The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1935
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 31,- Wt> BLVTHEVILLE (ARK-) COURIER PAGE FIVE CYC i F ti J \^/ \^^ \~s%>,^' V^V^i ______ "sir? Social Calendar PIUDAY'S EVENTS Women'E Democratic club meeting at, Hotel Noble, 9:30 a.m. . Ladles' Bible class First Mcth- odlsl church meeting with Mrs. limma liurney and Mrs. Ramsey Duntan, at P. B. Coolcy home, 7:30 in. SATUllDAY'S EVENTS Elmwood Cemetery associnllon incetlnB will) Mi-s. J. II. Smart, 2:30 1>. M. lirldgc Olympic al ihc country club, 8 P. M. Junior Iladassah having meet- IIIB al Hold NoWe. a p.m. : Cliildrcn of Confederacy inecl- ini; with Miss Belly McCutchen, 1 p. M., for business meeting and program. Compliment' Mrs. Flowers Mrs. Bidote Flowers of liirmlng- liiim, Ala., who has been complimented with a number of; delightful affairs since she arrived for n visit with Dr. and Mrs. M. O. Usrcy, was guest of honor al .ii matinee party given vycdiu-sdiiy iiftcrnoon by Mrs. J. II. Elkins and Mrs. J. Louis Cherry. Fit I ecu Bliests were invited to Irene bitnuc. in "Sweet. : Adeline" nl the Ritu tiiciilcr. Later llicy wcnl to the Blkins' Homo where an ice course was served. iMelliudist Women Have A Missionary Program Mrs. C. G. Smith was In charge, of the program o[ the woman's* missionary .society ot llig Firs' Methodist clnireh Monday after, noon, at llic church. Tlie devotional \viis yivcu h; Mrs. Wilson Henry wlio used • to: licr tlicinc "Others," 'Mi's. 1'a O'Brynnt lold of the work of Em- mn G'lishmah, missionary to Tur key, Mrs. J. Ii. Crltz sang the soli "Ninety anil Nine," Mrs. J. G Siulbury spoke on "Tile Church o Christ Chooses, 1 ' Mrs. C. c:. Hc<\ man talked on "Tlie Second Am (ii'iciui Conference ol the Koteai Melhcxfol Church" and Mrs. R. r r'addison sang the solo "Jesus i Mine." Slaiiy Guests Attend Music Club Meeting ' | Thai many women of llic city 1 arc " interested in the subject 'ot dancing wns illustrated In the large attendance al the meeting of (lie music department, ot the Woman's club Wednesday afternoon when Mrs. tiiiMcll Farr led the program for lh« 47 present. Talks, interpretative dance num- burs, piano . and voice selections portrayed interesting; facts of the dunce in various lands. The . hostesses, Mrs. Joe G. " Tri'cschman 'imd Mrs. C. G. rt'cd- r.s decorated the llvlHB room' here ft threa course |iii)c)icon menu •ns served before the brldye gsines. Mrs. FHWssrorth Black won the rize. Irlilal Shower 'or Mrs. Housli. i * Employes of the Kress and Hen Franklin stores Joined In n bridal liower for Mrs. oltls Itaush, the oinicr Miss Juno Rylco, at the ionic of Miss Annie Mn« Sallba isl night. In the games which were played Ilss Mildred Jarrelt won H picture or first prize and Miss Sallua won n ash trny for second prize. Mrs. Roiish was presented with a din- ier set. Tlie guests were scrvci) a plate uiich. Al morel Scouts Meet Members of Ihe Girl Scout troop t Annorel met Wednesday aftcr- 10011 tor a study of the require- iicnls for the hostess badge. Hrefrcslimenls were served by \fisses Imogcne Smith awl Doris Anderson. * * * Entertains Hook Club .Mrs. Dwiglit Bowen liud. Mines. Edgar Hcriick, Wyall Henley. O. Oanskc and W. M. Taylor as ier guests when she also cnlcr- aincd the Tuesday Hook club. Her apartment was arranged with potted plants and Valentine 'allies were used. ' , A salad plate; and coffee wa: served after several ..progressions. Ulttt TliuUr Members to Meet. There will be a meeting ot the Little Theater al Uic city halt courl room tonight at 7:30. Al) niembcr arc requested to be' present us th cast for the play "Let Us Be Gay" will be selected 1 at Ihb mecttng-. Ruffe, T^eii Squeezes to Make Grand Slam Contract Solution to Previous Contract Problem BV WM. E. McKKNNEV Secretary, American BiWs'' l.eaeue Today's hand was played by Ber- 'lird Summer of Pittsburgh in n fibber game. Summer Is another of "itlsburgl^'s stdrs who gets more injoyment, out ol rubber bridge llvan out of tournament play. in cxiilalnlng .tlie hand, Sumner said, ''H doesn't look exccp- silly hard. Yon run out all five clubs and tlien make two diamonds, three hearts, and three spades. Bui unfortunately I could that I did not hixve enough entries lo do that. "Of course, East's opening of the king of clubs marked the uce for me. if the diamond finesse would work, i could .play the hand thjt way. Suddenly I realized lliitl It didn't' matter who held the queen j | r[ ( ( Today's Contract Problem Sttulli la |>inylui; iho contract al six .ipndcs. West opens tlio hint; of diamond", wlijch ImminUatuly seis nil Iwo tlliiuio'.ul irlcks Cur <l'o oi>rioiiciiis. Hut docs tlil» Slicll detent for llio coutracIT * A 7 V (1 .1 S . A K o « : »8 7 52 » K Q J 6 4.70 1 N W E S D«l.r 49 I A V K i D c • 107 2 A K (M 1 0 & 2 V A I 4 A 'J ^ * J 10 Solution In next I.-MIB. ;:i 4 A 1 o LI 7 r, V Si ^ A J S (i t 'I V J 10 'J 6 2 t ••> + S7 2 D.,1 »5 :; * Q in n 7 J, A K J « < 4 K Q J V AKQ • K 5 4>Q 10 !) 5 Miss Helen jVandivoprt and 'Kcx King Married CARUTHEHSV1LLE, ^Io. — Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Vandivoorl. have announced' the marriage of tlielr daughter, Helen, to'Mi\ Eex King, if Memphis, Tcmv.The marriage vas solemnized on Saturday''of p.sL week at'..the home of'Ilia bride's, parents, in this city. T|ie tev. Wayne W. Gray, piisto'r of he Prcsbylcriun Church, said the double ring ccrcpiony In the presence of Ihc members of the immediate families.' , • ' The bride is a graduate of the ocal high school, finishing In. 1031, and was : popular on the campus. Mr. Kirig is Iho! son of. jf*r'.': and man, served sandwiches, cakes, candies and coffee. Illylhevillc Women Attend IHsfricl Hoard Meeting. At Iho meeting of ofj Mrs!'"Arthur" King, reside here.''He is employed liy tlie "Coca- Cola company at Memphis, where they will nitikc their homo. • llic Forrest City District Federation ' Cloyed by DIP Miami Valley 54,000 In Mushrooms Burn : CINCINNATI. (UP) — A mush loom crop \.ilncd at M.OOO wait dc of Women's clubs, held in Memphis Tuesday, Mines, c. E. Criggcr, r E. Tate nnd S. s. "Stc'mbcrg nl- IsnUcd from this city". All'arc actively itlcntlficd with club alfairs or'Blytticvillii/j'iul'Mississippi coun- Tiiis was the first of a series of monthly luncheon meetings of the hoard planned" by Mrs. 1 ' j. w Ed- rinylDii of Osccola,' president. Tentative plans were made for the annual district meeting lo be held the middle of April in Wilson. The board ! adopted a resolution to urge the Arkansas Legislature to pass tile (Wc'-diay riiarriayc bill. At the suggestion of Judge Camillc Kclley. the district Uoard also will urge the Tennessee legislature to retain the five-day marriage law Mrs. Edrington rtijueslcd I he lut-inbLTii tu make a .sLucly of the i:roix>scd legislation regarding horse racing and lit|iior, which will be biought, ,up for discussion at tl;i next board incclinii. Mr.s. John L. Finluy, of Nuw Or- Iciuis. housegucst'of Mr. 'and Mrs. Elton W. Kivby, and Mrs. Klrby v.rrr! gucste of Mrs. Clarence Voll- mrrr when sho bad the Wednesday Urldgc club. ^ low bo\vl of mixed sprint; ilov- pany's basement incubators. nuagccl th Mtislirponi Com Double I'ass I'ASS Nlillli '^ » U A -* Opening Uait— rJft K. llic hand. Watch wiui f diamonds, I could still make lUc land, as ioiijj us the spadcs'wcrc .iviied 3 -2." .1 like today's liaml, bcciiusc it s un exceptionally fine lesson in eacliing you to count your whi- icrs ijffore you play to the first ricfc. Most players might make lie mistake or Irylng to riirT tlio diamonds. Wlml good is that gong to do? You Iiavcn't'enough cn- n nice play Summer dcvclojicd. The Tlay The king of clubs was rutted b Summer with the five of spades. Ii led a small diamond and won dummy with the king. Another clu was rutfcd with the seven spades. Nosv 11 heart was played m won with tho <iuecu in dummy.- T'l tlilrd club was rnlTed with the nh ol spades and another hcnrt plaj cd and won with HID king. The t« of clubs was ruffed wll-h the a of .spades. Tlie ten of spades wa rctun^etl nnd overtaken in diunu with the jack, and you will not! that, the dummy now becomes U declarer. Tlio king and <|uecn ot spud were casiietl, East, discarding 01 dlamonrt. And now the ace hearts was iilaycd, declarer ,dl carding a dlajnoml. East was squeezed^ He could noti discard the ace of clubs, or dummy's queen would be good, so he had' to' discard the ten of diamonds, A diamond Was played by Soutl} nnd, when West showed out, .he went right up with the HCC, dropping Bast's miccn, and made tlie lasl Irlck with the pack opdia- ilionds. ' Fine trump management com, blued with a nice . squecau gave Summer the grand slum.- J Nevs Mostly Personal Miss i Mary Ciilliciluc ft today for Hoi Springs whero ic Is lo toko n course 1(1 Uiolnil- sm Untiring nt. ix cjlufe. She will olu Mt&s Jnyne Hanies \vlio went rer several weeks «eo, Mrs. Dora P. Davis is improving allowing wi circuital iwrtormi'il week OBO. Roscoe uruftoi), ol Little Hock. Ik-mlnl lo business hero yeslcr- ny, rcUmliis Iwmo lactay, Miss Huby Uluc, ot liiUe.sville U'k., will fivrlvc Sumliiy to be (ho ot Mr. niul Mrs. W. Owe lore Than 50 Entered for' Bridge Tournament J>i«re Uwn 60 reservations imvo i> !n»d.c'for the second uimiinl rjdso loirriinmwt lien) Friday ovc- irntr nt'yfWth Blyiliovllie players and flieiids from several nearby will compete In tlio Uluc, coHilnu aver tor lie wedding ot Miss Mildred Cook .ml Lee Wurrlnaton which is lo ie solemnized Monday evening. Miss l.orcilc Cook._ ot Newport Ark., will mrlvc Monday to aloud Hie Cook-WniTlnglon wed dins which Is lo be solcmnlm londiiy evening. Mrs. A. Hcngan was culled ti Tujiclo, Miss., by the serious 111 less of her dnughlcr, Mrs. Vnrdu nun Busby. Spurgcon Paltcrson will imlv Saturday for n brief slay und up 0|i Ills leaving will probably b accompanied by Mrs. Patterson and daughter, Vivian, who have here two months (or u vlsll with Mrs. w. T. Ouprst prior lo their going (o Jnckson, Mlwi., to reside. They have bcm living In Ulrintnglinin, Ala., for n ycnr. E. U. Musou, who has been unite ill. has now recovered. Miss Catherine Starling, of llop- klnsvlle, Ky., is the housesiicst of Mrs. L. W. Gosnell and fnmlly. of the sums hands played by other iliiycrs throughout Iho world at Iho ianiQ time. Hurry W. lliilncs nnd 3verctt II. Oce uro siionsorlng Ihe- event nt the counlry club, 8 o'clock. Severn! high .score prizes arc to on awurdcd wilh retiulnr parly scor.- iig used. 1'hu hlglnxH ranklni; lenin will bo prcscnleil (he first prize. The Wddlng, whether or not the old wns doubled, nn<l the two opening leads by the bidder and oppo iicnts will be recorded, to l» sent Into headquarters. These will be entered In (lie stale, imlloiml nnd liiterniitlonal contests. calling 3WJ or 61. may be made TOLEDO. (UP) - Petitions foi iXMil of the city manager torn ot uovcrnnienl for Toledo, a(loplc< liy voters last NovevmUer, have boon placed In circulation. 'Tliumb* Down' ou 'Thuidbm' 8AUM, 0. (UP)-OWcf of Police :alp|i N. siofTor lin's 'turned llHiinte down" on the "thumb•te" "H ue catch any Wlcli.Wk- fs wsgBfng llwlr hands at motor- $ls |n |ho city llinll, they'll be ar- tslcd," Slolter wnrncil, Roxy Is This Too Good For Your Cough? Ci'comiilslon inny bo u belter help Hum you need, it combines seven lielp.i In one. It la mmlo for (]iik'k relief, for safely, Mild coughs often yield to helps. No one- ciin tell. No om know.'! which fnctor will do mas (or uny certain cough. Eu ciircfu people, more nnd morn, nre nslii Crcomnlston (or nny conuli Hut starts. Tlio COM is » lltlk' more tlm n single- help. Hut your drug^li is iiiithoi'lzcd lo giiuriinlco Ii, s Il.cosls nothing If U fnlb lu bring yon quick relief. Coughs arc danger signals. For surety's snke, denl with Ihcin In the way known. —Adv. 5 Last Time Today MAT. & NITE—lOc 25e Cliii(les(Dicl<elis GREAT EXPECTATION Vox News H|iort Comedy Musical Sliui't Saturday Braggadocio Miss Nina Huckuba nas been 111. Misse.s Jewell llnllcy mid Roberta ncnton si^nt Saturday nlglit *'i(h Nova Duvls. Mrs. L. E. Dcnginhclmer Ims re- .urnccl to her home here. Mr. Bcnginlieimcr Is cxpccled to bo able lo return home soon. Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Crowe arc Hie parent,-! of a son. Mother nnd child are.doing well and nre ex- pci'led liomu soon. MKss ' Wlfls Unckiibn .spent Sat' rdny niglit nnd Slimlny with Mks 'lola Bcmietl.. Take Thedford's BLACK- DRAUGHT To Avoid Constipation Our 666 Liquid - TahicH Biilve - Nuso (Jrojis Olieckn COLDS and FEVER First Day Headaches In M Mluutcfl SPECIAL Niixl Week Only Facials -- $1,00 Arch I'criuaticntN Sl'liClAl, I'UICUS On 1'Vcderks and lingerie I'crnuincnts During February Mrs. Fred Uuyetl Is Now C'onnceletl Wilh This JACKSON'S BEAUTY SHOP ;iKI N. 2 S). ['hone 7!)8 Spring Showing CO ATS t SUITS Tailored To Fit Styled to Sell It will pay you to keep, yourself open for the consideration of our line. I'Orill.AU MODES! I'OI'ULAK CLOTHS! POPULAR I'lUOKS! "FOR AN 6!Vf ME \V'licnyoi| gel up tiled, feeling -j^ if y^u Irjycn'i had halt enuugli itccp, drinlc :i Iiiping hoi cup of lea. ll peps you up quickly,— "if tight. Bui bt mie io dtink India Tea. In addition to Itt'tcftcshment, Indii'sgood Black tci ofcrs'»\i-ealth'of ilivot. To set It, look for .the tudeiturfc (left) tea vou fctfy. NOTICE SERVED BY ! Wte Price Gro&flkt Located in Old P&slofTlcc Bide. 'lit E. Main, phone 23< , We Deliver . If you want to save, for our price, sheets week. Be ^Ue. nnd. biiy, Compare prices •aV«l; quiillty. Jiisl, i| few -of '6nr; ; (irlccs;, lisled (ic)uw for yoi}r - : u)iT'.i proval. v • ' • . - ; • / ~- '-' : - look this JO/.jLb's.:. Dpzcfl liccf'stcHk ' '' '•/ ''' Lb.h : :....:..••".. Pie" Potatoes/fcy. 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Fiisl-CUoici: I'pr yuritiK '- • A . : •" "To lilooni Under Your Coal Urisl|lcii up'.. Thcbc, gay ri'nls v\\\ flu It for joy. I lorab 'n i>ll!|l!;co!iJr or niuiiolonc! " Uark • Uacljsrouiitls, jilnitls ami nqrclljcb'! 'Siiiall ur ineiliu|i).sizc. j--itlcni's tliul' look ivpll on cvcryoiitl 31) ,'nl'ilc! . 39eyiL IVo'seUcd.'flio ajiporluiiilj To buy Uictc Hat .11 CUES - -'liccauic lie knew joii'd'bc ivantlnj; -yards of tl to make intu cliirmlug underwear and gowns for Spring! Fjislcl or street sliadcs. 38 Inches ividc! JIake an.early selection!. ' Ruy.on l |! |ul (l're|j CAIITOON - - SKUIAh The !\I,tliia>i> Will Moil tiny, Tuusduy, Wcdncbd... Tluiihtl.u niul FmUj al ?!l)' 1'. M. Al.tlinvc SUilb Saiui day .it 12:45 nnd Sundii Mtifini'c Starts .il 1:15 Thursday M«tni(!u & ^'ifJ'•ll--10c - 3' RiATINlili & KITE— lCc-3;. They're tho Bongal Lancers .,. liorocs nil dangciously, loving raclilessly, fighting modly... art amazing spectacle of swashbuckling adventure and exciting romanco! GARVC00PER FRANCHOT TOfjE RICHARD CROMWELL I SIR CiiY STAHPIHG 1 KATHLEEN' BURKE ^ A fafomoun* Pitturs Novclly—"Viuitluvillii No. Short COMING \SUNDAY '•DIU-S'rAGE"SHOW!! 'SHOWBOAT FOLLIES'

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