The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 27, 1953
Page 2
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PACE TWO W.YTHEVTT-LE fARK.T COURIER NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 27, 1958 Dulles Back from Europe To Seek Vital Financial Help for Defense Buildup By JOHN M. IUGHTOWER WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of State Dulles returns from Paris today to seek vital financial support from Congress for a slowed-down European defense program. This may prove to be a formidable task—not only because of the cost-cutting temper of Congress but also because of indications the defense buildup may henceforth go even slower than Dulles himself has advocated. The secretary was due to report promptly to President Eisenhower on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Council meeting which he and other top U. S. officials attended. The Council set military targets for the Atlantic Allies for this year at an increase of six divisions in Western Europe for a predicted , total of about 56. Two years n$o j the aim by thai time was close to 100 divisions. The Eisenhower administration had favored n slowdown or stretch- out of the program for a long cold war struggle with the Soviets. Dulles thus abandoned the urgency with which representatives of the previous Truman administration had pressed the armament buildup. Evidence that the whole project might go even slower than he wanted, however, was found in the fact that the German upper house within recent Gays refused to ratify the Euroean Defense Community Treaty, under which West Germany would be rearmed. Also, there has been speculation that the Soviet peace ofensivefi would have relaxing effect on defense preparations in Enrope far more than In the U. S. Dulles, in sessions with congressional committees, will have to convince legislators that this country is getting Its money's worth out of current military and economic aid to Euroe and will continue to do so. Dulles reportedly cautioned European leaders they would have to make a better showing on the European army plan by June if Consrt'ss Is to be imprt'J Although European defense problems have nominated his ne- H'oti.ilions at Paris for, the past week. Dulles had a variety of other major problem's to discuss with the President. Among them were:: 1. The Moscow statement declaring Soviet readiness to join in businesslike pence negotiations with the peace plan which President Eisenhower put forth April If;, beginning with an armistice in Korea and ending with world disarmament. ! Dulles declined comment on (he j j statement Saturday. But President j Eisenhower said it might mean that the Soviets are ready to take some concrete steps toward peace. However, diplomatic officials found little except n polite (.one in the Russian statement to justify optimism. 2. In contrast to their own peace protestations the Reds are now pressing an expanded war In Indochina. U. S. officials feel the threat to Southeast Asia is grave. The U. S. assists the French with arms nnd training but otherwise has taken no part in the conflict. Before leav- r SONS OF ISLAM REST IN KOREA—Some members ol the UN's Turkish Brigade, acclaimed as one of the best fighting units in Korea, will never see their homeland again. Photo shows a section of the cemcterv at Pusan set aside for Turks who died. In the background are the flags of 21 nations and the UN banner. S^t. Raymond Fritz, of Murray. Utah, ts escorting Virginia Richardson, Riverside, Ciilif.. of the UN Civil Assistance Command in Korea. . ing Paris, Dulles told the French there would he an increase in U- S. aid for the war in Indochina, but no more money for budget balancing. 3. The Korean truce talks—somewhat overshadowed by the exchange of sick and wounded war prisoners—appear to have come quickly to crisis following resumption after months of recess. In the first of the new sessions the Reds reportedly disagreed with all U. S. proposals. This ha-; cruised s^r'iir; questioning of their intentions about an armistice. ^e-Enactment of Wife Slaying Recorded on Film by Police PARKING PROBLEM SOLVED—Parking was no problem !or the driver of this car which came lo rest squarely on top of another in St. Louis. Elma Sykes, the driver, was unable to straighten out the wheels on a left turn, and the car went on to "park" this way. 3-DAY SPECIAL!!! INCLUDE at No Extra Cost with every cleaner purchased . . . FLOOR POLISHER REBUILT GUARANTEED for 2 Years by Slate COMPLETE with N«w Attachment* Larger More 1'owerful Model 95 FULL CASH PRICE 10-DAY HOME TRIAL HOME DEMONSTRATION SEND NO MONEY—To Atmre Sotiifochon Cltonen Sold Only By Home Dcmorulialion 8097 in Blytheville Memphis, Tcnnnssn VAN NUYS, Calif. Ml—A mnn acted out for police the way he said he beat his wife to death with a croquet innllet nnd chopped off her hands with a hatchet. And while he starred in grisly drama, swinging the mallet again, ft police movie cameni and sound equipment recorded his actions and words. Neighbor youngsters watched over the fence, like movie troupe on small children svci'e asleep, he returned to the garage and cut the hands off with a hatchet, burying them in the yard to prevent finger- fans inspectini location. Richard E. Fredericks, 35. returned Saturday night from Maplewood, N. J,, where he was arrested, was taken to his Van Nuys home yesterday. The camera on a rolling tripod followed him and a tape recorder. whirred—recording tlie first crime re-enactment ever filmed by Los Angeles police. Detectives Al. Ortiz and C. 6. Stewart .said Fredericks, an Insurance clerk, told this story: Last Jan. 7 he and his wife Ruth, j 32, got into an argument because J she wanted to go hack to work as a waitress in a cocktail lounge. He went outside to work in the yard. "I was cutting devil grass in the back yard When I heard her running toward me," he said. "Just as she got near me. she tripped over our children's wagon and fell. "A knife fell from her hand. She cursed me. There was n croquet mallet behind me which I had been using to put stakes in the rose garden. I reached and grabbed the mallet and started to s\v i iig \\ t he r. I don't know how many times, 1 just kept swinging." Fredericks said lie dragged his wife into the garage. The detectives said he related that later that night, when the couple's three print identification of the body, this Then, he continued, he wrapped the body in an old seat cover and loaded it into the trunk of his car. Later me same night, Fredericks said, he awoke his children, told them they were going on a trip and drove to Mesyco. Near Enscnada, he said, he stopped, told the children he wanted to in Commerce 3UT1ER Steel Buildings Permanent, fire-safe, weathcrtight. Quickly erected at low cost, Wide range of sizes, easily adaptable to your business needs. Inquire today! ^jSfnjfei Built Better %$!Ua$ To last longer Rock Steel Bldg. Co. 210 South I'inc I.llllc Rock, Ark. I'honc 21085 throw some rubbish out of the trunk of the cnr, and dumped the body over an embankment. Deputy Dist. Atty. Albert K. Lucas asked Fredericks on the sound track whether he had been promised, anything by anyone for talking. "No, sir," the husband replied. "I am talking because my con- ONLY 500 BOTTLE CAPS OR CARTON , TABS FROM Homoginized Vitamin D GOLDEN ROYAL MILK Not a contest! Just tiike your cujis (or tabs) to Midwest Dairy, 10 AM to 4 I'M Saturday, June 13, and the prize is yours, GRAND FRIZE of a famous Columbia Ilicycle to the boy or girl submitting the greatest number of caps.or tabs from Guillen Royal Homogenized Vitamin D Milk. Midwest Dqiry 205 Ward Avenue CaruMiersville, ttiu. sclcrtfce hurls." His wile's body was found near Enscnada In February. Fredericks said he then K«t scared and moved his children to New Jersey, where his mother lives. Neighbors here became suspl- t.'iou.s mid talked with police. De- tective Ortis went to Maplewood and talked with him, and lie was returned here. The children are Carl, «; Loretta, 4, and Donald, 18 months. Fredei Icks, six feet, slender and brown-hulred, was Etolld throughout the re-enactment until, near the end, he SKW some of his children's toys. Then he began to Bob. First newspaper publishing new» regularly Is said to have been a German publication which originated In 1609, according to the Encyclopedia Brltannlca. not for water alone Lnok at your wafer bill; (hen look behind II. Consider some items which niighl well appear, but don't. There's no reference to medical service, yet the health of your community, of your family and of yourself is protected by the vigilance of the men who check and treat and recheck water to make sure it's safe for you. There's no fee for securing reduced fire insurance rates, yet the whole schedule of these rates is substantially reduced if an adequate public water supply — so necessary (o an effective defense against fire — is available. There's no contribution levied for community development, yet key industries can produce goods and provide employment only because a dependable water supply is available. Without a continuing flow of water, sewers could not be properly flushed or streets kept clean. You could conceivably obtain enough water through your own efforts to satisfy your thrist, clean your body, and water your garden. l?u( only llmnigh an organized system of collection, storage, distribution and treatment can water resources be mobilized to produce the broader benefits which you, as a citizen, enjoy. The price which you and all consumers pay for the water you use helps lo meet (he costs of making these benefits available lo all. Without a water works system, the cost of urban living would be prohibitive! , Blytheville Wahr Co. "Woter h Your Cheapest Commodity" MODEL 21K10 — Amazing value! King-Size 21 inch cylindrical tube console in beautiful mahogany finish, at an unbeatable low price! Limed oak finish, slightly more. LOW DOWN PAYMENT 104 WEEKS TO PAY! All 1953 Motorola TV Models Featuro BUILT-IN UHF-VHF AE« IAts Built-in UHF Slralo-Tvntr Oplional All prices Include Federal Tax, plut comrun ONE YEAR *»»»«»«" On AUpcrls, alltul)0landplctur«tub« BLYTHEVILLE SALES Co. "Arkansas' Largest Television Service Department" 8 TV Service Technicians 4 Service Trucks Blytheville • 109 East Main Phone 3616

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