The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1956 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 12, 1956
Page 13
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I have tried hard, but I'im-ittll.airug0ini tlonf, after eight. T*«ri.~ Other men in my graduating claw »r» rich, aome of them already famoi». But I am >tiU like a beginner, Just out at achool, It-lt'« not fair th«t I afcouM ittli b* pr»c- ticinf in country oooimonitk*, but in th« dtiea I—I wiBr'WfU, I settled in a cit. flift, at Whert- tni, and—" "Y«," Dr. Van Horn's- fenOe roice stopped him. "I know.' I atarted.ln a city, too—New York. I almost ittrveoVM w- blf ttnw. No one team m»,~l knew »•,•«••, Then I went to a small town «nd began my cirew. Th* people came tojtnow me—«nd to tniit i " ' ' "1 understand," Dr. Jtrrett sale. "Th*iJt you.", And then Dr.'Van Horn dld« atrange thinf. He moved to Dr. Jarrett and pl»c*d a hand on hia ahoulder.. -I'was like you once. But I got over it You will get over It, too, In time. If you do not get that job mPittsburfhi contact me. I can use you on my itart—if you are interested." *Th«nk 'ytiU," Dr, Jariwtt said again, bit lips twit<*to«. T» nmembtr It." . , } »£ Dr, Jarrett'i ; fact ww'itin pale, but there wu a new «WB- inj light in hia eyaavHe stood very straight and therr waa only the slightest cruel twitch to his. thin arrogant mouth. Van Horn turned, nodded at me and the three of us went out. The sheriff closed the door and moved away down the hall. Van Horn shook his head slowly. "I have setn it before. It is tragic, but he can still be useful. No doctor's training should ever be wasted." "Do you believe him?" I asked, because I am really a cynic at heart, and because ic my work it never pays to be too trusting, or to sentimental. And toe memory ot a bullet slamming out of the night was still with me. "I do not know," Van Horn said slowly. "I want to believe him." He gave me a sad and oddly twitted smile. "Let us hear what thii Mr. 'tweed naa to tay." • •••.-.••_ THERE were a few Hghte in the Tweed funeral Home, including one at a front second (lory window. As we turned into the drire, I thought I aaw a face at this window, peering down at ua from between lace curtains, but I could have been wrong, me sheriff got out and opened the rear door ot the sedan with a Sourish. "Here we are." He waited politely until Van Horn and I were out, then closed the door and walked up to the front porch. ! gazed it him curiously, but he* avoided my eyes. Since we had left the cemetery the sheriff had been unusually brisk, courteous and efficient, eipecially whet, be thought Dr, Van Horn waa watching him. And he had appeared nervous in Dr. Jurett'i pretence. It was punllng, In view of his recent antagonism,- and I wondered about it Via Horn and I stood Malde htm ea he pretted * bell button by the front screen door, Nellie Tweed appeared behind the screen. • The sheriff lilted his soiled Panama in a courtly gesture and 'spoke in oily tones. "Good evening, Nellie. Is Wilbur at home?" "Yes," she said quietly. "What do you want?" ."We'd rather talk to Wilbur," the sheriff said, "if you dont rn'nd. -Nellie, you've met Mr. Bennett, I believe. This other gentleman .is Dr. Van Horn, of the Welfare Commission. We won't keep Wilbur long." ?All . right," Nellie Tweed sighed. ."Come in." She opened the screen 'oor and stood aside. As we.stepped into the somber red-carpeted haU, it seemed to me that I heard a scurrying on the stairs followed by the dim sound of a door closing. ' "'• • "* • NELLIE TWEED said to me, "Ihope you will excuse my appearance, but I worked in the garden until dark. Flowers are my hobby." "It's a nice hobby," I said, noticing that the sheriff wu teetering impatiently and • gazing up the stairs. Dr. Van Horn stood quietly, holding hia hat, hia broad ugly face vmpanive. "I'll «U him," Nellfe Tweed seid.,.... • -We CM go up," thi aberifl •add.'^hT he aint feelint good." "I'm sure bell come down." She turned to the atalra and called loudly, "Wilbur, can you come down a minute? It's Abner Cornwallis." There was no answer. Nothing but silence. "Wilbur," she called Impatiently. "Do you hear me?" More silence, maybe flve seconds of it Then we heard the sudden flat sound, something like • screen door slamming, a muffled crack that,echoed through the houae. Nellie Tweed Jerked her head, around and (tared at me with suddenly widened eye*. The sheriff twitched,'M it he had been stung by a bee. Dr. Van Horn turned Ail gate up the staii well and 'frowned. • That was a gun," I Hid. •You're dang right tt waif* The sheriff leaped tor the italn. I wae rig' behlm. him. I SURE HOPE POP OHVES ME A HORSE/' THE MOST 'WONDERFUL, . ANIMAL IN ^ OH. BOY! ONLY THREE PAYS TILL f ifcALUaCVfiUYTO •*" rtME FK1ENPS LIKETHEM/ IWISHYANCEY *»SrfT QUITE SO FONPOFJIU-. ,1ILL 16 A BEAUTIFUL, WONPERFUL fil RL. MRS. WOKTLE. YOU MUST BE VERY PBDUP OF HERf AKXIYANPJIUANPI IrlEYfcETre SWEETEST PEOPLE WTME coming from Canada. By BILL WALKER BLA7.6&, TrSRB 6HE KELL SimfED BESIPg HEfZ 1 . 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