The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 26, 1937
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THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIV—NO. BlVthevllle Courier IMythevlllc Herald Bl.vthevlllc Dnlly News Mississippi Valley Leud.r. BLYTUKVII,I,K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, APUIL 20, 1037 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS P Tfj OUCC Tllc plytheville Bar association,' D III l Hilil m sess '°" 'I'' 8 afternoon voteri U 1U 1 I1UU to send unlnstnicted delegates to -p. ii liie convention of delegates of bar I U 1 PKOCiallotls in eastern Arkansas I UAlto h? held ai Wynne Thursday. ' l'*« April 29, to endorse a candidate 0 Free Him Winch Combines i 1 nstiTi cli 011 Wi tli E n tcrtain in en i: TO flRT Entertaining proof of that stalc- Thors is always something new 1 oven sample of speed or trick pho- "V iM - ?""' Icgraphjvbut a thorough, real-lit? • WASf-INOTON, April 20. (OP) , . The supreme court today ajre-d <" local attorney? plan to [jOng . ' - and most important sub- in the world—Homemaking. to pass on the validity of old" age i li!f! convention by ago (ho cooklllK sc , ool .. . 6 •"-"""' Tension provisions ol the New Deal's social security act under which 2fi.OC3,o:o wcrkirs ard 2,100.- tOCi employers are paying taxes. The l?st case was rushed to the supreme court with record speed hy the government after a decla- ratlDn ten elays a«o by tre United Slates circuit court of appeals at Bostcn that the old a;e pension provisions of the law are unconstitutional. Thorn: Company Wins Tesl The court condemned orders of the Ohio public utilities commission, which directed' the Ohio Bell Telephone company to refund more than $13.000,000 to telephone subscribers and to establish new rates in accordance with a valuation fixed by the commission. The court acted on an a-v)?ni brought by the company From a Ueeision of the Ohio state supreme court which had found that thr commission's orders were jusl and reasonable and allowed the company a lair return on its property. The case is one of the most elaborate rate cases to come bjfore the court, and represented the culmination of an investigation which has been goins on for several years. Frees Negro Communist Angelo Herndon, Atlanta, Ga. cellor J. P. Gautney of Jones boro. president of. the state bav association, to suggest a successor to Judge Martineau. •" graduated from a curiosity lo n HIT! OF Loyalists Make Overtures, Seeking Mediation of Neutral Parties PARIS. Apr. 2C (UP) — The Pafoue autonomous Republican government in northern Spain to- dav sent emissaries to the foreign refugee diplomatic colony at St. dean de Luz, southern France. to inquire as to the possibility of neutral mediation for the, surrender of Bilbao, advices reaching here from the frontier reported today. The advices said the Basque mission intimated that the loyalists at Bilbao were ready to sur- negro and Communist organizer, i render the port to the' Spanish was freed by the supreme court, by rebel forces if a neutral media- a five to four vote from the 18 to 20 year jail sentence imposed on him after conviction oh charges of violating Georgia reconstruction days statute forbidding the advocacy of iforceful resistance to the -state. ; —Ti?e-court upheld the application of the Alabama franchise tax of S2 per Sl.OOO of capital employed in the state to properties of the Southern Natural Gas company, a Delaware corporation, which operates a natural gas pipe line to deliver gas from Louisiana fields to points In Mississippi. Alabama and Georgia., popular necessity in man/ pans of Ihe country. Now it has graduated again, leaping this time into Hollywood stardom. ,• For this Is no routine lecture, no methodical demonstration which the Courier News will give to th; women of the community for threJ clays without charge, starting a week from tomorrow. The Courier News takes gcniiin; pride in being among the first t;> sponsor "The Bride Wakes Up." a full-length feature picture, directed and filmed in Hollywood, with a competent cast to interpret the appealing story. Instruction Plus Komance Women young and old, and men too. will appreciate the humanness of this romantic screen story, in which home problems have b?en approached from an entirely new angle. Entertainment, profitable Instruction, humor and romance are woven deftly into a production which abounds in ingenious camera studies and remarkable cbse- ups. The camera has modernized the cooking school, magnifying Us benefits, losing none of Its hosoit- able. friendly charm. . .'In fact, faere are close-ups of a new chocolate layer cake and a lemon chiffon pie thai are destined to send the hungry audience hustling home to duplicate the culi- camera study of scientific methods, i rcalistic is th- atmosphrrc of j th; modern kitchens, with their! earning, convenient equlpmcntj cheery informality, that the aving a Circus \:-;:'^ Walkout Pending Fccl- cnt Inquiry audience really feels part of Ihe | WASHINGTON, April 20. (UP>—i scene. Soon the deft worker seems I Pre-id?nt lloDsevelt Invoked his ex-! to he talking directly lei each .per- j c ™live authority today to avert a son in the theater, rather than threatened strike of 55,000 eastern and , to the puzzled bride. 1 railroad employes. . , Every listener will find a harvest) Ml '. ncosevell appointed a Ihrec of practical ideas among the siig- j " lll » board to Investigate lt>e lubor gestlons for more efficient, home- 1 controversy between the eight ma- making. covering such daily prob- ! ' or eastern rail lines and rail la- lems as laundry, refrigeration, up- l)or organizations. to-date entertaining, beauty secrets, ' rlle threatened \va news of modernized home equip- '"', ' - • ' • • mcnl and tiy.s on making these mechanical servants yield the highest icgree of usefulness. Not only will (he picture be free, but there will be a host of daily gifts and surprises arranged by the Courier News ' ' participating firms, who are Joining forces' lo make the unusual entertainment available to the community. Reserve the dales. May 4! 5 and 6. on your calendar now and plan .lo join your neighbors at, the Roxy. .„. .„,„,.., lt t i nuunin UlCUlit- „„..., *_:,, ., „ lion commission obtained assur- ' * trmm P>? s ' Free recipa she-Is ances from the Insurgents tlmtl^i 1 , ay wl11 provlde ncitied '"the port would be spared bombardment and destruction. i thrill to the adventures of the win- wliat happens after the honev- full Lost Cane Farmer Badly Hurt by Tractor MANILA. Ark.—Evertt Adams, son of Mrs. o. E. Snider of Manila, a farmer of the Lost Cane community, was eeriously hurt Friday when a tractor he was driving made too short a turn, causing the • harrow it was pulling to hit him and knock him from the tractor. He was brought to his mother's home here for treatment and later was taken to the Jonesboro hospital. Three ribs were broken and her suffered Internal injuries. Doctors say that his injuries will not prove fatal but ttiat they are very serious. moon is over? what happens when the bride becomes aware of the critical gaze of some of her husband's old. sweethearts, who arc not apt to forget heavy biscuits in a j hurry? To unravel tlv mystery in ad- Measure Is New Attempt] to Stabilize Prices in Bituminous Industry WASHINGTON. April 26. (UP)— President Roosevelt today approved the Guffey-VInson coal bill through which congress—by fixing coal pn°c- es—seeks lo rescue the bituminous industry from a competitive situation, which has adversely affected operators and miners alike. vance would be to rob this clever tale of its novel approach. However, the audience is due to shnre specialists reveal the secrete which govern tile perfection of flaky pie crust, fluffy cakes, molded icebox marvels, appetizing salads and correctly roasted meats. Never has the wizardry of- the camera brought a subject more closely and naturally to the watchers. It will be a model cookin» class just as though the model kitchen Seeks Permit for Demonstration Here Next Snt- . u relay Ikout. accord- to federal law, must be de- layj;i while the presidential committee Investigates carrier-worker differences ami reports (o the White House within 30 days. Notified by Hoard Names of the three person,-; lo sit on the board were to be made public by the While House late today. Mr. Roosevelt's action was taken by a M«clal proclamation issued under the railway labor act after the National Hfediatlon Beard informed him tbal-i The controversy "now threatens I substantially lo Interrupt intcr- | stale commerce within the stale of New York and other states in the eastern part of the country to ui<ii a, degree as to deprive thai section, of the country of essential transportation service." Negotiations Fall Negotiations between railroad officials and representatives o: the Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship clerks, Freight Handlers and Station Employes collapsed last night on Hie eve of expiration of a 48-hour postponement of a Mavor Marion Williams said to- strike call. •Jay he would i?sue a permit to The brotherhood demanded an •>arlies puruortin-; to represent ths [ ' - Tenant Farmers Unit-h 'or. a nararte to be held here Sp ~. urrtay. ' • . • •„ • • '•"' Plans for the parade appeared to ie very indefinite and the man ask- ng for the pjrmlt said he did so at the request of friends and ml n his own behalf. He named w. E Tucker, Zeoh O'Brien and others is these who had asked him to 'eck the permit. Mayor Williams said he coulS fee no reason for refusing to pranl a parade permit to the~ov»imLzi- iton as long as the paraders di.i not become unruly, but warned that no disturbance ,would be toleralerl. It was reported among a certain ?roup who have been identified x-itli variovs organizations or attempted organizations of worriers ind of the aged here in the past 'hat a reoreseniative of John L. Lew-is' CommitteB for Industrial Qr?anization would arrive in this vicinity shortly to undertake the irganizatlon of farm laborers on a 'nrge scale, othsr sources expressed considerable doubt as to the au- •hcnticity of these reports. Police Oust Strikers from Big Drug Plant UKTR01T. April 20. (Ul')--ro- , lice smashed through barricades of lye In barrels an;l bags today to remove a score of sit-down slvlk- | cis who lii'ld possession of S'.'.OOO,- 100 worth of drugs aiul narcoths in the closed planl of I'arke-llavi,! and company, said lo be I:i3 worH's ' comicais" 1 '' 1 ""'"'""''' 1 ' Ol " lmm: " Serious Situation Thieat- cns as'Prolonged Down- were right on the stage, with tin. ; Reports of agitation for organiza- 'ion of farm laborers have bsen The measure reenacls price-fix- ex ! ce P" on that the view ai in this section for a num- ing provisions of the original Gut- wil1 be morc com P'ete for each pcr- fey-Snyder bill of 1935. which ere-1 n "' llle a "t"ence. The guests of ated a "little NRA" in the coal in-' e Cmiricr New s in the back rows J "~' ' " ' ' «"»' share the same close-ups of the busy mixing bowl which are being seen in the front of the Rosy. When the graduated measuring spsons drop their level portions into ictually • l!5_ r . °( dav f' I". fa=t. a groi up of dustry and which was declared unconstitutional by the supreme court. - It do;s not include the invali- aaicd wage and working hours pro_J visions of the original law but is • expected to aid 400,000 miners indirectly by stabilizing the industry and increasing mine revenu-s which in turn will be maeie avail-' atle to be paid out in wages. The measure establishes a federal ——^ ] bituminous coal commission and It was announced that the president """ send to the senate later th- nerease of 20 cent.-, an hour for Ls members because, It claimpd. one railroad had granted more advantageous terms to piir freight landlers belonging to the Interna- .Ibniil Longshoremen's Association. The brotherhood claims the freight landlers under American Federation of labor rules belong in the railway union and were unconstitutionally organized by the I. U A. The railroads originally refused Ihe -increase because^ proposals for a similar national Increase are [lending. .The oltlceis earllnr had evicted without disorder more than 30'J strikers who held the cafeteria I ft the plant, Eighteen or more j men . were barricaded In (he drua ftori! room. The lye knrrlcfldc blocked thc- ctoor lo (lie rcom.- "Ccme on out of ther. n ," a policeman yelled. In reply the strikers turned j n ftru hose on the police. Fumes I arcse from the lye as the water ' struck Ihe barricade but the |>o- pour Continues lice pressed forward. •:rs surrendered, The slrlk- Fedcral Program Will Re Effective, Woo d ring I ells Congress WASHINGTON, Apr. 2Q UP)— ^ The federal ijovcrninent has in-j flow together iji the "te-1 clt> Mixing books with ballet, Virginia May .Clark, 15, youngcsl co-ed In Chicago University, joined the dance chorus of a circus during Its two-week stay In Chicago. She Is seen In her ballot costume. Virginia May olsr> appeared , In an Arabian solo dance ond served nj attendant to an norinl nrtlst In the circus. Finds Jury. Failed to Dc- termirie Decree of Confessed Murder a flood control prcRram] lorin the Ohio.' United ^Htcs Me- '.corologist w. S. Brohman varn"'l stituled I which eventually will eliminate the major dirnace now caused by rampaging streams. Secretary of War Harry II. Woodrlng dc- r.y United Press , The worst April flood In i 'co d" 1 history (aday periled 'the tri-st:ite area of Pennsylvania. Maryland and West Virginia, wh-vs mciintiln streams, feel by beivv rains anj snows, poured torrent of v,iter into the tributaries of th> great Onto Foil'/ deaths, indirectly attributed to the Incessant rilnfill u» r ; c 1 ported. Three railroad section pan? workers were struck and.killed bv a train near MjKcesrJoH, on'lheli' way to help clear a<iy a lide ol earth and rock from Ihe Baltimore and O!:lo tracks. A JolnMovin Pi, woiinin died'or a heart attack in- diiral by fright ovei the irnin^ fkwi waters. l'illsburi;h Threatened PrinclpAl eitles thrcilen"d by the- Hidden rise wave: Johnstown, the "flood jitj \ M"h reported Its highest natti sln-c the disastrous St. Patriot s dnj Hood if 1036. Evaciiatlon of buE'lh? ^ ''lonses was slurted. Pittsbui'Kh. (Is ilrh go'd-n Irl- TO'.'le'' threatened b\ the All"gl-en\ •ind Monongahela rheis \\hirh lo '.ociay. Addressing the National Riven Driver Is Probable ' Congress President Ficp. W. J. Driver of Osceola has been mentioheri. ?.s .the. probabb v ehoite of ttft'Na- (iohal Rl'veis aiii! fiiirljorii Oon- for its next president. ncpiesenUnsr this section at Ihe meeting in.Washington arc 12 members o! the board of the St. Francis Levee District, hicludinn O. 0. Lnngston, and J. H. member of board of l):ii!nr,fc District Changes Made P.tirely for Sake of Efficiency, Dudley Declares Attempts to find a political motive for recent changes in person-' pu ,.j.;, LITTLE ROCK. Apr. 2G (Ul'l— The state supreme court loelaj reversed and remanded for new Irlnl the death sentence Imposec on W. S. Wells hy a Montgomery county circuit court for the poison death of Henry Shaw on September 7. 1930. Wells appealed to the higher court, after he had been sen- Icnccrt on a plea of guilty, bs- ' corse Ihe record of his uis- clescd the fact that no cvSdei.ce was :ead into it showing lhat Shaw :'icd of poisoning. The :ribiii:nl. hi i. versing tiu death penally a:;rl ordering trla.', sa'd the jury cn-c'l ii- fixing Ihu .hmcnt \vltlio:it. doterinrniiiff Ihe bowl, when the wooden .,,„„.. K creaming the shortening, and (he dry ingredlenls are bcin° sifted, each step of that measuring blending and mixing process will be pictured faithfully through a series of fascinating close-ups. Gifts Arc Added Inducement men. operators of large farms, mel several nights ago at the Cham- 'icr of Commerce office in the citj *iall to discuss rumors of labor un- -cst. but apparently could flnrl little orndation for such reports. Saturday handbills apoearcd on he streets here and at Os:wla rginj farm laborers lo organize nd obtain higher pay for their crviccs and statlni? that r-aatilza- ion could be carried forward successfully because of the sinjrr-me court's, validation of the Waaner abor relations act. The handbills vere unsigned. They contained no threats. ncl at Dyess_ Colony are entirely I u,e"<iegree of the 'ciiine"! wiuiout foundalion in fact. E. S. Dudley. Colony administrator, tolcl the Courier News over long distant telephone today. "Such changes as have been made j were of a routine nature and while and Harbors Congress fit Ihe O'xriing session of its thhty- second annual cunvenllor.. Woodring f:ild Die food control act ol JSJC "ostabU.i.rd as n national policy the participation of the federal government in me con- .slns'.'cn of flood ccnlio! mca- SIIKS on strcanr, tributary So navigable waterway.-,." Attention of Ihe delegates— repie.scnltne waterways bodies, in- du.stry, state and local governments and business and civic or- gnnlKitions—was comenlrated "on -vv.ilcr conservation nnd coi^rol as Vital to' b"lh navigation and '-.eiierai welfare. The delegates will seek a con- gicfsiijnal ap|>rcp:iDt!on to brgi.i corsfrMctlon of, flood control projects authorized la'.r year !w con- iCfi'.lenls of the possibility ol a ina- lor Hood aild predicted i IT fool river stage, ten j"ct above fl<ral level, before noon tomorrow Th" predicted rise wouhl carry the'Ohio river nt Pittsburgh lo a sli?j c»- cceding by several inches Ihe tw^nt reached In Januar\ Wheeling, W. Va on the oMo where Capt. ,1. R Hill of XTnibd Slates Dam Number 12 predicted' •\ crest of 43 feet. th« iecontl s rea»- ?.sl April flood on iccord A stage ,rft_.4P. feet was reached at iVtart !^Vs:"i "AmiT'-Saij ,<fi2 it^ iMprf . Vesidenls of Wh'eeline I hhd rf^n> wdereil 'to-be read} to leave then homes on tiulck notiC" life Is Rapid Cumberland, Md wrire i m- tlonal guard regiment the American Legion ai:<] WPA woikers waie called out on emert-encj dutv Kusi- ncss on Main street ims'siisujiided wheii.willls creek left its bink to How through tils imd.ll" of the city Rivers and creaks all o\»i tlx> western Pennsylvania watershed, "the storehouse" of Hoods, ,rose'at ; unusually rapid rite In Pitl-burgn the Ohio rose ncarh »u ineh«> 11 hour. The rise followed -continuous rains over 31; hours and snow, to the depth of five inches in the western Peiinsyhanh mou Uinis Wllh Ihe ground already drenched the water rolled from lh" lulls Into UK mountain streams There 1 wns no cessation of t iq rnin and the weather buiaiu p*e- dl:le:l no let-up b'fore Thur^di • names of his nominees for this Tilis *'"- bo "° dircct-from-th< group. >• ••• '-• The original clct provided for col- Sometimes when you git to i,, c t| v . hironinin" '"-••—" :"V,'"~ thinkln' of the world as a whole, ot mfnlm, m ^ S , eilabl ', sh t n S 'she looks like a,pretty cold, lough "'in £e £? "" Um proposition, but when you '-'— • ' Closing Stock Prices N*W ' sccurit y 26 (UP, _ commodily markets dropped today on rumors. to explain your troubles, they're willin' to help you Uncle Slug's mot her-in-1 aw came to spend the week-end with 'cm one spruin iind late the following fall, she raid one day that she'll jest have la tear herself away. Uncle Slug called a cab and helped her pack her luggage r.nd they started for the depot. Uncle Slug noliced lhat the cab driver was a tough. hard-Iookin' unsympathetic appcarin' man anil he was jest poktn' along, but when Uncle Slug tapped him on Ihe shoulder and said "Would ya mind drivin' a little faster. I want my mothei-in-law lo calch thai train! The cab driver stepped on the and said "Brother. I'll drive .fc Cotton NEW. YORK, Apr. 20 (UP) Cotton closed barely steady. May July Oct Dec Jan March .subsequently denied. that United States Is contemplating a change in gold policy. A T and T ............. Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel ...... Ohryslcr open high low- close 1310 1312 1282 1298 12D8 1306 1306 1276 1278 128; 1284 1272 1274 1282 1285 1275 1275 1288 1288 1280 1281 1311 1315 1288 Spots closed steady at 1358. off twenty-seven. Chicago Corn Cities Service Coca cola General Electric General Motors International 'Han-ester . McKcsson-Hobbins Montgomery Ward New York'central Packard Phillips Petroleum '....'. Radio Corp St Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N J Texas Corp high low closclu S Smelting ..165 .. 52 1-: .. 84 1-2 ..114 1.. 35-8 . .149 1-2 .. 51 1-4 .. 55 7-E ..104 .. 13 1.. 53 .. 45 1.. D 7.. 53 .. 93-8 May The court for <i second time reversal the Clatu con'.ty circuit court In tlic suit <>' A L. Sanders rc;ainst Ihe Kiiyylia Pelro'-j — cum company for c'.n: a;cs follow- , . . a nioior cav ci::h in Little; Little Meningitis i J. P. Holiman Burnetl During Eiectrical Stom Manila Child's Arm Crushed in Wringei MANILA. Ark.—Wallace Wayne. J'oung son of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Fowler, crushed his arm in the wringer of a washing machine Saturday.^ The baby had learned how lo start, the machine and turned it on while no one was walchin? Dr. S. K. Adkinson took him to the Blvthcville hospital The appeal w.i* en the S31.3ujj ji.:dfrr.(nt grantee'. Sanders against' At lh have the |. i.",i(?mn curr.p.tny. l':r.-t trial Sanders cvi-vc 000 j'.u^Tient en' nl(!hci rDiirl rc-vc: becnitse Ihe Clarv cou:i al ;: P tin The state supreme court reversed and ordered dismissed ttie damage suit of A. D. Eason against, the Union Compress and house company of Hope. there were very definite reasons for hem those reasons had to do solD- y with the efficiency and welfare of the projects involved." Mr. Dudey said, adding lhat while further changes would no doubt be made 'rom time to time, none are contemplated at this lime. Jesse L. Clinton, manager of file- store at Dycss. and Calvin Wiliams, manager of the drygoods department in the store, were nmang the Colony employes recently released. Both formerly were employed by R. E. Lee Wilson company. Tom Lyle, Pine Bluff, succeeded Clinton. Other changes involved the retirement some we^ks ago of Mobley Esle.5 as manager of the Dyess cafe and of Gene Dick-., collrt 1;ad awarded Easmi S'J.939 STEELE. Mo.—Marjoric Tucker, two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wooelrow Tucker, who has •'ic""decision spiiwl meningitis, is recovering very ctrcu -J rap' 1 "!', her physician has an- of the trial »°"nccd. The child took the disease over a week ago anil for some time her LEPANTO. Ark—J. p. ITRliman. planter of west Mrsi^ip! I count nc-ar Lsnanto. wns uumed about his hands and knees Friday night \r •• ii - when lightning ttrtiCA lh° h'ht VlClim Recovering] wires about his > OJS c- ciusw t"e interior to ignite. Mr. HoVtnrm serious. condition wns considered , = After an examination at the Bly- Ware-' 'hovllle hospital she was returned 1 to her home near Holland. There have been no other cases Tl-.e appeal to the hisher rov.rt - f ', ." , was made by the compress con:-!, 0 ' lhe (llscaso hcrc - pany after a Homuslcad circuit' Orleans Cotton . NEW ORLEANS. Apr. 2fl (UP) — Recurrence of 'monttaiy chan«e fears combined with other Influences today to carry the cotlon '-cot 95 cents to'si.25 a bale inson. Blythovilh, as deputy sheriff for the colony, a portion he had held for three years Dickinson, who was succeeded by Sam Richards, is now attending the state police training school at Little Rock. Cecil Rice, former night officer at the Colony, was also recently displaced. Tom Haley, former assistant secretary to Gov. J. M. Futrell. has OQen added to the Colony's personnel. marki lower. open high low close open high )ow jesl as though she was my own|May!24 125(1-4123 - T>3 iU S Steel mnlher-ln-law!" Sep 101 1-2 103 1-8 10G 1-2 inf. 1-2 Zonith .. 3 1-4 47 64 7-8 , 57 3-1 July Oct Deo Jan . 87 1-41 March .1051-4] Spots closed quiet • 6 3-8 nineteen. 12D3 1302 1285 1291 1294 1294 1200 1283b 1298 1298 1288 1295 1305 12W! 1283 1295 1274 1282 1283 1295 1274 1283 m<<. off In damages afler he had been struck and robbed by Ernest Douglas, negro employe of the company, which employed Eason ns a night watchman. Hawaiian Fish Outdo Rainbow In Color Plan was burned when he seiz-ed the wires 'to dlsconnccl them. Til? lightning struck during a li°i > rainstorm Friday iiight atoilt 2 o'clock. HONOLULU (UP)—A colcr-bllncl ichthyologist would have little suc- The state supreme court held that ] cess in classifying Hawaiian fish. lax suits filed prior to passage of Act 264 of 1937. which repealed Act 142 of 1935. were not a flee ted by repealing of the act. It sustained the 1935 measure, i him. apparently sltll a bit dizzy The decision was in the ca;e of from the swirl of color, describee! The colors of the rainbow just, a starter. From there they go en to Infinite gradations 'and blends. One visitor lo the aquar- Fcrd Directs Raids or. Whisky Law Viointon HELENA. Ark., April 55. (UF)- A surprise jrrles of raids bv ti ' ravemif! n»?nts today resulted hi ten persons being c'tars°d 'ii i rellin^ whisky on Smithy and with 1 posse.^icn and sale of mi i n 1 whisky. Tiie. raids were directed I ^r o i aiiv by Commi'sici'.er D. L. Fo: i 'Hi; 'charges were filed In cil.v court. Ford remained h;rj vvhert- the Phillips county ;rand jtir s in session. The Colonv. Mr Dudley said. Is I Robert M. Gchl against. F/lmuud being administered wilhout regard for twlitical considerations and with no objective but to make U a successful underLikin;. He said 'hat former Governor Putrell. now attorney for the colony, had no voice in personnel matters. Chicago Wheat open ' hisjh low close May 127 1-2 128 1-2 If.j 1-2 125 5-3 •Jill llfi 1-4 116 3-4 114 7-8 115 P. Carle In connection with the delinquent tax sale of sis lots in the city of Stuttgart. the liltlc kihikihi as "floatinc; masterpieces like modernistic ra'inbow- liucd bubbles with wavina banners | of delicately tinted chiffon." Gehl contended that the sale was The late David Starr Jordan of invalid because the lots were said | Stanford University found it ncc- In a group and not singly as pro- cssary to use morc tban fifteen vidcd by stalute. " ! color designations in riiscrihin? a The lower court sustained Ihat'MnsIc fish. They were: old gold. contention. The machine gun first was patented In 1862 by R. J. Galling, Indianapolis, Ind. WEATHER Arkansa.s—F a I r tonight and Tuesday, slightly cMler in nortii and contra! portions toniint n oU ably Ihht frost In., exposed pla?"> in northwest portion. Memphis and vicinity—M^tl cloudy t.onljht and Tuesd"\ Co i tinurl cool, lowest lemperaturo 16- nisht 44 to 43- Tlie maximum U-mprrature light gold, light copper, light blue, indigo, blue, 'green, white, violet, yesterday was 65, minimum t f larnlshcrt silver, lighl steel blue, [cloudy, with a trace of m i til rose, pearl, yellow, purple, black,|morning, accovdlng !o Sam l r orange pink and bluish-fuscous. Norris, official wc.ithc-r observer.

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