The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1935
Page 2
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TWO BLYtHEiVlI.Lfe. Social Calendar SUNDAY'S EVZNT6 gunteams Flr^t Baptist' church meeting at chufch, U a.iri MONDAY'S EVENTS •'-. W, M, S. First Methodist church .,,. rs eocr c an. pacing 1,ilbro g e A B having business meeting at church, of nil participants will be sent to jj c , on he nile ? donhlP S 30 p ra headquarters /or the Mafc in. > , lllc P |ll!C ' u t ' olltlle W. P M 8 Fust Chilstlau church (lohirf and Inli °' ™ '™™ . us isu meeting with Mrs W H Stovall, The grand prjjc to. the winning I" 692 W Main, 230 pm, following t«m Is u pjatlnum trophy valued n ewcutuc board mcetlnj 2 pm. a I ?10,000 which Is, loft In their " vwsesl . W M U Flftl Baptist church meeting at church, 2 30 p in American Usion Auxlllaii meet- Prizes. pjn ing with Mrs, S. S. Sternbcrg, 7:30 pjn. Womnn's 'Auxiliary First Presbyterian church meeting at chii'icb 2 30 pin Little Theater group meeting at city hall, 7:30 n.m, Wedding of Ml&s Mildred Cook and Mr. Lee Warrington (o be solemnized at home of Mr. and Mre. Owen Blue, 8 p.m. TUESDAY'S EVENTS O. E. S. meeting at hall, 7:30 jn. Mre. Hlley B. Jones having the Youiig Matrons Bridge club. Tuesday Contract club meeting with Mis Flovd White WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs W H Mlnjard enloiUui- ing Wednesday Bridge flub. Junior O. A.'s First Buptlst church meeting at church, 3:30 pjn Delphian Pine Arti club meeting nt Hotel Nnble, 9 30 a m THURSDAYS 1W2NTS Mrs C w Afflict having Thursday Luncheon club Mid-Week Bridge t|ub meeting with Mrs W, L Honi21 The Hoi)- Name society of the Immaculate Conception chinch Is meeting at the social hall nt 7:30 in Thursday Contract club meeting with Mrs. J. P. Lenti. Thursday prfd e Club meeting with Mrs N B Menard P"i Miss Elizabeth Spaun Weds Mi. Robeit Eberdt Ths lst> Elizabet Spann, of Luxoia, and Mr Robert Eberdt,-of Blvthevilte, was solemnized Thursdaj evening ut the liome of the bride b parents, Mi and Mrs Louis Spann The Rev J R. Ncisori oostor of the LIIWH Methodist church, performed the double ring ceremony before members of the families and a number of out of tpsvn f i lends BaUu-t; of white s carnattti»>s and white tapers in candelabra, clcc'6- rated with bows of white tulle, decorated the loner floor. The improvNd alfai was inaiked with tieis of tapcis As the gwafs assembled Miss Mattie Elizabeth Eberdt of BlslhV- vijle, niece of Uie bridegroom, plaved ''trees' 1 Tho bridal chor'ifc from Lohengrin heralded the br! dal partj and dining Hie ex changing of the uuirragc \q\v . s inic strains of 'I Love lou liuly" Mrs. P. E . Fox; piano Mo ^ cre l^ard wise Glide,''' 'Mrs. ' j.i.L Ne Marj Bli«s yancej, of Bnac'ys, «adins, "The Cbnrcclcra'lc ' ' made with long „.,„„,. The bride wore a suit of nn'vy -•-.-.... ,,:>., iu|,|j tu ivnn vv blue sheer crpe fashioned along wcoih, and teii 'were served tailored lines and with a thorl • '• • . coat Tho dress was trimmed with!Class to Have W. G; pound's, pf footer.' ' ."' Mjrf-. \V«?c!)W; K<J9i|i;'e y whose condition _ has b«n "'crfiical for sonic lime, remains'' .unchanged. anrt fon' 1 R»n f ^',i * J ' te ••>»«!«)»>) Biitt ton, Randall,-, spent — . The tournament, sponsored by iiinominir nnifcrt ninni* ir.™ B. Gee n'nd Harry W. JeA\n h'e I vin room where 11 e Cs, was n part o/ (to World hlw co 4 menu w, wrvLd c Olympic and. tub placing 1,'ilTbrVo gl e A B Fair l particiants wil b "oils arc elrcn , for a year, lleproduc- «..,,.. ', a J L ,,.„.„., Mr M o ' ' 1 '" Out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. James Driver, Mrs. L,. Qulnn nnd Tom .Florida, of bsce- oln, and Mrs. John Fijiley of W.vv Orleans, houscgucil of Mr. and Mis. Elton W. Klrby. Con» ------- i ijNt'l l"CU£J, MI'S. ±M. U. "— permanent her guest, Mrs. Brook, .,_.. Ala,, nt)(l MM, John "as Mines, js. 8. Woodson, Doyle Henderson, W. D. McClurXln, and . H. Wllloy \vcro guests of Holand Green she had the — — .-^.. i. j^i f i*uv iiiiu n Thursday Bridge club this week. In the card games a sheet wci'jt lo Mrs. Joel Chandler for the club award and Mrs. E. B. Wobdson's gift for high guest was hosiery. A,, chicken salad ivius served with dale roll, pickled peaches and coffee. ..' .;-' : t c * " '; CtinvMctts The Tnste and Baste Club of (he Dell school which was L. FJnley, of New Orleans, who is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Elton W. Klrby, were entertained ' by Mrs Rutscll Phillips Friday for a bridge luncheon. Early sprjng flowers in pastel shades ami tapers made tin attractive centerpiece for the luncheon liibje. A double deck of curds, in a case, wus won by Mi*. W. D. Chiunblln for the bridge prize and Mrs. Flowers nnd Mrs. Finley were given handkerchiefs. * * * Has On! of Tovm Guests. Mrs. ,J. A, Leech hurl as her SUMls yesterday live ladles from Memphis, Fulton, Ky.. and Union City, Tcnn., who motored over for the clny. A mixed bouquet of colorful spring blossoms was the centerpiece for the luncheon uiblc. Mr*. Louis Qre.Ci«e returned yes- lerdoy from Mei«p))| 6 where she has keen w|(h, her sister,' Mrs. Myrtle Buckley, who. |)as been 'Illlte (I) but who ft- jiq^ tetter.' Mt't>- Jphii Ij. J^lnley, formerly of here and how of Niiy Orleans returned (o Memphis tqday after a visit with Ml fl i)d W!> E'ton W. Kirby. nr. F, L-, Husband, hai, rccov- --' Jroijv wv«»| days ||ln.esc froui i«» n nwnjh «go met ThurHlay w - n ir In the Home Economics room for ! ,\"' .'> I<;CJurl| m the first meeting. .AtWretses Club. Mavis Whistle, vice-president w - D > McOUirkln, superintendent rfisJHpri <ii J Lin nUr.«v.« n _r i-..y.. flf (hr> fi+i^ r»\>^n>^ :.',i.i . , presided in Die atacnce of Daisy Thomton, the president. The entire meeting was devoted to biisi- .-•>«.«• i.iees. The c!ttb dccWcri to mect, Nob ! e of the city schools, uddresscc! a meeting of the Women's Democratic ' ' . e ctt dccWcri to mecl, . fsci|ssod Ijoth (lie af very two weeks on Wednesday.' IrjiiaUvc nnd nc'ijallve sides of th The following committees were I H'ofsetl sales tux and commented elected. Program cdnimittcc Ora " I10 " s t>'Mos bcine taken (o have Len Hnu'iHnc n^^ii-.^n.. ,,, ,,..'._ the hill n;.cL-i,,i n* i.ui«.t , ... the Hotel rtiscifsscd Ijoth (lie af- thc mted Lee Hawkins chairman, Wllinn Iglehart and GludVs Moody. Social coinmlttce: noselee Veach, chairman, Helen Armstrong and Robin .Gill. Refreshment commitcc: Biirllne Brlnn, chalrmnn, Cor- lline Hnrjtin and Alice Peterson Decoration committee: Lorcan Wells, chiiirmun, Mnl Ocnsemore and Juno 'Lans. -The nictto selected was "Keen The Home Fires Binning" and Ihc eluu colors nrc Oveen and Clbld * • » Bible Cluis Meets. Mrs. naii)S2y Dwicaji nnd Mrs Einnia Burney ent'erlaiiied ths Ln- dies Bible clntis of Ih'e First Methodist churcl, Friday evening n i the horns,of,Mr. nnd Mrs. p E Coqley.w^nriB^neiiiBers and five guests attendee!. '"•'•" '••' ,,^-M 1 ' thfe devotional Mm. w. w Holllpelcr wed "Loyalty" as lier tlierno «nd Mrs. T. J. Cfbivrter a'nfl Mre. Wyutl Henley offered pri>y- t'tiiik Webb, vice-prcs'''"" 1 in the biis.l.ness sets Presented" an interesting Dinicaii ihc till passed or In 'the business session, presided over by jiirs. Lloyd Wise, it was reported that, members of the organization sold B8 (ieJtels tor itie tccond annual President's ball Plans were mude for the March meeting at which lime a well known out of town speaker will be present, and for the April meeting hen there will be a luncheon In Addition to nn nddress bv another ovil of town speaker. June Workman, daughter of -Mr and.'Mre. J. W. Workman, who lai; been quite 111,.Is now better moij jjii-s mutes, 01 UIIU.CVE, .'vumj, .me confederate Malo'-" Ark, and AUI6 Lee Dean of Tyioar. ™.ss Alto. MM Oa'rlTitgtbn- "oi-ina za, niece of the bride, were lift solo, "Variations of Jesus Lover ol flower girls Their colonial frocks 'W Soul" Mrs. Duncan- niaiio nln were of Awhile luffela .ind nct : ,;Starry Nighr M«. "- P p> fry pie, lopped with' a «hito collar and her accessories were in navy blue She \\ore* 11 corsage of TallEmun rotes and vallej lilies After the service there v\-a an informal reception at which refreshments were served Special • f . - — • « v oi. 0411 •3 he Open Door Sumlny school <*<»* of the Kirst Methortist .church luaklng. Gpecial plans ,fo>io' ' u - r lo t| ' care. Member for •"•";""•'"•' ""-''^ ecnca ou care. Members of Alter a brief hopojmpou ini lnla -eommlt!cc arc' Mr-; p i Memnhls Mr Eberdt and hfa brltic H*b«nd, telephone lOl" Mri {?•' will te ac home in the Shonyo E - FPX, telephone 65. und V F a ri apartments at BIHhovillc, vvheit Snyde'r, telephone 926J tnc btidegrcom k connected with -, —., D . win ta VUJIILC^HJ^I »* liu f •""• 1'iiviiij i the FERA oflice He is Ihe son guest t|)caker. of Mr and Mrs Ons Eberdt, ol Burdette; and atlended the Uni- yfrslly of Alntema,"- Tuscaloosii he became a member of the £i|m& Chi fraternity Mrs Etertic, who is a mcmbc-i of a pioneer Mississippi lounly lamliy, lecelved her later cducn- tion at Galloway college. Scarcy and West Tennessee State Teachers college, Memphis Out of town guc:>ts at the wed- <ims were Mr and Mrs n 1, cox of Boto, Miss, Mr and Mre Bliss j L Ce n ° f BrieUy5 ' Mr atui Mri al Willoughby of Tyronza Mr a°nd Mrs Gus Eberdt, of Bljthcvllle Mr and Mrs Gus Eoerdt jr Mr anj ^fre i, £ wts Eberdt, and Mr. S3 t£ 9*\ ?«»« o' Burdetto, Mis. W. annual brldje ana -Mrt w. 1" the FARMERS BANK m The IB Invited to hair the ..Uucst s ..ucst Ml', and fllrs. W L Hnrncr y for eight As . . ul t"l. 'il5l Luxora Society — Personal .-..-. Orle'na liircs, who was n iwtlcnt in ihe MelhpdlU hospllii] for -rcvenil week;:, ii'ac returned home, she Is convuIe'sctnB' Vapidly. Mrs. Lillian Krier o'f Shrcvcport La., who lias been (lie guest o'f her brothers and Iheir families fur several -months, -has gone to Aluy- 'leld, Ky., lo.-bi'vlic gjiest of'hci wster, Mrs. May perry, for the remainder of the winter. Mrs. Chester D,indhom;r. who underwent a mujor ppei-atlon in 'the Baptist hospital in Memphis it iimeli Improved and vviil 'return home at an early daU;. .Dr. and Mrs. li.'A. KimbroiiBh will leave Monday for a stay of ten nays in Miami, lv i,cre they w» b: the guesis of their s'on- Ui.lB«- and daughter, libv. and Mif. Paul Cooper. Wednesday iiight Mr. and Mrs. Jctsc Brown were hosts lo the O-L bridge club. Twenty-four cue enjoyed their 'hospitality. p r j were awarded Mrs. RnE tU BQ^ nntl Mr. Louie Walters. ' " Thursday night a negro inihstrel as given at llic high school n'u- 'IMoiii,m under Ihc auspices of the Junior class. Mr. and Mrs. ij. c. Langston JVC purchased the Alvin 'Wuii- fl'/s o/ Ntws Mostly PersoiiBi . . been r*i "j tivi C(Plt _ icon, who s|xint,"UiV vvceWnrt with her parents, ,Mr.; B |,d Mrfi . j ll() Conoon, to - ca,pe Glracdeau Wc5b,,,|ocii high school the week end ;tt Nersvllle, Miss, ....__— , ^v.,,,, cCon.dltt and M«i- rla Conrad-.were guests of Mi<4 ^renls, Mr, and Mrs \. ' Clnm-n/l ni /-i«..* ^.i Mr. and Mrs. R, E Martin hid as theli guest*. la?j, everilng Mi .lid ^rri, MJIJer Mwrsj, of Wilson. Mr and Mrs. W. t. Corner and sou, JacJc, ar« ppeiidlng Hie. week••id In Blooinfleld, MO Moirlson Rlchaidson, o| Memphis, attended, to bus|iic4b hue Wednesday Mi and Mis P, D Undo]wood of Little Bock have arrived heie for several weeto>, uilVi Mi and Mrs Gcoigc Jvlnir W J Knox h ill fiom inOueiua at his home on West Walnut St Mrs John H Lon? and chil- dien, Mrs J H Frltzlus, Mrs J J Davb, and Mrs J H Fikher «il| go to Searey, Ark tomonov for the funeral of John Stuart of beaioy who died yesterday m a Monroe, La, hospital Iho deceased was a brother-in-law of Mis Long Mrs Friului and Mrs Miss Pauline Condilt, |owl .j", 6|>ent the. week end : ^o/ne in : ijsyti. • Miss Maria Conrad iceK end. in cjp ihe guest of her \ mnm Mis Ohdrles A Conrad Holland News Notes Mi and Mn> C p Jenkin* ai d eoii, Andrew, of New Sumy, nut v.cek er,d guesli of Mr ,md Mio RiiWll Little P D Muiphy, of East SI Louis Hubert UUcj, nii<i jack Edvvauls si>ent Monday in Memphis, whcie ihey attended tp business Joljn Gates left Tuesday for PVVCBO, M|ch to visit. Mr ano Mis Alan Gates ana family Miss Almn EUis Q f Jefteison Citj, Tenn urnv id last vicek lo mke the place in the school f ulty iccenllj vacated by Mn, v g mi, the former Miis Clara Henderson ^ Mis Maltle Strodes of Bia»ija- dotio has been the hwisegiiest of Mi, and Airs, Bill bherv-ood this vv ceK ' Beit Robhiion of Mcmjihis 'vus the sue4 of hj!, mother, Mn. w B Robinson, last .veek Harry Bea, son nnd Louis Robinson, of Memphis weie guests of Mrs nobmson Tnewlav night Mrs Pan in wiNon and diugh- LAUNEDY Mrs. Max Parks, the Opening of a BEAUTY SHOP f |ii Ijer Home (>3i Vv. Tviaiii ,','• y Work of A'll ' REOUDED PRICES Slmmpoo & . . gpti. , Htre'.?(ir|(Jky. fruits of eixce.and > Mis, Mr. , 'who bus J)«u /or two weens, to ;hcr home at fjh'c; was SATURDAY,, FEBRUARY 2, 1035 with' Key to the Sunday. . .n , , . . .. ?, KS, .Hoiness, love (dinner will be served to -he kingdom of ncaven-rcign\rur'which the e»0rc af 11 " 1 ' 5ln ' dlscase ' aliu Will be devoted lo • ylln -•' "' Sunday school, a a, tn, Morning worship,. Jo a. n 1 Adult Biplc .Cl*f«, 6:31) p. Evening, worship, i:3b p,'« Instnictl.on elites, Monday Wednesrtsy, .3:3(» p. ni ' Class ; 6h Bible Fi'lday.7 p. in. Fundamentals, death w.l|l diitilnlsh untl) they lin- i8lly disappear'.' (page 2J8). A Cnitolan Bcleiici message Is broadcast etery Wcdnc«lay at 10:30 a. m.' over KLCN. HKST CIlltlSTIAN CllUKCJI Sixth and M-ifn V. BmiiKtt Butletworth, Minister. Sunday school teachers' hieet- Come a. m. nnd sec - Y °"' arc p. in. Invited to which class will drive the bus lo-. day. I o. E, Day will bo observed at the 9:'I5 period by tho young people, one cordially iiivitc'd'tp bc'nresent". . LAKli H't'RJJET METIIOUIST V. E. Chalfanl, Ifistor Sunday Ecn r ices: school, 0;« a.m. Iveiton Morrk, isfnerul superintendent. • ohureh, 10:50 a.m. Subject, "A Christian or Christian." i. Young people, 7 pjn. Church, 7:30, Subject, "Can Christ Cast Out Modern Devils?" trie c. sa H'ce . Wolf Lod Cj ID, vncro , , n be employed ' ,, M1S Harold Cuniford Jeft Monday night for Flint, Mich, to be with h«i- husband, who is i!| Amateur Night Program at Manila Next Tuesday MANILA. Ark -Ai> umiitcuV n eht progiam promres two lioips >i M" *£ l i e ' lte "9'»'"ent TiiwdaV 'BW- febi uaiy 5, at (hc Manila Me.tho<{lsj, cbuich Austin, Ui e Milk BIOS, Will and othei r arm >iis theater and radio stars vuli be Impersonated One wlip will undoubteclJv attract and hold the attention of the audience will be (he Mystery -a peison we|l known thru section r,hose name vvHl not ?u , the n)g , Jt of ^ HlKTHODtST' ,,. w W. Main arid Seventh W.-.V. Womack, P»stor Ofilifch L-chool, 9:45 a.- m. . "Jesus the Great Physlmn" will' v """-"-wwn.' be the pastor's subject at the E '' owl "£ "Pldly. hioriiing service. The monthly whns " m '»'- >•"» communion service will be observed. , i Young people's League services 6:30 p. m. . "Hoiv To Be Great" wiu be the ccrmon subject, at evening service "t 1:30 o'clock. S|>ecia| music by the choir. Visitors invited and welcome wishing to ajipcjr on Ihc piogram as in amateui reader humorist, soloist, 01 nn pcrEOjh toils : Imlted to see ,\i re o L tnidtr In charge ^Mifvyu. vi u j^Lti^i "y ijiu young people, "Ulessed arc they that hear the and b v " upccinl radio broadcast Word of'God and keep it." (Lk OV(1 >' KLON Sunday afternoon-at 11,28). ' - • • " • |3 o'clock. o'clock. Worship services 11 a. m. Six o'clock sormon will be: "Tlie lljse of the Anti-Christ." 'C. E. for young people is ul 5 . in. unurch-ulght on Whosoever reads is cordially invited to all our services. FIRST CIIUKCII OK Tilt: NAKAUENli Lii|ilia 0. Beastcj-, p;istoi- Sunday school, 0:45 r..m. E. L. Evans, supt. Morning .worship, n a.m. Permon snoject: "The Meaning ol vfo*tv,io iiiYJLtU unu WCJCOme "IUJI euujc The-Board of stewards will meet Pentecost." Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock. N- Y - P. S,. 6:30 p,m/i:v . — Evening eVaiijelisiic ccrvicc, 7:15 C11HIST1AN SCIENCE SOCIKTV P: m 'Sermon 'subject, "Does Your At-Hotel Noble '.'..-' 'Anchor Hold?". "Love" is tlie subject of v nli Lessoii-gcrmoh which will be Vead- in all churches of Christ, Scientist, Sunday iriornhig at n o'clock. The Golden Test is: "Beloved, If God so loved us, we ought to love one another" (1 Jolm -l:il). Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon 'is the following from tile Bible: '"And when'he hacj called unlo him his twelve disciples, he gave them poiver against unclean spirits, to cast them out., and to l) ca ' all manner of sickness and ail manner of disease" (Matthew 10:lV. The Lesson-Sermon • also Includes Ihe following passage from flic Christian Science textbook, "Sci- - - Mississippi County Singing Convention ivill 'meet at'our church "•JB^eJaJTiiiiiiariiiiii-. Announcement Dr. Cha.s. Schei-cv, Chiropodist ' Will be in Shoe Department of the New York Slore Tuesday, Fcb oth, 9 to 5 O'clock. Phone MU for. Appointments MUST li.YrnsT Walilut at Kijlith Cjipcnler, I'aslor Sunday: 9:30, BiDlf school. Alvin Molly, Supt: Five hundred 'is our aoal for Sunday. 10:-10, 1'reacliing service. Dr. Edgar Williamson, preacher. .0:30, Training school. A plan for every member. 7:30, Preaching service. Sermon by Ihe pastor. Wednesday, 7:00. church night service. SECOND IIAI'TIST CllUtlC'll J. 'T. Henfro, Pastor Bible School, 10:00 a, m., Thomas. BogUll, Supt.- • - 1 .: , No morniiig preaching service /' B. Yi'P. U.. C:00'p. in. Evening service, 7:30 p. tn S C |-. moii by the Rev. G. B. Smallcy, of -JacUsoii,- Teu'n. : Ninety-four, out of . every 100 women in India are liiotltcrs.' • I60-ACRE FARM FOR SALE All in cultivation—'..'. mii c 'from city limits and" highway. Land has good cotta contract for 1035 an'rt 'buyei can have possession ifnniccll Jtely. S«0 per acre. G. G. CAUDILL l'hon'c.?97' FIRST CHURCH Announcin the opening of the SERVICE STATION at the Arkamcis State Line On Highway 61 HANDLING SHELL GAS AND OIL and Tires FIRESTONE d Tubes ^m \ "v,.^« T We Invite You to Visit Par Station WeeaiiHM. you these ad-, vantages: jiouHeous, skilled stt- tendahts,' depeiicMl)Je product's, . ^HSoiine"- at 'Missouri prices. '"'f'iy. : Burton's 'once arid you'll * always come: back!"

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