The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1948
Page 9
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THURSDAY. MAY 20_1<MR Test of Russia'! Taifh' Proposed Senate Committee On Foreign Relations P Okays Suggestion By .Inhn I.. Sfeple (UiiilMl Press Staff Coi-respondonl) WASHINGTON. May 20. (UP) — The Senate Fortecn Relations Committee has unanimously approved a proposal for strengthening the Unitpii Nations wliicii conlrt provide a test of the good faith of Russia's "peace lalfc," The committee, adopted a re- sonlution calling for "maximum" American efforts to Bain curbs on (he UN bin power veto. It pro-] vldes also for eventual American! support of collective security pacts If those pacts ore drafted on solf- liclp linos. The rc.solui.ion already has been approved by Secretary of Stale Georee. C. Marshall. Committee Chairman Author H. Vandenberg emphasised to reporters that tlie resolution of advise lo (be President was aimed "solely at, peace," and lhal it could not be construed otherwise. The resolution also railed for "maximum efforts" by Iliis eono- Inr to provide UN with a world ;a|.ce force and to work toward 'flcnlalion of armaments under "dependable" safesnards. On both scores, as well as curbs on the Keo.urily council veto in peace/nl matters, Soviet oriposit ion has been persistent. Russian opposition recently led to a breakdown of UN discussion of world atomic energy control. Test Is Proposed An initial lest of the good faith of Russia's "peace overtures" could | come through renewed American efforts on these lines. Bui VandenberR told reporters that his resolution covered ttic "universal activities' 1 of UN and wouldn't be discussed "in terms of Us relationship to any specific country." Vandenberg emphasized llial the resolution's provision for eventual association of the u. s. with regional and other colective de- lense arrangements carried no "automatic commitment." Any action association the U. S. with .stich defense pact.s as the five power "Western Union" agreement Involving Britain. France Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg would require congressional consent, he added. ^. The resolution made congress- mfml consent mandatory and pro- BLYTHKV1LLE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS Must Be an Egg-PI ant Puerto Rico slinwr you Exhibit argument. Pncrlo Riean f.-iirne Irishlen ofl lizards llial prey on reflect sunlight, and (lie lizards ai A In the rlo-eggs-grow-on-treei rs slick fresh eggs on tree.* (o plant IHe. The eggs catch and •c supposed to run lor Iheir Jives. Rogers Woman Pleads Guilty to Manslaughtcrr Virginian Elected Southern Baptist WMU President AIKMPHIS. Ti'nn,. May 'JO iUP) — Mrs Oeoi've R Martin nf Norfolk, Va,, today bo«nn hrr tlilcrt term as pio.stdenl of lhr> WbinoLI'S Missionary Union or the Rinitlu'in Convention. Mrs. Mnvtin was m-Hivled at the group's cto.shiK session, Miss Alma 11 fin I of Liberty, Mo., wns named executive sivrri jjry lo succeed Miss Knlhlccn Military ot »lr- itiin^linin, Alfl,, who retired Ml or 36 yenr.s in the M!KS Juliette Miithrr of \\\\-- tntngharn \\ns chosen editoi'int .* rclJiry and Miss Mai narel Hiuoe of Nashville, Trim., .sutrceripri Ml AS M a i her n.s Voi i n K IH'ople 's so ere - tnry. Ot her <i t f iff rs r? - elei-1 od we re Mrs. \V. J. Cox of Memphis. treasurer; Mrs. Wilfred C Tyler nf Mine j Mount n In, Miss., vcrordliifi sri'rr- inry; and Mrs. J. KUJ nis.s of Hit -mlnfihntu, assist a nv rei-orrtinn secretary. State Confederate Home Applies for | Budget of $80,000 ! i.rn'UK HOCK. May -20. CUIM—| 1 The 1949 IcKtslflluiv will bp nskrd j i Lo appropj inip soim> SHLI.GOO annually . tor the Arkansas Confederate Home ' during I he next bteunlniu, H WHS revealed yeslenitiy. Thr ' figure is nenrly Uvii-e the. currcnl tipproprhi- llon, Officials of the home asked tor $79.910 lor the first yi';ir and $B().110 during the second year, in n tentative budget request submitted lo Slate Comptroller Walter Ujkey. The current budget Is M2.!>70. Only one Confederate velecim now makes the institution his homo. He j is 9R-year-olrt D D: Deal, whose wifo 1 is also a resident. The other per| sons living (it the home include 29 widows ami II daughters of Con[ f extern ic veterans. Retired Minister Admits i He Broke Church Law by Marrying Lana, Topping \ 1.08 ANUPl.KS. May W lUPI — The , ivy. Stewart I'. Miu'l.emmi, ntlmltird yosierrtny lie "iiinvltiliijily ' lirrai'lii'd" a rhurrh In* 'when Hit mniti.'d Aciii-.s.s Lnirn Tinner HIH! HPIMV iHiibi Topping, IIP Mtid (If Vt'Olllll f,tlUl(l HS Ills own n.TUscr Ix-Iorc n I'lrbyli'ry Jll- riieifll CoinnilSKlon. and mfiuit lie broke » rluirrli Inw llial lie did- ti'L'kiinss cxisU'd. Hminln-NinRiitn and Oklnlionn City PiiMljylrin-.s pioti\stftl th;it MiU'U'llini, n-llipil Hollywood inin- islpr. viniairrt B chiirrli livw lh:u ) i>ro)»l)il.t ri-iiini i nice ol ppr.sntis rti- , vo]Tod Ic.v.^ ihut\ a ycnr. Topping liiul boon divmcod only n Irw dn.vs Iroiu .srii'on actro-vs AilUie Jxid^e ' u hen he niiinicrt Miss 'I'm nor Ainil | A Ptoshylerhui i-onlinission ol ; iiiini«rjs nnd Inynicit will (Inllbpr- j :ito on \vi\ni form nl oonsino, il IXLIV, i is In fop tendrrrd. Dr. Kusrnp son lilii^o, I'a.siulnut. will preside j ovoi HIP hearing. No dale Im.s been [ -sel. "1 (ell I was dolns Hit Chri.sllnn Ihinv In niiiriyinB them," MIH'- l.ennmi Mutj. "'I'lury woic sineere in Mini!n« InMn (ht? and Ihey <(<'sued lo plnre lllclv innirlniti* on H Clirisnnn bii.sis. t c-onleirccl ivilli lliein und vin a tiinvinvPd lln-.v wtw in Ion- 'I'lie cvcnls nfle] i hi- ived- riink Ipinl me to believe 1 wns rluhl." Kaslman uiK'k to his sent, Reynolds Slllli. A Tew moments Inter, while (lie liliinr wns over KveiRieeo. Cnl.. (il mi nllltmle i-,[ 5.0(10 (eel. Kiislninn iisnin broke ror Die door. Reynolds,low iioiifp. Oni'c- Benin., the xIPwnrrtfSK meed him [rom (he exit mid ultli cue hclu of iJBhsennois BO! him Ijuck lo Ills wm. ! Kiisuniin told jxjlk'p; j "1 Just lind n huywlrr Won." | He )i'>s(e<l ill) unit iinri was re^ lehsed l>y police. PAGE Dog Who Wouldn't Walk Gets Baby-Stroller Ridt MKMPH1S. 'IVnn. •-UJPI-. All soils of doiis tame (o be Inonilaled HHKinsl rAbles In R Hlieluy Couiily drive. But only one cmnp In K baby slroller. Mrs. Rolwi't K. Ilnrpst, who was ri'iilsd-rtiiK dogs In one or (he down . I'liiei'iwm'y v«icri!i»rlnn i-linlr.v » : asi surprl.spd lo see (he don sluing comfortably in (he .stroller with R woman Mloni;side, "Kp wouldn't wulk," (he wi Man lolrt Mrs. Hnviisl, "so I rolled him over for his varcltmllon." ;THE TOT SHOP A1.I, HAHY NKKDS 110 S. S*<'inul I'hmif 2IKIS ('lostd \Ve<liies(lav nflcr- <-««*> • Rodlantub« 5-ip«.d wiita • Th*imii«r cooker • Smoke1«n typ« bco^.f • All-porcelain fniid* and out • Many otW ixclmiv* Frigidairt f«olur»i Adams Appliance Company J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 206-08 West Main Street BENTONVILLE. Ark.. May 20. UP'—A Rogers woman loday held a one-year suspended sctuence aft! er pleading g(t.-ity to a charge of involuntary manslaughter in con- vtded lhat such alignments of powers must, provide lor "continuous 1 and effective" self-lielp before ll-e; question of American purlicipat-' Ion Mould be considered. Fifzpalrick Jewelers '"Has GRWIOK GIFTS (i/lLORf •^tf A complete stock of gifts so appropriate for graduates. And, as always, the easiest terms in fown. • •\ PORTABLE RADIO REMINGFON DUAL CONIROL u 0n DIAMOND ONYX I"".". EASY TERMS COMPAtH •»>""• USt YOUR CHEOIT FITZPATRICK JEWELERS Blytheville Phone 2728 Stores in Memphis. Osccola, Paragoulcl, Sikeston It Takes Only 3 Minutes to Opnc a Charge Account Mrs. Edilh Estrs WHS ordered In Demon Circuit Court to pay court, costs, find wns turned over tn her '• fiilher lor a >-etir of "good behavior." , Mrs. Estn5 wns charged in connec- ' lion with the denth last year of a 'nilsn, Okln.. girl, following an op- ercilion. Hor husband. D]-. Nell Estos. faced a .similar charge but wns found insnne and is unrior tronl- mcnt ni For I RooU Ho.spitu] ij) North LUUc Ruck. . Stewardess Blocks Two Attempts by Passenger To Leap from Airplane OAKLAND. Cftl.. May 2U, fUP> — A stewardess twice slopped n pr^s- senger from trying 10 leap froin a plnne In fli^>it yes ten tiny. The passenger, booked «s Phillip A, Eastman, 40, lAs Angeles, wns held by Oaklnnd police cm K drutik charge allcr the airliner, ,1 United Airlines plane. iHiitled here on a flight from Bmbimk. Slewnrdes-s Jotin Mundy of San Praneisco told police she wns talk- iiiK to Pilot. W. A. Reynolds, Snti MR.Leo. whilo the ship wns cruising at 9,000 feel, over Fresno, C»l. j • A' rod liglit flrtshetl, on. Indicnl- j J ing the door t ut the DC-3 lind been' "" opened. f MLss Mundy van back thrmiKlt the ' plane find found En.sLmnn pu.shUis: | the hnlf-open door. The force nf the slipstream niiiric it difficult 10 open It wide. \ The .stewnrde.s.s grabbed Rnst- nmn and cnlled for iuri.-L)r. Kinnk Pisher, a pius-sengcr, helped her gel ; TRY THE ILAUNDRYETTE • It Fur > whltdr. hiinhl^r wash u%t. i I jj niir -rinir Aiilmnatlr \V»«hfr. j, H'Uh spin rtr.vcr. Ytrr plrkup ,i,rf j I ili'llvpry. (t|irn 1 A..>1. Ui II r.M. | Tuesilny ami Krlilar until S P.M. JACK OZMENT 124 Dougan St. I'lion* 2(Hi2 At Kirby's Three Stores It's Graduation Time For The Girls Klcotrif Hiiir Dryers—SI ill ictnvi'v— I'owcler.s — <,'(il<i(fiies — IV-rfnnu-s — Toilei \V»lers — Sxfhrl.s — Suites. In '|'«'e*cl — Talni — Yurclley — Kli/uhclh Antcn anrl cithers. Sun (;liiss»-s — Sun Tun l'vr«|mrn(ions — l,nc!ics (till Folds — fountain Ten and I'encil Scls, For The Boys She«fffr KnunUin 1'en and 1'endl S«ts, Amily Hill Folds, Court ley Shaving Sets; Old Spice Sols, Men's Stationery, Smokers Supplies, I'k-nic .lii^s, Klettric Fans. Ther• inns Kils. HALLMARK GRADUATION CARDS I'rescriptions nre our suet-UK v. We fill all prescript ions from all doctors at KUiiranfei-d best prices, with the freshes) drujcs. See yo«r doctor ml the first .sitfn of Iroudle—Ilien see us. Save wilh safely. ICE CREAM Pints Vanila 25e Flavors — — 30c "OWat40,50,60?" (m ^ o Man, You're Crazy } s^elSlli^Hjf! At all dniR stores everywhere — in Blytheville, at Kirby DriiK. | ! You Are Cordially [ Invited to Visit I The | I Accessory Shop | i Feminine Apparel > i Mabel Hogan Jessie Srllc I ! 'Hole] Noble' lildg. ! I Blyllieville, Ark. 1 Glass Co. tar Alkins Bld|f. Hwy. SI So. Auto Glass Insdilled While You \V;iit Safety Glass Window Glass Structural Glass Store Front Metal Plate Glass Mirrors A Complefe Glass Service Also Glass Blocks Kiirnil urc mid Desk Tups We Also Do Cnulkii-.x! Phone 3142 F. A. Stanley, Owner ELLIS POOLE SAYS: WE'LL DELIVER YOUR JEEP TODAY! It's In Your Price Range Outstanding New Models Serves Every Essential Need No Waiting Necessary JEEP -- - - Proven to Be the Real 'Little ManV Car! Th* famous Willys-Overland JKKP, now hcinjj delivered at I'OOI.K MOTOR COMl'ANY, Slfe-le. Missouri, has proven itself in every respemt lo be Ibe real car for Ihe avcrajje postwar American fantilv. Poole IMolor 'lompany invites yen (o have (he versatile .leop demonstrate! »f Rny time to meet your convenience. One of our representatives will calt on yon at your home upon request, .hisl phone Steele til, or drop a postcard. THE MIGHTY JEEP OPERATES THOROUGHLY, SPEEDILY AND ECONOMICALLY POOLE MOTOR COMPANY ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Opera tor South Highway 61 at Steele, MO. Phone Steele 49

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