The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1935
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHBVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1935 \niaj Calenda: SATURDAY'^ EVENTS Etoivvood Cemetery association meeting with Mre. J. II. Smart, 2.30 P. M. Bridge Olympic ut the country club, 8 P. M junior Hadassah having meet- Ing at Hotel Noble. 3 p m. Children ot Confederacy uieet- Ing With Miss Betty McCutehen, 1 P. M., for business meeting'and program. Has Club. Mrs Hurry W. HaliiK. "bed the -Valentine motif when she had the Mid-Week Bildge club Thursday, for a two-course lunch and bridge game. Mrs! O. P. Moss won the p madeira .napkins, nnd Mrs, Broote Flowers- of Birmingham, Ala houseguest of Di and Mrs M O Usrey, CM(«f5 was presented hondker jitlle Slam Made Certain by Forcing Defense Lead Not TOO Late to Enter Tonight'* Bridge Tourney Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY WM, E. McKENNEV ccretary, American Hrlcljre Le A. R.Umw is one ot the few 'Ittsbuvgh players who Buys he Ikes Hic duplicate gome as well .3 the rubber game. Ho thinks, vovvever, that rubbq' bridge Is a better teacher ot the game. •• In. duplicate. It you do some-, hirig wrong, you simply gel a bad score, but in rubber bridge, when you mako n mistake, you pay :or it. Dunn Held the South Imiu) and, when he arrived at six spades, If he had fulled to do ihls he would have Imd Ihe club suit blocked. But now. Ensl liavlnt Ihe queen-Elgin of clubs, must lead Into dummy's king-nine 'nils end piny eava Dunn his contract o( six sjiadefi. (Copyright, 1035, NBA Service, Inc. Steele-Cooter Society — Personal NEW YORK, Feb. 1 (UP) rice movements were Irregular on ic New York, stock exchange as olume decreased today. A.- T. .mid T. Anaconda Copper ..... Bethlehem 'Steel desiring to play In th bridge tournament tills evening a he country club, who have no already nude reservations, may, d so a& several place*, have- no yet been filled, it was announce (odny . by Everett 8. Gee an Hairy W. llaines, sponsors. Hay is to start at one mlnu U!.slc 8 o'clock, ut tlio same, tin bridge players nil over lhe.,wo'r are playing the sumo hands the World Olympic Brldce tourn ment, ....'. Several prraes arc to be awar cd local winners and all playe will participate In the stutc ,11 oniil and Intornatioiinr conies Practice lias begun on the •Junior play, "Look out Lizzie," to hi; Club Meets. .Mis.'. J. A. Leech won the prlz at the ..Thursday Luncheon clu party vvKeii Mrs Russell Phillip was hcotess It vab a doub? deck of cards in u case ,A spring lime centerpiece vv. used for the dining table ar ranued tor a Uo-course menu Club Has Guest*. Mrs, Baiter Wilson and Mrs. ParK Hatchett- plftved cards with members of tho Thursday Contract clu\) when Mrs a. E Keck was hostess She solved ti tuna fish salad with date loaf, graham muffins, olives and coffee after the bridge game?. , A Colorado pottery baking dish \as Mrs "F. B Jojner's prl^e for high score and the guest nvvnrd, a lace table coyer, went to Mrs. Hatchett <• , « t * tittle Theatre Cast Beli>s Selecltd. ,; Miss Hazel Sample. ant! B L "' Tallaferro^of Osceola, liavo been J selected lor the leading roles In the'play 'Let U» Be Oay" to be West opened Iho.'king of dla- given at tlio Cootcr school audl- nonds, which immediately knock- torlmn In about a monlli. Those cd out Bo'iilh's ace. . He • uoutd who will take part, art Clmrlie •cc now thai several' fortunate Reaves, Frances• Vniiglm, .Lorcnc 'Pounds, npslc;. • Wright, Orllnc Mlchlc, Vlrglnlii yowlcr, Douglas Mullliis, and x ;WayJio Copeland. SC 8,7 D 2 KQJ G + 751 J presented^ by the Theater ^ group. Jn a meeting last evening , other ch»racleis were dLscusscc ** and •'announcements will be made later as to other members of- the ~ cast. While the direcloi, the Rev • J, Thompson, It, ill, Miss Marcare Motfitt is to be director. The next meeting will be heli Monday evening nt the oily hall. . Class Elects Jinirale Crook was '.dec ted presi-. dent ol iho 8A class Of junior high school lor the second term. Jerry Cohen Is., vice president and , the new secretary and treasurer- Is Churchill Buck Q J a • 8 1 !l *AK062 N *0 4 3 » 1C 10 C 4 107 2 + QS3 Snuth 1 A .*KQJ 106 3 V A i « -A 9 5 *.J 10 Rubber—All vul. \\' Sotlfi Ease fusa 3 + Pass Pass S * , >'dss Pass I'lisn I'uss •K. ' hUigs would hnvc to happen to him to make his con- penult .racl. His lirsl iilay was the lend ol ..' small spade, going up in dummy .vlth the ncc. The mieen of hearts vas led and, 115 It happened, East cfuscd to coyer with the kin?' But this" in no way would affect -;he play, so dummy's queen held he trick. : i Another spado \vris ptoyed »ml .'.on with the kliig. ' pcp|arcr now tcksd up trie last trump" by Md- .ig the queen of spades and dis- arding, the; four of diamonds i.-'m dummy. He v/oi\ the ;next Miss Joy. Van Aiuburgh is directing .the play, 1 ' I • • ! The ,V/oman'i) Missionary Society met In the church annex Monday afternoon for a social meeting when Mrs. M. A. Massey and Mre J. A. Wallace wer,c ! Twenty four members-were present with three new members, Mrs H. B. Docinor, Mrs. Leila Workman, and Mrs. H, B, Spencc. Tin next meeting will bo with Mrs. J R. Morgan , • • * 1 Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Womb] and sou, of Swift, spent the week jnd here, with relatives. Mrs. J. W. Burnet Is confined t icr lionie witii liifluen«u. J. p, Boonc, o.J North Poin Ala., pperit last week, end here with his sister, Mrs. G. W. Cook. Mr. and Mrs. Llndsy Smith and Services at Temple Today's Markets *itni*lf OlWt AC 105 1C 'M 25 T-C 3V 1-t 1 3-1 Jetton futures declined 4 to xiitits today In an extremely dull Cession. open hl^h low clwe ich 1^30 123q I2jr i>£u May 1213 12« 1230 1238 July 12-18 ma J23B 1240 Oct I2'« 1234. 123IJ 1231 Deo 123(3 l',!3« 1230 1231k! Spots dosed quiet at 1253, olf Cities Service.' ..-. Coca Cola , , . . ........ -General Anicrlcan Tunic. 36 1 General Eiictrlo ...... . . art \-'. OncraV Motore .-i .-. .... 'JO 7 International Harvester -11 t MoKessonipobblns Montgomery .Ward New York Central 11 IT / Last Time Today MAT.—2 P. M.,- lOc & 25t NITli—0:45 - IQc &,35c ROX Friday £ Saturday MAT. & N1TE—lOc . 25c rhilllps Petroleum ..'...'. IWdlo Corp -• S;'- I/niis-Gan Francisco Simmons Beds, Standard of N. J. ' Texas -Co 7 1-2 U.) 317 5-1 •I &-' H 3-1 5 1-4 1 1-2 ,3 40 1-2 19 7-U New' York Cotton NEW YOHK, Feb. 1 (UP) '-Cotton closed steady. open high low close March 123!i 1236 1230 1H3I May 1241 J2J2 12IJG 1238 July 1242 1243 1237 1230 Oct 1235 1235 1229, 1231 ec 1241 1241 1235 1237 ill 1241 1241 mt) 1231) Spots closed at 1255, oil' 5 ijuict Chicago Wheat U. S. Smelting ........ 103 II. S. Steel ..... ..... 30 3-e Zonltc .......... . ...... 4 1-t There will be special services at ic Temple Israel this evening, 8 'clock, with muslu by the choir. Singing Convention The Mississippi County Singing onvcnllon will meet at the Church if the Nazarenc here Sunday. A. V. "Nnframore, secretary, 1ms xtcnded an invitation to the pub- New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS,- Feb. 1 <UP>Club Secretary Discovers Secret of Bill Collecting WASHINGTON. (UP) — William H. Sanfbrd, secretary, of the Engl- icers , club of Philadelphia, has llscovercd the' '.secret : ' of bill col- ''' ticll fin- I'olfcc Stt)dcnl3 BOSTON (UP)—There'll be less tardiness at tlio Boston Follfe School. Superintendent Martin H. King has installed a bell system ut the school because so' many pn- tvoluTeii arrived late for" classes. Hereafter all doors to-the scnow- robm will be closed at the signal nnd tardy officers will riot be admitted nnd will have to make i>i: iho lost time. ' .. . .Here/ Is his explanation of hov :ie rijakes one-third "of the mem bers of 'the Philadelphia Club paj up before Ihe fourth of ever> month': "i send their bills so they'll re ceive them on the last day of eacl month, Instead of the first. Who a single bill comes In, on Hi morning- of tlic last clay, the nal ural reaction .is to pay it and ge it out of the way, prior to rccei\ Ing a number of bills which m always expeclcd on the morning o the first day * of the month." lay open high low close 86 3-8 88 1-2 95 1-2 96 uly. 88 7-8 88 7-8 88 88 3-D Chicago Corn open high low close May 84 1-4 84 1-4 S3 1--1 83 -|4 July 80 1-8 • W) 1-4 79 1-8 79 5-8 TOO LAl'E TO CLASSIFY OF A BENGAL LANCER GARY COOPER FRANCHOT TONE RICHARD CROMWELL SIR GUY STANDING KATHLEEN BURKE A fa ram aunt fit lu r* Novelty—"Vaudeville No. 2" Musical Short ' Sunday -Monday) .FOR SALE '•: \•••: FOB SALE—5 burner Quick Me'a' Oil Stove. Good condition.; Very Cheap. .Call evenings at 800 ihickasawba. ' Saturday Only , TAKEN UP White and black spotted HOG, weight 165 Lbs. Ed Calvin, Clear Lake, Route 2. Ip DEEP Ne cnin«? proven mere powerful mediclnjl inscetlient dev*!optd bf practfcing dtx:tor insuits far quieter, mot* soothing relief. Grt SliedJans at drufjguts cvet>'\*'hcf*•- SHCDDAN5SALVE of Nrtts Miit,tl\ Persona Mks Inez \Vheeler, who is ill •from an attack 'of appendicitis, is slightly lmpro\ed todny Mr and Mrs J, A Waterman have returned to Memphis, after having 'beerf guests of Mr. and Mrs. John. P.,.LciitC for several "JJ's. Mrs. -Anne Stevens . Potter and her housegiiest. Miss Dovothy Evans, of St. iQuls, will 80! to Mera- PUI? tomorrow, for the weekend, going down especially for the Junior League Follies. Charles Scruggs ami L. E. Strup ol Memphis., vvcre guests oI.'Mvs ^ H Filler and family jestcrday Mr Soruggs was formcrlj con rjected here the Liberty Grocerj Today's Contract -Problem North's opening lca<J Is tlie ten ol spades in rsspi-uaa to Uls partner's spade bid. West ia playing tliu contract at three' liemis. How can tho hand lio made? 'A J ft 7 <i 2 AC13 A K Q S 752 A ft 7 .SolutioL m next Issue. daughter, La Jeanne, of Carnlh- ; ersvllle, spent last week end here as guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. lck, 'Marshall Wright, of Chicago, ia guest-of'friends and relatives here this week. Mrs. Mollle Lee Elites, of Car- .Ihersvllle, spent last week end .ere as guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles. Bale.5 and .son, pat. .Mr. and Mrs. J. Prank Daniels, if- Cairo, 111., .were- Sunday. guests of Mr.-and Mrs. O. O. Travis. Mrs. Travis and'son, .Guy S^ewni'tC and tlrs. Daiilels arc spending (lie week n Osceolu us guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cox n. MPJ. Florino Blnctaeli is confined to her home with Influenza. Mr. and Mrs. J. TV Glllland, rs. Alma. Copeland, and Mr. and Mrs. plarcncc ailllaud spent Sunday at Gideon as giiest of Mr. uud Kirs. Dick Pollard and family. Mr. and Mrs. Huffman, of Memphis, spent Sunday here with Mrs. Florluc Blnckvvell. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Northevr spent Sunday . In Memphis •' as guests of Miss Helen Marshall.. ' Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Spencc and Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Grcer, of Harrisburg, Ark., Sunday. Mrs. Ida Burns, of Cooler, li guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Travl: this week. Robert E, Lee King, who went Ic Pace, Miss , tvio weeks ago, i seriously 111 there : Mr and Mrs N W. Trantham have returned from Murray, Ky where they were called to be wit Mrs. TranUiani's- mother who IE now belter \ • ' , Mr vat Mrs- Edward Scgravcs of Luxora l -were guests of Mrs' parent, Mr «nd Mrs Herman Crest, Wedncsdaj alight ,Mrl and ^^rs, W H Stoval! are attending to bosincss In Memphis today..' 3 - " ••;••-• Mr. and Mrs, Joe Trieschnian and : family have' moved to th? fomier ; 'Barren , home on West Walnut 8t, which has been occupied' by Mn> Virginia Hayue^ Fhq is mqving to ,ths former Trlescmnan residence on the Yar' ' ' rick with the aCe of hearts and io\v played three rounds of rump, discard!ne from dummy n diamond and two clubs. East discarded the ten of hearts and his vWO small diamonds. Now the jack of clubs was played and won in dummy vyith the ace. Declarer had previously located the kins of heaftSj due to the lad. that Ms rniecn lla * held, so lie now led the jack of hearts, throwing East Into Uie Lead with the king, and being very careful to discard the ten of clubs torn his hand. ; Little River News TRY THIS NEW WAY TO HEALTH! o n s ti p a t i b n-^Indiges t i o n— Loss of Weight and all Bladder Trouble-All Relieved This Easy Way! Thousands of persons arc daily going through untold misery, vviiich for the most part, is caused by stomach anil constipation disorders. These Mnfortunates may suffer with loss of weight, indigestion, stomach pains, sour belching, gas. sick headaches, dizziness, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, pjmples, boils, anil a feeling of beinjf "worn-out"—draggy >inl unable to work-efficiently-'or enjoy the things of life. Many of liese ailments can be traced to clogged systems which harbor accumulated poisons and waste materials, and which, if allowed to re- 11 aiii in the system, may cause serious and permanent disease. Brother J. Li. Urown will preach, at Little River church on Tucs- t!ay, Wednesday and Thursday nights of next week. Everyone is Invited. Miss Uesso Mao Itarncs ipcnt honeymoon spent In Memphis They will remniii here until thu Ntardt Oras season at.. New Or- .eans when they plan to vtell there. ijr. and Mra. Oscar Hovduway vho have teen lu Memphis since .heir marriage » month ago, are expected to arrive here today ake Ihclr home. They will t :|iie home of Mr. and Mrs .;•& Keck for the prc.'.ent. Miss Margaret Kcctc, who nt ends • Llndenwcoct c&Uege at H' harles, Mo., ylll •• urnvc horn i" the niprnlng to ";ba !)i-rc unl - ' _ j Mr' and VUis Mabel : . Hcga;i JESS ^iqv(icr and Tuesday ' ill. Memphl|. where Mrs. 'Hornet consulted „& ppecialist , ^Ir., ahc| Mr*. Oliver W- Cop p?dge ,wni have as their guest for flie weekend, Mr.' coppcdgo's sister, Mrs. Brewer, of Horso ~ tike. , 5 Billy,Psl Svveat, son of Mr.'am ^rs.. Sill S^eat. Is.seriously 11 frorfi > fllphiherti. His cowdlUon " J today - . i ip Hern, ,'Loy' Welch lias relume ftom, KiSsas Cjty, Mo, wjicrc sh . VUlted' btf d4\ighter ft ho. attend ' 4Chool tl)«re. ' i "• , ' Mrs R L Lf>gglns and J son 1 " ire ^noy, '»t ^their home o Yrtst'Arti',81. * Both &ve improving nicely following ^their £tay in th Memphis .-MeUwxUH hospital. -\ Mr.^fih^'Jiri.-'O.' W, Copped] fitve returned, horna. frcrji K prlej -night. ., Miss. Ma'rlria. Gciidy has -re irned to r her ° liomc in Friend hip, 'Tenri.raflcr 'a .three week lay : with Mr.' niid ^Ii;a. tj. ^ ' and soil. 'Eltert. Mt6. J. W.- Jackson, o[ Ne fadrld, Mo., is the .gijest ot M ••>[! ilrs.' H. O. • Wlckham' and .M> Bess :Hall .for, sCyerar., days. nday with liliss Ifcvn Biackshire. Miss Rutli Paschal speiit Suny with Mljs 'Edna Oarrett. H. C. McCann is going to move ck liere. Mr. and Mrs. Clco Wrcini are ending this vycck with i-e!atlvcs Poplar Comer. Miss Eveljii .Tomlimon b 111 a- er home. Brother Waller tlriffin is S tint week here. Internal Cleanliness— The Key to Health It's just as important to keep the inside of your body as clean as the outside. The most wholesome food if allowed to lie in : your system -without being di- • gcsleil and throvvn off, is as- misoiious as if it had decayed en the shelf. .-.'••' For every ounce of. nourishment taken up by the body, an ' ounce of WASTE matter MUST be thrown off. Thousarids. of suffering people know that PURATONB sweeps 'away accumulated poisons from the entire system (not just the intestinal tract) — gently stimulates the vital organs to work as nature intended, jncrcases resistance against di.seasc, aids and improves digestion, clears the skin nnd puts systems in tip-top shape. PURATONE has brought relief to thousands where all else failed. PBRflTONE-The System Cleanser & System Builder PURATONE works in 4 ways in building systems back to normal. First it helps clear the system of impurities and accumulated waste matter,by flushing; the intestinal tract and waking up lazy livers and pall bladders. Tnis is the foundation. Second —PURATONE heltis stimulate the vital organs of digestion and assimilation, thus helping you digest your food and then aiding in converting this food into new weight —firm flesh —strength, and energy. Third—PUBATONE helps purify the blood by.ridding the system of impurities and nelp- ing convert foods into blood building agents. Fourth—PUR- ATONE helps you throw off other diseases by aiding you in building yourself up into the strong, sturdy, healthy person of former years. MAT. •'••& N1TE—lOc - 25e First of the Famous Mignon G. Eberhart Mysteries to Reach the Screen! R I C A R DO CORTEZ E! Brendcl Comedy i IS'oveltj Reel SUNDAY; FEB. 3rd ONE DAY ONLY Cantimicus Showing Mat. & Nile—Vaudeville aflef each VictunsProgram —ON THE STAGE IN PERSON— Record for the lowest normal mount of rainfall of any state In ic Union Is held by Arizona, with 8 Inches. WE GIVE YOU A BOTTLE TO TRY So cerium are we that I'URATONE will give you the sanie amazing csnlts that it has thousands of others, that this SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER is being made by the druggists listed below. With i>/if.- f ,,11 ,.!-»rt Xnl + ln nf PI IlJ A TriVHT> ^Tr^XtT/^ ^rt.lTT/MTfr\T »tr»f¥ir-»Fn Blue Sta Kills The Itch Germs To prt rid of itch, rasli, letter, tool Hch, rinRworm or cczcnia', cover willi bootlilng Blue Star Oiiitmculwliich contain? listed medicine thai melts, suaKs in quickly and I« Is the itch. Money bacV'lf itrfl'J'r fulls.' Mrs. Max Parks Announces the Opening '''' W. Ji4in, . WorH of-All --.-.-Kiirds.v... V- - : REDUOED PRICES . , he regular full size bottle (which usually sells for $1.25) at tho low >ricc of 51.00. This way, you get TWO full size bottles for onjy $1.00. BIIIIIIMIIMIIMIIIIIIIIIMIIIHIfc Shaiupoo & !jel peg •'••.• •'.'•'• 6Uc iVALUABll COUPONJ Your Money •Wi-mnt you to be Ibc sole juJst'et FutitoM'i iMrit.' t!st lh^ Fr^« B«HUe first If you arc rot entirely pleased with Oic Ttinll*.'return me empty r>cfl Roll|» and the full totllc nnd To«r;nioncy will ,((ey (j limited. Use UW»apO|l t(rd>T u UiU Blyllicvillt, Ark. •' '• B?l) Pharmacy Copiar' J-taln i; DtvUloiv • riorum's' Drug Store : '. ; 305 West T-^ain Drug Store Comer Maln.& Fni,t ' Kirby. Bros. Drug Store Corner • Main & Broadway . • Kirby Drug Store i Corner Main &; Second •;. Robinson Drug store Corner ^^ait! & Rslifod FOB SALE BV . . 1 Kobhison Phannacy 310 E. Main - - • St. KrancU Drug Store ' M7 W. Ail) . - ' tuxora, • ,\rl<. Wllkins Druj Store ' Bogan's Drug Store' Osccola, Ark; City Drug store Massengill Drug Stofe We!born Drug Store • Davis Drug-' Store" -•''-''-" Dell, Ark. Neel Di-ug. Store . Manila, Ark. People's Drug Store leachville, Ark. Eblln's Drxig Stofe • Atmorcl, ArU. Armorel Drug Store Slcclc, Mo. Higlivvay Drug Store .City Drug Store Cooler, Mo. .'- Cooper's Pharmacy Holland, • Mo. Cooper's Pharmacy With Twenty-Two—22—PEOPLE—22 ATTRACT!,VE GIKLS--Sl'ECIALTIES—NOVEI/H 1« This is ;i RIG TLME SHOW Now Playing,on HAU10 KKiTH OUPHEUM CIUCUIT—Opening-at'the-.Orphcum in Memphis un V'cb: 7th.' "—VBATUUING—'; ': SIORT SIl/VKH, Master of Ceremonies ; ; ; "The liltie fellow with the .big voice" "--,' v.--,-'•:.'• -THE'SIX. SH.VEKETTHS ' : "Darlings of Grace and Rythm" : "•'•«'.•'•' ! •'."• THE FOUR;CQTTUNETTES •.'•'' "DiirnBels of Harmony" LOUISE KAT : "The latest of Uic Torch-Bearers" BILLY JORDAN & GIRLS "Jhiritnu Musical Moments" ROY 6t ,10Y ' "^lust imuhliny; thrills" , HAL"MALVEY & REBA •';' "Jusl Nonsense" LARRY PIIILLIl'S ;md IlisaMclotly Males With the Picture Program—"THE : GILDED LILT . With Clauileltc Colbert .-'"'..' SHOUTS PARAMOUNT NEWS Musk-ul—"DIZZY and DAFFY" with Dizzy and Daffy Dean ADMISSION—Matinee, Until 5:00 P. M.—20c and'.-We'. ADMISSION—Night, After 5.00 P.'-M.—We To Everybbily . Pictures/Start. 1:15 - 4:30 V7:15^ ; 10:00 v vy f Vaudeville Slarls—3:45-*Tf:30"- 9:15

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