The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri on April 8, 1909 · Page 8
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The Springfield News-Leader from Springfield, Missouri · Page 8

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1909
Page 8
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KTOTTT" TO SPRINGFIELD DAILY REPUBLICAN. Tktl'RSDAY MOHN'INO. APRIL i w " 700 More MeriX if I Are.being advertised for at the new Frisco Shops. I J Every day property is increasing in value in that neighbor- . ! .' f heed. - A "When all of those $63.00 Iota in ' n(lHAPfllDfl PWMTC I .TO - . I BROVII HAD LIVED HERE Man Ban Down J5y Train la In-' dian Had Worked At the 1 Swift Plant." . EITurta ot the pollcs bo far hr been In yln to tocau'relatlva or friends r Quy Drown, who wu Injured by being run down by a train In Whiting, Ind., several weeks ago, though It hai been teamed that a man of that nam wa employed at the feeding station of the Swift at Co. plant hero up to the middle of January. He- left for St. Louis, laying that - he would return her early this aprlng to take hie old job again. He haa not be nheard. from a I nee a Utile over a month ago, when be called at the HI. Loula drilcee of the Bwlft company, for mall that had been forwarded to blm there from dprlng-field, according to hla Instructions. It I' aid that the man who worked here haa relatives Jn Nevada, Mo., and he I" the father of two children, though It la not known where Ihey arc. Hla wife, la dewd. The man Is tMrty-tWQ yesrs of age. It Is believed by local officer of the Swift plant that the man who wss Injured In Indiana la the one who was her. . .. are seld your chance of gettin g cheap property near the shops wilrbe very r.Km indeed. Nothing like acting now. Tbe grawyard of obscurity is filled with the bones of the. "IHaoittoinrrowM kind. Lot , that we. soli a month ago for $65.00 have already sold as high as $100 and they're going higher. - . Remember that at the price $65.00 we put hi concrete and chat sidewalks and grade th streets without cost to you. The terms of sale are $10.00 down and $5.00 a month for one lot $7.50 a month for two. interest taxes. insurance. suspend unsold C. J. Shea, A Fr" I 1 Paym - - . - - Let ns take you but to aee the Phone 2106. ii ff l NEGRO GOES TO PRISON Harrr Burns li Given & Term of Three Years ror Assaulting Girl At a Party. ! i Harry Burns, a member . of a notorloua negro family, was found guUty In criminal court yesterday of stabbing Annie Spencer, a negreee and was sentenced to three year In the,' penitentiary. Burn and the ' Spencer J woman want to a party hut Christ- i , maa on Karl street. During the even-', lug they and other negroea llnlihed I three kegs of beer and other liquor and ' If waa following a "crap" game that the negresa waa assaulted during a row Three snember of the Burns family have been kl'led In Springfield during the last Ave years, one of them belna- shot to duth nn lh ntrht f,l. I lowing the Easter mob three years sgo. WHAT-- if you should want to look up certain old pa-. pera? We have the kind ' of filing systems that make quick filing and ' finding sure, and the . cost ig from 25 cents up. Tclenhon 842. GARDNER OFFICE SUPPLY CO. - 32S Sovth St --THAT Next job of printing-let us figure on it then let us sliow you what can be done in a modern Printery and Hinder?. We havethe inacliinery and capacity. ' Teh-phone 372. JEWELL PUBLISHJNS CD. Southeast Arcade. Colonial Hotel Bldg. BIO MILLING COMPANY MAKING IMPROVEMENTS Considerable Improvement Is being made In the office of the Meyer A Sons Ml. ling company, Boonvllle street and Phelps avenue. The Interior arrangement la being changed so that there wM b more desk room Inside the railing. The work probably ..will be completed In three or four dgys. Wind attained ...... But once th year haa the velocity of the wind reached a higher velocity than on Monday aflernon. The proceeding occasion when a hlghe Telocity was reg stared by the anemometer at the government building was early In March when winds from the north swept the entire Mississippi valley. The wind of Monday sustained a high vc oclty much longer thin oftn occurs. Kcr five hours during the afternoon the wind ranged from forty-two to forty-eight miles an hour and maintained an average hour'y velocity of forty-four miles an hour. It Is very unusual for such a velocity to he maintained through so long a time... . , ' - . For Sale Or Exchange 14.000 general stock and buildings. J J, WO general stock for farm. fi.000 general stock fur good farm. 4-rooma, East Martian street, $1,450; 1200 cash, balance $20 per month. SO acres near Aurora. 11.(00, Terms. INVESTORS REALTY COMPANY, Elks Aroa1. Ground Floor. Phone (01. HOMELAND Tho best located aud prettiest addition in Springfield. LOTS IN IIOMKLAND ARE SELLING KVERV DAV, . Better buy'wiiilo you can take your pick and before prices go np. r v Come in and let us take you out and show you. "No trouble to show goods." WE ALSO HAVE A pretty cottage of 5 rooms, on good lot, fine street, within half block of street cars, to trade for a 40-aere farm' within eight miles of Springfield.- .Also farm of 120 acres, well improved, in ' good part of Greene 'county, lo trudo for Springfield properly. Also farm of b0 acres ten miles from SpringnVUl. good improvement and well located, to trade fur Springfield property. Let us know what you have and what you want, and wc will match it for yu at the least possible cost of time or money. THE HOME-FINDER ASSOCIATION A. M. HAS WELL, Manajcr. Room i, Leader Bl'k, Baker Arcade It's the Right Ticket A GAS STOVE TT Is wonderrully convenient to , do kitchen work. j TT is ready all the times and can be used the instant desired. The; expense ceases as soon as you are through with the heat. Once used ' it becomes a necessity. . -- : . x. TEACTI0N COMPANY TO -LAY TEMPORARY TRACKS Fallowing a conference yesterday between Mayor Ernst, the street and alley committee of the council, representatives ot the Jarret Construction company. It was decided . to permit ' the Traction company to lay temporary tracks on the recently completed Ben- I ton avenue paving. Owing to the ne- j ceaslty for excavation under the street ( car tracks In 1 order to put In a concrete base for the brick -pavement. It j was deemed advisable to p'ace a tern- j porary track on the pavement at the side of the spac to be occupied by the permanent car track. The Jarret Construction company objected to this, but liter withdrew their objections -upon the agreement pf til Traction company to assume th llab:llty for any damages that might result. to have, Is a hankering after Real Es tate. See us for bargains 'In Farms, Merchandise and rlty properties- J. E. Walton UKD INVESTMENT CD. Phone 1712. . ...222 South St. DBTJNKEN PASSENGER IS , DETAINED TO SOBER TJP 'John Brown, of Tulare,' Cal . was arrested by Pat Kane at the Milt street depot yesterday . while under th Influence of liquor. Brown claimed that he had been robbed, and created con-conalderabl excitement. It was found that he had a ticket to California, and h was he'd until sober enough to con-! tlnu 'his Journey. : , ' '.. ' :. FOR SALE BARGAINS! I kav th followUui ebole baragtu for Ml. Th propertlM Wlong mostly to non-resident client, whs wish thatr money to Invest tlsiwher: lst-Kor sal or rent, tin 17-foot lot clots In to public sqlr with good sheet Iron building on It, suitable for carpenter, blacksmith, paint huu, tie., or wagon yard, on th corsar of Olive and Haiton alley. Id-t'hostnut St. No. (17 W. 4 room cot-tss. finished In bard plii; kitchen wslnsrasted: piped for gss with gaa ' fixtures; granitoid -walk from front door to street) nous compsratlvalK new-lnt K1W feet-prlc !IU0j part 'rssh. bslnnce on time. Sd-North Main 81. tlous No. S0$: i-story. I rooms; tin lot; 70 feet frunt by 1M deep;" house nn ear line. clo. to Frisco dpot lTfc. glTOO; part cash, balsnc. Bn time. - ' tth-llmise No. SK gumrolt A vs.. right on ctr line, ner Drury rniieg.; 4 rooms: large lot 40x110' feet: title per. feot-pric I1070-. part cash, bslsnc oa time. A baTcsm. . . , 5th-A 1 aor. fsrm about I miles S). K. of Btrsfford: 35 sere in cultivation; smsll. 1-atnry box house; snmo fruit; fln wster: rod timber at a n-t barssln: 111 to p-r sere; one-half or mere rash; bnlunce on long time; tit las perfect. h-l timber 40 aor. trswt, In N. an. N W. part f county; fin whit oak tlmte.r on them. Irlc 110 per acr. Title perfect. 7tti-Vrnt lots In the City of flprlns-rlelil: prlrea reutnnaMe.' Terms as low ss tit down and t" per month Interest. Cnll snd' aee me. McLAIN JONES Attornsyat Law Ream 403 Bakr Blook Springflsld, Ma. Phen X292 I This I th seasoa of - llstlessness, ; headache and aprlng disorders. Hollla-! fer's Rocky Mountain Tea, la a sur 'preventative.' Makes you' strong and ; vigorous. IS rents, Tea or Tablets. C. ! E. Denton. J The blacksmith hsd Just Inherited fortune. "Htill."Tie said, "I'm not going t fold my hands - and do nothing. What do you "'suggestr' "Take your hands to. a good manicure, for the first thing," advised his lawyer. -Chicago Tribune. - ; , ..' j "Whht do you thing ought to be ,don with the tarlfrr "I'm not ex pressing any opinion,", answered Sen ator Sorghum. "My expressions on the subject will be confined to congratula i tions fur my constituents whom revision may benefit and condolences for i thos who get left." Washington Btar. i "kleptomania," '' remarked physician, "IS a disease." the pnysician, ' is a aisrsse. "I guess that's right,' 'rejoined the plain clothes detective. !T , noticed I that Its victims ar always taking ! Kftmrtthtn 4nr It "wChlr-a fi-n Mews. Do You Want A Home ? If so, look over those choice Wts on Evans, Violet avenue and New street, between Hawthorne and Grand avenue, two blocks south of fltats street car line, and then come and see' me and I . will show you how easy It Is to get a home. ' P. G. Myers . Fhon UC7 '.- At Union National Bank. . Attention I Home-SceKcrs 49 acres 10 mllos out. all fenced, all in cultivation, 10 an ei botoin land, S t .... m.,rin mnA rinh anil. nr. i niiro, aw'u wcia aiiu spun., m-twn ft.-ime house, two barna and other out buildings. Price .1,250. . 4 10 acres t mile from Springfield, 50 seres In cultivation, SO acrea good timber, 40 acres bottom land, rich tlnck aoll, smsll house, barn and other buildings, some meadow, pasture. plenty of god water. It acre of oats sower?. 1-1 sere potatoes planted, garden mad, about 11 or 11 cords of wrod cut, fenc posts made and 11 bales of barbed wlr. two bale of wlr mi plan y sady for fsacing. Prtc tl.100. Owner will, give . Immediate possession. Must sell quick. 1(0 acres 11 miles from cltyi most sll In cultivation; good Improvements, ZS acre meadow. 20 acres wheat Owner will give Immediate possession Be us for a bargain In this farm. T-room house on Madison strast, close to New Normal; lot 50x100. Owner leaving city,, must sell. Price $1,100. Terms. 4 -room house on Monroe street close to New Normal, lot 10x150. clly water. A bargain at tl.100 wjth easy payments. Nice 3 -room ' house, lot 10x150 high apd dry- located on East Lynn street Wl'l sell on easy terms for 17S00. , , See us for other property, also vac-snt lots In all parts of the city. Ozark Land Co. Phone 193 ' 317fioonville.SU Money For You A strictly modern nw t-room brick residence, near nw - court, house site: only 14.(00. (-room cottage, 131 Looaat, barn, fins lot Will sell at a sacr'-Ore for M days Need th money. 10-scrs fsrm, t miles city, ' 40 acres cultivation, 40 acres timber, nw liouss and barn. tiOi cash. $1.(01 time. 17,000 business building t trad for good farm or general merchandise. tl.100 good general merchant. -to trade for good farm, - Will stl you cholos vacant lots In western part of city and build you S horns to suit on easy payments. Page-Ruffin Realty Co. Phon X-1395. too E Commercial I H D EHEC GROCERIES Ji nCt! CO AND MEATS ., 850 Zut St. Looia St. ; In tho E&tt End. Phone 162. While the wholegale price of meat is higher than for months, our retail price remaing as LOW AS EVER: . The same applies to groceries. , - ' , r- Try Tegrinlen's Ilam this week. '.'.' v, i ' , Gold Brand Ilamg (Armour) Majestic llama (S. i, S.) Premium llama (Swift). secunc A MOMCNOW A, NEST EGG NOT RABBIT tOQ8, BUT A FOUNDATION FOR A HOME. ', Pretty lot, BxlOO feet., northeast corner Evans and Mount Vernon streets; sewer, curbing snd walks In; mapla ahaila! fine fnr realdne ttm Mn.. win j build grocery and lease for number of One. two or three fin lots, southwest corner Broad snd Dale street; .east front, fine oak shade, level, high and dnr on nsrk car line, on mw.i. I Frisco hospital. An Ideal place far a- hom. . Mew none -being built on sll We. .'...-, Prettv lot northweat enmA,. rn... 'and Roger; blue graaa and shade: pin itnceq ana in aaroen. miy 3(J0, Pay $50 down; balance monthly. " A SURE THINCI.-Pay U down and tl per week, total MOO. for 40 acre, of ttm. ber land, no Interest, good land In Camden county near the Missouri - Psctflc railroad eurvey from Springfield ' :north to Bagnell. Tou can't go wrong, daiit- pi,,", biiu wm.imiii ut'tKl. Lion I Rooming house wanted In exchanire for a tffis nott st I per cent due January 10, 10, secured by first mortgage on real estat. , a JFairm - - -;4y, For 110.00 per month, in San Lpuiii Valley, Colo. Grocery for sale, doing between $1,000 and $1,400 busi-notw every month.. , Many other bargains too numerous too mention, ' ..''''.' , ' t L L. RIST, NoUry Public. ; -,218 1-2 W. Walnut Street Real Estate Bargains 124 acres of land In Green county. Mo, 11 miles from Springfield; 80 acres In cultivation, U acres meadow, 15 acres wheat, good woods pasture, t uuu epriii, sau nous or in re rooms, bars for six head of horses. . Land lays well and la free from rock. One mile to school. Price (5,200. . 120 acn-i one mile from railroad at-' linn Thla InnA lava w.aII. , . - - a;, nun, lav-nMiU house, fcnrn,-- water. About 15 acre cleared, fenced and set In grass, bal ance in good timber that will cut 1,600 cords of wood. Land can nearly all b cultivated. JO acres free from rock. This is a bargain at $2,000. , -:"108 acres, t-room house, barn, sheds, (0 acres In cultivation;, about 40 acres valley land. Fine , well . and spring. Some fine timber. Land nearly all fenc-edi . About 10 acres csn be cultivated. Good strong land. i. mile rom railroad atatlon. Price 11.800.. ' .. v -Modern 5-rortm house, good location near car line. Hath, toilet, lavatory, ci ' II tit In tmii.,' .... .1 tl-M fruit and shade, Price 12,000. Reason- " JalWe) terms. - '.. j . -We have some splendid 20 nnd 40- : acre tracts near the city for ssle and exchange. 3!h Collateral "What do people borrow trouble onT" '.,'.;': "insecurity ."-Waahlngton Herald. Republican want ads bring results. P. G. Simmons No. t Renubllcan. Bldg. Phon MS. "Baying of th Scrap Heap Man n sal at Th Republican offlcs, only ( cents volume. Sent anywhere Id the United Stats for 61 cfiita, which Includes postage- and wrapping a' iii t a iam & wells 431 East Comeroial Street. 8pingfleld,;Mo, .. . Plumbing ' . ' . . "' j ' - i ITeathiff '.ind "GflKfittlni?, : , rnciimntic Water ' ypheni and pumps put in out of town. Special prioe im Hydrants and water .pipes.; u ,;.'," v ; r.lanley & Manley . Phone S8t. 42: 'Soulli St."

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