above the Milst in his broad shoulders, chest, is not ( the -. that Keith Irown and Snbin Can-, Ynle's fo'r- ner- world record holders, were Last summer In Berlin he was not s straight over the bar as .per- ect form requires, but he has the Yesterday's Results Southern League Memphis 5-3, Birmingham 3-5. Knoxville 5-5, Chattanooga 3-9. Nashville 10, Atlanta 0. Little Rock 5-9, New Orleans 2-3. N'alioml [>asur^ St. Louis 4, Chicago 0 Brooklyn 10, Philadelphia 6 '(11 nnlngs). Bostoti 3, New York 1. -.. Cinclnnall at Pittsburgh, wet grounds. . American League Chicago 11, Detroit 1. : Cleveland 5,'st. Louis -I (u innings). New York 9. Boston 3. . 'Philadelphia rain. at Washington 18 C 4 18 D 2 000 000-0 y^orc bv innings Independents Giants IH OOx—6 Summary—Runs batted In—Lan- rck, Mancuso 3 Two base hits— T.annek. Mancuso. Sacrifice hit Miller Stolen b^e— Sanderson Double plays—Pavleii-Stewart-Mll- JT, Blswart-Miller, Byrkctl-Stew- art-MP]»t Bisa on balls—Blackard •<• Pulli? 1 \Vall l Slrtkeouls— Pulh? 4, Blackard 1, Wall 1. Hits —4 hits G runs off Blackard in three innings I/King pitcher— ird tfn.pire—DeBerrjr . More than 9.100,000 pieces of first class mail now through the Today's Games Southern LonEtie Memphis nt Atlanta. Nashville ftt Birmingham Little Rock at Chattanooga Knoxville nt New Orleans' National !.<MI;UO Boston at Brooklvn. New York at Philadelphia Pittsburgh at St. Louis Cincinnati at Chlc.igo. Amcriran l.raevt Chicago nt Cleveland. St. Louis at Detroit Washington at lioslon Philadelphia at Nc«- York .birds maie fo on tha descent, fler Sefton. so had ml powerful arms. Technically Scfton" lerfect-form vaulter leleht," power, and speed. Hight. now Varoff, who still lolds the indoor record of 144 7-8 s getting the winter Kinks out of lis muscles and'nursing a torn inscle In his right thigh, but he's lire 15 feet is certain, if not this eason then next. I'aroff Flies When Sound Hayward rates Varoff the great- 'St pole vaulter in his 40-odd •cars in track and Held. A few •cars ago Hayward had 'another vorld champion pole vaulter in ialph Spearow, who went to the Olympic Games. His vault was list a fraction more than 13 ect, not much of n height when •cu considar present day altitudes. Into the headlines leaped thc 23-year-old Varoff last summer when he went east lo enter (he latlonal A. A. U. meet In New York. It was this meet which witnessed his world record vault Senior and Junior Ball Teams Formed,>at Manila MANILA, Ark.—Manila high an-;! Junior high .schools have organized baseball learns. • Bill Shoeklcy is captain of the senior high team and Billy Jos i Button of the Junior learn About ! 35 boys reported foi- tryouts ami practice. Coach Curtiss has selected the,following boys for the senior team' Pierce Tatum, first base 1 General Mobley, second base- J 'A' David, shortstop; Bill Shockley and Bill Williams, pitchers; Roy D-n- ton, center field; Junior Thompson and Douglass Lnwson, left fi-ld The senior team will play its first game today. The junior, tenm won its first game, defeating Leachville, n , to S. The lineup was as follows- Clifford King, catcher; D. ' L Davis ' Pitcher; j. c. Carrol,- first base-' Eric English, second base; Billy Joe Hiitton. third base; Nelson Bran- lion, center field; Jewel Whita l'f( neM : L. V. Stevens, right field- brother Gus had something to do with it. Caught for the Balshaw Grocers last year, won Hie City League championship. Eliminated in state tourney by the Houston Power & Light nine, which went on lo capture first laurels. Comes fiom a family — *,.,. „..,,,i_ ,, uv ,.n; ... of catchers, -Have four brothers which he first discovered America, and all are receivers. Father work- Graduated at Charles II. Milby! ed behind thc bat for Beaumont. .High schol, Houston, 193G. Had; Had his nose broken by a fast no baseball there but threw tlie | foul tip. That was the blow that fhot and hurled javelin in track, i killed father—as far as pro hase- Frank Mancuso. catcher. Born May. 23, 1918, at Houston, Texas. Home now in the same house in . standing weighs 180 pounds. at 7111 Ave K. Houston. (i feet, and Mother lives Submarines were first patented In the United States in 1952. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 540 BOUGHT A GENERAL &, 'ELECTRIC REFKIOtHATOB WRESTLING Every • Monday Night 8 P.M. ROY WELCH vs. •TACK KENNEY . RAUL LOPEZ vs. "HAD HOY" BROWN American Legion Stadium ing of their male year out. year In and g e New York ixvstofflce each day dur- } Jilia Christmas holidays. ELECTRIC & ACKTYLENE AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE ' Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONR 19 You Visited Our New Modern Service Station? While nose Gasoline Goodjcsr xirrs Willard lUtlprlts Road Service On . . Gas - Tires - Wrecks 2J HOL'Fl SKKVICE Call 633 for Prompt Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co. The Saveon Gasoline Company Tank Car Station .at Holland, Mo. nnnounces A policy of only one grade of highcsl tiimlily petroleum products direct fmnr refinery to you. v High Test •• o Gallon No-Nox Gasoline IOC Tax Paid 100ft Pure 1'omisyl-j^-v n,,*,.! vani.1 Motor Oil in Of\n T Q ,. - i Scale,! c-iiis /UWC Tax I'.IKl Every gallon sold will, a Money-Hack Guarantee of - Satisfaction. One High Qiialily - - One Low I'riee 100* Pariffin Base Motor Oil Sealed Cans 15c QL Tax Paid G-E Quality and Performance at NEW LOW PRICES! Save 3 Ways ! • New 1937 G-E models offer the greatest dollar for dollar value among all refriger- i ators—the biggest buy in 10 years. See for yourself! Know the thrill of owning the best —ic costs no more for now you save three ways: on price, on operating cost, oil upkeep! Big, Roomy Cabinets — Brilliant New Styling — All Conveniences —Time Proved Economy New General Electric Refrigerators are cheaper in price but noc in quality. 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