The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1935 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1935
Page 7
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BLYTHEVILLB,-(ARK.)- 'COURIER NEWS .& Saturday!—1 s - Direcl ^l EXTRA SPECIAL "°" """" Wo, arc pricing (Ills car for Iwu iliiya only, way hclow the prk'e we tilloxrcd Us former owner. Us a S-r.-issenyer, M) CHEVfCOl qj( COACH with c\celUnt (lius ' in<J Mliil anil • a • real goail ejiginS. * TODAY $.m • -i TOMOKKOH 4 i,VfURnA\ Sil All Jfaki's, All Models, All Lou- 'In Price— Come See Tliejn! , Comer Walnut &' F\rnV, Sis.''/:• I'liouc 813'-' M -^V , t'arrns rqr .pale 'With inSiieuiatt^' 40 A. near Burdette, Miss, coijiity, Ark. : PJicii/ffiC; acre, ; (--'•: .,.', :< •. 40 'A. li^ar Burdi'tte,' Miss.'" comity; Ark. Pries ?60 acre. SIT'A. ncnr Uurdette, Mi=s. county, Art:. Price 500 acre.' 45 - A. near Waixlcll, Pcmtgcol county, 'Sip/.' Prico, 550 acre.'.. 6.5'. ''A. near 'G'ideoti;-' New 'Madrid - county, Mo.' Price $40 acre. 108 A. near Gideon, New Madrid coumy, Mo. Price 545 acre. 127 A. near Gideon, New Madrid county. Mo. Price. ?50 acre. .. . 107 A. near oana'iou, Mew Madrid county, Mo. Price 540 acre. ; J. W. Racier Blytheville, Ark.- ; ,FIRE & TORNADO INSURANCE, LIFE INSURANCE AND INSURANCE SERVICE ' Money to Loan We are In position to make you- a loan to refinance your /presen,. loan. Termsi 'jor)'. repayment' cnl » te;madi; to i : b«r*'Eatisractl6'n', verj low interest rates, this applies tu city, as well a* larm loans. CAUDILL'S , AttHNCY ^"GKNEKAl/ 1 —• INSURANCE BUY FURNITURE NOW PAY THIS FALL". Get Our TcrmsV -.' HimiiAHU FUKNlTilUK CO. Cash Feed Store • We i'ay Hiifiiesl- Cus!) Prices for Poultry nn(l Eggs. l/inc of Purinii I l 'cci! H Vcn-y's Jiulk Garden Seed '$ JJ.|'ieI(l'Se|(l\ ; .-: 112 K. Main 1'hono 151 •'Across -it'ro'iu Old 1'ostu'fl'iee ' BATTERIES " RECHARGED 15c GUARANTEED ^.Starter. •& Generator:' jjService . • Used Auto Parts Cheap Pfitffcf 308— Rtad: Service : ,.;, Harper Auto . Electric , - . Service • !i Mile "from/ Gateway- ijloro .'• on Highway 18. This ad is worth 25c on baUer> .,-.-;,.-,-, service. - Garland M. Morgan i Formerly with Phillips Molov Co.) General .Atltq Repainin; . ' - •: "V-6"' Service • REASONABLE PRICES Yarbro Road ' V W. M. Burns, Pliones 243 - 213 Special prices on Auto Accessories. Tiies and Tubes. Ouaraiitecn Batteries 53.05. Auio Tops & aide- curtains SL50 up. Alcohol 75c gal. Car heaters 51.50 up. Cylinder Hends,' Floor Mats. - Serap iron metal hi tlenvinil WOW AKIAN - - 128 E. Slain - "WINTfilt AUTO Srbul Prcslone, Alcohol, He:ilers, Irostcrs, IV'illar- 1 Daltcrics. LET US PRBFARE YOU .-;•"• WJNTEK .'- Hubbaid Hdw. Co. •:• AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. 1'hone 47U Phone De- FOR TOR BATTERY SERVICE Ben Clune • 205 W. Asli Phone 8. Remodel \ out'- Home With a SEimine- HUDBEKOID / liOOK 5% inle'rcst, 3 years lo pay East Arkansas Builders Supply Co. .-. . , phone .29 .SAYE ; YOU MONEY HARNESS Our -Stock Is Complete And Repairs For AVERY, MOL1HE VULCAN & BLOUNT Pay Us A Visit And He Convinced PAUL~BYRUM 120 Kasf.Main Why Buy Coai From Us? 1—30 yours 111 business, 2-CjLinllly or coal linmllccl. 3—Prompt service. 'I—Courteous 'trcntincnt. 5—You get nil you pay for. "Quality Group" distributed by -.,•": Gay & Billings ; Vhone 70 YOU HAVE TRIED THE REST, NOW BUV THE BEST ' FAMOUS MAKVE ItEU ASH COAI, Once V'oti Try ii, You Will Always Buy It liny Cnrnu High Qualily Tccils It fays To Feed the Best Wo ntiy Corn & Soy Beans -PHONE 121 Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. ;f J. W. M'ARKEK, Prop. ' '" Exclusive Agents lor lite original genuine Montavallo Coal We also, sell Brilliant, Ark.- Anthracite,' Illinois and Kentucky Coals, phone 477 1/or Real Personal "Unties free. GIB W. M: ii purl 100:11 FURNISHED isi'. 1300 ctilctascvwba. ,_, pc kl ,. FRONT bed room, Meam licnt, hot -^'l' * MU B«. Piione 5110, 30-ck-t! o room I'UHNItillEl} apartment private bnth, entire lower 'floor! PomesiionJPt-l). l, 700 W. Wii|iuit. Unfurnished aixirimerrt, •! rooms with unlh. Cull 327, Night, 55. 25-ck-tf Pnrlly wllli BOM 137 or Oil. dimisiied ~AI>AiviMENT liraUng sysleii). 1'honc MORERNLY FUItNlSIIISl) upart- ment, 3 rooms, lialh; over Klr- I)}' DniB Co. P. Simon, phono TO j 28-c-tf TITO l-'uriiL.licT'uccT Walnut. Plioiic 102. STEAMHEATED bedroom In' mo<r- crn liome (o permanent business couple m- mcii. Phone 08-1 or 24. _ Salesmen Wauled My tu:il 7s Uhitk'B'ii.l I Treat You .-,. \\Mlc, Fill Vii Now fpiiN DUGHANAN;'- 1'iioNU IOT ;ARKS BROS. COAL CO: : •'-'• PHONE 077CFOR "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Eiicrgv Illinois" "Hliick Royal Kentucky" CLEAN COAL— LOW PRICED Man wanted for B ood nearby Rawlcigli lioute. Kenl opportun-. ily lor right man. Wrluj IfawlclBh Co., AKA-a7-01J, Memphis, Temi, or see C. H. Uyrii, steele, Mo. K. 1. 30-pk-2 ff'c"!i T ° lllc Property' Owners •ji.c-k-u In Paving Districts No. 2 niul 3. The. cut.sUuullHB lionilB iiBiilnst llicse dUlrlclK iimoiinls lo M08.000.00. Tills Is n first lien on your, prop- I'll) 1 mill sooner or hiU'i' iiuisl lie puld. The Continl-i- ttoiicrs arc now bclnj offci'- «\ soiiii; o( llu'sc toiuls, (not nil of them, neither ure miy offered uy Lesser Goldiniin Co.l ut 50c on the dollar. This Ls n wonilerful opi»r- I unity lo (jet rid of u Inir- dcn thai every one Is tired of currying, but I tic amount ol bonds tlml may ui! retired at this low llguie will cor- U'spoml cxuclly .to Ihe iiinomit of .cooiicnilion Ihe I'pmmlsbionci^ receive from the Uix irayors. This is yaw obllgHtlon, there Is no "way lo avoid pnymonl, except by Iho loss of your property. So Ihe (lino in net IK now, It luxes OHM lie collected now, mid bonds retired, It will be entirely pofslWe to reihico Iho yearly payments besides winding up Hie whole debt by ma as was orlclunlly planned. The commissioners sincerely hope to hnvc your cooperation In this mutter, so vital to you, C. J. Evrard. Lost s 1017 31-c-tf We cam. Sell AH tlic Coal, So We Jusl Sell the Best, >t. Benard, 1,000 Lbs $3.50 31ack Diamond, .1,000 Lbs. .. $3.15 ahara, 1,000 Lbs. ........ $-1.00 »cton Red Ash, l.ODO Lbs. .. $5.00 Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Furniture SKE UOCIC DAVIS, -2ND HAND TORNITUKB, 409 E. MAIN WE BUY I-uRNITUKE NOW PAY THIS PALI. Gel Our Terms HUBBAIUI FUn.VITUUE CO. Stockholders of American rorpo- utlons pay nearly $1,300,000,000 a •ear in Income taxes. FKMALE pointer jnip o monllis old zlnck and while, heavily ticked. Had collar on. NEW AND. 'or, I'aiil Drown wers lilSWARU. Cull ^'5-W. SUUSTANTJAL REWARD for 'ru'- tiii'ii of- itavli brown brliinlo cow wllli iVlillii face, branded 3 on riehl hip. Clark Phillips, Sudliury latin. Sl.p-k.g h|ghMl joy ^T^^^S- 7F"r-T-— ; Wanted T6»buy u .(OWN ana SjOy '-bco us roi liest Prices Harold Slcrnberg at don of nil nalloiis Is Hint of ijiig- S'lntMli:R(j COTTON Cn ' '» — 1 ~— — • — -~— — ___ ""< Cluniuin jiollee dou, mis-'land; It amomils to $113 for every to mime of "Depression." nmu, woinmi,-inili'l cljlld in the iiu- • 31-c-k-tr lion, . '.". LAYING DOWN THK LAW! TJ)o fjice mid Hie neck contain "i of nil our muscles. By iiiimlJn OM.DOM'TMIV S.I OKAY-'NOW YOU'RE , ME.' rLLTALK.'J) 5HOWIN' 6OM6 'LUTELLYA ALL I CAN V *^\ \-ws\rf. -ANP 00, INTO TH6IE AMA-ZgO KARS.THE PRISOMER POURED TOE TALE OF THI3 FALL OPMOO TO rue PORCES OK KING TUNK. HE TOLD Op THE CAPTURg OF THE MOOVIAN LfAOEBS, AFTER i THE DISASiTBOUS BATTU6, AND THE SUBSEQUENT OCCUPATION) OF THEIR HOMSL&NP BY THE LEMIAN' -' •.'.'. EXPBDITIOMARY ' 1 . FORCe. STOMACH ULCKR, GAS''. PAINS iuirt ludiuestlim victims, whyi s\illcr? 1'or riiilck relief uet a free .eainplc of Helen TnblcU'i. n doctor's prescription, ut Klrby Dios, Drug Co. 20p kl WHY, ALLEY, THIS YOU AMD 1 ARE THE OMLY PREfJ MOOWANS LGFW WHAT ARE we , GO]MG TO V NEGRO family wnnij; 10 sharccrop .next year. Two men and woman In family. Excellent recommendation. Oeorgc Smith, nos llcarn St., Robinson addition. iN' Courier News Want Ads- I'nys UACK-T'KIMG TUNK, YA'RAT, AM'TELL'T"' : .< 'IM HE AN 1 HWCUUMY LENA1AMS HAVE - :' :lA"\f\ GOT UNTIL SUM-UP T'GET OUTA MOO— OR... :£, INC. T.'M. RED. U.S. PAT/OFF.'' . _ SERVES HIM UIGtlT! P60pV, .LISSEN...-NOW.VUH MU1ST M'TBOTHi5>| (l HAVE &O&- Ot WO^rS^'^^s^"^ fMK. TO ME, NOR MR.LEE, FOR ^OO TO POP IN HERE SO OFTEN T'TAK.6 UP ^ MUCH I OF MY TIME... . _ -J I y 7 a, i^ 1-- _J. ~~~-r— tK&'-t • M»H1>' . ME ANY MOBE T'OAV! THIS'S A&OOT TH' TENTH TIME YOU'VE BEeM IN FOB BEAUTTPTJL FLOORS RENT OUR FTyppn SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO: IfAKNliSS: HARNESS! Full Line High Grade Harness. Host Prices In Blytlieville •:'; tor Sale FOR SALE—German Police Pup.-/. v>ies. See Monroe Aberiuithy. '.Ark-Mo Power Company. Osccola. •i 2»p HS VOUTH'S,' •feED, &ljghtly /larger • than bafcjf*-tcd. Ncw^-matlress. •\Vill sell CHEAP, f-Mrs.S'Slcvc H. Brooks, 519 ;W. Main, i t dh tl -. BUY ' FURNITURE'NOW ' ; PAY THIS FALL Get Our Terms IIUBUARD FURMTUKC CO. Eggs, Poultry We pay highest tu:,h price lor all kinds of poultry. End of pavement, 315 E. Main. , d JLLlSSH^i HIGHEST MAKKE-FrrUCEH paid .; for al! fcinds of poultry at Ma- i hail's Gin. | -,;'-:' RICE i; FISHER :\11 makes turning plows ami middle busters, points, trace chains, collar pads, back bands, etc. FEKUl SKED! Evcrylliins you will nectl lor Spring PlanlUiB Oberst Store Co. Largest & Most Complete Stock ol HARNESS in Northeast Arkansas. PRICES RIGHT. Mubbard Hdw. Co. AUi'O' GLASS ARK-JHO LUMBER CO. : , .' PHONE 40 - : . WELDING MACHINE \VORK TRACTOR REPAIRING We Guarantee Every Jo!) Call 80S Day or Night Mylheville Machine Works Second & Ash Stf>. WASH ; nrnns * : * s ^iijijjjijjis kN NO AP2GUIW ... IF f Ull B6ALLY ^MNA. PURCHASE SOHAE.THIM', I'LL BE &t.AO TV*WT OM VUH .... IP NOT, GET OOIN' - / , % x Cw ? V^ J JMft ^s, ?HE ARMIES Of 8ULGRAVIA.AND KANDCLABW ARE LININfi UP FOR BATTLE. WAR IS ABOUT TO BEGIN? (5NN1-Y QK'E PERSOM CAM PREVENT AM ^ ^V-^OUTBREAK. HE'S W4SH TUBES. CtAWKETV CLAMR.' HERE HE COMES IM AN ARHV TAN)*;. _~"'EM t-tsfT . .MACHINE-GUNS,') NO STOPI'INC; WASH! CY HEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. RCC. U. S. PAT. CFFJ liy /n SALESMAN SAM STOP'IM'/ 'STQP-'IM/ (' GANSWAY/ TlOBOOy'S GUJJWA STOP MEf *• ' wf' HA40 , AMOCANMON 8ftlLS!To ON TO kANDELABRA f , cori'tu wEfvrm;ii STRIP" •Saves fuel at small cost Arlcmo Lumber Co. THESE. • BABYwKS ALL VARIETIES .Hal chine Done for the Public 'MAttHA'N HATCHEUY , t Blytheville. Ark. Halehery Code No. ad Shoe KPEC1AL PHICKH oil irpaltiu'Toi all Stntls. licit, materials uiecl ; Progressive '^hoc Shoo 103 a. .2nd si . ' :' " 32 years in me /Shoe Repairing bU5ine«; when .diners fall, Uy si. Simon P.' Lee. Ill South Railroad St. W. J. KNOX Havhu matin.. nil. , kinds of show (or ABNORJIAL^ecU can veMlr ' ' es' to conect '-obb Undertaking Co., Ipc : SERVICE & CJUALITY AMBULANCE I'hone 26 rrU' >>StW V0^^^ .?.:__ r. l_. l^_ i ii=^iCC'.K= v -pJ;pinS?-s Paintin? and Paperhai-.ginB Auto Painting - Fuinilurc Refiniihins All Work Guaranteed. Freeman & Wheat I'hone 749 for Estimates Ijirgett fc Most. Complete Stock ol CHINAVVARE ill Northeast Arkansas. PRICES RIGHT. Hubbard HdW. Co. Coal & Wood See Us About Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. "Radiant Alabama" •'.."Premium Kentucky" ' : ' 1 ""' ANOTHKU ONK ON SAM! FRECKLES AND THERE GOES THE ' Jll OKE' FEfj susies SAKe/sTfUftT. ALL. Nft CAM SPv-Y — QKE? tie'COHAT KIMOf* UXXDO SOME. PlECeoFFUR- OF I liy S " / /' aD^a ifttmrz tzzi ucj: ucr.i •L.;^-^-, ^N...;V V ^' i'^.'>Bl')y£\5t(;/icr.l\ A VISITOR! . g ' HMM! LISTEM To THIS. 1 MAKE A TV/HWTY FOOT C'RCLp IN ',bUR BACK /ARC>, AND X H>V/E A 816 BOWL OP MOV CIUU ^-•'L, RfADY.... I'LL BE sea' YOU!'' IT (SlO'T GiGfJSD..., BUT i e*n- IT'S HE'S A COUSW CIS I<K FATHER'S SiC=....AW V/USH VjuVAvt.DiMW/ lJr ELSE !.' :M^M^r !^§C' : '-^M^-f«?

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