The Cullman Tribune from Cullman, Alabama on September 5, 1889 · 3
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The Cullman Tribune from Cullman, Alabama · 3

Cullman, Alabama
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1889
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f 4 s!-fAlBA?IA,H10ffia scBScniPiioiy T- , One copv, one yill, an si i 1 y fJ.OO ' 6 months. " rtrP'Rsa si mix .T t fc l I" t :V Tk-ipsl? .fcAVjt CttfcX- f HATT.HO AD. All. Z "" ' - '"- " - -- " - . ! uuinu wnii. i ewe uuuee oi , tana iorsaiery 1 ... k aw-JlUedv n ; 7 v.:s57 PJ- UOINO SOUTH:. ,v No. 3 Fast Mall1.'.....!-. '1:W li.-" tiOING FORTH: .. ,: No. Fast IkO- unlKO RnTTTII. ., itt,' Imft Express (nightJ ljH ,,, COISG NOUTH. ' . Theo: vod Gerichteh.' " ' " What say the Alabamians to 1 UZotZSCXBarSecue-and Picnic? - - - i..,;;.r in tin. Post Office at Culllaan. llomjilsou. Mrr.Ul ... Dav, John, v Ilaiter.Mrs llairston, William, f .-. Ho.-.oq, J M. ' Hrckabee, J. , , . ....,. Hvhw-i, Teodo.,,T KoswiUa. TnreB,s , ;w , . V; : MeMlicheli.J. J S;'' Khapev.Vt -.s.taiey. Bcalter, Joho.r i su r Srhab.ll, C. - . San-jMiss Lola .; ;:, paiiiaui, . D. Wa-Mngtoli. Geo.8e. rmmr-fizzpi --ttrir?utrently "-"tepeRea' itfeat ' 't?0K BtV'l)cft-oi''Jd,ohBJe!neii ao,: ( iniles iff i . . a' T-HH.fl:oHta'e.3ani, ; "Sfice br JonnC. CaiJoiari. QRAYISD OJSTOr.KN Fnm ttie nno3ij- n i . 11 litle over ti?eo Tf..i old. tit-Tir"11 liaMU.isiane. Month. olu,.8bo hna a wlilc a,iot on tlio lore-icad, .bin stralglrt , - wlillonear the liooN aicoptoao Iront 10 A .T :. 1 11.. a. m toil- em Of tilQ tl'll wll'lc. Wlianccn Jniy tn. nin a ioc-a( row il for hcrid verjr to mo, or any ,- - "sm-ic-eouiq-aastol f;o,!!nna.i, wear A, Ke-ler. LOCAL ??D A anp aV ssoturm?.! fr5crf rs jfrxl ltt93a regard to thvtei (abacrition ia pa ju a if they wish, their paper eootiaiM mart pay back dnea. Those oat; taw eeuatymoat pay one k year ia t ranee.) . II DMU , 4ov' euli i 4lucn fodJeriwM injured by tiii The ball tiaia wa thive Buy the. PUD( UJCKOKT WAG OX, it you want op. is has JB. Ttjjto j t ; t t ..if.1 1 s receiviog ' "31 ft.' Freeman i macmnery tor ma gins. -5.,f ; neat.gign ovr it entraucf aTf! f OI 1 CT t J.t. ). .. - , - ,, 1 Brick to build 1 the new jai is being placed npon the Ioti " I f JSee lard of uilmore ft: Awtnk al Estate Agents and brokiS -'.'. j, i 'id ' repor i io' Lad condition . ork iVfjm ibe hue of IV n u. rut 4 r- Kuuetnclf, , ariyeai twin ft asniiiT'Hi on ims, irniu Vrtdnesdsy. Kis many- f.iEodafeia-Cul'n n were t'd to roeel Liiuj " r rr. KkA. 8chlaf,of F-wevaWi.T' '"X' ' - ' if r" r u- aa. in trm .via uaaii;u. uo C. ) icn, j'-i cor rourtft n y aurs, has r -ini eiii pl0yt4 U miaister to tJis-. r attisi4 3u1Iiuhu is just, ROlnsr ' rkhti ihp aura, hits ? .inf eiiieinH av.- at do, . ect any nd we Jhefe Thf ylatei Itown ftear tha 1 t tiiet-f al! the time. -. Meiv .'ho giA A&h&h!3lcnJml fjlogafed. and stiij anv jngth' tf'liiu;coinefye8i ltTua fiavo a'aekiby.all mertiia? 7l?sitrT)eaftitifr the town i nglian "proiaises n w W be known PhotegrapW of Montgom- back ;Bd' iUeinrpriiu4 -mi tour progrtegg.- ; y .. ' ' u iWl. -- Ci.iJ Ti. .jbv a - 1. 1 I 1 .1 .a. Birni the boat the 'State ha a e We" hope Cullman will lx reprcsenled. A little immigrant appealed' at the residence of Mr. J. - Whitson Sunday:. - If this-thing ia kept up we will have "no use for, foreign immigration much longer. f I 5 i avuunn a umojttaruci vi auuutvui- i it M.f3 jMTii4,ibe Car properly f fitted Mprt-gMiBLtyle "to make t - . As advertised; the drawing for 'e Music Box at' Kartcr's took' ice luiit Saturday.. iAernooau I lie Box ,w ., betvutv, plaVinz 12 tunej I until the Wrd MondayTn Norember. ; -. !.,-- i i r n.-i.t -V ' ' ' Jr. Johnson attended Circuit Court at Guntersville last week. i . . j ;Mn;Liga,.yife'oX:&TV'r. J. Logg-psj ot east Morgan, died on the - T f T !j vTQ P 1 placed on the new .Catholic aohool- self and iiil your neighbor iu prosper-? housed TTOTIOK. Tlwn will be preaching at the Dan 4-w-Vk. rihrf-nW fiftffnvm. ntfftnr -'All'the'nieiny' f ' ben n Bwincstod fo gonic on aa we hare some aV .f, niiwiiM-jiatOMttend. I iZiii ti: .-1 . ii i' WANTED A woman aa cook and lnnndress ia a small family.' Wagos according to --work.- Address, with reference. a'!9 2t, .J lira. JSlto & Gpnlan, Attiers, Ala. , . -Tf, ! i i " ; ? i j , WOOD.- we will pay $1.25 per cord for wood, "dolirared t our brky;ir.l, or GOceuta per cord for cutting. - CULLMAN BttlCKYABD CO. NOTICE TO FARMERS. I wnnt.t" Iray a good nulkow, one that will drink alop, . KiUiwya-fair oMh price. . KlilKi.til - S. L. Fuller. IMIHMMi nTD a vu-.n nn stolen- jrrom tne.nnaexaum- Z, ; K cd, a dark brown bull .yearling, about two v' yearsold. Was lust seen In June, m was not ZrM r . . . "i T.,un..a vmTn-wanl for hind. livery tome in Cuftiuan, or for iiitormatiou that 4rj wlU lead to Ula recovery. , lOUX BLUM. s .-ft . V .... ... i ... l ........ . T ' terms tuan ever. Aiuue, iu u. inw S"?CWTEli4-An eaergct'le . man to " , VTCrepveaent us in . Cullman as Sales Agd. (JSf ANAMAKBB & BjOWN, wyi , iTbiladelphla, jpi. Llii largearXJlotblng and Uerehaat V Tailoring House inAmerlca. -anglotl. i i ; i' - DISSOLUTION, -ifl'he partnei-shlp between Fuller &Graves In the livT err business, wag dissolved July l8t.:'89, - V.-A Fullur rctirlugr' and Freeman & lectins all debts. XV. A: Fulli col. ULLER. Rowan Graves. Lt " Two -IaruisrrwCrooked Creek, near Logan SSO acres 'BacW One - with good bouses and A acres in cultivation. The other, & good house -with 15 acres im-proved. Apply "at tbia"ofHce.J i, " Bemoyal.'."-. - ? -,-J. D. Til. widtserrtias moved his Bar l ber Shopo the room Dettveeu Koopuian Oerdes' stove and the Exchange ba-rloon,- where, he nyill -take pleasure in waiting upon the-public as heretoiore y FoiSale- fs MMO Acrosof;Hne,gricunu"riil-and - 'l'linber I.aud. 7t niiles north bf Oullmatr, - a';1 and two.miloa .tegfejot Railroad, Price ' ' ; i ullmanr AlaHama. y i't -' v , . ..I in . i , iixoni -i':. . f .rtolif m li jtti ;t-,.r rf. I- n-a(eit ler-tho Blyniyer Iron Works 7a. of OinclDJMU.'Ohio. Knelnes - --T', and BoiUjr,Kaw-MilleVictornd Great , .Western. Cane-MUls aml..t!eol(8 Kvap .-iii oratois.' J'artlos wanting macbinery of ixaay klud t will do, well to see me before ' j.O-puajnasingeisewneriJ! i .. -Ma.nkT 8. Jj. Fuller. i ing. f 1 Prof.' Schmitt came up the coal m'ue Monday-somewhat-flut of rTspeecb Coir MiMneTpiablished in the Tribune is atactmg widespread attention. ! ' '" ' The corn crop around Bremen has been,.- badly 'injured ("by ; the drought. , " -, , , "Miss Alma' Koopman left Mon day to resume . her j; stttdietn her J school at ljouisvillei 1 1 ii If ' ' Mis-" Aggie Mader -returned home Sunday from a visit to herfrienA Miss Sr le rrer at Athent, f $ t It is said that the speech of I on. John T. Millner, at this place, was the ablest effort of his life.-i Wi'l Brown hps got back from the wilds of Wa'ker. He improved icon- siderably fhealtlfwh:'e abient "j S. i-t" a; .yf j iAa.iT L"''- 4- lro.Hcay, bri re-appoinved K. -F Kolb Commissioner of Agriculttire.--Tbe ttght man in the right plage.! 4 ' xveep on the side-walL-) or.street- oro7T lgs with your teams, or expect , to encounter the Marshsl and Mayor. The new schedule wen t' into opeia- tion - last Sunday. A incorrect time tab'e w"', be found in the usual place. Some of our farmerslsay that their cotton has commerrced open ing, dui tnai ine rams are-kiniag-ingit, v CS j. ifearelntonstant Teoeifltllf Jqttera Mrerrf panics wanting female help. Jt young laoies, wanting- situations wnl- make Jt known to this office, wet will procure them situations free of cbirge. There is one thing our people should neve forget, patron-se homeenterdristi and keep their money at home, build up your, town and thus ' prosper yoaiedaU.alprwon,,u,iitjlisuppeared irtirely4ntilie5ryeara5 ago, wnejt-ue reiurueut to nna nis wiie ninrf iotto',& MrBeasly by whom shhaiseyei;al-children, now growhr Ho called, nion his once wife? bat- gave 'no'reseon for his f. long' absence So the'istory goes, Nqr-who is Cantey-? and 'where aoes nis tormer wire liver 'mwmmmvmrmmaaca in meeUngfeUb4biJldolks at Athena Inst veekf ' 'net many oiai tta; iieKfriendsnwhotii we had not -inet since tho 'w'af ? An 4ccount br .tne tueejttng and the torledrwill be fpdiojfrtna 4i rstgeAf ter the meeting in town we went xuur :&enjthhtthere we met Wny old friends and neighbor,1 "who were efijoying b picnic atthe bpSpitablebome-! of eapt, jonn-Iiucay.A'"snm peopre engagea m-a; social nop M) Hera we also, met . the geniel Dr. 1tt IJosrldfctwmpny with bther.s; vrent,tQ 91s house And par his princely hospitality. j- r Countrymen, and all others," snouia inform themselves as to the town ordinances.. Thev - nave been published according to Llaw addthd IMayor'tand Marshal hvill egfaforcehem,- " mv t '5 ii7Q. Homestead . entries were ' during the last twd months 4n Gull man C0.4 Alabama for' over 6000; acres ; at this rate there will, bp .no land left for this-purpose for over- a year longer? y j .f u ft i ir 1'i.f j .-, . The next most popular thine' for Cullman is a baby show. iWe have more babies, and belter look- Our clever barber, JihvWhitsou, leftfor- Jllinois, 'Tuesday night. Phot, will hold the Fort while he is gone. V; A Hiram Adkins has been appointed a. Deputy. XL Slarwhalunder the new administration. A, good ap- 1 CD At DartferiniinwrTexai',' MrH Jo-tlif3'TaGuinriflf ount county. n nM, 1 T r''ii Ji v Ibdnofit' or. tnr'lb '""Wrecks have been freaueiitS ur tlie,r;oad since the -rains' 4set inH Tbrecker? "veent muj to Jtraiten .tVat learn-that several families j would move to Cullman, to get the nouses 1 , -eip 1 . Surgery, MlUwMrw anl the y ureases -oi ,Chlidoen. j ' ir uniwhi-t is manth-n nt MeulclDff. 1 atrar i ror inrew -uwnarw iu aerantr- five cents, that other charge Jour and four and a quarter for. . - W '.i1 ' ar Gel you" a VlLutTElt UGGY" it you want one that will give you aat- lsfaoUori both In style nd-larabUlty Kyery Bngtjy guaranteed. . ; Spectacles, for every eye fitting, In al qualitiea, at tb New Drug. Store. - AH Speotaolesrare epeeial 'recommended by i , oooa iri oup. ab ? mcisnuie rBros. at $4-3(1 pet . parry!.; ; for sale at this office. , t V ri WcFLWCe-B WIHfj OF CAHDUI lot WoakMsrrea, ' ! , 1 find Tooth Pvwdor la-without 1. .- exoeption iie beak-i-liarw emr used. ' " With ite aid I keep my teeth very eleaa ' ' and white, w liluU I was unable to- do . ,'. . with any other powder I have ever tried ' v 1 before. ' 60 mtye Ferdinand aVChartsrd, ' Baltimore, Md.:, "r.: , n : . " By U10 way.Vtlf ydu'Wy'and'nse Meal - -. . Too tit Powder we can thoroufthlr reo orameni) It, B: Nichols, Dentiat, Sa-. , lina, Kanans, soya, Ideal Tooth Vowder ... is in my estimatum, juat what Its name . indicates. -An engraving 80 a M is given with each. tw-iiutUeI,rjce M cents per bovUe, . .cor tliicairo. The ivVd and Mwwt ex- !from that citj. W4teni-: rks. in alt the . . 4.,, ... rtes. gVam thw o place one in re auipUgobtn j utiliitjug ft part lAvemie, Jjvest, mense stock is constantly kept on hand by ' f - - - Kartsw., . MA ai -'Ai per abb ve;' we call the ntteaL. tion of the public. and the Livery Trade in this and '. surrounding counties of the adrantage of buying in Cullman. 1 You turrean iin-' mense rtock to select 'from'nd,,ftt Factory r Prices'. Wh.v,tt! actully einngAUrari ,jNcy.' Hiiggy and splendid New, Harness all ; tat the- Mnalr sum: of ; Forty Dothtrs. Twelve months guarantee on everj- Buggy." ed pm,graad-styli gem.p'icYuresr'Ail those who want sqiuetUinnualoowould do elMicniiiMBaVtcse. His prises re verj Jovr for-fsnch fine worfc,-, ,Al'are In'Vited' tocall and impair , Jind lW'orksrfj hich is ffuaranteed- to excel" laUl others. Car Wihetotwkj'Ma thl Depot MlJllfirf xjfMset ttteniain. ten flays" or two we1fir;'t'those Who nttMejcrrtt hoWd Jcall early; .e a awe im'Jl4'i t - ! UJ.W'80 1 f 5PPrt fng tb rounds At.WftPSPtWtj a8l Uantey, .ofnHrnamtyh.had been Snpposeci: bo. dead- for twenty-Seven years; has' suddehly turned up awd'-crcated' a sensation. It sjeetualthat Ue was ldibe army and Ps,pJ!6fliedr to a "Answer This Onestlea. ' : , Whf do so aaaay Maple weaiw atfomkl as seeaa le prater t aaneransl be .nalc sauerablie by Jn digestkMB, -,HlktiwtlKl. pisaineMN . Ijnm ot Appe, tite. Coming apof the FouiL Tellow Sklu, wbou for 7T cents we win sell them ftilloh's System vitamer, gnaisnieea toeiire mwaiwiw uy Jk HOPKKK,Draagit. it- ;1 i. i Oreat Bedaetloa la Mlraw Ueeds, Comprising Ladies, -Hissee, Children's, Hen's and Boy's Hats. Now is the time to get a bargain-, t An lunnense line- to choose front, fy Everytbinr in the Straw Hat line at Kabtkr's IleadqiiaT- tere for aaytatng yon waot. ' "J aaraLAeK-aaAUaHT tea enna Osnstlpatlon. ; UARD AGAINST THE STKIKE, Anfl always' have a bottle of Ar-kcr's KngllKh Remeilr in the house; Yon cannot lei. bow mttw Croup may strike your little. one, or a eod.S)r cough nsr tauten Itself noon you.' ttne aImec Ii a preventive and a few dimes a uolttve cure. .All Throat and Lltnus troubles yield to its treatment. a sample notiie is given you iree-:ann tue Reined guaranteed by A. IIoei'PNKH. .tn 17-4.. iS5 Another Car ' of New Flour at Kai ters-. LiUIe's gen uine ' Horiie. : It is us fine a& split silk, ami don't you forget it. ing ones than any townof 'its, size in the State, and we want td see them all together. -- Sr. Higglns, of Sheffield Ala., sayii ""Owen7 "ink. nixtnre'. is uhdouUtedly a great rcmeay ror-uiarrnora aoukunit mer . complaint among children, (folf I: have tested "Sit;, by lone tuae",. For Sale ajr vunen itoeppner. - j. .' ' . . I. . ... " 1 . 1 . -i asT.' nTaylor ft Dyersburg, Tenn,',! say Miaviug sola -owep's sfiok ;Mn- tiire' for. the past six years, we cheek W!y give testimony as to its mei-lt both as -a) v .. - . 1 .. . : 1 greairemeay ana a gooa sejier." :gr. Sale uy Albert Hoeppner. , 5 ' m .. lit, h iLi 1 I .,1 I 1 i- t :" ;'Dr. Stacy Lold.of Chattanooga. Tent says : "It a Eon's me pleasure to add my testimony as to the merits ofOwen's Pink Alixture.' -1 do not know a renie3y that possesses more meiji1? For sale by Albert Hoeppner.;..;- ' - The idea suftffested bv the Trib une of appropriating . the one and forfeiture fund of the corporation and the old schoolhouae .and )ott to "the : District school, seems to meet with, favor from, the peoplei ;-v.. .1. . in n... , It . would be weir, td checn the growth of the spurrdw iri town before they becone too. numerous They have proved to be a great flnisithoe wherever introduced, and arenow being exterminated asjf ast, ).Gliina'rt., ot Jackson Teni-Jj says 5't have; used 'Owen's, J"! nk f iys-rJ ture in mviamiiy tor ae-yeitii yea a, ana lialce great pleasure in Veeommending' it as the very best thing I ever usedr teething Children." raTeny Albeit HeeOnnef' rrt v-."-f ew t ! ctsi " -- L - . -.obn r4Viytf .bfownsvlllesrenai, eaya : ,'.-r caonut too atcuo -ri y rci ummeuu VOweh's Flfik SflXhi'refqr teething f. urvur-Tauu .t neveT'Cpc itu.;v,Vffi'Uuut Ifc whlle'tbe chPu-en ate' jBi-'erlug with the'4reaJe4 summeaiiiptJ j l f t 4 r- The mother' of John L. Sullivan tha poglist died in Boston last Thurs-l Frelfi iVoierfihaV made I their appearance, m U:,the outnern ..citaoan j. ii 1 n 1 1 n 1 Missouri B nowtthe, only State in which specuktors can-buy govern -nent iandFraoticarjLnnyer. t.uue uiiutuik a neu uesr nuuic. Ga.i workmen discovered a cave peveriil miles in length. ' ;encBbeu;sys sceiii'to have outwitted the-omccrif the law. and riowrestiug onis jfeurtJi,;; AWQ-iBeEroes wna---Tiiuraerea oonn iSSiti by the rope route at Mohte,V4" lrt. Saturday. the.steyiybfp eolumbia, of the Hamburg line, made the' run from Southampton to New York in 6 Onyija tiQO,!-? ana ku -nnnutes tweeii Hi whites find blacks in differ- .ens porvwDBL w 9U0-ou.uieni.c7uites. '!)iIgwTtiai;' 'by emmtiouiby-asbxirter ifouteJ '. rjStli&i'k,!! (feCJ Times nasfbund'l - neW witness in the Wool folk case.-' This witness will sustain Woolflk's'sUtement anaaBienyon. jacit iw f Fngland haVe. organized a gigantic jia strike emwaces many bceunatidnsnd the"sttikert have already Ktuni to. tj4 hundreds of --, Mr. Henry Stahmer gave.a pk."erlt entertai-.ment at b- houte oue rrjighl, laar mulr anil vAiiniv 'fnfll finrl a 1..-1rT.tTma '"'f Fi -irnta'llr" nTr- A' IlrJiSArfaM 'f nta Opmioai of hiS OWB plea--nt t me. Mr, A f'tljSAtllnmMidmcmii them. the New York Kye Hoeplul. ..: Bill Teagne sold forty acres ,of land pear1 Albertville, : in. Marshal county, to MaJ. Hugh CarliR;, fpr & fiinoV nriod. last-weekf! .. f 'i .1 After the 4th -day ,of Potober Ue new Drug Store will be -moved; from iu present location to the new building one door noith of M'is, McCort mio'i atore, near the depot. ,r . -t "L. York, ai be wta the. atitaol'ng .gt1 j ef, the ef eniiig'n .WyenotiieTp.-i- ty mmeboHy,"! timesaie"varj Tdt'T, , ' Our subscribers at Jone's Chapel complain of not getting their ' papers regularly... Ve assure j.them that; they, are mailed, regularly ,?!Very:Tlti -wiA ba sure, to 'bay opposition in this WOW ibCOeAue nf funs across or oon tnrry to other, -people's opiuioos, but iust kecD itrtli ahead- if your cause is rigtit ana wacieoce le clear. Do not bother vourseii apour wnat people say . . . ' 1 i J .1 Tee "tl ipers regularly,, JV, assnre ;,them ntT?n'Th s-tt. ethZ for V 1 s .a e urfkhrv". and th f iurtmwut at tteir office' iiTpoAmudlMfSftli fceep-iHgbf ftir At the August term of the Com- SrPOCJfcPOU3IB 23Wji HZ K:ror.--D inissloner's Court, that Honorable Lf'iTilil t I TJ r " i - ' - body decided that Cullman has tie 'fll fOt? fl.'' f' TTV - P '1 Vj": fT f. largest Bepositorsof .Vagons, iCnwla ..1 i -I 1 and. Buggies, of any, eity injthe IflT I I njlil T J I ! V State Of AUbama,iand thisJ iffi- 'IMllI1!'' . " 4i 4 .. ShUoh's Consnmptloii Cure. This la beyond question ttiu intrsc sncrcessful Coogb Medicine we have evet sold, tt few doaet fnTariabljr core tbe worst eaitn uf Congh, Croop nd BrotM'hitls, while lt' wonderful sitocesft tu the erne of Consumption l wlthont m pnrallel In the history of metllcine. Hhice It' lint dlwovery it dm been sold on a guarantee a test wlm-h no other medicine stand, li you have a L'onh we earnestly ask you to try It. lriee 10 ti-nts flit cents and $1.00. If ynr I.uns iironore, t iicstoi Back lame, use Shlloh' IVirons Ihu4er. Sol by A. liOKI'PXEK, Urujatist. Cautieu to MotHer Everv mother Is cautioned nintlnst Klvloc ber child laudanum or pttreRorie; It creates an une natural craving ior sumaianis, wnicn um iiik mind or the child. Acker's llnbv Scothei i specially prepared to benefit children and cure thpir naifns. It Is harmless and eoutiiliis no vpiunifjr jviui iiiiutr. ouw uj a. nur.rrrrH Slnlc HmsIiwIi -winrl nil thu xtnmut'h.-bilioiiS' Ixhod by Dr. J. II. MclsCMit's Little Elver I'illsaud Kioucy riueis. z cm. a twi. ror stiie uy i'. m Allisok. . WePfM'i WIHC Of CAHDUI for female disease '.BUTiONS ALSO STAMPED 'H, 2c H.'S BULLDOGS. U1II11 - MO 04T J(, flO BRAQrNQ BLUSTEMw mmnvn tu onn k to "nnn ir. n MEriunrBiiiviyruft ii Never RipHVear with ComfortBut-: i;!on& DonliCdme OffEvery j ;s.Painl Slayed.;; :;'PlUCl:AriMEASYOU PAy-F0ltv"5aI(JpDlfl!r VVTirKiyitrKANSANTS becauserWe sljudy tJiejrants of the TTIIIS WARHaST OX EVKBtPAIR w11 0 S'A HARRISON &. HARRISON; EXCLUSIVE .MANUFACTURERS. " EVANSVILLE, INDIANA. -FOR BALE BY- f ; : . -m vb i . i: 5 . U !,5T. -t-irtt.. U Oppositfrtlie BepoWnextto -I.jJJllWwjii'a Exchange, CULLf.lANr- ALABAMA; l-jam I IF, Keeps only Graf-class Drugs and Ch'emioals-whioh Physicians ; andj'.attonsi.may rely upon'dhipb'will JJe'solJ at the lowest living rates.. Gall and see before purchasing "elsewherel'-' Keeps constantly on hand -and for sale, ZDr. -Searcy's Celebrated Golden . Salve. I 1,1 r ' --- ... . - . : f ALBERT HOEPPNER, Manager and ExaniTnjetl and Licensed Druggist and Chemist tttcltleii'n Arnica Salye. The BtBT SSLva In the world for (!nts. BruiMcs, Bam. IiIihl Mtflt Rheum. Fever SorGM. Tuttiir. Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all bkin abruptions, ana positively cure, r-ire., it mo n) required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect snlis-faction, or money . refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For Sale by P. M. Allison. . Imao-lj We have a speedy and positive Cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria, Canker Mouth, and Uead- Ache, in SHILOH'S CATAKKII KEMKI1Y. A Nasal Injector free with each bottle. Cse it il you, desire health and sweet breath. Trice iV cents. Sold by A. IIOKPl'NER, Druggist. Is lAfe wortli living T Kot lt yon go through the world a dy.Nptic-Aeker's Pvspepsla Tablets are apo.itive cure foi the worst forms of Dyspepsia, tiidigestion. Kla-iiitoiu.. nnd f 'nniitliiMtlou. tiuiLmuteeil mid sold by A. MOKrPNEB- Jan i; iy i Are Yew 8Wepticu.IT If so we will convince yon that Acker's Kn;D!jh Kemedy for the I.ungs is superior to all other preparations, and is a positive cure fornll Throat and Lung Troubles, Croup, WhooiiiugCoitgli and Colds; We guarantee the pn.-paratl.-ii and will give you a sample bottle free. Sold by A. llosvr.-saa. Jonl7 lyi 3 siminf , been WE CAM AND DO nnnnintM. Apk.i'A Blond Elixir, fur It has fully di monstrated to the people of this couulry L, mat It is superior hi mi oii.iur pr.iiw.nn, win iu. oiooa iiiseaies. ns pwiueOTn:iur.fwiiiiinv poisoning. Ulcers. Eruptions and IMmples. It E unties the whole system and thoroughly ullds up the constitution. Sold by A. IIoki'p-KEa. JimlTly tlw advertiainc oa them, size 20x24 inches, civon with one 60 cent or two 25 cent bottles of Ideal Tooth Powder. These are aot cheap liUtographa, but works of art, A. D. Bowman, Dentist, Nicholia, Idaho, aava. I am uaine vour Ideal Tooth Ll'owder, and find it superior to all others. The engraving " EvanRcllne', arrived safely on the 24th of December, making it seem like a Christmas gift. Trusting that Ideal Tooth Powder mar flourish. I remain, yours respectfully, loia Ear nest. Denver. Col. One of these em intra without advertising on it worth $1 retail is given with each two 86 ent bot tles of Ideal Tooth Powder. watlfcofwirincinlei sand ewne because There was something of a race riot at the Rio Plate beer garden yester day afternoon. . A number ot White men, probably twenty, were in the bar room, when three negroes entered and called for refreshments. One of 1 the negroes stepped on a white man's foot wich enraged him, and he struck and kicked the negro. The melee then became general, chairs i were raised and , thrown,, audi. as. the negroes ran out the grounds, "pursued by the whites, they were pounded, with rocks In the hands of the latter. Decatur Times. ' i " : v The baneful effects of cigarette smoking were ' most forcibly shown here in the past two days. Tom Haley, WltlY' VIW, OUC Hi wn UUTSfin iwu win awuijuw;! rmeilvV tawnrullv.' Tonth of nineteeri. m beerf abeent Have not tbe time of ability. rt-MfcUMi. ulZ their officos,ihey.ugh quit and turn , theii .OVor. -to somo' Vila you, will txspect you and your physical wreck from , the excessive orwifhOjWaL vt 'V:ojc I ',-JwWna,-rlSjU . '-.' - Jawof cjrjpupettes. Decatur Times. - Rough' aniSDVessed lluhiBer. SASH, DOiMlil f&RING, MOULDING, ,ATn,rjmiiTS,-WMTBMOAKDIG, -And nil kinds of- Btiilding:1 Material. m?,. .aw : fciti! if; Sw-Mill three iiiiles West of Cullman. . '- ' " '-r Faetony Colt. 1st Ave, and St. lUaaC -DllIXIC- M.fif .f go:m e Riy; i-BE E R !. ' The best iu the 'World. sMade from 'Pure Artesian yVater, Iri- ported Hop and Canada Malt. Write.f or prices. Address r iiAiTmnrnntr tv-171i7TlVTs-l fl ill AA3rJlAlllA A AJA.k.-lJJ V V AiVU, W. ALABATll. Jyii t'. MOATGO.UURr', HOME? INDUSTRY, ALAOAf-- 'BEER- CO., brewers .aiicL Bottlers of T W T --s - W ' assaaaayaa 'aaaaaaaam asBWSv ' .11 JL. .11 iL - .1 - i;jAi.McMINN' Agent, ; Alaoama. ! IB '. j-A- 'r.nar-T; J I'll ' j-UA- ?iF.3ci'i::::iTH:i&?. 'if UNuroraiiginiiuini fftrnisscu:iHpCLCi:3 ( fk ''J- Ptf,an wsiwct nil Vf wtinnwr rrtmnafr irntn rt. i.fiuis HM 111 iv a nana v-uy v " " '"'""v ............ ........ Luna and DtBTM. " . -

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