The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1935
Page 3
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$& fl&fcftl'Aft* 2, ISSf His Enemies Merit 1 ligl Placfc 'in Public Affection for Secretary ON; — there W at least two eiH-fdged ronsons for a bet' that Uic scalp of Secretary Ickes will continue to adhere to Ills head. Onn Is flic tact (lint Roosevelt't want to repudiate his cabinet official, in l,ho face of |>er- ststcnl clamor by (he secretary's enantes. The other is that he can't nfford to. ' It Ickrs were loved for the enemies he has made, He would ho entitled lo ns tremendous an nvnl- anchc of popular affection as has afflicted nny national hero of our ilinc. Thai doesn't mean llial I.ckes Is rm especially lovable character. And heaven knows he Is fur from the, quint essence of tnct. nut the. n&sorlcd menagerie of Ills enemies f.-i as URiavnry » lot in th<\ nggre- Bate as river was rwtiienul nnilci one tent.. .Not Hint, you could get them all under one tent, for most of them projcr to. snipe . from behind the llili'k bushes. Roosevelt knows nil that. Neither his- ami temperament noi- his administration's reputation for In- .tcgrlty permits; him to surrender to the anli-Ickes forces— which also contain 'so nmny enemies of the New Deal. it isn't to be supposed that all those who have sharpened their daggers for Ickcs are scoundrel.;, of course. Some arc simply keeping ' bad company. .« * a Hungry for Pork The attack on Ickes in Congress, aimed at keeping him from control of' the $4.000,000.000 public works fund, has been tied up with the attack on the bill by congressman- hungering for vast gobs of pqrk. .Nearly everybody In Washington was. whispering that the measure was a "bad bill," but greedy congressmen messed up the attack when they sought to make a. pork barrel of It.- Ickes -achieved great unpopularity ; on Capitol Hill primarily through his de-fiance of congressmen and other politicians who sought both pork- and patronage from him during his administra r tion of the , first $3,300,000,000 public works iund. : The House contains many disap- poln.tfcl.sqrelieads wlip souBJit;imst' pfffe "a;id ptlier federal blinding.-! which' Weren't needed,-' jobs from political • supporters,^ allotments • for public ;wflr"k : projects .'.fti'Ueh -didn't look eobd.lp.lclces, : aiYd favor's for land spec'ii|ilors, si)arp..coiitr[ietors, "hot oilers." ldb'by;Uity "power Interests; -Indian ;lootcrs,- Vnnd -local nollllc-lans.- .!.•' '•; ';-'.. . . . '.•', Ickes Carries '.sting!;':; •>:•;••'. Icto.s J,'!iows liawi:to . lilt back. '. While the sniping was holiest, he moved ;; to -.lake the.-!Elk Hills; oil reserve • iiwsy . from V'sthndard' 'oil a>id v other intt-resUs' oh the ground tha.t it- was' eoverrirnent': prope.vty. He. followe'dUhat iip by pushinj for a grand jury. Investigation ''for alleged graft ;Jn a .Texns PWA projec.t which; will involve certain political figures.' The ' : unspoken threat is •; that Ickes may yet reveal much more which he knows about politicians ntiri tlieli- PWAincKvItlcs. * ^ ^ And He's . "Discourteous" The scmi-officiil version of complaints in the House agilnst Ickes then by Hmise leaders who promised the complaints Hint T?oosevelt lather linn Icke.-, would administer ';the . HOOO.000,000,' was that it was based, on the 'secretary's alleged' "discourtesy" to congressmen. . No one explained' exactly what was meant, by •_ that; Everybody knows Ickes has sometimes been hard-boiled! even with congressmen. !,. il'^l If yb\i knew some ol. Ihe congressmen, ' you'd probably guess why. But it's admitted that Ickes doesn't know how to say "Nol" find make 'em like If. That's an important part Of i lie bureaucratic .technique in which lie is sadly deficient. He could take many tips from Roosevelt, who can even say, "TO?" nnd:mnkc his vtsi- , lors lh "'k lw is saying. "yes." Jean Mulr, wlio has delighted local theater goers In pictures- recently shown here, and Ricardo Cortex, are co-starrrd Ip "White Cockatoo" coniihK to thrj Roxy Sunday 'and' Monday. Along with tills feature will be . n comedy ''Radio Scout" with El Drendel in the major role, arid n novelty ij Main." Lake Street Services to Continue Next Week Evangelistic services nt the Lake Street Methodist church will cou- tinue through next wcev Two services will be held daily" begin ning Tuesday. The morning service will begin nt 10 o'clock and the evening service at 7:30 o'clock The Ucv. V. E. Chalfant, p .i S ( 01 . of Ihe church, is conducting thr. services. n-n"? fo " owi "E special evenihEs will be observed: Monday, church "light; Tuesday, women's night- Wednesday, family night; Thnrq day, men's nlglil; Friday, volm » people's night. • ° Classification of Individuals ns lo their susceptibility to certain diseases by means of fingerprints is a possibility of the future, according to Dr. Poll eminent Berlin physician. ' • NEXT at Blythevilles Theatres wliefi tavel fefy''. whose V In* -.u War THE rJeml A constantly changing scene forms Hie background for "Wake Up and Drcnm", the Universal comedy v/llh music which comes to the Roxy theatre on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday \ wltli Rus« Colmntoo, Hoi-er Pryor, June Kriiaht, Catherine Doucet, nnd Henry AnneUa in featured roles. The story opens In a theatre in Atlantic city, switches to another theatre where a musical comedy is In rehearsal, nnd .soon afterward is transferred Lo Nev; York, wliUlwr columho, fry or and ,)une Knight, nlc-mbc-r.s of a small-time vaudeville "act." flee when one. of their number becomes involved with the jiollco. Soon these characters with Ar- metla, arc on a transcontinental bus Ixnind for Hollywood, and en route nintie the acquaintance of Miss Doucet and Andy Devljje, who are among the other passengers. The adventures of all con- 'tlniic wllh Browing !illarii£ In the film capita), where ColufnVf) attracts, the attention of a producer and his beautiful star,.with results iplilch surprise, oypn f viuidevllllaiis, nlwiiys expcctlnK ttie uiiMjpcclci). . ' A new type of excitement and plot ts brought, lo the screen by UKO-Radlo's comedy-drama, "Gridiron Flash," featuring Eddie Qulil- an nnd Betty Fin-new, which comes ui Hie Roxy next Friday and Saturday. H Is the gripping story of a young tmik robtar, who, against ills will, Is turned loose on a col- .lege campus to play football and become.ft gridiron hero for "Rood old Belford College!" Tense excitement develops us ihc youngster' coldly plans to clean out a safe and depart for distant places. Eventually, as the .suspense mount.'!, the; boy Is recreated hy eolk-gn spirit, Ihr; affection of his team-mates and Ihe ilienrt-throbs of a pre-clmmpion- Iship. game, rally. He is also "vlc- ilimized" by Cupid's 'dart. ! QnlUnu and Miss Purness nre supported hy a cnsl. Including Grant MIIMiell, Luelen Minefield, Edgar Kennedy and Grady Hut linn. • njifi it' >ears ler myst brey ion I rlli —--.—»*.. M attempts io IITI- a complexly baffUrie rays- for a beautiful ' yoi«ig girl uncle. dUftppeafs "strangely London no.ilse of. n Blntslr-r .....—I prince. .' Lorelta Young portmys Uio girl, •iier QJiind plays tlm Prince, BiittPrworlji ir. seen as (rnmond's riot unite brljiht. AJgy. and r/im Mcrkel/np- M the bride AIgy 'deserts on wedding night, to ilabb'ln in fry vylth Drummond. C. Au- fimllli plays riispcctor Nlel- of Scotland Yiijd wlio coh- :I)Mit<« complications. An all slar cast with llio snood nd sparkle of "The Thin Man"— '"' is the reason for the tl'c- x orations being 1 given "For. .. All Others," Metro-Qold- wyn-Mayer'.'; new special, tomlnr (o the Kite llniraloy and Friday. Joan Crawford, Clark Gable and HObei t Montgomery, . together for Iho first time, hend the cast, which Deludes Mile Burke, Charles nut,- Ifealy. ' • » « Joan Cmwroid is at her best as Hie society girl pursued by two "ien, but with a great sense of minor about It. While Onble and Montgomery vlo with one another for her smiles. Adopted from Die stage comedy «1|]> 1 - " :l '"° """"'' ""' ni1 " Hid hilarious coinedy^llimllons^of Hie original-plus a few new ones. I 117 The feature attraction 1 at Blytheville's show houses next week will be the stage show "Show Boat Follies." playing at the Ritz Sunday. This is called a cncktail of diversified entertainment, starring Mort Silver, master of ceremonies, late of the Missouri theater. St. Louis, "The Little Fellow wijh the Big Voice," "Ihe Six Silverettes," "The Four Cottenenettes," Billy Jordan and girls in \fnrimba musical Moments, Roy and J&y, "Just, Tumbling Thrills" and Cyill Marsh and his 9 melody mates. The show is so arranged as to provide an arrangement of talent and novelties in a unique way. The ten girls aid Marsh and his orchestra, which broadcasted to- many months from the Tower chili in Chicago, Billy Jordan who featured the largest inarimba on the American stase today, mid Jal Malv?y and Rclia of "Just Nonsense and an Accordion." 'The -.elided Lily," tlio new Claudette ''Colbert stan-lnfi vehicle wliJcli' ! 'cbiiies.''Suiiday".'ancl Monday lo Hie Rita Tlieatre, k a romantic and. frolliy comedy that boasts, a (fiiidly new^ and unconventional approach on .the .romantic angle."Assisted by 1'Ved MacMurray aiid Ray-Mlliaiul ini 'the sup- porting roles, Miss Colbert is cast as a pretty stenographer who is dead set against, marrying a millionaire. Her .idea of connubial bliss ts a husband who is poor and struggling, someone whose hardships she can share. She thinks slie has found the man of her dreams, but, when he turns out to be a wealthy English nobleman travelling Incognito in the United States, she drops him in a hurry. The resulting, publicity splurge brings the obscure -'little secretary into the limelight, makes her the most sought-after woman on two continents. ' For the while Miss Colbert basks in the glory of her nev; position. Then she, goes to London where she meets Die nobleman again. When she tries to tenew the romance, she suddenly realizes; that the only person she loveil is the boy.she has left back in New York —her regular Thursday night date! Ronald Column returned from a year's vacation'.-. to : ,brta s nn old friend back to' the screen of' the Rilz Theatre, .where "jauildon Slrlkes .Dm*-".'begins a..;two days-run at the -illlz Tii'es- day. -."''..-. - ••' ' : .: ;. '"," .Tlie.itory, Is Ijased 'en (lie • latest by ir. c. ifcNeile, dcnlcthii: Establishes Winning trick ; In Suit His Opponents Bid Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY WM. E. McKENNF.Y Secretary, American Bridge League ;. Tortny's hajid «-as played by Hay Henderson, one of the outstanding; tournament players of Pittsburgh. Henderson, is the managing director of the Pittsburgh Bridge Club. Almost any evening you will Ind one or two of the nlaycir, whom I -have . mentioned lately playing rubber bridge :it Uic Pittsburgh Bridge Club. Part score hands, ;is I have o;ten said, present a dillicn\t iirob- i, because you iinisl stop at the » J fl i « 2 V.AQS * A K Q S V752 « A Q 7 —N'orio vnl. South West C Xorth K '* 'V Pass j Opening le«j— 4 10. Today's 'Contract Prpfalem N'ortH .lias tlie contract -for four «paiies. -East and Wast never -entered ttio bidding, Ease makes 'a liicky oKnlog of the. four ot spades. Where would you. win th« first trlclc,. and what'plan 6£ ploy gives you the best rerceiitag9 of making your contract? WQ1092. *K5 + KQ752 .Sotiuion !a ijext iss««. right time In ,the bidding and then you usually have to play llie liand well for the maximum number of tricks. In today's hand,- Henderson was confronted with a peculiar situa- :ion. The only way he would make sis contract was to establish a long card in his opponent's suit r.nd then get an end play. In looking the hand over, we :an see that Henderson has two osing spades, two losing diamonds, and n losing club. However, the xrnlroct was made in Ihe follow- ng manner, The Play North opened the ten of spades 11 response lo his partner's spade bid. The Jack was played from dummy, to prevent North from shifting to a diamond, and South won with the queen. He returned a Email trump, which was won In dummy with the eight 'of - hearts. West immediately returned n iinbll spade, which South won with Ihe eigtif. spot, leading an- oliier trump, which was won ir ; dummy with the CHI«H; Thc-stx of spades \yas, led ami West trumped with the Icn of hearts. West now played the jack of hearts and won ill dummy' with the ace. Cue lo : the fact that I South had. at any time refused to 1 lead clubs, declarer now marked him with the tiueen of clubs and Eolith's opening bid marked him also with tile ace of diamonds. The fourlh spade was now led, South winning with the ace and declarer discarding one of his los-i Ing diamonds. And now yon can' SM that Sosith is helpless—ail he] can cto is cash his ace of diamonds. If he leads his small diamond: H will be won In dummy \vilh' the king and a losing card will be discarded on the nine, of spades. And If he leads n club, it will be \von in dummy with the jack and a losing diamond discarded on the spade. In cither case, ihc declarer is going to lose, but one more trick Not only did declarer establish tin; fifth card i.i the opponent's suit but he also used (he opponent's suit with wh|eh to make a nice end play. Mrs. BrennTe Hart Farmer, 67, wlfo of R. L. Pnrmerj of Mnnllfl, «jn nt. thf Blylhevllle hcspHal ifVle yesterday following an elttfit inoriths iiinsM. si,,, entwil rim tio-spital four \veeks a-io, Mrs. Piuinr-r. wlio wus well mioiv/i In wmlorn Mi«telp|ii county, when. f nd JI1IH|( , ho| . lotne fur SQ yfnrs. wus Ihe dninih- tr nf llm lute Mr. , mi i Wft ; Ci eo. f. Hurt of Mnrlln, ' 1Vmi. She was boi-n m Oblon, ivnn., where mo spent lir-r childhood. f>lie look uti mjUi'p Inlercst In (iirolw of llio llnpU-,1 ch'ureh, whrh she joined when a yoiimr! sr-rvlccs will | w i, ( .i,j liiiHluy nfternmn at Salem, Tenn with (he Ma is (; n( |p|. l9 | t |, 1|! (;m|| . 'Miiy fri charge of ai-rnnKomenls Uesldes hei- luiabaiul .she Is siir- 'Ivfd by four ilmicht,.,.,, Mra . Howard fierce, Mrs. nn cy iMiunin ULss Ituth piirmer of Manila, and Mi's. W, 1,. Mason of Morrlltoii, Ark., two sons. Cly Cecil Purnifr and QeoiBc Rii-incr, O f Manltii, four slsleis, A )ra . ,.. j, awitdcn of Nashville, Tenti., ^r|•.•i. ,le.™ "/?ocky MoiuilAin Mvst/rV' u-ifh Randolph Scott, will C'Ll»!ed at^the Rit'/. nM tl Saturday a Chic' sale comedy, n cartoon To W" *% ? tA ''° aK a! ' i ' r " lls l> 111 Tommy' will be sbomi. Baptists' Export. 500 ai Sunday School Tomorrow " nda 5' School is for ,, n attendance o h» m y morntne - MOTt '«es of the officers and teachers have ' . new workcrs n been added and they will organize more than twenty new classes Sun? ?W height department assemb y rooms and ui more than fifty class rooms •evci7thln B is in ,,i,,'— i i Su P da y was conimunfcaled with. Curing the ]ast two days more thon -150 workers of the different departments and classes e'd^n the' V rec"" E ' ^"'^^ loc ^' h ™'. to .attend Sunday f- Nearly one thousand such personal -Invitations have been'ex- tended according to the pnstor «ie Rev. Alfred Cttrjyntfi'. "Special programs''fiavc been 'jjf- wu. 9 ; , •;"'•'- >AI ':--.-"«Pii'lmW,U win meet -n .the-; iKuil assembly , >lrti-,t)ie :,eveepi:;6ri of (ft Vwiiig People's land. Adult Depnrt went •which; : will'irieef 7 in Join p J i m tuds long Illness n f U r , n | ' "' I " |S - "• J Iliiri of Afattln, Ti'nn,, Mr^. Welter Milliner of Kctilon, Tenn,, and Mrs. Jamas Robinson of Nowater Okla,, anil five brothers, .Too Hurt of tccnton, Tenn., Lyohugli Hurt of nnrtin, Tenn,, Dr. l)rlse.i Hurt oC CAllfflrnln, .mrtsou Hurt of RTfinphls, nnd .Inkn ffiirl nf f bierc, ol:ln., [ijni fiiur iintnfli drr-n. Order Againsl Howard Made Permanent by Court A temporary mlinlnbig order tssiinl tmae lime ii|>o ajnlnst R. J. llowanl, who was ojx'ratlni! u ItiillrOHd sliwt t>rrr finrdcn. wfla miide iicnimnent by Circuit .Imtue «. K. |<i'ck yostcidny, but die' or, diT ivns dl.'^oh'i'il UK lo iho prop- oily wlirrc tlm uurdeii was loi'iiteil nod by n. Almiliiiin. lommrs hcor ijavden was i'los- i'd nn oomnlulnt of officers Hint II mm n pulille niilsaiict'. Alnbnmu hns iui; nm-- mnl niiiounl of minimi ralnfiili with inehe.s of |)i-<'clpllnllgn Loiilslanii riinks soooml. with 575 Inclws, inn] Mkslsslpiil tiilid wllii S1.9 Inches. Buy Some Land Cheap ' oM AS srv owiw<i " y mt<i um "" iK 1 ' 01 """'"" «'"< mi " 1 « «""«' WH to fil.ull OSOKO1.A. DISTRICT Ark-Ash Co. M. SK',1 SWVI Ark-Ash Co. Prl. NW 1 /, SU'/, Ark-Ash Co. NI(. NW'/i SE'/l Ark-Ash Co. Lous No. 1 and No "2 Ark-Ash Co. I.OLI No. 5 and No. C M^li. Austin Ut 32. Thomas K Morrow' Addn. Bank of Osceohi NW.i SW'/, Barham i: Driver A Lot In Eurclinrd & Smith HW/, Wn Birch Prl. S", NE',1 Joe Howcn Tract No. V, lI."E."nowcn"icst." '.'.'.'. W A. linintlcy. Ix)ts I, 2. 3 and 4. Callioun A<l Luxora Mnry Brown, Lots 5' iiiiii' c"CnYhoYnY 'M>.' Luxorii Burrtctte Store Co. Tract No. 3 NEVi NW',1 Alice Bums, Lot 1H. Cnlhwm Addn. Luxora"" Umo Ciimiitvll, Trucls 4 nnd 5 J. W. Chambers, SEVi NKli Church Property (Luxora) Lot'is/Caiiiomi' Addii'. ' cr '' LuMra ' Lot ™- span " - & X. T. It. A|i]irnv No. ,\ a 12 a 'i vi n 12 n !l 2 'I 12 i 12 n 20 12 0 3B 13 10 31 13 10 3 12 D X H II 29 M II S.6i 3. 1. llfp.U' 42.7 40. 100.1 7.2 ,12.1 10, 23 M 11 l|j. an n ii 40. Church Property (Luxora)' 'Lot' 35 'niid ' M, ' Waller Addn Si^^J'^.^.^.^K'BM'Rtf a'" n, , 3 n J. N. CoppaBC Prl. SB«'NWH „ ,, „ J, W. Conatscr Lots 10, 11 and )2 7 , 1 Merolyne P.. Coiilcy (or Caulcy) s. IS A NW'N'E i T in Amos Cox Lot 10 dE SE .. A -" w " h 31 3 10 Mllo Cox N;t N. of Uke '; ,] ? Queen •Cummin's Tract D, SE NW !!"""i n 0 14 II kiilidl''''"""•'"'''•' ll ' m -nf-tlie chiirel .-/•JV", ar . c . WePW d,"'.sii«l (he'ii f (lie- vlstlors ! nnii jiiruneeis'am othei-N not familiar.with (he building to. nnd, the .right, deihirtmeht and flass. We-arc. lirging-.that 1 cv- ery, member.,of the 'family be Bought: to the;,schoi,i: Ushers wil W-. al nil ilooi:s:tq .'direct those who a tend to tl\e .proper" place; Wo ex- :)0ct to have niore thaii' GOO stitdy- iHB/the.Blblp-.-'lri the'First Bafitls Siniday School- Sunday morning. .The Rev: Edgar Williamson, pas- or of the-First 'Baptist church ^ragonld, who' has been"dlrcctiiig Jie, movement, will .spenk during He preaching service which rol- 'mvs the Sunday school service lis subject will bo "How to He.u'li Ihe Uivreachcd of Blytlicvillc foi Christ and tlie Church." The preaching service., will begli promptly nl 10:45 a. in. Hess Opens New Store on West Majn Street Formal opening of (lie new si ore of Hess. Inc., was held ycslerclaj at 311 West Main su-eet, across he street from the rtitz theater n the former Kroger location. , The building has recently been painted and redecorated mid con- siderabla repairing nnd remodeling »as been done. Tlie interior of he store has been especially arranged in convenience In shopping and the display .01" merchandise. .Herman Hcsv.operator of the store, is one of (he best known merclmnls in' Btythevlllc. He came icre nearly six "years ago from Da.rdanelle. Ark., where he was in business for 15'years. His former ocatlon here was at 111 West Main it rcct. While the new store will entry a number of items from (lie former « iJ°J ", e * n >««handlEC ha.'; been added, Including n. complete line oi shoes and ready-to-wear clothing lor men,. women aurt children. • was,first manufactured in many in m iTOi 89 ' Itflly "' 1276 ' G "~ lUJI.lJ in 1391 f alj[ ] g n g[ am | I,, ng^ original invention of paper announced ii, china in 105 Phone 644 Qliss nay].';..Lol.,. I mid 2, Ca'li.o'un'Addii'.'i.'u'xora Grovcr O. pi-Iyer Prl..'Ni'. NW 1 ; J." A'. Emricli E(.J SE(i J,. : A. BiilUch ' WK' - SW'.)' ; Nnney Ooodricli, Lot No. a,' 'K. ' j.' p^'i' X/i/ri,'. . Liiixorn .,.'.. v Will .Harris, Lot No.' V.-' Tiickci-'s 'siib-Divls'loii'"' E: W.ItiiwkliK. i/it No. Hl/MorrowAi'ldiiVi'iixdra Pete, Heauu. Lot Ho. 7:?, Morrow Addn. Doshiajleaston, Lots NO. 22 and 2:1. Morrow Addn. Jessie Henry Prl.' SEC, 'Jessie Henry Frl. SWfi N. or'cut-ofr' O.-R, Hlghiower FM. SE 1 /, NW 1 '! L llonter. Lot 18, Tucker's sub-Division' Hiclmrd Hunter Lot 10. Tucker's Sub-Dli-lslon . Ed Hyde. Lot 150. Morrow Addn. Luxora F. M. 'Jennings , NW 1 ,; NW, A. Johnson.'Lots No. '101 nnd 102,"Morrow'Add n ' Luxora ......-.-.•....,,. (3. A.,'jblnvion, Prl.'NWii ..;.. ,' J. R. Johnson. Lot No. 52. Spann &"wootl"Addii LllXOfQ, Will Johnson, Lot No'.'i'cnliiounAddVi Lnxor.i' Pete Jones, Lot No. 24 and 25, Morrow Addn. .. Tom Jones, Lot No. 3. Tucker\ Sub-DK'islon .. Addn' "' tX>t N ° P 1Cl ll10 ' 1 "'' 1 * M01TOW K of P. Lodge, Lot"No'.'o;'Tuck'er- s "siib-a'vl s ion Mrs. J. M. Uindiiim Lo( No. i. s. c. Powell's AH tin, .....,,.,,. Catherine Lee. Lots Nos. 49 and 50 Mo'r'iw' Adtiii'. N. w. Leonard Prl, .NV- Luxora Litmiy club. Lot No''io.'cailVoiiii'Addn W. J. Lynch W!i of HW'.',. E of R R H; C. Nfandrel! W 1 /. of R\V", --lie Mitchell, Lois 40. 41 nnd'42"m',\ion-ow''s Adrtn. 1 13 10 :::l M II 21 14 11 30.1 3S. 137.6 13.3 40.1 30.0 11. 05.' 80. 11(1. 20 12 8 2C 12 0 33 H 11 29 14 II 20 14 11 138.7 51.1: 35. 20 0 2(i 12" '0 100. J. N. Mobin, Lots Clara L. Nor limp, P,-I. NEH.'S & W of Lake .. Dfck Perry, Lot No. 3, Tucker's Sub-Division .. O, G. Poiard Lot No. 31, Morrow Addn. Luxora J- W. Potts Lot No. 2.7, Waller Atitln. Luxora .. S,. ys her, Lots NOR. 14 and 15. Callioun Addn. . iw Ad'd'i* 23 a "" "• nomas * Mor " C. | W. nancy, N'E'i N W 1 '; SE 1 .'; .................. --- Dave Riclmnu, Lol. 5i 77. 7(1 and"l42"in"Mor'ro'w • AUdll. .... ...... ............ •Jeff Rlgg s E^ia^c SW'i SEK "• .................. &!. Roberls, Tr. No. 12. SE'J NFiVl .............. "• T " ckc '" s ' s ' M. P. Rogers. Lots 7 ,uid 8, CalhoVmAdd'n." '. '. W. L Sanders, Lot No. 5, Tucker's Sub-Dli-fcfoii «liool Property, Tract No. 2. NEU NWK School Property. Lot No. 1. Blk. P.'cnlhoun Addn. hool Property. Lois Nos. 6S, 93 and 04 Morrow Addn ........... : ........ School Property, Lots Nos. 05, Oo"aYul"o7"Mor- I'ow Addn ....................... School Properly, Lots Nos. 38. 93"aiirt"ioo"Mor- row Addn ..................... School Property. Lots' 125, 12s' 'anrt'YaY,' Mor- W. E. Sexton, SEU NE'i ........"• ......... . L. Shanks, Lot No. 58, Spann & Wood'' Addn'. 2.0 H II 1 1 8 28 14 II 24 12 0 24 14 11 24 14 10 10 13 10 29 14 11 23 14 U H 13 n 2!) 14 It 2D H II 200. 74. llfl. 10. 40 5.50 ICO. 10,' 23 14 II 40. ill Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor ' M«hlo« and CtlctklM Fowl: Shcil, Id, No. 36, Morrow Addn. . W. D. Shell, Lot. Ni). 63, Morrow Addn 3. T;. Slfl!r, Lota Nos. 1, 5 nnrl B .-. ." M«e Blimnn, lots Nos, 2 and 10, Waller Addn." I. W. Smith, Lots Nos. fi and 7, Callionn Addn. , I. P. flnfcor, Lois Hns, 50, r>7 and 11 in Mnr- r.- "ddn ... f. P. Hplm, lf>\F. Nos. Ii, 7J"riiii|" loV'iii"Mnr- row Addn • I. P. Splctr, l/ils Nns. lor, ami "l'flb" in"Morrow Addn , rs. II. 1,. .flpircr, 1m, Wo. 10:1 In' Morrow"AiidrV .nlii flplcor, I/)ls No. 12II nnd 124 In Morrow Addn i. w. stums, r/ii, NO. o, nik. P, cailiouu AtWn.' ,lllle Siilllvn/i Prl. Kvi KK», BW',1 Viiyne Stokes. Ix>f, No. 14. Tnolicr's Sub-Division ;. E. Slater, R", tarry Tnndy Prl. SEW SW 1 /, .'.','.'...'. lairy Tniuly R, Kl A. RW 1 /, NE 1 /, ilberf Thomas Contei- 1-3 of NW 1 /, ".'..'.'.'.'.'.'."' Hies '1'hoinns West 1-3 of NW',i' Vnller Thomas S. 33.:t:i A, of fi 1-3 of NW'/,"" Vnlter 'Ilionms SRV, SW'.< '.'. J. !•;. ThoiniKon, I/H No. 3, 'nioiiias &"MOI" row Aililli O. K. Thompson, Lot No. 3. .Ins. williiiiiiii' Adil'ii. rovi-r H. Thompson. Tr, •(. it. n, iiowen HsL oiiif. llowon W'.S SE 1 ; . A. TliwciUt, NH. SW 1 /, ....'."..'.'." Inkuown Lot No.• 2 ....,..- Inknuwn Lot No, 3 and -1 Inkuown-.I/us Nos, 32, 113 and '' 23 13 9 1J2.67 S 12 10 31 :.n n 5 12 10 Ii 12 II) 15 13 10 IS 13 10 15 13 10 22 12 0 'I :>.a 14 ii 24 14 11 1 1311 yi is a 23 13 !l 120. 7. 13. 53,13 53,33 33,S3 10. 40. ) 17 in -*••' "-' ••" "mi i 1-1 muiiinv rvuuii. Unknown i^ls Nos, llfi. III), lil nnd Mt, Mnrmw Addn. ..; __ Unknmvn \Mr, Nos. Til nt'iil" 52'.' Spnim 'wn'oii Addii :om' Walker. I.ol..No. 0, Tucker's siib-iVlvisloii'"' , W. Wnlkur SW 1 /,, S ft. K of U. . .. -. , • '. W. Wiilkcr N'C Sl!« •'II WnMilniiloii SW 1 ,', fiWK ..........'..'...'..".'. l'obi> Wutson Lots NIK. c niul 39. Waller Aiidii Sam Walls, i'i, SRI; NIJI,>, Most Wehl) lx>t No. 7. Morrow"Add" .".'.'" ">om P. Welt Sli Cor. of SB 1 /, SW 1 /, " ico. Wheeler Lot No. 1. E. J, Powell's Addn"" J. II. White lot No. 'I, 'Pluto'* Sub-Division !i. p. Wllklni, l.ol.s No. 3;i mid :M. Thomas & Morrow Addn. Will Wood IXH No. H. Ciilhoiin Aiidii. '.'....'.'".'. (tea. Woislev Lot) No. <S, Tliomiis & Morrow Addn • Inllnn Wrlalil Lot No, 13. Tucker's Sub-Division Alvlu \Vuiidorlich I/it. Cor. Wash & Ponlnr Cnllioiiu Addn, ; M, WyiMic NW 1 /, NAVY, ........,..','.... U :!,.Younir Tract No. 14, SE^Nl^'"..""' n n o loai 17 IS n 40.CO 1!) i-l II 4-1.43 M n ii Yiii! 1 12 9 4/Ja \Vill , Lot No. II, Tnckcr'.s 29 11 ' ft .40. 20 14 11 1. E. N. AHLPBLDT. HECEIVER OF CTiASSY LAKE AND TVHONX.A DHAINACSK DISTRICT NO. 0 AND Rim-DIRTRIOT NO. :i OP GRASSY LAKE AND TYHON71A DRAINAGE DfSTniCT NO 0 ny ,1. P. TOMPKINS, Commlsbloner, By C. W. KAMEY. CotninLsstoner By J. II. CJUTN, Coiiiintelonnr. Buy Some Land Cheap lte. Arkansas, the necelvcr nnd Comralwlnncis of Gnssv na p»ln« ra OMrict No. D nnd Hub-DW.lct No n of ' m ''"'""" DiStVlCt N °- 9 v ' 111 sc » to lte conconi1nB K!lmo w! " bn Bladly Riven by the Com- DISTRICT Name-Descrintlon W. Anderson SR 1 /, NE',1 J. W. Dai-ron NWVl NW, '.'] •.-..... J. W. Barren NE 1 .! SE 1 ,; ... Kan Hamilton^ Frl,.,^ 1 !;,; ....'........,...'..',. A, ,1. Dili- Prl. flWW NE 1 ;'",' ' ". S. Dennis Lot : in H!i NE!! •.'.'.','.", .1, fi. Diuiiifiii Prj/tjii M |'-12 SW 1 ';" S. A. .Elliot! NW'.I ..-.- ' ••••.'••••• R. I,. Galnos HW 1 /, SEIi" ' W. P. Hale Prl. NE 1 ,^ '.'.....','.'.'.'.'.'. .'.'.'.""'"" Hiibbnfd &. Rtc'voiis Prl. NEV,-"S\V'I/'' '"" J. T. .lohnson Prl. NWl'c.NWV, ....."" .1. C. 1/eRov Prl. K\I, SW'/i Lcvce IJoaixI Fi-l.- jji ; ;• SWK ' Levee Boiml Frl. NV-'. .E.'of L A. Jlfyo-s lat It In SW 1 ,; SET, '.• Rebecca'Patterson-SDI 1 ! HE',', II. Perdue Prl. NE 1 ! NEH" . D. Rcviiolils Lot ,|n-SVJ SE 1 ;".'!'.""-""" " O. A. Uodeers Lot.'i 1 rind 2 In NRli " C. A. Itodtci-s .Lois 3 and 4 In NW 1 ; J. N. Thoniiison Frl. SE 1 /, NE'/, ' .). N, Tliomason SW'i SE',i .. H. Wails Lot No. 2 SE 1 .; MW!i" "" K. Wade Prl. swu NE',! „. J. D. Wallace Prl. SE 1 ! HwVi S. O. Wcstbrook Estale Frl. SwVi • •' -' '.".".'" II. L. V/ray N'.i'SEK '....'.'.'"." E. N. AHLPELDT. nECEIVEB S. T. R. 4 14 12 D 14 13 II 11 12 4 14 12 "V, I'i If 27 in in in •Jt ]\ n M 15 11 24 If, 11 37 15 11 17 14 12 Ji 2G 15 11 26 IB 13 211 M M 30 15 11 If) If, 11 5 14 12 15 15 11 (i 14 12 (i 14 12 34 Ifi 18 34 15 12 2G 15-11 20 15 11 8 14 10 34 15 10 12 M4 10 OP GRASSY Aimrox. NO. A. •10. 40. 40. ^ 12 « , HO. H. 1. ' 100. 40. 20.25 ' 10. 24.137 75. 3H 5't Ml." 3. ' 4S64 ' 107.40 40. a so 30 33.015 5354 00. TYUONZA ORAINAOE DISTRICT NO ' By .1, P. TOMPKINS, CoimnlsslOllPl Hy C. W. RAMRY,'Commissioner By .). II. CHAIN. commUsioner Twelve Years Ago Today The Rusiic Inn loclay proudly colcbrnlos ils 1.2th anniversary Lookinsr hack over the yearn ,vc cnnnoc lelp hill I col grateful indeed for the patvonngc •Itiat IKIS cnalilcd us, from Uic htnnblc becin- nmg ol the original Rustic Inn to our present modern building; and equipment, lo constantly improve otir service and incicr. o {' 0 number of our friends Our growth . and the development of our city has been n constant source of pleasure to us. We have been .steadfast in our (fforh to serve our customers with the be.t obtainable, ft shall always be our ambition to continue to niorit voui- patronage and servr, HIP same «i, ol Pi£ that lias made the Rustic Inn a favorite, not only of our local friends but motorists from $ ™*^X^$^ l * *™ Ernest Halsell

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