The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1935
Page 6
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t»AGE (AIJK.) NEvvS OH BEATS TIESTpfiD Roland's'Boys Win Extra Period Tilt; Terry Trounces Pastimers Oily Team W. L. Pel, Builders 3 1 Bootery 3 I Terry 2 2 Potter, 3; Bell, 2; Holland, 8; WU- wn, »; BUbttt, 4. BooUry. Blackard, 8; Brogdan, J; Httru, Medlin, Warj'lngton, 0; Broofe, fl; McAfee, 6. Rtttttt, Ttrry; tlm«r, Guard, scorer, BirnM, ' Terry's Service EWtlon, Burroughs, 8; E^rln, 4; Northern, 3j Terry, 1; Booker, 1\ Brogdon, t Pastime, Puckctt, B; Clanske, 1; Rylee, BlnnkeriBlilp, Bamrs, 7. Referee, McAfee, fimcr, Ounnl, scorer, 5IE 0 .TnufcStJA'i, JANtJAftY 31, Mecl Tomorrow N i g !i I Here; Clucks Looking teani took »n tirly leai but froa'Blyfhevllle. Jew Ebtrdt came from,Watson 2, caruthersvllle. Cook i'\ the «nd of the flMt «Uirt«T that city u did "Ears" Whltworth, Travis, Correll, throujh the third <m»rt«r neither who lately accepted the Job as Bojs team we're ever in the lend more head freshman coach at Huey' Decrlng (25), Hargrove, stover 10 than Wo:points. In the last qusr- Long U. Ju«t, why Blytheyille's-Mitchell 9, Garrelt 4, Murphy ca- tcr Qostrlng, of Cooter, made Bev- Craig brothers went to Tennessee nilhersville (12), Medllng 2 Ride- crnl Held goals from near center is one for the puzzle-makers, n ley, Bal.-d, H. orjech 4, B Asher 4 bringing the total scorc up to 23- probably rosl. some scout a good ~ - " 25 In fnvor of the local team. Job. .750 .000 Pastime 0 4 .000 Jeff Roland's Boplery scrappers upset the league lending Builders last night In the feature gnmo of Ihc City Basketball league play nl the armory and forced Ihe pace setters to share their lead by winning. 32 to 29. An extra period was ecessary lo decide the game. The win for the Bootcry and Ihe loss for the Hast Arkansas Bulld- 'frs Supply aggregation forced Ihe two learns Into a lie for Ihc loop lead, each with three wins and one less. Tn another game lessors from' Terry's Service Station at the slate line won over Ihe luckless Pastime Blllard Parlor squad. 21 to 14. Charlie Brogdon, small bul speedy forward of Ihe Boolery club turned out to be the hero of the evening. Wllh lliree seconds left to-play, In the regular game period, and the Boolery trailing by two points Brogdon looped in a long field goal that knollcd the count al 25-25. In the three minute plny-off the Bootery Commissioners caged one field, goal and three charity tosses while the Builders only made one field goal, the game ending with the Bootery In fronl thy three poinls. Marshall -Blackard, lanky forward, nnd "Rooster" Warring ton, speedy policcmnn, led the Boolery Steele Alumni Defeats Btytheville, Holland STBEIiK, Mo'.—The Steele lx>ys nlumnl. basketball team won a, dou- bleheftder over a Blythcvllle Independent learn and Holland alumni tennis on (he local courl Tuesday night. , Tile local team v;on over the fllyllieville team by a score of 36-12 and won over (he Holland team by a .score of 40-35, U B. Earls, 0. Earls, Booker, Bishop, A. Earls, Burroughs, Hughes composed the team that played the Blyt'ncville team; BlythevUle, Mc» Afec, Blanchnrd, Christian, Crews and Harris. . Sipelc team that played Holland —Bobkor, Johnson, Kliourle, McCol- liim, Crawford and A. Earls. Holland— Bray, Hlgdon, UUIe uml Samiford. Forward lo Jonosboro Smarting somewhat Iroin the 3D jo ID defeat administered them by, the Jonesboro Hurricane Tursday night, the IHylhevillc Chickasavis will deploy against the Stccle, Mo., high basketball team In a game al the nnnory here Friday night. The Chicks are not particularly downhearted atiout tjjat 1C point iiarBln the Hurricane registered over them; Instead they arc look- ng forward to a game here February B when they will again mrcl I the lliirrlcnnc. I nirls lineup-Cooler, Barnflt, f). EDITOR'S NOTE: (Epsleln over- vVnlKon, O. Baiviell, Brooke, Me- lor>i:e<l Hfi.iliPl Cnldwell, ex-'Bama Kay. Websler, Vaughn. Mar, now frf'Slimmi coach at Duke, Iliiyll, .Stubbs. Foster, dill, pen-'and Jimmy Tiplon, now nl Ala- M. filanncid, A. fitaii- Ixima). field, Cole, Ashley. Boys lineup-Cooler. Strong, Bar- How II is reported thai Alabama fishing lor representation from Substitutions: Deerlng— Sharp mark 2. OarulhprBville~N. Creech 2, K. A-ilirr, Mnllhews. . Ilelv.wn 1D28 and ISM, relnll sn In this country dropped 48 |>er cent. 'thcr aU the rural teams met as scheduled. A ?reat deal of Interest, as well as much Improvement, Is , being shown by all^the teams. Last week Atrnorel junior boys I defeated Blythevllle Juniors, 4-to 3. Bilrdette boys lost to Oosnell, [18 to 8. Blackwater smothj-reii ,„. . ,. , , Haleher 18 lo 6. Armorel girls'ri>- The regnlnr weekly rural mhnols ffn|(>(1 Varh r 0 g ir]Sp 21 (o ^ \™ cage meet will lie Held nl. Ihe i, rn ), 0 ys outplayed,Dell by a rrmv armory here lonlglU. •• nf il lo 3. I.lllle River came im-h I.asl. week in spile of cold wf.i- jslrong to defeat OosheH, 15 | 0 n. Rural Schools To Rule Armory Court Toniglit \\ , Illllhiglon, ISle.wIng; neslrlng, Kf.arcy because of u cerlaln blond A/blll, linrger. . voungsler who resides there. Too, . , Ilayll, Foster, Diiucnn, Onrdner, thfy nre ilickevlhg lor u cliiink of Rnvldsoii, Hall, Chlsin. s\nd Catnp- Kent on for :i couple of 200-pound Smith Laslle's crew v,'lll in lop shape by Ilial time, K the all On The Outside Looking In By "DOKE" I reasons. And lesl we forget, 11unember Ciuy Payno or Hone expressed Uianks for a good time at Hotel Pines lust Saturday night. : From :i rabid Hawjrback alum- mis, (Dial's the slate university al l-'ayetlevlllc), we Just yet it that Alabama Is not the flrsl of this non-Arkansas scholastic pestilence. He explained it ran in cycles. First, III was Vnnderbllt,, then Georgia I)cn Epstein .sports editor of the for Blythevll fcv:er ijointsl Here's ISpstein's comment in his Wilson Independents Seeking Engagements A fast Wilson imteixinderit ' team is anxious to secure games wllli oilier tenms In this section. The Wilson aggregation has already won a number of games, defeating an independent team from laixora and swamping Roland's Boolery of Hie Blvllicville city league with ease lasC week, holding tlie locals to only 2 points, according to reports. Qcnc Harris, Wilson high school for Jonesboro, so the second clash 'dully column: of learns this meeting may be a Tide Kxnaiidijir' different story. I Long realizing thai Arkansas coach, handling booklnns for the Wilson quintet, joiit some winning football teams. 1 Several members of'lnsl season's an company, should be Steele. has "a fair cage ogErcga- h,igh" °schooi""fo°otba'ii""playeV-s""cn- !' Cn , r " fl '°" 1 " cxt scnson - P»rtl«i- lion which should be able to give hance fis nose Bowl baslncss no ., y , a Jal ", cs Benton, end from the Chicks, in their present, con-jumo. the University'of Alabama ! T^,? n l!° k Robbins ' ]>Mk dillon, an inleresdng evening, undoubtedly ts expanding its farm-1 ock ' Nothing .would suit the Mis- | nB system In this state. It, Is need- L . —~ sourlans better than to slip up on ir« to remind lhal Ihe Tide holds DeenniT Takes Pair the Blytheville sqimd nnd breeze the controlling Interest In the I'lne! n r- it -n to a win on the local cmirl, }j||,rf Iranchise and hns welt es- rfom LaruthcrSVllle Itabllsbed branches nl other points.' WIJ,. »« n { i ! ' 11|C latcst to l)ccomr; n "plnce" I CARUTHERSVILLB. Mo,— Ucer- TTliaCaiS Ueltat Inf inn Tide is Do Queen, when'ing won a double header from Ca- .Inctf Cooper was persunded to lake nilliersville cage learns Tuesday [he Alabama pledge as announced night. IJcering girls look an early In yesterday morning's Gazelle, lead aiul v;erc never threatened se- Jnn. 30. — The TI IC s ( or y n |s 0 said that Elvin Dyer riously, the game ending 20-13 In won o double O f Nashville also had been "Bn- favor of lh e visitors, caruthcrs- Hayti Teams On Tuesday Cooler MO., Wildcats Cariitheriville Teams Prep For Meets Ahead CARUTHERSVILU3. Mo. — The in scoring • with 9 points each fol- 'Caruthersvllle hoop teams this week lowed by Wilson and Holland of began preparations for tournament the Builders with 8 points each, participation. The boys will go to Christian, star Bootery center, wns ailing and unable to play. In the second game James Terry's state line five emerged victorious over Ace Puckell's crew. Cope Oirardeau Friday, Feb. 1. for the SouUieasl Missouri Athletic association lourney, meeting" Parm- Inglon at 1 p.m. headcr over the fast Hnytl tennis ,, m | m r wlL this purely is due lo vllle boys second team started and on llio local court, last night in t |, c nildy Influence. I played the entire, game holding a two fast game.'!, lie largest crowd. ilol springs certainly has-been lead over Deering until the final ever lo witness any gnme in ttie n OQ[ | e d with Alabama propaganda, period, when the visitors went on local court, was here. In the Birts At that all-Amerlcnn party at Pine a scoring spree, lallylng 1C points game the local team took an early nhiff last week, wore four 1934 to win 25-12 lead and held n large margin Trojans. Ken Lovell, a. corking The lineups: tlirls Dcerlng (20), Byrd 3, Z. McCliirj rnroughont the game winning, Cl go<xl fullback, and s'anford Date,' to 32 Webster and McKay Cooler ,,.,,p,, DIshcroon, and Wilbur ........ B ..... „,.„ „ „. mtolll , B BiiardA held -the fast Hayti for- Greene, right smart linesman. Now 13, L. McClurg, Grogan Callis Pal- wmds down until they were im-i|], csc boys might go elsewhere but mer; Carathersvllle (131, Chlt'wood able lo make only a few )>oinls. I t.n cv i ooked iikc a Wg Rcd KK . Tfalndt G, Corbstt. Crysler I.cclbet- Bnrnetl and Brooks, Cooler cen- P ) lim t wiien wo saw Vm ters, made some uiULsually gocxl . Another Alabnma stronghold ATTENTION FARMERS! Buy Furniture Now Pay in the Fall A new special payment plan for your benefit — buy your Furniture, Stoves, Rugs and Radio now; pay only half down and the balance this fall. THIS ONLY APPLIES ON PURCHASES OF $40 OR OVER Furniture has been constantly advancing and it is our belief that you will SAVE MONEY BY MAKING YOUR PURCHASES THIS SPRING. plays as well ns tl\c star Cooler invitational forwards. Barnetl and Watson The boys annual .... . __. _ ,„ „,.. Burroughs, Terrj' forward, led tournament will be lield reb. il, 121 played good togetlicr with Barnett the scorers with 8 points closely - and 13. Pairings have not yet been 1 being best shol and Watson being followed by Ernest Barnes, Pastime made. The county tournament, for best at gelling Hie ball and pass- guard, who made threeJleld goals bolh boj's and girls, will be held,ing. Both teams of (he girls were ami one free shot. B. P, Brogdon ; nl Cooter, Feb. 21 nnd 22. Neither played an outstanding floor game have pairings been made for lliese for Terry. ' games. Line-ups: - East Ark. Builders, Webb, 4; Courier News Want Ads Pays undefeated season and Ibis game has been looked forward to by fans here for some lime. The total score was 01-32. In the boys game the Hnytl' „ _ tci', Taylor Is Substitutions: Decring, Scott 2, Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor ill makes 61 rebuilt Typewriters, Add In* Machines and Calculator! Repairing—Parts—Ribbon* Hubbard Furniture Co. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. FIRE SAL At Our Old Location 306 West Walnut Street A • ',,.;';• Starting Saturday Morning, Feb. 2nd and continuing for one week A complete line of John Deere farm implements, tools, trailers, etc., and a complete line of harness and farm hardware All Sales Final and Strictly Cash HIGHFILL IMPLEMENT

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