The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 13, 1956 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1956
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH 1$, 1956 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Snake Oil Goes Electronic For Modern-Day 'Quacks' By JAMES C. CKOSSI.KV NEA Staff Correspondent CLEVELAND — (NEA) — Snake oil these days comes with flashing lights, buzzers and efficient-looking panels of dials. , "Good for man or beast. . . Cures anything from mange to mouse bite . . . Who'll buy the 'first bottle?" That was the pitch of the medicine show peddler as he posed on the tailgate of his wagon years ago. His modern counterpart is more suave. He's selling a "medical" machine or a "magic" belt. His appeal to the crowd appears as an ad In a magazine or a letter in the mail. Customers may even have to join a cult. It may be headed: "More Feminine Appeal" or "Feel "Young Again." But it's still the same old gooseberry, in the tradition of the snake oil that used to be concocted In a rusy wash tub at a secluded crick and sold at a buck a bottle. * a * . The American Medical Association and the government are doing their best to point the finger and holler "Get out o! town" to these modern medicine show shysters.' But it's hard. Hit with a cease-and- desist, next thing you know the Old Doc is selling something else. Right now the AMA has on display at the Cleveland Health Museum 20 horrible examples of phony "medical" devices, dredged from the quagmire of quackery. Thousands see similar exhibits over the country. In providing these displays, when they are requested by local health groups, AMA is following a definite policy . "These exhibits protect the public against being defrauded by quacks who depend on the ignorance of people seeking relief from suffering," .says Richard Stalvey who accompanied the exhibit. He's a member of the AMA bureau of investigation and formerly served as a food and drug agent for th« government. "We think if we simply point out. the construction and ingredients, we can depend on the people to make their own deolsions as to,the effectiveness of these devices." The Food and Drug Administration, the Post Office and Better Business Bureaus campaign against them tirelessly. An example of the bait that lures millions from the public is a magic It's Back to Classes for Girls Who Dreamed Up Kidnap Hoax THIS IMPRESSIVE MACHINE, here demonstrated on a model during AMA show, is billed as a cure-all by means of "attuned color waves." All it does is shine a light through glass. hair grower. On inspection it proves to be a metal helmet. One pathetic little Christmas tree bulb provides the "potent" rays that are alleged to re-thatch the pate. • • * Another is a light device which will patch up just any part of your personal .plumbing that's misbehaving. An electric lamp shines through panes of colored glass. That's all. A plastic dumbbell contains Lake Michigan water. A bag of dirt lout ed as an "atomic'.' cure has am bergris — and if it had uranium KEEP THIS AD! Over 15,000 Arthritic and Rbeu matic Sufferers have taken ihis medicine since It came on rfie market. Free information by giving your name and address to BRA'ZIl (MEDICINE CO., P. O. Box 522, Hoi Springs. Arkansas. XEWTOH, Iowa («>)—l»our Newton glrli returned quietly to nigh school yesterday .after a kidnap hoax which landed them In jail in Independence, Kan., last week. • ( The girls — Judy Damman, 17; Gloria Jensma, 18; Janeane Fanr- ney, 17, and Lois Davit, 18—came back to school singly in an effort to make their return as inconspicuous as possible. gchool Supt. B. C. Berg said "We're trying to get them back into normal routine as quickly as possible." Berg declined to say what disciplinary recommendations he would make to a School Board meeting tonight. From a technical standpoint, Berg said, the school offense was that the girls cut classes. The girls were released from jail on parole Sunday after serving 60 hours of a 30-day sentence imposed for disturbing the peace. Parole was granted on condition they return to classes immediately. Widespread Hunt The girls touched off a widespread manhunt when they contacted independence authorities early last Thursday. They told of being abducted at Newton by two men last Wednesday afternoon. They said they were forced to drive 400 miles and finally escaped by deliberately driving their car into so what? The modern lambs really get fleeced. Gone are the few rewards of snake oil days. No banjos..Also there was always the chance, then, that the doc had mixed in considerable quantities of alcohol to keep grandma coming back to buy next year. Now you get- a hatful • of junk radio parts. a ditch. Not until Thursday evening, after hours of questioning, did the girls admit they made up the story. At Independence, City Judge Walter L. McVey Jr. who paroled ther girls, said in a statement today: "These girls were apparently seeking a little adventure. But by fabricating this kidnap hoax, they have cost law enforcement agencies thousands of dollars and have brought to bear all the forces of the law in this community and other communities. They have done wrong and they are old enough to know better. Bent Punishment "It is my opinion that no one has ever devised a better punishment for » small child than the application of a hair brush to the seat of the pants. Punishment, whether applied to teenagers, children or adults, should hurt. It is the universal language that all can understand^ iulganin Hails Seneva Martinis As Peace Toasts MOSCOW (fl>)~Premier Bulganin lys the olive branch of peace merged from a martini cocktail 'hen he and President Eisenhower wapped friendship toasts at the Geneva Summit Conference. "President Eisenhower opened he Martini Road in Geneva," Bul- anin remarked at a reception. We sometimes drank to friend- hip and peace in the world. "We drank martinis during in- ervals," Bulganin reminisced. "We annot forget those moments and we hope that it will always be ike that." "Teenagers are simply those same children commencing to grow up and while we perhaps cannot use that hair brush, nevertheless, we can punish them just as effectively and make it hurt just as much by other means." Belated Death, ASHEVILLE, N. C. W> — C1L_ Greene, 49, who had been unconscious since falling from a scaffold four years and one month ago, died in the Veterans Administration hospital at nearby Swannanoa Sunday. For 1,490 days he could neither speak, nor move, and couldn't even open his mouth to eat: He was fed through a stomach tube. Bring out the BEST in your clothes Send Them To . 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Conn., cleaning es- ablishment co-owned by Angelo '. John. John, horse race partner of James L. Paisner, alleged lone loldup man in the case, has been held in $10,000 bail for withhold- ng information from authorities. Police had said $6,400 in cash was found in John's apartment in Westchester County, N. Y., but he old them it was cash winnings Tom horse races. NOTICE Notico Is hereby given that Lula Mae Williams lias filed application with the City Engineer for a Permit to establish a House Trailer l-'ark on the rear of Lot 6, Block 1, designated further as 623 South Twenty First Street. Any objection to the establishment of House Trailer Park at this location should be made in writing and filed with the City Clerk within thirty (30) days. March 5, 1956. DAN BLODGETT, City Engineer, City of Blythevllle. 3/8-13 '"* tart* f U .e Aspinn is Africa's Hj "Afraid Cold's Sore Throat Would 100 tablets 49c- 200 tablets 79c' -^^BisffoF&x Keep Me From Talk[ng' But when I gargled with St. Joseph Aspirin, I stayed light on schedule. Best, fastest-acting aspirin relief money can buy for cold's aches *nd $» LEE SOYBEANS State Certified Blue Tag — First year from registered breeder seed. R«-e4«an and in new 10 ox. burlap bags. HENDERSON SEED CO. S. Hi way 61 Phone 2-2860 Famous Southern Quality AT A POPULAR MONEY-SAYING PRICE! Chock and Comparo Thoso Many Ltnwry Featvrw- Yow'N Find Southern Delivers ttw Most in Valv*! FWIM** Southern StHMth-Top "Tufden," no bump*, DO buttou — noa-tiuft, aoa-M$! ich. 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