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The Press Democrat from Santa Rosa, California • 22

Santa Rosa, California
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Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Taylor, tB Press Democrat, Santa Rosa, May 12, 1957 EMPIRE AVIATION from North Bend, were down during the week in their 172 to visit friends in Sebastopol. Business in Santa Rosa brought W.

E. Lawoll, an Areata lumber-, HEALTH By Dr. W. I. Wright.

B.C. SRJC Flying Students Qualify in New Craft man, tiown irom tiumDoiat county in his Cessna 182 with two com t'. I 1 panions as passengers. Edward J. Tracy, son of Mr.j ABMV PFC.

Angel Routes and Mrs. John W. Tracy, 2370 21, whose wife lives in Napa, is a Silk road, Windsor, has started member of the 24th Infantry Divi-training at the San Diego Naval sion in Korea, as a supply clerk Training Station. He enlisted at with Company of the 21st Kegi- John Manhak tdward Tracy By CNCLE MIKE (job a year later making model E. J.

(Gene) Portugal, SRJC; planes for Boeing, took over at Aeronautics director, is winding! the old flying field near the site the Santa Rosa recruiting sub-'ment. station April 25. up his 15th year of aviation teach-1 of the original Santa Rosa Flying ARMV PVT. David M. Rhodes.

ing on the Santa Rosa campus as: rield developed in the twenties Mare Island Naval Base, Call- son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. OPEM SUNDAY by Richfield Oil. fornia's largest rava! establish-jRhodes Bodega Bayt was gradu- the 1957 president of the California Aviation Educators' Associa meni.

ana ouuaer oi uie uaUtA recenUv from a 19-week New Planes atomic submarines in the Pacific installation general vtiu nave we laicn suing eauiDment renair course 1 3 May 18 in observance of Armed Army Engineer School. forces uay. SFnrt Belvnir. Va. Rear Adm.

William V. Kea- TOFilASCO DRUG CO. Fourth A Street Telephone 17 Open Sundays Holidays All Day From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Warren Abr Lt.

Brthardi gan CSX, commander of the base; has announced all gates to the, island base, including service by ferry launch, will be open from CAROLYX JONES, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Jones, 2105 Magowan enlisted April 30 in the Women's Army New aircraft berthed in recent weeks at Sonoma County Airport: A Piper Tripacer owned by L. W.

(Bill) Cook, Calistoga area rancher. Scott Taylor and Gene Service (Santa Rosa) Tripacer. Sebastopol Flying Club's Tripacer, bought recently for use of members. First long-distance air vacationers of the season, Mr. and Mrs.

A. D. Boehm, Short Hill, New Jersey, made Santa Rosa their headquarters last week while vis Dr. Wright, D.C. 10 a.m.

to 4 p.m. for visitors. 1 Several ships of the fleet will tion. He was elected at the recent convention May 3-5) at San Jose The organization is composed of California educators who teach aviation subjects, and representatives of airlines, manufacturers and the military. A World War II Navy navigator, Gene has taken a leading role in the aviation picture in this area, both on campus and off.

This is his last semester actively teaching the subject as he goes upstairs at the college next term in an administrative capacity. Nine SRJC flying fans have checked out in a new Cessna 172 that replaces the J.C. Flying Club Ercoupe. They are: Mort Mitchell, Oakland; Dick Morrack, HALL BROS. DRUG CO.

Professional Prescription Pharmacists 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. 529 Fourth Street Telephone 100 be open for visiting and there will be programs to supplement the Miss Jones, formerly a telephone operator in Santa Rosa was flown to Ft. McClellan, where, she is taking her basic training. RICHARD SKELLV, son of Mr.

general motor tours of the base. When the USS Comstock, a EMPIRE Rexall DRUG and Mrs. Williatm Skelly of Clear-lake Highlands, is home on leave Open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. iting points of interest in their Telephone 12 623 Fourth Street from the air base at Amanllo, Cessna 172.

They flew here from Vancouver on a flight that is taking them to Palm Springs, the Texas. ESPINDOLA'S Richard was a member of the Carolyn Jones Phoenix country, and New Or- 1956 graduating class of Lower SUPER MARKET "Comer dock landing ship, dropped anchor at San Diego last week after a seven-month Far East cruise, two Redwood Empire sailors Seaman Arthur Hunt Calis-toga, and Richard C. Stutsman, a pipefitter second class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stutsman, Ukiah, were heading for home and leave.

Wallace Henderson whose Honolulu; Don Anderson, SatrtaTreansefuni hitting the Lake Union High School. He has 1414 Fourth Street much at her basic training, that ,4 for home. graduated from the aero-jet me chanics school at Amarillo and ONLY she has been nominated for the General Instructors School, and will then become a training instructor. PROMOTION to Airman Second Class in a little over eight months and marriage last week has lsft Kosa; James Miuerstrom, Santa Rosa; Struan Paddon, Oakland; Richard Bertoli, Berkeley; Paul Myers, Petaluma; Don Trowbridge, and Travis Scaise, Santa Rosa. The ship got a school service workout Friday when Chuck Lu-chessi, the J.C.

tennis coach a BED WETTING Bed wetting among children it parents live on Chanate road, is will be stationed at Knoxville, after his leave is over. LOOKING forward to $100,000 worth of Air Force cadet training is Warren J. Ahr, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.

J. Ahr, of 446 Bosley St. He has received orders assigning him to Lackland AFB, Texas for training at San Diego Marine Corps Recruit SchooL He was a HEARING CLASSES member of the- Santa Rosa 35th A2c Gerald F. Havner, son of bM Jl VCHUKU COKTIOl f'fk fa TASMITtf jfej-f If frr- ileum Sif Mr. and Mrs.

G. W. Havner, 203 Infantry Marine Corps Reserve, and a Santa Rosa J. C. student when he enlisted March 28.

15 months of training. LT. CHRIS BETHARDS, son of Morton R. Mitchell, grandson of former Navy pilot flew Bob Namba and Don Mordecai, tennis players, to Visalia to compete in a statewide tourney that leads to state finals playoff later in San Francisco. Bob qualified for both singles and doubles, and Don for doubles.

as never before Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mitchell, 1701 Bryden Lane, and nephew of Mayor Kenneth Mitchell, is due Mr. and Mrs. E.

Betnaras, 4211 Bennett Valley is assigned to Stead AFB, Reno, for a short period for the purpose of completing the Air Force survival course, which is mandatory to report May 20 at Lackland AFB for pilot training. I New Air Service New air service, in the form -hone. Write, or See W. A. oLAKb He is president of the SRJC Give Hearing in BOTH EARS end ALL These Features No receiver button in ear.

No cord. No attachments behind ear. Nothing to hide. Hearing aid hidden inside glasses. Colorless tube carries sound to ear.

Full range, full dimensional, higher fidelity hearing. vary common end embarrassing condition, end many it the child who it punished repeatedly for thit offense, who it actually tuffering from a condition over which he hat no control. A Chiropractor realicet thai the cause of thit condition it a weakliest of the muscles guarding the opening of the bladder. Thit it present because the nerve fiber supplying them with the power of relaxation end contraction ore impinged where they past through the tpine. The Chiropractor does the only scientific thing to doj he Adjusts the vertebra that it causing pressure on the nerves leading to the muscles of the bladder and at a consequence the muscles regain their proper tone and strength in the natural, normal way.

By removing the cause of thit condition, the Chiropractor brings about permanent results. For further information tee or cad me at my office. Or. W. E.

Wright, D.C, 349 College Avenue, Telephone 6019, Santa Rota. And watch for additional articles toon. of overnight Reno charters for groups of three, doubles or Aviation Club and holder of a pilot license. for all air crewmen. Training consists of being parachuted over the Sierra with a minimum of surviv Orange "just a little bit shook up," he reported to MSgt.

Joe Pelleriti, local AF recruiter. Gerry married the former Shirley Capri, of Santa Rosa, and they left for Denver, where they will reside until Gerry completes the last half of his 39-week course in electronics. A3c ROBERT E. RUSSELL, son of Mr. and Mrs.

A. V. Russell, 215 W. 8th has graduated from the AF Plumbers Tech School at Cheyenne, and is headed for Sewart AFB, Nashville, where he will be assigned to Air Force Installations Squadron. Sewart is the home of the Troop Carrier Command, which has the responsibility for the transporting of Army Certified Hearing Aid Audiologist FOR COMPLETE HEARING AIC SERVICE AND SUPPLIES Eugene W.

Casey, 5725 Cheli- al gear and then having to find nova was graduated recently their way back to Stead AFB. from the San Diego Naval Training Center as an apprentice petty officer third class. 2L wlefcMitiltM AB JOHN M. MARCHAK, 17, singles, and charter air freight and flight service to Stewarts Point, Gualala, Point Arena, Mendocino and Fort Bragg, was announced last week from Santa Rosa Airpark Dave Sullivan's outfit out at 244 Hopper Lane, north of town. Dave, who has been in and around aviation ever since he won a model plane contest at the age son of Mr.

and Mrs. John March- ak, 708 Washington has completed his four weeks of basic CENTER training at Lackland AFB, Texas Army Pfc Leslie L. Holgate Jr. whose parents live at 69 VV. Flower Willits, arrived in Alaska recently as a member of the Army General Depot at Fort Richardson.

and is presently awaiting assignment to an AF technical school. He enlisted in USAF last month. 507 THIRD STREET Santa Rosa PHONE 3409-DAY or NIGHT of 10, and got his first aviation A3c REYNOt-PS L. BUZARBrf DR. CAMPBELL son of Mr.

and Mrs. R. L. Buzard, 4575 Wallace has graduated from the Teletype Maintenance School at Cheyenne, and is home on leave before reporting to FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE! Orlando AFB, Florida, for his next permanent duty station. A3c TEDDY E.

WELCH, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Staple, 4344 Redwood Hwy. is home i-s '4, Meet the Men Who Manage The Exchange Bank's Four Conveniently Located Branches on leave after completing his basic training at Lackland AFB, Texas. His crew duty station will be Malstrom AFB, Great Falls, Mont.

PATRICK PETTY, whose wife resides at 509 15th has enlisted in the US Air Force, after just finishing a hitch in the US Navy. Id 'N He enlisted in the grade of A2c and picked the Weapons Mechanic School at Denver, Colo. Complete banking facilities have been developed for Montgomery Village, Roseland, Cotati, and the Windsor areas. The branch nearest you welcomes the opportunity to be of service to you and to help meet your banking needs. WAF CLAUDETTE M.

COLLE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. E. McAley, 4350 Montgomery Dr winds up her 8 weeks of training on May 13 and will be home on a 10-day leave.

She excelled so Dr. J. C. Campbell Says: Pay Nothing Until After AUG. 1, 1957 21 months to pay on approved credit .3 T1PES A.


l03Sl and Geodetic Survey, 121 Customhouse, San Francisco. For Point Arena subtract 10 minutes and for San Fran Smw cisco sua zo minutes. The column of heights gives the elevatioj. in feet of each tide above or below the datum of Coast Survey Chart SOllnHinss Thn hiah. tti.iV WITH LOW DENTAL PLATE PRICES additive to the chart soundings un- oy a minus (- sign in which case the soundings are subtracted from the unnHina.

a. MS the chart. DR. CAMPBELL SAYS: DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME 7 22:54 6.0 1 23:33 6.0 12 11:34 4.4 18:36 1 13 12:28 4.4 17:17 2 OF OUR WORK IS MAKING MODERN DENTAL PLATES 1 13:21 4.4 18:03 2 3 High Low High IS A-ll An T-io-i 9 t.i'i a Low 3 18:48 2.6 2 19:35 2.8 i 1 IB 5.5 15:03 4 17 1:32 5.1 15:55 4 18 2:16 4.7 18:44 4 A. J.

SHEPARD Assistant Vice President BRANCH SUPERVISOR 19 4.3 in (17 1 inn. 1 2 20:26 2.9 i 21:29 2.9 .3 22:39 2.8 4 23:54 2.6 i 20 4:12 3.9 10:54 0.5 18:20 4 xi s.e 0.8 19:03 4. MAY 12 PARTIAl PLATES, REMOVABLE BRIDGES and EXTRACTIONS FOR DENTAL PLATES. This TREMENDOUS VOLUME allows us to offer LOW PRICES for DAINTY, LIGHT WEIGHT DENTAL PLATES with CRYSTAL CLEAR TRANSPARENT PALATE and let with SPARKLING TRANSLUCENT TEETH and yet not sacrifice en bit of quality. COME IN AND SEE MODERN DENTAL PLATES.

Over the years DENTAL SCIENCE HAS MADE MANY IMPROVEMENTS IN DENTAL PLATES using NEW PLASTICS and MODERN TRANSLUCENT TEETH. These new materials are used and acclaimed by many dentists and are in my opinion even MORE ATTRACTIVE than most real teeth. Sunrise 6:03 am Sunset Moonrise 7:14 pmiMoonset 8:10 pm 5:06 am Sunrise Moonrise 6:02 amjSunset 8:18 pmjMoonset 8:11 cm 5:48 am Alt At 1 Sunrise Moonrise 8:11 pm 6:35 am 8:12 pm 7:26 am CHECK THESE SERVICES OFFERED BY ALL OUR BRANCHES Complete Loan Service Personal Money Orders Commercial Accounts Travelers Checks Savings Accounts Ample Parking Space Safe Deposit Boxes available at Windsor, Cotati and Montgomery Village Branches Sunrise Moonrise inn 6:14 pmiMoonset MAY15 6:00 am Sunset 10:12 pm iMoonset MAY 16 amISunset 11:01 pmiMoonset 5:58 amISunset 21j4 pmiMoonset Grit Sunrise Moonrise 8 :13 pm 8:20 am CECIL BULBECK Assistant Vice President MANAGER WINDSOR BRANCH EDVIN L. IVERSEN Assistant Cashier MANAGER COTATI BRANCH Sunrise Moonrise 8:14 pm 9:16 am MAY 18 JO Sunrise Moonrise 8:57 am Sunset jMoonset Low High I 7.31-1.3 14:43 4.3 8:15 pm 10:13 am Low 19:09 2.8 fflKmVff -1 ULTRA MODERN GROUND FLOOR SPACE High 31 0:14 5.1 1 MAY 19 Sunrise 5:57 amISunset 8:15 pm Moonrise 12:22 amjMoonsot 11:10 am to Pensioners end Senior Citi-tens A special easy purchase plan is ready for you under California Medical Assistance Act tet Us Help Youl a MAY 20 for the benefit of the community more lhan half of the dividends paid by this home-owned bank provide scholarships for worthy young people at the Santa Rosa Junior College and assist In maintaining Santa Rosa's Doyle Park. Sunrise 5:56 am Sunset Moonrise 12:85 amiMoonset pm 12:06 pm COME IN NOW NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED i I I "MAY 21 5:55 am Sunset 1 :26 amiMoonset mnti Sunrise Moonrise 8:17 pm 1 :02 pro 8:18 pm 1:58 pm MAY 22 Sunrise Moonrise 5:54 am Sunset 1:56 amiMoonset MAY 23 8:54 am Sunset 2:24 amiMoonset Sunrise wmmm EXCHANGE BAN 8:19 pm 2:54 pm Moonrise MAY 24 Sunrise 8:53 amISunset 8:19 pm Moonrise 8:53 am Moonset 3:50 cm MAY 25 Sunrise 5:53 am Sunset 8:20 nm Moonrise 3:25 amiMoonset 4:49 pm LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU Main Office Windsor Branch Cotati Branch Drive In Office, Sebastopol Read and Dutten Avenue Montgomery Village Office, 2323 Magowan Drive fhom 867 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 440 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa Offices in Other California Cities 'um IW BKmaaammmmxmsaM Full Moon May 14, 3:14 pm.

Last QuarterMay 21. 10:03 am New Moon May 29.4:39 am. First QuarterJune 5, Full Moon June 12, 1:02 am..

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