Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 16, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 16, 1895
Page 3
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I presume we bare used over one hundred bottles of Piso's Cure for Consumption in my family, and I am continually advising others io get it. Undoubtedly it is the Best CoDgh Medicine I ever used.—'W. C. MILTENBERGER, Clarion, Pa., Dc-c. 29,1894. 1 sell Piso's Cure for Consumption' "and never have any com-, plaints.—E. SIIOREY, Postmaster, 1 Bhorey, Kansas, Dec. 21st, 1894. HEADQUARTERS "<»' n;.,™ PLANTS AND SEEDS OUR Ot//-r OA >'AL.QGUf f . O/" <"- L SET i;: linno-i, tmi in IU HUftM. -wL coiorn. uMUH, 10 co!lir,l. , cvcrMonimllK, , !<• i-liri^' ""f tti. IU viiriuUi:tt. i ii»;: riiili!*, H; color*. Surtn. nil ililforcnt color". -iid: CUIIIIIIN, lii-m bW j"Tii lur 1'iirdiur tn fur Kormiriu,'. lirii;liU'iil, hurilleiil. noli;ct. . •i L'liiu linitofiil I'lilm*. utrocg. Addruss NANZ & NEUNER, Louisville, Ky. P. W, KINNEY, JHLVLEK Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game. •STWe dress our own Poultry an3 therefore havefcverything fresh. NOTICE FARMERS- «--^r^K r «S,l lea'aFawl Hior» on r Khiblt«wPf"l«if Cbock nowar on winch fcave beoa allowed ft putent. JOSEPH GILLOm STEEL PENS THE MOST PERFECT OP PENS, KKOEG^ER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, 013 Broadway. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. WnntoJ, eusap Cotti^.vs For 3;U«. Wnntvtl LoU mi! Acres Fur-5;ilo. Wiinted Small h'lirma For 3nle. Wan:ad Bu.-iliiM-i Blocks For Sillfl. Wanted to Kxctiiitue s'arms Cor Ci:/ Property. Wanted .Vtoroli'.iiulUs to Tr tdo for Funns. . -H. tH>rtl»t).V, Spti Blook Lo^nnsporc, ludiiina. H. E. TRUAX, M. D. attention given to Nose, Lung, Liver anachronic IHwuies. Offloe and Uosldonce ovor State National Bank, Hours 10 to I'-' a in., 'J to I p. m., and 7 to S p. m. All ealls proimitly attended. DR. F. M. BOZSR'3 DENTAL PARLORS. Scats STatioai Logaasport, Ind. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY iMORJUNlr, J?EB. 16. Soe those daUty embroidorios and Inserting^ at John Gray's. Special priuos on black China and Japanoso silks—Trade Palaco. The Journal has a lair blrdseye views of Lo£tvasport loft. They can bo had ia pasteboard tubas for mailing or prosorv-ktion for fifty cants. S. M. Closaon has a few hundred dollars private local faads, nlso EiSt- ern money in any amount to loan on mortgage soourity. OiSce .No. 319 Penr street. We are firm and honest in our atano- ment that no-.hinjj equals Braat'a Bal- Eam for cure of aU couprhs, .colds. throat or lunp troubles, as the many letters we have on Hie help to prove. A recent one from W, E. Kumpel, ColumMfi, Mich., says: "I caught a gevere cold on my lungs lost winter and tried several other remedies which {lid me no good, until my lungs got in a Tory bad shape" (opiates &lway» hurt the IUQRJ), "but two boltlea of. Brant'* Balsam cured me. I fell bet. ter before had used half a bottle." Get Brant's of Ban Fisher, the Drug. A Holland Cu»e. The people of New Holland, Ohio, have been greatly surprised recently by the almost wonderful cure of a young daughter of Mr. John Orahood, who for a lonp timo had been afflicted with fits or epileptic convulsions. The affliction seemed more dreadful because Of the natural brightness of the child. Doctors and other medicines failed to effect any lasting benefit and euro seemed hopeless until a sample bottle of Dr. Wneelor'o Nerve Vital- Izer was providentially handed Mr. Oi-ahood and from the use .of It and only two full bottles of the remedy, the younsr girl has been completely cured of thoaffliction which threatened to blight her life. Fortunately there are but few cases of epileptic fits, but we veaturo,io say that half the people who read this would feel like new beings after a thorough use of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vaalizer; it is a nerve food, restoring nerve force on the same principle that food restores physicil vigor and muscle. If yours is a case of shattered nerves, frequent headache, perhaps nervously cross, troubled with sleep- leesness, a tired feeling in the morning, debilitated, all \vorc,out feeling, promptly uso this groat remedy, for it will cure you, and also ward off the more serious sickucsa or breaking down which your symptoms indiaate. It Is Wftrrantod,sure to relieve and cure nerve troubles us represented. For sale by Bon Fiaher, Druggist. Vaii(lalla~JLl«B JExcnrwIonii. Oa February 12, Murch 5, April 2 and SO, 1895, homo seekers excursion tickets will be oa sale at very cheap rates to various points in tho South and Southwest. For rates, limit stopover prlvilges, etc., apply to J. C. EDCIEWOKTH, Agt., Logansport, Ind. Notice—Knlstat-s of Pythian! A.U members of Apollo Lodge 62, K. of P., are hereby requested to assemble at the Castle Mall, Sunday, February 17th, at 10:80 a. m. sharp, to aUend dlvlce services in a body. Bridge City Lodge 305, and all SO' journiag Knights are invited to par- ticipaio, GEO. VAN5TEISBERG, C. C. SAM ANPEIUOX, A. K. S. What l» the Work of the K.lduey«!f To remove from the blood its impurities. The products of coll wastes which have bjen burned up in sustaining lifo and giving strength, to the system. Every particle of blood la the body goes through the kidneys every three minutes, and if these organs are unable to perform their work fully, sooner or • later the system Is poisoned. Therefore, "S»n Jakj ia the indicated blood remedy. Xerrous Debility. Every person having nervous doblu. ty, organic weakness, or filling memory, ia entitled to sympathy of every honest person, a'nd should have ex. tended msdlcalaid such M la found in -SanJak." Sold by Ban Fiiher, drugglit •WRECK AT X'EW CASTLE. Pan Handle paaaenger train No. 6 escaped what might have been a eer- fou* wreck Thursday morning while crossing the L E & W, road at tfe w Castle, the train collided with a train switching on that road, fortunately doing no other damage thaa to knock the pilot off both engines. The acoi* dent was due to the carelessness of the L. E. & W, employes. N. 'W. TAYLOR APPOINTED. The management of the Vaadalia line Issued a circular yesterday announcing the appointment of N. W. Taylor as general freight azent to succeed the late H. W. Hibbard. Mr. Taylor hae for ee7eral years held the position of assistant general freight agent. 3Is headquarlers are at St. Louis, A new ml' road is projected to run from Kno.x to Monticeilo. Jia. Gens, jr., night machinist at the IV.a EUadle round house, is on the sick list. Sapt. Walton is at Fort Wayne, oiKed there by the serloua illness of his mother. Pan Handle passenger engine 51G was yesterday taken in the shop for an overhauling. Frank O'Brien, the Pan Handle fireman who recently fell off a culvert at Anoka, is reported to be improving. Pun Handle operator Chas. Tousley who for about a month has been work leg at Chicago has returned to his regular station at Anoka. K. A Gould, superintendent of the Wabash, is quite ill at Peru, Ind. It is feared that it will be some time before he will be on duty again. Wm. Kelloy, stationary engineer at the Pan Handle shops, who fell and hurt himself about a week ago is on the mend and expects to resume work in a few days, The Chicago and Great Western has emulated the example of the Chicago and Alton and issued orders for. bidding employes visiting saloons. It is stated that the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Is about to take a. similar step. Superintendent Lowell, of the Monon lines, Is strictly enforcing the order forbidding employes drinking anything intoxicating when on duty, and every employe, it is said, is being watched to see that the order is not violated. The SEOW blockade on the Pennsylvania lines has been completely lifted. Oa Tuesday forty-five freight trains passed Altoona eaatbound and thirty- seven westbound, ami the movement of passenger trains was not inter. ferod with. Passenger business on both eastern and western Chicago roads ia at low tide just now. It has not baen so poor as now for many a day. There Is practically no business being done, and many of the managers are feeling down. hearted over the outlook, The employes of the Monon road have followed the example of the Pan Handle men and have sent a numerously aigoed memorial to the legislature against a two cent a mile.railroad fare. They rightly estimate that reduced fares maan for (hem reduced On and after February 25 the Wa bish will accept mileage in payment of seats in parlor cars meals in dining cars, lunches In cafe or buffet cars or excess baggage. An announcement to that effect has besn m.\de by general passenger agent Crane, and is a sweeping concession to holders of mileage books. The Chicago & Eiatern Illinois railroad posted an order at Danville, yes. terday, that until further orders the Danville shops would remain closed on Fridays and Saturdays. The policy of the road at present is to reduce tho expenses and dispense with the- services of all persons who are not absolutely required. The Pin Handle paople will begin work on the new $LO,000 passenger station at Piqua, O., as soon as the weather moderates. All contracts havo been let aad the material is being placad oa the ground. Superintendent Darlington Doasts of having tho most complete and convenient yards atPiquito ha found at any similar-railway center in the country. In a recant editorial the Salem, Oregon, Iniapsndeatsays: ;"Tima and again have we seen Chamberlain's Cough Rionsdy tried and nevar without using the most satisfactory results. Whenever we see a person afflicted with hoarseness, with a cough or cold, we invariably advise them to get Chamberlain'a Cough Remedy, and when they do, they neveiyregfet is. It always doe* the work,; and does it well. For sale by B. F. Ksealing. Druggist. ''' '•"•'' A Pirlm* Aiverllwaatmt.' ; : " , The judge*, representatiTe« of the Journal, Pnaroa and Saturday Night Review, requested by Line. W. Pillinfi:- to dsclde aa to the bast advertisement on shoes, written in response to ht» published invitation to tho ladies, met yesterday and unanimously selected No, 25, which proved to be from tte pen of Mary J. Washburn. There were about [forrty contestants and quite a cumber of the articles banded in, both, in prpae &nd verse, gave evidence of considerable merit as literary productions or as indicating a knowledge of the subject being treated rather than an advertisements. '1 he ad appears for the first time in to cay's Journal. Two Lives Suved. Mrs. Phcebo Thomas of Junction City, 111., was told by her doctors she had consumption and that there was no bope for her, but two bottles Dr. King's Koiv Discovery completely cured her and she says it saved her life. Mr. Tcos. Eggers, 139 Fioiida St., San Francisco, suffered from a dreadful cold, fipproachlng consurnp MOD, tried without result everythiog eiL-o. then bought ooe bottle ol Dr. King's New Docovery and ia two weeks was cured. He is nalurally thankful. Is is such results, of which these are samples, that prove the wonderful efficacy of this medicine in coughs and coWs. Free trial bottles at B. F. Keesllng's drug store. Rigu lar size 50c. and $1. A Genuine liurguiu. Being compelled to uiovo tempera* rily from my present location, on the 1st of Mareb, I will sell all goods until then for cash, regardless of cost. My $2 shoes will go for $1.50: $3 shoes for $2.25; $3.50 shoes for !{;2 50, and $5 shoes for |3.50. This is a bona fide bargain sale that will pjy you to investigate. ELLAS WIXTEKS, 506 Broadway. Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt Kheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chapped Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites, Chronic Sore Eyes and G runulated Eye Lids. For sale by druggists at 25 cents per bos. TO HOK3E"c>WNEBS. For putting a liorsc in a fine healthy condition try Dr. Gidy's Condition Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite, relieve constipation, torrecl kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old or over-worked horse. 25 cents per package. For sale by druggists, Attention. Losan I>iv. !i«. V. «. K. P. Yon are hereby ordered to appear at drill hall, Sunday, February 17, at !C:-i5 Sharp in full dress uniform to attend divine servicss at the Univor- salist church, GEO. A. SCHAEFER, Capt. Funeral of MM. II. J. Parks. The funeral of Mra. Irene Snyder Parks will occur at 2:30 this after, noon from the house, corner of Six- taenth and Spea- streets. Services conducted by the Rev. B. F. Gavins of Peru, STATS OF Oino, Crrr OP^TOLEDO, I ss LUMS COCSTT. ) FIUHK J. Crtfis-EV m ikes oath that: he Is the senior partnor ol tlie llriu of F. J. CDESBV & Co.. doingbaslno.ss In thsoltyoCToleilJ, Countj and State aforesaid, and that said. llrm will :pay tho sum of ONE U J.VD3EO DJLLAB3 lor: eacli and cverj ciise of Catarrh that cannot bo car-id by tho use ol HALL'S CAT.LRUK CCHK. FR.VNKVJ. CHENEY. Sworn to betoro me "ana subscribed ;ln ;my presence, this 6th Jay ol December. A.D.1SS8. / ^_i_^ v . A . W. uLi£j VoUri i J SK.uJ - Notary Public. HaiFs Gitarrh Caro Is ;ta'iea intercally and acts dueetly on the blood an 1 mucous surfaces of the system. S<nU for testimonials .1'ree. IT. J. 011EN r av.i,CiJ,, Toledo,;*}. S?~Sold by druggist:!, 75e. A Siuuli JUar?. • The fire dopartmsnt was cilled to the corner of Seventeenth and Smcad streets at 3:30 p. m. yesterday. A woodshed at the rear of a house owned by F. Burgmau had caught fire, and was partially destroyed before the blaze was put. out. Itucklcu'd Arulca Salvo. •/be beat salve ia tho world for cuts, bruises, eores, ulcera, salt rheum fever sores, tetter, chapped hinds, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup. tions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect sitlsfactlon_or money refunded. Price 25 cents per bo--. For sale'by B. F. Kseslicg. A Church Jubilee. Next Sunday will be jubilee day at the Whaatland street M. E. cburcb. The service ia to be one of thanksgiving for the number of accessions to the church during the recent revival. OH People. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the true rsmedy ia Electric Bitters. Tals medicine does not stimulate and contains no whisky or other Intoxicant, but acts as a tonic and alterative. It acts' mildly on the stomach and bowels, adding strength and giving tone to the organs, thereby 'aiding nature. In the performance of the functions. Electric Bitters is.an excellent appetizer and aide digestion. Old people fiad it just exactly what they need.. Price 50 cento psr bottle at B. F. Keealing'a drug store. POISONING COYOTES. Kethodl of Uilnjr Strychnine on Wild Animal* In the nVftt- A bill lately introduced in the Colorado legislature provides for the purchase of strychnine by county commissioners for" the destruction of wolves and coyotes, which are becoming- quite desperate aU over the state and arc multiplving, in spite of bounty layrs, SIVTS. the DenVois Field and Farm. Ono waj* to put out pdison is to take a fresh , dead cow or horse, remote the hide, cut I tho animal open, cash tbo outside with ! a knife aud put, strychnine in the in' cision and on the entrails. The crystals of slryclmine will soon dissolve and penetrate the flesh. Carcasses thus' prepared are often frozen before the wolves 2nd them. But the wolves eat of the frozen blood from the thorax and die within an hour after eating. The action of the poison in warm weather is much quicker. Occasionally poison is unsuccessfully used, but the hunter is almost sure of some pelts, and is sometimes richly rewarded. Fro:» i-fiy to seventy-live wolves have been killed in one night, from the poisouui.'T of one curouss. This was in Middle L'ark, where the wolves are vury plentiful. It takes two bottles of strychnine to poison one dead cow or horse, ami from one-fourth to one-third of a bottle fora sheep: small animals or birds require a less proportionate amouuU All the carnivorous aninials may be destroyed by strychnine. The larger ones may be poisoned 'jy putting a fw crystals in small Lalls of butter or lard. \Vheu the animal is frozen so that it will not aborb poison scatter tho balls ronnd about. .Small animals can be killed by poisoning serapsof meat, or small birds, mice or lislics. The red fox ean l>e easily poisoned where it could not be trapped. Slrvrloine must be handled with groat care. It should be used moderately in small baits and placed where dog's a.nd cats are not likely to find it. Poisoned animals may be kept for months, if necessary, and if promptly removed when thawed the skins will be good. A hole bored in a log or block- of wood and filled with lard mixed with strychnine is very effectual when weather is not freezing-. The animals lick it out so slowly that they die before they g-ct away. The approved method used here in Colorado is to place small quantities of crystallized strychnine in drug-gists' capsules and insert one of these in a bait of meat about the size of a hen's egpr- Hang up a calf's head or some fresh meat in a tree or on a fence so hig-h that wolves cannot reach it. Then scatter the bait around the spot every few feet. The fresh meat in the tree attracts the animals, and they readily pick up the bait ou the. ground. A drachm bottle of strychnine costs thirty-five cents and contains forty or fifty doses of poison. The capsule method is recommended as best of all. The exposure to all sorts and conditions of weather that a lumberman is called upon to endure in the camps often produces severe colds which, if not promptly checked, result in congestion or pneumonia. Mr. J. O. D-ivenport, ox minager of the Fort Bragg Radwood Co., an Immense institution at Fort Bragg, Gal, sayB they sell largo quantities of Chambbr- lain's Cough Rsmady at the company's store and that he himself ustd this remedy for a severe cold and obtained immediate relief. This medicine prevents any tendency of a cold toward pneumonia and insures a prompt recovery. For sale by B. F. Kessllng, Druggist. ^ A I>4iiii:i« Case Set. Tne damage suit of Mrs. Jessie Beatty vs. Charles Maurice and William Ward will be called in the circuit court February 28sh. Thermit Is for $10 000 and-grows out of an accident thai happened July 5th, 1892. The plaintiff is the wife of John C. Beatty. She was run down-by a horse driven by the two defendants, who, she alleges were intoxicated, and she claims an injury to her head thus Inflicted, is a permanent one- The accident occurred at tha corner of Third atidls T orth streets. L'ecrleSM Club Tae Peerless skating club will ban quit the night 01 Fdb. 26th, at Markley's Vendoaie restaurant. UccomnieuJatiOtt From Los Angeles. 632 Ontelar S;., Loi Angeles, Cal. After having suffered for a long time from acute rheumatism without obtaining relief, I used Chamberlain's Pdio Balm and was almost immediately' relieved. I highly recommend this aa the be-i midicigekcoivn—D. M. Ham- iiion. For saGl&5* B. F. Ksesling Druggist. Did you ever see one of the famous waterproof Interlined Collars or CuiT<? It's very easy to tell, for they arc all marked this way TRADf ._ .. MARK- They are tbs only Interlined Collars nud Cuffs, and arc uiadc of linen, covered wir.li waterproof " CELLULOID." Thcv'U stonti right i>y- you'day in «:id daybut.audthcvsrcsiliHarlicdthisv.-ay The fcrst cost is the only cost, fot they keep clean a lot'g tiaie, and when soiled you can clean iuc«n iu c i::inntc bv s-iia'ply wiping off wi'.U .1 wet dotli —that is'thc kiaa marked Usis way Those collars r.r.d ci.l.'i v:;ll outiiis' si.-: Iir.ci3 o::cs. The v.x-.'ircr c-jcapcs bui.'dry tri;:!s a::d lan:;-.':.;y I:;.;':- —110 ch'.:fed :tcc'.: r-:.u i'.o v.':'i'.:n^^.'j\vu :l von get a collar ::-^rV..Hl i:i!d v.-ay Ask yo--r dcr.'.erfi-t, r.:!il^.u:-.e r.o'.h- ing i!:-t L.-.S uct r.l'^vs truilo i::ui-;i. !. you desire perfect i-;: ; .i'.:".:c-.;o:!. ;*!» others arc :-j:iiaiio-.:r. ubric^U:tc!y. It" you cau't i'.::i ! - eol-Krs cr etuis i)).-j-l;"cd this \vr-y, wo v.-:!! ten; 1 , you a :;ar.jplc postpaid c-u receipt ot price. Collar*, =5 CIS. each. Cr.iV* 5° cts. pair. Give your s:=e and sr.y v.-hctUcr standup or'turncd-dov.-u collar ia wautciU THE CELLULOID CCMPANY._ •;i?-~9 Krouilwcy, SEW" •DISH OF CRACKED ICE.' Wliat New York UoiKlhoiivt.x Will O«t ThU Yi-nr. Tho new mnnajromcni. at the polo grounds in Now York promises to be highly unpopular with a certain class o£ baseball patrons. Those arc lh« fellows who arc aceustomefl to pass In at the gates without payment of the toll Mr. Frcedman, the new majority stock owner o' the New York club, vows that. the long- list of deaubeats that has had the run of the polo grounds for the last ten years will be cut down to the bone, and'there is no good reason for believing Unit he is not in earnest. The fact is that bad as Chicago has been In the matter oC pass llends It is not to be compared with New York. Every, crank in thar town hus had an easy game in years past witli the managers of the ball club. jjeuInK annual passes' on the most trivial excuses. All this, M.r. Freedman promises, will be brought to a sudden slop this year. Pass books will be issued only to those who can satisfy the managers that they have some good and sufficient reason for calling for the sumo. Those who have not that )-eoson will be shut. out—handed a dish of cracked ice. In other words, and left to meditate on their misfortunes outside the fence or "roast" the giants from seats in the bleachers, after having settled with the man in the box. In fact, the new management of the giants promises to be highly unpopular with "the public" in the season of 1SS5. LEAGUE SCHEDULE FOR '95. «at™ Have All Bco» by JT.-KlilciU: Nick YounR. President Nick Young- has completed the schedule of league games for the ensuing year, which will be submitted at the next meeting of the moguls. In the west, as in the east, an effort has been made to schedule the opening games in the southern cities as usual la order to avoid the chilly weather that lingers until about May 1. For Instance, Cincinnati. Su Louis and Louisville will undoubtedly open tho championship [season on the home, grounds. Cincinnati is likely to have either Cleveland or PI Us burg for the opening series. Chicago will probably bring out Donohuc, Everett, Stewart and the other new men secured by \iiFon in the opening series In. St. Louis. That would K-ave either Pittsburg or Cleveland to cross sUclts with the remodeled Louisville team. The burning of the Baltimore grandstand and the announcement thai the "new Philadelphia gr;xndstnnd 1V|11 not bc completed before May 1 may render It necessary to open the eastern series at Washington, New York and Boston. In that event "Washington will have Philadelphia, the champion Baltlmores will go to New York and the Broolc- lyns and Bostons will compete for first blood at the hub. Henry IV of France hafl the "«5 ague" or trembled whenever a cat IT»« Queen" Elisabeth was very profanjj and when angry would kick and cuff Cardinal Richelieu hatc-d children and lovod cats; when he died bis favorite Angora pet re-fused to eat and sooa perished. . Veil ITauerson and Chris Nelson, the Australian scullers, have taken to bicycling. Ciysbl Pancake Flour!' - Makes-Delicious Pan Cakes. A Delicious Breakfast Food. Ask Your Grocer For It

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