Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 3, 1897 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 3, 1897
Page 18
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RESULTS IN THE WEST Ohio Claimed by Both Parties on Governor and Legislature; the Official Returns Required. EEPUBLIOANS IN IOWA GET THESE Plurality Reduced to About 17,000. us It Looks So Far—Legislature Is Republican. JFuslonlsts "Win lr. XebrasJco, a* Clnimrd.by from 40.000 to 33,000—Nothing Kvltuble from Kansas-Silver Men Win in Keu- turky—Colorado in Doubt—South Da- kol:i Republican— Detroit Elect-) a Democratic Mayor bj- nn Inori-ased Plurality —Uloodshed in Kentucky. Columbus, O., Nov. 3.—Latest claim this morning "of Republican state committee is 9,000 plurality on state ticket, and as to legislature: Senate—IS Democrats and 17 Republicans; hi;u.-v—07 Ilepublican.'-- and 4S Democrats; 1 doubtful senator and 4 duubtful members of the? house. Columbus, O., Nov. 3.—The result in Ohio is so close that it may require the official count to determine the result, es pecially on the political complexion or the legislature. The Republicans and the Democrats are both claiming the state, ard the legislature with such persistence that it will require the cfflcial count £t least to get or.e or the other to concede defeat. Incomplete returns indicate the election of the Republican state ticket by from 10,000 to 12,000, but the result «n the legislature is so close that no definite figures can be given on it now. The Republicans claim 54 representatives and 17 senators sure, or 71 votes on joint ballot—73 being necessary to elect a senator. They aslo claim all of the twelve representatives whose counties have not been definitely heard from, and •11 of which are in the doubtful list. Out of the five state senators yet to hear from they clahn three, so that the result on the legislature cannot be determined till all the doubtful counties and districts are heard from. Both sides *re watching the count very carefully, especially on the legislative candidates that are in doubt. The change from the result of last year shows that the Democrats have gained in all the cities except in Cleveland, The gains in Cincinnati and Columbus were very large. The Republicans sained In the rural districts, but most of the changes were due to the stay at home vote in the rural districts, •which was fully 15 per cent. Cleveland. Nov. 3.—At 1 o'clock this morning Senator Hanna claimed a majority of the legislature on Joint ballot. Columbus, O., Nov. 3.—At 2:30 this inorning the Democrats claimed 9 majority in the legislature on joint ballot and a majority in both branches of that body. Cincinnati, Nov. 3.—The following are the complete returns from all the precincts of Hamilton county: Bushnell, T-iep.. for governor. 41,121: Chapman, Dem., governor. 39,Gil. BushneH's plurality, 1.511. On the legislative ticket Cohen, fusionist, received 41,39Ti votes. Harris, the highest Republican on the senatorial ticket, received 39.4-IS votes; Cohen's majority, 1,947. The other fu- slnnist candidates on the legislative ticket ran very nearly up to Cohen's majority. Candidates on the fuaionist county ticket had majorities of from 2.600 to upwards of 3.000. FUSION TBIUMPHS IX NEBRASKA. Bryiin Men Claim the State, TlionRh Republicans Do Not Give It Up. Lincoln. Nov. 3. — Nebraska yesterday renewed her allegiance to fusion by electing the three candidates on that ticket by pluralities rarglns from 10,- fOO to 25,000. Nothing like complete returns have been received, but enough are in to measure the result and indicate a greater fusion victory than in the presidential year. From fusion headquarters the following was given out: "We have carried Nebraska for the' fusion ticket by a plurality Of from 20.000 to 25,000. Together •Kith the magnificent victory for the •tate ticket we have carried a majority • f the county tickets. The causes leading to the result is a determination or the part of the people of Nebraska to demand more and better money through the free and unlimited coinage of gold and silver." Chairman Mercer, of the Republican: committee, is sick at his home in Omaha. Secretary Sizer was unwilling to make any statement i;i absence of more complete returns. The State Journal (Rep.) on returns from seventy precincts out- Bide of Lincoln and Omaha, concedes the defeat of the Republican state ticket. Lincoln. Neb., Nov. 3.—At 1:30 this (Wednesday) morning 124 precincts outside of Lincoln and Omaha had been received by The State Journal showing a net fusion gai:i of 1.221. If this ratio of gain is maintained the fusion plurality for the mate, outside the two cities' mentioned, will be very close to JO.OOO. Election in Kentucky Goes Silver. Louisville, Nov. 3.—A conservative es- timato placos the majority of Charles !P. Weaver, Democratic candidate for I mayor, over George D. Todd. the pres- I ent incumbent, at from 3.000 to 3,500. ' The entire Democratic ticket is un- I doubtodly elected with him. Contrary tc the expectations of many the election was a comparatively quiet or.e. There was not a groat deal of scratching, and the minor personal issue? were lost sight of when the voters came to decide on those involved in the struggle between the leaders. The returns frnr* the state are meagre and unofficial. According to these Shackelford. Silver Democrat, is leading Bailey. Republi- »an. by about 5.SOO votes. The National Democratic vote is- very light. Republicans Carry South Dakota. Sioux Falls, S. D.. Nov. 3.—Indications »re that the Republicans have won in Bouth Dakota. Smith, Rep., is elected Judge to. the First district by a close rote. In the Second, Jones, Rep., probably elected by 400 majority, overcoming »n adverse majority in 1S96 of 1.050. Smith, Rep., In the Fourth district, ii «iected. and the alection of Campbell. Rep., In the Fifth district, is claimed by WOO majority. Qaffey, Rep.. Is eertmJn- . TJi« y LABOR'S FRIEND—NOT THIS YEAR. —Denver News. Third is In douM. The Populists have probably carried one district, the Eighth, and Wilson, Rep., Is leading in the Seventh. GAVK THE REPUBLICANS A SCAKE. Plurality Reduced In Iowa toAbont 17,000 —Legislative Situation. Des Moines, la., Nov. 3.—The election In Iowa yesterday has given the Republicans something of a scarce, and the Democrats have been much encouraged. The Republican plurality last year was 65.522; the estimates of the state committee for this year were 43,000. Th<? oy som'e'hYng like 4.KO. Rooert W. Webb (Dem.) is also elected a justice of the peace. The Republicans elect John A. Schmid city clerk by something over 2.000, and al:?o elect Felix A. Lemki as justice. The Democrats gain two aldermen, and the new council will stand twenty-one Republicans to thirteen Democrats. Mayor Maybury's majority exceeds what he received in the special election for mayor last spring by 1,600. President Hears tlie Returns. Canton. O., Nov. 3.—After dinner yesterday the presidential party received the early returns at the Day residence, and at 9 o'clock was drivn to the home of Mother McKinley. At 11 o'clock the party drove to the special train in wait- ir.g at the station. All were greatly interested in the returns and r.one retired until a late hour. LESLIE M. SHAW. returns from about one-fourth of the 2,005 precincts of the state show that the Republican plurality will be 17,000. more or less. These returns are from ail parts of the state, including both city and country precincts, and it is believed that the ratio established thereby will be substantially maintained. The ratio of Democratic gain has been at about 23 to a precinct for nearly 500 precinct?. That will give the Democrats a net gain in the state of about 47,000. The legislative ticket returns arc slow in coming in. The best estimates obtainable here give to the senate 36 Republicans, 12 Democrats, and two districts in doubt. Of the members of the house probably 65 out of 100 will be Republican, giving them a safe working majority in both houses. The "sound money" Democratic vote runs less than 3 to a precinct, but will probably reach 6,000 or 6.000 votes in the state, perhaps les?. The Prohibition vote is a little heavier than the "sound money" Democratic vote. It will probably amount to S.OOO in the state. The "middle-of- the-road" Populist vote is inconsequential. Chairman McMillan, of the Republicans, claimed essentially the above to be correct estimates, although he thinks the Republican plurality will go up '.•') 35,000 when the country is heard frum. Chairman Walsh, of the Democratic committee, made no claims, except that they had given the Republicans a close call and the later returns he thinks may throw the result in some doubt. MARYLAND'S POSITION DOUBTFUL. Legislature May Be Chosen 'Which Will Defeat Gorman. Baltimore. Nov. 3.—The Republicans have elected their entire municipal ticket in this city, and will control both branches of the city council. They have also carried all three of the Baltimore legislative districts and the seat in the Jnited States senate now filled by Gorman hangs in the balance so that a few otes may turn the scale. How close the contest for the legislaure is may be seen from the fact, based upon partial re- I.ight Vote in Colorado. Denver, Nov. 3.—A light vote is reported from the state on supreme judge, the only state officer to be elected. Betting on the rosult is $100 to $75 in favor of Gabbert, Populist-Democrat, against Hay t, Republican-Silver Republican. Re- turcs are meagre. Both sides claim victory, but neither claims over 5,000 majority. Fi£li!iii£ Parson in I'ennsylvania. Philadelphia, Nov. 3.—Returns from the state indicate that Dr. P. C. Swallow. Prohibitionist candidate for state treasurer, known in politics as "The Fighting Parson." has received more than 125.000 votes. In the counties of Blair, Clinton. Cumberland. Dauphin. Huntington. Lycoming, Junlata, Moun- tour, and Northumberland the returns indicate that Swallow defeated Beacom, the regular Republican candidate. In 1S95 the Prohibition vote in the state was 20.779 and last year it. was 19.274. The indications are that McCauley, the Republican candidate for auditor general, received about 170,000 plurality. The Votf in Rhode Island. Providence. R. I., Nov. Z. —A light vote was pojh-d in the five Rhode Island cities. Indications point to the election of the Democratic candidates for mayor in Providence. Newport and Central Falls. Woonsocket and Pawtucket are probably Republican, they retaining control of the city councils in the five cities also. Democrats Curry Virginia. Richmond. Va.. Nov. 3.—A light vote has been polled all over the state. The majority of the Democratic ticket is very large. Returns indicate the election of r.o Reupblican or Populist to the legislature. In the last legislature the Republicans and Populists had a combined representation of 3S to 140. Port Huron Klccts Kepublicans. Port Huron, Mich., Nov. 3.—Every Republican candidate for city offices was elected yesterday by safe majorities. Stevens. Rep., for mayor, has 24S plurality over Welhnar. Dem. Wellman wagon in Tvhlch'lhe negroes were hauled to the country. The wounded— Charles Graham, colored, occupant of returning wagon; Walter Gains, white bystander. There is no confirmation of the rumor that several negroes are dead and concealed about town. Norfolk, Va., Nov. 3. — A riot was almost precipitated in Berkeley yesterday morning. There are two Democratic factions in the county. The Cole faction seized the voting place of the Nerbern faction on Berkeley avenue, but left the books in charge of the regular clerks. who after a hot discussion retired to the mayor's office and opened a new voting place. They left the crowd in pos- sion of the booth. Mayor McCoy expected further trouble and requested that one company of Portsmouth military be held in readiness to await a call from him. No one was injured or arrested. New York. Nov. 3. — Former Judge Alfred Walling, one of the best-known Democrats in Monmouth county. N. J.. committed suicide at his home in Keyport yesterday by shooting himself in the head. He died almost instantly. Judge Walling went to the polls early, voted and then returned to his residence, where he shot himself. It is thought that the immediate cause of his act was anxiety over the outcome of the election, his brother-in-law and business partner being a candidate. Mount Vernon. Ky., Nov. 3.— A number of tough characters created a disturbance at the Crooked creek precinct in this county yesterday afternoon. Sheriff Mullins atempted to restore order when a general shooting affray took place between the sheriff and his deputies and the disturbers, three of the latter being killed. The dead are: Henry Landford, John Lawrence. Charles Payne. N HAS A CLOSE SHAYT. Return to the Senate Seems to Depend on One Legislator. Baltimore. Nov. 3.— The Republicans have elected their entire municipal ticket in this city, and will control both branches of the city council. They have also carried all three of the Baltimore legislative districts and the seat in the United States senate now filled by Gorman hangs in the balance so that a. few votes may turn the scale. How close the contest for the legislaure is may be seen from the fact, based upon partial returns, the conservative estimates give the Republicans 57 and the Democrats 60 in he lower house of the legislature. The Republicans have 9 "holdover" senators; their total on jointballotwould be 6«, while the Democrats would have but 63. The only chance then, apparently, left for the Democrats is to elect 9 out of 14 r.ew senators, in which event they will control the legislature and elect a United States senator by 1 vote. Of the senatorial districts 5 have probably elected Republicans. The other 9 are possibly Democratic, thus giving the requisite number to secure the Democratic majority of 1. Chairman Scott, of the Republican state committee, gave out the following written statement at midnight: "I am very well satisfied with the result, so far as heard from. We have carried Baltimore city, including the three legislative districts, by at least S.OOO majority, and our advices from the state indicate that the Republicans will send p. successor to Mr. Gorman to the United States senate." Refused to Pay His Broker. LaGrange. Ind., Nov. 3.—Jacob Roth, a wealthy farmer of Marshall county, has been made the defendant in a novel 1 action to recover dama.ges. Roth, it is alleged, wanted a wife without the formalities of a courtship. He made John Rengenberg his agent, It la said, to secure him a wife, and in consideration for the services Reng-enberg was to be paid $25. Rengenberg secured Roth a wife, but the groom, it is charged, failed to make the tender of the money consideration and suit has bean brought' to recover damages. Straw-board Trust » Fact. Anderson. Ind., Nov. 3. — A strawboard trust, controlling every plant in the United States, is the result of the past week. For three years efforts have, been made to bring every strawboard plant into a combination. As a result the American Strawboardcompany, controlling nineteen plants, was organized. Offices were established in New York city, with C. W. Bell, of Cincinnati, in charge. Twelve companies remained had majorities in only three wards. > ( out. but they were all brought into line Eight Republican and one Democratic | during the last week. ' ~* alderman are elected. The Weather We May" Expect. Washington, Nov. 3.—Following- are the weather indications for tweiity-four hours Xo Reliable Estimate from Kansas. Kansas City. Nov. 3.—At 10 p. m. yesterday Kansas returns had been received from but half a dozen outlying counties out of 105 in which the el-c- tions were held. As- the tickets were entirely local it is impossible at this writing to give an estimate at all approaching reliability. BLOODSHED OVER POLITICS. Six Men Killed in Kentucky and the Suicide of an Ohio Man. Frankfort, Ky., Nov. 3.—Election day was ushered in by a bloody encounter on the streets between Republicans and Democrats at 1 a. m., resulting in the turns, the conservative estimates give ! death of three men and the wounding of the Republicans 57 and the Democrats | two more. The difficulty begaji when Frank Egbert (Rep.) organized a party to head oft" a party of Democrats under senators; their total on joint ballot would I the leadership of Ben Marshall, who as be 66, while the Democrats would have | E bert claimedi nad takea a number of ?. Ut , 6 l J h _ e ° nl - V ' Cl L a " C l t . he ' 1 : ?. pp " e " 1 ; i "e S ro« to the country to prevent their 10 in he lower house of the legislature. The Republicans have 9 "holdover" ly, left for the Democrats is to elect 9 out of 14 new senators, in which event they will control the legislature anJ elect a United States senator by 1 vote. Of the senatorial districts 5 have probably elected Republicans. The other 9 are possibly Democratic, thus giving the requisite number to secure the Democratic majority of 1. Chairman Scott, of the Republican state committee, grave out the following written statement at midnight: "I am very well satisfied with the result, so far as heard from. TV? have carried Baltimore city, including the three legislative districts, by at least S.OOO majority, and our advices from the state Indicate that the Republicans will send a successor to Mr. Gorman to the United States senate." j voting yesterday. Egbert, it is said, I with his party awaited Marshall's return and fired on him from ambush, i wounding him seriously, James Smith ) slightly and injuring Alex Graham, a : negro. Deputy Sheriff Deakins then or• jranized a posse and attempted to arrest '• Egbert and his party. j The latter appeared on the street j brandishing 1 their revolvers. The two : parties met and firing began. Fifty i shots or more were fired, and Egbert • was instantly killed, while Deakins was | mortally wounded, dying at 6 o'clock i yesterday morning. Howard Glore, one ! of Egbert's men, was also killed, and i "Walter Gains, a negro, severely hurt. It is reported that he has died. Mayor Julian organized a large body of special police in view of the excitement, as he feared further trouble at tie polls, owing to bitter feeling between the •workers of the two political parties and the friands of the men killed and injured. from 8 p. m. ycs^rday: For Indiana and Illinois—Fair, warmor weather; ncrthesly wiwds, becoming variable. Fer Michipaa and Wisconsin—Fair, warder weather: lifflit northovK- winds, becoming variable. For Iowa—Fair weather; variable winds. THE MARKETo, Chicago Grain mid. Produce. Chicago, Nov. 2. Following 1 were the quotations on the Board of Trade today: Wheat — December, opened 95%lc, closed 96c; January, opened 93»4c, closed nominal; May, opened 93c. closed 93%c. Corn— December, opened 26%c, closed 26%c; May, opened and closed Oats — December, opened and closed 19Vgc; May, opened 21 %c. closed 21%c. Pork— December, opened and closed ST. 60; January, opened T'/i, closed SS.55. Lard- M»yor Slmjbnry Wins at Detroit. Detroit, Nov. 3.—Yesterday's municipal elections resulted in a decisive victory for the head of the Democratic , ticket. Mayor Maybury. The official re- i The dea< ? are: Frank Egbert, Repub- turns with but three precincts lackiny, givt Maybury 2,100 plurality over Black (Rep.); William B. Thompson (Dem.) is tlecte<J treasurer cvtr Orun.g« _<Rtft> Hear, politician; Howard Glore, Republican member of Egbert's crowd; R. E. Deakina, Democratic deputy sheriff; Jotui Srniti. taxer ef ttu December, opened S4.20. closed $4.22%; January, opened and closed $4.35. Produce: Butter — Extra creamery, packing stcck, ll@12c. Eggs — Fresh stock. 15^c per dozen. Live Poultry— Turkeys, SiS9c per Tb; chickens (her.B). G^«c; spring chickens, 7%c: ducks, 7>i@ i Sc. Potatoes—Northwestern. 35<j?50c prer bu. Sweet Potatoes—Jersey, $3.25@3.60- per bbl. Chicago I,iv« Stock. Chicago, Ivoy. 2. Hogs—Estimoted receipts for the day,, 23.000: sales ranged at Sa-Ss^S.TO for) pigs. $3.40@ 3.75 for light, $S.'S@3.25 for" rou?h packing. $3.45@3.73 for mixed,.an<3" ?3.40@3.75 for heavy packing and shipping lots. Cattle—Estimated receipts for the day. 4.500: quotations ranged at $3.05@5.40 for choice to extra Shlppicg steers, $4.70ig>5iOO good to choice So., S4.4G @4.SO fair to good, $3.90®*.*) comm«c to medium do., $3.60(34.25 butojiers' aUers, t2.90@3.90 stockers. $3.70^4.50 feeders $2.00©4.00 cows. $2.60@4.9B heiflars, " ~ @4.25 bulls, oxen and stags. " Texas steers. $3.30@4.50 western rangers, and S3.50@6.75 veal calves. Sheep and I>ambs—Estimated receipts for tHe day, 12,000: quotations ranged at $3.<WgTl.30 westerns, J2.75@4.50 natives, ana Jtoo® 5.SO lambs. Milwaukee Grain. 5I9w^nkee. Jf Iff. Z. Wheat—Steady; No. 1 UorthertC? Me; No. 2 spring, STc. Con Me. Oats—ISeadr; No. 2 j 22%*. Bye-Low*; *#, i tfe. g money Saver Buyers of Five-cent Cigars Will Flnfl Satisfaction In... X Long Havana Filler, Select Sumatra Wrapper, GJJLY 5 DEHTS 1 HsKuour dealer tQiGuParioia 0. KlBfEl DlllQ CO. | sole Distributers Indianapolis >> ^^ ^ J ^^^ 1 ^^^-k^^a-<^v^y\^vC^^^,^ t ^^'^^^ N^>>^?*w^5SS3£^^ A number of large flocks of wild geese have been seen to pass over the city in the last few days. According to the old sign, this means coming cold weather. TATE OF Omo, CITY OF TOLEDO, I LUCAS COUNTY, ( S8 ' Frank J . Cheney makes.oath that be is the senior partner of the firm of F. J, Cbecey * Co., doing 1 business in the City ol Toledo County and State aforesaid, and that said nrm •will pay the um of ONE HUNDRED DOL- LAES for each and every case of Catarrh tbai cannot be ;cured by Hall's Caiarrh One: FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before roe and subscribed in my presence, this 6th daj\of December, A. D.lS*t SEAL. A. w. SLEASOX. Notary Public. HalJ's Catarrb Cure is taken internally an<! cte directly on the blood and mucoueeurfacef of the system. Send for testimonials free. F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, 0. Sold by drutrpisrs, 75c. Hall's Family PillB ore the beet. Mothers Praise Hood's Sarsaparllla becanefc, by its great blood enriching qualities, it gives rosy cheeks and vigorous appetites to pale and puny children. Hood's Pills are the favorite family cathartic and liver medicine. Price 25c Mr. Fred fix will go to Huntington within the next ten days to accept the position of city editor of the Daily News-Democrat California Limited. Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cars between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles. Cal., running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every "Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 :00 p. m.. arriving at Los Angles. Saturdays and Tuesdays at 0:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc . ,call on or address WABASHKR, Logansport, Ind. Miss Hastings Paused But our readers will not pause—except "when compelled to—aftey they begin Will N. Harben's new story The North Walk riystery It will be published in this journal. Mr. Harben is rapidly making a. reputation as one of the leading novelists of the day. His latest is a rattling detectiT* story- HUMPHREYS' WITCH HAZEL OIL C Piles or Hemorrhoids Fissures & Fistulas. Burns & Scalds. I J Wounds & Bruises, ^ Cuts & Sores. Boils & Tumors. I? Eczema & Eruptions. Salt Rheum & Tetters. E Chapped Hands. Fever Blisters. Sore Lips & Nostrils. O Corns & Bunions. ^ Stings & Bites of Insect*. Three Sizes, 250, 500. and $1.00. Sold by druggists, or sent poet-paid on receipt of prM> HCirllUtYS'IED. CO., Ill * III WIUiaBt.,*•»!«*. IN/IAN HUNDREOSofMen wrecking out a raiscr- flblccxistcnce for want of knowinffwhnttode* forthcmselve*. 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