The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,)" COURIER NEWS Baseball's Biggest Bargain i Blytheville Is T.irce Points Behind; Roberts In , Dead Heat PAR.',ac;iLb. Ark. tf'r^a! I', the Covrlcr News) — Jcnrsboro npsln v.-ai the Cl-«s A <;',vco- jlakes |n tlic-nrminl ristriet I'ow track -'and field meet, the first to te helrl under th; lights, by • nosing o::l T'lylhevtl'e by thre.s points. Jonff.boro finished with 55 polnlr. Bhihi i!!, 1 "is se- \vllh:52. while Paragould was a Ihird '.vlth 'I ,' i -.-n.-K scored 9 rein's and Moirttc 4. Piggctl »-j!|'r»d :-w:iy with t'.'c Class n crni'ietillon. its .<'.(|t-ad. considered by many the equal If not superior lo nir/ of t'le Cb ;s A Irack seifpds, nmnhi". wild wilh a total of 101 point.-. Ot:-er schools In the. Class B comprll- .llrn FC-rf] ns fellow::: Mtrinn- duk!! 33; Valley Vk'w. 15. i>-id T - ronza 14. rnrrislnnj failed to enter its l?am at ll'.e lar.t minute Bolton of Jono.sboro was (he high pcint .ninn of (he Class A competition with 16 points but the most talked about performer was I_au!r Hoyden of Plgcotl who panic red 32 .1-2 points In the .Class B competition. ' A check of the records reveal- 1 ed that the Class B marks excelled the Class A marks in six events while the Class A ninrk-s were better In . eight events nnd the marks were the same in one contesl ' Field events were held during the day when preliminaries \ycrc slaged m the track events and nil Irnck finals were staged under Ihc' floodlights." The events were staged - In rapid succession ^nd n : large crowd turned out lor the night program which was capably handled by [ Buddy Storey as Elarler. Bill Merlwcther and Alfred Binge'terry.' handled the field finals In the'daytime.' There were a number of exciting finishes. Sector of Jonesboro and Roberts of Blytheville ran a dead heat In the 440-yard dash. Bolton of Jonesbovo beat Mosley of Blylhcville with only Inches to spare In a .slirrlirj finish to the 880-yard run. Mcs- ls"j had not Atilu?d If'T the event and only participated when It appeared that Blylheville might hove a chance al sweepstakes honors. ;-• : ' L The conlcslanls were well bunched 1 in Ihe 100-yard dash and 220- yard dash, ^ ; Results in A division: Pole vault —:Bollon,. Jonesboro, first;. Hereel, Pnra^iuld, second; Tilley, Jonesboro. third; Dunham. Pamgoiild, fourth, Height—11 It,. 2 1-2 inches. Shot put—Crites. Coining, first; Burton. Blylheville, second, Walker, . Blytheville third; Boltqn. Jonesboro, fourth. Distance—42 ft., 11 * inches. Discus—Dreher, Jonesboro, first; Crites, Corning, second;! Brown, Blythevilb. third; Burton, 'Blylhc- ville,' fourth; Distance—101 It., 7 Inches. High jump—Gaines. Jonesboro. fiisl, Tilley. Jonesboro. second; Balin. PAragonld, third; Warrington. Blylhcville. fourth. Height— 5 ft, 4 3-4 inches. Broad jump—Bolln. Paragould. first: Tlllsy, Jonesboro, second; White. Paragould, third; Gaines, Jonesboro. fourth, Distance — 21 ft. 4 indies. Javelin—Ballon, Jonesboro. first; \Varrington. Blylheville. second; Brown. Blylheville, third; Douglas. Paragould, fourth. Distance--151 ft. 3 inches. 120 yard high hurdles—Jenkins, Blytheville, -first; Scebcr. Jonesboro, second; Warrington. Blytheville, third; White. Paragould fonrlh. Time—18.1 seconds. ICO yard dash—Gaines. Jonesboro, first: Dunham. Paragould second; Mcsley. Blytheville. third- Walker. Blytheville. lourth. Timi 10.5 seconds. Mile medley relay — Pnragouli (Rust. DeVoll. Hergct, Douglas! first; Blythevilb. second;-Monette Ihird, Jonesboro, fourth. Time—4 min. 7 seconds. 880 jard relay — Blylhev (Walker. Bcsharse, Pjnch. Mosley first; Jonesboro, second; Para Bould, • Ihird; Monelte, fourth, min 384 seconds. 440 yard dash—Seebcr. Jones boio, and Roberts, Blytheville, tie for first In dead heat; Ryle Paraeould third. Putrell. Coniin fourth Time—57.8 seconds. 2M yard dash—Dunham. Para gpuld, first; Walker, Blytheville. second, Mosley, Blytheville third; paines, Jonesboro, fourth. Time— 24 seconds. , . 220 yard low hurdles—Jenkins Blythevilte, first; White, Paragould, second;- Thomas, Jones. boro. third; Lloyd. Paragould fourth Time 30.6 seconds. -880 yard .run—Bolton. Jonesboro first; 1 : Mosley. Blytheville, second- Tyler,' Paragould, third; Sceber. .Jonesboro, fourth. Time—2 min! 13J5 seconds. \ . ' Mile Relay—.Paragould (Rust ', • White, p.eyo)l, Dunham), first Bh/theville, second; Monette. third Time—3 min. 52 seconds. GOT 7f/e HASfBAl-i. BAR6AIH ftASoMS e STAR op rtin OLD A'& FOR A ncpcFiTen $i5,ooo.. DETXotT PAiO TilE MiTe Sox cco FOR THE 8i& FELLA, ' tie \MST IMN'T FIT.. $ LEFT Tits KATe ---STe/*, IN T>/£ BUCKET--BUT, MTtt 13 CAVPAI6A/S KlWD MM, if-APS AcTiVE AHEKlfAH ffAT&il£tJ Il'/Tf/ A A\'£KAf£ OP ,345 SIMMONS . PoSiJioN AND IDEA JtlK POLE MU. ... 8KT TtiE NKfS To A WJH A SfKCNS, AND ACCVWTE THROWING. TO GET OFF 10 BE flCCEPIEO vas long, no doubl, but none cat ay lliat Timncy, despite his lack of experience in a prone or sit- .hig position, did not condtic hlmseir creditably In I thc emer- cncy. The board of examiners do no hold knockdowns against fighting men. It's how they net on Hit canvas lliat counts. I,. 1'ct. 2 .7H 2 .007 .GIJ7 .(JQ'I ,&00 .420 .1117 .107 Hob FUxsimmonji over regularly, > but plenty of trouble when he vankcd those knock-knees out of the dust. How Boys Act When Hurt and stopped him Knoxville . Irminuham KY 1IAKKV CKAYSON Spnrls Kdilor, NK,v Service CLEVELAND, O. — Robert Ed- Itlsburgh I. Ixiuls '. York hiladciphta ward Neslell 1ms passed never was any question about his lighters be 'put to. Angeles 'the 'other nlghl ing 1 on Ihc boards and whining llle Hollywood kid who fights like \vas smacked solidly by Lee Rain- ed and stayed bad tlie first lime nic, went clown for a nine—nnd get np. Nestell gained further he was in serious cllfflcullies. Schinelitig Is an 0 l.COO j by slopping thc tenth 0 1.C03] which' is when lie flattened one 1 thc most unusual thing about him is that he continually wacies In Knottier warrior who did that. Il's the Pretzel Pounder's own This big boy's system , seems to be giving them n thorough shel- liecullor way ' of getting lacking before" polishing-llii'in ^ff for n shot with one of the slmrp- In the Ramage engagement; the cst right hands you'll | Lions Club Will 'Give N.E.A. Loop SATURDAY, APRIL 24, 1937,; AltciKlanre Maharaja Mkes Luxury i plot* modern flat on wheels, It is GLOUCESTER, Eng. (UP) -[being constructed for Ihe Mahnra- lo be'the most;)a of India. The-cost will be be"' """ ' twcen $75,000 and 580.000. *«* Tlie MODS will give a silver trophy to the town in the Northeast Arkansas league which has the largest open- of I'lVthevllle SPECIAL ASSKSSMIiNT I.ANI) SALE " No'.lce is hrrrby given that I, Hie undersigned Special Commissioner, will on May 10, 1037, within lawful hours, at the South Door of the Court House In Biytheville, Arkansas, sell to the highest bidder, Eolw's Norlheast Arkansas iL"!" Club JVI'l-e i {,.1.. \-iuu .vi^t.L tia! Appearance I)V .1. V. . FIIIKNI) The niytheville Giants will meet Ing day crowd, it has been an-!^,. cas j, ,j !e I noL'nced here. ' ' The/ season opens on May C lands "located in Mississippi County, Arkansas'. Irvi- , wlth gomes ln thrce of tllc leag " e mi (OWI , , ,, j (owns followed the nexl day hy | openers In the other towns of the jclrcult. Tlie award of the trophy will be based on paid admission* It Is understood. » Meanwhile plans for lilythe- Name PL of sec. WHIIiim V. "Lefty" Alexander, foriner big league pitcher, al 3' c'c'ock tomorrow aflcrnoon al the: rounds. j e! H L Wrny NE 3E H I, Wray Nw SE Tom Lovelady N'A NW SW W II & Walter Anderson SE NE M H Robinson SW NH (he Giants lake on Osceo!a's I dlans at the fslnoornds park are underway with hackers of the when] Henry Purdue 2 Smiare Acres In SW cor E't E 90 A NE C A Rogers Lots 1 & 2 NE C A Ro?':r? Lois 3 & 4 NW Because of the heavy slw last niyht Manager Ifershell Bobo ! I IT ,.I, V ny nlt-r Ills original |)lan.s for i •" ' „,,„,-! 1(> " al cllll) confident that niythc-j Louise Chapnian s CA SW SE ... nni,n! vl " e wil1 wl " " le altcndr.nce! C K Crig'er N of River E 1.5 pitchers. He had named It Is anticipated that a half 'linim Piling, McNeil, Ark and llclll| av will be d'rlared In Blv- ^arrhiill nemphill,' Greenwood ' lll(; vlilc nnd Osce<:la for thc cc- 11-f., bo«h rlijlUhanders. lo work | cos!o » wlth al1 l !l H«.s of btisl- urnctlca name this afternoon ! ncss ln llle two lolnls elosin». Oov, ttichtnond. Ind., Ihird Ictne Pratt. Memphis, Invited to throw out the first ball. •'ihc presidents of the Lions club, Rotary club, :ind Chamber ~>f Commerce and the mayors of Blvthevllle and O.sceola wilt probably participate in the opening ceremonies. Manager Ilerscliel Bobo of Bly- Ihevilie and Manager Flmer Kir- e-hoff of Oscrnla will have strongest line-ups ready lor game. it tirol)ably will not be played Cnrl E - Iinilc > 1 ls to !!id they are logical candidates to "'""'" "'" "'" ''"'" face the Independents. The re- 'nniiiiler o! the starting lineup •-ill ivob"bly Include Frank Millar. 109-pound glnnt who performed Greenwood in Hie Cotton bales' League last year, first base; Sirscll Sliwnrl.. Memphis. Tenn., Pete Pavich, Chatsworth. J.. shortstop: Charles Byrkett.; Tenn.; "inlclon Ltinnek, Rochester, N. Y.; mil Skipper Bobo in the outfield, reserves Dobo will have Guy Davidson, Montgomery. Ala., short- lop; Ralph "Red" Robbins, Cov- 'igtcn, Tenn.. second; Lee Roach, liiniln, third; Melvin Bollinger. Slccle. Mo., first base; Riclinrel Voting, Cooler, Mo., of; Pete 'Jurnhani, Ynrbro. infietder; Ar- •lolil Zlmmer, East St. Louis, in- lelcler; Clarence McC'olhim. Steele, \lo., George Whittle. Biytheville. of; and Icky Stephens, Cabot, Catcher. Alexander has selected a formidable aggregation lo face Ihe liros, bul a few starting places ire yet not . definitely decided •ipon. However, his first nine is spooled to consist of Willotighby Hemphill (Tiny) Glover, first Ecldie Regenold, second; Ilarman Taylor, shortslop; Lee "Booster" WniTlnglon, third base- Cliarles Brogdon. -left field;"' Dal- 'on Taft, center field; and Dick Potter, right field; with Cobuni Thornton, coach at Armo- *cl. catching, and Marshall Black- gettinf! the opening nssign- in the box. "Lefty" has a raft of reserves and all '.'ill get R chance to play, he said. A SE .SW louise Chnpman S of River SE SW Louise chapman R of River E 5 A of S 6 A SW SW '.ouise Chapman NW NE Louise Chapman SW NE Louise chapman NE NW t-onise chapman NW NW Louise Chapman FE NW j Linls? Chapman SW NW ! John M Tavlov w (if Levee All SE 1 Levee Board E'4 r » pf I-rl N '- E of S, 12 12 12 4 4 5 0 G •2'j 33 2(7 2Q 25 20 •16 20 T. 14 14 14 14 !4 14 14 14 15 15 15 15 15 R. 10 10 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 1'J 12 12 I 1 ? 12 12 12 12 12 12 Acri'.s 41 ID .20 10 40 2 4D.C4 107.43 G 1,50 li 5 SO 17 •1(1 40 35 40 23 24. G7 75 T:l\ 9.70 12.14 3.B3 0.81 ,21 5.83 3.fifi ,10 .05 .113 4.03 7,80 1.H7 7.87 1.41 7.24 7.25 said assessmiiit being set opposite each Decides lo Become Public jio-wit:' F.nemy Once More; Takes On Kenney Sold land will te sold for the purpose of sa,lisfyine a decree rend-/ ered bv the Chancery Court.of the Chicknsawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, on April 14, 1031, 'in the case of Sub-District No. 4 of Grassy Lake and Tyronza Drainage Dislrict No. 9. Plaintilf, the! vs. Certain Lands and H. L. Wray. et al.. De.'jndants. against said ' lands for a special assessment due thereon, together with court eosls. { penalties, nnd. attorney's fees. Iracl of land. x WITNESS my hand tills 15th elay of April, 1937. ADDISON SMITH. ; Special Commissioner. SPECIAL ASSESSMENT LAND SALE Notice Is hereby given that I. the undersigned Social Commissioner, will on May 10. 1937. within lawful hours, nt the South Door of the Court House in Blytheville. Arkansas, sell to the highest bidder, for cash, thc following .lands located in Mississippi County. Arkansas, Good •[jiritcd pitching workout yesterday. The it two straight featured ' Ihe of the :aiant Regulars over the Name PI. of Sec. H L Wray NE SE H L Wray NW SE '.'.'.'.'. Taylor Smith NW NE BY J. P. FRIEND j Tom Lovelady N',<- NW SW Roy Welch, who turned cave'w H Si Walter Anderson SE'N'E man and slammed Dago Baker M H Robinson SW NE into unconsciousness last Monday Henry Purdue 2 Square Acres- niahl, will get a chance lo ex- t SW cor E'G E 90 A NE hibit his toughness on Jack;c A Rogers Lots. 1 & 2 NE Kenney. 198-pounder from Mobile C A Rogers Lots 3 A- 4 NW Ala.. Monday night. In the head-1 S E Vail Prl NE NW . liner of the American weekly grappling show. Legion' S .E Vail Prl SE NW ..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. j S E Vail Prl E 11 acres SW NW On his last fewj appearances the | Rebecca Patterson SE SE Canadian Wildcat had been as! Harry Taylor N',5 N 32 A NW NW lime as a pussy cat, ns far as the Mrs Erne *t- Tay- rough and tough stuff was concerned, but he suddenly rose with nil the fury of a violent storm and completely whipped Baker to the mat with n consecutive lor S'i N 32 A N W NW Harry Wade S 30 A SW NE ...... Sallie Adams Elliot! NE NW Sallie Adnms E'liott NW NW Sallie Adams Elliott SE NW body slams. It was one of the I StltUe Adam s Elliott Lot 2 SW NW most vicious demonstrations 1 stayed here. It St. Louis . Vashington Ciulciii'o ... Vew York Yesterday's Results' Southern Leitgue Birmingham nt Memphis, rain. Ulttc Rock G, New Orleans 2. ' Clmltanoogn 8. Knosvillc 7. Nashville 4. Atlanta 3. ' -• . Nullonal League " ' 1 Ntw York 3, Boston O.. 1 •• ' ' Brooklyn' 4. ^Philadelphia 3." "' Pittsburgh 4. Cincinnati 3. •-, • St. Louis 5. Chlcagu 4. • ; "'. American League Detroit 10, Chicago 2. Cleveland 9, St. Louis 2. Philadelphia 7. Washington New York at Boston, rain. Today's Games Southern I^eague Birmingliam at Memphis. Chattanooga al Knoxvilte. New Orleans at Little Rook. Atlanta at Nashville. American League Delroil at Chicago. St. Louis at Cleveland. Philadelphia al Washington. New York at Boston. .[iilrofldring - . Echo's only dilTerence was llmt he forgot to pull In hts whiskers' Just once too ofteii. Ills •sev'eresticrilics say that his biggeM fault is that Is loo easily liil. Off Ihe Ramage bntllc. I would add that 10 is ( too easily put down, 'for ho genllemanly veteran of San Oiego is a •' notoriously light hil- er. Bui that doesn't jScem lo make much dilTerence to the protcs- •Kloiml old-timers who dote on scrappers who climb out of the Hie slag. They go into ecstasies about large chaps who regain their pins, for they appreciate-that there is nothing quite as helpless as a- big fellow on the deck badly hurt. There is so much ol him to be pulled together and hoisted, Louis Flunked Test When Mil Solidly I suppose thai olel-llmcrs who are so keen to see n prospect whacked srpiarely on the chops have in the past been fooled as badly as so many of the Johnny- Comc-Latelys were in the case of Joe Louis. Until Max Schnif-ling caught up with him. Louis looked like and was heralded as a 'combination of Jack Johnson. Joe Walcott. Joe Gans, and George Dixon. But Louis looked like thc rankest _ novice once Schmeling tagged him with his good right arm True Smoky Joe stood up under withering fire round alter round, lie was unable to shake oil Ralph "Red" Robbins. second "oase. 19 years old. weighs 157 pounds. Born December 24. 1917, it Covington, Tenn. Father Is a farmer and lives nt Covington. National League. Boston al New York. Brooklyn at Philadelphia. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. Chicago at st Louis. but thc effects of Herr Moxic's shells suf- ficiEhlly well to get back on the right track. The spectacle of the highly touted Louis floundering around in front of Sclinicllng increased the ranks of those who want to see a scrapper socked on the old irnd.uated from high school there I potato before passing final iudg- 11 1934. Was a pole vnuller In nent. addition 'to playing baseball. Jack Dempscy and all the good Vaulted lo feet and 8 Inches at fighters before him had to stand 'he West Tennessee meet his sen- up under a direct hi! before thei 'or year. Played on several semi-, were accepted. The Manassa Man pro teams at Detroit, Ttem., and was taken In after Gunboat Smith at home, Last year held down the made his knees ,-r,g i,, g al , j^n,,. keystonc sack for the Dixie Wax Cisco. ?lub in the city league. Memphis. Fchmclinjr Wades in Recommended to Bill Terry by "Red" Williams, who has seen considerable service in the diamond sport, Reported to Frank Brazil! at his school at Greenwood. A trifle shy in experience for Class C. Maybe next year. Throws right but swings from thc left side of the plate. Has major '-ague ambitions, and guessed It— career or until the New York ainnts. him at Soldie: iLDJf PILOTS Manager Wickcl Brings 12 Playeis from C a r t! s' Springfield Camp OARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.— Spring training for thc 1937 rilols got underway here Friday atter- noon with about 20 reporting for Ihc first day's workout. Manager Harrison Wickcl, short- slop, who led the Pilots into the Northeast Arkansas league 'championship last year, put his charges through mild hitting and fielding practice and auiounccd that until opening of Ihe season: two practice sessions will be held eiaily, except Sundays. Wickel arrived here laic Thursday night with 12 players from the spring camp at Springfield Mo., conducted by the dt. Loui., Cardinals, and In addition to this group, there were some four 01 five from this section reporting for the first day's wortout. Among those working out yesterday, in addition (o Wickcl. were Wilson Kocwing, Charles Fichler Francis Spangle. Walter Bleidistel and Signuind Pierce, all pitchers; Fred Lconhnrdt, Hayes Heath infieldcrs: Taylor Meyers, George Godlcwskl, Robert Howlson, outfielders, i Tommic Turner, Tommie M c Gown, Herl Iffrig, each with ihc Pilots last year, are expected to report at anytime, being cmoiuc here from their respective homes Wlllioul Leading There have bed, rare instances where the resin elders had to wait a long lime for their final examination, but they )lc | d otlt on each occasion, even in the case of Gene Tunney. ^ The Manly Marine wasn't In j bring"the world champion the slag until the fag end of his [team, the Kansas City M, Negro American League Teams In Game Totla The Cincinnati Tigers and Memphis Red Sox. of the ii American League meet In n same at Harry Bailey's paik aflcrnoon. Tlie game, and others (o low, were arranged by "Happy" Foreman, who hopc.s l!u , tt l Dempscy clipped to the '•r Field. Thn count I May 1, state line park to! Gu t negr ionarchs ''annigans with a 2-1 verdict, "he latter, however, had one con- •clatlon. They outhit the first tringers, 4 to 3. Julian-HaiTing- •on, Lewiston. N. C., scattered our rookie safeties over the six 'inin-js. The only tally registered ff him came in tlie first when ••oljblns drew a base on balls tole second, advanced as Zimmer vas being tossed out. ami romped n on Davidson's long fly to cen- sr. Harrington fanned three. .Jack Kelly.' Hartford. Conn... ftcr hurling three frames, allow-' ls - ' - mark Ihe first showing of Kenney here, Sallie Adams ElliHll .Orig. Stir. SW NW ::•...•;-. • Chapman S C A SW SE ... Road HP Is a newcomer lo the circuit. , c E Cri ™er N of For the semi-final Mike Me- 1 E 7.5 A .SE SW .... roney Ims matched the menacin"' 1/> " lse Chopmnn S of Road SE SW Mexican, rinul Lopez, S. 12 12 20 12 4 4 5 G G 14 14 14 15 23 23 28 3(i 3G 36 3C 3G 23 23 23 nn t B M Turner SW SW 24 other stranger to local fans Bad Louise Chapman NW NE .. Boy Brown, New.Orleans, La.' """" "' For a middleweight Lopez, is ine of the strongest In the biisi- •less. He likes his mat work rough ! r'T V'," lIJman st; Nw • -ml the rni^hnr n.. ,.„,,„, °'£„ Lm " se Chapman SW NW Chapman SW NE ... Lotiiss Chapman NE NW Louiss chapman NW NW Chapman SE NW HP nd the rougher the better, thrives on the bronx cheering Irom the crowd—and he usually ''os the fans on his neck with, tactics. He, however, is an' 2(1 20 2fi 2G 2G 26 26 26 T. 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 R. 10 10 10 11 12 12 12 12 12 n n n n n u n n n n n 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 Acres 40 40 40 20 40 40 'i 49.04 1117.48 17 31 11 33 1C 30 40 ,40 40 38.83 1.17 G 7.50 G 20 20 n 40 40 35 40 28 24.67 75 Tax 9.12 11.40 20.28 3.70 .5C .20 5.G1 4'.. HI 1.25 2.05 1.80 5.12 2.5S 2. 58 21.00 1D.24 19.24 18.46 , 20.20..«1 .40 -.48 .GO .flfi 1.79 5.12 4.25 4.93 4.09 4.99 5.00 1.73 3.M 8.38 Said land will be sold for the purpose of satisfying a decree renel- ig cnly Stewart's double, turned I « cc ™ 1 l' 1 'f «1 wrestler - when he ered by the Chancery Court of thc Chickasawba District of Missls- n with a sore arm. George' .. rl<ll?s to, stick to the scientific sippi County, Arkansas, on April 14. 1937, in the case of Sub-District Gabby" Areiuitt. loquacious Mem- " 1UC - " No. 3 of Grassy Lake & Tyronza Drainage District No 9 Plaintiff 'his youngster, took up where he •!ft off but was torched for Iwo ills and yielded a walk that net?d two runs. He fanned Pavich ''civnrt nnd Boto in order In the fifth, displaying a dandy fast •all. Kelley struck out four and lad perfect control. Kelley. Davison. Arriultt. and Lingle hit safe- v for the Yans. while Stewart. Miller and Pratt came through or the Regulars. Frank Miller, first baseman, made an impression with the ••allbirds ,wilh his fine work -.round the Initial sack. He Ls a graceful fielder, has a powerful hrowing arm and seems to know vhal it is all about. He bears n ;trong resemblance lo Bill Terry liant big boss. He is a right •ander. though. Pavich. shortstop, ind Mancuso. catcher, have come n for their share of the compli- ncnts. Ijinnek. steel armed cen- 'cr fielder was throwing 'em n!ce- 'y. Harrington, Kelley, Arquitt \nel Rushing have been most ini- Tcsslvc on the mound. Botli matches will have the vs - Certain Lands and H. L. Wray. et al.. Defendants against said same time limit—ninety minutes, ! lands for a special assessment due thereon, together with court costs two best falls out of three. penalties, and attorney's fees'," said 'assessment bein» set opposite cadi Mcroncy will Uo the officialhi" tract of la "d. WITNESS my hand Ihis 15th day of April. 1937. ADDISON SMITH. Special Commissioner. Do You Believe in Fortunes? Biyllieville Negro Basketball Teams,,. County Champions Boys nnd girls basketball teams -eprcfcnting thc Blytheville negro •chcol bolh won nrsl places in the Class A division of the basketball tournament, of Mississippi :ounty negro schools al the Armory here Friday. In the girls division BIytlicviile won first, Wilson second, and Ar- Have you ever gazed into a cryBtal? Great fun, but of course— However, your best friend is not tho Fottuna Teller, but your, 'family doctor. With scientific eyes He-looks into your future.' "• ' ; ''' ' Go to him. Ask him to read— ho, not the crystal ball— but your fenjj. He can predict the course of your days more surely than anysoothsayer. UNCOVER TUBERCULOSIS BY MODERN METHODS i III Iht Jector te your t , nnd Osccola tied for third In the boys division Blylhcville \vas first, Grlder second, and Os- ccoln and Armorcl tied for third. Grider girls triumphed In the, Class B division with Carson sec- 1 end. nnd Promised Land third ! Promised Land boys in this dl-l vision finished ahead of French-, man's Bayou and Carson. I Visiting teams from Canitliers-; vllle, Haj-ti, and Hei-mondale also participated In the. tournament. M.; Smith, principal and coach of the' R, R. Moton school of ^irianna and Paul Damon, caretaker at Hit Armory, rcfereort Ihe gRmes. i i WRESTLING Every Monday Night s P.M'. ROY WELCH JACK KENNKY RAUL LOPEZ vs. "HAD HOY" RROWN American Legion Stadium SPECIAL ASSESSMENT LAND SALE ' Notice is hereby given that I, tlie undersigned Special Commissioner. will on May 10. 1937. within lawful hours, at the South Door of the Court House in Blytheville. Arkansas, sell lo Ihe Highest bidder owit- ' thC f0llmv ' ng lnmls loctltc<l in 'Mississippi County, Arkansas, Name pt. of Sec. W F Bel! N!-i NE SE ____ ..... .... W F Bell NW SE ....... '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. L M May W of R NW SW H L Wray NE SE ................ H L Wray NW SE ......... '.'.".'. Taylor Smith NW NE ........... Florence O Meadows SW SE ".'.'.'.'. Tom Lovelady N'/j NW SW W H & Walter Anderson SE NE M H Robinson SW NE .......... 4 Henry Purdue 2 sq. A. SW cor E',-i E 90 A NF, ................ 5 C A Rogers Lots 1 & 2 NE ...... G C A Rogers Lots 3&4NW 6 Hubbard-Hubbard & Stevens NE SW 17 Dillard & Coffin SE SW '. 17 S E Vail SE NW '..'.'.'.'.. M S E Vail E 11 Acres SW NW '..'.'.. 14 Rebecca Pattcrsno SE SE 15 Harry Taylor N'i N 32 A NWNW 23 Mrs Ernest Taylor SVi N 32 A NW NW 23 Harry Wade S 30 A SW NE ..'... 26 Sallie Adams El- hott Orig Sur SW NW ... ! , 36 Louise Chapman South 6 A SW SE 23 C E Crigger N of River E 7.5 Acres SE SW '23 Louise Chapman S of River SB SW 23 Louise Chapman s of River E 5 A of S 6 A SW SW 23 Louise Chapman Frl W!i NE 26 Louise Chapman NE NW '.','.', 26 Louise Chapman NW NW .!"'.'! 26 Louise Chapman SE NW 26 Loutse Chapman SW NW 26 John M Taylor w of Levee a'lVsE 26 Levee Beard Eli SW 26 prc^'bv^'hf. ^h,! 30 SC ' d f ° r the Plirpose nf .™ C , ha " ccr >' Court of the Chickasawba District of Missis- y> r, Auansas ' 01 > April 14. 1937, in the case of Grassy Lake nn Drainage District No. 9 vs. Certain Lands and W F tog" thtr with E ±H sa '1 Iailds , for a s^ 1 ' 11 ass^nmt <>«'e thereo,,: me, t beinir U ° sts ' Bcllnlti<!s ' ^d attorney's fets, said RSSCM- wiT\P^"? i ° PPOSitc rach tract of "> n( J- WITNESS my hand Ihis 15th day of April, 1937. AODISON siirru, Special COmnilsslaner, T. 14 14 14 --14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 ' 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 R. 9 9 9 10 10 10 II 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 11 11 11 11 11 U 1! 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 Acres 20 40 13.72 40 40 40 40 20 40" 40 2 49.64 107.48 20.25 10.75 31 11 38 16 16 30 i.n 6 7.50 G 31 40 40 35 40 28 24.67 Tax 1.44 2.83 3.71 1.20 1.20 8.1G 7.20 \ 2.89 H.81 5.33 .22 8.S3 18.51 1.10 1.32 2.58 .81 2.40 1.50 l.SO 6.48 .05 .23 .37 .30 .25 ?.. .14 2.81 2.81 2.81 2.80 3.45 4.14 rend-

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