Casper Morning Star from Casper, Wyoming on December 13, 1957 · 17
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Casper Morning Star from Casper, Wyoming · 17

Casper, Wyoming
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1957
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URANIUM STOCKS rtmum i'.eeks: Btthlv . -t T-.Tirj . - - - Deugln ... Cipital . . Fier! . ... r, hu:. . .. firren Rivr . Lisbon V:t . . . T.uckT c M.d-Conr-.nert Pinon - r: . . . . . rtc .... T7nev . Wtrn Nurleir - .. Vh:! Ctnon Wjammt (CP) Tndiv'j Kid Akrd .oo-' .ra-' i .35 SO No: Tre' d .. . .75 Si 13 ? .fij t ... . 5i 0- a . 1.50 3 0" . .n :5 4 00 4 53 .02 .04 .13 .17 Net Tr'l 13 73 x5 Kol Tracid One-Quarter Of 1958 Cor Plates Are Sold Approximately one-fourth of the 1958 licence plates have been issued at the motor vehicle bureau in the basement of the City-County building, it was learned Wednesday. During the year of 1957. 20.68.") passenger plates svere issued, and late Wednesday afternoon, only 5.-4S3 1958 plates had been issued. February 1 is the deadline for using 1957 plate, it wss announced. MEMORIAM In memory of Elrr.ain Ray. Jr "'ho died sc. en years ago to.iry. The flowers place upon your grave May wither and decay. But lo-. e for you who ?ep beneath Will never face away Mother. Bob. Betty and Bu'ch 3, unercilJ BUSTARD'S CY Avinui t Sprue Dio 2-7123 LEW DAT-Funeral services for Lew Day will be held at 11 a.m. Friday morning at the Bustard Funeral Home with Rev. E. Dwight Beard, Fir.;.t Assembly nf God. officiating. Interment trill be in Highland Cemetery. MRS. MART A. McGRAUGH Services for Mrs. Mary A. Mc-Graugh will take place at 2 p.m. Saturday from the Bustard Funeral Home w ith Rev. Frank See. minister of the First Christian Church, officiating;. Burial will be in Freeland Cemetery, Bo'- Hole. MRS. RLTH XOVOTNV Recitation of the Rosary for Mr. Ruth Novotny wa held at the Bustard Funeral Home at 8 p.m. Wednesday. Requiem High Mass was held in St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church at 9.30 a.m. Thursday with Rv Rev. M-gr. Thomas F. O'Reilly officiating. Interment was in the family plot, Highland Cemetery. MIKE FANNON Recita'ion of the Rosary fnr Mike Fannon wfl be held at 8 p.m. Thursday a: the Bustard Funeral Home. Requiem Hich Mass will take place at St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church Friday t 9:30 a m. with Rt. Rev. Mset. Thomas F. O'Reilly officiating. Burial will be in Highland Cemetery. Either flowers or contribution to the polio fund will be equally acceptable. Horstman-Gaij LFWIS (Bud) BARKF.R Services for Lewis Barker will take place Saturday at 10 a m. at the Horstman-Gay Chape! with Rev. E. Thomas Rodda of St. Mark's Episcopal Church, officiating. Interment will take place in Highland Cemetery. Moose Plot in conjunction with Moose Lodge services. FLOWERS or All ftC? Occasions D.ol 3-4577 I 46. South Center St. Caspar Star Radio and TV Loej rp.idio .en r if. rponibilit pf tte individual itloBi lUtei ana art feit4 upon information uppi)d by the nations The STAR cannot ba repoaalBl for f&Jur of the stations to communicate protram chanfej r lor lat minute program changes bj the nations KVOC (1230 kc) FRIDAY 6 O0-Liirn Patrol 6 15-Stockmn a Sp' 30-R.! and 8h:n f 40-Ne 45-Rise ana ihlnt 6 55-Vteaiher hoacs. Nexs 7 10-happ? Mule 7 30-Wa.her Road". New; 7 45-Tick loct Tur.e 7 55-WRtner Npx.-I:20-Tunes and Tomato a 45-Mu-ie itrr Memonea 00-K.alfee. Kla'.scn ' V4ri.l!a' Club I0.00-M-j:- f r Bxi'T Hou.'eiivts Shop 10. ; 11 12 ; I'll 12 1 . 3 4 4 O'car Anderson W eainpr lime ReTue 15-Swap 30-R tr.go 00-Hero .00-Ne s la-Snt. 30-Paul Harver .45-Ecidy Arnold 00-J.m Reeves Show 00-J:m Backus Snow r.O-R-corci Shop lo-Frank Hprmngiay HO-San'.a 00-v.e.comp Wagon lkM'sim Time 3 j-7Iu .c 40-Spnr;-- Parari I S i$-1rw, Sports. 'Weithai 1 S 59-Game and F:jb i 55-Sports Memory ! t.0O-N, Weather and i Music 1 7:15-Record Shop 7:30-Counterspy S 03-The Queen'a Men 8 53-Peopie la tht Kw : .00-John W. Vaadercook 8 05-Dance Tme 10:00-Neas and Weather ! 10:15-Concert Hall 11 :0D-N"ea : 11:13-1:30 CluH ll:5!VNe l2.C0-S:gn Olf KATI (1400 ke) 6 A.M. to 1 A.M. Music; news every hour on th hour. Koti Kwizzes throughout the day. KSPU (1470 kc) FRID T 30-CBS Nei. 6 43-Spo.-T5. Waher Mrs: 1 :10-Sagpbru'n E-mpnocy 30-Nei scast 4o-Errakta?t Bounce CO-Ntv.s oi 15-Muica! Mrror:ea -Mu3:ca' Cock R 30-Nevcfcas! 40-Mornir.e Guest a-Arthur Godfrey lri lo-Ne:- s 1! 10-Mu.:r 111 -f-ark.aee Wife 11 -3n-Telin.Ou!7 1 uO-Nooi 1 U.T'n li Oo-Neir. V.ea:hr 12 15-Noon::mt Mu.ic '-Pa.-ty L.De Mus.c on-House Partr 30-Our Ciai Sunnar t5-Ccun;ry Koedown U0-CU!:tr 6tyl Id-jmi'T.c' Mr Burton 30-Dai';T Deof.ons '0-RoaT of Liie lj-Ma Perk:t) 3'J-:-!clT! Trrr.t 4',-Nora Drake 00-Nc U5-Ar:l. jr Co: frer 3 ;-S: r .kF it R: a 4j-Nr- - 00-Chr:tnias Sh.opp:n? 15- W'eather. Sporu. Newi :0-Sporls. New a 35-LlsteS to Musi 40-News 45-Edwarrl R. fvrroie 00-Lairenct Ke.i 16- .New 30-Cracker fcrrel C0-Ra?y Draper 30-Sports 33-Amo1 n' Andy jj-lVarnun 03-N'C:iS 3a;ke-.ia:: i0-V."ran Up 15-Pa Euttra-n :30-So Tr.eT far 00-News 10-Music Ciiuiiuiiiiify TV, Chauncl 4 F F I D A T I nri-GArr Mnre 30-Arthur Gocif:'- tt R: h 10 00-Hotel C"omopol::an 10 13-Love o' Life 10:30-Searrn for Tnmorrn 10 45-Gu:d:ng I.ish! 11 no-Ne-" ar.d V. j'.-t ir:s-Art Go" II 3r-A tn Wnr.n Turns 12 00-Beat the Clock i: in.Hv rarty 1 nn-E;; Pf off 1 31-Verciict .5 V"-j. 2 OC-Br.a-'nter Day 2 of Night 3 0C-3tarr Yellar.d 4 00-Fren ar.ri Fp 5 0--N? , Wrativ Spor' ,S 15-Ne 5 30-Tru' i -r Con 5Q'jences 6 OP-Court of Lait r.Siort 6 30-Life of Ki".f Sinatra 7.30-Th'in Man a :00-BoTi:nr 8:00-Patr;ce Vunsel . -30-H;htraT Patrol and 10 10-SIe TV; Prowler j Torchr Runs for Mayor Matinee Sheriff Sure Nude Body Identified PRICE. Utah. Dec. 13 fUP Carbon County- Sheriff Albert Pasic said today he was '"pretty positive trie nuae noay of a woman found In a remote ravine three miles north of Price Is that of Mary Ann Hatch, 25, of Santa Rosa, Calif. Positive identification cannot be made until her father. Dr. William H. Hatch, a Santa Rosa dentist, arrives in Price. An inquest was scheduled for Friday afternoon. The body was found, completely unclothed. It was scratched and braised. An autopsy disclosed the woman died of pneumonia and had nor been assaulted. There were no indications of foul play. Passic said officers also discovered a pile of clothing identified as those in which the woman was last seen. The clothing was found about two miles away from the body. William Welch, proprietor of the hotel where Miss Hatch had registered Sunday, identified the cloth-ins and said he wa "almost cer-ta.'n"' it belonged to the missing woman. Fassic said the woman apparent-"v wa'ked south from Helper, barefooted, aiong the bed of the Price River. He theorized that he crossed 'the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad tracks. c!imbed a hill and fell over a 40-foot cliff. Her clothing was found piled at the bottom o. the cliff. The sheriff said items of clothinc turned inside out indicated she removed thm herself. The barefoot trail led on for another mile and a half to two miles to the sheer 300-foot drop and the ravine in which the bodv was found. Railroads Lead Stock Rise Casper Morning Star, FriaVy, Dec. 11, 1957 17 ( niumijmi v TV, Chaunel 5 f RIDAV 7 "0-Tor: ay R 00-Arlfr.e Frartrn a 30-Treasure Hur.t 00-Pr:i-e : R-.shr B 30-Tru;h or Coc-rqu-nce-lO.CO-Tic Ta.- Dou v in 30-It Could Be You 11 no-Tex and ,I;hj II 3o-Hnward M:l';r 1'J ",n-Br:' f an Groom 1 nc-.Ma' :nee Theatre 2 no-Queen for a Day 2 i5-Moc.ern Romance 3 CO-Am "rican Bands 4 O0-Clubhou e Gang 4 30-Shrr:ff Scotty 5 00-n-.' reneers i 30-Mirkev Mu.e club and 00-TrackcloFB P 30-?-ane Grey :C0-Mr Adams an E 7 30-Men ef Annapolis J.OO-Co'.t .43 8.30-Persor. to Person 8:00-Dr. Hudson S.30-SchhU Playhouse 1 10 20-R:m Drama 1 10 45-Mo : : Barnarl B:l KTWO, Channel 2 FRin T 4 .;0-Da With Div 7 S 00-K-2 Clu'n f CO-Nava. Wea-her. Sports I 6 30-Dr Hudson ! i 30-3ilent tsrvlea 7 on-rat L' 10 OO-Perfect Spec. men S 30-Date With tne Angets )1:30-Nena 9 O0-Wh:r'.y B:rds 11 :33-S:gn Off KSPU TV, Channel 6 FRin T I 6 4VT'r. Farm Problem oo-Tumblti eerj ' 7 w-Vr;l:r S 30-C'irele f! Ranrh OO-Th- I.;reup 00-News. Weather, Sports ' 8 30-Mnv; Flight from 30-Hradline Hunter De-f.ny 30-Western WtmflT I 45-Operat:on Hume ana 10 00-New ilf).05-Sisn OJf Household Special Auction Sale SUNDAY, DEC. 15th 927 North St. Mary's Street SAIE STARTS 1:00 P.M. Cold Spct 20 Cubic Foot Dscp Freeze; 1 Television Set, Sears Deluxe Silverton Television Hi-Fi Radio and Phonograph Combination; 1 3-pc. Blend Bedroom Set with springs and mattress, bookcase headboard, bed; 2-pc. Blond Bedroom Set with double dresser, Simmons box spring and mattress, Green Platform Rocker; Tappan Gas Range, Servel Refrigerator in excellent condition; 1 yellow chrome Dinnette Set; 1 Red Plastic Occasional Chair; 1 Living Room Set, 1 Baby Bed and Bassinet; 1 Set of Compton Encyclopedia 1950 edition with bookshelf; 1 Lone Star 14-ft Boat with cover; 1 Factory Built Boat Trailer (Sterling); 1 9x10 Wall Tent; 2 Tarpaulins, 14-ft. x 1 8-ft .; Coleman lanterns; 1 Maytag Conventional Washer, 1 Ccmp Stove, Mirrors, Dishes; Silverware, etc. MANY, MANY OTHER ITEMS TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION SALE STARTS 1 P.M., SUNDAY, DEC. 13th 927 North St. Mary's Street Owner; Harry Sharp ALL TERMS CASH Auctioneer, H. Mayfield Cheyenne Plans Diphtheria Shots CHEYENNE. Dec. 12 (UP Cheyenne's grade school children will be inoculated next week 1 against dmhtheria to prevent an outbreak of th disease which ha. ' ctr;cken '10 persons in Wyoming in recent week, killing three. The Laramie County Medical Society sjud the proeram would be started Tuesday in all erade , schools. Parents of pre-school age j children also were ursrert to have ; these children inoculated, j The program was announced alonjr with reports that hundreds I of Cheyenne mothers, disturbed abcut the outbreak in Casper, had : been swampins doctors with inquiries about serum. All the cases reported in the state so far have been in Casper. except for one of the fatal cases which was in Worland. There was no estimate as to the number of children here who will vequire original immunization or booster shots. One physician said however not. more than 30 to 35 per cent ever have had an immu-nidation hof. NEW YORK. Dec. 12 (UP) Railroad issues spurted 1 to more than 3 points to lead a rise in the stock market today. Demand from shorts and some investors plus lack of selling pres-suie put the rails up after their r.ecent decline to a new average low since Jan. 12. 1954. Western Pacific at its high was nearly 4 points higher. Gains of 2 points or more were set by a long list of carriers. The rise in the long neglected railroad shares had a good influence on the general market. Gains ranging to more than 2 points dotted the tape. The sugars provided several wide gains more than 4 in West Indies Sugar, for example. Narrow irregularity in oils and declines in motors and aircrafts marred the rise in industrial issues. Steels firmed under the lead on Lukens. Freeport Sulphur rose more than 3 in its sections. Owens Illinois Glass led the glass issues with a rise of more than 2 points. For a considerable time strength in the carrier irsues sustained the whole market. However, late in the day selling broke out in several leading issues which brought their groups down. DuPont fell 2 points net. Autos set new lows. Leadin? steel shares retreated. Oils turned mixed. Air-cr.if's rcTi.-tcred locces ranging to more than a point in Douglas and Boo'ni Airplane. Allied Chemical maintained independent strength m the chemicals with a gain of nearly 2 points. Zenith rose 2 in the electronics. West Indies gained more than 2 in the sugars. South Porto Rico Sugar alco showed a rise of more than 2 points. Owens Illinois Glass rose more than 2 points in its section. Richfield gained a point in a mixed oil section where Kerr McGee rose more than a point. U. S. Tobacco rose mora than 2 on reports it would merge with Loriilard and then declined to a loss when the reports were denied Freeport Sulphur rose more than 2 points and other sulphurs firmed. Merck strengthened in the drugs. Polaroid eased on profit-takincr. New strength developed on the list as a whole as the close approached. Railroads were bought and their gains ranged to more thsn 2 points. Activity centered on such issues as U. S. Tobacco. Standard Oil i.N. J.'. and Bethlehem Steel. Closing prices included: CHEMICALS Allied 74 up 1'2: DuPont 179' a off 12: Eastman 93 up 's; Union Carbide 94 up OILS Texas Company 63 off Richfield 60 up 4 ; Gulf 112 up 3S. RAILS Atlantic Coast Line 29' H vr 1'8: Rock Island 22 up l'i; Great Northern 32'2 up 2: Kansas City Southern 50 up 22'. Southern Railway 3034 up 13R. Corning Glass 83 '2 up 1: American Brake Shoe 382 up 17: Free-port Sulphur 75 up 3; Owens Illinois Glass 58 up 2'4: Polaroid 50 off 2s ; Zenith 133 up 1: Motorola 41 J8 off 138: West Indies Sugar 67' 2 up 48: South Porto Rican Sugar 30'4 up 27. Sales today rose to 2.330.000 shares from 2.240,000 shares Wednesday. Stock Averages 1 Antdtaoblles for ft&le 1947 OLDSMOBILE, 100.007 3-6870. Phon NEW YORK. Dec. IS (UP) FOR Sale: 1957 4-door Plymouth, radio, heater, good tires. A real buy at $1500. Contact Alspach, Sinclair Bldg. Phone 2-4591. Livestock Report OMAHA. Dfc. 12 1CP1 Livestock" Hoes 10. 000. Stedv ta SO hither. V S No. 1-3 190-150 lbs. 1 50-19 25. No. 1 and 2 grides weishsng 190-260 lbs. 19.25-19 50. CttUe 1.800. calves 350. Good to low choice steers 22.00-24 10. Small lot choice, to prtme heifers 26.50. Cows strong, utility and commercial mostly 14.00-16.25 Sheep 1 200. Slaughter lambs 50 h.aher. Good and choice lambs 22 25-22 50 Good and choice shorn with No. 1 and fall pelts at 22.50. CHICAGO. Dec. 13 (UP 1 Livestock: Hogs 9.000. Active. .50-. 75 higher oh butchers. Sots .50 higher US No. 1-3 190-240 lb. butchers 19.00-2000 250 to 270 lbs. 18.50-19.00 Sows 525 lbs down at 15 00-16 75. Cattle 2 000, calves 200. Good and choice steers 23.00-26 00. Standard and low good 19 00-22 75 Good and choice hellers 25 00-25 25. Utility and commercial cows 14 C0-16.25. Canners and cutters 12.00-14.25. Utility and commercial bulls 1750-19 00. ood and choice vealers 25.00-29.00. S'-ep 1.590. Trade active, all classes teady. ood to prime wooled -amos at lil 00-23.50. Choice and pnma ahem lamm 22.00. Dow Jones closing, rang; of aver- , ages: j STOCKS Open Hijrh Low Cls , 30 inds 439.77 441.94 43.31 438.48 ! Off 0.88. j 20 rails 97.05 101.06 100.89 Up 4.48. j 15 utils 67.68 68.13 67.48 67.87 Up 0.1 1 65 stks 146.22 147. 94 145.28 147.08 j Up 1.19. Transactions in stocks used in averages today: Industrials 233.-900: Railroads 201,500; utilities 39.500- total 474.900. bona s : Close Net Oi g 40 Bonds 85.61 up 0.13 10 1st rail? 84.88 up 0.04 j 10 2nd rails 78.22 up 0.04 ' 10 utils 88.06 up 0.17 ll inds 91.27 up 0.27 j The Dow-Jones . commodity futures index (1924-26 average equal 100) closed at 161.26. DENVER D-c. 12 .UP' Livestock Cattle 130 Grain fecij scarce. Few head choice fed tecrs 25.00 to 26.00. Load a-erace to high good 915 lb. fed hei!ers 23.75. Few utility cows 15.00 to 15.50. Canners and cutters 12.00 to 14.50. Calves 25. Few head good and choice slaughter calves firm at 21.00 to 25.0". Wool Market NEW TORK, Dee 12 UP Woe.; ton futures on the New Torfc Cotton Exchange today closed 2 to 9 points lower Wool futures cosed 4 points higher to 18 points lower. Tha Ranges-. Open High Low Clese Ft. CI. Wool Fataresi 58 sales 20 to 50 cents But nothing strictly 18 75 to 19 25 Sows Hogs 100 Limited higher. Top 19 25 toppy offered. Bulk 14.50 to lfi 00 Sheep 15C0. Plus around 900 lambs carried from Wednesdav Generally steady on rlafses represented. Ewes absent. Wooled slaughter lambs 22 00 to 22 25. 5ho-n lambs 21.50. Feeder lambs 20.75 to 31.78. Shorn lambs at 20.75. Dec. Mar. Mar Jul? Oct. . ... Dec. . Mar. '59 Mlf . 134 0 133 0 131 9B 131 2 . 132 4 132 4 129.3B 130.0 128. IB 127. IB 137 5 125. 7B 128.8 124 2B 132 5 131. 9B 133 0 130 0 129. 9B 130 2 129 0 129 4 129 0 128 5 128. OB 128. 0 126. 9B 127 0 12 0 125. 4B 126.0 125 S 124. 5B 125 123. CB 124 8 Spot pnee. 132.0 nominal ANN OUM 1EMENTS Z Lost and Found JOBS FOH DISABLED ALBANY. N.Y. 'V The New York State Division of Employment found a record 34.000 jobs for disabled workers last year, according to Director Richard C. Brockway. Brockway said 2.200 of these jobs went to workers with major disabilities. LOST: Black Wallet, lost Monday. Please call. R. M. Shafton, 3-8264. LOST: Boy's tan fur lined glove; reward. Call 3-4241. after 5 p.m. S Personam Strictly Business TOT LAND AIRCRAFTS United 53 off 1: Douelas 7C5 off 1'4; Boeing 39's off . Steels Bethlehem 35" a off 'a: U. S. Steel 507g up '4; Lukeas 69 up l'i. MISCELLANEOUS Owens Corning Fiberglas 39 off '2: Sis of -1 till tobacco r be' jrot a rhew hehind that heard:" Nell Oldhaver Complete Beauty Servic Phone 2-4209123 So. ConweU st a!sTeyhomepr6du CT3 Mrs. Ruth Colvin 104 No. Washington. Ph. 2-0370 EXPERT TV and Radiorepairs Call B. H. Clapp, 1910 South Ce-dar. Ph. 2-4354 day or night. ALTERATIONS, skirts made. Work guaranteed. Day or evening appointments. Mrs. Weeks. Dial 3-3608. SEE Elizabeth, let her help you with your problems and future, j 1946 East Burlington. 3-3363. Unique Furnace Service Recommended by Northern Utilities. Cleaning complete. Repairing control, adjusting all gas appliances. W. S. Dickinson, Day and ! night. 3-5110. CHRISTMAS trees for sale, 3 to 8 I feet tall 1.00 and up. 506 West ' Yellowstone Highway. Parking space j 4 Public Notices : I WILL not be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone other than myself. Mrs. Carl O. Lyles. I-wrLLTnot be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone oth- j er than myself. Jay C. Nation. - BUY A Better Used Car NOW Late Models Bonded for 1 Full Year. 1957 FORD Fairlane 500. ' This 4-door sedan is loaded. Solid black and sharp. S2595 i 1955 FORD V-8 Custom. A fine 4-dr. with radio, heater 1 and automatic transmission. S1295 1954 FORD Custom Ranch Wagon. Radio, heater and overdrive $1195 . 1953 FORD Ranch Wagon. Radio, heater, and automatic transmission. $995 Spaniol Motors, Inc. Used Car Lot The Workms Man's Friend" Phone 3-6622 Midwest at David across from Sears SPECIAL 1955 MERCURY Montclair Hard Tcp. Fully equipped. Bonded for 1 full year. $1695 1954 BUICK Special 4-docr. Radio, heater, Dynaflcw. 1953 FORD. Full price $395 1950 CHRYSLER 4-door. Full price Windsor $149 II AUTOMOTIVE 7 Automobile for Sal " -.-fi? v -"iv;?. -n9! I 1936 VOLKSWAGEN. $1,500. Phone 3-7413. TPs "SB WHAT BETTER gift for Mom and the kids than a 1950 Nash for shop- ' ping or achool? Fully equipped. S125. Call 2-1515, ext. 4S. for appointment. '55 CHEV. 2 dlor78T5T'55lCnrv. 4 door, $1095; '50 Dodae Club Coupe.! extra clean. $225: '51 Ford V-8 2! door, overdrive, new engine and paint. $355: '51 Buick 4-door Special, perfect condition, $295. Terms arranged. R&D Sales, 1129 N. Kim- 1 ball. Ph. 2-5691. Open Evenings and Sundays Best in Cars, Best m Value, Best in Deals. Try MandW Motor Sales We Sell the Best and Junk the Rest" Railroad and Beech DIAL 2-8442 1953 FORD Customline two door. Heater, radio. Standard shift In excellent condition. $685 00. Call 3-8208 after 7 pm. Don' Buy or Trade Cars Anywhere Until You See Evans-Nagel Buick Motors Big Drive In Used Car Lot 1957 BUICK Super TJdor Riviera. Dynaflow, radio, heater, power steering and brakes. Fully equipped, low mileage, and bonded. 1957 BUICK Special Fordor Dynaflow. radio, and heater. A beautiful tutone gren. Low mileage and a new ear eruarantee. 8f J A !' lti'r t $2995 $2895 1955 BUICK Century Fordor Riviera. Dynaflow, radio, heater and tutone paint. Real clean and with a new car guarantee. $1895 vmu una o To rTe -tt wouW he served ... is nr ai" a funeral director. The success nf thi ideal it shon in our continued ero th. We take this wean of expressing our gratitude to thousan4 f friends in the community. Listen to: Our Observation cf Chcnukoh December 18, 7:00 P.M. on KSPR POFStfimie cyVLortuary PHONE 2-0234 7IO East 2nd. ST. Now that Foil work is done end cold weather opproachei, it's tim to out your CAT Diesel Form Tractor in condition for eo'd weather work WORN PARTS should be replaced FILTERS should be changed DRAIN and CLEAN Fuel filter housing of an moisture to eliminate freezing DRAIN, FLUSH and REFILL with fresk oil LUBRICATE all points in lubricaiion chart Install A NTI -FREEZE To aid you. our itate-wide port end service facilities c os cJ es yooe phone. A factory troined service technician will give you evry possible assistance in preparing your CAT Diesel Trocor for cold weather operotio or winter storage. The care and precautions you take NOW will insure continued low cot dependable operations during cold winter months ' reedy-o-operot-condition next Spring For AUTHORIZED CATERPILLAR PARTS and SERVICE 1955 MERCURY Hardtop Mon-terry. This fine tudor carries a new car guarantee, standard transmission uith overdrive, radio and heater. Real clean. $1595 1354 FORD Cresthr. Standard transmission, and radio. Real nice. Tudor, heater, 1957 FORD Fairlane 500 Fordor. A low mileage hardtop with full power. Tutone yellow, like new and new car guarantee. $2795 1954 BUICK Century Fordor. Dynaflow. radio and heater. This one is exceptionallv good. $1395 1954 PLYMOUTH Savoy Fordor Radio, heater and only one local oner. Verv clean $1095 1953 BUICK Super Tudor Riviera Dynaflow, radio and heater. $895 1953 BUICK Super Fordor Dvna-flow, radio, and heater. Good paint and very clean. $695 1951 BUICK Super Fordor. Dynaflow, radio and heater. This week only . . . Special at $295 coir machinery co. CAT CATUnvUJ t Uw4 lr4mm at Cmmmm TiM C. CHIYINNI CASPER SHEIIDAN NEWCASTll RIVEKTON ROCK SPRINGS 1947 CHEVROLET Stylir.e Deluxe Tudor. Radio, heater. A real good ear for only $145 $795 1953 NASH Ambassador Fordor. Standard transmission with overdrive, radio, and heater. This is a one local owner car and very clean. $645 1953 FORD Victoria Standard transmission, radio, and heater. $395 19W STUDEBAKER Ton Pickup. Motor just overhauled. $395 1952 CHRYSLER Saratoga Club Coupe. Motor overhauled. $495 1950 CHEVROLET Fordor Radio and heater. $150 THE BEST PLACE TO TRADE CARS We reeondition our cars better, We guarantee our cars better, AND WE TRADE BETTER Evans-Nagei Buick Motors Big Drtre In Ued Car Lot At the corner of Jacluon and E. Yellowstont PHONE 2-3237

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