The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 20, 1948
Page 2
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FAdtf TWO Baptists to Name Seuriiwidc Meeting To Hear Church-State Separation Discussed By Wllltam 1. Fax Unite* m*. staff Corrwpondenl MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 20. — (UP)— The election of a successor to retiring president Dr. Louie D. Newton of Atlanta, Ga:, and a discussion of further separation of church and state highlight today's sessions of the 9!st annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. Wiih an estimated 9,000-plus "messengers" on hand, the five-day meeting which started yesterday Is the largest In the 103-year history of the Southern Convention. In the major opening day move, the meeting voted down a proposal to send a telegram of congratulations to President Truman for re- sognizing the Jewish State of Is- Huge B-36 Superbomber Flies 8,000 Miles with 5-Ton Load BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS BjrCh»rl«« ConMr? (United Ftf« Sl»ff Corrttpondrnt) WASHINGTON. May 20. <UPJ— ^L* i L. P ZL Ce B ' 30 su l>« r tomb«r re- nom I nation from ll^rioor~l)y~r>r faster A. Murphy of Memphis. Dr! Buchanan IMS the support of the ° Br °" p Hnd by Dr. Wallace .»<5»i>*.»*i & tm; uctMbii L3iatc ol JS- *n ai: rael. The move was sponsored by i aratlon. ,„,„,» 5TU[l - ve s! , ould m Re J,' Ed Soltuno » ° f Jackson-1 Join forces ..vtth other American? vllle, Pla., editor of the Florida of like mind." lie urged agreement RflnH*!-. u/itvir,..., u... ._ ,,.ui. .,-. ... ,. : .? u It ^ f( - L| nent J lans also call .for the nomination of judge John w. McCull Memphis layman and president of the Baptist Brotherhood of the South. Dr. Walter Pope Blnns, president of William Jewell College. Liberty Mo., delivered the principle address on religious liberty. He traced the historic precedents and guarantees under the first amendment of the federal constitution for separation of church and stale. Advises Unity In an effort to retain that sep•--"— Uinns 5aW .. wc s! , ould Baptist Witness. But opponents with the "manifesto" reccnUy .- -.-„-„ telegram ap-, sued by Hie group c || c< ] "protes- I Russia; 'it could reach! "poI'ltiiTa] ' -•' iidn *->_« I . . _ . *""a«** , or.said It had "Iron-clod evidence Oklahoma Newspaper Claims to Have Found Jesse James Alive, Age 100 LAWTON, Okl»,, May 30. <UP>.- «- THURSDAY, MAY 20, 1948 rnvi Mi , - gup ce "r-rotes- proval woulrt be a political vole. Innl.s and other Amerisniis United Dr. Nc-.vton. pastor of the for Separalion of Church unit Druid Hills church In Atlanta, has State." and served two terms as president and Among the plnnks In thil has refused to allow his name to group's platform ;ire the recall of be placed before the convention. < Myron Taylor, President Truman's . - ...muii. ^...,.^1. i.ijiur, i-resincm Truman's Mai. The choice of a successor a w >ar- ambassador lo Pom- Phis XII- to I manrtlni enlly lies between Dr. Robert, G.; insist Mew laws and demand repeal will hn Lee. 61-year-old pastor of the Belle-j of existing laws which threaten! 1 — "- v and Dr. John H. Duchanai lilies any wartime achievements In aircraft, range, even when allowance U made for the difference between actual bombing operations and single-plane simulated miss- Jons. And It may l>e compared with the highly publicized 4,800-mile trips flown in April by two B-C9 superforts, each with a five-ton bomblond. The H-38's demonstration means that If it new Its 8,000 miles in a straight line urn! had adequate buses at the other emt, it could do something like this: From Fairbanks, Alaska, It could fly to any point in the world with the sole exceptions of the southern tip of South America, a portion of ^Madagascar and South Africa, , «™ , fnlrbanks for 4,000 miles and returned, it could almost touch the Northern edges of the Black nnd Caspian Seas via the |x>lar regions anrt European Russia; it could reach P via Greenland and Iceland. 13y comparison, one of the longest wartime missions was the 4 000 miles rrom Calcutta to Singapore and return. Ma). Gen. noger Ramey, 20 and Antarctica. If It flew from pension rolls .., u . ^.a,,* uaiion actually •*•»» u, e old Missouri bandit. Tlw Constitution carried a five- column story by Reporter Llmlsey Whltten about Dalton—or Jameson Its front page yesterday. It quoted Dalton as saying he was a completely reformed man. "Crime doesn't pay," h e sa id. "I'm the perfect example. I live In remorse because of some of the things I did years ago." He said the of/lcial story that Bob Ford shot him down In his home in St. Joseph, Mo., In 1882, was u honx. Officials of the newspaper b"- caine convinced or Dalton's identity after checking his story. They said hh physical appearance matches James' nnd that he has scurs .similar to those by James. Dalton said the story about Ford killing him was trumped up so he could lose his identity. His brother, Frank, and their mother Idenli- 1 Hospital Association Installs Hew Officers LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. May (UP)—A slate of new officers wa> installed today as the Arkansas Hospital Association began its second and final day's meeting The officers are Marvin Altman Fort Smith, President; H. C Wa--- rcn, Pine Bluff, presldent-e>=t- Miss Delia A. Walters, Conway vice-president; p. K. Newman. Little Roclt, secretary; C. C. Cooper Magnolia, treasurer; John A. Rowland. Little Rock, trustee, and John Gllbreath. Little {Jock, member of the Council of Hospital ore-payment. Miss Ruth Beall of Little Rock was elected delegate to the American Hospital Association meetfiy at Atlantic City, N. J. Soulli (lets Yankees Kellr. SALEM, Mass. (Ul>(— A 250-year -old house Is being dismantled for shipment to Chati.inooKa Tenn where it will be rebuilt for a new owner. The house Is adjacent to the Grlmshawe house made famous In the stories of Nathaniel rim.*, ann tncir mother Ideiui- ' mol "» '" '«e stories of Nathaniel i ed his "body" bat it was rcaily Hawthorn. Workmen dismantling j the corpse of one Charles Blgelow. I lhe P lnc e have found coins dated The Constitution story said I as cilrly as IB18 ln ils recesses. i 00- _... —... „. ^^^,,„,,„„, uu _ tl . give aid from lhe public treasury year-old pastor of Southsidc Bap- [ to church schools- and to secure tltl r<K,,^^u 4.1 T>i~...i.*»i.~ _ „ >,_, , ' """ ^v ov^ure a new supreme court hearing in cases where tax- funds for free textbooks nntt lice transportation of parochial school pupils were up- ttst Church in Birmingham, Ala- Lee's Victory Predicted Dr. Buchanan has predicted Dr. Lee's victory but added that ft elected he will serve, Dr. Lee's name will be placed In Do Folse Teeth Rock, Slide or Slip? "'" an Improved pouclcr to on upper or lower plat"* --•- more (Irmly In pia held. Another reports, Dr. J. M. Daw- sou, executive secretary of the Joint conference on public relations, representing the 14.000,000 Baptists in the United States, cited a loin; list of accomplishments, the most important of which was the filing of a ncgnttve brief in the McCol Air Force which the first superbomber said they will be atom The H-38 which did the recent 36-hour stint returned to the gro- Thc "Jesse Constitution sang at his story said own funeral. --L=S=S"" PHILCO "••" IV m * " • ... 1MJ „..-. BUILT-IN WITH HUGE BUIiT-l fREEZER LOCKER -~,,v, .,B,, 6 ai, ma uwii lunerai, „,.,,. n ~ ,, r sounding off with hU handsome ~°'£°- Wo °?. Camdcn; Ernest baritone voice, which even todav is < Cunningham, Malvcrn; John something to reel proud of" -'•>'""- T.—-.,.-.- ._, . Dalton said he made a pact with his gang not to reveal the true secret until "all of us are dead or irast the age of 100." and E nnd reportedly with about 1,200; After he "died;' 'oalton said, he gallons of gasoline to spare, eno-' became a soldier of fortune for ID ugh to keep it aloft another two years and fought in Mexico South to three hours If necessary. The America and Africa B-23's which put on the 4 600-mile " • • - noios lalse teeth raore (Irmly in place uuisiuive unci in [nc McCol- iw^not slide, jiip or rock. No gummy.' '""i case on religious instruction at ij~iii«iin~.";n™ 'V'SV't'L r """ i Cnam Paten, Hi" before the l ;.il k .« ll «i n . on -»' :1I }l- »>« •"». 1 premc court nnd continuing fllghls had comparable fiiel left. Mnnufnctured by Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corn., Fort Worth, Tex., the superbomber dwarfs any other warplane of which there Is public knowledge. It has 'a four- section bomb bay with capacity of four railroad freight cars, and Is r, K ,*', P , e . cl j s "'""' e < "' or " rctcnturc breatn). Get FASTEETH »l nny drug fight for separatio state. con n or su the church and Best Wishes os xe«n in VOGUE and VlARPER'i BAZAAR ™» *u,,,um, jreigm cars, and Is March a, 1MB. The Constitution designed to carry ils own fighter listed his age as ICO Sept 5 plane or planes which can be re- .inm*"; D ^^^VHI>,« »~ ,_ '.._. leased at the target to protect it. The future of the B-36 had been - o tn doubt for some time. There are J trill's irregulars. 1 He claimed tnat when almost 10 he fought In World War I wltii the Canadian Army. He took the name Dalton "13 or 25 years" ago. Last yer.r he was admitted to the Texas Confederate pension rolls ^s a veteran of Quantriil's gueirill.i band. His birthdate was listed as March a, 1*48. The Constitution listed his age as ICO Sep James, according to records, „..* born Sept, 5, 1847. James also fought with Quan.- on order. The first still are be-. 1 Lately, Dalton has been living at ng flight tolled ana mine us yet I Centervllle. Tex., with Lee Hoivk IBS been assigned to' an nn*mi_ who pinmi^ in i lo 0 .,...,..,1 T ~ Hi has been assigned to' an operational unit. While the plane lias unrivalled range and bomblodd—for distances of 4.000 miles It might carry up to 36 tons of bombs -it is slow. . The figures on the recent flight i indicated an average speed of 222 1 miles per hour. I The superbomber Is underpowe- I crrt. for all the le.oiw horsepower ! that Its six engines can turn up • Engineers have said it could nc- con;moonte engines totalling 40 000 horsepower. If Ihey were avail• nlile. Chances are that improved engines are in the works. Recent success with In-flight refueling of smaller bombers like the B-29. adding 40 to 75 per cent , who clai James h , Dudley. Texarkana, Clnrk, Joiie.sboro. TAKES REAL BLOOD Worried Feel Nervous Dread Duties Feel Tired *£eine Peplesi Resistance Low Riant It lhe force ot lite. Blood In rccrs- S ?, r -V'M, I " 1l| ^ r ""«= tl »n "1 wr organ" ™n,l nil tallly ndton,. Bio*] „„!„ ^.^ .siilstanna lo every l,one. And the life ot Jiiur rod Mood rcll! Is only nboul 20 days ror « ndrmnl person and must be replaced »1 « rate of about one billion live hundred million rod blo<xi coll, dolly, without yoSr proper red blood cc !l counl 11 1, „„ T wond" you ran Mffrr «hnu«llo n from slmjtle hri.l? i-iJ, ° ° ni1 BBC1 " 5 ' lack non " al hrlsk ilgnr and pep. have no »]))>ctlU'. ted liurribly nervous, wonlei), nr»lfet dullni ,„! !„ » woman's cait |"ck thin •• lull ' , ..^. „.„., „,,,„ ^ e nov. f., i ,,„! !„ » woman's cait |ck thin •• lull ims to be a grandson of a : w™led" looking sparkle ami vim thai r'm enchman named BaxLcr. I i",™° ,'.!;, ^"^ To help ihi> proiiiom. inter Dalton im, ' Last Winter. Dalton broke his hip anil was admitted to a Veterans Hospiial near Austin. Tex. He lett the hospital a month ago, wlih Howk's help, to "head up the triitl" of his outlaw exploits for one last time. I *..~ ... **, .luuiug ^u iu /o per cent to their range, has somewhat tern- Politirnl ncred enthusiasm fur Iho -n_-ire . ! «*"««" time. He has been living in a tourist, ' cabin here for a month, confined i in bed by his broken hip. The newspaper said tha for his hip Dalton was conditionally physically and had lhe mental alertness of a man of 05. It said he stood nbout.'ftye 'leet 11 Inches tall "and must h»*e Seen a powerful man In his youiblTi s "''c . t-n rk i,r.n r ,i t i »m scicrted cmvs 0 ""'' p '", s " '"" *" """""" 70 YEAR OLD MAN «.f. '. (Ciikaco) Wrlles. "I nm cnlv loo pleastd to rcL-ommrn.1 Spartan T.-ib- lelj. I dtrlve.1 more enrrcy nnd pet, Irom them, «nd not [eellns in llrc.1 »t 1 le cml or the tiny. They certainly brne- _fil-d me in .ilpplylng lncrra,«1 eneriv^ . that except was In good pcred entlu^llsm "for --a big target lor enemy Interceptor planes Rcart Courier News Want Ads. BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys When disorder ot kid nor functi PillV"!,' 1 ^T*" ! A ' k ,?'<> llr ,'l™. r rid«t for Donn'i r.llj. » sUr.ral.nt diurtlk, used Bucco.full, ay millions lor over £9 rr«r*. I)o«n'n Rivt SwVu^cAtte. 1 '-!'"*' 11 *"'*'""' State federation of Labor to Hold Meeting HOT SPRINGS, Ark.. May 20. (OP)—The League for political Education of the Arkansas Federation of Labor was scheduled to meet here todr\y following the federation's convention which ended yesterday. The league was scheduled to discuss the part Inbor will play in tin coining slate elections and also M r elect officers. The federation closed Its three- day meeting uy re-electing ils'three administrative officers and namin.; ; a new board of directors. I Re-elected were Charles W. Mcnv- ' ery. Hot Springs, president; P E Blclcly. Little Rock, vice-president; f.nd S. T. Zmn, Little Rock, secretary-treasurer. I Named as directors were Carl O ! Williams. Fort Smith; J. D. Mr . Phcrson, Pine Bluff; Roy Parvi 1 Hot Springs; H. L. Brasher, El Dor OUT OF 10 OFFER Almost 7 ml nt 10 sutler al ont lime or nnolhcr liom l.icU ol lil.iod building materials S<1 "Wn j our rnl otnml cell rounl Is Iniv Trom thf nulrillonnl nnti «' Sparion Tiblrli. .S]iarl»r Tnblef.s are ffUiiranlectl ti't v-if ,| W5 ,, r rn.mwb.ek. You? t£. hat ynu've tried •-.'IK that holds mr 50 pounds of Frozen Foods! r i ration <. Philco Advance" U«s'K" MODEL 1085-1n ^^ big ;„ s ; ie , refrigerator is mK. ,, hing but p"«; liicinfciuires — t»g" ' h -1,1 Balmctd The hnest rcfrigeriior^ ^. Mgr coniro l- Humid"}' «'' h Sum '" , Cold Shelf-c 0 " 11 Don ^ c °«"^»^ A Tl^ ^f s pr drawers; gUsscov«cdm^» .£TW ^K ctil>le bin lame »/*'• CONVENIENT TERMS Cuts Food Bills ! AMAZING NEW 1943 PHILCO FREEZER SlfH'k lln on f.,^,1 „., . , Slnck up on r ,, 0( | wf|f ate Ifwesi and Mor( . ,' I ailco IVeezcr Cnr n! Three c 0 ,,,, )ilr " l«r sharp free,;,,,,,,,. i cu. ft. c.paciiy! 'he prices 'in m your 'ilhx ai a enu: One 50—full Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Company GREYHOUND... la oil of Am*rka'c FVN Sp«tt Throtighoul Ameiici there arr miny excil- ir.s places to visit on your vacalion. And. you can so by Greyhound direct to any of them ... in Super Co«h comfort... saving all lhe way. Co lhe Greyhound "front door" wjy over llie finest highways, avenues and boulevards. Go one way —return mother—and Mopovcr when you like. tNJOY ONt Of THtSI . tXfENSl-PAlO AMAZINC AM<I>CA TOMi NtW OKLIANI I DATS JJI.JI CHICAGO 4 DAT» 17.7i W«JMIMOION,«. C. . . . «MTI IMOKT MOUNrAINt AND KNOXVntl . . . >MT> «».»• " l *«> »0*TI lud* lound.tri GRF.VIIOUNI> LINES 1)15 N- Mh rhoi, GREYHOUND ^-**wr« f«f^' We have storage space for 16 more FUR COATS Air-Cooled Storage By Chrysler Air-temp Insures Your Complete Satisfaction • HUDSON CLEANER Bfytheyille, Ark. TAILOR CLOTHIER Stecle, Mo.

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