The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1935
Page 6
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(Atte.) NBiV'S city) ahi recCif.ii Wa li hiftd. s-fi rre rfl* pcftchtel tor kiillni tne ball oh IhS tee, hoi!*V«f, tMeatened to nilh'a.pforhislhf tareer/ahA It #a6 only sfter tic'ieamid'lhut usance ati wcontliiy ttf aocufky.6(J (he fc-.ili&l. lip (Otiimfinced to show lils . real McSpaclcn Mops Up ln!»y Winter Mccls; l.o Hard to Head . last riii.'nrnpf lie if.iv>> advance no 1 of \Mi:i'l V,MS lo ! cwne (hij^oar fce'Wtw'rty'ifi Thms , Pine Biutf Is no otrier d«.*hat tiilh has • efer Tlic' Tlf-tifflR ate oiil fof.n llilfil , ye pr BY JttDlY nOXAHJJE \'!!A Servieo Sport 1 ! Writer H took seven years for Harold "Jug" McSpadcn to le.irn that the secret of successful golf rests in 'nccuvnty oil 1 'he lee and fine work Vllh the irons rather than, lerrllle licit.-; off (he lltllo wooden stand. And oii(X! IhiU le.won was learned. Hie young Kansas city golfer rose from the ranks of mediocre prns to the lop niKlit lii one yen,W , . , H was during the wlliU-'r nfllf (tfk of last sefl.son Hint McS|)iidfn btofd Ilk name, among tlie leaders of the money men. lie amazed (hi! golf world by lurntnj: in a card of 02, nine under regulation figures, during the Monica, Calif., pro'-amfitcur championship. That round, one of Ihe Bicntest competitive iniiliiiis of golf ever recorded, won' Ihe tournament for him, j. liscclulvc Btnie -line. ,iJWf, * Wt,fas t'r.h llir- tltlp intl , llif- iirf.l tttih, Id (f;|n ,11)5 title i*ri yHus.lh ,« ,r4w, n , PI . ^ ( ^ j roppoil ')« 1033. Y^ltir.a nml Knhsas cily^opNi^, fi'ni^hirig'leiifii ro/isjil/mj /.tfihgr-f .tliijri )i s5ioi,-i iihe.'ni of tlie field.In tire i-yrr . (lit ?>\if.M ftte, , rohnUnA . , Ir>W:i iH'r/il, r slai'rd in fit's MoliiM. I'favlly on /ndKlrig. ll Ihree stralBlit vllln imjt tnai; .hir.t U-furi 1 (lie iitarl of the eiir-'^Vfn lhi> slatr loui^ey Is.stKiffd. lifpii. ^Alwhp, f IPI,(, winter fefies, lie remnfv.ed: | Amoriii I I'm U-itihf, pWtiiilj? coh^ Momlny ril^lit'r, • ''Tills is'iJoing io be my year.'rceded u clmiiec 16 npsil the £e- wroslllriR show Just feel It. Never * ' '-' : " " '•"" •-•'"' , FRIDAY, FfiBHUARY -j., • :JS35 ; ,-. Roiip;h Match Wiim ..PAif:.C Proapnct Togcth- A "naturr.i". .3UNDAI' ..... Peter's Res!oration were c&tad to Fiat Lai-.e Sunday by the asath of Mf. MiUsf'i'm-v i!iy Sfimol . , iiitefhilloftal IJhlform Sun- 1 for F.-t. ,1. v Vm E. oii.fipy, n, n. ^.dltoi' of AiSVshc^ rpter'j1 % re.ifoTotion faint' pirtiy ll'U)l (lift if I>l»nv4l'n nt \.l- ill^-Ii Resurrection, ifljlored faith, and lh'for«*ftSt place, *jio& fisherman's bringing him hack to faith aim'life was er.tichea with ilreams of ho|i? iiroiijhl, Into ills life again his filar? lii a Wi-ssiaiite Kingdom; '" "'" i " v " i * ' f *•'•* deep- alle- aiid yef In Ilia great cllrhai of his £.11 tlii> ftanr . pf x (Motion. Jlip !m finds his •T'tvftf i.i it hrpplietic kefhiifss in fl slfnplp n the oiifslicn«_ trial Jfshv oslie'd , Is ll .not < fj,i=.'ii5h P/IS-. . >' 1 apa Mrs. Kerinafi Vis hv.V* " wsi to' this .cMtahunitv. . ' Harold Beaeham • and' JoWinv Bean spent Saturday, night wit/i i\tr..slid Mrs, Bghf t Itiilchlnsnri : Mr. and f,rr;i. Ray;, (il Tupelo, • Miss.; 3i£ moving hsit 50 thl.i rorhjiiunity. . f have 1 hit. shols \>'nr, are Jo'nc.'iboro, the oidy up-: fioy Welch, ijeiiefiilly fated tlie full, restoration was yel to come. Master; ni)d, ill . jiroiirnl'to hea,t ihe Zebras, so far of the flock of ghmtcfs rrar-! " ow ni'xloiis the ilnys must, protefsloh ' : yf;i, formancc so far Is 'his Benson, Hot Sprliigs, Pordyce, ndlns here, and Ifln Chaney, as llllv e heen for Peter following his csl 1 iqve hettcr." And if lils j>drformaiicc .< any indication of his playing tlie ""d others rt'iniilmicr oi jhivyear, n lot of pros "lelr liral ore Rninrt In find pretty slim pick- (itoiij! (he Inurnainrnt I tall. the Outside Looking In lira:;. The Pine llluff anereeatlon hn.i tlie reputation of liclnE n "inonoy" i team and despite the dltdcull Joti of niincxiiu; three RtrnlRhl (lit! XcliroR will prphahly tc; rurrd to do Just. that, when the slfjle tournament nets underway. Ills was. In simple —_--^ j.prd, Thou V:no?.'- wlll lie snviiic rough ns they make 'crn, meet in denial of the. Mn.storl W)iaT°KrTm ' *'" » ''»' 'i y'Cttf IjftKC t\€WS ly for the 7,c- n two, out of three fall fiifjap/- j tragedy must have pnlcred |i| B Tlieii It <v'n'.s that Jesus envoi .mrnt, .two hour tlmo iirnll. |«J»I when lio reailml thnt they liim n Miipln insH, not one of Holme.'; and sons, Hobei! CO-LEA-NOR TUB snuTirs HEST IOHB driving .p.nme, » la l.'iwson Little, eoiieehirntoil oil hLs iron .play. Mul the cnrrenl wlultr lour of the prds has seen him annex Ihe Pasadena OIXMI with n 12-holc wore of 281; tlic Sacramento $2500 Open, with 284 for four rounds; and hiimelf In n sheep." And then (he third time Atayljc llti Missn! (he Hull : Golf a|.)rarcnlly Is Raining n plnce as 0116 of the most vl«orous Kpoi'is. SUPERIOR COAL CO. Bui Peter, during these day he took too vicloiiK n tiwing'al the little white pi'llel : llm' oilier day. Ciuullll cr.tiqlica , <lawu on the . , hall with all tils power and pulled rib out of place In Ihe process. he's lM ; iiio:inli]i; his luck, linvini; to watch several pretty lath victory /of Ihi; sealwn, • ile- feating : :ihi!-Hector 1 boys, 39 lo,12. Cnrdwell has defeated every Dunk- llii county team they have played this sea.son. * the San Francisco national mntcli pliiy open. rttiys pti l>y Inlbly w>ien lie yrnrncil to take ilji (lib chase afler Old Mn lIKlt tllfi IlfSl In Iho first loiinmincnl, ,liij> besl- «1 such st.ara ns Dick Metz, Jolmny Rovoltn, Vic Ohez/i, Walter liagcn, Ciinrley OUC5t, Horton Smith. Mac- take u'jj (lib chase n iVcV ariain. A HaskrMall Ccnl«r Pcmlscpl cqiinlj', Mo., takes ILs basketball vcii Kdrtously. ^ ...... ^ ^..^« u ..«.*«.. ~ ....... *,...- i Every school .of any size in the Doiiald sinlTh,' Ralph auliliiiil.Tnd ' co«>\lry lias <\ boy's' ton and also Ilenry Picarcl. ' I" Blfl's iktm. In the second victory, he heal a I And when they incct they pack field that Included Walter Haeen, 'cm In. Paul RunyiUi, Gene Sim?*!!, anil, . -^_^_ otliMs. m the tlilrd, lie pnt out SfatcliinsiKcr Moves to Town .: •',• jiy ' Lafloon to enter the finals ' Leon Pedrcily, who has"'.bcen against. Hari7 Cooper, and simply occupi'liis thtf diiiil role of match-' astonished Harry with ranker ..nnd referee for the an exhibition of sub par golf, winning oil the 34th hole, 3 ami 2. . . ericiin Ltgipii u'reslling shows here, has. moved to lilytfrevllie ; from i Like two other young pros who Dyefsbiirg. .', v . blirhed up the fairways in 1933 and 1 Pcdrctty Has .decided thai' he 1934— Paul Runyan's first bid to hasn't been having uiuch success fame enme in '33, and Ky LaiToon promotini; si-oin A distance. Ha ''in- grabbed tlie glory last season—Me- lends to devote', i.i full time to. his Spaden got his start as a cnddy, shows here hi fiiii future In an ef-; back In the middle '20s. j fort to Jncf case illciulnnce, tuid \n- Powerfiil wrists gave the young-" cldcnliiliy- ;s,'i>lcs, at - locdi --'niiil' ster some of the longest drives ever shows. I witnessed by Joe Jvrnlthews, pro at Tlie Ahiencan !e(,ion h still Mission Hills Country Chili in KBII- sponsoring the shows at the writer uumac, receiver first patent musician, t^*n in n .Ireland- ard Taft War. #.-t\ftrft<)t. Oie month agatn! 5%,- Tipton ' Unable :to Enter C'.agc Game. Tonight' Tlic same .llnc-up that opened l against Joneslinro Tuesday nlRlit will snimre, off aeainsl Steele, Mo., . tonight for Blythevlllc hlish vheii cage teams of the two :chools clash at the armory. A w.tUmlnnry gn'mc, .stflrtlng i 1 o'clock will-: precede' the •.rentuie ' llui il ' wns to P 9 tc . 1 '- wil1 ' (llra event. -. •" ' ' ']»estlonliif;s in liLs heart, _ --- — sloi-y of Uie lesson tragedy, must hnvc tlioiiElil a must be feail in relation to Pet- deal. It Is possible, llmt nev.' c.f's eiitifc life, tis full Import ami mejinlnfts of the- life and ministry teaching for .us are derived only of Jesus tame 10 him, Ihonuh, at when \vb relate, it thus to the ihe dnrk moment follou'lng (ho whole life of Peter and ' to our crucifixion, his hopes seemed dis- lives. appointed and .he Mieiiird ready io 1 Here was a inaii of most impet- retiirn to his fisherman's nets with ' nous charaetir with nn intetEe a sense ot a great ho|w and a ambition to excel ; nnd to iln<l n great tragedy thnt had passed from his life. 160-ACRF; FARM FOR SALE ' All in cultivation- 1 .; mlffi fiflin c.lly llriilla ami liiel\: wny. linnrt lins good cotton^ rohlraet foi' Mns mid Ijiiyp}. can have po.-se.'Biori iinmedit niely. SCO fie.r acre. '. "'G. G. CAUDILL Plinne 7fi7 ,; COAL Now Located at 101, Nnrth Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor ill makes of rebuilt Typewriters, ^tiding Machine »nrt Calculator! Bfpairine—Patta—Bitbonj H was stances ly- these circum- \o him, Russel Mostcy and Eddie Snlilia will .open at, Uie [orw'ovd positions. Kochler -will- start at center and I'urtie. and Blackwcll will lie al t!ie;-'yiard pasltiohs. HtJrshcl' Moslcy." all-district for- w4rd,-;_anU Dick Tipton, ace gimnl, will be missing. Both were unable In ' the '.Jonesboro game, Moslty -ceing ailing with inflii- having underwent an operation for sinus trouble over the week-end. Both arc expected to 'bo ready Jor AVelncr here ne.xl week .as the Chicks avc anxloas to even "iiii 'old score with Wcintr. The 1934 district champions defeated the Chicks early this season. (hat the RHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DKPT OTEL CLARIDC FIRE SALE At Our Old Location 301 litest Walnut Street Morning, Feb. and continuing fov one week A complete line of John Deere farm implements, tools, trailers, etc., and a complete line of harness and farm hardware AH Sales Final and Strictly Cash "&

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