The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1937
Page 9
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MONDAV, APRIL 26, 1037 BLYTHEVILL1D '(AM.)" COURIER NEWS t?AGlS Large 3-room fumisliecl apartment. 120 DOUgan. Mrs. Belle Wood. ' ,;.-•• 28-C-t WALNUT AT FIFTH S'i'. Nice Large Bedroom. Mrs. Nolen, WANT-ADS, * ,. ,y ,. >> ,!.•*!•'• ifg .CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dilily rule per line lor consecutive insertions: One tine per line 10° Two times per line'per da;- ... 08c Three times per line per day .. Ooc Six times per line per day .... 05c Month rale per line 60c Cards of Thanks .,...'• 50o & loo ' Minimum chnrge 60o Ads -ordered Jor three or six timed and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of limes fhe nd appeared and adjustment of' bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside c! the city must tie accompanied by cash', Hates may be • easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one time rate No responsibility will, be taken for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Only A Few More Days Left To Buy A Good Used Car During Our April Sale Uarguins! - More Itargains! 43 CHEVROLET COUPE .... 51«« 33 FOKI) COUPE S CHEVROLET COACH .... 5 31 FOUD COACH S Opportunities WANTED! ! ". Ball Players. Between ases <S and: 15 To See Our New Line of GOLDSMITH ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Shouse-Hcnry Hdw. Co. j.W.Shouse WiUonHenr 2 'or 3 room Furnished Apiutment, with garden. 014 Hearn. 20p'k6-20 Nicely furnished BEDROOM, Gil W. Main. Coll 280. Bess Hall. 12c kit Nicely furnished STEAM HEATED i BEDROOM,'bath. Call 5GO. Ic 1(5-1 J3 CHEVROLET COAC1( ...S225 33 FORD SUDAN ..5265 32 FORD SEDAN. Moitcl "B" ?1?5 30 CHEVROLET SEDAN ... 5125 20 FOUD SEDAN S 95 The .Boss Says Make Room,, So Here Is ycur Chance To Buy At Your Own Price. ,...,, , Drive By - We. Trade Phillips Used Car Lot Phone 810 Koy Calvin, Mgr. Used Car Uept Seeds - Plants Beauty Culture IS 1HE COMING . PROFESSION Learn this. pleasant work which pays well. New clas. 1 ; opening—state supervised Reasonable Tuition Mrs. ~.Vi!liam Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop COTTON SEED Stbnevllle No. 5 Prices Reasonable. Gay & Billings, Inc. Phone 70 iOMFORTABLE BEDROOM. 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardin. 20-ck-tf 11)3-1 CHKVKOLKT MASTKK. COACH 1035 ! 11)33 FOUD V-8 TUDOU '-v 1936 TOItl) V-8 COUl'K. \Vllh 1935 CHKVROUiT COl'S'F, ..$315 Hadto 1935 CHEVROLET SUDAN' .. $3:!5J|«S5 1933 CHEVROLET COACH .. Siwl 1329 CIIKVKOLKr COACH .. S'SjluSO — T R U C K FORD S — V-8 COUPE. WHli :uul Healer £ TUDOR 5 M I93C CHKVKOLF.T 1(4 TON TRUCK. 7.50x^1) Tins 5120 Personal Kirby's Active; Liver Pills Arourifi Sluggish Livers Relieves Lilicmsjic^s, cojiKt!|intl'H» ami Iipatlac-li^.i Arllva' UVLT Tills w\ at (li<* real CAimo of your Kluiij-Ishiirss ami mafco you '(•<•) likfl a ticiv |icrjon. Ifht your *}*l<Mii «f surplus jitiiions with Ulivc Liver I'llli. lltirtiilfWi. gentle. Sold at all KLrby Itiiif H ton's. 1935 ClIKVIiOLIit Iji TON TRUCK. 7.5IMO Tires $335 1931 CHEVltOl.rr PICK-III 1 TRUCK S 1931 FORD V-8 1>ICK-W TRUCK. A-l Condition '..... $ ' / UHBUAI, TRADE. - - EASY G.M.A.C. TKRMS Orediice contains no dangerous drugs. Scientifically overcomes of flabby fat. Mulled uost- nnid. SI. Dr. Meissncr, 159 N. State, Chicago, 111. 3LET CO. I'HONE G33 Wanted To Buy MT7TV1 GET VIOOK AT ONCE] LVJ_Ujl>. Ncw Qstrex Tonic Tab- 'ets contalr, raw oyster invlgora- i tors and other stimulants. One Jose pops .up organs, glands. It not delighted, maker refunds few senti paid. Call, write Kirbv Bros, unig Store. 1 ;. Mamoloxi Soy Beans H. M. FLEEMAN MANILA, ARK. Business Directory j For Expert Reality Service Modern Beauty Shop 110 S. 2nd . Phone 249 Lost Lat Us Grind Your awn lower A Trial Is All We Ask ihe-ville Macbia'c Shop PHONES 303 & 848 COTTOtN SEED I Half i; Half big boll Planting Seed I Grown and ginned exclusively I year from Crook Bros. ,,. $50 l>cr ton Stillman Gin Co. Peach Orchard. Mo. WE PAY CASH KOU 2ND HANI) FURNITURE Ilubbanl 2nd Hand Furniture Slurc I'Jionc 1031 enlly having been moved from lo oil cemeteries. Russia has 50.091 miles of vail ways within Its borders. We Buy Scrap Iron Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. Cherry & K. 11. Phone 4J Vandals Try In Be Humorous EUGENE, Ore. (UP)' 1 — Eugene residents, in driving to the city's Dark brawn Mule, white nose. ivl. 1,050 Ibs. J. C. Ellis, Barficld. ___•_ *_! .__|scciiic vantage spot, found a col- courier News CARRIER BOOK lection of tombstones, metal inavk- with "CRAWFORD" on 'it. RE-|irs and identirication boards clus- VARD for return to Courier News tercd near the pergola. Vandalism WES suspected, the markers appav- IN THE COUNTY AND PROBATE TOH THE CHICKA- D1STRICT OP MISCO U NT V.'ARKAN- In the Matter of Ihe Hstntc of M. Antoson, licensed. .W. M. Vllllnms, Adir.lnlstnilor. Notice is hereby given (hut of, dinlnlstrator of the estate of J. M. nderson, dsceaa-d, l will, "between he lionrii of ten o'clock In. the orenoon nnd three, o'clock in tlw tternoon on the 4(h day of May, 937, at the front door of the court louse of Mississippi county, Aransas, in tlie city ot nlythcvlllc, •Itcr for Mile at public unction to he highest bidder upon a credit f Ihrce months, Uii following lands COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice, Is hereby given that tlw undersigned commissioner, In compliance with Ihe terriis of a deeres rendered bv .the.'chancery Court for the cnlckasaivba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas on the H day of April, 1937, \Vher2ln Mrs. Ida Hodges w as Plaintiff, ND. UI52. and S. A. Stason et al were Defendants, nnd Avle E. Sullivan was HuYrvenor, will sjll nt public auction to the highest and best bidder, for cash, on a credit of three moulds, at the front door of Ihe Court House, between the hours prescribed by la>v, hi tile City of niylhevllle, Arkansas, on the 13 day of May, 1D37, the fpl- lowlitg real eitnlc, to-wit: Lois Eleven (11) nnd Twelve (12), Block Three (3), Park Ad- dillon to Ihe City of lilytheville, Arkansas. 8<ild Sale will be had'lo satisfy said decree In Ihe mini of $820.00, Ity for the paymentt of such pur-, chise money. ' -. t V\ Wltnebs my hand and the se£V i of said court, on this, the 26 day' of April;' 1937: A. P. SMITH ! Special Commissions in, Chancery. 20-3 o-wll: The North 45 foci of Luis Eleven and Twelve, Blosk Nineteen (IB), Hlythc Addition to BlythcvlUc, Arkansas, ulso Lot Nine 10), Block Eight 181, Cltlckusiiwbn Addition lo the City of DlyllievlVte. rurchastr at sucli sale will be required lo give noies with securities to be approved by uie, and lein upan said lands will be retained for the payment, of purchase money, da'.ert 14th day of May, 1937, W, M. WILLIAMS • Adntlnlslralor Netll Heed, Ally. 14-20-26-3 with 10 per cent Interest from March 1st, 1037. The purchaser at said sale will e required lo 'exwute bond wltli pproved security, to secure the aymcnt of Hie purchase money, nd a lien will ba retained upon nlrt property,as additional secur- A large sunflower will: use t\v< barrels of water hi growing t maturity. ' " .FARM LOANS' l.owsl rates—lowest expense, Also eily properties DONH. KASSERMAN Hoom 220 Lyi:;h Dlde. I'none 877. P. Q. Box 410 Now Located al 101 Norlt Sccund ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWR1TF.R SERVICE BUREAU . : RON FDWAHDS, Prnprltlnr All mates =f I'lilinltf Tyiicivrllcrn, Atljiii? »: n'nnit« Caiculutors—Uciialrhif—Paris—Ull:i"'"> FOR SALE SOY DEAN HAY PLANTING SKKn STONKVILLi; SA STONKVII.l.F, 4A 1st year from Stoncvlllo Slallon 8 DO'i. PURK BRliD WHITE ROCK PULLETS Fresh Heifers with Small Calves H. C. Knajipenberger -We have on najid sEveral tons of Stoncvlile No. 4-A one year >'om breeder, slate tested.- A few tons of D. P. I,. No. 11. Ecans, Laredo; Virginia, Delsta, ahd Maiiinioth Brown. I'eas^ mixed, New Era, and Whips. , 1-eas and Beans reclcaned aiid * graded by us. Will trnde for " cotton seed, L. R. Matthews Gin Co, Cotlui, Collon Seed anil Co:il. Tcleplionc 15U-F-3. Yarbro, Ack. FUNERAL HOME A bcnulifiil mid sympathetic scrvico at moderate cost. . Ambulance Service >1 1U-N. 1st I' «.<!,*!X!O"t!X>lI*!!*U*!* * * * +'* 53 ' 1 liy l^amlin AU popular brands of ' CIGARETTES , 2 packages <or 25c Good Whiskey ..18. fu ; 2K. years old :• ;;. 30f per bail.pint'..;.:!,' lt . Good I!a'jcba!l Ganie livery Sunday 1 Half & Half Cotton Seed 1st year Iroin breeder . Fred Fleeman CALL 204 FOR SALE — 9 varieties tomato plants from finest seed. Peppers :gg plant. Everything in flowers riEATGNS HOME OP FLOWERS .'00 Davis ave. 26-ck-S Automotive HARRY ..BAILEY At f&i LIilB Cafe in conncclion — Fresh Uivcr Catlish of kinds CJnifor.-r.s & equipment for base- fail, handor.ll, soitball, soccer ball, tennis, track CM ooxlng. Best Prices Hubbari "ail* COAL IS BLACK— B TJT I TREAT YOU WHITE" I Also Pay Best Prices for Hides & Metals JOHN BUCHANAN Phone 107 Gotfdrich Budget Plan Tires - Tubes - Batteries Home, Farm and Auto Radio* BUFE JONES-TIRES Batteries BATTERY SERV1CF, Call J. Ben Clune Phone 8 at Tom Jaikaon's Real Estate "OR SALE: MY HOME, 1045 W. Walnut. 4 bediooms, all conveniences. Bargain if sold at once. P. E. Cooley, phone 111. 7-ck-tf For Sale Tea volums set of Shakespeare. Gocd condition, very reasonable. Mrs. H. E. Nablett, Rhine 768-W. 26-ck4t Poultry & Eggs 32-volfc Delco Light Plant with Radio. Cheap. Elza Whecltr.'i Route 1... . - . 23p fc27| POULTRY WANTED j We. pay iiJgh'.-st market prices for! nil kinds poultry. Fishnr &} ^;«;::fs a( Gainw Grocerj- & Market. \1 W. Main. BABY CHICKS AI-L .VARIETIES Custom Hat.hing MARILYN .HATCHERY Hwy. 01 North, BIythftv'lic Coal ^Wood' Six room House, with bath,-servant house and double garage. 102 East Kentucky. S50» cash, bal- j I ancc like rent. Phone 543-J. ' *• Op ko-9 Good heavy 4 wheel trailer. Buch- I anan coal yard. Phone 107. 3-c-lf 'Furniture — Maiestir ransc, Red Star stove. Mrs. S. S. slcrnbere. Phone 981 3-ck-U Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky COAL 1 Five-burner Perfection . Oil Shaver-Foster Gin Co. c ' lcap ' 8l3 Phone 27S ChickP^awba& R. R. :'Repairing KIXNEY'S SHOI' 125 5. First St. E.V.VS guniiiied. filed; circular faws hammered. Furniture repaired, rerniished: Slice Retailing We have some especially good bargains in cars, trucks and pick-ups. Bee Our's Before You Buy !i3G Chevrolet 1% Ton Truck 1934 Chevrolet' Sedan And Other Bargains Delta Implements. Inc. NEW DEAL SHOE SHOP 12! West Main. 'P. A: Bojiuregard in cliarse < Photos FliEE \vlt.h Each Order for ITaU Sole Job Mules For Sale DELTA IMPLEMENTS, TNG. GOLDFISH MINNOWS G. C. Hawks, 300 E. Main Practically new Automatic Delco i Lisht Plant, -with radio, fan fixed.! "nd Iron. Will sell for half price. If you think they rjn't lie rWo- Ihrm mad/ like new at. Hie { Delta Implements. Incorporated. TRUE im'E SIIOB * HAKNl'SS SHOP - - 316 E. Main Male Instruction CITY SHOE SHOP 110 MEN nt once lo learn barber-! We strive lo do the impossible-, Inf*, skilled barbers in greatest To PlfASf Everybody! > | deinsnd In the hhtory of baroer-! WJI. FREEMAN & J. I>. HOLT me. Modern Collsgc. 81 North Sec-; 4 Doers East of Peuney's > end, Memphis, Term. 23p k3C WELL;: TI-tA'S THAT .' ITWA5'A SOMEWHAT STREKlUOUS DESCENT, BU7, AT LEAST, I PIDW'T GETHUCZTTP/ ALLEY OOP 15 HOT OM FOOIV5 MOUMTAIK) COUM7RY- AK3P, EXPECTATIOMS, HE'S MAKIJJ&', TOO GOOD TO HE TRUE! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES -ti-O , 00u\i& WAMTXO 00 MOW,CORA THt BOOTS, TOWM OF Ui f WVCW. OLK O*? AU. TWa 1 &T1V.V CAVYV T. W. REO. U. 5. P*T. OFF COPR. 1937 BY NCA SERVICE MORE, LULU BEl-LEi SHORE. BUT,NOWAOAVS X FOLKS GENER'LY GOES OVER. ON THE . CAUSEWAY. . TftM f,\AH HIDE 1PN IT \THAMKS, JM<E. HOW'S CHANCES TO f LULU BELLE: DOG&ONE.) Borirev A BOAT OVER. TO THE COVE? , VOU AIN'T CHANGEP A THATS GOES. TO THE N6W MILLIOM- WRE RESORT AT BARNACLED BEACH LAND5W<ES / VC5 1 . OH, THERS5 AStSKT OP CMAN&SS, GAL, SINCE NOU B1M GONE. SAV, VOU REMEMBtre WILLIE TKTE7MAYBC J HE'LL HAUL VOU OVER. IN -— MH-UONAIEES \ Mfre. HERE, HAVE A CISAJ2. HIS GARBAGE TKUCK. l : ^A'^'vv^"V^^,V;.n*::c FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THEKI I GUESS HE HAS US OVER A BARREL! HE MAY BE OUR vmSTACTOR, HES COIMG ALL RIGHT BOX OFFICE HE COMES, r>5*S\ , 1LL REVISE THE PLAY AMD LEAVE CSSIE OUT OF rr;' HE'S TERRIBLE HE'S STRICTLY HAM ! V/E CANT LEAVE HIM OLTT.'HE'ALREADV HAS GOL& FIFTY- GIMME MORE LtHEt5.' I MIGHTY GOOD THAT ROLE I'M P-LAYIWG .'.' WALL TENTS for .sale at reason-, WA c H TTIHI^ able prices. Phone 643. " Aft " L Ulilio CARNEY AWNINT, CO. 113 S. First St.

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