Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 5, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith n better understanding of th transient nature of the many phyt ieml ills, which vanish before proper ef forts—gentle eftc/i-ts—pleasant efforts— rightly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms c •lekncss arc not due to any actual dis •Me,.but simply to a constipated eond' tkra of the system, which the pleasat family laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt lj removes. That is why it is the onl; imnedy with millionsof families, andi. •mrywhero esteemed so highly by al . who value good health. Its bcneticia •fleets are duo to the fact, that it is th< one remedy which promotes .interna •leanlincss without debilitat-'ng 1 tin ' organs on which it acts. It is therefore •if important, in order to pet its bene fleUI effects, to note when you pur •hide, that you have the genuine arti •!«, which is manufactured by the Call inrnia Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by •11 reputable druggists. If in the enjoyment of good health •Bd the system "is regular, laxatives 01 Other remedies are then not needed. I: •fllicted with any nctnrt.1 disease, on< Mftjr be commended to the most skillf u fbysicians, but if in need of a laxative OM should have the best, and with th< •well-informed" everywhere, Syrup of Figs stands highest and is most largely —iandffivcs most general satisfaction A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA - IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN, Ow the Sunset Route-New Orleans ..-• to Ixw Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April 16th. Tbe ••perlor accommodations given the .gnat' bumber of patrons ot the above tnln during the past tourist season, Xwarranla tbi; announcement of plans -tor next season of finer service with «qulprnent superior- to anything yet known in transcontinental traffic. Look for . early re-inauguration of «8DNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Sunset ",*oote".ln connection with the "Queen *nd Crescent Route" are running the only line of through tourist Pullman Sleepers leaving Cincinnati every /(Thursday evening for Los Angeles and inn Francisco. These excursions are specially .con' flatted, and the object Is to enable those •who do not 'care to buy the first-class »nnd trip-or one way tickets, to enjoy • comfortable ride with sleeping car v privileges and no change of cars at the :,?try low "second-class• rate. •for further''Information, address W. "•'H. CONNOR,, Commercial Agt. 8. P. Cincinnati, 0. W. G. NE1MYEB, Q. W. Agt. S. P. wfc, Chicago, Hi; , g. P. MORSE, G. P. ft T. Agt. 8. P New Orleans, La, Brcxiliu Balm cnrct colds, old couehi, ttmf, bronchldi and pleurliy Tik« ' '' '' ANNUAL MEETING NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIA: • TION. For above meeting which takes place at Buffalo, N. Y., July 7th to lltb, 1896, the Wabash Railroad. company will sell tickets July 5th and 6th at rate of 114.80 for the round trip; good for continuous passage la both .directions. By jpeclal arrangement tickets can be extended to Sept 1st, . 180(5. For details call on or address C. G. Newell, Agent. PLAN YOUR SUMMER OUTING NOW-GO TO PICTURESQUE MACKINAC VIA THS COAST . LINE. It only costs $13.50 from Detroit,. $15.50 from Toledo, $18.00 from Cleve,d for .the round trip, Including cats and berths. One thousands aalles of lake ride on new modern steel Reamers for the above rates. Scud 2c jfor illustrated pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit,. Mich. 'ORIGINAL INVESTIGATION. Mfoxlcau Government S«uil» Oat VFi«r»hlp Zuragoiu on u irydroKrnphloKxptitlltlon, The. first scientific expedition prose- cuti'd by the Mexican government has just stnr'tecl out from San Francisco All the scientists who will participate in the governmental inrestipntions went, early aboard the Mexic:ui warship Zanijrosa to perfect their arrang-omeu to, find it is to them thnt the expedition is intrusted. The Zaragosa is connected with tJie liexic;in hydroprriiphic bureau. The government heretofore has been utilizing the reports of foreipn bureaus, and this expedition is the first attempt to weure information by native invcstipa- lion. With tills object in view, the Zar- ngosa will in'oc-eed directly to Honolulu. Complete records will be taken of hydrojfraphic conditions of the various places touched. From Honolulu the ship will stop at the following 1 places in order: Japan, Phillipine islands, Su- mutra, CaluuLta, Bombay; lied sen, Su canal, Kgypt, the important ports of southern Europe and England. Then the return to v'ern Cruz will be made. SKULL OF A FOSSIL BEAVER. ICcinnrkuMe Find Near South Rend, Ind., While KxcnvutlnR. A most remarkable find has just come tolig-titiilSaut-hUendjIiKl., in theshape, Of a slviill of amammotl" fossil beaver, an niiimal contemporaneous with th« mas foci on and megatherium of the quaternary ag-e. The first relics of this naimnl \vcre founcl by Prof. Foster near Nasbport, Licking 1 county, 0. The Ohio find created a furor in the scientific world, and only a cast remains, which was prepared by Prof. Agassi/.. In but five other instances have ajiy remnants of this nuimnl bceti-'discovercd and all M-cre discovered in the Uuitecl States. In this instance it is the hend of the animal br.ck to the first vertebrae, and it was dnjf up in black bog earth while excavations were being 4 made.just over the Michigan state line for the putting in of bridge nbutment*. ^ . Tendon for a PrlnvoM. Princess Beatrice is entitled to $300 nri/.e money by the death of the lute Prince Henry while serving in Ashantee. She is also entitled to a full-pay colonel's widow's pension, her husband dying 1 in active service. This tho princess intends to draw. THE DISCOVERY SAVED HIS : LIFE. Mr. G. CnJllouette, druggist, Bcnver- ville, 111., says: "To Dr. King's v New Discovery I owe my life. Was taken with la grippe and tried all the physicians for miles about, bu*, .of no avail aad was given up .and told 1 could not live. Having Dr. King's New Discovery In my store! sent for a bottle and began its use and from the first dose began to get better, and after using three botlles was up nnd about again. It is worth its weight in gold. We won't keep store or house without It." Get a free trial at B. F. Keesllng's drug store." In Chicago juvenile offenders arc noit guilty of a dime sufficient to send Micro to a reformatory' will be put In the wanes mission Instead of being co-i- ftiwxl wiltih hairdeiied criminals. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve In the .world toi cuts, bruises,'sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever •ores^tetters, chapped hands, chilblains corns and all skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required It Is guaranteed to give perfect satis 'action or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale . by B. Keesllng. ' WEAKNESS " Some Pacts' That. Every Woman '.Ought. ' to Know, ' -'• F Clubs for Indies In London a re Increasing wiiith annaztag rapidity, and 'very soon a woman who Is not a member of one or moiie of these Institutions will begin to feel as lost as n cluMess man. When we consider that the Intestines are about five times as long aa the body, we can realize the Intense suffering cx- jerlemced when they become Inflamed. JeWItfs Colic and Cholera Cure sub- lues Inflammation at once and com- iletely removes the difficulty.—Jno. M. 'oinston. The In;test Idea at weddings Is to have a board covered with furniture velvet stuck up Jin'the "present room/', onto riultah all the itelegmmw as they arrive we affixed with drawing plus. Pass the good word .along the line. 'lice can be quickly, cured .without, an peratlon by simply applying DcWJtt's Witch Hazel Salve.—Jnb. M. Johnston, Boot'and mutton are- always im- iroved by 'hanging some time after be-, ng killed b'aforV'tliey. are cooked. Tin; ength of ttoe^Meh 'they may'be kept opeads omjihe state of .the .-weather. It would be hard to convince a man' •offering from bilious colic that bis •gony is due to a miscrobe with an nn- . pronouncable name. But-one dose of. DeWHt's Colic and Cholera Cure will Convince him of Its power to afford In-' «tant relief. ItklUs palni^Jobn M.John- '•••' The collapse of "Black Crook" company at St. Loufe »liow9. : that that town li edging up.nenr the band wagon. . C ' IHATtALiyprove the great: merit 01 Hood's Sarsaparilla. Hood's Sarsaparilla; ee!l« because, it »$complisbes GREAT C/UREt.; Persons who have .a- coughing, : spen, every night, on .'account of a .tickling sensation In the'throat, may overcome it at once' by a dose .of .One Minute' Cough Cure,—Jno. M. Johnston. • Ira May/1800 *hte exports of gold ex-. ceeded tlite import by $18,49S,TpO, n : nd during the' eleven mxjniths ended May' 31,1890, the excfess of'gold exports over Jtoportis was .f'4,505,546. 1 ';.••. r ". Small In etoe, but great In results. Die^ltt'e LJWe;EarlyItIsers"act gently but .thoroughly, curing indigestion,.dys-: pepsla and constipation.. -Small pill, safe plU, best pill . ,. •...., V • is a very 1'rcqucnt-cause o£ that class of diseases popularly known iis female weakness. • Catarrh 'of tin; pelvic organs produces .such, a variety of dlsaKreoa-ble and lrri.ta.tlns symptoms that ma-ny people—In fact the majority 01' people—Lave -no i'.lca that tlio.v are caused by catarrh. A gn-at proportioji of the -women. 1 have some cafarrhn: weakness which lias beeu called- by the vnrJous doctors slie lias consulted as many different names.^./J'hesu women liave been treated and have taken mcd- ictaes with- no relief, slioply because 1 ' the remedies are not adapted to catarrh. It is thought a mistaken uotlon'as to .the read nature of tlifc disease that those medicines have been recommended to them. If all the women who arc suf- fei'-Ing from any form of female weakness would writes to Dr. Hartman, Co- lumbns, Oliio, awcVglve lilm a complete description of their symptoms aad tlic peeullnri,tl«s of their trouble, lie will immediately reply with complete di- rect.ions 1'or treatment, free of cliai'se. . 'A book ou Female Diseases,, written by Dr. Bartmau, will be sent free to' any woman who wants It. IJw «mteu,tB at Wtoid'ermcre would supply tihe population of Giieiitcr. Lon- dou iviltli water .for about a-year and a half, allowing thirty gallons a head .per dilein. SCIENC1J VERSUS ;-. T.lieWuiukegnn Plne-lbie Service-cojn; ;p.-nny opf:.Syaukegfflj), : .'IlHn'ois,- Is- buiid: iin« -a pliwit, wlifc.li i:f It;'accomplif5lio>s.' .tins resufcs autlcipnted, %v111 'again. dem-. .onstaite tluut the ..victories" of scifuc'e in .rimes oif peace lire bfretiof 'gj-eatei'bene- ijt; to miiukiiixd ;'thau t!« victories of .war. .. . ' -. .. XlilB Compniuy i constriictiug a.pla.n.t. SOMETHING TO KNOW. . It may be worth something to know that the very best medicine for restoring the tired out nervous system to a healthy vigor is Electric Bitters. This medicine is purely vegetable, acts by giving tone to the nerve centres-In 'he stomach, gently stimulates the Liver and Kidneys, and aids these organs in throwing off impurities In the blood. Electric'Bitters improves the appetite, aids digestion, and is pronounced by those who have tried It as the very best blood purifier and nerve tonic. Try It Sold for DOc or $1.00 per bottle at B. F. Keesllng'e drug store. Tlia growth of the nails on the left hand reo,a]*ros algu't-or ten days-morn than tlKise on the right. The death rate of tlic sailors in the mercantile marine Is twelve per 1,000— lower t.liaa on land. FOB OVER FIFTY lEARB. Ura. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup has eeen need for over fifty years by mil- Ions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect snccesi (t soothes the child, spfteios the gums, allays all pain, cures wild colic, and • the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately, sold by druggists In every part of the world. Twenty-five cents, bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mr§. Winslow'g Soothing Syrup," and take 10other kind.- There ils a four-legged chicken in Ar- nfci, Kan. When It goes forward It .uses its two front legs;, wlifin it goes tlre.oppo8iite.dilrecit-ion.it uses its-two ba.ck legs. for the prodncttan ;ui.d dilstii'.Iliutlou of cfirlXMi d-foxlde tlnrouKli- mitlerground pipe Bues, the.,.--s&i)ie as jsas and. water •are now dijsli'lbuU'xl a-nd t'lmil-slicd to Ca.rbon dioxide • wlio.se fe (C 02) while fnmiilini to tire' sotoiiitWlc world i.s oompanitivoly imdiiKiiwii to the general public. . -The P'rooass for rlie piwlnction. <yi •cii-rb'on. dioxide as'nsexl Is the result. oif a. serin's of .diLscoveiies«'a,nd inventions by'..E.- F. Osbornc, wliileh prooess consists -of the itosti-ucrlve distJUaiion la retorts of soft coal and hnestone, re- isulilitag not onJy in. tlie prodnictlou ot' carbon dioxJde, wJiich is distiibU'ted in liquid form llwougli' tlite underground pipe Hues, 'tilie ssime as gas and water. sold by meter measurement and Us ef- fecf.9 niutomttiBcidly reKiilatod but also produces a mnn.lier of by-products such as limie, coke, Mi' coail, carbonate of amnioiilsi ;mwl hvrjre quanfclitjes of best quality oil.' LUiimlaiu tiluig ga.s. Carbon ditoxide for Tefr,igoniitl.us purposes is not oolj; cheaper 'tlian ice, but will linsljinitJy produce a tempera lure more than 100 (fegi-ecs below zero, and any -hishor *em'peiratuire c-.in be contiiiiuously auittwiiaitiiioally nuidaiUui'iied up to tlia.t oC tihe smToniidllniff atmosphere. Not only te cai-bon d'toxide the best refrlgeraing aj,'Wit known, but it Is :iil<o a prescsrva- tivo of luesbtoHible value of fruitis a.utj vcyeitibles wlilch are kept in an atmos- •phei-e of tWs g-as Cor a long time without decay. It wiffl also keep raotlis and cither veamEu from fua-s and woolen' goods, as welJ'as t'umisliiing coaled and Olrarped .waters for drinking purposa». .•Vs can be inferred from H:e above. It is not a poiisono'us gras, although it is of great value as a fire extinguisher. As. am taci'dent to tliiis enterprise the citizens of Wa,ulceg;in, 111., will be furnished with iUuiniiniattog gas at such a price ns will waniuit them to use t.he ammo for heat-tag -and cooking purposes to a much larger extent than similar cities wbWi'arc furnished with gas under ordinary couditilons. The pantiles inte-iesittHl in the "Osborne Pipe Line System" a-lsp have francbfew in New Orleans, Rockford aid several otlicii- cltites, unider ^iiioh opcraidtoji-s are about to be commenced. _If the ex- peotallons of Wic parties initei-ested in tlills new eniteii>rise are realized., "the resideiits of cities will soon be relieved of the disagreeable vlslits and annoyances incklentAl thereto of the icemaD, as well as securing nininy -other convcnl- .cnftis now unknoAv,u, as meats, game poultry, tlsh ;in.d oitlier food products eaii be preserved by the consumer Cor ailmost amy lengtli of time. It is sincerely hope that the'medits. claimed for this discovery will be fully realised.- Ten yeaa-s ago tlic ordinary stock of the Great Eastern railway sold at £58. It is now quoted ait £09%. Pass the good word along the linn. Piles can be quickly cured without an operation by simply applying De"WItt's Witch Hazel Salve.—Jno. M. Johnston. All.dogs and the allied species ' of wolves, foxes, aod.evan hyeujis, are liable to hydrophobia. They Ai« Marked This Way MARK- INTCMLINCD The. genuine interlined collar*, and euITs with (i "Celluloid" uurhce, and.tha • only: water-proof collars nnd'' cuffl worth buying. ; : •". tRADf INTCHtlNCD_ They aro worth buylzif,becao«e.tb«y «-oarnl« LIme« longer than linen, keep clean longer. 1 and-when lolled, you can "clean, tbem yourself. . INTINLINCD You can clean tbem' yourself with B, wet'cloth—as easily and qiiloklyVas you: can wash /your hands — whether at. •home'or^.abroad.' •-. . ' ' . .ii' . Of the 10,084,059 neres of land contained In Scotland not quite 4,500,000 nix; to a state of cultivation.' AMONG SOME OF THE FAIREST SCENES. Of this continent and in the tropics, malaria poisons the. atmosphere with Its pestilential breath, sowing the seeds of 'ilsease and death in every direction. It is In such localities that the preventive and remedial qualities .of Hos- •tetter's Stomach Bitters are most conspicuously sliowoj. For every form of malaria It Is a signally efficacious remedy, and conquers disorders of the stomach/liver and .bowels, remedies in- actlvlty-of the kidneys and counteracts the ^eakness and lack 1 of stamina which Invitee disease by levelling the barrier which a vigorous operation of the digestive and .secretive organs opposes to it, No defensive medlciue In use. has stronger commendations In professional quarters-both for purity and remedial qnallties. ..- ; Jerusalem Is now competing wllh Spain, Mexto, ami GiJlifoniin, for 'the orainge trade oif 'tlie world. Xh'c fruit 'Is-grown, far'fihe- 1 district between Jeru- sateui aid Jaffa. . WHEN, IT RAINED Flayed » Joko on th» Major, But WOI ',-"'„'. .Vot Kcpoat It. .'• "Once in my experience," said the Jlontana man, in a musing tone to a Louisville Commercial man, "I can rc- niember when it actually rained dogs. The shower did not !iist more than tfve- minutes, but they came very lively while they were coming. The way'it .came about-was Ihis: • "We thought we would play a joke on the 'mayor of the town in which i live*!. When I soy we. I-mean the board of eouncilmen. The mayor had been heard to sny that he wn.nted a dog, and nloug this lins we worked out our jolte. Vv'e resolved ourselves into a coihirifttec of tlie whole to hunt down all the dogs With Hood's Sarsapa- rIU«," Sales Talk;" and Bhow that this medicine has enjoyed public.confldenc«,;l! patronage to a greater'extent thi»n_«oc edany other proprietary medicine,,,, ,1 is simply because .it';poM.eMei Jf" merit and produce* greater: 1 cure*,'.tl»n| any other. It is not what we,My,ybnt^ what Hood's Baraaparlll* 'Aoft, tb»t>tel«.; the story. All advertisemenU': of Ho?a», Sarsaparilla, like Hood's SamparlltoJ^i •elf, are hone»t. We have never deceived . the publie r and thl» ..with tta •upertatl.y* ; medicinal merit, 1« why'th»"p«opli».;l»T» ; •biding confidence in It, and. buy:, ; ', Hood's Sarsaparilla | Almost to the exclusion,of-»11 others.. Tijttt Prepared only bye: I. Hood & Co., Lowell, jm*-. .. w-.-.i Hood S PlIlS with Hood's SwMpwffla. Graham A SHOWER OF DOGS. in the towj). There were a good many .(lojr& in this town, a goad maiiy that seemed to be 'their own dogs,' so we collected' all of them together and placed them iu thft mayor's room one night, lit was a bachelor and had c.hani'oers over the first floor of the hdusu wlucli'was known as the town hall. The president ff the board and myself, had collected the dogs, and •>\viiile the other eouncilmen took the lunyor to heJp them decorate the town a briph-t vermilion hue, we'slipped th* n-iiiiiiul-H into his room. Wo then joined t.be rest, of the council. With due respect we all fiaw the mayor to his home at about 2:30 the next morning'. The mayor was able to walk alone, if it was so late in the morning, so letting' him y° by himseH'.-Oip the steps to his rooms, we stood under the windows to wutch wbflt would happen.next. "Soon 'we heard a Rtrug-g-ling sound, then a door banged to. A light showed in the windows, flic windows'were thrown open with a crash. Amid a chorus of wild, yelps and muttered curses, the shower of dogs began. " 'Look out!' shouted thepresidentof tie board, who was tfic first to'get control over his laughter, as the shower commenced .slackeninR 1 , 'he-will begin to shoot!' "The warning came noae too soon, nor scarcely soon enough, I thoughttbe next day."as I examined a bullet hole in my hat. There was a glitter of bright steel in the window. ab%e, and .'then that Catling gun so'.ind which only a Montana man can make a. pistol,produce." • '' '"• ••• -'..-. . ' • r ' *'The- council adjourned." CRUELTY TO A SLAVE. Frightful Cans or Brutality to ft Helplel* African Captive. A horrible story .of cruelty to- a slave named Mufta.b com&j from Pemba, by way of Zanzibar. The details, says tJhe Westminster Gazette, should strong-then the demands of the British "and for- ei(jn Anti-Slavery society that slavery should be tbsolutely. abolished in the t British protectorate. Muftah was.one of a numberof slaves who ran away from an Arab named All Bin Abdullah. He was restored to his master, how and by whom is not stated.' lie was .put into irons, which were welded on his'flesh near the nnkles and the irons were. attached,.by a bar to a clove tree. For seven inoiitlisjhe slave was left in thjs'piwltlbn, enduring 1 TRANSPOgTATION COST CWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO, CONNECTING WITH THE VAXDALIA RAILWAY AT ST. JOSEPH. . - Beginning May 25th and continuing ;; until about Sept. 30th the steamers ot •';.. this line will make t:wo trips each, way ; ; dally between St. Joseph and Chicago, ; •n the following schedule: ; Leave St. Joseph at 4:30 p. m. and ! 10:30 p. m., dally. Including Sunday, .^ Leave Chicago at 9:30 a. m. arid ' p. m., dally, including Sunday.; Extra, ;J Irlps on Saturday leave St. Joseph J a. ni., and leave Chicago at 2 p.. Running time across lake 4 hours. • Trl-weekly steamers to MilwauJ leaving St Joseph Monday, 1 Wedn . tnd Friday evenings. •... - •'f':' The equipment of thm^ the side wheel steamers City of-ChW »nd City of Milwaukee (the largest« finest : west of Detroit); and the rebuilt propeller City of Ix»uteyJUe.: Service first-class. Connections .wlthVoll :; randalla trains; • Tickets on sale at all v Tandalla Line stations. Chicago dock ; . ;oot of Wabash avenue. .>/!.. ' . : ; ' ,T. H. GRAHAM, Pres., : • i Benton Harbor, MIcb; i. newly. REV. S. P. KLOTZ. PASTOR U- CHURCH. ind., Sept. Pepsin "Syrup Co.: • . ; : , , '•' Dear Sir:— I have been afflicted over ', twenty years with dyspepsia or sopfj stomach. I have tried -different "reme^* dies- without much; benefit:- Finally?!^. . bought a 10-cent bottle of STrnp^Pfi^; sin and found that It benentted me. >$;':-. am convinced Jhat It wlUf)So : ;WtiBt:j|ts; s recommended when taken accordlng|. tio directions:'' : I have'taJteia nearly one |:; bottle anil feel like a different pewon.J ••• ••'• ' •r- At home or »broad,.you'l),flnd tbem • more, comfortable, more; convenient mart, economical .than »ny'otber. n(l;cafl>i' »» l«Ii«U«M;' Mull la «U •til«'M«-»iiMf : T ; wkmirHMb7M 4l»n.^O.IUrl»«p.«l«». ,We are anxious to .do a little good In this world and can. think of no pleasanter or better way to do it than.by recommending. One Minute Cough C.ure' as a preventive of pneumonlai consumption and other serious hmg troubles that follow neglected colds.—Jno. .M. Johnston : Plircon flying contests which. .used to be^so poiputar at EBStectiae in London, and Oiistriict are going out of fashion. "Wake up,' Jacob, day Is breaklngr' •o said DeWitt's ;LIttle Early Riser to; the'inan who had taken 'themto arouse: hit- sluggish Hver.—Jno; M. Johnston. - provided for oily "5,000' NAILED TO'A CLOVE TREE. all the miseries of changing 1 weather, noonday heaiand evening chill, the toi> ture of insect plagues, and the suffering of Bemi-F-torvatiOn. A cocpainuS 1 ev,ery njght and morning was his only food ' arid, dt-inlC Dr. O'SuIlivnu, -her majesty's vice-consul at Temba, at last cume to Icnow-.of ttls tinliappy slave's horrible pUgrht. P'. course,. be headed B rescue parity^ " The vice consul's intentions.- .were, .'anticipated. ;and when- he got;,to-the,Bpot, ; .the slave wto gone and: the. clove .tree -">v-ith.him. .In order to g«t him away th'e tree hiu3 tobe.cut tlbwni" Muftah .was found locked In a shW. f; -'lil8'irdns-"were. so imbedded' in the' flesh 'itiin't • their ; rcmovnP was im:the,: Tiao cotiEUl-vhod. : .to , , , . -send him;,,to : 2tanzilwr.. On..his-««ival. at ' the ^British . agency , "the .prostrate figure 'of -tie maa'j^n^tn'e' lo*t,Btage"6f " ' ! ,*'- excit«d feelings'- of 'deep'tioirrorV - , • . .'.Fired »t'» Deeoj. A Putnam (Conn;) sportwnan was fooled into flringfwjveral shot*' 1 tit wooden !de'oo friends moved arounof In ft pond .by: threads 'froiri, the ehor*. ; ' • ,:\'- i"':'- ; '.r;.;- For sale by B. F.-KeeslnitC .'. The COAST LINE to MACKFNAC —~4~«-TAKt TMK MACKIN DETROIT PET08KBV 2 N^v; Steel Passoi^erS • send forilnuktmttd PimpWtt Addraa: ' '''

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