The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 27, 1953
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL 27, 1953 .LE (AKK.V COOTTER PAGE FIVE Supporters of de Gaulle Trial in French Elections PARIS (AP) — Early returns from municipal elections throughout France indicated a severe setback today for supporters of Gen. Charles cle Gaulle. The Communists w ere holding their own and the right-wing Independents and Radicals appeared to have gained strength. The voting yesterdaV was to elect municipal councillors who in turn will .name the mayors for France's 37,893 communes—every- MIGHTY MITE - No bigger than the truck-wheel hubcap behind it, this tiny bicycle actually is ridden by its owner, a performer appearing with a Dutch circus in West Berlin. The toy - like bike's .wheels rnf sure 1.3 inches diameter, end it has a handlebar two inches long Tiny Infant Wins Fight with Death K.NTDRA, Calif, tin — A lively little infant. Louis Beltran. Jr., has won a life and death struggle over the law of averages. Doctors at Ventura County Hospital said today he is ready to <?o home. When the tot was born prematurely last Nov. 28 he weighed only 1 pound 13 ounces. Now he tips the scales at a hee 1 .thy 7 pounds 4 ounces, after being kept in an incubator for many weeks. "This little fellow Is made of mighty fine stuff," observed one doctor. "The chances were 1,000 to 1 against him and he made it." thing from 500-population hamlets to the city of Paris. Run-off elections will be held next Sunday, May 3, in races where no candidate got a clear majority. In the early figures, candidates of Do Gaulle's Rally of the French People (RPF) were getting only about 11 per cent of the vote in Paris and the same percentage in the suburbs. The Communists were getting 25.8 per cent of the vote in the capital and 41 per cent in its suburbs but Interior Minister Charles Brune said early today the Reds seemed to be losing ground slightly over the country. The election turnout was heavy, about 72 per cent of the country's 25 million registered voters. First Victory In 1947 De Gaulle's RPF scored its first major ballot box victory in the last municipal elections, in 1347. Since then it has run neck and neck with the Communists, each getting about 27 per cent of succeeding ballots to make them France's two biggest single parties. Brune said the Independents, led by former Premier Antoine Pinay, and the Radicals of Premier Rene Mayer appeared to have benefitted chiefly from the Gaullist setback. De Gaulle, himself, has been less active than usual in the RPF recently and did not make a single campaign speech for the local elections. Another big factor appeared to be the split in the party last July, when a number of RPF deputies molted the general's instructions to oppose then-Premier Finay's efforts to balance the budget by strict economy. .^U.^^— »~l^»^^ ••II, • Mil _^* ^ •f ' «WI'H»II ""Ill, • II - > " i -K^ i> * ^ K * ¥ w» v \ \ • if. m i ?_a; \; i ,.. tfuSif r ;;j||K,j 1 Barkeep Sleeps, Robber Prospers TULSA, Okla. f/P}~The .bartender of a small beer tavern slept severely through a $272 burglary, police reported. The burglar, ignoring the barkeep who snoozed in a nearby booth, lifted S207 from the till and $65 in cigarettes. India May Get Russian Wheat NEW DELHI f/P)—India is making overtures for the . barter purchase of one million tons of wheat annually from the Soviet Union over the next five, years. Food Minister Rafi Ahmad Kidwai told Parliament today the barter offer had been made in Moscow a month ago through "some common friends" and the Soviets now have asked India's ambassador there, K. P. S. Menon, "to find out what we have to offer for wheat." India bought 100.000 tons of Russian wheat in 1952. paying cash BEAUTY MARKERS—On hand to commemorate the 10th anniversary o£ the Monument of States at Kissimmee, Fla., four pretty girls wave from atop the monument, made up of stones f"om each of the 48 states and 28 foreign countries. It was designed and built by Dr. C. \V. Bressler, a sculptor who liv es in Kissimmee. Reference to 'N.D.' and Purdue Drove the Communists Wild By FRED HAMPSON HONG KONG (&) — It simply drove the Communists wild. The Canadian bishop wrote years 'Sacred Plant According to Norse legend, the mistletoe plant is sacred and mus not touch the earth, hence our custom of hanging it high at Christmas. Much of the culture, art. anc learning of Japan came from China and India by way of Korea. CORONATION SILK—Dom Edmund, a Benedirtine monk, displays two-ounce skeins of silk, which will be used in the coronation regalia of Queen Elizabeth II. Five years ago Dom Edmund planted 7000 mulberry seeds at St. Michael's Abbey in Farn- borougb, England. Last year the trees produced enough leaves to feed the silkworms. GEM THEATRE "Osceo/o's Finest" MONDAY & TUESDAY "OFF LIMITS" Starring BOB HOPE and MICKEY ROONEY COMING! "PONY EXPRESS" Filmed In Technicolor Starring Carlton Heston Slavs Draft New Laws on Religion BELGRADE, Yugoslavia UP)—Yugoslavia's powerful Federal Executive Council has drafted a new law spelling out the limits of religious freedom under President Marshal Tito's Communist regime. The law—published yesterday and certain of parliamentary approval later this year—reaffirms tthe Yugoslav Constitution's basic guaian- tee of freedom of worship. However, it rejects recent demands of the Roman Catholic church, including those for religious instruction in public schools and unrestricted circulation of church papers. The new, law calls specifically for a separation of schools from religious instruction and puts religious literature under the general laws governing the press, tthus allowing government control over ,v.ale- rial considered hostile to the administration. The law declares as a basic principle that all religions are equai and bans discrimination against individuals on the basis of religious conviction. It permits religious schools to train future clergymen and allows the clergy to hold services on church grounds, form their own organizations and collect money for expenses. Allen Pays Visit To India's Nehru NEW DELHI, India (/P) — U. S. Ambasador George V. Alien paid his first official call on Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru today. They talked privately for more than half an hour and Nehru introduced Allen then to top Foreign Office officials. The date for Allen to preseiv his credentials to President Rajendra Prasad is expected to be set within a day or two. NEW MANILA, ARK. ""Your Community Center" By Refrigeration Air Conditioned Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 ago in a letter to another priest in China: "N. D. bit the dust. Purdue took them alter five years." For that, Bishop O'Gara of Ottawa spent a week of round-hhe- clock questioning in a Red China "house for reformation." Freed, the n iling bishop today told in a hospital how that terse thought sent his captors into a frenzy. The Passionist priest was arrested in his Yuan Ling Diocese in Central Hunan province in June, 1951. The Communists confronted him with the letter: "Who is this bandit. N. D.?" "Who is this man. Purdue?" "Don't hold anything back!" The bishop, ill from a bladder infection and months of imprisonment, protested feebly—N. D. was only a university called Notre Dame which was defeated in a game called football by another university called Purdue. 'That's a lie," said the angry questioner. "All you tell is lies. You had better tell the truth. "Now—who is this bandit, N. D.?" For a week they haggled to a stalemate — the Communist never was convinced. Scottish Soldier Who Deserted to Russia, Returns BERLIN (fp) — British authoritie: announced today a soldier who deserted to the Russian zone almos; three years ago has returned and surrendered to his unit in Berlin. The man was identified as John C. M. Kirby, 23, of Prestwick, Ayrshire, Scotland. He had been a driver in the Royal Army Service Corps and was listed as absent since August, 1950. Kirby is under close arrest awaiting court martial. Chinese Starving In Red China TAIPEH. Formosa (/PI— Nationalist China's Defense Ministry said today at least two million Chinese The sweet potato is considered the national food of the Ryukyu Islands. MOX In West Blytheville Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:00 Alwavs A Double Feature LAST TIMES TON1TE Double Feature SKIRTS AHOY! LAST TIMES TONITE TUESDAY It's nal-out FEATURE toM! WED -THURS ... u MIUIIUMW . nw m «*i a uo UNW • *^1L i ALSO CARTOON & SHORTS TUES - WED Double Feature —Plus— ^F^ M-G-M nmrttr jtrtwh (3^fc I 'YOU FOR ME' I I PtlEffAWFORD I 1 M. Glttll • Bit TOMS 1 |^k.A METRO.COIDWYN MAYER PICTURE•*«•! Selected Shorts by Felix Carney One of the reasons w h y color television won't be around for a while yet in general use is the problem of developing a system which will require a minimum of space on the TV "spectrum" so that more stations will be able to broadcast. In order to produce a TV image in color, three different signals must be used — one to transmit the scene brightness, another to send the degree of color saturation, and the third 10 record the actual hue or color. And then, in order to keep the color system compatible with our present black - and - white, a "subcar- rier" has to he introduced to enable the image without color to ride "piggy-back" on the other one. About as clear as a hip: spoonful of m u d, isn't if 1 ! What it adds up to is this: at present, only a vtry few stations could send color. There just isn't room for all those signals . . . but the problem will be whipped eventually. From Hollywood comes the report that Shirley Temple will have her own TV show, if lii-r husband permits. Then there's the report of a sign pinned on the CBS bulletin board in the television city: "Slightly used 10-inch TV set for sale. Call ST-9000 and ask for Squinty!" No need to squint at a small screen when you can get a new 21-inch GE television set for so little . . . and with clear, steady life- size pictures that mean real eye - ease. See the new GE m o d e 1 s at BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO., 109 E. Main St. Phone 3616. • Puppies • • Parakeets • • Kittens • • Canaries • • Tropical Fish • Pet Supplies — The PET SHOP Mrs. N. O. Jerome (33 S. Division ph. 8075 REGULAR §469 I-arge Size COOLERATOR FREEZER With full set removable baskets ami separate frnc/e compartment. Factory guarantcft and also jjuar- antf.ed by Good Housekeeping, Only one In slock and we need the space. On »ale for $333 E. C. ROBINSON Lumber Co. Scout Sought In Montana Mountains CHOTEAU. Moont. «h - Volunteers by the score spent the night in Hissed mountains near here before resuming their search today for an U-yenr-old Boy Scout missing since Saturday night. Success, which .seemed just over the hill for a time, literally was washed out last night. Showers blotted out a trail which a bloodhound had followed through these foothills of the Rockies for 12 tortuous miles. Relatives and sheriff's officers held hope that frail, thin Jerry Monkman is still alive. He was dressed warmly. The weather has been warm for the area-above freezing at night. But it has been cloudy and damp — Ill-suited to Jerry's asthmatic condition. The boy went with other Scouts Saturday for an overnight camping trip. He wandered away from their campsite at the edge of Teton Canyon, joined a second Scout group for a while, then disappeared. Kremlin, Okla., Is a Proud Town KREMLIN, Olka. iff) — Tourists pass daily through this city and .smirk nt its name. But residents here refused to get red-faced. They explain Kremlin is a breed of saddle horse, as well as a place in Russia. They add not only was the town named after a horse, but it was named by the daughter of a "capitalist" railroad executive who admired that particular kind of horse back in 1894. Wanna fight? Read Courier News Classified Ads are starving in the Red China mainland provinces of Yunnan. Si- kang, Szechwan, Kweichow and Kwanlunp. It said tremendous shipments of food to the Soviet Union has caused a famine. Lie Tells UN - Compromises Can Bring Peace to World UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. IffJ— Saying another farewell to the United Nations he served for seven years as secretary Kcncval. Trygve Lie argued yesterday that negotiated compromises could bring world peace. .There can oe no settlement in the Par East, he declared, unless Communist China "is a party to it," Nor can "unconditional surrender" bring real peace in Korea. Lie spoke in a recorded message broadcast over the world in honor of the eighth anniversary of the United Nations' founding in San Francisco. A Korean armistice, he said, would be a great victory for collective security under the U. N. but "real peace and freedom for Korea . . . may be a long time in coming." "It is not possible to foresee u Korean settlement except in relation to other Far East issues ajid there can be no setllemcnt unless the People's Republic of China is a party to it," he asserted. Lie said the U. N. would have to maintain military strength to "discourage any more attempts at armed aggression," but that it also would have to "face the realities." "You cannot negotiate a tru« settlement on the theory of unconditional sui'vender." he said. "International politics are the art of the possible and practical. You have to make compromises that in the long run will serve the principles for which you stand. "As in Korea, so with Germany and Austria and all the other issues of the cold war, that must in time end either in mutual disaster or be resolved by negotiated settlements." Four Communists Killed KULOKO LUMPUR, Malaya ( British-led security forces killed four Communist guerrillas last night in three battles in the Malayan jungle. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. SUN-MON-TUBS "HURRICANE SMITH" In Technicolor Yvonne De Carlo John Ireland DELL -THEATER—J Dell, Arkansas Box Office Open 6:45 SUN - MON "CARBINE WILLIAMS" James Stewart & Janet Leigh TUES-THURS "Caribbean" John Payne Arlene Dahl SPECIAL This Speed Queen Is a quality-built washer and carries the same guarantee as the highest-priced machines. The combination offer—which includes a set of twin nibs and a year's supply of laundry soap—gives you a special inducement to buy your Speed Queen NOW and take advantage of the saving offered. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer when our stock of tubs and soap is sold out. Stop in right away, or phone us to hold a Speed Queen combination outfit for you. HUBBARD Phone 4409 FURNITURE Blythev.lle

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