The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1935
Page 1
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VOL, XXXI—NO.'27 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Served by tfie United Press COURIER ISEWS WSPAPER OP NORTHEA ST ARKANSAS ANn RH^r^"*.!?iffm, **" *•*-* Tf §W BlytnevSlle Courier Bijitievllle Herald Biythevllie bally tijews Mississippi Valley Leader ' ASKANSA3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Smile 8 lies Trial Furore ^LYTliEVTlltE, vUMUNSAS, FRIDAY, FEBIHJAEI Shipbuilders Asked to .Help Elect Roosevelt to Cinh Illrfjal Voting Wu\s ['ncloiscmenl m Hoiise '' MTiir nocK r<i> ij<ui'i- Cshblislun in of i permanent •itolf plinmne liond u>. T]>- prri\cd hi ihe iGlh ^eneMI scmbly tbilay when ,- the ' .M rm ejl the 1 ill nf Hop Mi ins Wilkinson, :;(;i3enwoi>(l, 2:i to 7 The slate' board will Include i.. members sjv O f whom me lo be appointed by lh= EOUIIIOI Rr-p- ri«entatlvc Wilkinson «vphln«l liu Ixiaul will lc given \ idr liters in pi-ojecled developments. Favor Dujitlralr Jlallnls . Strengthening of election law lq prevent Illegal veiling vn •Minted IlivniiBh Ihe' lecisIftlHit todiy with tho unanimous eiulGrscmuil or n bill -offered by Mr, Flla B Hurst, Washington enmity ind Rep, Luther will.Ts, of iJdem UnvinliflM electors would not be allowed to vote, under pi ovjslons of the measure. It would he'un- lawful to .otter or solicit bnt«<i for. a collator to add names tc Inxoooks after tire 'tooVs liart been delivered to clerks, : 0 r to issiie poll tax receipts to persons not 011 the'-, tax boote. The-col- legers would be required 10 sbn foil tax receipts in ink and the . OTclpts would be Issued only to nd'viduals or their representatives. . DllJll/eatO /Ml!ot.s v.'Q U l(j ' cist and counting of billots would h°fin immednlely >fte r the rolb, ilo*cd and lominiu. until tomplet- Rcli«r Bill lo fas, old will ,be icsiored tr ru ««nptoy»bles from slate - ;V_Futre)rs relief bill" j^naSd bs the leglshtiuc officials mdi- The bill h in the semle for I™ 1fpn ^ a . gp ^peeled today Deadline f or tbA.bllI to BO IhrrVh I Ho i«, j i , *'* v * o| «; ^ IL uns < a nn"?,, ? Ule SCnl>tl! lMle 'dl «" noruie, aie nlthholdto. n j mo , .m\reS of •"" unu|l ") e Unfll then re-pansibllli, fti un- Stnjt A(DjiluJij(ia^f}j w p ' "f the IFRA .said 11 solution anrt enn In P 0 The honsi lejecled lo amend the state raising ihr- slate liv from three to sit- riduelng school dislnct from IB to If) mtlls T lion iiso nroposni T i lav of $) \rtti, fc^nup Uie ilale school funds Public utility holding L - 0 lould be prohibited Horn i.i nrg ihe consullntlon ind miingemciu few in operating costs of subsidiaries in i bill offeied topa\ to the senate ' bj Semtor O l 3«llzer of crossctl M»l^hme X n°"o? n se 0 in CO " rtS "'""" courts m ^"chlt^'S counties «as voted by the of repieschtatives todnj Intiwjuccd b> Rep R Union TlT, The Declares Slate Witnesses Only Used Paris of. Letters ' I^PMING'ION N J Pel) 1 CUP)—fcttei bj kttci a defense huidwuting efiicVb lodaj tominr .WASIIlNr.TQN. Pel). I Senate munition.'; v |(m..,. BMmln . MihniUleil. ovldeiice today lliiil a' man described :is having j oilcn 1 "in Lho lousier Ijivslnetii- willi > Kxiiillii i). UoowveK" Cntii ' ''"' shlnbiilldlns company' .excw,,,.,.,.. In. 1632 IhaL conlrllnilloiis' U> Uiel • Ucjuoernlk camimlgn fund :\volitd \ v ., . lic'lji them oliuiln a "square.I'deali'! W 11 I SMwlor Arthur 11. Vaiidciiterg incp., Mich.) actiiiB chaln'iian of Lhc arms coinnilttre, .submitted letlers shnwln K that, Arlh'tlV,. IV CfinlUbulions/fniin limner ^UUJ tUItll^il- ', n '•••I'M,»IV*I1>K: tu(ll-l l.l'I'l'IT iiiKom notm '"''>'; ,M'f»« Clracc. cHalfei :of c , „ ' ,-, 1 ,.._,, _..ithe-hoan nr ih« Roii,i n i,-^; ^-u • y" 1 " 1 ^"^ Belhlcheiri' eon- ed Die Linabeigh i-uu-som nun's,;. "... ^• - willi I hi known Inndwiilmg O r| llo ? r(l nf "" -... Brunt) Rlph-nd ' Haiinlinonii ami f^!';.'' 1 ""' 1 ' oll " >r P f ' n ">lni 1 nF-s>il)>-'- deihicd Ihe accused nnudnei did | u '5' s ; ' "ol \Mit<. Ui»m DIspiitlUB/the testimony of BO\rnimpiU 1 evpeits lieade<l Alhnt S Osbom ) M Tier,,,,,-,, lof fnst si lr»uls, III give it ns ilils coj«i(lei-fd opinion frbin'' thn witness .stand thnl Ilanplmann was not Sillily of writing Die ox- loilion tncsstiges. Ills theory, he told Die jury, wns thai the' ransom notes were wiillen in a disguised hnnd, undoubtedly by a person nslnrj Ills lefl hand, Hiniptmami, a was pointed oul i^ right handed. ' Trendley established Ills theory A smile Hashed by Mr. e Stockton, above, beauty ot tiie jury, as Bruno Hauptmanh stepped doiva from the witness stand has stirred wide comment among the regular attendant! at tbe Flemington trial. Observers say she beamed directly on .lie defendant *s he-finished his ordeal. through "negatives" argument — through the leltei-s the SINdLE COPfES FIVE CENTS! Romance Hinted Crooin'nrr Kille NPW ODl.rANS, Telif'l (Up)_ ml Kennelh Neu, tioonlnit mm- wiilked holdly to ills (lentil n Hie Knllnws of pnrish prison ul ClnCSt BoiDCCoib. b i vu n\ed the 10 pe Neil said In "" " V'Uli MJ ilium:* Jl l[Jll Glim-las M. Schwab, mf.shienl lor m n i -. . - »ic Whlehem .ghi,*,,]^^^! 41 ' 1 ">''•«; «'»nr linm-,,,,,,,,!,, pnny, Kiif/enn Cfraw ,.t,nl^irii, ^fl,.. l; " n - Iv ^ 0(; K. I'd). I (UP) lii'Vfi pill tirw i|iii'Sllnn marl;:; iii- Ifi- the !|iusitou.s or n snips' \n\ leuallwiiioii of Imrse.-iudiui- nnil I lit unr control. " . •Tlic.-penplc "buck home" are be it'K hcnrd from n,nd ' vnU's. tti" dialling, Time h u s|>ni, j n ,\ ie rank. 1 ; nf the racing bill sponsor (Oiily liquor mlvneales showed new irtwhgtli (he Iliird week nf UK « felon. ;• , ^Ireiigin tor Uie ISnimr advocates not t-ojjie fratn t>ic nr-nnin bnc.k jij £ — '. dicl not r-ouif ivlany Males and Nations M 1 '"" IL mne ""Wn ,.-.. MTV/. A),-^J M 'J i' l! hnt '°°v-.'J, M. Fiilrell bus askeil lave Alieady Moved toism>uir. E<I nuion ot Lime HOCK " ",..j|o- raiifioiirtmc.-Ills timislnj; bill ;vlih (tie state liquor store bill of Senator Chnrlc. 1 ; Evans of Improve Race BY TED H. MALOY t LITTLE ROCK Ark Correipondchl .... * vl uiiiu ii,,-, I'lYJlllS Ot Booncvllle. With that compromise among [he. liquor b] oc chnnces of musing a tin \v ; erc bcHnveil en limited. . Salps Tax Issue. ConfiiMil Sales (a.\ supporters r.dmll. pil- sni-ifin - ^-:--—•'"V"-- ™wly .they.-dod't .know whether -^I^'.*? 111 ? 1 :. Clyde.T. they will get their bill approved of, the i A., flood of 22 amendments were '•: .;.;• | offered - for tho original three per proposed . Arkansas' cent tax' proposed hy Senator joe Played by t!io government and de-'| c.lared that those Inies contained; characteristics which would prove 1 While ihn r™ -., • ••.-;•; IT--.---:- •"• •••- U^BHHII to him that te man accused of sta^^ n „ r i propQ ', etl - Arkansas' cent tax' proposed hy Sei tc murder of chartes A.™ , T h d exrcaC ^r T'!' f nd ^"^ ^ Hnl1 °' ScolInn(L .Jr., neve.^uMtenJoj^pe, j^S?"^ ^thl 'uf ^^ ' S """' '° Hopkins Warns telief, /Funds Near Exhaustion ^ . /, • -"•*•"" tiiiiuiig we -un;. desirable-element of .society steril- I?JlMnn line I -_ V :; .*"• Would H .Bftnrgency Rellif ..^, W1UU<JI . ffan-y L. Hopkins warned XoriRy Ipjitlon fact, in s. been ...._ _,„„,„, life, country: since been" ??%£** li 19? *' lhcl:e ^ rS -H .•'< »• <;uc '' -5Peratlons,-.iiet --•-,- >«* , — ,'orrned^-in -this-.Co'uritfy" 1 -' '''•'--'' *•' ActrnlnLstrator .Wlchl£ah raw ||ie Pirni Boidei Neiglirjoring -^States Mison of Camden, money. ''.-:" -W'''^"• more ;'• : -=' ' !', Ilc saitl '"-'was distrlbulinirhh'ilMion law ''whieiVH^Vm-"- LITTLE^nOCK, Fel>. l-A vm-l'W ^.MO.Cw; one - third of-'Ih'c' f «l, Ihe -oide^-aeW to'^ 1 -n , POSR! to,, enable gasoline dealers nillo 'inl- estimated n-i •: ,,»ii™»J:-'rnni™>.ii-,i.-i.jLiFr-^ii?*.'.?." u «s In border; communities (n fn'etl ihe competition- of dealers aerrfes the,llne in stales wliere li'ie'gsso- ine fax is ibwer than. In -Arkansas is embodied iri n bill (H: B'. 235i iiltrrdnct.(l yesljrday by ' Rep, ivy W Crawford of. BlvthevUle: Under lh c .' present law giuolim ;olrt. vllhin 300 ieet of n ! state -line carries i lie, same tax 'as. is . .-. by Ihn neighboring-stale. This Ins•. resu'HetV. In Die csto))- ilsliment of iiiiiiieratis gasoline, sla- llom on the Arkansas side of'the Missouri line hut, has afforded no relief to. established dealers located more than 300 feel from the li'i . TJie Crawford bill does not disturb the 300-foot xono but provides In'.addition that gasoline ^nlrt within three miles-of n. slate line shin carry a ( ax only one cent higher than (hat charged in the neighboring slate, that gasoline sold In the nest three mil- -,-.,There is optHultlon to lhc bill because it doesn't provide.' chough for, schools .and because !(, sets . too much of lhc contemplated _ reveniiD for; 'scHpote./;; Exceptions Im'vcheen'asked Tfor border towns :• to keep , trade from going to:nt)|accnl^tatps.iwhc.fe. tiicrb arc ~ tf , s * V " less oi--. i no-,-?iaxes: f 'Jo'this re' DfJifp fie denial Issued by her quest ^lie, tax (idvoc^(es-reply that s °" John Coobdge, \VashingU)n )f .Ihe/cxempllons/are : mixde resi- s °cHl circles keep alive the runlor dents. ; .a. short distance ..farther P la ' Mrs Grace Coolidgii (aboVe) f^^rt.v, , J I. _ i .;. ... t • : n,)^n. .,f IV-_ l^i_ i j. . • . from :thR border "win, border, towns piles. •:/... . ., , , ., The-, 'in. ihe.'JliorsR •:racing and parl-jniiiuel-betting;blop mine io the Wido\ of Ihe late president Is en- J-..-SIIP e"S e(i 1° mnrrj Ficrell, Sandew *'-' (belo\\) secrelarj lo Ihe former .chief, executive. cents higher, and so/on until I full Arkansas tax Ls . charged Tt« J- 1 1 I_ . ofiArnnrtn ,, \- —- c wi lalc : rf l e iwi.t;ugen j!Ci,OOO.OM . esllmated on rolls .nt sponsors;, of ine Declares Labor Will Not Accept Automobile Code Labor' to- "ported.: 16 incliule even .i._ ,. r>h irirn., «r . , ... <-'i-n dm. — •••"'-•miuii ui i,amir io- "-i™'icu..iu inciiuic even smi 01 "^ ,« "^""'^ labor would,"'M"" ° r mental'Inconipeteira eLf 1' or " re ™enl Z e" the re- Denmark, •• Albertn provirfce i',, ucnetl anlomnhiio n ~in . CnnnHn nn j ^ ... - ' r*"": 1 - " 1 C T d A ,-:»nd"^n'7^ud n Srtlwrland have sterilkatipn Other-movement.,:" for ' In »-- — ivti/giii; nev,ed aiUomobile code iSf™" r^,^, " 1C rcnewcd coclc UTPlv' hIV " ||t •yciuic ;[ f'Piiw* •"•••*"' "if ^(ioot in Wr^ti'rn A>ii~ Wdlclnry . sub-committee. '^Itmlia. Norway, Sweden and Fiir ••?. fl ., codo was--, extended- last lri "" ne?t M", Jl " lc I6 - wilh co&l -\ HMri? whl , ch t!lc "Imlnlstrallon 1 clnirned ivoiild promote employ- laws differ greatly '""' and laws in be the most, rY nu , • Raisc BI * FantlliK ui. Charles Arkcbauer chief of )n i^o,i:» n i _,-/ r . Mcl , t-niei 01 staff nt, the State Still j . - - ----- ,..^.. Intrnduced in '.Inc.- senale, by •.Senalor I/ w WheaUcy • of lint' i springs ••''•" ..Whether that spill, among -|he raclnj-bloc will cause.defeat of tlic pio'vement, | s - speciiln'tlon IhaL Is heard m (he rorrldnrs and committee roojns. .-. r«lnt (o T«as Kvperlcnef • The liouse committee on revenue anrl Inxalion took Hampton's bill nrat lo work over, and try 'to plense_ nil the racing spoiwovs nl- jer fho open break... R m ,lts nf thai- .cominlth-e's efforts are expected to lx> reported i o the house early next week. .T?ie principal nrgument is over how much the ax on pari-miitucl betting . 5 hn!l be and the amount, of the licemc Pi;obnbly the biggest hindrance Raihoad AgenN S^ek Solution, of iNumerous Station Burglaries Joe \fe' Hammond, rcpoh«l held In Jail at, Greenville, Mis.?., is to te questioned this week..-end by railroad special agents who believe lie may linve been involved in n series of safe robberies and al- Icmplcd robberies which occurred during the past, several months ; Hammond will- be questioned —„„,_,.„ „,„ uc quc.iiioiira ' iiuivB'«iJii.v ana newspaper ] om Arruet In rifv L concernini; bm-glarWng of' safes clippings idling of the freezing : After a recold breaking dash UlhT m sla ' Iom nt s '^. Car- of 90.000 head of callle near Bern,! from Ke» Ortafn, feSJto S luneisvlllc, I ortngeville, Ely the- nirinl fnvnc i,oi.«. \^~.. *., m ^i..^,t i..^_.. ., „ • -ariiaiur i_.ung vilte, Osccola.nnd Luxorn, H is-im- ,... """ <"; wuuici cftii up IILS -i.j.u V^IA is-uiargea. , j^ww^C S DdUfhtCrs Scnrl tT -•*»•*«» rvi«,t:uaqer, chief of tcci *' - c^f 'iSS w V^^ t ^VS^^^^ /Overrule' C^rt W ^ -- n2S^ .o^'W K t^fS li< * M °nday ample which Ls apurbxlmntclyl ' .,-—-• ' "l "'^V lnlf , ot ll « 3700 palienu ^ to 8 ^de In the Tew, "egi- J"!^- ,'° »."<*"" "« comts'n-,.,^ from the-sme line, ^^^ jiis wife and three daughter!' as he '^ ^S h T" tal deflcien ^ «•»* left (he breakfast tabl>. tn £„.,; ^..?"? !l th «e are 300 each. was started in the house, aftei Senitoi J \v Lliingston of v. den withdrew slmthi bills in me. » "' "" sennlc Mison said ho uoiild fiMit, (l ' ff crentlnl Is lirnis" 1 '" S bnLc; UlroU8h tllc "l'»cr cpnls ; have a gasoline tax only t«o cents liiEher than vailing • - -- i- and is no need for lhc com Is now, Mnsou said Tit Collection Plan Senator Ashley inhoduced i bill (No 215) which ' ' ;^7» t ,.'- PWncnt Hnquenl p^rsonal taxes slate Revenue De mt Unl! f<! .States ranks 25th \" ' * *«^^ "sc mortality. in i«» • 7i . "" cl - vmuBniers as nn left (he breakfast table to begin the <l,iy He would be sworn In as i common plens judge. In tlio'eenler of a large collection or nowcrs sent htm at ceremonies in the court liouso lioiv ever, was a huge bouquet of-Ami .{encan beauty roses. •'-'. •Si 1 " 1 ..- 11 - cartl On $* bouquet: Joi>ld repeal the Imqtient (ax woiilct'lie'iwid direct ..rS.?"'.,- 11 - cartl ° n "l* boiiqiiet: Payment law, ly Into the /state:' treasury mid Uie' Objectlon overruled-Leah, Fran- taxes by the the county 'treasurer. • , P Judje Bailey's daughters, eparlmenl and Tin; Senate Committpn a,, j»ri_ _ . — of deputy delinquent '«r S'ear to svipenlse collection of personal taxes after they avc certified to the. revenue commissioner " The county tax collectors would be respon-"-'- -~ --•• •- " Sen " lor Ovege on Agrl- n r . .the Hotel Kelorestration Program Lures College Students PORT COLUNS, coio. (UPS — „ ^ T"] 0 • federal govenimenl's refor- oil and otliev ^station program has created n j demaiid for collese-troined forest- from .. Imported oils. . , . ... „. .._..„.„ •_ Amendmenls Proposed i^rs to the"po'in'r°where'' 1 many"'sT«- A proposed co n s 111 u 11 o n a I 'dents at Colorado Agrleullitrca Col- amendment was offered yesterday, Ic S« arc niillttng school before cMrt- by Boulvvarc of Lnfayctte a»d.iiwUon to lake Moli-pay Jobs' rrom the close of lhV7ax' piy'^ Ill ?" lv ! Sso " o( Columbia. It would! The demand, however, is prin- period, April 10, until the ccT/ ?" lorlir<! I'™-^«on S by In forma -.clpaly for college graduates, ac- ' •-•••• ee ~ Mn " nc "•"" as by Indictments, and:cording to I. o. Kinghorn of lhc .m,ni me 300 CQch should be sterilized, he said with U» 50 criminally tn'sanc/'men the board deslgnaled In the bill would determine- which of Ihe other pa'- tcnts should receive Uie lion. ransas ha-s spenl millions of f? c '"! :s caring for I(s Incompetents, I'* cd< )r. Arkebauer said. l> '.i-o.x; tent in this country are re"produc." "Si. ^ e ^ " anrt 'hose classes '""'"' 4 »ce the fastest, The beggars faster than any other class. "" Program of ; ,, - — •.!•"•• '"ai. Mints racing law after nearly two venrs of operallon. The first year of legal- Wecl racing and paH-nwtuel bet- S never ^ ) h£ ™$* Statistics show one^eventh of ie |»|iulntion lo be menially Unsound Dr. Arkebauer said. Tliey' arc divided ns follows: 0,000,000 i!? w ", or soorl to be commllled f 'two of the largest li«,eks in tiie soutli opertitfng-Arllngloii Pown.s at Fort Worth anil Epsdm Eowns at Howstoa. formal complnlnt to the i11 TeMS nfter "- ws I«^ from the stale Jewelers . The jewelers ! lhat lho bctttn E Xk fr0!I ' - l " e «« UIw .Me Two Held to Grand Jury or Attack Upon Fanner Ark.-Ed Cook, of , E ' W, Welch, of dfebrters; more classified as cranks «» moronic tor's settlement Is approved «, , IU . -,,.., County Court in July, after which I in the delinquent personal propertv im-i. taxes would be charged to the 10 , ' , " wrdlct In crim- ot - lhfi in capital cases, when return n verdict. revenue commissioner with nil thel'V^ll-^r^P' 1 '! 11 n verdlct ' powers now provided by law to ^ ^ ?• , " co i" l»' 0 P*cd a ..>.' ...j -_.f .,„.'•' Ji * H l ° COh-StltUtlOHfll ni»fvnrlmn>\f .,,-„..u , -o seize and sell sufficient personal properly lo pay Die lax on all such property charged to any indlvid- .-,. _. ••vwiit HI WpWflCO. II constitutional amendment, providing .tor .a unic.amernV negislath'i! cm, ' in college. The nrnlllpiiclly of AAA activities also has created opportunities tor collsge-lralncd agrlcutturnllsls, ho said. Many undergraduate students entered CCC work temporarily a: i -^---f/— nnu niiuuy int* Idiot 'i imbecile. .-' ^Mentally U nflt nrc rcproduclnB statisllcs he quoted revealed. ., - . Jury tamd over of h 0 " ury °" cwrg( ' 5 ot igtiway robber}' in a preliminary '.' earln e .before Saulre, W. G. Thur' -•^-•"iB .uL'iore yquire W- G Thur- "^""icut UVIT auegeu n man Thursday. Their bonds were menl ° r tlle 'nslltullon. ilXCO fit 4t rtrt/l ^« j AA r «.. .' . . " $I '° M nnrt livery ° Itc8Cd to llave , This,,portends, ,,, e of a blighted civilization. a history * — -..«...«, "*u far ™ er ' ast Snlurdny - er n thu l; The slate's share of the de- QnrlannV' * -t»'"iMiMu "« \^\>\> t\uiK i cm porn my «s S Cfel : cd .?»'-.! ?. re » lcn '. P' a «"'"8 to resume their ^ u >, UT,,:,i ', 'l " g lo f csumc lnelr P^pbcll of studies Inter when : Jhelr finmes f . ate of the .? ol!cge ot cardinals, stn- Catholic Church, . - -*wt*iini wutitguu i_-iiuuwi( f K composed of 70 members wlien complcle, beaten un At a col Mav , ot statler wrung cende, maintains ills Inno- Ills tosl words weie nddrfssed (o friend: Clnorilije Hill he irled 'Aie >o\i llu l:isl Mtmv 1 lia,\e lo tnnl nl? 1 His net)' wns broken us soon us the trap "was sprung. Local Fire Fightcis Called to Numbei Nine at Noon Today offices throughout thi , ns a member of Ihe "old school of safe hlowciis, officers say . that he doubted if R. C. Stewart, Frisco special agent, who Is head- Rnd oth cr fowl 'were fr. ing Uie investigation, has any tl > elr shelters. , suspicion that Hammond might .>u.> t ',i_ivii MI^I. jinjjiiiiuno JTllKnt ^ wj lllullL-y rR3Ji be Involved tn the recent Coca the . carcnsses was about n U i Cola Bottling company robbery ft ''ide which is paid skinners here, in which several hundred ..^. ^, ni IT i tiviL oi;>ciiii lUUiUICti - -Hi" * i it. .->Lgut \v;i» U IIOITIOLG dollars was taken. No arrests have one wns shown in the kodak been made in tbe Coca Cola rob- P' c "ires sent Mrs. Hesse, which bery. a,s yet. . show hundreds of cnltle'lying .on Ihe ground against a wire fenc° which stopped their running. Other pictures show half fi-ozen entile Futrell Names Two With the gin proper a smokliiS HUMS at debris, tire, which broKc out about noon today, Ihve.ct- ncd lo destroy seed and storajip Number Nine this, ntlenioon. Ql'n employs and membeis of the Blythevllle fire department finally prevented the spread of lhc flames with chemicals Fhe oili'lnnted in UP four steam glu nboiit 12 .o'clock nii'J soon swipt over Uie gin 'the oriijn ct, 'inn f.u (could not be inili-qdlntely* tietf;rm1ncd bill l!Te gin nas i)i operation at' the* time It was d/S'-overeci A deep welt which inppllps ««(er /pr DIP gin, furnished «m plojcs ttlili a mearts of combat- ling; Hie flames lor a while bill Its pioxlmltj to the spreading nimes made rontin PI use dim Otlll n V/el siiks, \er-> Iliro^n on neir- i negro )mi ^i to pKevent them from being l-jnlted \n the bla/o C t\ ftretncn and a truck NPW LPAP BATON HpUOE i HA i ON Rroan,,reb i (up)fin nn (ilmosi)hcie. of Inlilgue and rbelllon silefjestlng the dnji, 'of Ihe c/nis of Russl H«e> long Lodnj leopened hli "iidlclal imp--- llBi>Lloi| hiin Hip "issasslnatlnn plot on las life " The clfj of BaWri Rouge seethV ed v.Hh p^ltpnienl Frnest geols jjreslUeilt of Ihe aquun; Dealer, mImixnf., atifi Long oi-gnn-j l?ntion *as held tinder ftrresf In', iniimleade as JXIIIE and hli allies began conrl heoilng Nnlloiml glira<lMneii or secret 'enlce agehr- v,eie4posted eier- «IIPIO Wlliiessc', nml spectators v,eic 'eiiclied foi aims. Senntor long fnleitd aL 1 50 o clock with a nllliliiry lieutenant and foui noli lolnfnlssloned ccis lo clear d puth foi hi.ui him weic Joe Medina, his ^. boriv silmd and, Joe Balr"! , B deputy foi lite state bureali of Identification. , " , Bourgeois Isilure Warning Tears of n hejvvcitlzens movement T,hlch might lead lo another clas'i jvUh Ihe military weie quickened bj the nrwst of Finest Bourgeois, young presfdent of thc-anU--p anheil at thq -cerjc at 1245 oclocl Whethei tin p,inper could b- r-roupi i (0 nld not be del'rmlniM inimediilfls nn em ploye of Lnnest'on'K store -told' (lie Ciwrler Niws by li:i:phcnp. ns the trslck roared up In front 'of ihf bla?.ln§ : Bin ..nltel- ~o • qiilck. trip, the. Eljlhc-villc fire, staltcn at the .city hall. Later It was learned that other buildings hud been saved. Cattle Freeze to Death Along Coast of Texas Pliotogmplis and newspaper Long Sfnlnrp Dcileis who >,ur, Fel«di by 20,seciH Seivlce agents nnd taken lo military headquarters (by a compnhy of national guardsmen \ Wlicu Lonst calls the legl'ila'' tine In session Bolng^ols «4id, 'no will aiitortiailcnlly call In an nnnrmed mobilization of Square Dealers and sympathisers" Bourgeois refined ^ecrctly to Baton Ho\ige early today •,, In an interyiew with the United*^ Frew correspanden^, whb found 1 him in a Secluded home, Bourgeois vnrncd llmt If Senator Long convened Uie isUil? leglilfl'iiro jia would cmise an ImnTned moblllz- alton of Squa-e Dealers who fight to the last ditch to owthroy his '.sk s u S Intervention Boiirgeoli who arrHed durifag the night after fleeim? the mllltfa ' last week also dispatched a telegram lo President Roosevelt today pleading roi federal Intervention' ami asserting 'Wood Is llkeH to fljMll I., II. ,. _1 ___ . .. , ' floiv nol, come:' In the s(re«li If help does .He. salrl De ivoiild emerge froml Ills hiding place lalei today and appear, nt the. Inquiry whicn Seo- alor Long Is shdnsorlng inio Ifie. alleged plot to rnurder him '< "I e.vpscl Io be arrested by the military aulhorltles," lie said. "I will -submit to alreit without a struggle and arcnvei any ques 1 - llons Ihey put, to me My con. science Is cleat and t ha\c fiteil no guns al nnybbdy" fonir Arrhe< In City mom, Texas, have been received began plans fot resuming m, S[,« MIS M^- fL . H 'S?..u f [T J5?I ^"".'"l"^ into the ViMissln. ....... isaiiiua.uiin L,uxora, it i s ,iui- "J" Mrs. w. K. Hesse from her I Judicial Inmiiry into thr dcratood. He will also be asked 'isler, Mrs. Alma Mitchell, who atlon plot' a°aln"t hi n about safe.robberies in offices of »ves there. 1 Hls entrarae h, o th hllKlnP« fll^lC fVlf/M.rrU/...^ »!_,_ Tho «05«/WV* 1^,^ J- --,,,_ .... . . . . il M lllt ...-- -.—„.,„ ,,„ The KSO.Om IQJS lo cattle own- section. Hammond, who has a crs occurred when unusually low lengthy criminal; record, Is known temperatures anrt strong winds on n the gulf coast caused the animals to freeze ns they ran» along the . .,,.**, I'tuxi,,-,, winders say, iu iitTtt jis niuy rang along tn Poltcc Chief Ed Rice said today C0!>f >t: with the wind, in add! . - tion lo the entile, chickens, ducks The only money realized from . That Ihe sight was a horrible ••" I,^^UILO JJILUW HUH iTOKen entile to Monticello Board S'^^.M^ an cfr ° H Cutter Rescues TWQ Marooned on Island . ..-- - , _.... WASHINGTON, Feb. I (UP)— E. W. ante.5, wlio resigned when The coast guard cutter Apache Frank Horsfnll resigned the presl- 'slicing, its way through heavy Ice' dency recently, ending a yearis'today rescued Ivo persons maroon-' argument over alleged mismanage- ,ed for days on bleak Holland Is- Hl<ml f\f ll>r> l..^m.^ii«.v. n n «j i_ n._ ,-,. ... _ LITTLE ROCK, Feb. r (UP) — Dr. H. H. Parr and Don Kills were appointed to the board of the' Monticello A. and M. college today by Qov. J. M. Futrell. They succeed W. C. Perduo and Over-heated Motor Causes Small Fire Fire caused slight damage nt - "-"" :e sales company Hand In the moutli of the Potomac river. . . . - :• the Everett Cylinder Head From Auto Motor Is Stolen guarded bj state e city was" mllltra who seemed to be everywhere. Far flung outposts protected , all highways while at his downtown hotel jnardsmun pntroled Ihe. lobby, cor-' rldors, and entrance. Accompanied ^hy Vits bodyguards, Lone mndc a dash foi his hotel as' soon as he entered the city. He was unshaven and appmently in need of sleep He shouted orders lo the guardsmen to keep the people awaj from me" as lie ran inlo the elcviUor. District Commissioner Held Press Conference WASHINGTON (UP) -^ George B. Allen, district commissioner, ttiet newspapermen in a mechanical r<ws conference recently. Upon arrival for their dally con- fcrericc the reporters were referred vo a sectelftty's office, where a dictaphone : gave Allen's "answer& Laler, :lhe Commissioner said because m*. news Was dull, he had" answered the questions in ad^ vonce—tlwt is thtoi! sure lo bo WEATHER when a freight elevator •. became ovcr-lieated motor Arkansas —Partly clotidj', colder tonight Saturday generally fair.- v . Memphis ana vicinity — Mostly cloudy. tonight ; Damage was confined' -to the motor. formed this morning.. , The car. was atld -to'.have been -,a. v», „«, »,u lu auit ueen yesieraay was M, roinimum 2; parked In a garage at his home, clear, according to Samtiel P. Nor 119 WrtHh MlHfU ptw^t ^ |J,_ .«,.,.» _..ii^ _. . .. Tlic maximum tcmpsrature here yesterday UBS 64, minimum 23, 412 North Ninth strtei, , K, ciea i Iris, . w«i(h«r...o!)sar7*r,,'

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