The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, April 16, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVIII—NO. 25 BlytheYille Courier, Bl;rtheTlll« Dally Ness, „,,„„,,,,,,.,,,, V~~ " ~~ ~~ BlythevlUe Herald. Mississippi v.liey Leader. RLYTHKVILU-:, ARKANSAS, TIIUHSDAY, AP1UL 16, 1931 '.• '•'.••,'"' •'. ' . <: ' : >£•;•' HOP.HI1T10N SINGLE COPIES FIVE GENTS CHOOL BOARD CALLS PUBLIC MEETING Negroes Leave Supper Table as Plane Drops In WASHINGTON, April 1C. (OP) — Paul Hovgard, a civilian test pilot, dropped 7.000 feet In a parachute when his plane high over Washington began falling to pieces. He suffered only minor bruises. The plane's cowling was torn loose and knocked off the wings. Then the craft, dhot downward aiid hit the roof of a two story house. It didn't stop there. In the kitchen on the drsl floor were live no'irae* sitting down to supper. They looked up just In time to see the plane on Its way down. II went right on through to the basement. The supper table was smashed to kindling bill the.negroes were unhurt. FlRYHRTfRM Here's the "Model T" of the Air Tom Honker. Cooler. Paroled After P»^a{ Th e f| Conviction in U.S. Court CAPE GTRARDEAU, Mo.— Tom T. Hnpr><-r of Cootcr. Mo., fenner osstal clerk at Mn'rien. was 'given narole afler receiving a four year 'iiilenUarv sentence for cmbezzle- r>nt of nostal-funds. The narnle. nt first, came on» day following the itenc" imposed bv Federal .''Jd^c f'harlcs B. Fan-is. It was sho"-n in 'he plea for narole Ui^t Hopper >'l mar 1 !? complete restitution. Honncrs embezzlement occurred '. the Maiden nost. office The shortage was discovered last summer bv nnstal insrwctors and Hnn- •vr confessed. The amount for w'nrh he wus ordered to trial was cl i£htlv in excess of *50Q and had Ford, the general arrangement is like make the car driver feel at home Alfonso Boards Train at Marseilles to Join Family in French Capital. ' PARIS, April 1C. IU I')—Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, dethroned queen of Spain, sat in bitter solitude in a Parts hotel today waiting the nrrlval from Marseilles o( her deposed husband Alfonso XIII of Spain. Tlic English princess who married the debonair young king of Spain 25 years ago was alone with her thoughts and ever since her arrival this morning she lias been unapproachable. The window o'. their room overloaks the site where Louis XVI of France was guillotined. The queen entered her room silently and with composure. S\:e was informed of all the details of tin king's flight and exile. The royal crown and other priceless jewels which she may never wear again were in the hotel .strong room. The Prince of Aslurlas, Alfonso's heir, appeared the greatest sufferer from t'ic journey because of his chronic illness. Arriving from- In? station he was taken direcllv to his own room. Tiie six foot Jamio who was born deaf and dumb looked frightened and miserable. an<1 the roval princesses also appeared unhappy. The vounaest prince. Alrazo, was the calmest. "-, " He even began thinking of dis- Irach'r-ns and went over seven sots of golf clubs nnd manv tennis radt- , cts which lie had brought with him. The Prince ot Asturias was visited bv a Driest todav who scoke earnestly with him ten minutes. The young man had been.weeping. Alfonso .Misses Train MARSEILLES. France. Anr. 16 (UP) — Alfonso, exi'ed king of Spain, departed for Paris at 12-20 p. m. He hud intended to leave at noon but missed his train. The king met with a mixed reccntion as he drove throueh a milling crowd on his wav to the station. For the most mrt he was greeted with cheers Init there were a few derisive cries It was learned the delay in reaching the station was due lo the fact that was conducting a 1on» mcAo.^ti i uma^o, iu*,».i n.,.,^,,-. , , . . . distance cclrolione conversation aire showman, and four co-defend- S lct! club: boys glee club '.vith Queen Victoria In Paris ant.s. must defend themselves in su- ParaeoiiId Jonesboro. Pifgott. Os- dm, nn L a jp'™r court next week on charges! ceola, Marked.Tree. Blvthevillc. T-- L Vote, to Support.MacDon- ald .Government 'Against Conservative Attack. I.ONDONf, April 1« (UP)—Victory for the labor - government In the vote on the conservative motion of mlsconfldence over the unemployment problem woe virtually assured this •afternoon .when the majority of liberals decided to oppose the motion. ' ' . ' ' At Ihe caucus of liberals 28 voted- to.;, support the • government, seven to oppose it and- eight to abstain from voting.' It's an air flivver, and William B. stout, inventor, at the controls, hopes this tiny new plane will have Fenner Brockway, announced -on a vogue like the original flivver of-the highways. Foot controls are similar to those in the Model T tlu> floor the 'Independent labor ' parly would support • the • govern- nent despite disapproval of Premier MacDonald's unemployment policy. Tlio labor • government reached what for a time threatened to be the most critical period .of Itj ex Istcnce today when: Stanley Bold win, conservative leader,) • moved i vote of censure... - . . : . .The .motion accuses the .government of. falling, to . carry out Its unemployment pledge. • If. It 1 passed the government .will, resign The liberals will .decide. MacDon couiw and (lie propeller pushes from behind. Designed to In the air. It was shown at the Detroit air show. Large Delegation Will Represent Blytheville in District Competition. The city high school will send a large group of students to. Jonesboro in the morning for the annual district literary and athletic me«t Friday and Saturday in which 11 senior high schools of northeast Arkansas are participating. These will enter literary contests to be held In order named: corripu- have'Ihe case dismissed- on the: Rryrl , , ,, _ ••round that Ihe entire amount had : Weisburg; declamation Byron I-*™ r-naid bv Hopoer's father. 3*>™= s P" lm e vlr B 1nla *ourland: Forris denied the olea and ' ™ ma Worthlnston; geom- nt first denied a parole, but later ctry. Tommy Thompson; alsebra. ' relented and allowed it. Judge Orders Pantag« Tria! on Vice Charge SAN DIEGO. April 16 (UP)— Alexander Pantages, multi-million-, I Kntha'ryn Denton; history. Albert j Taylor: reading, Marion Ciclcv; piano. Lillian Briscoe: violin. Wood row Fisher; voice. Lillian Briscoe: voice, Kenneth McAnally: girls' trio. Othus Braekln; Lillian Briscoe and j Grace Elliott: 'boys' qunrt?t. Ken• neth Baby Eagles Hatched by Hen old's, fate and can. overthrow government by . voting . with conservatives.. ....:.. the It's hard beccme great screaming eagles, famed for .thteir cburage and powerful talons and wings. ,. Hailed as ornithological marvels at Western. Reserve University, Cleveland, these baby .eagles are .be- lievd to be the first- ever hatched In captivity. The eggs were taken from a nest in Canada and hatched by a hen at the school. D. C.;'Hastings Will Ad dress Meeting of'Counly Teachers Here. ifcAnaliy, Carl Rylee. Alton | Drag Union County and Woodrow Fisher; girls' ; . . . /-.i •• i. n I Lake for Child's Body kind's as Parts but at Lyons Alfonso must change lo the Express. He tomorrow at far where Paris.bnnnd Riviera will arrive in Paris 5:05 a. m • Pendinc - [he arrival Queen Vlcloria is remaining in her room all dav. After the Prince of Asturins had been wheeled into the hotel, his face covered by Ills hat. contributing the delinquency of two minor girls. a three day preliminary hearing convinced -Judge Arthur Mundo that Pantages. Jesse , i IT. Shrevr, broker. John P. Mills, or the kmgi re;l] estate man Mrs o]lve c , ark Dav. and William Jobelman should be held to the higher court. and Harrisbursr, Crawfordsville Wilson, Eir!< have entered representatives. ' Longworth Leaves Entire Estate to Wife Stations along the are being guarded. king's route Rioting Kcponrd GIBRALTAR, Aor. 1C i<;P> — Message's received here today said there hp.d been serious rioting in several towns of southern Spain. CINCINNATI. O., Anrll 10. (UP) —The entire estate of the late Nicholas Longworth. speaker of thp house ot representatives, was b?- Wlth New Husband • queathed to his widow, Mrs. Air- Roosevelt Longworth.'under term r of the will which was filed here today. Mrs. Longworth also was name^ executrix to serve without bonci The will was dated November 1? 1925. No estimate of the. value of was submitted. The cour* HOLLYWOOD, April 1G. (UP) — Helen TweTvetrees. film actress who was B T:ir ' te( ' n fln!l1 ^"ct; of dl- vorce trom clark Twelvctrees. writer ' several weeks ago. returned here today with Frank Wcody. real es- cd in the messages confirmed. which wore not . "~»j «""' * •»"» ..>-^.). •«. co- ... ^ married in Reno. NRV., three Estelle Ready to File Suit Against Dempsey weeks ago. They have been on a j "w'™ honeymoon in northern California cclltrl since the ceremony. lnle <" l!l " f y as HOLLYWOOD. April 16 (UP)— Jnci Denvpssy's efforts to COPI- municata with Estello Taylor thru oilier persons having been unsuccessful the actress was preparing to file her own divorce action in \ *', Lcs Angeles and so infori; Dempsey in a letter he was to receive today. American Foreign Trade Shows Gain in March WASHINGTON. April 16. (UP)— United States foreign Irade showed a slight upward trend In March both exports and Imports .! somewhat higher than Februarv. „ „ I ExnorU for March totaled $237000,000 compared with • S224.413.OiW Miss Taylor told newspapermen! 1 " ^T!\ a JL J," 11581 , 1 ,* f0r she was prepared to file the action ! ,." c *"i."KM*'•<!««« » su within -18 hours unless she heard '"' 5Aln ovcr Fi:l >ruary wl directly from her husband. < ctalcrt 5175,108,000. EL DORADO, Ark.. April 1C (UP) —Rescue parlie? today were dragging Grand Merc lake, a fisherman's haven in the southeastern part of Union county, for the bodv of Marjorie Camp, S.who drowned last night when a small boat sank 50 yards off shore. The child, two other children, her foster parents. Mr. and Mrs. X. O. Williams, and William Jones and Frank Laird, the pilot, were returning from, a nshing trip when ] fi r e"'and "another car was damaged Burial Honors for Dog That Saved Master CONWAY, Ark., April 19 (UP) —A Einull pug faced bulldog will be burled with honors here today. The dog saved the life of its master, Waller Brown, a farmer living near here, when ills home was burned yesterday. The dog's bark failed to' awaken Brown and it was not until he tugged at the tide of his bed that Brown realized his house w-as In flames. Brown escaped through a window but the dog was unable to find Its way out through \l.e dense smoke and his charred body was found beside his master's bed. QllnLITKOECin Dr. A. M. -Washburn'Re- ports Progress Under Standard Milk Ordinance An Improvement of nearly 100 per cent In the quality of Blythe- llle's milk supply- since the adoption about a year ago of the city'; standard milk ordinance, wa» reported today by Dr. A. M. Waah- )urn, director of U» :Mls«lsslppl county health unit, In announcing .he grades of milk now distributed lii the city. ' • ' Two • Blytheville distributors, Dr. Washburn. announced, are now supplying Grade :A. .pasteurixert milk, four ate. lupplytng Grade A. raw milk, two ire luinishlng Qrade B. raw milk, and the product of two \'. classed is Grade D, raw .milk. ' •'^The-unlUry rating bf-th* Blytheville milk,tuppiy hw shown ,o matted Improvement. ilnca the adoption of the standard ordinance about a year ago,\irom,a rating 9! Cannot Engage Teachers'. Unless Money Is Provided Directors Announce.' With insufficient; revenue in slrht to operate the Blytheville .;rjuWlc. school system next year, f.ven with , a drastic salary :: . gram, the board ot District Num- '' bf r Five decided last night to place thie situation bafore ,l.he' people of the community" at 'amass meeting lo be held at 7:20 Monday night, lii the city audltbr-';, lum. • • ' ST .'.' Taxpayers and-school patrons-of.," the district, members of the board said . after last night's nieellrtg,'-' must provide not less than .$10.-,. 000 to supplement ^10. district's antlclonted revenues .If a four- year high school Is to be maintained next year. . , -.' Only JM.OM In SI|M By slashing, salaries ot Uachm and other employes, and- by, trim.; nilng down operating experiscp every way possible, the baard.,b»» lleves It will be able.'; to^ operate ... Ihe schools next .year'for'; $90r. fJJ 000 without ' sexibiisly' interferfnii with their efficiency. -.' ReVenUM ,U; for twxt year,- however,' : are B«*;w;; likely to-run much in excess .'of' " 180,000, with thft danger 'that-'-a- ; ItrgB Increase In • tax - delinquency "''i might.put.them under that ngrireA •' With the district's bonded '•- IhdebUj i f. edness heavy;as to be largely responsible for-tliii present.;;"} M« nnn l.1 .ll«*J....iil.i_ «^-^-_tfcl. c _H r--.'.. . financial difficulties, arid .with' -an; additional: dellclV.ln «xc«ss-:df I 000 In. prospect « a> result qf:. year's operations, . th« Aboard- ' Collision North of l.each- ville Results in Injury to Two Persons. D. C. Hastings of Crossett. prest dent of the Arkansas Educatlo Association, and Miss Meycle South hall of Nashville, Tcnn.. professo of elementafy .education at Pea body college,, will be the. prlnclpa speakers at x a Mississippi. count teachors' meeting to be held her Saturday. A similar meeting wa held.last the beginning the school year. The new school' laws, which greatly affect Mississippi county schools, will be explained bv the county superintendent, Miss Willie A. Lawson. Other features of the all day meeting will be attending the art exhibit and the awarding of prizes 111 the county-wide art contest. The program In full follows: Morn'nr Session Visit Art Exhibit, Gately build- CARD WELL, Mo.—Two men were i Injured, a truck was destroyed by the accident occurred. Big Lake Men Bound Over for Pandering .Old Lott nnd Johnnie in a wreck at the state line, about four miles south of here, about noon Tuesday. According to information available here the truck, driven by R. D. j Walls jr.. was headed south on ! Highway 10B toward Leachvllle. A Smith, | Pord coach, driven by a grocery . trappers and guides In the Bl? j salesman was headed north. Both Reopen Investigation of Valley Colton Rates WASHINGTON. April 1C. CUP) —The Interstate commerce commission today reopened Its investlga- Lake vicinity, were bound over lo await the action of the grand jury In justice court at Dell this morning on charges of pandering. "Unwritten Law" Wins cars sought to pass the Leachvllle mall carrier, who had stopped at some mail boxes Just north of the state line, and met head-on. " The truck rolled several feet across the line Into Arkansas, turned over and caught fire. ' Walls, Leniency for Slayer j when removed from the truck was JONESBORO, Ark.. April 10. (UP —Dan B. Wilson was sentenced to tloh of cotton freight rates -from two years In the penitentiary here Mississippi valley points to New'itoday when found guilty of Invol- Orleans. jimtary manslaughter in connection The investigation will center on [with the slaying of Dexter Cart=r. the question of reducing rates to j Wilson's defense was the "unwrlt- meet motor truck competition:' ten law." somewhat burned and his clothing was on fire. He is receiving treatment at his home In the Paulding neighborhood. The salesman, whose car was knocked from t v .e road, was alien to the Paragould hospital In Leachvllle rvnbulancc. they Fear New Attacks by Nicaraguan Rebels MANAGUA, NIC., Apr. 18 (UP)— The countryside settlers around Pi'orto Cab:zas remained under the serious threat of Insurrectionist attack today as U. S. and Nlca- ragunu armed forces were concentrated for defense and counter-attack. Radio messages from the north eastern coastal towns where ten Americans were reported killed or missing since Saturday said there had toen severe fighting in the Inr.t 2-1 hours. . Some SCO marines Draws $100 Fni°Fo- Shame at Impostor's 'Deeds Sends Michael Romanoff to Death Attempt Transporting Liquor M. Copeland was fined $100 by HOLLYWOOD, April 18 (UP)— week in Salt Lake City where il Michael Romanoff was near death' was said ho nosed as Rockwell today from a suicide attempt which , Kent, Internationally known et- Judse W. D Gravette In police resulted from disgrace heaped up-1 chcr and wrller. court this morning on R charge of on his name by an impostor. 1 The real Michael Romanoil. who transporting liquor. He gave notice! The imnostor. who calls himself Is an associate of film director Lew- of appeal. Officers testified that a can containing liquor was tossed out rf Russia." was reported enroute to,cern1ng the Copebnd's car when they became - New York in custody of private | charged with suspicious of the actions at occu-] detectives. " " ' ' ' nants of the car and gave chase, name was The can of liquor was picked up he was the son of a Cincinnati IVach and fully clothed jumped "Prince Michael RomanofT, brother Is Milestone, was greatly disturbed of the late Czar Nicholas II of and embarrassed by publicity con"namesake." now being an impostor. real i Late yesterday the strain became and: so great he went to Rcdondo It was said his Harry Qerguson by the coos and Copeland arrested, tailor. Ethel Earl Jackson was fined Oerguson, who was known some-' seas. ifrom a pier Into the pounding five dollars for disturbing the peace limes as "Prince Michael" and and M.iry Parnell was fined $10 for sometlm* as "Rockwell Kent," and sailors | assault and baltery. The two nc- hsd been sought, police said, in , , from Ihe Ashevllle were landed in | gro girls staged a fight near a ne- ' New York, London, Reno and ' Five-life guards almost lost their own lives when they were dash- ing. Music, Armorel Negro quartet: "The New School Code", Miss Willie Lawson; "Practical Suggestions for Meet- Ing Difficulties Encountered In the New Education," Miss Mavcle Southall, Ph. D., Peabody College for Teachers; Music; "The Arkansas Education Association," D. C. Hastings. Crossett, Arkansas, President. Arkansas Education Association; Visit Art Exhibit. ' Lunch. Group Meetings:— Superintendents and Principals Group with High School Group "The Extra Session," D. C. Hastings; Elementary Group:— "Ho* Progressive Teachers May Help Bring About Educstlon^l Changes," Miss Maycle Southall; Awards In County-Wide Art Contest. Report 35 Drowned in . Chinese Ship Collision LONDON, April 1G. (UP)—The I>aUy Express correspondent at Shanghai reported today 35 persons were drowned when the Chinese steamship Daclionj collided with nn unidentified ship near Wu- Sung. _. p*r cent In March of last year to approximately 90 per cent at. the present time, Also, there is today about a 60 per -cent pasteurized milk supply, as against no pasteurization a year ago ( " -Grades of mluc'-furnlahed by various local distributors, as established under, the- ordinance, were announced by Dr; Washburn as follows':- •-- • '- .• - • •• • , - : ' Bennert'5 Dairy Orade APasteurlMd Green's Dairy Grade A Pasteurized M. : 3. Avery - - Grade D Raw O. H. Duval Grade D Haw • Will Edwards- Grade B Raw W. J. Pauglit Grade A Raw D. Gaifett Grade B Raw O. W. Lewis GradeARaw Vester Pierce Grade A Raw , Fred .Wahl Grade A Raw Ttie grades are dewrmined by the county health department in accordance with'the", standard grade specIncatWns of the United States Public. Health Service standard inspection code, which takes into consideration health of the cows and milkers, sanitary conditions under which the milk Is produced and handled, .and- bacterial count. Grade A pasteurized milk Is declared to be the safest pasteurized milk and Grade A raw milk the safes', raw milk. The ordinance requires that grades appear on each bottle cap and that they be posted In every restaurant, cafe and soda fountain where milk is dispensed. The grades of the Blytheville milk supply will be announced at Intervals of four months as determined by the regular Inspections during that period of time. The ordinance provides, however, for the regrad- ing or degrading of the milk ot any distributor at any time that condl- lons warrant. Any new dairies must meet the requirements fo: Grade A raw milk and obtain a permit before engaging In the dtslrl- butlon of milk or milk products in the city. the future, must . revenues, and . wlU ' e) '' ' sign canifaot«'"wimrrilefi 1 'r "'" ~* ~ until the money Is in. sight to -J pay them. .' . , If resident? of. the district, >at Monday night's meeting, agree up- ' on o program- that will.'provide the ufcessary money, the high school will be continued. If .they fall to do so It Trtll be. suspended for a year, or until such time las revenues suJTlcIent to support.-it " are provided. : Need Tax Revision .'."T Miss Willie Lawson, county sup- • erintenrtait, attended last night's meetln" At the invitation of the local board. She expressed C'flie opinion, in which Ihe board .members present concurred, that- permanent solution of the district's difficulties could' only be', had through lifting, of the 18-mlll-'limit on school taxej, or an upwari.ri- vision of the assessment, coupled with mere complete collection • ol personal property taxes. -, of the board at ; last night's meeting were Cecil Shane, president. J. A.-Leech, C. M.'Buck and C. R. Babcock. Two members, A. M. Butt, who Is ill, and Charles Lemons, whi was out of the city, were atont. ' -. >. Jim Grady Elected Township Tax Collector OARDWELL, Mo.—Jim D. Orady was elected tax collector for Buffalo township In a special election Tuesday, defeating Mrs, D. C. Mickey, 635 to 594. The election attracted unusual interest and brought out a record Kills With Gun He "Thought Was on Safety" ST. LOUIS, April 16 (UP) — Things were quiet In the Radio Night Club, a negro club, here today when Elmer Plummtr pulled a long blac*. cigar from his pocket and turned to John Spence, the bouncer, and said, "Give me a light, big boy, and make It heavy." Spence drew his pistol, took careful aim at the cigar and flred. The shot knocked tho, cigar from Plummer's hand, struck Alvin Stills anc killed him. "I thought tne gun was on safe ty," Spence explained to the police. He is being held. ed against piling in rescuing him. number of voters. A large number Dad» and Sons Battle NASHVILLE, Tennessee, (UP) —Vandwbllt University has father and son baseball team. Big Cops to Take Warpath Against Stray Canines An announcement reminding Blytheville citizens owning dogs, that dog tax for 1931 Is overdue was Issued by M. O. Goodwin, police chief, this morning. City ordinances require that owners of dogs must pay privilege tax' and secure dbg tags, the chief said. No persistent drive against dogs has been staged In two years ArHv-'i Good Enough ',:: for No 3 Says Matthews CONWAY, Alk., April 16 (UP) — Justin Matthews, chairman of the state highway commission, ad- dreslnj students at Hendrlx col- 'oge here today said there Is little possibility that the Desoto trail, comprised In the main by State Highway Number 3, would receive a concrete surface. "Although State Highway Number 3 constitutes an important route from Memphis to Texar-. kana," Matthews said, "it Is doubtful that the amount of travel over It would iuslfy the expenditure concrete surfacing would necessitate." A cut back asphalt surface would be the most advisable, he said. Epidemic of Smallpox Sweeps Mexican State MEXICO CITY, April 16. (UP)— Eight deaths In a smallpox epidemic were reported today by the correspondent of the newspaper Graf- Ico In the territory of Oaxaca. Orders Special Election to Pick Longworth Successor COLUMBUS, O., April IS (UP>- the district. «w e u .JIM* o\«B-vi4 it i k-nu j^m*a n,W ill I lie IcililWlJf Vi v^OAitvt*. but the chief declared that Bly The epidemic-was spreading thru theirtlle's canine population had In-1 creased beyond bounds and police' may soon take the warpath: against unlicensed dogs. WEATHER BUI Schwartz coaches the nine.'to the late Nicholas ARKANSAS-Mostly fair tonight and Friday. According to the official Mather observer, Charles Phillips jr., the Gov. CHorge W. White today or- i maximum temperature here yester- dered a special election to be held!day v,us 86 degrees and the mlnl- In November to elect a successor mum 5 degrees, clear. Today a year Puerto Cabrzas. |Bro church. j other cities. He was arrested last tlon was critical. - -. - L1 4*1 II I . Hospital attaches said his condl* O f people stood around the polls all I His son, Little Bill, Is captain and congrssman from day, an unusual tiling here. I first baseman. district. the Longworth, ago the maximum temperature was first Ohio 84 degrees and the minimum 68 • | defrraec, cloud/ with .02 Inch of rain.

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