Casper Star-Tribune from Casper, Wyoming on November 9, 1966 · 13
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Casper Star-Tribune from Casper, Wyoming · 13

Casper, Wyoming
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1966
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Achievement Night Honors 200 4-H Kids km!?mL'ETTE . Achlev"T,pnt Poultry: Ronnie Swanson, In-r.n, i oVer ? Clmll ry Hamm and Betty Marrow; men'berw held safety; CUKiy Stewart, Jan Wag- l,.f If "V . . I Mary Jo parnell; Slp: Ronnie f"4.?" 00al 4H Contest Innes, Margaret Lynch, Llmla ntzi'. . SMI " Pr' Lynch, and Debbie Seott; Swine: wnted to tit following jroungpeo-juanny Cosner; Tractor: Steve 5 .. Barbour; Leathercraft: Nancy Achievement: Ronnie InnesJcroves; Woodworking: Ronnie Stevt Barbour, Sandra Dunlap'Swanson. and Marls Turnquist. Agrtcul- ,.,, ture: Steve Barbour, Ronnie In- ln Sfa'8 Becord Book e,MN nes, Mark HalgW, and Jim Ev- Ronnle ,nnM l,Uced 'irs lnU arts; Beef: Marilyn Scott. poo1 Conservation con,est' m4 s,(,ye Hamm, Mary Jo ParnalL 'Barbour pbeed first to the Hors Carolyn Groves. I contest. Each will rerelve a trip Bread; Nora Saunders, Sherry!0 heNathmaU-HCIubCongress Addison, Diana Allen, and Marie!1" Chlcs- cl rvt l'liCed mrnquist; Clothing; Margaret ",u "rc McCreery, Becky Cos man. Mar llyti Scott, and Carolyn Groves; Conservation; Ronnie Innes, Steve Barbour, and Jerry Swan-son; Dairy: Mark ttalght, Marilyn Scott, and Steve Barbour;! Electricity: Glenn Foshei, Tlmj UTOf, Ret Brown, and Victor Ohman. i Entomology: Glenn Fosher; and was presented with a power drill, Margie Lynch, first place winner ln the state contest for first and second year agricultural records, received a check. Home Economics A wards, presented by the County llomemak-ers Council, were presented to Mike lsenbcrger,Rhinda Record, Karen Fosher, Roberta Slates, Field Crops: Steve Barbour;,Denise Armstrong, Lorna Glen Foods t Nutrition: Debbie Cres- i", uavis, Jen bcmer well. Barbara Edwards. Marle'miester, Sharon Moore, Kenna Turnquist, and Vicki Addison; Food Preservation: Marie Turn-j quist and Debra Jane Creswell; Forestry: Robert Innes; Health:1 Gloria Mlcbelena, Nancy Hamm, Don Hamm, and Jerry Hamm. Home Economics: Susan But Cher, Karen Fosher, Debra Janej Creswell, and Marie Turnquist; Home Improvement: Virginia) Lou Duvall, Nancy Groves, Jenny Nlswender, Cathy dila Mutle, Diana Allen, Susan Hutctter, Suzanne Harden, Deborah Malll, and Carolyn Groves. The Herdsman Award trophy was presented to Judy Harm. Top News Reporter award was won by Catholic Rites Conducted for S. A. Romero POWELL - Requtra Masi ni held tt St. Barbara's Catholic Church for Serafln A, Romero, Rev. D. B. Carroll officiating. Burial vaf In Crown Hill Cemetery. Mr. Romero, 56, died early Nov. S ln the Cody llosplial after having been shot during I hunting accident about 30 mllet northwest of Cody. He was born Dee. 2, 1909, ln Old Albuquerque, N. M the on of Juan and Frances Ro-mero. He later attended school there and then worked In con structlon and agriculture. Hewaa a veteran of World War D, having entered the Army Air Force ln Decemtier. 1943, serving with the 4121 Air Force Base Unit. Survivors include six sons, LouLs, Juan, Albert, and Felix, all of Powell, and Gollno and Juese of Albuquerque, N. M., eight sisters, Julia, Carmel, Louslsa and Augeda Romero of Allmquerque, Mrs. Sofia Garcia and Mrs. Mela Castillo of California, Mrs. Mary Sane fie I of Arizona and Mrs. Margie Whiting of Powell. Medicine Bow School Shows Mystery Play MEDICLNE BOW - A Mystery. )V ft ' t O1 -: j c 1 ' " if v- v r. v I b . : i l ' a V Of I i f f t 4 ' I f . I I J If' L anir i - rr - - j ... 1 CARNIVAL ROYALTY: Charles Mlsfrldt nnd Mary Lu Hcnson, seniors, vvrre elected king and queen of Campbell County High School Carnival. Their classmates contributed more iH-nnies to school fund than any other class to win the honor. Carl Lynch Outstanding 4-H Club ln the comedy In three acts was ore Barbour, Janice Riddle, Marlejcounty, based on a score sheet Wed by Medicine Bow High Turnquist, and Patricia GlengerjifilW out by leaders, was 21 School Nov. 4. Horticultural & Garden: Barney.Buiie e-H uw. Kunnersup were Cosner, Jerry Swanson, Betty Merry Mixers, second; Thunder Marrow, and Marie Turnquist; Basin, third; Zl Divide, fourth; Leadership: Sandra Dunlap.Steve and Sunshine, fifth, Barbour; "Betty Hampshire, an' Ronnie Innes; Photography: Lin da Lynch and Margaret McCree' ry. Following presentation of the many awards, refreshments ere served, and the crowd enjoyed games and dancing. f f I The cast for "The Skeltun Walks. "wasJack Austin, Mlckle Smith, Edith Howard, l.eroy Muiilz, Pattl Maigus, Michael Neumlller, Carol Cowdln, George Austin. Vickie Mayfleld and Cindy Greenway. Behind the scenes were Judy Burnett, state advisor; Ann Mc- Neely, prompter; Johnny May, lighting, curtains and sound effects; HerbSjogren.KevlnGreen- way John Dennis, Stae settings and properties; Larry Padllia, art; Kaye Merchant, publicity and Dlann Greenway, PamJota-ison and Jodeen Oslrem, ushers. TOP RECORDS: Marie Turnquist, winner of the trophy for top Home Economics records in Campbell county during 4-H Achievement Day program. She also received sweepstake trophy for best Home Economics entries in the county fair. Seniors Reign Over High School Carnival !rfl.n.. CImilT !lii.n ,.,, r.,r.i.',- ,' rt.i.'S.-.itr i ... 1 "-.."Tr STATE , NEWS & ,v, r .. , . , , ., ,1 Lander Homecoming Dimmed by Loss LANDFR -HomecomLut ac-'n stmlenls gathered In tivltles at Fremont County Vo.:cym o ' MLsa Karen DcwgU catlonal High School tgan fr.iomie4 Homecoming Queen by Ait and Increased to fever nltch Student Body President, l yle Saturday for tt big eminty rival jTrultt. f.x.ttall game between Lander she Is the daughter and Rlverhm, won by Rlvert.m Mr. and Mrs. Harry Douglas 13-0. II cllmaned with a dance In i ,,fntolTV tt school gym Saturday B.JJ Cmta. Juidof eiiltoj The schcwl was decorated with 9ntj Boiler, sophomore; and huiKlre1s of signs and posters to ji ia mclsh, iresnrnan. beat Rlverton." Friday after-! wr mt cmi n wU - - a noise making contest won by the 'seniors whoused everything from boms to Mg oil drums. To Rededicate Vets Memorial At Wheatland Friday evening the students had a big snake dance down Main Street. They then met behind the footfall flekJ to burn the one inlriff fl r title. There WHEATLAND - RledIcatIon:terf fonr pn)l M(jndat whn tn program for 'the PWte County tMmtt mlmr lhlff and Veterans' Memorial M ument,lUcked lt. hat Monday night will be held on the courthouse lgom(!nns ,h treshmm lawn In Wheatland at 2 P-m.,: Welnesday night the hmlor F,!ay.,.,l?ov.,.,,i,,. t- .'pile went up in flames andThurs-The WheatUnd Ilgh S e h i o o I hW h Mlllor j)n suffe rd II4IHI, uiiuer iiw uiitti-um vi gjnie fate. Wednttdoy, Nembef, I64 11 Fire Destroys Lumber Firm 'Near Worland WOHLAND - A fire of unle. termini! origin broke out about 4 a.m. Tjetoy at the Cold Springs Lumber Co. approximately one mile west of Worland. The Ms was estimated atflOO,-000 which was partly covered by insurance, One pumper and one tanker from the Worland Fire Department county unit answered the call but arrived too late to ex tin;unh the blare, Th main buiMIng thai bnu""'! the saws and planning equipment was destroyed. There were no injuries connected with the fire. Firemen remained at the scene an hour containing the fire. The company Is owned by Pay E. Hanson and has been In operation for two yt-ari In the W'T land area. Hanson had owned the plant for 10 years, operating in Hyattville before moving the facilities to Worland. Four company trucks hauled lgs from the Soldier Cm k ar-a near Ten Sleep to supply Hi necessary niaterlals fur pro cesstng 30-33,0OObnardf't dally at the plant. All plant operations have ceased, Idling 44 employes of the company. Saturday morning tt big Chrbdensen, will lead off the program, tl'in se a : t ... !'. A . I a . A t .. A roior piarn iunu.siie.1 0f Main Street. service natiery. im n-iwuwr r..,it LMrfiiln..MD am, followed by tt dHIca- )IofnpC0(T)llIf iure up prvlce at 215 p.m. Mf dowI) ,h Mft gMt Rites Held In Gillette CCItS rvm. Featured w-re all tvocs of carnival games, a t r I...... .:: ''fab u.uj lb unil vi --- t ..ii,.i- n.i. - a raffle of a puppy. ! Y" ;Z 1 ' " , fW(,en 1 and,'r ini Klverton this At 9:10 v,m.4 (In1 rarnivejl; n ,p''1 ,W"J '"par th FMverlnn HaKl ww on v'ltattaiK 4 th Artillery, ' In a j!anj Erhange LiltUM t- GILLf TTE - Mary Lu U nm and Charles Misf'Mt, seniors, were chosen to rein King and Queen at the Campbell Cniitity Hlth Sctmol r. f 1 . 1. . ''!'', U ...... M.ft...w 1 ' A X' :.. Airing in candidates was bv dona(lins of tabtit show ere; Iln m riman ' . ' pennies to the class fundi, and; boys; Kt.m and Dan Hunter; Karn the class having the (w-n- jan'J Kelly Hur h; t.ree I li; nies was the Class of l!)67.tlh- ( la dulley; Jesrv ami Kury games ami a fr-e tal-nt , Niiti,1 Antnen,. The fciewatrsi to ,,rform foretliegame er candidates fir kins and (fiwo were Joe lliinlt-r arel Pat Mitn-son, Juniors; Karen lurch and Dewey lizard, sophomores; and Terrl Varner and Denny Reeves, freshmen. The carnival was held In the School Plans Program For Parents Nov. 10 jl'mirke; Terr l'owrulljIMi ('-'per; Jtm A,hni-.;the!;!lil"r"la'.s "TiiJ.uia Kra-..-."; Ki-fina L' Naratnon1; ami The Avein:i-rs, I To nmrliek th" cvhihh', the : A vfiu'.rs phyd for de 'Liree. Pilot Farm Records to Be Published GUERNSEY - The Guernsey- Sunrise School has planned an evening of fun and Information on Thursday, Nov. 10 at 7:30 p.m. as a part of the National Education Week program. Parents of high school and Junior high students will receive an Invitation along with class schedules before the program. The program will start ln the gym for a welcome and then each class will have a short schedule of about 10 minutes. No parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for the evening. Parents of all grades are In vited to vis If classes ln session during National Education Week from Nov. 7 through Nov. II. Lunch will be served at the lunch room on Wednesday, Nov. 9, for all patrons and parents who wish to attend as guests of the district. Particular People Break Into Bar Church ! John E. King, nw president of 'the University of Wyoming will i be the speaker fur the occasion, iThe heiiedl'-llon will bedellvprwl by Rev. Bartholomew Svete of St. Anttuwy Catholic Church. Martvllle. Senator Ed Kendlgwlll tie Masler of Ceremonies. The momimfiit restoration committee, head by the WTK Women's club Incl'ides Mrs. .Mark Havely as chair mm, Mrs. A. .. Kendlg, Mrs. GusSettell, and Harry E. Dearlnger. The GILLETTE - Funeral services for Mrs. Charlotte Patter son, S3, were held Nov. S, at the First Presbyterian Church In Gillette. Mrs. Patrersondledearly Wednesday at her home In Gillette, following a lengthy Illness. Pallbearers were William .Ryan, Gene Warlow, RayD.Saun-iders, Hank Saunders, Delbert .Brown, and Carl O, Carlson. '. Burial was In Mount Plsgah Cemetery In Gillette. 1 Charlotte Isa)l Ryland was torn Nov. 2. 1313. at St. Joseph, (Mo.( the only dawjhter of Rev. " ''' ' fxA Jtr9 C T tttnA CfkAnmA LAHAW1F. - Wyoming's state T " winner m 4 II phut'igraphv rec- ord'bk C'tniii -tilion has wina On May 25, 103', she mar ried Vernon L. (Pat) Patterson, Three children were burn to this marriage. Survivors Include her husband, Amick Wins Trip to 4-H Club Congress to Gillette with her parents In 1321, when Rev. Ryland bera me pastor of First Presbyterian cago Novenit-er 27 to t)"femtr. I. i.i. t .... t Gl.lette. in E,t"tiotidl'tltion, and he. wis oih or 18 inner t. committee resoiiisDile for the 'original monument tck In 1943! 'in..,-u , t ur'ui ur IV. L. (Pat) Patterson; daughter, LARAMIE -Records of water includes Mrs. Mark Punvan and .D . l,,t , Mrs. Marclt Wllcos, of San ttim ftitl fk f iiwni' I., I Bitti.m-irv r.f 1 1 - ?.,... 1 . . ""v - ihwiivwi n.iiiiinni j yri Wl 1 . I Ul II d tv .t. operations of the Farsmi Pilot Farm In southwestern Wyomlngj are being prepared for puMIra-j tion by University of Wyoming! agricultural scientists and spe-i cia lists Junior Class Presents Play GUERNSEY - The Junior class fn., -1 1 f . . ....... i. t i a rpf-Ui a;i'i a W oona ui coun-r: .'" " ' !rv and Mnte contests. He Is a Sebntpptr, of Wilson, Wyo.; :sU-year in-n,ber of HorsestK.1"4,,4 son Jms A; Patterson, i Livestock j County, 4-H Club ln Plilte "l "crameruo, .iui.j ner motn-er, Olive Ryland Parks and four grandchildren. pub- crops lestwl on the demoi BASIN - A break-In at the " - researrn larm was Branding Iron Bar In Creybull ,l!,nM "''r ims y" netted four fifths of brandy and , Th"se b,,,I' tins immw re-seven pints of vodka. Entrance of 3n eidht-yearstudyofthe was wined hThreaklnetliedrlve-iW-acre Irrigate r.,rm unit in window and reaching In to un lock it. Sheriff and police officers are Investigating. A r'iiort on Irrigated pasture. , i nstra-" The class presented "Saved by the Belle," in the Ciernsey-Siinrlse High School Gym, with the tielp of the directors and sponsors, Tim Newton and Ray monl Larvn. Twelve of th Juniors toik;i.irt In the three-act proliction. Between the first and second Musical Rehearsed In Guernsey GUERNSEY - The Guernsey- Pioneer Woman Featured In Historical Magazine In the Eden Valley north of Rock; Springs, N. W. Ililston, dean of the UW j College of Agrlrulhire, said that j the LW Pilot farm .studies will! be closed April 30, Control of, the land will th'ti be relimiH to the U. S. Bureau of Reclamation. acts the G-S GirL.' Triple Trio isang "Tmigiit. J e K iDens oi Guernsey was aearVl the door prize. All-School Play Is Nov. 11-12 ! NEWCASTLE-Catherine Mar-Iron Brennan. 93 on October 6. U Sunrise High School students are featured ln the lead article In the rehearsing a musical comedy, ' most re(.en( lssue of Ma0f. E "Swinging High." ;Brown's "Bits and Pieces," his- The production will be Tuesday! torlcal magazine, evening, Nov. 22 at 7:30 p.m. I A Wyoming pioneer who has ln the G-S High School Gym, i lived In Newcastle, Gillette and with a cast of 50, Including a Casper, Mrs, Brennan now n-ikes choir of 24 and a 15-plece stage hr &ome nere Hh her daughter, band. .Margaret. I She was born ln Dekalb, 111., The musical will be directed the daughter of Peter James and by Mrs. Gene Stapleton, music Bridget Marron of Irish descent, director. jThe family farmed near Man- mini?, Iowa, and Katie and her Ibrothers and sisters were or-iphaned in 1892 when their father idled. Their mother tad died In i 1887. ! Katie was the oldest girl and GILLETTE - The Campbell with her brother, Thomas, moved County High School AU-School to Newcastle In 1338 when he got play "Ten Little Indians" will a Job with the Burlington rail-be presented In Gillette Nov. 11 road, and 12, ln the small auditorium. j Katie kept house, sent the "Ten Little Indians" Is a three-'yonnger children to school and act mystery - comedy based on ' occasionally worked out at the the novel, "And Then There Were Home Ranch for the Lou Arma-None," by Agatha Christie. icost family. Members of the cast are Roni Her sister, Marie, told Mrs. Dreiling, Bev SlnclaIr,ArnleLlt-!Bro'i that she still rexembers tie, Pat Robinson, Dave Hoadley, the sight of Katie riding out from Jim Naramore, Robert Swanson, (Newcastle on a dark bay horse, Richard George, Mary Frances (She was an expert horsewoman, Llndsey, David Bannister, James! She met Patrick Brennan, Arner. j working at Cambria, and they Student directors are Kenna iwere married at Holy NameCath-Lou Naramore and Sherry John-iolic Church in Sheridan on April son; property directors, Mary i 26, 1903. Ellen Ryan and Judy Dunlap, and ! His railroad work took the fam-makeup chairman, Kay Naylor. 'ily to towns In Wyoming and Ne-The set was designed by Mark braska, and to such stations as Hlgdon, and the production Is un-iQuietus and Toluca In Montana, der the direction ofMrs.JuLanS Seven children were born to the Decker, drama Instructor. family: Matthew, Ann, Katherine, jMargaret, Patrick, Patrick Jr, land Eugene, the latter two having Texas' only Indian reserva-idied ln 1327 and 1Q34, respective-tlon houses the Alabama Coushatta tribes. ! Tt,e Brennans lived in Casper at the time of his retirement ln 1341, when they moved back to Newcastle, He died In January, 1358. Mrs. Brown's article calls Mrs. Brennan "one of the unsung heroines of history - an everyday hardworking, loving, praying mother." "Her life has been unspectacular but satisfying. Hers has been a long and full life." F -'J A 'ill al f hr p- Mil i ' CATHFRINE MARRON BRENNAN BIG SISTER: Catherine Marron Brennan and sisters. Sadie. Margaret and Marie. Photo taken by Mrs. E. A. Oodfrey. an early Newcastle photographer. Photo courtesy of "Bits and Pieces" magazine. PAPER BOYS HEEDED BUFFALO and GILLETTE WYOMING Deliver Wyoming' Fantent Grouinp Xetttpaper THE Casper Star-Tribune Call MRS. VERRETTl KUCHA tUFFALQ, WYO.. MR. JCRRY ESXEM GILLETTE, WTO. , , 002-3543 684-7254 FOB HOME DELIVERY OF THE Gasper Star-Tribune (Or if your service) it not Mtiifoctory) CALL YOUR LOCAL DEALER BUFFALO 684-7254 CODY W&T 587-3246 rVMtri C Mf MOm4t 358-35o7or lalUULAo MtH.1,4 358-2504 GILLETTE 682-3548 GLENDO GLEKROCX ,WaTH 436-2626 CREYBULL ,.!Tn. GUERNSEY 836-1495 k frey City 544-2630 KAYCEE -o 738-2413 LANDER T;Jc.7 332-4899 LOVELL.- ,Arr 548-7050 LUSK Tr.r 334-2574 Medicine Bow 379-2601 NEWCASTLE KttZX 746-2913 POWELL M.ST 754-2068 RAWLINS WattSr 324-2020 . I Sinclair) RIVERTOH uoWZz 856-9748 Rock Springs iv'JZ??. 362-7383 SHERIDAN !J:l 674-9393 SK0SH0H1 ,r:k 876-2528 SUHDANCE "TStJa 283-1881 Thermopolis WKi.'W. 864-2372 Wheatland ttEr 322-3132 WORLAND wTm ' 347-2239

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