The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1935
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Served by tRe U?nted Pres* BECTHEVIECE COURIER NEWS •m HOME EDITION THE DOMINANT NF.WSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXI—NO. - BLYTITF.V1I.I.B, A1KAWAS. SATURDAY. FETOUAHY 2, 1J13B SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS tNavy Flyers Killed I in Texas Plane Crash a. Numerous Alleged Con- ipiidcies Revealed at Batori Rouge Inquity t BATON ' ftOUGF, 11 1VI) 2 itjl')— Senator Hiicy .Long con- uxlay his jhiKhly ..mclodrii - WKTIlERfOm). Tex., F?\> I(UI')—Two U. .S. navy ll.vm v.cie killed iisur heir toiluy when thui plane crashed nnd burned. !L WILS U^li-^vt-il tin 1 plant- rvii*i>- rd when its pilot aiti-mplcd i forced binding. TliC'iwo victims. wens lilenilflcil Lenlallvcly as Oscar Williimi Pain Jr.. and Genruo K. ChaltVe. The shij) had dropped lirhinil two .oilier navy plants, bclicvco hearted ; for Slnovejiort, • IJL Tli ether llyer.1 evidently did not H the"-'ship hill and ronllmi.'.l mi theli, n.u Principals and Scours in Louisiana's Nnvesl "'Purge" 1 < .. • - • _ CIIU1UU UAllly iJI.> .IHHilly ,llv,ivy\ll.l , i |-***| inulic. nni'.tiuaUon hiio! union, I I MP -iniudu plots dntrUd ill linn. I f |T lie nniinunced lint IK 'IMS sif- LLUU III ixiied." ' .'I believe we have pi overt our case." Long told Ihe world via tin* radio, "and any further ncllmi will come from the attorney r;eii- oral's oftice." Before ihc investigation started today Long announced that "mi special session of the legislature will t:e called now." U was understood lie was fearful ol clilzens' opposition if the legislature al.- tempted. to any more dictatorial laws. Witness THls of 1'iiils HI 1 ; further movement--; against llic Square Dealers and other enemies arc nt-. present cloaked in .secrecy. During today's invstigallon I/ing develojied numerous alleged cou- spiraeies against, life life. After one witness, Clcorgo Davis, a for- Plenly of Relatives Occupy Places on Payroll However rtv PAT WALSH United Press Staff Correspondent -LITTLE FJOCK, Feb. 2 (UP) — Nepotism ainons; state legislators is on Hie deullne, Chief clerk Hal .P. Smith of the house of ir:|nc- sentalives believes. Of ihc 115 available' positions to be flllctl in Ihc two • Houses. 32 relatives of senatoi's end representative!; were pointed nut on the . mer deputy •sheriff, had 'described j a couple of them, Long turned to , the audience - and remarked- i P-oyert ibis year is .smaller thai "Noiv maybe Ihe newspapers will j' 188 b . c211 ln the P nst -" Smil " rolls to the United Tress. "The number o! relatives cm- than lake the question marks away froiv. the words 'murder plot' when they write this up." The charges of .assassination plots were introduced in fast succession. The conspiracies vere difficult to delineate there i ere so nnnj °ome %ere dc.crib=d quite, casual '" '- " m \\iio told of sevenl Tiicve ' are no: comparative fift- ures available. 'The naming of efficiency committees to select employes for both houses is credited with the partial reduction in the number of relatives here. Wives, Sons and j Daughters •The 'house committee, interviewed Fred C Pniker another dppiih, had made to kill Long. Says 514,000 Promised With Long himself doing the questioning Davis confessed thai on August. 8, 1SI34:-during.n.special session of the Louisiana •legislature, he and Parker attempted to nnd an opportunity to kill tlie senator. Davis said that Parker; with ttlioui he was associated in Ihe olficp of Sheriff Robert 'L. Penh, had (old him there was SI4000 In it for MS if we would kill .you 1 "We've got enough laws m Long said tlian, 77 piires while the senrcl?''made short' work of picking (hat body's 3R workere On the payroll arc 12 wives, 1C sons,, two. daughters.' one niece and one.••grandson of legislators. " -Relatives employed in the sen- ale are:', <••• , Mrs, IvH M..Gilbert, wife of Senator I.-...M. G'llbetl, •Bi-anfh;. Mi Fied Parish,- ivife of Senator ,1. F. Parish, Newport:.Mrs. Joe Hall, wife of'senator Joe Sicele Hal! Scotland:' W. 'L. Ward jr., son of „ Senator 'William LaFayeltc Ward, ; v ' Mai-lamia; Clyde B.- Johnson, Girl Gets Chance to Star in Opera 'wo Ho I Springs Men Want lo Hcncl Proposed Stale Commission .ITI'LR DOCK, Fet>, 2 (OP) — \ flBhl. of two Hot Springs iillnislnslN nvcr chairmanship ol he proposed Arkansas raring rom- nlvUon wu.s bliimcd today for de- lyliiK act Inn on horse race louts ilium In Uw Mtule. lesisltUiire. Mayor Leo P. Mcl.auchlln, of lot Springs, wauls the Job, one eglslaloi' (old Ihe Unlled press, 'he other -nspliaiif for the posl- Ion Is Secroiurji Douglas Iloleiiklss of the young Business Men's Rnc- HB association at Hot Sprint;;,! When some agreement Li reached on that question thj vote on the 'tampion racing I)lll7"hp]>rovcil In commltlce after an appeal for harmony by Speaker llarve I horn, is expected to bo asked In 'in house. New Tax Measures Among the new bills Introduced in (ho senate yesterday'were three designed to provide, more efficient methods of collecting properly taxes and lo eliminate (eel 5 that, jLucifu Koch, Head of ( j a r> \\ * K* Iiqi Collcge ti at fl/l I aij'q Sludent', yi i- lt < , rn, 4 the eajitein (.oKlroveisy' rtio youngest singer to malce her operatic debut olnco Marlon Tatley, then 19, scored a sensational success In 1920. Mory Moore " : (abovo), 21-year-old native New In "rtlioletto" Crushing of the revolt of the square Deal Association is the aim of Senator Huey Long, shown In fighting form, upper, left. In the center is the $5,000,000 Louisiana Cnpitol nl Baton Honge, whcrs • troops' nre'on gnnrd. Upper right, Ernest J. Doujgeols, Sntiare Deal president, is Ishowii addressing followers.- Beneath him, in circle, is/abv. o.--fc.'Allen, ; 'the Kingfish's pliant henchman. /The .innp shows Lonlslajia's^ principal cttW!,%-!n.'ECverat : ;ofi-wlucli..Lnng is ^expected la 1 seize mtruclpaU-ruloi'- Riglil:'bf,lo\v,: i.8:'the.-K3jSt' Baton, Rouge courthouse, stormed by Square Dealers, who later were ousted. ™m f .- o B good title lo forfeited rim rolo with tho Metropolis D C.,;.) _ , , , , | Opera Company on February 6. Scnulor .cole Introdticcd S. B. siio will appear n, th. contralto 218, a two-section bill, provldliis IhaL sale of tax-forfeited Iand; shall not be set asijte because ot ny iiTcgnlarlty, informality or mission by any officer in the n.s- cssrrient or levying of taxes, mnk- | ng the nssessoi's 1 or clerte' rec- rds, filing, delinquent lists, notices of sale,: etc., and .providing tha,!, lubllctitton of. notice of- ; sale irrider i proper descrlpt|6h .shtil b,e silfr nclent : con nhn ' uwfi said as he opened" Ihe in j'W mnna : u 'J' rtc "•' Johnson, : 'iniry into "plots" on his life "Thp' so ' l -° r Sl '" n ' 01 ' A - J - Joluison, fiii'.i- Slaudanl Oil company doesn't c HV; : -Carl otto Cnrclwell, son «( npany . irani a special session them whnl they want. Result's of -Township Elections in Pcmi'scol County: Are Announced Wilson Cardwell. Spring-1. OARIlTllF.nSVILI.E. Mo.. Foil. 2. dale; Maxine \Vhentley, nk-ce 7>(l —rTownship commit teeiiien lo han- ; That, meant"'Hucy"'added lint nnt01 ' ljp W ' wl ™(ley. Hot | die the l!t:tt cotton acreage rednc- '. The oceupatlonnl tax on oil re- ^P ri "B s : Jo' 1 " Ashley, Jr., son of tlon program In PenilRcot. county fined In Louisiana would remain """"''" T " "- 1 " 1 fit S cent.-, per barrel or }2,Gfjn •-, day. $5'0,000 Loss by Fire at Helena Last Night .HELENA, Alt.,, Feb, 2 (UP) — VVvecklns- crews, today, love down walls nf six 'gutted buildings .(hat were destroyed In a $50.000 fire last night.' The Woolen estate, owner of five of ..'the buildings.; had not decided whether it would rebuild. Origin of the blaze, which started In a wholesale house, had ™t fop?n determined. TJ, n • r\- . • Pentliejilon. inree Uramage Districts ™<i nardy, Refused Loans by R.F.C. : CARUTIIRRSVILLB, Mo.-Tlnw . county drainage disiricts have been refused loans for refinancing by the neconstruc Senator .1. C. Ashley. Melbourne: John L. Wilson. Jr., son of Senator John L. Wilson, Hope: CVr-ll Pf-n- Uierston. son of Senator Alfred Murfreesboro; Con- grandson of Senator Henry B. Hardy. Urcenbricr; and Harold Kills, son of Senator Clyde T. Ellis, nemonyille. House lins Its Share Ifouse employes who nre relatives of representatives include; Mrs. Helen Woolsoy, wife of were ek-cte;l nl a sorles of meetings this wPfk. Tliey are: CotlonwoDd Polnir—W, R. fltn- tham. Harry Cunningham. L. A Hooper; alternate. \V. M. Jolin.-cn. Cooler—Claude Clark. M. B. Cooper; allenrale. R. T. Crlddle. M arkets New York Cotton Slcele—P. L. Kt-ltc-y. W. K. 'l':'.y- Mflr - lor. E. E. Burns; allcnmte. Jesse Wing field. Holland—J. A. Ktfer. J. E. Co- NEW YORK,. Fab. 2. (UP)Colton closstl sleariy. : open high low • close 1228 1220 1220 1221 123-1 1235 122fi 1227 123S 1235 122(5 122B r^T" •^'' P0 . l ' ali<m - T1 " .flislricls;Rep. Mart:"woolscy. Pi-anklln coun- "iJ^iii' !""?.'?• - *:••**• H "«teth Hampton. wif= Accorrihig ( 0 Senator Harry s Truman, the principal .reason for the refusal was. that Drainage District No. 6 overlaps these other districts. An' application for 11 i loan to District, (i had been refused, and Senator Truman stated it was his opinion no loan could be authorized to districts 14. 18 nnd "9 until such n time as reiinanc- , ha<( been Numb?! 1 o. accomplished Dixie Howell Signed by Universal Pictures mpton. _ of Rep. Eugsne Hampton, Lee county; Mrs., Robbie Campbell, wife of Rep. James B. Campbell Garland county: Mrs. H. A, Northcutt. wife of Rep. H. A. Northcutt. Fulton county; Mrs. Mollle B. .Calvin, wife of Rep. G. B Colvin. Perry county: Mrs. Essie B. Elgin, wifo ol P,ep. O B Elgin, Cralghead county; Mrs. Joe Horton, wife of Re]>. Joe Horton Logan county; Mrs. Myrtle Proctor, wife of Rep. Marcus Proctor. Cnllioiui county and Mrs V Toney wife of Rep. H. K. Tnnev, Jetl- erson county. Sons given employment include: Sam Crawford, Jr., son of Rep. Rfim Crawfoi-d, Onion counly; Bill hoon. Sam Edwards; niternaie. Mni-shall Myrick. Micola—John R. rranklin: al- lernale. W. O. Alexander. Concord—J. B. Newman. Lee Crockell, L, H. Dale; alternate Jack New. .. .. Denton—M. H. Farls, -Charles Thompson; alternate, .1. T. Buys. Dcerlng—Robert L. Ledbctlcr; al- teniate, Frank Robertson. Brafg Cily^-J. T, Hqlcomb. C. May Julv 001. Dec. Jan. IKK 1232 1220 1232 1211 1222 1219 1227 1230 1225 1228 Spots closed quiet at 124!}. off 10 New Orleans Cotton -, NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 2 (UP) — Heavy liquidation forced the cot ton market down five to nun lioints In the short session today The liquidation was principally t , : eyidcric6 ' : .\ipdn -r'Vi'hlch , to '• Ui -Sal '• • '? ""• •"•'•' ' ' • '"•• - : Senate, Bill 225 by Ollberl would require that delinquent personal nx lists : lie published two 'weeks between. Hie second Mondiy." in Wovembor.'and (he seronH Mori- day in December each yearj l vtnleiiri> I is^y^Mldl today ^wKerti it he-!£ ( j UK! lino^n Luclen , jICocli, 37-?K i! 'ni-olil piesldeiit ^f^ Common-^ j' MiHn in|lcgi\ Menu,'Atk, iTnd., 1 one of r hp sludents v\ere ' taken ,j from a.meetlug of ulille>nn(l ne^ro, i lenanLvat Ollmoie, ,Aik, ( arid ^ beaten tail night ,' <|J j Kueh nm] tho student,7 Robert | Reed, bolli organisers foi .lijo Southern Tenant Fanners'' union, wcie not Injured seiiously, Koch said in u long distance coiueisa- lloii todaj They suffered v.a!p wmuids nnd llieii faces weie mad,i' bloody, he explained, . ,- rhe awaliauls, about fdm 01 of them had been drinking, Cflch said. i While I wns speaking it Ihe incetlUB—held In a , negro churcJi i- at Clliuorc^a man came, lii. and nsked vrtmt. I was talking nlraut I said .the Spiilhern Tenant •Farm- eis uu'lon nnd asked him to. have a seat, lie went out, Keseued by : Rcpuly * lii a few minutes he cume back with about four more..'I hud finished my speech by that time. They grabbed me and huslled. rnn out lo thcli car, beating we and kicking me on'the way. Bob Reed (the student) .camo out, 'to sre' what, lltev were doing and lter r •grabbed him too ^ _, j 'They beat us and struck us •with the bulls of the» pistols I'.wht!? ^e were In the ear We -. •„; . e ._ . ifoi someo/ie Then a deputy fihei- ] Death IhlS Morninff at Iff came by and took 1 us 3 av5r * Death This Morning at Richmond . The; by from the men Marlon. Tlic us." deputy us •" and dio\e Into folloOTir „ ....,„ RICHMOND,- Vn.,.Pcb. 2 (UP)—i No chorees Vav'e been pi&ferrod collector would be allowed 10 ce'nts A br\et fortnight after capture In Sheriff Hounid Cnrlln said It was per name for preparing the list ^ c .*' Vork, Robert Mais', 29, and up to Koch and Reed to prefei and.newspapers.- would'.. be allowed Walter Legenza, 41t ruthless lead- charges. I (hi' same amount for publishing eys'bf |he .Trl-stdte bandit gang, Koch and Reed named two ol 'he list., (he cost-to!be added to ' to " le . chair : todny. the eioup One Ihey said was a, : (he tax. The -list, .would show" lh'e ! - M"'s. » quaking d(irk-|ialred ildlng |jo«, the other a former name of the taxpayer. Is voting "i'oiilh, -went lo the 'deitU room Justice of peace In Crlttenden lirecincl, amoun't of his personal Oral. 1 He 'wosVpronoilnced.- dead at county ' ' . B. Darnell Exonerated of Pnrl in Stolen Bond Plot .' A . ; 10 l.-oulirm Ijiml Titles jimn. lONFSnORO Ark Fob 2 (UP Senators Swllzer, Ward of Lee I ^qenza, bolh legs broken in a'Mary Connoi Mjeis AAA —A federal court jury found C aml Pnr ' s h introduced S B 22(i 8 |ln bntttc with Philadelphia pol- cent into eastern AiAansns to In- B mmell not guilty of possesshi" Ullll( "' wollltl set-up'new procedure Icp ' fo)l<"V C( l '"•* younger compaii- \esllgate alleged violation of gov- nnd disposing of stolen bonds here !m ' co »H™ing the state's tltlo'af- lon to the .chair. Physlclnus cut, ernment acreage reduction i-on- today. Conspiracy charges against l " r . «Plrotlon of the redemption lhn nlnster.. cosUs from lib still !iacts by landloids, said today fir Bnnietl were dismissed Others P^"' 1 -' The bill would supersede "nmcndtd legs .to apply the elec- studies had revealed eUdence to and nthouni. of' per- 7:5 ' ) ' n . '"-i three nilniiles nfterithc; soiml (ax due. • . .- .electrodes were fastened about Finds Contract Violations ' To Confirm ijiml TII1 M i 11 '" 1 - I MEMPHIS, Feb 2 (UP)—Mrs Senators Swllzer, Ward of Lee ivhn had ht-en a'ccnsed and convicted or entered pleas of gutlly were.sentenced. Sam La Bow, Chicago druggist, was .sentenced lo serve a year nnd a day in a federal reformatory. 161m K. Gibson, was sentenced to Act 298 of 1029, but would retain ' ro< l | ' s . • support claim 1 ! of other contract the authority for the attorney Hl< wns P ron( " nlc?< i" dead at, 8:0tl violations '" general to appoint special counsel ft '"•' approximately five minutes Mrs Mjers, \\ho has spent more to handle confirmation suits Such nftpr he vvn! ' slra PPeii In " '"'' •• • ... attorneys would be pn id l'o cents cl ? alr ' an nere for rural lands and 10 . , . . . . J. Banks, Scott Joiws:'jilliVnMc.iilwe to mi evening up movement .federal prison. years in a federal reformatory and pay a fine of $5.000 on a conspiracy charge. J. II. Myers ^ of Walnut Ridge was sentenced lo serve three years and pay a $1.000 fine. : James L. McKahiey, Imbodcn, was sentenced to serve two years in n federal reformatory and given R $5,0<X> fine. Mortimer Hunt, • alias Han-y Oreenbcrg, New York, was sentenced lo a year and a day In a Foster, son ol Joe Foster, Lonoke iced today Hovvell's first nssigiimenl will be Ihe title role in a "Prank. Mrrri- well" serial, schedule to go mio production shortly. The nlrtu , will run in 12 chapters. Pemiscot County Gins Nearly 70,000 Bale; CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo- R. M. nice. Canitlicrsvtlle—Henry A, Boone Ab? Oaitlirr. Jr.. Cyrnr. E. Sides; alternate, Henry Cain. Wardell—U. Wisner, J. I. Httrli- ssou; alternate, p. .H, Aeoin. ' Porlagevllle—H. A. Boons, Henry Burgess. J. E. Riles: alternate Stanley Edwnrds, "' Bi-nggadocio-George I.otiR. Lu- Caleb D.ivls; alter- lyavs. relunvs have not here. Haytl had an 'bill those chosen qualify when examined in advance of the supreme court i M. G. Sauls, Jackson, Miss., was gold decision nnd to weakness In Egyptian cotton. open high tow close Mar I22iit May July Oct. bee. Jan. sou nf. Rep. i. L. Pllklngton, Hemp- by the commlUeemen who met stend county; M. N. Dawson, son here Thtu-sday'16 decide on eligi- of Rep. J. c. Dawson. Faulkner jollity of all "commltteemen. 1228 .... 1221 1230 1230 1227 1236 1237 1231 1227 1233 1221 1228 1227 1217 1218 1233 1223 1225 Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Feb. 3 (UP) - A slightly firmer tone was noted on I the stock exchange today without pickup In trade volume. A. T. and T. '.. ......... 105 Anaconda Copper ....... 10 1-8 sentenced to isvo yea re in federal reformatory and given u $1,000 fine, Kverctt E. Hamin of Marion, Ala., was sentenced to two years In a "federal reformatory and Riven n $1,000 fine. - v . O. F. Sanditur of Crystal Springs, Miss., was sentenced to n year and a day in a federal penitent lOTy. Exchanges May Close chair, limn two weeks In four counties Mississippi. Poinsett, Cross nnd Crlllenden— declined to bc.quot? ed relative to specific charges nnd _. . . » . , finding- She plans to leave to- DeCISIOtl on Gold morrow to submit her leport to jAAA' authorities "at Washington. > WASHINOTON, Feb. 2. IUP)- . She **!& her InvestIgal-lon' mslnj. Ij was lo find the Interpn put on Section 1 of the reduction contract by bill would provide thai county clerks who fall (o certify 'orfeited lands to the state land commissioner within-the time pre- Closing"oTAmerican "security ' ex-''5 l « n5 lo , nn «l the Interpretalloni Bribed by law shall be guilty of a changes during, expected reading '"""" "'" ™ °"""" * " f * hl misdemeanor and upon conviction Monday of the supreme court dc-,;—--—. - 'hal be nncd up to $1,000. It also cision on gold clause -legislation I landlords and tenants authorizes the attorney genera) to was believed assured today. [ . —— — Official^ of the security and ex-jThieVCS Taking Railroad ' change commission, which hos lire T . ni[ . power lo clrxw the exchanges "In I HCS, UttlCefS the public Interest," refused lot discuss the closing but those close Railroad ties are being remov- lm A A. A cf Rep 'i Ihe meeting Thursdny the Beth. Steel counlynnd| colmly rommlltccras chosen. It r °" ° f Ren - s » mliel ; Includes OMeon Crews, Holland; rounly. , | Nelson Rankin. Haytl: Abe Oalther T have . been 69,209 bales of cotton Sinned In Pemlstot counly prior to Jan. 16, according to the report of Mnury Zarccor, slalistical agent. Last year, at the same date, thcro had been ginned 13,003 bales, or slighlly less than 4,000 bales over open high i ow C i 0 - c this year's glnnlngs. Most.of the May 83 S-8' 84 1-8 83 1-8 84' IB34 crop Js out of the llclds! I July 73 1-4 80 1-8 70 ' ' 80 pageshi|) and n proofreaders I Ir.. Caruthersvllle, and alternate place ,ire ntleri by daughlcrs of! Harry Cunningham. Kouio 2.' Ca- uvo rcpresentniives in Elizabethn-uthersvllle. Crews and Rankln Toncy, daughter of Uep. II. K.I wore members ol last year's coim- Jcffcrion county nnd \tnr-ity commttlee, and Oalther nn.1 Cunningham have each served on Gen, Am, Tank en. Electric ia Ella Hurst, daugliler of Mrs. Ella B. Hurst, Washington c'oimty. Chicago Corn pvcviote township commlltess. Chicago Whcal open high low close May 95 3-1, D5.1-2 '95 3-8 90 1-4 iitics Service 2(1 3-4 37 5.9 1 3-8 : ocn Cola ............... 172 1-2 Int. Harvester .... McKcsson-Robblns 7. . Montgomery Ward .. Y. Central July 88 1-1 87 7-8 88 1-8,U. S, StCCl M 1-4 23 3-8 31 1-2 41 1-2 8 25 1-8 17 S-8 4 5-S Phillips Pet. ..'.'.. 15 1-4 Rsdlo 53.3 Simmons Beds ,,.'.. o Standard of N. J '.. 40 1-4 Texas Co. , 197-8 u. s. Smelting .....'.!.. m Negro Wins Release But His Troubles Are Not Over Gits' pixon, ,nfgro, has been aved from the "frying pan' but It may mean a Jump right into the nre. " Dlxon, now on Ihe county farm, has been ordered released because a special judge who fined him $300 in municipal court on a charge ot obtaining money under false pretenses was not properly direct the state treasurer to withhold all funds due any county until delinquent lands have been certified lo the state. Boasts of "Bad Man" Result in His Arrest L. StnmHord, arrested near Manila by R. T. "Kid" Wright, deputy sheriff, has been returned lo Pulaski. Tciin.. where he Ls to face charges of burglary and grand larceny. Stand ford allegedly burglarized a store nl Pulaski, removing article.s valued at about $500. His boasts of being a "tart man" aroused suspicions of'Wright j who started an Investigation that s "" dosl " B 37 elected to act. Dlxon's attorney, Claude F. probably would be ordered. YORK, Feb. 2. (UP) — The New Vork codec and sugar exchange will follow action of the New York stock exchange on closing lor the supreme court's gold clause decision, it was learned mi- Hiorttatlvely lodny. Points to Opportunity in Vegetable Production MANILA. Ark—"Northeast Ark- resultcd in the arresl on the Ten-l nnsas can pn>d««> vegetables com- nessee charge. cd along side tracks of the Cot- Ion Belt line here, apparently for use as fuel, special agents- have informed local officers. Woodrow Scott, negro, was taken- into custody by Raymond Bomar, deputy constable, yesterday 'while' removing coal from a side-traifeed cor. The negro, and n, companion who escaped, had cached almost half n ton of stolen coal near the car when Bomar came upon him/ Not only U coal being taken from cars but "packing" from ax- le.s o/ freight cars Is being removed frequently, requiring In_..,._ creased vllglance on the part of merclally at a nice profit," C. B.'railroad employes to. prevent "hot JMichelson, perishables'agent of Ihc boxes." nj' L '.i D IV IFrlsco railroad, said In addressing Winchester BOy Dies the Manila Lions club Wednesday Raymond Winchester, 8. son of Charley Winchester, died at 3:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon after about 12 hotus illness. The hoy's denlh followed convulsions and a serious disturbaiv.e of th,e stomach and intestinal tract. There was some possibility Seek Karpis and Campbell der which vegetables can be grown ns a commercial crop. ., Mr. Mlchelson of St. Louis and John Holland commercial agent., of that the Frisco would be more a plan itn-|in California and Navada and other i RENO, Nov., Feb. 2. (UP) — Search for Alvln Karpls nnd Har-, ry Campbell, only members of the _____ .... ______ ______ thai the youth hnd eaten soured jthap willing to cooperate. Cooper, raised the issue by demur-1 food the day before his death I Mr. Mlchelson pointed out the rer on appeal to circuit court. VS.ibut this could not be definitely]possibilities of this section in Leon Smith, deputy -proscculor, ad-lconflrmecj. The boy died at the .growing radishes, carrots, beets, to California nnd Ne- .vada with discover}' of n machine IBUH here, it «ai> learned today. milled the error and promptly filed the same charge over again. Sow Dlxon Is to face, trial again, probably this- afternoon, before family home, 2009 West • Cherry street. Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock at spinach, walremelons and other fresh vegetables;' but cautioned Ihe club lo go into such a program slowly and with no expecta- C. A. Cunningham, regularly elect- the home. Interment was mode.atltlon ot making much profit the <Kl Judge of municipal court, .'Sawyers cemetery, 'first year, WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy tonight and Sunday. Memphis end vicinity—Fair tonight and Sunday, not mucn change In.

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