The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1935
Page 3
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. (A&K.)' MISS LOUSE DSON MRS. BUTB CAMPBELL UBS. BERTHA M. HAHJUS MRS. IDNA B, CRABTREE MISS K)NA M. FERGUSON M O D E R N- H OME-NEWS a*^*^""***^**^*^ TV O "Siioo-Fly Pic"; and Other Interesting . Dishes Described hy Lecturer • A Nourishing Liiiicheon for the Child Dear.Friends In _. v — Ariiong . question!)! .which have meirfcerUly Is one for rj shobffly.ple..-N6w,s'iicii names air-, of ten'local,-given by; a woman who iias indented n new reelpo, and coii- fiefl.ueiit.iy when suefcii name conies lo inc t try to find the recipe in His same, community. Bhou'-(ly pie as I know "it may not lie the oiin the reader has in mind, but here is a recipe 'given nic [or It: One cup nilslns or currants; onr. mul one half cups sugar; an additional ono and tone half eitps sugar; -two, cups flour; one fourth cup ' shortening; one'cup milk; two eggs; tv,'(i teaspco'ns baking powder. 1 Wf.sli: the' ralsllis Or currants, Iten cover., with Water mid one mul one half, ciips sugar, boll, then let, cool. Mix the rest of the sugar with flour and shortening by blending well, then remove one cup of the •• mixture to use on lop of the pics. Mix the rest with the milk, eggs fatally. well beaten and mix the baking' powder with this, put the cooked faisihs or currants in two crust- The child ir •* • i.v --.-." m inline me nsn soi iije i us- lined .p,e tohes pour t!,c batter trated In the picture of the chill's r,v»r n w ,., lrm nie and then cover Umehcon table use: Two cups milk; one cup celery finely minced;, two'tablespoons of butter; one fourth cup flour; one- fourth teaspoon salt; one-eighth with teaspoon pepper; tv.'o cups cobkcil jucs- fob, white flsh, salmon, cod, liali- ixmnd cake, but will do; two tablespoons of chopjxd green pepper; two table- with crumbs. This makes two large pies. Bake in a hot oven. 450 degrees, for thirty minutes. • < ' round Cake I'm much' more at home lion for a good, TA'O cups shortening; two cups granulated, sugar; ten eggs; one cup milk; two tablespoons vanilla , or cooking sherry; three and one tilths cup bread flour .or four cups pastry flour, each measured after sifting; on e half teaspoon stilt. aria thej slimy beaten"" whites, then spoons butter;' three "tablespoons IltQ mill/ .!».. jl>r.i..irll*>..l,. i.«.4.n.... n .- . * 'I'"U.I.> , the milk, dry ingredient anil flavoring. Beat at least five minutes, longer (f possible: prnir into^a loat cake pnn rubbed with shortening nndjlxike Iji'V.slow ovoii, 320 ilc- . -Er*4s, fOKCQc mid one-l'mirth -hours. IcerOr leiyc plain. 01i(K«la(e.-Qoft'ee Ffosting 'fine c-iifj fliiest,' liowdc-rcd sugar; one siiimii; or;onp;ouiic't of choco- 'Atf irrated;' thiie lablnsiwons of freshly made, ijolfre,- one (nbtcspoon cream;; •atlditioimr powdered sugar '''" ' ' ' •- . n. the : lioi .;; Mell,_uie';rciipcoiafe. . ,_. . . w -.then, -add Ho ;tiin, sugar, and wim the cream; 1 add'h'ddJUoii- al ,. : Meamv nlitl- .Mtgav, If more are need«l to, sprenilK : -J ••:' -.'.:< -.--• 'How do i yoirhiake j ca'ndlcdi sweet .potatoes, ,was, the question' 'of another reader. " " L '• - -. i •• Candied, Sweet Totatofs : / • Here -is my favorite recipe; Parboil swect,,potatoe,v' : tcn inimUes peel. and. slice thin in lengthwise slices; place 'in a baking dish which te rubbed wl» f buttci Cook tlirce fourths cup of light brown sugai with oi» fourth cup water and f*o tablespoons of batter for ten minutes Brush the potatoes with ito and bake in moderate oven, 400 degrees basting with the syrup until spoon salt; a tablespoon sugar; one half) teaspoon lemon juice; the stiff!/, beaten OBK whites;-puff pnslry [or lining a small baking dish. . .. . lilnko'n sauce at tlia butter, flour mul mil!:, Him whip In the • cooked npple,. add the cg(> yolks and remove from the five at once,..season with salt, • and sugar nnd lemon jiiicc.;,. ?ol(l in the stiffly beaten egg-wlutes.mill pour into a, pastry lined '.finking dish. Bake at .law tr-rhpM-ature, 250 degrees, mid Iraki- twenty minute.';. • : . • • i"iitt faslry _ __ Two cups now; one cup short- ]nime.kin (Italics niltel with shot! enmg; one and one hnlf teaspooas cning. " all it used and the potatoes candled ' irft Please tell me ho'u to [rj tncon crisp and tecp it from curling up? Why mind if it uirls up, it is easier to handle and certami} no hunjij man minrjs it'being ciirtcel. If you have a broiler lay the strip-, of bacon on the broiler nJicl run it under the heat, tiirnhi^the slice.? when brown and crtspLbri one side, to allow the other-side to',brown. The fat drips IhrotighVthc grids of the bixiiler (o the pan below and the bacon is crisp, free from fat and only slightly curly; .-• ., „ ^ If you use a sitlllcl.: have it very > ' olfe; 07!c thi " not, no Tat added to it and lay (he c| B hlh teaspoon strips'In. When delicately brown ——— Ml' most w£ u £ < S, r . a ' fcw toutth teaspoon The luncheon illustrated is IKh sdulile in the iraiij-e juice lo begin [lie luncheon, and a small cup nf milk cr hot chncohilu uilh a r-onlctc to finish it menus as much as nWtr members of tri; Oish; wliulr. »lieat lettuce sandu'Iclics To make sonflJe spoons chopped jiiinlcntoes; three eggs. - - . . Cook together milk and celery using chopiKd celery leaves and outside stalks as well as the more lender inner stalks. Melt tne. hut- ter, add- floiir and the hot milk strained from the celery. Add seasonings, naked fish, peppers and plmieiitoes, then the • beaten egg yolks..'Gently fold in the stiffly Hot Desserts You Will Like on Some Cold Winter Night Horn-; one half cup milk; one cup gellier! „„„-„,» u U , JC ,, ,t,, u w,,en cooked apple whipped light; three £rao oth .remove -from the heat- yolks of eggs;, one eighth lea- <--••••••• Cook the butter and flour lo- uld -the coffee, .and when bcntcn egg while.*. Bake in a slial- iov,' baking dish nibbed well will shortening; dish should be of 0111, quart size; moderate oven, 350 dc. grces, for forty-five minutes. Crumbs sauted in butler ma; be placed on top before baking garnish the finished difih . with parsley, -and be sure to serve hot, right from the baking dish: Uktnt M&S. HANCY ROTE »HW. GEORGE THURN MRS. EMILY M. . . UB& FRANCES NO&TBCROSS Dross Up the Corners •Sixteen mushrooms, si,,6ll; two 'id one half lablospoon, butler, for JllltOlJIJf (I 1( y||,; | V ,.() t)|lK | s a) ream; one labli-spooii shorlotniy. or ill-mil,,, dish; nve enus; tlnw oiirths tiMsjjooii sail. Clam lli,> fresh mushrooms ami nut,, both caps ami sle ms | U lh<> butter until hnlf ,. m >|trtl. Aild tin- 'roam ami [,ih w ,| lclu ,„ slmmoi . or ulioiit ihreo minutes. Clrense in earthenware or glass hakim- lisli. seven Inches in illainelin- (mil luw Inches deep, i-oiir in rmiuuli » thi, cream fm,,, n le nnishraoms o cover tlie Imtiom. ,\ilil the I'BRS. silently bPiitiMi, iu ,,i .sonsonwl with • I'onr in Ihc reiiialnclei- o( Iho snroojiis and the civam. llako n n miKlorale on:n, ;t?6 di>(!ivi>ii !•• [or seven to Icn mhu'itos, iiccoril- H'lf to whe-thor you wish thp vfy s In: vi-ry creamy or m i|i,,,. | m |,,'| Seyyo \viih crisp lonsl. |.'lve KOIV- Pwo and 0110 half cups cooked I'icn (one hiilf nip before conking); om> cuj> grntdt; three ..lis nip tomato Juice- one In- Wospoon onion juice; one eighth tenspoon jicpiier; six eiiRs- onti ia- itspoon butter; stlU 1( , lns i- c . lo tlie cooked rice ndil I ho crated cheese, tomato juice, onion 'juice, and pepper. Turn into Erenscd baklnu dish eight Inches in dmmeter «n,l three inches <lecp. Make .six little hollows Or nests tn he rice nnd drop nn c»ir in each lest, pot with Duller nnd sprin- We n-lth the salt anil p 3pp er. Bake i» a moderate oven, 115 decrees I-', for twcnty-nve or thirty ?nln- iites the time depcndlnfr upon how hard you like your C-RS Serve hoi, using broiled louwloc.-; lui « Sarnish for each' Dlnte. a<UI sontxiuhig^ ami slwj togcthe for llirre nihui(e<i. nraL the eg" put. Ihci'i In tho omelet pin n ns soon ns they begin to cook a the rhop|«u' v^gelnblen rinhli for the plain omolct above. Afusliitioiu Omelet Ono cup cniincd raitsiwooms, .,., fresh mii'ihl'ooms which have heerJ snulwl in ,1 little biitki iintis brown; onr tablespoon slioiten.! ,;; ono half cup milk or cicnin:( ono linir teaspoon jicpper ono ln-| Iile.spoon llom; plain omelet n how; one teaspoon salt Out Die mushrooms into 1 melt tlie fat in n siuicepin, add the mustnooms, llm milk, cream] silt nml pep]nr and Ihe noiii which hii.s Ijwn inlsed (o a pas(< «Kh n little cold milk. Cook I live minutes, Iheii kcrp hot until] ho oim Id Is miulp Spiead imslirflom inlxtuie over tbe oit el, Just licfoio ',eiih)R HEOiPES FDR IHE Lattice Potatoes Pare potatoes. Slice with a veg- add the nnd,the sllgnj i lieal; in ™ . whites.:•/!' dish nibbwi etable sllcer -.(.JJlurl^ ilujll 11HJ JJCitti, _^...WJy «..VL( J1JIIUV *w* .111^1 put |JU^L' : three neatcn .egg yolks Let'stand tn a bowl of cold wa- slig'nr and silt; and cteaiii. • to' for nt least' twenty ihlnutes. ~"' '- the 'stiffly beaten/Drabi , find dry .between towels, lilt o'."a hfiklni'Ti'y-ln-deep fat lic.itcd to 385 de. shortening and bake in a slow pveii, 250 dCKi-ces, twcnty-nvc. niinutes.' 'serve with whipped cream flavored wUh.'grn't- c'd' orange i-Iiid and oi'p'nge Jiiiee/ " 'Prune -Sniiffle in; ilajneklns " '., Twelve" liiqte. stoned' ..primes, soaked' and" stewed 'without -'Sii- live stlf fly b6a ft-iv egg \yl ift c s ;"' qno ! half cup granulated '' . one labtespoon ;ot leliiori jiiire; " one teaspoon 'vanjlln or Jjrandy "fla'vpr ' • g r.o'iie • clglith six yrces 395 degrees, hot cnbiiBh to brown an inch cube of bread-In twenty seconds.'. Dmln on. pnpcr '.',. . . ,'Slioft' 5{fiiiit . : ro(at(iv'x ': . J.'n'ro pola'UJei,". let' sta'na 'iii -Volil waier;a'.fe'iy'minutes/ami cut.Into iiarrow , sli'Iiw' with . • n " venctiibie sl!ct;r.-,.Pi'y 1 in .dcep-'faf lipnlcil to 38S 'dogl l ees-30D t "dC8rces P. or hot enough tp'.bioiAi'.aii 'hirh cube o[ bread in" tV, f eiity:sMioiulK hriiln on paper.- Sprinkle- with 'suit ; while salt; cold water. Mix and sift, the flour and snlt; cut in a .little ot the shortening . . .. -Chop;llie. cooked add the egg whites prunes. which " fine, have ....... _ „. „ ...... two knives, had. .the sugar, salt, lemon juice nnd use spattilas if possililc. Add flavoring added to tem. Turn' inio enough water fo make a dough, the ramekin dishes and bake In a using only a little water at a lime slow oven, 250 degrees, thirty min "'" ° ..... —"' ' ~ and making the paste just thick enough to hold together. Turn out and knead five minutes, cover and chill Then roll out to one fourth inch thickness, place the remaining shoilcning in u le C enler of one half of the dough; fold over the other half of the dough, pressing edges firmly together; chill, then roll out again, fold ends in again and roll, chill, roll again, and re- pnt the process four times. Better if made the day before It is baked, and kept in the refrigerator until ready, lo roll finally and fit into the souffle dish. : This apple souffle is better served with custard sauce, foamy lem-' rites. Serve with a spoonful qt whipped cream oh each. Or bake in a-large casserole find sevve with Pare and core apples and cook until almost tender; nil Ihe centers with . maple siisor, cinamon' and butter. Spread hot cooked rice over these in a baking dish, shnp- inff (he rice nromid each npple. Cover, set it in a shntow pan of-hot water, in a hot oven, 400 degrees, and steam twenty maple , minutes. Serve with hot sauce. sauce. Coffee Souffle tablespoons utiltcr; three tablespoons flour; one 'cup. stron : Ireshly > ' olfe; made colfce; third cup salt; three' sugar; one egg 011D half degrees, about, llirce fourths of .... ™jl- nn hour, serve hot u-ith cream or seconds lemon sauce. -EDNA M. FERGUSON. boiled custard. Apple Rice Balls nn inch cube of hrraii In . seconds. Pry until brown, drain on absorbent paper Eight balls.. . ' • . Chinese 1 Fried N'oodles Boil string-shaped noodles in plenty of salted water for five minutes. Put in' colander nnd pour . ,. -,, u nun iu co!(t w/ilcr over them. Drain well. it. one halt cup butter blended Pl ^'' a Slna 'l quantity at n lime, wjth_ono_tablespoon flour. Boil iin-;hi_ilccp.fat heated to 385 degrees-' . . To make the sauce,, boil one cup maple syrup, skim it and udd to '' Sweet- Poliilb Surprises' Tivo. cups- /unshed 'sweet, potatoes;.."one .egg; one" hair lehspoon salt; one. eighth• .teaspoon pepper; eight .mal'slitriauaws; one hnlf cup crushed •cornflakes. . Boll and.'peel potatoes. Mash if put.through ilcer.'When portly cool, .add bea'tcn egg, salt,', 'and pepper.'.If mixture •'is'too dry, add n little milk. Willi noiired hands, form Into eight round balls with marshmallow hidden inside, noil in cornflnkes crushed finely. Fry in deep fat hcnfert to 37S u . b .^ 395 itcgi-ees P. or hot enough brown " ' forty So miiny times the corners of th« livhu; room are wasldd space. Why not buy nn extra chnlr or two, F.mnirtnbles and lani|« uiicl convert Uicm inlo readliiK cornois, 'rho i;rolip illnslrnlcd l.s well nrranBcil for rumllng. The dccorntlve notes are Imjwrtniil. for, they rcin-cscnt this season's uooil iralnls; n white anil gold wallpaper with leaf and bow imot design, a Chesterfield urm chair,, a pic crust lable nnd lamp wlih white piirclinient shnde. Biq> the.Genuin/ Walker's AUSTEX Chile -Tamales , Beans an4 Sandwich Spread Oinclels For Spccifil. Govemirifint-Inspected '••"| : v;jthel;ain,flus 'g This recipe Is especially depend- smnll green pepper; one hnlf on- able;, to mnko it, me six eggs; Ion; two sprigs parsley;' -ten sliitf- whltc.s nnd yolks beaten scimmte- cd olives; six cmuicd 1 rauMiroomB- ly. the white stlir; ono halt clip fnlt nnd pcppw four egps- one milk; one tablespoon of cram; slulk celery. Peel (he tomato mid livo tnbtesijociris gr.inulntcd laplo- the pepper, onion, nandcy celery cu; one half trnpoon of salt; one 'olives and mushrooms and chop fourth teaspoon pepper; two drops "H together In the chonniiiK liow tabasco sauce. .J'luee the mlMure One.ot the recipes called for In the menus below Is Apple Marl----- ..... •-"- >"« in f^\t]n borotish style. This Is (lie mnke It: : Cut in quarters and Add Ihe tapioca and seasonings to the milk and cook for ten mln- nteji. Cool, mid lo the beaten cgif ;yolks nnd cream, Ihcn fold In the stiffly beaten c(jg whiles, llcnl UIR omelet pun, melt two tablespoons in r sauccnnn •WAiKER;.AUSTE)l|HilE CO. , •AUSTIN, jEXfS w, wll m pvcss Oivoiigh n colander four tail llnT^l/iln/I *,*........ ij, .. .^...l, t'.'.iy to. of' shortening In II, pour in tin; omelet and.cook slowly for five or tlicu six minute,: Knl.f and serve On a spoons eggs apples, of liittr •"! braieh wlih nno half mid tho. Juice nnd „, iiiui nf ono lemciit. Fill nn \mbar- '•'t cnisl, Inikn in a hot o^en, -isd decrees, for twi'i)ly-flv e to t i,|,'| y inmiiles. Cover with merlin-no n i- swerleimt whipped cream, "'ranato Juice Cockt.ill l?f>.ist. Leg of l.nnii) Hriissels Sprmils , Pll l«tws nu ami in Whole Wheat Uro.itt nmt fnni,-.|- Wnldorf Salad Prune Souffle with Ciisfnrd aaucc Coffee Vegetable Soup Corned Reef irnsh New Pens Bnkerl. Sinned Potntocs trot Whole Wheat Rolls, Untie'- Jelly anil Relishes Apple Marlborotigh Pie Cof[cc * » • rvesl) FniU, Cocklall Baked Beans Crisp Bacon Chill Sauce Candled Swoet Polntoe.s Hoston Dromi Hremt Under n Hlce Baits- nn<i Sourc Coffee linked Onion eoiip Lamb Chops Limn Beans Com nrend nnd Butler Mixed vegetable Ssitnrt, Mnyoiinntsc Chocolalo Cup Ciisiard, cootie Cot fee Add lhwo"UiwV'- '""'- ' ?' , , C ' amlSh Wi(l1 chui vnlki n'r ' s: "" :C " h ? '^^"."dioppoil -erecn JOIKS o[ jicpiiers are mixed; or with'chaii- .Spmlsh Onielft. : Oiie.-.'inrdlimi. shed tomnlo;. COUGH '. . . Real Throat 'TeHcfl- Medicated witli Ingredients of Vicks VapoRub To-Night* Milk -delivered while it's FRESH in time for your Breakfast CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 Ill (he flour is .cooked, the sauce is clear. Serve hot. : : K: Tursc Snatchci- 1-la.ved Drunk BOSTON. IOP) - Miss Mary Walsh will be less unwary next time she plays the good Snmarl- tnn. Seeing a young •man, apparently • drunk, stagger across the 335 degrees P. or hot enough lo brown an inch cube" of bread in twenty seconds, until crisp and delicately brown. Drain on paper (owcls. Can be rcwavmed and rc- crispcd in the oven. HILLSBOno, O. den eagles, carti i eight, feet Irom (Ul'l lo wing, mch .luck, cut the <oVh pieces and put an &wle f n Jer of each piere. Place a cce of butter in the hole in each an nlT,,, 0 } cprtnkte thickly with clnnS ^ si|»ar. Turn over the fo llr c ? r "™ CREOMULSION MS&r* YOUR HAT Has had season. hard We can restore its origina shape and color at a very nominal charge. Phone 53 Cleaners - Hatters Tailors - Dress Finishers HUDSON Men's Clothes and Accessories EXTRA SPECIAL Wear-Kuer Aluminum Quart Pan 2Sc Also •many oilier 'Wgar-Wvcr. Alum-, muni specials. . . a coinpjelo.linc now on (iispja.v. : " ' > } HUB BARD HARDWARE GO. . •UP TIME IS HEft Cl use^ WALL HIDE The paint that brings 24 IVORY ^BURCH PLATE cus»«' Wlih Wallliide your room can be ' sctlled the same'day walls and ccfl- Ing are pnlnted! Only one coat usually required. Free color card showm tfic 15 petal-like Wallbide shaaes. Conies in the modern "flat" saiin finish; also In semi-gloss for woodwork, kitchens. irna.aml 85c Quart UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL .. . Quart... 70c White SHELLAC Gal. $2.60 Quick-drying, clear WATERSPAR VARNISII Exln durable. For intcn'or or exterior ifce. Will no; 12-Quart PAIL 30c Each CALCIMINE, All Colors,.... P er Lb 12c Hubbard Hardware Co. PITTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCV

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