The Fort Wayne News from Fort Wayne, Indiana on April 10, 1914 · Page 23
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The Fort Wayne News from Fort Wayne, Indiana · Page 23

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 10, 1914
Page 23
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Friday, April 10. THE FORT WAYNE DAIL* NEWS The Advertisers On This Are Wise-Why Not Try Their Methods? Female Help Wanted WANTED--A girl for general housework. Apply 2131 South Wayne avenue. WANTED--A good, plain Cook; no washing." Mrs. Fred B. Shoaft. Phone. 3124. WANTED--Typist to UATB th» ci=ta- phone; position fissured. Apply 10 Arcade. WANTEI--A woman of tact and good personality "for a responsible posltion.- Call before 4 o'clock Saturday. 812 South Harrison. * -FREEMAN'S SCHOOL of Cutting and Dressmaking--Spring clan EJW open; day and night classes; pupils admitted any time. 488 West Wayne street. WANTED--A lady at once to bake, in a bakery, just common baking, like pies, calces, bread, doughnuts; wages, $6. Call, S to 9, this evening at 1003 Harmer , street. WANTED--Lady interested m kindergarten or child welfare worK for pleasant employment about two morths; salary to start, $l.!iO per day. State present ' employment. Address X2, oare News. GOOD, RELIABLE GIRLS can make $8 per week addressing envelopes, spare time Self-addressed stamped envelope for particulars. American Publishing Co., box 748, Buffalo. N. T., Dept. 95. PITTSBURGH'S KEW SCANDAL (Continued From Page One.) plained, together with the dropping from sight of other women. Aceoiding to the alleged Lutz confession, several Pittsburgh physicians acted as "feeders" for the hospital, sending to Meredith for illegal operations women who came to them. In a number of cases when complications resulted and were followed bv death, the remains of the victims were heartlessly consigned to the monster furnace in the basement, according to Lutz. Meredith was held today in $12,000 bail on charges of performing an illegal operation and larcenv Miss Lucy Orr, alias Lucy Damms, head nurse and his alleged chief assistant, and Miss Mary Snyder, a nurse, were also in custody. The specific charge against Meredith is that he performed an illegal operation upon Mrs. Myrtle Allison, of VVilkinsburg, near here, a year ag«. Lutz declared that he sent Mrs. Allison to Meredith. Lutz, declaring thai he was almost a wreck as a result ol his part -in the support of the hospital, described Meredith as a fiend apparently obsessed by love of brutality. gome time after sending Mrs. Allison to Dr. Meredith, Lutz asked Meredith where she was, he said. Meredith, he declared, said she was dead. "Well, doctor, don't you think this is 'dangerous work?" Lutz claims to have asked Meredith. "Well," Lutz says he was told, "there was a certain party that came to me from New York and was traced aa far as my office. It WAS Dorothy Arnold." When asked what had become of her Meredith was said to have motioned skyward with both hands, indicating, Lute said, that she had been cremated. Pressed for in answer as to the fate of Mrs. Allison, Meredith made similar gestures. Lutz said he had witnessed, cruel treatment of Mrs. Allison by Meredith ^when the woman was removed from Lutz'a office to Meredith's ambulance. He literally threw her into the ambulance and called her a vile name. Lutz said, and when she moaned that she would like her mother sent for, Meredith assured her with a brutal laugh "Oh, you'll B«e ''our mother soon enough, all right." Strange things were found by detectives searching the "house of mystery." Among the belongings of Miss Orr, head nurse and alleged participant -to the extent of one-fourth in the profits of the sanitarium, WAS found a red wig e and a complete set%of face colorings. Male Help Wanted WANTED--Boy. Dudlo Manufacturing Co. WANTED--Magazine men. Room 23 Arcade. WANTED--AU-around man to work in saloon. Box R63, care News. WANTED--Youn3 man to work about feed store at 23% East Columbia. WANTED--A first-class tea and coffee man; salary, $15 per week and commission. Apply in person, 1102 Broadway. Salesmen Wanted WANTED --Salesman; sell our $1.000 death, $5 weekly, accident policy; key registration, identification; :1 annually; $250,000 deposited insurance department; fine proposition. Registry Department, 40 Clinton street, Newark, N. J. Wanted--To Buy WANTED--To buy for cash, from owner, six or seven-room home in west end. Box R58, care News. WANTED--To buy men'i Mcond-hud *nd jubk, mtoves especially. Helligtaan, 1723 Lafayette. Phone, 6711. WANTED--To biy second-hand furniture; highest cash price. Call 7413 green. S. Rothberg, 1734 Lafayette street. Wanted--To Rent WANTED--To rent flat, four or five unfurnished rooms, modern, close in. Phone 1084 green. In the closet was found a complete set of instruments. They were covered with a pile of- old clothes, as though hurrienly placed there in an effort to hide them. Ashes in the basement and the earth in a stone-walled pit will be examined for traces of bone dust and quicklime, it was said. Dorothy Arnold's Case. District Attorney Jackson smiled at reports from New York to the effect that John Keith, attorney for Francis Arnold, father of Dorothy Arnold, had come to Pittsburgh "unknown to his employer and investigated a report that the missing heiress was at the Bellevue institution. "Lutz has come through and told us everything," said Jackson. "We have evidence that Dorothy Arnold was traced right to the door of Meredith's down-town office in the Schmidt building. We have learned enough already to convince us that in this raid we have broken up one of the worst places in the country. It is too early yet to tell just what will be revealed about Dorothy Arnold's fate by the arrests." F. A. Arnold Talks. NEW YORI", April 10.--Francis A. Arnold, fat' -c of the missing Dorothy Arnold, who P'ttsburgh dispatches said, was reported there to have perished In the hospital of Dr. C. C. Meredith, denied here «.«day any belief in the story tcld there of her death. "I believe my daughter is dead," said Arnold. "I believe she died the day she disappeared or immediately afterward. The one theory to which I always have leaned is that she was kidnapped and made away with in a sh"-t time. I never received any alue leading to Pittsburgh and I do not believe a word of this story." John S. Keith, attorney for Arnold, declared he had heard Miss Arnold was in Pittsburgh, but investigated with out result. Dorothy Arnold left her home on the morning of Dec/12, 1910, and was seen in Brentano's book store about 2 o'clock that afternoon. That was the last trace of her ever found. ARNOLD LAWYER Tell* of His Visit in Quest of Missing x Girl. NEW YORK, April 10.--Full details of a search of Pittsburgh's "house of HOSE" DEbibS MOST yiClOUS BRONCHO TO THROW HER .- i ioiK ·ntliem: New Y O I K the cowboys and cowgirl* wbo protidu tun. is fur th* MO»Of ·tiding (be BatntUB * Bailey Circus, la Madttyu Squiiie MIM Item- Henderson, also known M "The Prairie Kwc." To* bus unrooted great attention, sitting calmly and erect, upon wild, wWch take part in the "WlW W«at Review," a tabloid reproduc* op si Cheyenne, .W/o., BBOWI as "Frontier Day" la the "LIKE THE TOUGH OF MIDAS" These little ads can change your salable propositions into x ready gold. Perhaps you have something to buy, or sell, or trade. This classified page is the logical market place. Try it. Today. The Rate is Ic per Word, or 10 Words Three Times for 25c PHONE 120 WE COLLECT Miscellaneous Wants GOOD DRESSMAKING and ladies' tailoring. 429 Fairmont place. MOVING--Freight and express delivered. Call phone 7204 black. Prompt service. WANTED--Second-hand baby cab; must be in good condition. Address R60, eai e News. WANTED--Good barber shop in small town. Address I. 2. Swoft'ard, South Whuley, Ind. WANTFD--To boy tnitnt't _ w ,_~ _-- ciothtnr itW Calfcoum street. I*. Wild. Phone, 12s · WANTED--To do.papcr cleaning; from *1 to $1.50 p«r room; all work guaranteed. Phone 7333. E. Keeling. WANTED--To file your mortgage exemption certificate. J. H. Snorey, !» Cal- hotm street. Phone. 376. HAVE TOUR CHIMNEY CLEANED and examined. Do not wait until your house burns down. Phone 3407 red. WANTED--Wallpaper cleaning; $1 per room and up; work guaranteed. W. Mines, Meyer drug store. Phone, 159. WANTED -- Upholstwing. caLlm auk- Ing, remodeling and repairing all kinds of furniture. Phone 7313 green. 1734 Lafayette street. S. Rothberg. DO NOT WE a slow, lingering death from gas and smoke from your leaky furnace. I guarantee all of my work Phone 3407 red. WANTED--Room and board in private family by man, wife and child, must be strictly modern. State location and full particulars. Address R62, News. ORIGINATORS, NOT IMITATORS--T; i old, reliable Disinfectant Wallpaper Cleaning Co. is ready to clean and purl-/ wallpaper and water decorations. Phone 2023. For Rent--Rooms FOR RENT--Two rooms. 337 East Main street. FOR RENT--Furnished loom, with board. 519 East Wayne/ FOR SENT--Modern, furnished room. 509 East Berry street. FOR RENT--Furnished roons, modern 125 West Washington. FOR RENT--Furnished rooms, soft -water bath. 427 East Wayne. For Rent--Houses FOR RENT--Seven-room house. Phone 2472 gieen FOR RENT--Eight-room modern house Inquire 1125 Columbia avenue. FOR RENT--Seven-room house, partly modern; garden and fruit. 735 Taylor. Phone tiS6S blue. FOR RENT--Seven-room house, with acre of ground, on Pfoiffer avenue, east of Wells street. Call 2425 blue. For Rent--Store Building FOR RENT--Store building, Ilia Broadway. Phone 1387. FOR RENT--Stoieroom, 124 West Jelfer- son Phone 1387 between 4:30 and 5 p. m. Horses and Vehicles FOR SALE--Good horse and surrey. 925 Edgewater. FOR SALE--Large spring wagon, cheap 1051 Wall street FOR SALE--Two good covered-top delivery wagons. Kara Brothers, Ills Calhoun. Poultry and Eggs FOR SALE--S C. White Leghorn eggs; 50 cents for fifteen or $S per hundred. J. E. Ballou, Iluntertown, Ind For Trade WILL TR ^DE--Forty-horse po-oer Auburn touung car for some lots R61, care News FOR RENT--Furnished rooms, at 129 West Lewis street. Inquire FOR RENT--Furnished room $150 per week. 326 East Berry. FOR RENT--Furnished room. S14 West Washington. Phone 16S4 red. FOR RENT--Furnished rooms, ladies or gentlemen. 243 Douglas avenue. FOR. RENT--Two furnished rooms, soft water bath. 812 Harrison street. FOR RENT--Furnished front room; modern conveniences. 440 East Main. FOR RENT--Furnished rooms for light housekeeping. 331 West DeWald. ?'OR SALE--Second-hand auto trucks, also two chasses. East Columbia Machine Works. FOR RENT--Furnished rooms for light housekeeping. 323 West Jefferson. FOB RENT--Three rooms, 512 LOCUF ; S8.50. Phone 1387 between 4:30 and 5 1. m. FOR RENT--Three rooms, unfurnished, for light housekeeping; $3 1510 Oakland. FOR RENT--Three furnished tooms for light housekeeping; modern. SIS Eliza street. FOR RENT--Newly furnished room, rent reasonable, call after 5 p. m. 1206 Calhoun street. PETTIT'S STOEAGE WAREHOtTS : CO.--Fireproof private rooms. Equipment and service for storage unexcelled in any of the cities. 114 East Columbia street. FOR RENT--Two modern, furnishcl rooms for light housekeeping; light, gas and water. 201 Second street. Phone 3107 red. , : ^? mystery," whose proprietor, Dr. C. 0. Meredith, is under arrest there as possibly reported for the deaths of women, were given to the United Press here today by John N. Keith, who personally went through the mysterious sanitarium on ,· search for Dorothy- Arnold, the missing New York heiress. Keith, despite reports to the contrary from Pittsburgh, is still arnily convinced that Miss Arnold was not in the house of mystery, at least at the time of his visit. He declared that before his presence in the vicinity was known he had posted two detectives, one on each side of the lonely house on the bluff above the Ohio river and he believe* that the girl he sought could not hava been spirited away without their knodl- edge. From admissions made to him by the doctor in charge, Attorney Keith said he had no d*ibt thdrt; was much about the house which the physician desired to conceal "I was first led to Pittsburgh-," Keith said, "by a telephone call from a prominent lawyer of that city. He declared a woman there had informed him that a woman in a sanitarium near that city claimed to be Dorothy Arnold. Within an hour I was on the train. Arriving in Pittsburgh, I went to the office of. my correspondent. "Where is the woman who kncms where Miss Arnold is?" I asked. "Can you bring her here " "'No,' was the reply. 'She cannot come here. She was a nurse in the Bellevue sanitarium--where Miss Arnold is--and you will go out to see her." Then I was given directions how to reach the place, got two detectncs from a local agency and started out by trolley. When we arrived at the designated street, we got off the car and went- up a winding road, almost impassable to vehicles, untH we got behind the lonely big house on the hill. Seeing that I could not approach unobserved by its inmates and not desiring to give any alarm, I simply posted my two detectives, one on- each side of ^the house and returned to Pittsburgh. "Then I sent for Meredith and he USme to see me. "'I want to go through your sanitarium, doctor/ I told him, after explaining who I was. '"You can't do that/ he replied shortly. " 'Well,' I said, Til either go through quietly with you, doctor, or I'll go through with the chief of police and every reporter in Pittsburgh.' That settled it. " 'All right,' said he, 'we'll go." "Then as an after thought he remarked: 'You could easily telephone there and have every woman taken out of the place before we arrived.' I laughed. 'Oh, no,' I said, 'I ha\e two detectives on guard;- none will get away.' "That seemed to worry him a wood deal, but we got on the trolley car and started out. When -we arrived at the house I at once went inside and saw the woman who had given my friend the information about Mis« Arnold " 'Where is the woman who says she i8 Miss Arnold?' I said to her, and she directed me to a room to the front of the building. I went in and at a glance saw it was not Dorothy- Arnold. The woman was a natural blonde. Dorothy Arnold was dark. I came 1 out of the room. " 'Did that woman say she was Miss Arnold?' I asked the nurse who was standing outside the door. "No, she didn't,' was her reply, 'but I was so sure it was she that I said so. I wanted you » be sure to come.' "Not desiring to overlook anything I then, with the doctor, went through every room in the house. There were several women there, but no Dorothy Arnold. Then I went down into the cellar, right around a big furnace which stood there--there may have been two--but I could find no trace of the girl I sought. I did not look in the furnace. After I had finished with the house I went through every outhouae ·n the place, evert exploring a jfreon FOR RENT--Furnished rooms for light housekeeping and sleeping. Phone 2429. 134 West Superior. Flats FOR RENT--Six-room flat; lights, gas and bath; completely furnished; two squares from court house. Address R59, care News. FOR RENT--Strictly modern, unfurnished four-room ground-floor flat, with steam heat; $25 per month; near business district; located in Portland apartments, SOS West Washington boulevard. FOR RENT--Two strictly modem flats on St. Mary's avenue near knitting mills; soft water and bath, gas and electric lights; *16 and $20. Inquire E. H. Kilbourne, 120 West Washington street. Phone, 2448. Lost LOST--Platinum bar pin Tuesday. West Jefferson, South Wayne cars to Wabash station. Return to this Office. Reward. coop in which several birds were nesting. There was not a trace of Dorothy Arnold to be found anywhere. I am sure she was not there. '"Well, Mr. Keith, are you satisfied now?' asked the doctor, who had been rjght beside me at every move, and I answered, 'Yes, surely Miss Arnold is not here.' Then we started back to the city. On the trolley car Dr. Meredith referred to the detectives, who seemed to be worrying him. v " 'Where did vou get those detectives, Mr. Keith?' he asked. 'Did they come with you from the east or are they Pittsburgh men?' After some evasion, because I did not want him to know too much, I said they were from the east. ," Tm glad of that,' said he. 'I wanted to know that. You see this house here is a good place for my business and I wanted to know if there were any of the Pittsburgh detectives in a position to know things that might prove embarrassing.' ·/'Naturally, though I had my suspicions of the character of the house I had searched, I did not ask many questions. The doctor, however, volunteered some information, but It was on general, not specific lines. I hold no brief for Dr. Meredith. The house evidently was not above suspicion, but that Dorothy Arnold was not there at the time I searched I am absolutely sure." 1 TELEGRAPHIC 3 TABLOIDS 1 CHICAGO--"He laid me across his knees and beat me on the bare flesh with a board until I was black and blue," complained Mrs. James B. Brown, suing for divorce. MILAN--Someone lighted a cigar near the Italian army balloon Citta di Milano. The huge dirigible exploded, injuring fifty persons. LONDON--The first strawberries of the season sold in Fleet street for $-1 a pound. PARIS--Anloine Tissandier, of St. Amandin, who for several years slept with a self-made coffin suspended over him, was finally buried in it. JERSEY CITY, N. J.--Hurt by a street car last April, Anna Eckert sued and got a verdict for $20,000. The judge set it aside as excessive. Today she holds a verdict from a second jury for $25,000. It will stick. NEW YORK--Emlly M. Pinkerton, address "Corner Drug Store, P. O. Branch No. 7, Seattle," wrote Surrogate Cohalan declaring herself a sister to the late George W, Van«erbiU. The letter said he was "sort of wild." Some Cockroach. MILWAUKEE, April 10.--The theory that the cockroach Is ft mystery of evolution brought into being wltn ft modern flat WM smashed by Dr. 8. W. Willotson, of 'thi'University of Chicago, in ft lecture 'OR TRADE--I have an electric runabout and charging outst that I will trade for a lot. R43, News. Automobiles FOR SALE--Second-hand auto and stationary engines. East Columbia Machine Works FOR SALE--Fully equipped 1912 model electric coupe, will sell at a bargain. Phone 1003. FOR SALE--Auto delivery truck in good condition; cost $1,500; will sell for half price; too large for present ownor's use. Address postofflce box 14, city. rOR SALE--Five-passenger high-class automobile, damaged in collision; will be sold at a bargain. Ohnhaus Automobile Co., 220 West Berry street. Motorcycles 100 TAKES Excelsior single-cylinder; tandem seat; Prestolite; excellent condition. 1514 Wells street. For Sale--Miscellaneous FOR SALE--Base burner and range. 2819 Weisser Park. FOR SALE-Butcher shop, doing good business; cheap Hoagland, Intl. RENTING A HOME At the rate of $30.00 per month for ten cars means that you ha\e spent $3,600.00. By making a moderate paj merit d o u n and a monthly payment the same as rent, you can purchase home of your own in a few years. Phone 2147 THE WILDWOOD BUILDERS CO. 702-9 Shoaff Building W H A T IS A H O M E ? ttoi n p t h n r f m G e s r e in the modern house ' class ^ substan. tial, neat, handy, built along common sense lines. Your style of architer- ^ r ^ ^t° Ut b l ° Ur archltect - free of ^arge. We will build on your lot, or our lot, on the payment plan, or for cash. OUR REFE^RENCE any one of our three hundred satisfied customers. HOLSkS AND BUNGALOWS, now leady to occupy, wr will take your order and -build at once. CITY AND SUBURBAN BUILDING CO. W. E. DOUD, Sales Manager. 2nd Floor Shoaff Building. Phones: 253-2773 THEY HAVE WHAT YOU WANT AT MONROE W. FITCH A SON*- CITY PROPERTY AND INSURANCE HEADQUARTERS ' Trade--General merchandise stock, $2,700; will take auto as part pay. For Rent--Forty acres, or will sell OB- eas,y payments. Brick business room; also fiamc FIVE PER CENT. MONEY ON FARMS BOTH PHONES block in east end, with flats above well rented, the whole for $12000 F i ' I'or Sale--Homes FOR SALE--By owner, modern home, south side; payments to suit. Phone 2996 black FOR SALE--Four strictly modern homes, south side, Williams' grove, by owner. Phone 6579 green. FOR SALE--Modern seven-room house, Taylor street. Inquire George Motz Son, 18 Swinney block. Phone, 2481. FOR SALE--New semi-bungalow, with bath, near Bowser's; $2,400; payment plan. 1221 Calhoun street. Phone 535 FOB SALE--New five-room home, east end; near street car anil factories; $500 cash or vacant lot as first payment. 1221 Calhoun street. Phone 535. FOR SALE--Near new Pennsylv^iia station, nine rooms, bath; modern; finest location for rooming house; will double in value in five years. 401 Baker street. FOR SALE--Double house (ten rooms), near electric works, will pay 10 per cent, on investment; if sold at once, $3,600. J. L. Lewis, 511-512 Shoaft Bldg. Phone, 1101. 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FOR SALE--Hot-plate oven (large), rubber hose, lawn mower, shovel, bureau, parlor suit, fine range, ironing boaid, sleeve board, sideboard and other articles. 538 East Washington (middle lo\ver flat). Moving MOVING, packing and crating household goods a specialty. C. M. Com ad. Phone, 1013 black. Upholstering FURNITURE REPAIRING ai.d recalling. Call phone 2H7 or t'rop postal to J. Saffron, 801 Eaa^Ltwte here. Cliff dwellers 100,000 years ago, he said, used their deadliest insect powders on a four-foot roach. The lecturer traced the geneology of the aeropiane fiom the flying reptiles of ten million jears ago. Their anatomy, he said, teivecl as a model for the flyers. LAWTON-WAYNE Veterans Will Meet Saturday After* ^ noon. The members of Lawton-Wayne post, G. A. R., will meet Saturday afternoon at Vordermark hall to discuss plans for attending the annual state encampment at Indianapolis on May 6, 7 and 8. A number of local veterans have signified their intention of attending the department encampment. Arcola Equity Exchange. The btorUlTOldors of the Arccla Equity exchange will hold an important business meeting at Bellaney's hall on Sxmday afternoon at 1 o'clock. About 170 faimers ol Lake and Aboite townships aie members of the exchange, and Lee Hartssell, of Fort AVane, is- their attorney. The following are the officers: J. A. Krontmiler, president: Jlenry Hildcbrandt, vice- preident; and Albert Lanlnorc, secretary and treasurer. OLYMPIC SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY Sugar-coated Peanuts, 15c per tb. Bock Wurst and Bock Beer all day Saturday at Frank D. Evans'. The United States supports 221,433 churches. Likewise, 450,000 saloons-more than all the churches, hospitals, colleges and high schools combined. Diamonds on easy payments at Wartell, the Jeweler's, 928 Calhotm street FOR SALK--By owner, two seven-room houses, modern except furnace; on paved street; south ide, east of Calhoun, at a bargain, as rental will bring 9 per cent, on investment. Addres S B, care News office. For Sale--Farms FOR SALE--115 acres (unimproved), Boscommon county, Michigan; well situated; a bargain. Phone 2151 green. 1306 Winter street FRED LAMBERT 10 NEW MODERN HOMES se ven-room house,' ' two squares south of ^ 600; win good location; ?3,200 each. "? w , lnode m homes; oak finish, '^ th; Hanna 8tree '- facing , close to reservoir T? a « ? w m odern 7-ioom houses, East Pontiac, three squares south of Bowser; oak finish, soft water .bath: payment plan. New six-room modern bungalow, ona from South Vacant Lota FOR SALE--Three lots; cheap. Phone 7071 black. , . 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Want Vacant Lot New 6-rooin semi-modern home, southeast, near car line, want vacant lot or auto as first payment, balance monthly. New 6-room home, thoroughly modern, motor plumbing, hard wood floors, near South Wayne car line. Want Vacant lot, balance monthly. Nearly new 7-room home, southeast corner lot, small barn; want small cash payment or vacant lot, $2,300. Phone 535. 1221 Calhoun St. STULTS CO. FOR SALE Six-room modern house, Cottage avenue: close to car line; lot 40x150; price right, only $4,100. For information phone 3536. FOR SALE Six-room highly modern house; hard \\ood floors; motor plumbing, \Vilch\ood a^nue; corner lot; can build another house in roar; (hie investment; for quick sale only ?3,500, ?1,500 cash and balance like rent. For information phono 3536. REAL ESTATE Good seven-room thoroughly modern house, central west end, one-half square from car line, f5,500. Partly modern five-room house on High street, $2,200; payment plan. Two houses on corner lot, centrally located. Good 8% investment; only $2,500. W, E. DOUD Phone 253. 2d Floor Shoaff Bldg. SPECIAL BARGAIN Seven-room house, Fairmount street; only six squares from court house; very cheap; for quick sale only $2,500. J. L. Kelley 911-12 Shoaff Bldg. frhon* 35 B. F* Rousseau It's a nice thing to own a home located at a station stop on the interurban with a few acres of ground and raise your living instead of giving up your salary to iay city taxes and grocery bills. My stuff Is-gilt-edge, located at station stops, so you can get in and out to your city job. I have 3, 6, 10, 15 and 20-acre tracts about the price you would have to pay for good city lots. Will exchange for your city property or will build to suit you. A beautiful grove located just right, suitable for professional man. Three thousand five hundred dollars will buy a corking good real estate investment. If you have some money on deposit drawing 4%, get it out and put it into this stuff. It'll make you 100%. A good bargain in S-room house localei withm S blocks to our court house. ROOM 526 SHOAFF BUILDING Office Phone, 3083. Residence, 7286 GEO. L. ASHLEY SONS Six-room house, w i t h two lots, on street, at a bargain. Partly modem seven-room resMeucaj b trn; two lots, 50\150; a bargain at $2.JOB, Five-room house, lot 40vl40, on High street, only $2,100. Nice lot on East Wayne street; $!)0flk Good six-room house, line lot, nea£ electric \\oiks, $2,600. Residences ^nd vacant lots in all part* of the citypfiah or on payment plan. Twenty-acre garden tract, well ira» proved, well tiled and fenced; at a bargain; possession given this spring A large list of suburban homes nn4 farms of all, priced very reasonably. 420-421 SHOAFF BLDG. PHONE, 290S Office Open Saturday Evening*. HOMES ON PAYMENTS Gay St., near Creighton--Six rooms, furnace, paved street; only $2,500; easy terms. Bloomingdale--New modern, six rooms; corner, near car; $3,250 $300 -ash. South Wayne--New modern; six rooms; close in; very fine; $3,600; small payments. Peddicord, Carlson Smitley 920 Shoaff Building Phone 357 For Sale Homes Rudisill boulevaid, sK room', new; $2,300 ,_* East Le«i"i !tieet, six rooms ~mo East Washington bit eel, eight ioom9. in 300 block, $7.500 Smith street, five rooms. $2 600 Uonies and vacant lots in all i,uts oil the city. D. C. STOUT Real Estate Agency "· George W. Ltndermith, Manager 710-713 Shoaff BidQ. Phone, £33t SICRIST COMPANY Fully modern seven-room home on soutli side; a snap at $3,500. A seven-room modern home on South Wayne, |3,S50. Four choice lots on Rudisill boulevard, near Ilaima street; $650. Phone 830. 619*20 3ho»ff Bldg.

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